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Full text of "History of Plymouth, New Hampshire; vol. I. Narrative--vol. II. Genealogies .."

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Volume  I.  Narrative — Volume  II.  Genealogies 




Mbmbbr  op  New  Hampshiri  Historical,  New  England  Historic 
Gbnbalogical  and  American  Antiquarian  Societies 




**  These  were  honoured  in  their  generations^  and  were 
the  glory  of  the  times  ** 

Old  Testament 


UNDER  the  direction  and  with  the  assistance  of  the  Town 
•  History  Conunittee,  Bev.  Moses  T.  Bunnels,  an  accom- 
plished genealogist^  was  actively  employed  two  years  in  the  col- 
lection of  material  for  the  registers  of  Plymouth  families.  In 
this  work  he  was  a  devoted  and  a  tireless  laborer.  Before  the  col- 
lection of  material  was  completed,  and  before  any  of  the  registers 
were  prepared  for  the  press,  his  faithful  labor  was  suddenly 
arrested  by  his  death.  Many  of  the  pages  of  this  volume  are 
memorials  to  his  industry  and  intelligent  investigation. 

In  a  research  for  the  earlier  American  generations  of  the  Ply- 
mouth families,  in  extending  the  record  of  the  registers  and  in 
preparing  them  for  the  press,  I  have  written  over  two  thousand 
letters,  and  have  labored  without  interruption  two  years. 

The  constant  types  of  mental  and  moral  forces  which  have 
characterized  many  of  the  families  of  Plymouth  through  suc- 
ceeding generations,  and  the  influence  for  good  or  ill  effected  by 
intermarriage,  present  an  interesting  study  of  the  law  of  inher- 
itance. And  in  the  same  connection  a  study  of  the  manners, 
customs,  and  usages  of  the  early  settlers  in  the  vaUey  of  the 
Pemigewasset,  compared  with  those  of  the  present  generation, 
will  present  abundant  evid^ice  of  the  intellectual  progress  and 
the  improvement  in  the  conditions  of  life  which  have  attended 
the  succession  of  years. 


With  tmalloyed  pleasure  and  with  grateful  and  enduring  mem- 
ories I  freely  acknowledge  the  e£Scient  and  constant  assistance  of 
all  the  members  of  the  Town  History  Committee  and  of  Louisa 
y.  George^  Charlotte  E.  Dearborn,  Martha  M.  Clark,  Helen  M. 
Clark,  —  all  of  Plymouth*  To  the  New  Hampshire  State  Library, 
the  New  Hampshire  Historical  Society,  and  the  New  England 
Historic  Genealogical  Society  I  am  indebted  for  free  access  to 
their  accumulating  volumes  of  genealogy.  It  is  a  part  of  the 
pleasure  attending  the  completion  of  this  volume  that  I  am  per- 
mitted to  express  my  gratitude  to  Bev.  John  L.  Merrill  of  Fitch- 
burg,  Mass.,  for  his  efficient  assistance  in  compiling  the  Merrill 
Tester,  to  C.  F,  Surge  of  HoUis  and  Guy  S,  Rix  of  Concord 
for  polite  attention  to  repeated  inquiries.  From  Dexter  D.  Dow 
and  Russell  T.  Bartlett,  custodians  of  county  records,  and  from 
George  A.  Gordon,  corresponding  secretary  of  the  New  England 
Historic-Genealogical  Society,  I  have  received  many  valuable 
favors  which  have  been  incorporated  in  this  volume. 

FnoHBUBO,  Mass.,  1905. 



1.  John  Abbot,  b.  Loudon,  about  1762 ;  was  a  soldier  in  the  Bevo- 
lution,  serving  as  a  drummer  in  the  3d  Continental  B^ment,  com- 
manded by  Col.  Scammell,  from  July,  1779,  to  the  close  of  the  war. 
There  was  a  John  Abbot  in  Col.  Stark's  r^ment,  1775,  in  Col. 
Wyman's  regiment,  1776,  and  in  CoL  Stickney's  r^ment,  1777.  It 
is  possible  that  he  served  before  July,  1779.  After  the  Bevolution 
he  settled  in  Warren,  and  was  a  fifer  in  the  militia,  a  school-teacher, 
and  a  shoemaker.  He  m.  May  20, 1793,  Phebe  Wells,  dau.  of  Win- 
throp  Wells  (see).  He  enlisted  in  the  War  of  1812,  and  d.  at  Concord, 
of  scarlet  fever  April  13, 1813.     His  widow,  Phebe,  d.  Warren,  1854. 

i.    Sallt,  b.  Oct  1, 1793,  m.  George  Libbey,  b.  August  22, 1792,  son 

of  Luke  Libbey.    They  lived  in  Warren ;  seven  children, 
ii    Nangt,  b.  Jan.  81,  1795,  m.  Nathaniel  P.  Libbey,  b.  March  2, 

1795,  son  of  Luke  Libbey.    They  lived  in  Warren, 
iii.    PoLLT,  b.  June  30, 1796,  m.  Thomas  Hobart  (see), 
iv.    Betsey,  b.  Oct  15, 1797,  m.  Samuel  Brown,  son  of  William  Brown 
of  Orford.      He  d.  May  25,  1835  ;  she  m.  second,  1848,  James 
Morrison  of  Plymouth  (see). 
V.    Susan,  b.  Feb.  7, 1799,  m.  George  Copp,  of  Warren.    They  removed 

to  Newfield,  N.  J. 
vi.    RuTU,  b.  Oct  6,  1800,  d.  1802. 
Til.    Hannah,  b.  Jan.  18,  1802,  m.  Cotton  Hall.    They  lived  and  died  in 

viii.    Ruth,  b.  August  21,   1803,  m.  John  Lowe.    They  removed  to 
Walden,  Vt. 
iz.    Cotton,  b.  August  12,  1805.    d.  young. 
X.    Enoch  Merrill,  b.  August  13, 1807.    d.  young, 
xi.    Louisa,  b.  Oct  25, 1810,  m.  Washington  Qeorge,  of  Plymouth  (see). 


1.  John  Husb  Abbot,  son  of  Charles  and  Lucy  A.  (Bunton) 
Abbots  b.  Hookset,  Feb.  16, 1842 ;  came  to  Plymouth,  1867.  He  was 
the  village  barber,  and  was  familiarly  called  "Johnnie  Abbot,  the 
barber."    He  d.  Feb.  12, 1898,  unm. 

VOL.   II.— I 

2  ADAH8. 


1.  William  Adams,  the  ancestor  of  a  substantial  branch  of  the 
Adams  families  of  America,  was  of  Cambridge,  Mass.,  1635,  freeman 
1639,  and  removed  to  Ipswich,  Mass.,  1641.  In  1646  be  was  a 
selectman,  and  the  following  year  he  was  excused  from  military  duty 
on  account  of  age.  He  d.  1661 ;  his  widow  was  living  1681.  His 
homestead  was  in  the  part  of  Ipswich  now  Hamilton.     Seven  children. 

2.  JoHK  Adams,  son  of  William  ^  b.  about  1631,  was  a  farmer 
of  Ipswich  and  was  a  lieutenant  His  first  wife,  Bebecca,  d.  Dec. 
31, 1666.  He  m.  second,  1667,  Sarah  (Woodman)  Brocklebank,  dau. 
of  Archelaus  Woodman,  of  Newbury,  and  widow  of  John  Brockle- 
bank, of  Rowley ;  she  d.  May  31,  1676 ;  he  m.  third  May  8,  1677, 
Dorcas  DeWitt  He  d.  1703.  His  widow  d.  Nov.  9,  1707.  Six 

3.  Archelaus  Adams,  son  of  Lieut  John^  and  Sarah,  b.  about 
1673.  He  was  a  soldier,  1695.  He  was  a  farmer  and  at  times  an 
innholder  in  Newbury  and  in  Salisbury.  He  m.  March  18, 1 697/8, 
Sarah  (Coker)  March,  b.  Newbury,  Nov.  28, 1676,  dau.  of  Joseph  and 
Sarah  (Hathom)  Coker,  and  widow  of  Hugh  March,  of  Newbury. 
She  d.  in  Newbury,  March  4, 1717/8.  He  m.  second,  March  4, 1718/9, 
Sarah  Green,  a  widow,  and  third,  April  20, 1742,  Mary  Pearson,  widow 
of  James  Pearson.  He  d.  1763.  His  will  is  dated  May  24,  1753, 
and  proved  Sept.  27,  1753.  The  first  wife  was  the  mother  of  his 
eight  children. 

4.  Abchelaus  Adams,  son  of  Archelaus  ^  b.  Nov.  21, 1714,  lived 
in  Salisbury.  He  was  a  joiner  and  shipwright.  He  m.  April  28, 
1737,  Mercy  Dow,  b.  prob.  1718,  dau.  of  Jeremiah  and  Elizabeth 
(Perkins)  Dow,  of  Hampton,  N.  H.  He  d.  in  Salisbury,  Mass.,  Jan. 
1,  1783.  Mercy,  his  widow,  d.  Sept  25,  1784  Twelve  children. 
Their  son,  Archelaus,  Jr.,  settled  in  Salisbury,  N.  H.  He  was  the 
grandfather  of  Ezra  E.  Adams,  D.D.,  and  James  O.  Adams,  well 
known  in  New  Hampshire. 

6.  Joseph  Adams,  son  of  Archelaus  ^  b.  in  Salisbury,  April  19, 
1745.  He  m.  1768,  published  August  13,  Mary  Currier.  See  Massa- 
chusetts War  Rolls  for  an  honorable  record  of  service  in  the  Revo- 
lution. He  d.  1803,  and  was  buried  at  Salisbury,  Mass.  It  is 
supposed  by  some  that  he  lived  a  few  years  immediately  previous 
to  his  death  in  Salisbury,  N.  H.,  and  by  others  that  he  was  in  Ply- 
mouth a  short  time.    Seven  children. 

ADAMS.  8 

6.  John  Adams,  son  of  Joseph  ^  was  born  in  SaUsbury,  Mass., 
Oct  9, 1771.  He  m.  1796,  Sally  Currier,  b.  Newton,  August  1, 1777, 
and  removed  to  this  town,  1801,  and  settled  at  Adams  Hill.  He  was 
collector  of  taxes,  1817-1819 ;  a  postrider  or  mail-carrier  from  Ply- 
mouth to  Portsmouth,  1821-1823  ;  a  deputy  sheriff,  1831-1836.  He 
removed  to  West  Plymouth  about  1836,  where  he  d.  Oct  11, 1863 ; 
his  wife  d.  April  15, 1858. 

7.  i.    John,  b.  March  12, 1708.    m.  Cordelia  Bailej. 

ii.    Bartlbtt,  b.  Nov.  30,  1799.    m.  Mary  C.  Kimball,  b.  in  Groton, 

Feb.  17, 1806,  dau.  of  Joseph  and  Nancy  (Currier)  Kimball  (see). 

He  was  an  ironer  of  steam-boais,  and  an  active  and  snooessfnl 

roan  in  business.    He  lived  at  St  Louis,  Mo.    He  d.  April  4. 

1874 ;  she  d.  Dec.  23, 1869.    Four  children, 
iii.    Philbna,  b.  Jan.  4, 1808.    m.  Jonathan  George  Cnmmings  (see), 
iv.    Mart  C,  b.  Jan.  12, 1805,  lived  in  Plymoath;  d.  nnm.  Oct  20, 1881, 
V.    Almira,  b.  Sept.  23, 1807.    d.  March  10,  1826. 
vi.    Jamrs  Madison,  b.  Nov.  21, 1809.    He  was  a  farmer  of  this  town ; 

d.  nnm.  Angiist  8,  1841. 
vii.    JosRPH,  b.  Oct.  28,  1811.     He  was  a  cabinet  maker ;  lived  in 

Boston,  Mass.    m.  Mary  Call.    He  d.  August  2, 1864. 
viii.    Sarah  Janr,  b.  July  5, 1818.    d.  April  13, 1816. 
ix.    Gborgb  Washington,  b.  Nov.  6, 1816.    d.  March  18, 1816. 
X.     Sarah  Janb,  b.  April  13,  1817.    m.  Thomas  Bradford,  lived  in 

Boston,  Mass.    She  d.  August  2, 1880. 
zl.    Emilt  Grace,  b.  May  20, 1819.   m.  1846,  Alvin  C.  Hill,  of  Rumney. 

She  d.  May  16,  1878. 

8.  xii.    Thomas  Jefferson,  b.  Nov.  5, 1822.    m.  Jan.  6, 1848,  Mary  Jane 


7.  John  Adams,  son  of  John*,  b.  March  12, 1798.  m.  1823,  Cor- 
delia Bailey,  dau.  of  Solomon  Bailey,  of  Hopkinton  and  Plymouth 
(see).  In  town  records  he  is  styled  Capt  John  Adams,  Jr.  He  was 
a  farmer.    He  d.  in  this  town  Dea  2, 1860.    Seven  children. 

i.  Julia  Maria,  b.  August  20,  1824.  m.  —  Butler.  Four  chil- 
dren :  (1)  Cordelia,  (2)  Lucia,  (8)  Carrie  £lh^  (4)  Orrie  Godfrey. 

ii.  Almira  Peters,  b.  June  1,  1826.  m.  Dec.  12,  1847,  Charles  D. 
Rowell.    She  d.  June  22, 1850,  leaving  a  daughter  Charlotte. 

iii.  Ammettb  Hall,  b.  June  27,  1830.  m.  Dec.  1,  1849,  William 
Levan  Ellsworth,  m.  second  Calyin  M.  Andrews.  She  is  living  in 
Ashland.  One  child  by  first  and  three  by  second  marriage: 
(1)  William  Ellsworth,  (2)  Fannie  Andrews,  (8)  Cora  Andrews, 
(4)  George  Andrews. 

iv.    Joseph  Alba,  b.  Dee.  24, 1835.    d.  March  18, 1886. 

4  ADAMS. 

▼.    Carlob  Alphonso,  b.  Feb.  4, 1837.    d.  Jan.  15, 1839. 
9.    Ti.    Edoar  Alonzo,  b.  April  27, 1830. 

yii.    Adelaidk  Victokia,  b.  July  24, 1844.    d.  Jan.  6, 1850. 

8.  Thomas  Jefferson  Adams,  son  of  Jobn^  b.  Nov.  5, 1822.  m. 
Jan.  5,  1848,  Mary  Jane  Bemicb,  b.  May  9, 1816,  dan.  of  James  and 
Sally  (Hayes)  Bemicb,  of  Berwick,  Me.  He  was  in  the  provision 
business  several  years  in  Boston,  Mass.  Beturning  to  Plymouth, 
1850,  he  was  a  drover  and  engaged  in  forwarding  and  selling  cattle  in 
Brighton,  Mass.  He  was  a  good  townsman  and  deeply  interested  in 
the  prosperity  of  Plymouth.  Their  silver  and  their  golden  wedding 
anniversaries  were  observed,  and  many  friends  and  relatives  tendered 
words  of  friendship  and  congratulation.  He  d.  April  22, 1900 ;  she 
d.  April  15,  1901. 

9.  Edgar  Alonzo  Adams,  son  of  John^  b.  April  27,  1839.  m. 
Oct  30,  1861,  Marietta  Louisa  Norris,  b.  Groton,  Feb.  20, 1841,  dtiu. 
of  John  and  Myra  (Holden)  Norris  (see).  He  enlisted  1861,  6th  N. 
H.  Begiment,  and  served  three  years.  For  many  years  maintaining  a 
home  in  Plymouth,  he  was  engaged  in  teaching  vocal  music.  He  d. 
Nov.  8, 1885.    Six  chUdren. 

i.  William  Frbdkbic,  b.  Hampton,  Ya.,  Nov.  27, 1864.  m.  Aagnst 
81,  1898,  Glennie  Anne  Bartlett,  b.  Bethlehem,  Oct.  17,  1872, 
dan.  of  Charles  L.  and  Muriha  £.  (Brown)  Bartlett,  of  Bethlehem. 
She  grad.  State  Normal  School,  1803.  He  was  a  popular  employ^ 
in  the  Pemigewaaset  House,  Plymouth,  several  years,  and  from 
1807  to  1002  he  was  associated  with  Mr.  Elliot  in  the  joint 
management  of  this  well-managed  hotel.  He  is  now  proprietor 
of  the  Senate  restaurant,  Washington,  D.  C. 

ii.  Flora  Mat,  b.  April  10,  1866.  m.  June  27, 1804,  Fred  LeVerne 
Spalding,  a  teacher,  and  for  several  years  principal  of  Franklin 
St.  Grammar  School  in  Manchester.  (1)  Frederick  Noyes,  b.  Jan. 
20, 1807. 

iii.    Edoar  Ykrnon,  b.  June  22, 1868.    d.  Sept.  12, 1871. 

iv.  Lillian  Maud,  b.  Feb.  24, 1872.  m.  Oct.  22, 1801,  Frank  Eugene 
Wadleigh,  ticket  agent,  B.  &  M.  R.R.,  Concord,  N.  II. 

T.    Myra  Holden,  b.  July  20, 1873.    m.  Charies  Cheney  Wright  (see). 

vi.    Almon  Edoar,  b.  Oct.  22, 1870.    Columbia  University,  1003. 

10.  Moses  Adams,  son  of  Joseph  ^  and  brother  of  John  ^  b.  Jan. 
2, 1790.  m.  Nov.,  1817,  Miriam  Bideout,  dau.  of  John  and  Sarah 
(Marsh)  Bideout  (see).  He  was  a  farmer  in  Plymouth,  first  at  West 
Plymouth  and  later  at  Adams  Hill.  He  d.  August  29,  1855 ;  his 
widow,  a  native  of  this  town,  d.  April  5, 1885.    Eight  childreu. 


i.    Samantha,  b.  Jan.  12,  1819.    d.  youpg. 
ii.    Clark  AV.,  b.  Sept.  11  or  10,  1821.    d.  young, 
iii.    Ruth,  b.  Sept.  12,  1823.    d.  Sept  26,  1824. 

iv.    Florbtta  Rosb,  b.  July  8,  1825.     m.  Jan.  11,  1853,  Samuel  Bin- 
ford,  a  carpenter,  in  Chelsea,  Mass.     He  lived  a  few  years  in 
Plymouth,  and  d.  here  April  30, 1866.    She  d.  Nov.  28, 1874. 
T.    Grorgb  Clinton,  b.  March  4,  1827.    d.  Nov.  7, 1859. 
vi.    Charles  W.,  b.  March  26,  1829.    d.  Concord,  Nor.  5, 1874. 
vii.    Louisa  H.    d.  young. 
11.     viii.    William  Hbnrt,  b.  Jan.  19,  1835. 

11.  William  Hbnry  Adams,  son  of  Moses '^  b.  Jan.  19,  1835. 
ni.  Nov.  2, 1862,  Romenia  Coolidge  Wells,  dau.  of  Henry  Wells  (see). 
He  was  a  carpenter  and  a  farmer,  living  the  later  years  of  his  life  at 
Ward  Hill ;  selectman,  1892-1893.  He  d.  by  an  accident  Nov.  5, 
1901.    Two  chUdren. 

L    Georgb  Francis,  b.  Dec.  28,  1864.    m.  June  3,  1891,  Alice  Ella 

Mignault.     He  res.   a  fanner  in  Plymouth.     Three   children. 

(1)  George  Henry,  b.  April  19,  1892;  (2)  Harry,  b.  July  20, 1894; 

(3)  Edna  Pearl,  *b.  Oct.  12, 1898. 
ii.    Flora  Estklla,  b.  June  28,  1872.    m.  Jan.  27,  1892,  Justin  F. 

McClnre,  b.  Feb.  11,  1866,  son  of  George  W.  and  Mary  A. 

(Merrill)  MoClure,  of  Hebron. 

12.  Nathaniel  Adams,  sou  of  William^,  and  brother  of  John*,  b. 
in  the  part  of  Ipswich  now  Hamilton,  Mass.,  about  1641 ;  freeman 
May  27,  1674.  He  inherited  his  father's  farm.  He  m.  June  30, 
1668,  Mercy  Dickinson,  b.  1646,  dau.  of  Thomas  and  Jennet  Dickin- 
son of  Bowley.  He  d.  Ipswich,  April  11,  1715 ;  she  d.  Dec.  12, 

13.  Nathaniel  Adams,  son  of  Nathaniel  ^,  b.  July  11, 1670,  was  a 
farmer  of  Ipswich,  Mass.  He  m.  Jan.,  1693/4,  Abigail  Kimball, 
b.  Ipswich,  1668,  dau.  of  Caleb  and  Anna  (Hazeltine)  Kimball.  He 
d.  August  31, 1736  ;  she  d.  May  30, 1755. 

11  WiLUAM  Adams,  son  of  Nathaniel  ^',  b.  Nov.  26,  1696.  m. 
1715,  Mary  Warner.  He  was  a  farmer  in  Ipswich  until  1771,  when 
he  removed  to  Moultonboro*.  His  will,  dated  July  3,  1775,  was 
proved,  Strafford  Co.,  Sept  21,  1775.  He  names  sons  William 
Nathaniel  and  John,  and  daughters,  Mary  Whipple,  Abigail  BoUes, 
and  Sarah  Low. 

15.  John  Adams,  son  of  William'*,  b.  Ipswich,  July,  1731. 
m.    1754,    intentions    July    20,    Mary    Lamson.      He    settled    in 

6  ADAMS. 

Moultonboro',  1768.  In  a  list  of  settlers  and  improvements  made  in 
Moultonboro^  1771,  the  brothers,  William  and  John  Adams, 
jointly,  were  proprietors  of  three  dwelling-houses,  a  store,  a  barn,  a 
smith-shop,  a  wharf  and  warehouse,  one  hundred  acres  of  improved 
land,  twenty-five  head  of  cattle,  ten  sheep.  At  this  time  there  were 
eleven  persons  in  both  families.  In  the  Bevolution  he  was  commis- 
sioned, 1776,  a  lieutenant  in  the  sixth  company  of  Col.  Badger's 
regiment  of  militia,  and  the  following  year  he  was  a  lieutenant  in 
Capt  Chase  Taylor's  company,  Col.  Stickney's  regiment,  Gen.  Stark's 
brigade,  from  July  to  September.  He  was  a  selectman  of  Moulton- 
boro',  1779, 1781, 1784.    He  d.  1814. 

1ft  Isaac  Adams,  son  of  Lieut  John",  b.  Ipswich,  1765,  bapt. 
Feb.  10,  lived  in  Moultonboro'  from  1768  to  1788,  when  he  removed 
to  Campton.    He  m.  Sarah  Eaton.    He  d.  about  1844. 

17.  Jacob  Adams,  son  of  Isaac ",  b.  Nov.  7,  1787.  m.  Jan.  21, 
1817,  Mary  Foss,  b.  Sept  28, 1796.  He  was  a  farmer  and  a  respected 
citizen  of  Campton,  and  was  one  of  the  founders  and  a  life-long 
adherent  of  the  M.  K  Church  in  Plymouth,  and  in  politics  he  was 
one  of  the  pioneers  in  the  cause  of  anti-slavery.  He  d.  in  Campton, 
March  15, 1869.    She  d.  May  14, 1866. 

18.  Isaac  Lamson  Adams,  son  of  Jacob  ^^  b.  Campton,  Jan.  12, 
1820.  m.  June  1,  1847,  Louisa  Cox  Blair,  dau.  of  Judge  Walter 
Blair  (see).  He  was  a  farmer  and  lived  in  Campton.  In  his  social 
and  church  relations  he  was  intimately  associated  with  the  people  of 
Plymouth.  He  was  frequently  elected  to  office,  and  represented 
Campton  in  the  legislature  1857  and  1858.    He  d.  Dec.  20, 1889. 

19.  Georgb. Herbert  Adams,  son  of  Isaac  Lamson ^^  b.  Campton, 
May  18, 1851.  Dartmouth  Collie,  1873.  He  is  a  lawyer  of  Ply- 
mouth, and  has  resided  in  this  town  since  1877.  See  biographical 
sketch  in  VoL  I.  He  was  a  delegate  from  Campton  in  the  Constitu- 
tional convention,  which  convened  Dec.,  1876 ;  representative  from 
Plymouth,  1883 ;  State  senator,  1899 ;  county  solicitor  for  Grafton  Co., 
1895-1899.  He  was  Judge  Advocate-General  on  the  staff  of  Gov. 
John  B.  Smith,  1898-1895,  and  is  president  of  the  Pemigewasset 
National  Bank.  Gen.  Adams  m.  June  14,  1877,  Sarah  Katherine 
Smith,  b.  Meredith,  Sept  21,  1850,  dau.  of  John  and  Sarah  Jane 
(Badger)  Smith.    Two  children. 

i.    Walter  Blair,  b.  Dec.  18,  1887. 
ii.    Gbobob  Herbert,  b.  April  12, 1890. 

AHBBN  —  AIKBN.  7 


1.  William  Ahern,  a  resident  of  Queenstown,  Ireland,  came  to 
America,  1849,  and  lived  in  Black  Brook,  Clinton  Co.,  N.  Y. 

2.  John  Ahern,  b.  in  Ireland,  March  14, 1836,  was  thirteen  years 
of  age  when  the  family  emigrated  to  America.  He  m.  Nov.  13, 1859, 
Julia  Ann  Lawliss,  b.  May  22, 1838,  dau.  of  Laurence  and  Catherine 
Mary  (French^  Lawliss.  He  was  a  farmer.  He  d.  in  Manchester, 
Nov.  22,  1893.  The  family  purchased  the  Beed  place,  on  the  Lower 
Interval,  1897,  and  removed  to  this  town. 

i.    William,  b.  Black  Brook,  N.  T.,  May  17,  1861.    m.  Bertha  M. 

Young.    He  is  an  engineer  at  Clinton,  Mass. 
ii.    Laurbnok  Andrew,  b.  Dannamora,  N.  T.,  March  7,  1863.    d. 

April  16, 1883. 
ill.    John,  b.  Fern,  N.  T.,  May  12, 1865,  a  farmer  of  this  town, 
iv.    Richard,  b.  Peru,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  26,  1867.    d.  May  80, 1886. 
y.    David  Pbtrr,  b.  Black  Brook,  N.  Y.,  Dec  15,  1860.    m.  July  8, 

1800,  Margaret  Emily  Casey,  of  Milford.    He  is  a  stone  mason  at 

Three  Rivers,  Mass. 
Ti.    IIknrt,  b.  Saranac,  N.  Y.,  March  27,  1872.    He  is  a  carpenter  in 

Til.    Ellxn   Elizabeth,  b.  Saranac,  N.  Y.,  Sept  10,  1874,  res.  in 

▼lii.    Hannah,  b.  Saranac,  N.  Y.,  Dec  4,  1876.     State  Normal  School, 

ix.    Stevbns  Emmbtt,  b.  Saranac,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  27,  1870.    Grad.  Ply- 
month  High  School,  1001. 
X.    Mart  Aqnbs,  b.  Dannamora,  June  10, 1883.    Plymouth  High  School, 



1.  Benjamin  Aiken,  son  of  John,  b.  Wentworth,  April  13, 1796. 
m.  Jan.  19,  1817,  Sally  Phillips.  He  removed  to  Eden,  Vt,  where 
he  d.  May  2, 1869. 

2.  Orrin  Livingston  Aiken,  son  of  Benjamin  \b.  Dec.  3, 1822. 
m.  July  8, 1845,  Laura  Edmunds,  of  Albany,  Vt.  He  removed  from 
Hyde  Park,  Vt,  to  Plymouth,  1878.    He  d.  Oct.  8, 1879. 

3.  Rbv.  Edwin  Joseph  Aiken,  b.  Hyde  Park,  Vt.,  May  3, 1849. 
He  came  to  Plymouth,  1865,  and  removed  to  Pittsfield,  1869,  where  he 
was  engaged  several  years  in  the  clothing  and  dry  goods  business. 
He  was  ordained  and  settled  over  the  Congregational  church  at 
East  Concord,  1885.     In  1893,  he  asked  for  a  dismission,  which 

8  AIKBK  —  ALDBN. 

was  granted,  and  he  became  secretary  of  the  New  Hampshire  Bible 
Society,  res.  in  Concord.  He  m.  May  20,  1869,  Anna  Elizabeth 

i.    Julia  Mildred,  b.  Not.  8, 1871.    d.  Deo.  18, 1878. 


1.  John  Alden,  b.  England,  about  1599,  came  to  Plymouth,  Mass., 
in  the  Mayflower,  1620,  and  soon  after  settled  in  Duxbury.  He  was 
a  representative  1641  to  1649,  and  many  years  an  assistant,  and 
b^inning  1653  for  several  years  he  was  one  of  the  Council  of  War. 
He  m.  Priscilla  Mullens,  dau.  of  William  Mullens.    Eight  children. 

2.  JosBPH  Alden,  son  of  John  Alden  \  m.  Mary  Simmons,  and 
was  one  of  the  original  settlers  of  Duxbury,  where  he  d.  Feb.  8, 
1697.    Three  sons. 

3.  Joseph  Alden,  son  of  Joseph  Alden  ^  b.  1668.  m.  1690, 
Hannah  Dunham,  dau.  of  Daniel  Dunham.  He  lived  in  South 
Bridgewater,  Mass.,  where  he  d.  Dec.  22, 1747.    Ten  children. 

4.  Daniel  Alden,  son  of  Joseph  Alden',  b.  1690.  m.  1717, 
Abigail  Shaw,  dau.  of  Joseph  Shaw.  About  1750  he  removed  from 
Bridgewater  to  Stafford,  Conn.,  where  he  d.  1767.    Ten  children. 

6.  Joseph  Alden,  b.  1718.  m.  Susanna  Packard,  dau.  of  Solomon 
Packard.    He  was  a  magistrate  of  Stafford.    He  d.  May  3, 1768. 

6.  Zenas  Alden,  b.  Stafford,  July  1, 1748.  m.  Lydia  Pinney.  He 
settled  in  Lebanon,  N.  H.,  vrith  other  emigrants  from  Connecticut- 
He  d.  1833. 

7.  ZiBA  Alden,  son  of  Zenas  Alden  ^  b.  in  Lebanon,  and  lived 
there  many  years,  but  d.  in  Illinois.    He  m.  Sybel  Allen. 

8.  Phineas  Alden,  son  of  Ziba^,  b.  Lebanon,  Jan.  17, 1806.  m. 
Jan.  18,  1830,  Martha  Parkhurst,  dau.  of  Ebenezer  Parkhurst,  of 
South  Boyalton,  Vt.  He  lived  in  St.  Johnsbury,  Yt  d.  in  Lyndon- 
viUe,  VL,  Dea  10, 1877. 

9.  HoRAOB  Allen  Alden,  son  of  Phineas  Alden  ^  b.  Feb.  16, 
1832.  He  was  master  mechanic  of  Passumpsic  B.  B.,  1852-1872, 
res.  at  St.  Johnsbury;  mechanical  superintendent  Canada  Central 
R.B.,  1872-1878,  res.  at  Brockville,  P.  Q.;  also  South  Eastern 
RR,  1879-1883,  res.  at  West  Famum,  P.  Q.  After  a  short 
residence  in  Peoria,  III,  where  he  was  manager  of  the  Acme  Hay 
Harvester,  he  came  to  Plymouth,  1891,  where  he  was  superintendent 
of  the  pulp  mill  at  Livermore  Falls.    The  mill  was  burned,  1895,  and 

ALDBN  —  ALLS.  9 

he  removed  to  Laconia.  He  m.  Dec.  11, 1860,  Elizabeth  M.  Eaton, 
b.  Feb.  26,  1839,  dau.  of  Stillman  and  Mehitable  A.  (Watson)  Eaton. 
Four  children. 

i    Fred  Horace,  b.  Sept  28, 1861.    d.  Oct  12, 1867. 
ii.     Frank  Eaton,  b.  June  80,  1864.    Grad.  St  Johnsbory  Academy, 
1884.    m.  June  2,  1888,  Lacy  M.  Woods;  res.  in  Stoneham, 
iii.    Park  Henry,  b.  Sept.  15, 1866.    d.  Augost  15, 1868. 
iv.    IIerrrrt  Watson,  b.  Dec.  20, 1870.    Grad.  Massachusetts  Insti- 
tute of  Technology,  1898.    Mechanical  Engineer  of  Electric  Co., 
Hartford,  Conn.    He  m.  Dec.  27, 1893,  Madelaine  H.  Greer,  of 


1.  David  Alls,  probably  from  Merrimack  or  vicinity,  came  to 
Plymouth,  1790,  or  the  preceding  year.  He  m.  in  this  town  March 
18, 1790,  Lydia  Wells,  dau.  of  Benjamin  Wells  (see).  He  was  con- 
tinuously taxed  from  1790  to  1834.  Tradition  asserts  that  he  was 
a  good  marksman,  and  that  his  skill  was  richly  rewarded  at  the 
expense  of  the  animal  kingdom.  A  gun,  once  his  favorite  aiid  still 
having  a  wise  and  solemn  appearance,  is  now  one  of  the  treasures  of 
Mr.  W.  6.  Hull.  This  name  is  frequently  written  Alld  and  Allds. 
Ten  children  b.  in  Plymouth. 

L    Jacob  Marsh,  b.  June  18, 1791.    Taxed  1819-1821. 
ii.    Sarah,  b.  Marcli  20, 1793.    m.  Isaac  Shute  (see),    m.  second  Peter 

Draper  (see), 
iii.    William,  b.  April  18, 1796.    Taxed  1818-1821. 
iv.    David,  b.  Feb.  10,  1797.    Taxed  1821-1822. 
V.    Mrlissa,  b.  August  21, 1800.    m.  July  25, 1881,  Hart  Davenport, 

of  Boston, 
vi.    RosiLLA,  b.  April  8, 1802.    unm.    d.  Plymouth,  August  27, 1869. 
vii.    Mart,  b.  May  18, 1805. 

viii.    George  Washington,  b.  March  12,  1807.    Taxed  1888-1885. 
ix.    Weston,  b.  May  28, 1810. 
X.    Horatio,  b.  May  26, 1814. 

2.  Alfrrd  S.  Alls,  son  of ,  and  grandson  of  David^,  b.  Sept 

14, 1821.  m.  Dec.  2, 1844,  Sally  F.  Eastman,  b.  Hopkinton,  July  11, 
1824,  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Jemima  (Flanders)  Eastman.  He  settled  in 
Columbia,  and  tbere  his  children  were  born.  In  1863  he  removed  to 
Coaticook,  P.  Q.    His  wife  d.  in  Coaticook,  July  3,  1888.    He  then 

10  ALLS  —  AHBBOSB. 

removed  to  Charlton,  Mon.,  and  is  there  a  prosperous  farmer.    Seven 

i.    Elsie  J.,  b.  June  12, 1846.    d.  Jan.  16, 1863. 

u.   Mima  A.,  b.  Sept  4, 1849.    m.  Jan.  25, 1866,  Alexander  O.  Fletcher, 
b.  Barnston,  P.  Q.,  April  29, 1842.    He  was  a  dealer  in  grooeries 
and  provisions  in  Coaticook  several  years.    He  now  resides  in 
Auburn,  Me.    They  haye  six  children, 
iii.    Hbnry  N.,  b.  June  8, 1851.    d.  May  23, 1870. 

It.    William  O.,  b.  March  20, 1853. 

y.    Gborob  Wtman,  b.  Oct.  26,  1855.    m.  1873,  Lizzie  Andrews. 
Lives  in  Coaticook,  P.  Q. 

vi.    Flora  J.,  b.  Deo.  12, 1857.    m.  1875,  Buruhara  Converse,  of  Barn- 
ston, P.  Q.    She  d.  May  22, 1885. 
tU.    Cuarlks  W.,  b.  Nov.  14,  1861.    m.  May  7,  1888,  Ella  Choute. 
She  d.  1889.    He  res.  with  his  father  in  Montana. 


1.  Samubl  Ambrose,  b.  1753,  came  to  Plymouth  in  youth.  He 
was  annually  taxed  from  1774  to  1782.  In  the  autumn  of  1775  he 
enlisted  vrith  the  Hollis  men  in  Capt  Noah  Worcester's  company, 
which  was  one  of  the  thirty-one  companies  raised  in  this  State  to 
reinforce  the  army  at  Boston.  The  term  of  service  was  three  months. 
In  the  record  at  Hollis  of  his  marriage  he  is  called  ''  of  Hollis.''  But 
at  the  date  of  his  enlistment  and  of  his  marriage  he  was  a  legal  and 
actual  resident  of  Plymouth.  In  1777  he  was  a  soldier  from  Ply- 
mouth, in  Capt  Willoughby's  company,  which  happily  shared  in  the 
capitulation  of  the  army  of  Gen.  Buigoyne.  He  began  preaching  to 
an  association  of  Baptists  in  Sutton  and  New  London,  and  he  removed 
to  Sutton,  1782.  Nathaniel  Everett,  of  New  London,  was  paid  for 
removing  the  family  of  Elder  Samuel  Ambrose  from  Plymouth  to 
Sutton.  (See  Histories  of  Hollis,  Sutton,  and  New  London.)  He  was 
ordained  in  April,  1782,  and  lived  in  Sutton  almost  continuously, 
preaching  much  of  the  time,  until  his  death,  May  30, 1830,  aged  77. 
He  m.  in  Hollis,  Feb.  20, 1776,  Mary  Goodhue,  dan.  of  Dea.  Samuel 
and  Abigail  (Bartlett)  Goodhue.  She  d.  Jan.  5, 1830,  aged  76.  They 
had  ten  children.  Without  birth  dates  it  is  impossible  to  determine 
which  of  them  were  bom  in  this  town. 

L    Abigail,  m.  April  80, 1799,  Thomas  Persons, 
ii.    PoLLT,  b.  May  16,  1777.    m.  David  Davis,  b.  Jan.  20, 1770,  son  of 

Jonathan  and  Sarah  (Blaisdell)  Davis,  of  Sutton.    She  d.  Feb.  17, 

1868.    He  d.  1801.    FivechUdren. 

AMBB08B  —  ARMS  —  ARM8TB0N0  —  ATWOOD.  11 

iii.     Sally,  m.  Nathan  Leaoh. 

iv.    Ltdia,  m.  April  7, 1811,  Elisha  Parker,  a  prominent  citizen  of  Sut- 
ton.   About  1880  tliey  *<  went  west/'    Nine  children. 
T.    EsTHRR,  d.  unm.  1840. 
vL    Susan,  m.  William  Carey, 

▼ii.    Samuel,  m.  Mrs.  Sarah  Phaian ;  removed  to  Newburyport,  Mass. 
viii.    Jonathan,  settled  in  Maine, 
iz.    Nathaniel,  m.  Sally  £aton,  of  Sutton^  and  removed  to  Westmore, 

z.    David,  m.  Ruth  Stevens,    m.  second,  Lydia  Merrill. 


1.  Edwabd  Arms,  came  to  Plymouth,  1769,  or  early  in  1770.  He 
removed  in  1774  to  some  town  in  Bockingham  Co.  He  was  a  soldier 
in  the  Kevolution,  serving  enlistments  1776  and  1777.  In  1778  he 
enlisted  for  the  war,  and  was  assigned  to  CoL  Scammell's  regiment 
This  service  should  not  be  counted  on  the  quota  of  PlymoutL 


1.  Gilbert  Smith  Armstronq,  son  of  Leonard  T.  and  Lois  (Spioer) 
Armstrong,  b.  Bozrah,  Conn.,  March  19, 1825.  m.  Sarah  M.  Davis, 
who  d.  1868  ;  m.  second.  May  30, 1862,  Boselma  Ann  Whipple,  dau. 
of  Silas  and  Diancy  (Naramore)  Whipple,  of  Bichmond.  He  lived 
several  years  in  Maiden,  Mass.,  removing  to  Plymouth,  1869.  He 
had  charge  of  the  Pemigewasset  stables,  and  was  later  employed 
eighteen  years  by  the  Webster,  Eussell  Co.    He  d.  Dec.  22,  1900. 

i.    WiLLiB  Gilbert,  b.  Oct.  18, 1864.    d.  August  11, 1865. 
ii.    Nettib  Maud,  b.  Maiden,  Mass.,  August  28,  1866.    State  Normal 
School,  1884,  clerk  in  dry  goods  department,  Webster,  Russell  Co. 
ilL    RosiB  BiAT,  b.  Plymouth,  May  28,  1872.    d.  March  26, 1874. 


1.  Joshua  Atwood,  b.  Dec.  2,  1757,  was  a  farmer  of  Warwick, 
Mass.,  where  he  d.  from  injury  from  a  falling  tree,  June  3, 1823.  He 
m.  Feb.  29,  1780,  Prudence  Parker,  b.  in  Lexington,  1757,  dau.  of 
Jonas  and  Lucy  (Munroe)  Parker.  Jonas  Parker,  the  father  of  Mrs. 
Atwood,  was  an  early  martyr  for  freedom  in  the  Kevolution,  falling 
April  19,  1775,  and  of  whom  Edward  Everett  said:  "History  does 
not  fmmish  an  example  of  bravery  that  outshines  that  of  Jonas 

2.  Thomas  Atwood,  son  of  Joshua  Atwood  ^  b.  in  Warwick, 
Mass.,  Jan.  4, 1790.    m.  Anna  Whipple  Hastings,  b.  Grafton,  Mass., 


1793,  dan.  of  Isaac  HastiDgs.  He  removed  to  Shoreham,  Vt,  and 
was  a  soldier  at  the  battle  of  Plattsburg.  He  was  a  farmer  and  tanner. 
Late  in  life  he  removed  to  Ithaca^  N.  Y.,  where  he  d.  July  8,  1875. 

3.  Arnon  Adams  Atwood,  son  of  Thomas  Atwood^  b.  Shoreham, 
y  t.,  June  13, 1817.  Was  a  merchant  and  tanner  in  Shoreham,  and  later 
a  farmer  in  Ripton,  Vt.,  until  1865.  He  was  frequently  a  town  officer 
of  Ripton,  and  a  representative  two  years.  He  removed  to  Randolph, 
Vt,  1865.  He  m.  Jan.  1, 1839,  Almira  Royce,  b.  Sept  14, 1819,  dau. 
of  Alpheus  Royce.    In  1894  he  removed  to  Plymouth. 

4.  Joseph  Waldo  Atwood,  son  of  Arnon  Adams  Atwood  •,  b. 
Ripton,  Yt.,  August  8, 1844  He  is  a  graduate  of  Randolph  Academy 
and  of  Bryant  &  Stratton's  Business  College,  at  Albany,  N.  Y.,  and 
was  station  agent,  express  agent,  and  telegraph  operator  at  Randolph, 
Vt  In  1891  he  erected  a  factory  for  the  manufacture  of  door  and 
window  screens,  which  was  burned,  with  heavy  loss,  the  following 
year.  He  removed  to  Plymouth  in  the  autumn  of  1894,  and  was 
manager  for  the  Plymouth  Veneer  Company  and  agent  for  life  insur- 
ance companies.  He  m.  Jan.  2,  1868,  Mary  Augusta  Lewis,  b. 
Northfield,  Vt,  April  15,  1848,  dau.  of  Silas  Lewis;  she  d.  Feb.  13, 
1878 ;  he  m.  second.  Sept  28, 1880,  Lillian  C.  Ford,  b.  Randolph,  Yt, 
1860,  dau.  of  John  Ford ;  she  d.  Nov.  22,  1882.  He  m.  third,  Jan. 
2, 1884,  Laura  Morns  Flinn,  b.  Bethel,  Vt,  August  18, 1845,  dau.  of  Asa 
Child  and  Amanda  (Morris)  Flinn.  Two  children  by  first  marriage, 
b.  in  Randolph,  VL 

i.    Louu  Arnold,  b.  March  12, 1860.    lie  was  a  grocer  in  Plymoafch, 

with  store  under  the  Town  Hall, 
ii.    Harrt  Joseph,  b.  Nor.  18, 1874.    d.  Oct.  4,  1881. 


1.  Fbbd  a.  Atwood,  tax,  1899, 1900.  Selectman,  1901.  He  i-e- 
moved,  1901,  to  Rumney.  By  occupation  a  merchant  m.  Ellen  J. 
HalL    Fred  A  and  Ellen  J.  (Hall)  Atwood  have  at  least 

i.  WiLUAM  Rupus,  b.  1881,  in  Ruroney.  m.  Plymouth,  June  12, 
1902,  Lillian  Blanche  Adams,  h.  1874,  dan.  of  Sylvanui  and 
Aldora  (Matthews)  Adams,  of  Dorchester. 


1.  Joseph  Lbland  Attwood,  son  of  Moses  and  Lucinda  (Smith) 
Attwood,  of  Lisbon,  grandson  of  Moses  and  Mary  Ellen  (Hall) 


Attwood,  of  Lisbon,  great-grandson  of  Joseph  and  Mehitable 
(Eamball)  Atwood,  of  Landaff,  b.  in  Lisbon,  Sept.  18, 1865.  He  came 
to  Plymouth  in  youth,  and  has  been  hotel  clerk  in  Concord  and  in 
Kewport,  Vt,  also  clerk  for  Crawford  &  George,  hardware.  He  m. 
Oct  19,  1889,  Vena  Leavitt,  b.  March  31,  1869,  dau.  of  Chase  P. 
Leavitt  (see).    Three  children. 

i.    Lbland  Lbayitt,  b.  Sept  7, 1895. 
ii.    Sarah  Lucinda,  b.  Deo.  5, 1899. 
ill.    Chase  Carlos,  b.  March  28, 1902. 


1.  Francis  Avert,  son  of  Benjamin,  b.  Bamstead,  Sept  30, 1773. 
m.  1791,  Hannah  Wentworth,  b.  Barnstead,  1770,  dau.  of  Paul  and 
Hannah  (Smith)  Wentworth.  He  was  one  of  the  early  settlers  of 
Ellsworth,  where  he  d.  July  6,  1860.  She  d.  1845.  Of  their  ten 
children  three  have  been  represented  in  Plymouth. 

i.    WiNTHROP,  b.  1794. 

ii.    Bktsbt,  b.  1796.    m.  Stephen  Willey  (see). 

iii.  Francis,  b.  1800.  m.  1820,  Abigail  Crosby,  and  lived  in  Thornton, 
where  he  d.  1827.  His  son,  FraDcis  Shepard  Arery,  b.  ThomtoD, 
July  18,  1826,  is  a  brick  mason,  and  has  lived  in  Lowell  and  else- 
where, removing  to  Plymouth.     He  d.  in  Rumney,  May  16, 1908. 

2.  Moses  Avert,  son  of  Benjamin  and  elder  brother  of  Francis  \ 
b.  Bamstead,  1759.  m.  Betsey  Colbath,  and  settled  in  Ellsworth,  where 
he  d.  1824. 

3.  Stephen  Aveky,  son  of  Moses  ^  b.  1786.  m.  Bridget  Moulton, 
and  lived  in  Ellsworth,  where  he  d.  Oct.  3, 1873.  Martha  Avery,  his 
daughter,  m.  Samuel  Willey  (see). 

4.  Gordon  K  Avert,  son  of  Stephen',  b.  Oct  31,  1828.  m. 
Bosanna  Hill,  of  Ellsworth ;  m.  second,  Melissa  Sanborn,  of  Alex- 
andria; m.  third,  May  22, 1864,  Mary  F.  Batchelder,  b.  May  8,  1842, 
dau.  of  Increase  and  Susan  (Hart)  Batchelder,  of  Meredith  and 
Thornton.  He  was  a  farmer  in  Campton,  removing  to  Plymouth, 
1895.    Three  children ;  one  by  each  marriage. 

J.  Emma  Grace,  b.  May  8, 1846.  m.  Oct.  8, 1864,  George  D.  Kelley, 
who  d.  Dec  18, 1869 ;  m.  second,  Jan.  80,  1877,  Eben  H.  Wells, 
of  Rumney  (see). 

ii.  Sarah  Louisk,  b.  June  19,  1862.  m.  1879,  Clareuoe  L.  Ferren. 
She  d.  July  18,  1893. 

iii.    Mtrtir  Mabel,  b.  Oct.  7, 1869.    m.  Orrin  W.  Sherburn  (see). 

14  •    AYBBY. 

6.  Samuel  Moulton  Avert,  son  of  Stephen',  m.  Eliza  Jane 
MoorOi  and  lived  in  Ellsworth.  He  was  a  town  officer  and  a  repre- 
sentative many  years.  His  dan.  Hattie  Irene  Avery,  b.  March  29, 
1862,  m.  Lewis  Charles  Mills  (see). 

e,  WiNTHBOP  AvEBY,  son  of  Francis  \  b.  1794.  m.  Judith  Hill,  of 
Ellsworth,  and  died  in  Ellsworth,  Jan.  1, 1852. 

7.  Sherburne  Avery,  son  of  Winthrop*,  b.  Ellsworth,  Feb.  4, 
1819.  m.  Nov.  27, 1847,  Lucretia  Adaline  Moulton,  b.  Feb.  20, 1827, 
dau.  of  Edmund  and  Betsey  (Hill)  Moulton.  He  d.  Ellsworth,  Jan.  2, 
1859.  He  was  fatally  injured  by  a  falling  tree.  With  occasional 
absence  she  has  resided  in  Plymouth  since  1886.    Four  children. 

i.    Edmund  Mason,  b.  1S48.    m.  Ida  Steele,  of  Thornton;  m.  second, 
Vina  Belle  Sawyer,  who  d.  1870;  m.  third,  Laara  Cole.    He  is  a 
stationary  engineer  in  Woodstock, 
ii.    Jason,  b.  1851.    d.  July  2,  1865. 
ill    Julia   Ann,  b.  August  7,  1856,  dressmaker,  res.  in   Plymouth 

sinoe  1893. 
iy.    Laura  Anna,  b.  Deo.  19, 1858.    Remoyed  to  Plymouth,  1898. 


1.  David  H.  Aveby,  b.  June  25,  1765.  m.  Susannah  Waiey,  b. 
May  11,  1764.  They  lived  in  Bumney  and  after  1840  in  Oampton. 
He  d.  1852 ;  she  d.  1853. 

3.  Ezra  Wilhot  Avert,  son  of  David  H.\  b.  Rumney,  August  15, 
1805,  was  a  tanner  in  Campton  several  years,  removing  to  Plymouth, 
1861,  and  was  the  proprietor  of  a  shoe  store  on  the  site  of  the  Tyler 
House.  He  m.  Feb.  7,  1828,  Ruth  Buckman,  of  Campton.  He  d. 
Plymouth,  March  30, 1885 ;  she  d.  July  22, 1877. 

i.  Adaline  Augusta,  b.  Dec.  27,  1828.  m.  Warren  L.  Glidden,  of 
Meredith ;  she  m.  second,  Phineas  B.  Smith  (see).  A  son  by  the 
first  marriage,  Howard  Glidden,  was  killed  twenty-five  years  ago 
in  the  factory  of  his  uncle,  Amasa  W.  Avery. 

ii.    Arthur  A.,  b.  July  9, 1882.    d.  July  24, 1882. 

iii.    Gkorob  a.,  b.  July  25,  1885.    d.  July  81, 1885. 

8.  iv.    Amasa  Walker,  b.  Sept.  10, 1886. 

a  Ama8A  Walkbr  Aybrt,  son  of  Ezra  Wilmot^  b.  Sept  10, 
1836.  m.  Oct  9,  1866,  Martha  R  Bump,  dau.  of  James  Bump,  of 
Oampton ;  she  d.  May  6, 1868.  He  m.  second,  June  26, 1873,  Sarah 
Ida  Sawyer,  b.  June  23,  1854,  dau.  of  Walter  H.  Sawyer,  of  Wood- 
stock. He  was  employed  in  Plymouth  several  years  as  a  glove  cutter 
and  manufacturer,  and  since  1885  he  has  been  proprietor  and  manager 

AVBBY  —  ATEB*  16 

of  jewelry  and  stationery  store  in  Kidder  block.    Selectman,  1869, 
1885, 1886, 1887, 1888,  1898.  y  - 

1.    Alberta  Ruth,  b.  July  20, 1867.    m.  Elmer  E.  Drew,  a  police  ofBoer, 

of  Somerville,  Mass. 
ii.    Lrna  Bkllk,  b.  July  24, 1874.    Plymoiith  High  School,  1801.    m. 
August  15, 1890,  Charles  6.  SwenniDg,  a  watchmaker,  of  fiostoD, 
iii.    Ezra  Walter,  b.  Jan.  11, 1888.    Plymouth  High  School,  1902. 


1.  Samuel  Avert,  son  of  David,  m.  Temperance  Avery,  and  lived 
in  Runiney.    His  son  Bial  m.  Caroline  A  Hodge  (see). 

2.  Oliver  Avery,  son  of  SamueP,  b.  Jan.  21, 1819.  m.  June  6, 
1852,  Mary  Elizabeth  Draper,  dan.  of  William  (see).  She  d.  June 
23, 1881.  He  lived  in  Campton  and  in  Plymouth.  He  d.  Plymouth, 
March  11, 1900. 

i.    Anna  Sarah,  b.  August  22,  1858.    m.  Jan.  14,  1898,  Nathaniel 

Fellows  Moulton. 
ii.    Emma  Etta,  b.  Deo.  80, 1861,  dressmaker,  res.  Plymouth. 

S.  Perlet  Avery,  son  of  Orrin  and  grandson  of  Samuel^,  m. 
Jan.  1, 1884,  Lura  May  Sherbum,  dau.  of  Samuel  (see).  He  d.  1895, 
She  m.  second,  Charles  ClifTord  (see). 


1.  Jasper  E.  Avery,  son  of  Andrew  Avery,  b.  Ellsworth,  m. 
Mary  R  Willey,  of  Groton.  He  removed  to  Plymouth,  1873,  and 
lived  here  about  fifteen  years.    He  now  lives  at  the  Weirs. 

i.    Roland  A.,  m.  Rosa  J.  Dow  :  (1)  Mabel  L.,  b.  Oct.  8, 1877 ;  (2) 

Lillian  S.,  b.  Jan.  81,  1885. 
ii.    Farlbt  6.,  b.  1860.     m.  Oct.  8,  1878,  Ida  M.  Penrier,  dau.  of 

Andrew  Jackson  Perrier  (see).    She  d.  Jan.  7,  1890.    He  m. 

second,  Jan.  12, 1891,  Emily  A.  Ames,  b.  1804,  dau.  of  David  W. 

Ames.    Res.  at  the  Weirs, 
iii.    Alma,  b.  1862.    m.  John  Yeaton  (see), 
iy.    Rosa,  b. 

y.    Lillian,  b.  1870.    d.  April  28, 1888. 
Ti.    Caleb  J.,  b.  In  Plymouth,  Sept.  8, 1874.    Res.  at  Weirs. 
tU.    Tildbn  Hbndricks,  b.  1876.    Lives  Laconia. 


Chables  James  Ater,  son  of  John  Lyman,  b.  Haverhill,  Nov.  24, 
1868.    m.  Sept  23, 1888,  Lillian  Estelle  Cawley,  b.  Haverhill,  Jan.  2, 


1858,  dan.  of  Cbase  Sanborn  and  Mary  (Morse)  Cawley.  He  removed 
from  Haverhill  to  Plymouth,  1897,  and  is  actively  engaged  in  the  in- 
surance business,  fire,  life  and  accident  He  was  elected  a  county 
commissioner,  1900,  and  re-elected  1902. 

1.  Lkslis  Cabuslb,  b.  Haverfaill,  Sept  14, 1889.    d.  Not.  18, 1890. 

ii.  Doris  Lyslb,  b.  Haverhill,  Dec.  25, 1890. 

iii.  PsBOT  MoRSB,  b.  Haverhill,  Nov.  2, 1892. 

iv.  Max  Ellsworth,  b.  Haverhill,  Feb.  15, 1896.    d.  Jan.  11, 1897. 

V.  Roland  Chasb,  b.  Plymouth,  June  21, 1899.    d.  Feb.  10, 1901. 

vi.  Shirlbt,  b.  Plymouth,  April  9, 1901. 


1.  James  Batlby,  b.  about  1612,  came  from  England  and  settled 
in  Rowley  about  1640,  where  he  d.  August  9,  1677.  He  was  a 
brother  of  Bichard  Bayley*  (see).  His  wife  Lydia  survived  him 
and  d.  April  29,  1704    Eight  children. 

2.  John  Baylby,  son  of  James  ^  b.  Eowley,  Feb.  2,  1642.  m. 
June  16,  1668,  Mary  Mighill,  b.  May  1,  1649,  dau.  of  Thomas  and 
Ann  (Parrot)  Mighill,  of  Eowley.  He  was  a  soldier  in  the  ill-fated 
expedition  commanded  by  Sir  William  Phipps,  1690,  and  died  while 
returning  from  Canada,  Nov.  19, 1690.    Nine  children. 

3.  Thomas  Bayley,  son  of  John^  b.  Oct  7,  1677.  m.  Dec.  8> 
1700,  Eunice  Walker,  dau.  of  and  Elizabeth  (Woodbury) 
Walker,  and  grand-dau.  of  Humphrey  and  Elizabeth  Woodbury.  He 
settled  in  Bradford  and  removed  to  Haverhill,  where  he  d.  Dec  23, 

4.  Humphrey  Baylky,  son  of  Thomas  •,  b.  May  26, 1719,  resided 
in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  and  after  1776  in  Hopkinton.  He  m.  Hannah 
Bust,  of  Methuen,  Mass.    He  d.  about  1801. 

5.  Solomon  Baylby,  son  of  Humphrey*,  b.  Feb.  11,  1755.  m. 
August  10,  1779,  Miriam  Snow,  dau.  of  Henry  Snow  (see).  He 
removed  with  the  family  to  Hopkinton,  1776,  and  came  to  Ply- 
mouth, 1789.  He  was  an  early  settler  on  the  Chamberlain  farm,  near 
Pike  hilL  He  served  four  enlistments  in  the  Bevolution  and  was  a 
pensioner.  (See  his  statement  of  service  in  Vol.  I.)  He  lived  in 
Plymouth  forty-five  years,  and  here  died  1835.  He  .had  eight  or 
more  children. 

i.    Phinbas,  b.  ,  removed  to  Compton,  P.  Q.,  1806.    He 

visited  Piymoaih  two  years  later,  and  here  m.  in  Feb.,  180di 
Martha  Simonds. ' 


6.  ii.    Hbnrt,  b. 

7.  iii.    Bbnjam iir,  b.  1787. 

IT.     GoRDBLiA,  b.  .    m.  John  Adams  (see). 

T.    RoxANNAy  b.  .    m.  James  Stearns  (see). 

Ti.    RoBiLLAy  b.  .    m.  1820,  Walker  Buswell.    He  lived  in  Ply- 

month  from  1815  to  1822,  when  he  removed  to  Compton,  P.  Q* 
(1)  Eveline  Frances,  b.  Sept  6, 1821. 
vii.    Mart  Holm  an,  b.  .    m.  Nov.  80, 1815,  Lieut.  Joseph  Hall, 

of  Rnmney. 
viii.    Pamblia,  b.  1789,  unm.    She  was  living  in  Plymonth,  1850. 

6.  Henry  Baylby,  son  of  Solomon  ^  m.  in  Plymouth,  Nov.  23, 
1809,  BeUiia  Harriman,  dau.  of  Thomas  Harriman  (see).  He  m. 
second,  Nancy  Barnard,  of  Sanbomton.  He  lived  in  Plymouth  and 
in  Oompton,  P.  Q.,  making  several  removals.  He  was  in  Plymouth 
from  childhood  to  1815 ;  from  1820  to  1822 ;  from  1839  until  his 
death.  He  d.  1852.  Four  children  by  first  and  one  by  second 
marriage.    Possibly  others. 

i.  Martha,  b.  Jan.  8, 1811.    m.  Asa  Mirick,  of  Boston,  Mass. 

ii.  SoTx>MON,  b.  Dec.  26, 1814.    d.  Oct  12, 1815. 

iii.  Amanda,  b.  July  4, 1817.    d.  April  10, 1821. 

iy.  Benjamin,  b.  July  18, 1820. 

y.  Infant,    d.  young. 

7.  Benjamin  Baylby,  son  of  Solomon*,  b.  1787.  m.  Ruth  East- 
man, b.  Jan.  7, 1789,  dau.  of  Nathaniel  and  Buth  (Bradley)  Eastman, 
of  Concord.  He  owned  and  occupied  the  deoige  Adams  farm  in  the 
Draper  neighborhood.  He  was  a  thrifty  farmer.  He  d.  Oct  20, 
1858.    She  d.  Jan.  17, 1869.    Three  chUdren. 

i.    Mart  Jane,  b.  Jan.  15,  1818.    d.  unm.  in  Plymouth,  August  20, 

U.    PuRDR  B.,  b.  March  28,  1815.    m.  Charles  Currier  Flanders.    He 

was  a  jeweler  and  silversmith  in  Concord,  where  he  d.  July  4, 

1881 ;  she  d.  April  8,  1887.    Five  children:  (1)  Ruth  Ellen,  m. 

Nathan  Carter;  (2)  Emily  Jane,  d.  young;  (8)  Charles  B.,  b. 

1846,  m.  Rose  J.  Wooster;  (4)  Sarah  Jane,  b.  Oct  21,  1847,  m. 

Hon.  Gardner  B.  Emmons,  of  Concord;  (5)  George  Henry,  b.  Feb. 

7, 1864. 

8.  iii.    Tim OTHT  Eastman,  b.  Feb.  18, 1829. 

8.  Timothy  Eastman  Bayley,  son  of  Benjamin  7,  b.  Feb.  18, 
1829.  m.  July  3,  1855,  Susan  G.  Cochran,  dau.  of  Robert  Cochran 
(see).    He  was  a  seigeant,  Co.  H,  14th  N.  H.  Infantry.    Later  he  was 

TOL.  I.  —  2 


a  carpenter  in  Plymouth,  residing  on  Bayley  Avenue.  He  was  chief 
of  police,  many  years  a  messenger  of  the  court,  and  first  truant-officer 
of  Plymouth.    He  d.  Feb.  18, 1900.    Six  chUdren. 

i.    Mary  Ank,  b.  April  23, 1857.    m.  Parley  M.  Johnsou  (see), 
ii.    Gborqs  Coohran,  b.  Jan.  17,  1859.    id.  Jan.  81,  1899,  Florence 

Thomas.    He  is  a  merchant  in  Tilton.    (1)  Catherine  Susan,  b. 

Sept  28, 1899. 
iii.    EuzABBTH  A.,  b.  Jan.  19,  1861.    m.  Not.  80,  1885,  William  J. 

Randolph  (see), 
iy.    Charlbs  Flanders,  b.  Nov.  14, 1866.    m.  Jan.  10, 1808,  Lara  M. 

Homans,  b.  June  2, 1807,  dau.  of  Arthur  L.  and  Mary  M.  (Savage) 

Homaus  (see) ;  res.  in  Plymouth.    (1)  Arthur  Timothy,  b.  Oct  1, 

1894;  (2)  Dorothy,  b.  August  2,  1897;  (8)  Robert  Cochran,  b. 

Feb.  2, 1899. 
y.    WuxiAM  Coohran,  t?rin,  b.  Nov.  14, 1866,  grocer  and  marketman 

in  Plymouth, 
yi.    Hbrbbrt  Eastman,  b.  Nov.  10, 1868.    m.  Blanche  Avery,  dau.  of 

Frank  and  Addie  M.  (Batchelder)  Avery,  of  Campton.    He  lives 

in  Plymouth.    (1)  Gladys  Susan,  b.  July  5, 1899;  (2) 
b.  Jan.  9,  1904. 

9.  RiOHABD  Baylet,  a  brother  of  James  \  came  to  America  soon 
after  1630.  It  is  stated  by  Joshna  Coffin  that  he  was  the  Richard 
Bayley  who  came  in  the  ship  "  Bevis/  in  April,  1638.  It  is  claimed 
that  he  set  up  the  first  cloth  mill  in  this  country.  His  wife  was 
Ednah  Halstead.  He  lived  in  Rowley,  where  he  d.  Feb.  16,  1647/8. 
His  widow  m.  second,  1649,  Ezekiel  Northend,  of  Rowley.  One 

lOi  Joseph  Bayley,  son  of  Richard  ^  b.  about  1640,  settled  in  the 
part  of  Bradford  now  Groveland.  He  was  an  original  member  of 
the  church  in  Bradford,  and  foremost  in  civil  affairs.  He  d.  Oct  11, 
1712.  He  m.  Abigail  Trumball,  who  d.  Nov.  17,  1735.  Eight 
children  b.  in  Bradford,  Mass. 

11.  RiCHABD  Bayley,  son  of  Joseph^®,  b.  Sept.  30, 1675.  m.  Feb. 
21,  1706,  Joanna  Webster,  b.  August  26,  1682,  dau.  of  Nathan 
Webster,  of  Bradford.  A  man  of  activity  and  usefulness.  He  was 
a  selectman  twenty-five  or  more  years  and  a  deacon.  He  d.  in  Brad- 
ford, Nov.  19, 1748.    She  d.  Sept  16, 1757. 

12.  RiCHABD  Bayley,  son  of  Richard  ^<>,  b.  May  9,  1717.  m. 
August  18,  1741,  Rachel  Page,  dau.  of  Lewis  Page,  of  Haverhill. 
He  lived  in  Haverhill,  Mass^,  until  1807,  when  he  removed  to 
Hopkinton,  N.  H.,  where  he  d.  about  1815.    Eight  children. 


13.  BiciiABD  Baylby,  8011  of  Richard^,  b.  July  15,  1746.  m. 
July  13,  1769,  Mebitable  Emerson,  b.  1751,  dau.  of  Joseph  Emerson, 
of  Haverhill,  Mass.  He  was  a  lieutenant  in  the  Eevolution,  serving 
in  Massachusetts  raiments.  They  resided  in  Haverhill  a  few  years, 
and  removed  to  Plymouth  in  the  spring  of  1777.  He  was  a  farmer 
and  a  carpenter ;  a  selectman,  1781  and  1793.  In  the  records  he  is 
styled  Lieut  Bichard  Bayley.  In  1806  he  removed  to  Berlin,  Yt., 
where  he  d.  June  14, 1829.  She  d.  April  27, 1811.  Four  children  b. 
Haverhill,  Mass.,  six  b.  Plymouth. 

i.  JosBPH,  b.  April  18,  1770,  was  taxed  until  1709.  He  m.  Jan.  18, 
1808,  Sally  Davis,  dan.  of  William  Davis,  and  settled  in  Haveiv 
hill,  Mass.    He  d.  Oct  2, 1842;  she  d.  Feb.  8, 1848. 

ii.  Richard,  b.  March  27, 1772.  m.  in  Plymouth,  Jan.  6, 1707,  Lydia 
Reed,  dan.  of  Joseph  Reed  (see).  He  removed  from  Plymouth  to 
Berlin,  Yt.,  1700,  where  he  d.  Feb.  8, 1844.    He  was  a  hatter. 

ill.  Samukl,  b.  August  28, 1774.  m.  Deo.  8,  1708,  Miriam  Emery.  He 
was  a  hatter,  and  followed  his  vocation  in  Moultonboro',  Haver- 
hill, and  other  places.  He  was  last  heard  from,  1801.  She  d. 
August  8, 1843.    Two  children. 

iv.    Mruitadlk,  b.  Sept.  26, 1776.    m.  John  Hull  (see). 

V.  Mart,  b.  June  6,  1778.  d.  1806,  while  the  family  was  removing 
from  Plymouth  to  Berlin,  Vt 

vi.    LucRETiA,  b.  .    d.  young. 

vii.    Simon,  b.  .    ro.  Selina  Ramsey,  dau.  of  James  Ramsey, 

of  Rumney;  lived  in  Rumney,  and  later  was  an  innholder  in 
Boston.    Six  children, 
viii.    LucRBTiA,  b.  Oct.  12,  1786.    m.  1807,  Elijah  Wetherell,  of  Mont- 
pelier,  Vt. 

ix.  Moses,  b.  Jan.  24,  1788.  m.  Sept.  8,  1811,  Lovey  Shnrtleff,  of 
Berlin,  Yt,  where  they  resided. 

X.  Jeremiah,  b.  March,  1702  ;  drowned  in  Plymouth  by  falling  into  a 
spring  of  water  near  the  homestead  in  the  autumn  of  1708. 

14.  Jonathan  Baylby,  son  of  Dea.  Richard"  and  Joanna  (Webster) 
Bayley,  b.  Bradford,  Mass.,  Dec.  9, 1706.  m.  Sept  25, 1733,  Eebecca 
Hardy.    Lived  in  Bradford. 

15.  Benjamin  Baylby,  son  of  Jonathan^^  b.  Bradford,  Mass.,  July 
31, 1746,  m.  1771,  Olive  Bradstreet.  He  was  a  soldier  in  the  Bevo- 
lution,  and  a  pensioner. 

16.  John  Bailey,  son  of  Benjamin  ^^  b.  Oct  15, 1787,  m.  Feb.  6, 
1810,  Sally  Newton  Going,  dau.  of  Ezekiel  and  Lucy  (Douglass)  Going, 
of  Brooldine,  N.  H.  He  lived  several  years  in  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  and  d. 
in  Fitchburg,  Mass.,  1837.    His  widow  d.  Southbridge,  Mass.,  1845. 


17.  George  Eli  Bailey,  son  of  John^,  b.  Lunenbuig,  Mass.,  July 
16, 1826.  m.  Lowell,  Mass.,  July  23,  1861,  Elizabeth  Littleiield,  b. 
Feb.  4, 1829,  dau.  of  Nahum  and  Buth  (Ela)  Littleiield.  He  served 
three  years  in  26th  Mass.  Infantry,  and  endured  unusual  hardship. 
He  was  employed,  second  hand,  in  a  Lowell  corporation  several  years, 
removing,  1883,  to  Plymouth,  and  is  a  farmer  on  Mayhew  turnpike. 


1.  Bey.  Calyin  Fairheld  Bailey,  son  of  Calvin  and  Deborah 
(Fitch)  Bailey,  b.  Thetford,  Vt,  Jan.  27, 1821.  m.  Oct.  25,  1843, 
Lucretia  Ann  Marston,  dau.  of  Oliver  Lyford  Marston  (see).  He  was 
a  teacher  a  short  time  in  Plymouth,  and  early  entered  the  ministry  of 
the  Methodist  Episcopal  Church,  and  has  preached  in  Warner,  Chi- 
chester, Hanover,  Mass.,  and  East  Haverhill  and  Thornton.  He  was 
retired  and  lived  in  Bumney,  where  he  d.  May  15, 1903.  Mrs.  Bailey 
d.  April  6, 1886.    Five  children. 

i.    William  Lyfobd,  b.  August  8,  1844.    9th  Vt.  Infantry,    d.  in 

the  servioe  Augost  19,  1802. 
ii.    Eliza  Ann,  b.  May  2, 1846.    d.  Jane  16, 1846. 
iii.  'Ella  Adblia,  b.  Sept.  11,  1848.     m.  August  8,  1877,  Edward 

0*Colby,  of  Whitefield. 
iv.    Charlks  Osmond,  b.  August  25,  1852.    m.  Delia  L.  Finn.    Res. 

several  years  in  New  York. 
V.    Alfred  Frank,  b.  Sept.  24,  1855.    m.  and  res.,  a  dealer  in  real 

estate,  in  Denver,  CoL 


1.  John  Ba.ilky,  b.  Brattleboro,  Vt,  Oct  28, 1802,  son  of  Samuel 
and  Mary  (Tenney)  Bailey.  Attended  lectures  at  Castleton,  Yt, 
Medical  Collie,  and  at  Dartmouth,  where  he  graduated,  1827.  The 
same  year  he  came  to  Plymouth,  and  practised  his  profession  in  this 
town  eight  years.  He  was  associated  in  business  with  Dr.  Bobbins, 
and  he  remained  here  two  years  after  the  death  of  Dr.  Ilobbins.  He 
practised  subsequently  about  two  years  in  Brattleboro,  Yt,  and  in 
Springfield,  Mass.  On  account  of  a  serious  pulmonary  complaint,  he 
removed,  1837,  to  Georgia,  and  d.  at  Macon,  Ga.,  Oct  19, 1841.  He 
m.  in  Plymouth,  July  11, 1830,  Jane  Bobbins,  dau.  of  Dr.  Jonathan 
Bobbins  (see). 

i.    Minnie,  b.  April  6, 1888.    m.  C.  H.  demons ;  res.  Aurora,  HI. 
ii.    John,  b.  August  4, 1842 ;  res.  Mansfield,  Mass. 



L  George  W.  Bailey  was  reared  in  Bridgewater.  He  was  a  car- 
penter, and  removed  from  Boston,  Mass.,  to  Plymouth,  1855.  He  was 
employed  at  his  trade  and  lived  in  Plymouth  until  his  death.  It  is 
probable  that  he  was  descended  from  some  of  the  ancestors  named  in 
these  registers.  He  d.  Sept.  7,  1880.  His  wife,  Agnes  S.  Bailey, 
d.  Dec.  6, 1881.  A  child,  George  Eddie,  d.  Nov.  26, 1857  (Trinity 
Cemetery).    Perhaps  he  had  children  not  named  below. 

i.  EuoRNB  S.,  b.  1845.  m.  1868,  Laura  A.  Clifford,  dan.  of  Chase  F. 
Clifford  (see).  He  removed,  1884,  to  California,  where  he  d. 
a  few  years  later. 


1.  Frederick  W.  Ballou,  son  of  John  W.  and  Thirza  (Evans), 
grandson  of  Oliver  and  Mary  (Simonds)  Ballou,  b.  Bristol,  Jan.  21, 
1835.  m.  Mary  Ann  (Huntoon)  Holmes,  b.  Lempster,  May  16, 1836, 
dau.  of  David  and  Lucy  Ann  (Baker)  Huntoon,  and  widow  of  Silas 
Holmes.  He  was  a  jeweler  in  Bristol,  1868-1874 ;  in  Plymouth, 
1875-1883 ;  and  subsequently  in  Salisbury.  Both  d.  1892.  No  chil- 
dren.   He  was  a  musician  and  lieutenant^  16th  N.  H.  Infantry. 


1.  Addison  Perlby  Barker,  son  of  Cyrus  Barker,  b.  about  1825 ; 
res.  at  Island  Falls,  Ma,  where  he  was  killed  by  a  falling  tree  about 
1858.  His  widow  res.  in  Manchester  many  years,  d.  there  May  12, 
1903.     Three  children. 

i.    Mart  Emma,  b.  aboat  1852.    m.  Lather  Rogers,  of  Patten,  Me. 

iL  Cn ARLP.8  Eaton,  b.  Feb.  6,  1854.  m.  Oct.  27, 1875,  Emily  Lois 
Moulton,  b.  Warren,  Feb.  5,  1852.  He  is  a  carpenter,  and  has 
reB.  in  Plymoutli  since  1886.  One  son.  (1)  Edson  Moulton,  b. 
Campton,  May  20,  1876;  grad.  of  Plymouth  High  School,  1803, 
and  Holderness  School  for  Boys.  Dartmonth  College,  1000. 
iii.  Addison  Pbrlet,  b.  August  12, 1857.  A  farmer  and  carpenter  of 
Plymouth  since  1807.  m.  Dec.  81, 1884,  Minnie  Emma  Young, 
b.  Lowell,  Mass.,  dau.  of  Lewis  A.  Young.  Two  children :  (1) 
Fred  Archer,  b.  Campton,  Jan.  28, 1886;  (2)  David  Addison,  b. 
Campton,  June  15,  1888 ;  d.  Plymouth,  Feb.  7, 1800. 


1.  Thomas  Barnard,  b.  England,  1612,  with  wife  Eleanor  settled 
in  Salisbury,  Mass.,  1640,  and  later  lived  in  Amesbury,  Mass.  He 
was  killed  by  the  Indians  previous  to  August^  1677.    His  widow  m. 


second,  July  19, 1681,  George  Little,  of  Newbury,  Mass.    She  d.  Nov. 
27, 1694. 

2.  Thomas  Barnabd,  son  of  Thomas  ^  b.  May  10, 1641.  ni.  Samh 
Peasley.  He  sold,  1707,  the  site  of  the  Quaker  meeting-house.  He 
d.  1715.  Administration  on  his  estate,  Dec.  5, 1715.  Descendants  of 
his  sons  Thomas  and  Tristram  have  lived  in  Plymouth. 

3.  Thomas  Barnard,  son  of  Thomas  ^  b.  Amesbury.  m.  Eliza- 
beth   .    He  lived  in  Amesbury,  where  he  d.  Dec.  21,  1723. 

His  wife  survived  him. 

4.  Joseph  Barnard,  son  of  Thomas  ^  b.  Amesbury,  Dec.  20, 
1706,  with  wife  Elizabeth  lived  in  Amesbury,  where  their  eight  chil- 
dren were  bom. 

i.  Sarah,  b.  May  23,  1742.    d.  youDg. 

ii.  DoBOTHT,  b.  Feb.  2, 1748/4.    d.  young. 

iiL  Isaac,  b.  Nov.  18, 1745. 

iv.  Sarah,  b.  August  2,  1752. 

V.  EuzABBTH,  b.  August  81, 1754.    m.  Stephen  Bartlett  (see), 

vi.  Jacob,  b.  March  7, 1757. 

5.  vii.  CuRRiBR,  b.  July  7,  1760. 
viii.  DoROTHT,  b.  Oct  S,  1762. 

6.  CuRRiBR  BARNA.RD,  SOU  of  Joseph  ^  b.  Amesbury,  Mass.,  July 
7, 1760 ;  was  a  soldier  in  the  llevolution  from  Amesbury,  serving 
three  enlistments.  He  m.  in  South  Hampton,  Sept.  30,  1779,  Tamzin 
Jones.  In  the  record  of  intentions  of  marriage  he  was  of  Amesbury 
and  she  of  South  Hampton.  He  removed  to  Plymouth,  1784,  and  was 
here  taxed  until  1823.  According  to  the  headstone,  he  d.  1822.  His 
widow,  Tamzin,  d.  1846.  They  lived  on  a  farm  adjoining  the  old  Town 
Farm.    The  order  of  age  of  seven  children  in  all  cases  is  not  known. 

6.    i    Jacob,  b.  about  1781. 

ii.    Daniel,  m.  March  81, 1812,  Polly  Childs.    lie  removed,  1815,  to 

ill.  Isaac,  m.  Dolly  Greenough,  dau.  of  William  (see),  and  lived  in 
Bridgewater.  She  (Dolly)  d.,  leaving  four  children.  He  m. 
second,  1824,  Hannah  Bartlett.  He  d.  1820.  (1)  James  deceased 
in  1860;  (2)  Alfred  lived  in  Wrentham,  Mass.;  (8)  John  R.  re- 
moved to  Dlinois ;  (4)  Sarah  Grace, 
iv.  Dorothy,  m.  March  81, 1828,  William  Pierce,  son  of  Nathan  Pierce, 
of  Hebron.  She  d.  1842.  Five  children:  (1)  David,  removed  to 
Stoueham,  Mass.;  (2)  William,  removed  to  Stoneham,  Mass. ;  (3) 
Nancy;  (4)  Eluabeth,  m.  Otis  K.  Corliss;  (5)  Mary. 

V.    Elizabbth,  b.  •    m. Sanborn.     She  d.  in  Plymoath, 

April  25, 1860. 


yi.    Mart,  b.  1802.    unm.    She  lived  with  her  brother  George  W.    She 

d.  May  15, 1860. 
Tii.    Georob  Washimotok.  b.  1805.     unm.     Lived  on  the  paternal 

homestead.    He  d.  1858. 

6.  Jacob  Barnard,  son  of  Currier  ^  b.  about  1781.  m.  Nov.  28, 
1805,  Nancy  Mitchell,  of  Bridgewater.  He  was  a  farmer  in  Ply- 
mouth until  1808,  when  he  removed  to  Bridgewater.  He  owned  the 
Crawford  Farm  in  Bridgewater,  and  was  a  respected  citizen.  He  d. 
March  1,  1859. 

7.    L    Jacob,  b.  Plymouth,  Dec.  4, 1806.    m.  Mary  II.  Payne. 

ii.    Currier,  b.  Bridgewater,  June  11, 1809.    d.  Charleston,  Nov.  5, 1850. 
ill.    Joseph,  b.  August  1, 1811.    d.  1816. 
iv.    Nanct,  b.  August  21, 1816. 

V.    Ltdia,  b.  August  21, 1816,  twin.    m.  George  Palmer,  of  Campton. 
8.  vi.     Charles  M.,  b.  Dec.  3, 1818.    m.  Arvilla  G.  Fletcher, 
vii.    Elizabeth,  b.  Feb.  11,  1821.    m.   Walter  Cummings,  b.  Bridge- 
water,  Jan.  14,  1806,  son  of  Andrew  and  Hannah  (Crawford) 
Cummings.     She  d.  August  26, 1870. 

7.  Jacob  Barnard,  son  of  Jacob*,  b.  Dea  4, 1806.  m.  Mary  H. 
Payne,  who  d.  1871.  He  lived  in  Bridgewater,  where  he  d.  1874. 
Two  children. 

i.    Dorothy,  b.  March  25, 1831.     m.  Oct  12, 1857,  James  Sargent,  of 

Bridgewater.  She  d.  Jan.  22, 1867. 
ii  Andrew  Jackson  Currier,  b.  August  17, 1883.  m.  Nov.  80, 1854, 
Laura  H.  Doton,  dau.  of  Seth  Doton  (see).  He  settled  in  Ply- 
mouth. He  was  a  carpenter  and  a  merchant,  and  for  some  years 
connected  with  the  glove  industry.  He  d.  Jan.  28, 1885.  She 
continues  a  residence  in  Plymouth.  Two  children:  (1)  Calista 
Emily,  b.  July  25,  1855,  d.  Sept.  14,  1855  ;  (2)  Rose  B^  b.  Sept. 
17, 1863.    Grad.  New  Hampton  Institute.    Res.  Plymouth. 

8.  Charles  M.  Barnard,  son  of  Jacob  •,  b.  Dec  3, 1818.  m.  Feb. 
1, 1844,  Arvilla  G.  Fletcher,  dau.  of  Dea.  Nathan  Fletcher,  m.  second, 
1849,  Melissa  M.  Johnson.  He  was  a  carpenter  in  Bridgewater, 
where  he  d.  Oct  10, 1890.  Siie  d.  April  13,  1880.  Five  children 
b.  Bridgewater. 

i.  Frank  J.,  b.  April  1,  1850.  m.  1876,  Hattie  A.  Keef.  m.  second, 
Jan.  18, 1897,  Alice  Teed.  He  is  head  of  the  firm  F.  J.  Barnard 
&  Co.,  bookbinders,  Boston,  Mass.,  the  largest  establishment  of 
its  kind  in  New  England.  Res.  £verett,  Mass.  Three  chil- 
dren: (1)  Frank  M.,  b.  Jan.  29,  1878;  (2)  Charles  E.,  b. 
March  19, 1879,  d.  1888;  (8)  George  L.,  b.  Sept  6, 1899. 


ii.    Hbnriktta  J.,  b.  May  19. 1858.    m.  Orrin  W.  Fletcher  (see), 
iii.    Aryilla  Flbtorbr,  b.  Jane  24, 1855.    m.  John  H.  Webster  (aee). 
iy.    Cbarlbs  L.,b.  March  12,  1860.   m.  April  26, 1884,  Anna  £.  Kidder 

(see).    He  is  a  prosperous  farmer  in  Northfield.    flight  children : 

(1)  Ralph,  b.  Jane  6, 1885  ;  (2)  Karl  £.,  b.  March  15, 1888 ;   (8) 

Bennie  L.,  b.  April  18, 1889,  d.  Deo.  12, 1892 ;  (4)  Bessie  M.,  b. 

May  27, 1892,  d.  Dec  18, 1892  ;  (5)  Arthar  C,  b.  Nov.  11, 1898 ; 

(6)  Rath  W.,  b.  Oct  20,  1896;   (7)  Barton,  b.  Not.  17, 1897; 

(8)  HildrethM.,  b.  Feb.  4, 1901. 
y.    Abbik  Louisa,  b.  Dec.  19, 1801.    ro.  Noy.  5, 1884,  Henry  F.  Pills- 

bory,  of  Bridgewater.    Res.  Manchester. 

9.  Tristram  Barnard,  son  of  Thomas  ^  b.  Amesbury,  Mass.,  about 
1680.  m.  Buth  Martin.  He  lived  in  Amesbury,  where  he  d.  about 

10.  Tristram  Barnard,  son  of  Tristram*,  b.  May  30, 1721.  m. 
Dec.  14, 1743,  Dorothy  Currier.    He  removed,  1792,  to  Weare. 

11.  Edmund  Barnard,  son  of  Tristram  ^^  b.  June  16, 1782.  m. 
Nov.  22,  1781,  Sarah  Brown.  He  removed  to  Weare,  1792.  Ten 

12.  Beubbn  Barnard,  son  of  Edmund '^  b.  June  16,  1782.  m. 
Hnldah  Eaton,  dau.  of  Samuel  Eaton.  He  removed  from  Weare  to 
Dunbarton.    Five  children. 

18.  Hbzbkiah  Barnard,  son  of  Reuben  ^,  b.  1818.  m.  Eliza  A. 
Bunton.    He  removed  from  Dunbarton  to  Hebron. 

14.  Wesley  G.  Barnard,  son  of  Hezekiah  '*,  b.  Dunbarton,  Feb. 
22,  1859.  m.  June  15,  1885,  Emeline  F.  Sanborn,  b.  August  30, 
1866,  dau.  of  John  Sanborn  (see).  He  was  a  provision  dealer  a  few 
years  in  Hebron,  removing  to  Plymouth,  1896.  He  is  a  farmer,  occu- 
pying the  Perley  Pike  farm. 

i.    John  ClbavSi  b.  April  24, 18S6. 
ii.    Ghablbb  Oliver,  b.  August  80,  1800. 

15.  Jacob  Barnard  came  to  Plymouth,  1779,  and  here  d.  1781  or 


1.  James  Barnes,  a  young  man,  probably  from  one  of  the  other 
towns  near  Dunstable,  came  to  Plymouth  about  1768.  He  m.  in 
Plymouth,  July  19, 1769,  Submit  Marsh,  b.  Hudson,  March  2, 1748/9, 
dau.  of  James  Marsh,  deceased,  and  a  niec«  of  Onesiphorus  Marsh,  of 
Plymouth.    James  Barnes  served  in  Capt  Edward  Everett's  com- 


pany,  CoL  Bedel's  r^inent^  from  March  to  Dec,  1776,  and  enlisted  into 
the  Continental  service  for  the  war,  in  March,  1777.  He  served  in 
CoL  Scammell's  regiment^  and  died  in  the  army  about  the  banning 
of  the  year  1782.  While  in  the  service  his  family  received  the 
fatherly  care  of  the  town.  The  widow  m.  second,  1806,  Joseph  Avery, 
of  Thornton.    Five  children  b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.    Elizabeth,  b.  April  28, 1770. 

ii.    jAMRSy  b.  Jan.  9,  1772.    d.  Oct  25,  1778.    This  child  was  lost 

(See  History  of  Coos  by  Rev.  Grant  Powers.) 
Hi.    Mart,  b.  Nov.  14, 1778. 
iv.    William,  b.  Feb.  26, 1775.    d.  Oct  17, 1778. 
V.    John,  b.  Sept  10,  1777.    m.  April  80, 1801,  Ruth  Cross.    He  was 

not  taxed  after  1808. 


1.  Hamilton  Alexander  Barrett,  son  of  Luther,  b.  Yershire,  Yt, 
Sept  29, 1816.  m.  Nov.  23, 1842,  Laaia  Fellows  Shute,  dau.  of  Isaao 
Shute  (see).  He  lived  in  Plymouth  from  1871  to  1886,  owning  land 
in  Plymouth  and  Itumuey.  He  d.  at  the  home  of  his  dau.,  Mrs.  Lufkin, 
Deo.  26, 1898.    She  d.  Dea  8, 1892.    Four  children. 

i.    John  Gould,  b.  Rumney,  April  25,  1845,  a  fanner  in  Haverhill, 

where  he  d.  1900. 
ii.    Justin  Spaldinq,  b.  1847,  has  lived  in  Boston,  Mass.,  and  in 

ill.  Mart  Janb,  b.  Jane  7,  1840.  m.  Jane  8, 1872,  Frederick  Sterens 
Mcintosh,  b.  Boston,  Mass.,  Sept  24,  1840,  son  of  Samuel  and 
Martha  A,  (Wilder)  Mcintosh.  He  was  a  dockmaker,  in  Boston, 
remoTing  to  Rumney,  1878.  He  d.  in  Boston,  April  27,  1880, 
being  fatally  injured  in  an  elevator.  She  m.  second,  Hiram  C. 
Lufkin  (see).  They  had  two  daughters.  (1)  Martha  Grace,  b. 
March  22,  1878.  m.  Horace  W.  £astman  (see).  (2)  Florence 
Maria,  b. 
iy.    William  Ellbrt  Chahninq,  b.  Jan.  4,  1852.    d.  April  19, 1874. 


1.  Bbv.  Lorenzo  Dow  Barrows,  D.D.,  son  of  Isaao  and  Hannah 
Carpenter)  Barrows,  b.  Windham,  Vt,  July  1, 1817.  Grad.  Newbury, 
Vt,  Seminary ;  joined  the  New  Hampshire  Oonference,  1836,  and  was 
appointed  to  important  stations,  New  Hampshire  and  elsewhere.  He 
was  an  able  preacher  and  educator.  He  was  presiding  elder  three 
years  and  was  president  of  the  New  Hampshire  Conference  Seminary, 


and  of  Pittsbui^  Female  College ;  D.D.,  Washingtou  College,  1857. 
He  was  appointed  to  Plymouth,  1839  and  1840,  where  his  ministry  was 
memorable.  He  was  an  earnest  advocate  of  temperance,  and  an  able 
promoter  of  the  reforms  of  his  time.  He  m.  June  23, 1839,  Minerva 
E.  Chase,  dau.  of  Abner  and  Mary  (Goss)  Chase,  and  a  sister  of  Rev. 
Charles  H.  Chase  (see).  He  d.  in  Plymouth,  Feb.  18,  1878.  Three 

i.    LuoiA  Miranda,  m.  Rev.  Daniel  C.  Knowlea,  D.D.  (see), 
ii.    Ella  Josephine,  m.  Bey.  J.  K.  Shiffer. 
iii.    Mart  Minerva. 


1.  BiCHARD  Babtlett,  emigrant  ancestor,  b.  England,  about  1575, 
with  six  children,  settled  in  Newbury,  Mass.,  before  1637.  He  d. 
May  25,  1647.  The  family  Bible  containing  a  record  of  the  birth 
of  six  children  is  in  the  possession  of  Rev.  William  A.  Bartlett, 
son  of  Bev.  Samuel  C.  Bartlett,  D.D.,  late  president  of  Dartmouth 

2.  Richard  Babtlbtt,  son  of  Richard  \  b.  England,  Oct  31, 
1621 ;  with  wife  Abigail,  lived  in  Newbury.  He  was  an  intelligent 
citizen,  and  several  years  a  deputy  to  the  general  court  He  d.  1698. 
She  d.  March  8, 1686/7.    Seven  children. 

3.  Richard,  son  of  Richard  ^  b.  Feb.  21,  1648/9.  m.  Nov.  18, 
1673,  Hannah  Emery,  b.  April  26,  1654,  dau.  of  John  and  Mary 
(Webster)  Emery.  He  was  a  cordwainer  and  currier,  of  Newbury. 
He  d.  April  17, 1724.  She  d.  May  1,  1705.  Twelve  children.  His 
son,  Dea.  Stephen  Bartlett,  was  the  father  of  Gov.  Josiah  Bartlett^  of 
New  Hampshire. 

4.  Thomas  Babtlbtt,  son  of  Richard^,  b.  July  14,  1695,  was  a 
cordwainer  and  lived  in  Newbury.  He  m.  Nov.  18, 1718,  Hannah 
Moody,  of  Newbury.  He  d.  1771.  Twelve  children.  His  dau., 
Judith,  b.  Oct  7, 1726,  m.  Samuel  Cook  (see). 

5.  Edmund  Babtlbtt,  son  of  Thomas*,  b.  March  3,  1723,  was  a 
cordwainer,  living  in  the  part  of  Newbury  now  Newburyport  He 
m.  Oct  3, 1745,  Hannah  Hall,  who  d.  Sept  14, 1753 ;  he  m.  second, 
Oct  2, 1754,  Mary  Moody  Marsh,  b.  March  12,  1725,  dau.  of  David 
and  Mary  (Moody)  Marsh.  He d.  1804  Shed. May  27,1813.  Eight 
children.  William,  a  son  of  the  first  wife,  was  onfi  of  the  founders  of 
Andover  Theological  Seminary. 


6.  David  Bartlett,  son  of  Edmund  *  and  Mary  Moody  (Marsh) 
Bartlett,  b.  Newburyport,  Mass.,  May  24,  1761,  settled  in  Campton. 
He  m.  June  14, 1785,  Joanna  Haselton.  He  was  a  deacon  over  forty 
years.  He  d.  August  31, 1844.  She  d.  Oct  1, 1825.  They  had  six 

7.  Edmund  Bartlett,  son  of  David*,  b.  March  24, 1786,  m.  June 
8.  1807,  Tamson  Ward,  dau.  of  Enoch  Ward  (see).  She  d.  1831. 
He  m.  second,  Dec.  25,  1832,  Susan  Pierce.  He  d.  1863.  Eight 
children  by  first  and  three  by  second  mariiage, 

i.  William,  b.  August  80, 1808. 

ii.  Bktbky,  b.  March  1),  1811. 

111.  Mauy,  b.  Dec.  14, 1812. 

iT.  Thomas,  b.  Oct.  23, 1814. 

V.  Judith,  b.  Oct.  16, 1816. 

Yi.  Abigail,  b.  August  14, 1818. 

vii.  Enoch,  b.  April,  1821. 

viii.  Fanny,  b.  Dec.  28, 1824. 

ix.  Susan  £.,  b.  Noy.  8, 1834.    d.  June  15, 1835. 

X.  Susan  E.,  b.  April  19, 1830. 

xi.  Ann  N.,  b.  March  23, 1839. 

8.  Dba.  Ebenezer  Bartlett,  son  of  Edmund^  and  Mary  Moody 
(Marsh)  Bartlett,  b.  Newburyport,  Mass.,  June  20, 1767.  He  removed, 
with  his  brother  David,  from  Newburyport,  Mass.,  to  Campton,  1782, 
and  while  he  was  not  an  actual  resident  of  Plymouth,  his  relations 
with  the  people  demand  the  register  of  his  family.  He  was  a  member 
of  the  Plymouth  Congregational  Church,  and  a  deacon  from  1805, 
until  his  death.  He  was  justly  held  in  high  esteem.  For  a  brief  and 
appreciative  sketch,  see  Historical  Discourse  by  Bev.  Henry  A. 
Hazen,  1865.  He  m.  March  16, 1790,  Martha  Bobbins,  dau.  of  Jona- 
than Bobbins  (see).  He  d,  Campton,  Feb.  1, 1882.  She  d.  March 
29, 1838. 

i.     Ebbnkzbr,  b.  Deo.  5, 1790.    d.  July  27, 1864. 
ii.    Martha,  b.  May  28, 1703.    m.  Thomas  Cook  (see), 
iii.     Sarah,  b.  April  20, 1705.    m.  £phraim  Cook  (see). 
It.    Electa,  b.  Feb.  20, 1707.    m.  Edmund  Cook  (see). 
V.    Mart,  Feb.  0, 1709. 

vi.    Eliza,  b.  Feb.  26,  1801.    m.  Jan.  81,  1822,  Ebenezer  Morrison,  b. 
Deo.  7,  1800,  son  of  David  and  Betsey  (Lorejoy)  Morrison.  Res. 
in  Campton  and  Chelsea,  Mass.    She  d.  Jan.  11,  1861.    He  d. 
March  12, 1876.    Four  children. 
Tii.    Ltdia,  b.  Oct  22, 1803.    d.  August  24, 1828. 


viil.    William,  b.  Sept.  22, 1806.    d.  Oct  4, 1806. 
ix.    Judith,  b.  Deo.  7, 1806. 

X.  BiOHARD,  b.  Dec.  80,  1808.  m.  Nov.  28,  1837,  Sarah  Johnson 
Noyes,  dan.  of  Crisp  B.  Noyes  (see).  He  lived  npon  the  home- 
stead of  his  father  in  Campton.  They  had  no  children.  They 
made  a  home  for  Hon.  Henry  W.  Blair  after  the  death  of  his 

9.  John  Baktlett.  son  of  Richard  •  and  Hannah  (Emery)  Bartlett, 
h.  Newbury,  Mass.,  Sept  23, 1678,  was  a  tanner  and  weaver  of  New- 
bury. He  m.  Nov.  18,  1701,  Mary  Ordway.  He  d.  1741.  She  d. 
April  6, 1755. 

10.  John  Bahtubtt.  son  of  John*,  b.  Newbury,  Sept  2,  1711. 
Lived  in  Salisbury,  Mass.,  until  1743,  when  he  removed  to  South 
Hampton.  He  m.  Jan.  17,  1733/4,  Zipporah  Flanders,  b.  March  4, 
1716,  dau.  of  Philip  and  Joanna  (Smith)  Flanders,  of  Kingston 
(see  Flanders  Easter). 

11.  Stbphen  Bartlett,  son  of  John  ^o,  b.  Amesbury.  He  was  a 
farmer,  and  came  to  Plymouth,  1778.  He  m.  Sept  8, 1776,  Elizabeth 
Barnard,  dau.  of  Joseph  Barnard  (see).  She  d.  July  20,  1818.  He 
m.  second,  Feb.—,  1819,  Dorothy  (Bagley)  Thornton,  widow  of 
William  Thornton  (see).  His  farm  was  on  the  hill  road  to  Hebron. 
He  d.  May  23, 1823.    His  widow  d.  Dec.  25, 1849. 

12.  i.    Saroent,  b.  Oct  20, 1777. 

11.  JosspH,  b.  Feb.  19, 1770.  m.  Jan.  7, 1808,  Joanna  Buzzell,  b.  1780. 
She  d.  May  8, 1806.  He  m.  second,  Oct  19,  1806,  Abiah  Cheney, 
b.  June  17, 1786,  dau.  of  Isaac  and  Abiah  Cheney,  of  Hopkinton. 
He  was  a  farmer  and  remoyed,  1808,  to  Groton,  where  he  d.  Jan.  3, 
1868.    His  wife  d.  April  1, 1851. 

iii.    Elizabstu,  b.  Dec.  24, 1780.    m.  Samuel  Dearborn  (soo). 

It.    Sarah,  b.  July  18, 1788.    d.  about  1790. 
18.    T.    Stkphbn,  b.  June  16, 1786. 

▼i.    Danikl,  b.  Deo.  14, 1789.    d.  young. 

vii.  Danibl,  b.  April  5, 1796.  m.  Sept.  11, 1820,  Alice  Blodget,  dau.  of 
Ebenezer  Blodget  (see).  Removed,  1825,  to  Woodstock,  where  he 
d.  August  8, 1845.    She  m.  second         Tourtelotte,  of  Easton. 

la  Sahgent  Bartlett,  son  of  Stephen  •,  b.  Oct.  20,  1777.  m. 
August  19,  1804,  Sarah  Goold,  dau.  of  Benjamin  Goold  (see).  He 
lived  in  Plymouth  through  life.  He  d.  Nov.  17, 1838.  She  d.  Nov. 
20, 1859.     Five  children  b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.     Bbnjamin  Goold,  b.  Nov.  20, 1805.    d.  May  11, 1809. 
ii.    8TKPHSN,  b.  March  1, 1808. 


iii.    Sarah  Ann,  b.  June  24, 1810.    m.  John  S.  Buzzell,  of  HollistoD, 

iv.    Ezra  Wilmarth,  b.  March  10, 1818 ;  remoyed  to  Manchester. 
Y.    Elizabbth,  b.  June  19,  1818.    m.  Feb.  12,  IStTT,  Robert  Codiran. 

13.  Stephen  Bartlbtt,  son  of  Stephen^,  b.  June  16,  1786.  m. 
Dea  6, 1811,  Maiy  Ramsay,  b.  Rumney,  Nov.  18, 1786,  dau.  of  Mat- 
thew Ramsay.  He  was  a  farmer  in  Plymouth,  and  after  1814,  in 
Bridgewater.    He  d.  Jan.  10, 1829.    She  d.  Plymouth,  Jan.  20, 1868. 

i.    Dayid  Ramsat,  b.  Plymouth,  Oct  1, 1812. 

ii.    Sarah  Janb,  b.  Bridgewater,  Jan.  1, 1817.    m.  Alpheos  Carrier,  a 
leather  dealer  of  Haverhill,  Mass. 

11  David  Ramsat  Bartlett,  son  of  Stephen  ^\  b.  Oct  1,  1812. 
m.  June  16,  1844,  Lois  Brown,  b.  Bridgewater,  Dec.  1, 1819,  dau.  of 
Joseph  and  Mary  (Fellows)  Brown.  She  d.  Plymouth,  Sept  2, 1889. 
He  came  to  Plymouth^  the  home  of  his  ancestors,  1838.  He  was  a 
farmer,  living  near  Pike  IlilL  He  d.  Jan.  22, 1900.  Seven  children 
b.  in  Plymoutli. 

i.    Mart  Follows,  b.  May  19,  1845.    m.  Feb.  28,  1879,  George  F. 

Ridlon,  a  merchant  of  Conway. 
ii.    Stephen  Ramsat,  b.  April,  26,  1847.    m.  Lucy  W.  Fletcher,    m. 

second  Nov.  1 1, 1861,  £ffie  Louisa  Fnrbush.   He  was  engaged  in  the 

straw  and  leather-board  business  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  until  he 

recently  retired  from  business  on  account  of  failing  health, 
iii.    Joseph  Albro,  b.  March  27,  1849.    m.  June  16, 1880,  Mary  S.  R. 

Clement,  of  Bridgewater.    He  res.  in  Plymouth,  a  farmer  on  the 

Glynn  Place,  on  Pike  Hill. 
ir.    Elsie  Jamb,  b.  March  24,  1851.    m.    1890,  Charles  Taplin,  of 

Canaan.    She  d.  in  Canaan. 
V.    LuELLA  R.,  b.  Feb.  6, 1858.    m.  Stephen  R.  Gloyer  (see), 
vi.    David  Eastman,  b.  August  19,  1855.    m.  Oct.   2,   1884,  Cora 

Isabelle  Odiome.    He  res.  in  Atkinson, 
vii.    George  Alphbus,  b.  March  6, 1859.    He  res.  in  Lynn,  Mass.    He 

d.  in  Plymouth,  Jan.  12, 1895.    He  was  married. 


1.  Joseph  Bass,  whose  service  in  the  Revolution  is  narrated  in 
Washburn's  "History  of  Leicester,"  m.  Mrs.  Betsey  Hobart,  and  lived 
in  Leicester,  Mass.,  where  he  d.  June  10, 1829,  aged  76.  She  d.  Dec 
22, 1816,  aged  68.    They  had  five  children. 


2.  Waebbn  Bass,  son  of  Joseph^  b.  Leicester,  Mass.  m.  Naomi 
Hall,  b.  Walpole,  dau.  of  Abraham  and  Mary  (Floyd)  Hall,  of  Walpole 
and  Lyman.    He  d.  in  Bath,  1868. 

3.  Van  Ness  Bass,  son  of  Warren*  b.  Lyman,  July  14,  1830. 
m.  March  27, 1857,  Susan  Thompson  Lindsey,  b.  Newbury,  Vt,  1840, 
dau.  of  Justin  and  Amy  (Meservey)  Lindsey.  Mrs.  Lindsey  d.  in 
Plymouth  while  visiting  her  daughter,  Oct  31,  1887.  Mrs.  Bass  d. 
July  25, 1897.  He  learned  the  trade  of  printer  in  Woodstock,  Vt 
He  removed,  1850,  to  Littleton,  and  three  years  later  he  purchased 
the  ^Beporter,**  which  was  continued  by  him  under  the  name  of 
"  White  Mountain  Banner  '•  until  1859.  He  came  to  Plymouth,  1866. 
He  established  here  the  "  Grafton  County  Democrat,"  which  he  con- 
tinued eight  years,  1875-1883.  He  has  been  connected  with  the 
**  Record,'*  has  been  manager  of  the  Plymouth  and  Campton  Telephone 
Co.,  and  for  many  years  he  was  proprietor  of  a  variety  stora  He  was 
town  clerk  of  Littleton,  1861-1863,  and  town  clerk  of  Plymouth,  1880. 
One  adopted  daughter. 

L  Bbllb  Bolton  Lbighton,  b.  1857,  in  Newbury,  Vt.  m.  1884, 
George  Washington  Bowman.  He  is  a  Wagner  oar  conductor; 
res.  in  Kansas  City,  Mo. 


1.  Edward  Carey  Bass,  son  of  Alpheus  and  Sally  (Copeland) 
Bass,  b.  Moretown,  Vt,  Oct.  5,  1836.  University  of  Vermont  1859, 
and  received  from  same  college  the  degree  of  D.D.,  1884.  He  is  a 
Methodist  minister,  and  has  filled  appointments  in  Maine,  New 
Hampshire,  Vermont,  Massachusetts,  and  Bhode  Island.  He  was  at 
Plymouth,  1875-1876.  He  has  served  his  denomination  as  a  repre- 
sentative to  the  General  Conference,  and  recently  was  a  presiding 
elder  in  N.  E.  Southern  Conference.  He  m.  Sept  9, 1861,  Lucia  B. 
Blair,  b.  Georgia,  Vt,  Dec.  2, 1837,  dau.  of  Augustus  II.  Blair.  Cue 

i.  Bertha,  b.  Oct.  14, 1862.  Qrad.  Wesleyan  Uuiv.  1886,  a  teacher 
in  the  High  School,  New  York. 


1.  Bev.  Stephen  Baohiler,  b.  England,  1561.  Collie  of  St 
John,  Oxford,  1586 ;  he  entered  the  church,  and  in  1587  became  vicar 
of  Wherwell,  in  Hampshire.  He  came  to  New  England,  1632,  and 
remained  in  Massachusetts  until  1639,  when  he  came  to  Hampton  in 


New  Hampshire,  and  about  1664  he  returned  to  England,  where  he 
d.,  1660,  aged  99.  His  name  is  conspicuous  in  the  early  annals  of 
Massachusetts  and  New  Hampshire.  For  a  story  of  a  life  of  activity 
and  contention,  reference  is  made  to  Dow's  "Hampton,"  Brown's 
"Hampton  Falls,"  Freeman's  "Cape  Cod,"  Pierce's  "Genealogy  of 
Batchelder,"  and  many  publications  and  documents  relating  to  the 
affairs  of  his  time. 

2.  Nathaniel  Batchelder,  son  of  Bey.  Stephen  \  b.  in  England 
about  1690.  m.  Hester  Mercer,  of  Southampton.  He  did  not  come 
to  America.    See  "  N.  E.  Hist  Gen.  Eegister,"  1873. 

3.  Nathaniel  Batchelder,  son  of  Nathaniel^  b.  1630.  He 
came  to  America  in  early  life,  and  settled  at  Hampton.  He  was  a 
constable  and  selectman  many  years.  He  m.  Dec.  10, 1666,  Deborah 
Smith,  dau.  of  John  Smith,  of  Martha's  Vineyard.  She  d.  March  8, 
1676;  he  m.  sec.  Oct  31, 1676,  Mary  (Carter)  Wyman,  b.  Wobum, 
July  24, 1648,  dau.  of  Be  v.  Thomas  and  Mary  (Dalton)  Carter,  and 
widow  of  John  Wyman.  He  m.  third,  Oct  23, 1689,  Elizabeth  Knell, 
widow  of  John  Knell,  who  survived  him.    He  d.  Jan.  17, 1710. 

4.  Nathaniel  Batciieldeii,  son  of  Nathaniel  ^b.  Hampton,  Dec. 
24, 1659.  m.  1685,  Elizabeth  Foss,  b.  1666,  d.  1746.  He  Uved  in 
Hampton  Falls.    Selectman,  1722.    He  d.  1745. 

5.  Jethko  Batchelder,  son  of  Nathaniel  \  b.  Hampton,  Jan.  2, 
1698.  m.  May  15,  1721,  Dorothy  Sanborn,  b.  Oct  27,  1698,  dau. 
of  Dea.  Benjamin  Sanborn,  of  Hampton.  He  lived  at  Hampton  Falls 
and  Exeter.  He  d.  1723.  Administration  to  widow  Dorothy,  June  5, 
1723.  She  m.  second,  Oct  13,  1736,  Abraham  Moulton,  b.  Hampton, 
Sept  8, 1694,  son  of  John  and  Mary  (Perkins)  Moulton,  and  lived  in 
Kingston  where  she  d.  Sept  11, 1857. 

6.  Abbaham  Batchelder,  son  of  Jethro^b.  Sept  4,  1721.  He 
came  from  Exeter,  1763,  and  settled  in  Canterbury,  1763.  He  was  a 
constable,  1765.  Loudon  was  severed  from  Canterbury,  1773,  and 
alter  that  date  he  lived  in  Loudon.  He  was  frequently  chosen  to 
office,  and  on  tax-lists  he  is  styled  Abraham  Batchelder,  Esq.  In 
1776  he  was  appointed  coroner.  He  signed  the  Association  Test, 
1776,  and  lived  to  an  advanced  age.  A  record  of  his  marriage  and 
of  his  death  has  not  been  secured. 

7.  Jacob  Batchelder,  son  of  Abraham  ^  b.  Exeter,  March  14, 
1748.  m.  Mary  Cleveland ;  m.  second  Mehitable  Cleveland.  He  lived 
iu  Loudon  and  in  Pittsfield.    He  d.  May  19, 1819. 


8.  Jacob  Batcheldbb,  son  of  Jacob  ^^  b.  April  3, 1782.  m.  Dorothy 
Qarland,  b.  Kov.  16, 1786,  d.  June  26, 1870.  He  was  a  farmer  and 
carpenter ;  lived  in  Franklin.  He  d.  Dec  18,  1863.  Three  of  the 
ten  children  of  Jacob  and  Dorothy  (Garland)  Batchelder  are  named 

0.    i.    Clark  Gilmak,  b.  Feb.  5, 1810. 

ii.  Mart  A.,  b.  Sept.  10, 1814.  m.  John  Preyier,  and  was  a  sliort 
time  in  Plymouth,  but  not  a  permanent  resident  in  early  life.  He 
d.  about  1865;  she  m.  second  Thomas  Bartlett,  of  Campton.  He 
d.  soon  after  marriage ;  she  res.  in  Plymouth,  and  here  d.  Sept. 
iii.    LucufDA,  b.  Oct  18, 1818.    m.  Abraham  Brown  (see). 

9.  Clark  Gilman  Batoheldbr,  son  of  Jacob  ^  b.  Franklin,  Feb. 
6, 1810.  m.  June  9,  1836,  Clarissa  Jane  Sogers,  of  Northfield.  She 
d.  May  26, 1849  :  he  m.  second  Feb.  21, 1850,  Hulda  Priscilla  Yeaton, 
b.  Exeter,  Oct  22, 1820,  dan.  of  Moses  Yeaton.  She  d.  Cambridge, 
Mass.,  Sept  26,  1891.  He  removed  to  Plymouth,  1835,  and  here  d. 
April  2,  1883.  He  was  a  wheelwright  Nine  children  bom  in 

i.    Gborgb  H.,  b.  March  20, 1838. 
IL    Martha  Janb,  b.  April  7, 1840.    d.  Sept.  19, 1841. 
iii.    Carlos  Elliot,  b.  April  26, 1844. 
iy.    Clara  Jamb,  b.  Nov.  20, 1847.    onm.;  res.  Franklin. 
y.    Ida  Florbnob,  b.  July  28, 1854.    unm.;  d.  at  Plymouth,  April  20, 

yi.    John  Clark,  b.  May  2, 1856.    d.  July  20, 1861. 
10.     yii.    William  Fitts,  b.  July  6, 1859.    m.  Annie  L.  Lawrence. 
yilL     John  Elmbr,  b.  Deo.,  1861.    d.  Oct  3, 1868. 
ix.    Etta  Olivb,  b.  July  26,   1864.    m.  Jan.  2,  1886,  J.  Clarence 
Emery,  a  printer,  of  Boston,  Mass.    She  d.  May  8, 1891. 

10.  WiLUAM  FiTTS  Batoheldbr,  son  of  Clark  Oilman,  b.  July 
6, 1859.  m.  March  17, 1886,  Annie  L.  Lawrence,  dau.  of  Robert  and 
Lavinia  Lawrence.  He  is  a  locomotive  engineer,  res.  in  Charles- 
town,  Mass.    Three  children. 

i.    Blancbb  Lawrknob,  b.  Jan.  9, 1887.    d.  Deo.  23, 1895. 
ii.    Cjlabk  GiLif  ak,  b.  Oct.  20, 1890.    d.  April  7,  1891. 
iii.    Wabbbm  Albbbt,  b.  Feb.  12, 1892. 

11.  JsTHRO  Batchelder,  son  of  Jethro^,  b.  1723.  m.  Abigail 
Lovering.  He  lived  in  Loudon,  and  with  his  brother,  Abraham  ^  built 
the  early  mill  in  that  locality.    At  one  time  he  was  the  largest  tax- 


payer  of  Loudon.    He  d.  after  1780.     She  m.  sec.  Daniel  Lane,  b. 
July  8,  1735,  son  of  John  and  Hannah  (Lamprey)  Lane,  of  Baymond. 

12.  Abkl  Batcuelder,  son  of  Jethro  ",  b.  Loudon,  June  15, 1772. 
ni.  Oct  4,  1792,  Sarah  Sanborn,  b.  Sept.  3, 1768,  dau.  of  Richard  and 
Abigail  (Kelley)  Sanborn.  Removing  from  Loudon,  he  lived  in 
Pittsfield,  Sanbornton,  and  Plymouth.  He  d.  in  Plymouth,  Jan.  28, 
1853.    She  d.  Feb.  16, 1833,     Nine  children. 

i.    Abrl,  b.  June  7,  1703.    m.  June  20, 1816,  Annie  Austin,  and  settled 

in  Alexandria,  where  he  d.  Feb.  27,  1866.    Three  children. 
IL    Hkzrkiah  Drkw,  b.  Pittsfield,  Sept.  7,  1700.     m.  Feb.  10,  1820, 

Nancy  Willey,  of  Northfield.     lie  was  a  millwright  and  fanner. 

Lived  Northfield,  Franklin,  and  Sanbornton.    lie  d.  March  10, 

1872.    Seven  children. 
iiL    MosRS,  b.  Dec.  26, 1708.     m.  March  30,  1824,  Mary  Davis ;  m.  sec. 

Jan.  0,  1807,  Sally  Davis.    lie  lived  in  Sanbornton.    Two  children, 
iv.     RicuARD,  twin,  b.  Dec.  26,  1708.    d.  May  3, 1800. 
V.    Abigail  S.,  b.  Oct.  12,  1802. 
vi.    Sally,  b.  Jan.  25,  1804. 
vii.     Lydia,  b.  March  10,  1806. 

13.  viii.    KiNSLRY  Hall,  b.  Jan.  30,  1808. 

ix.    John  S.,  b.  March  31,  1811. 

13.  Kinsley  Hall  Batchelder,  son  of  Abel  ^^  b.  Jan.  30, 1808, 
in  LandafT.  m.  Betsey  Page  Knight^  dau.  of  Moses  Knight,  of 
Landaff.  He  lived  in  Haverhill,  removing  to  Plymouth,  1851,  owning 
the  farm  now  of  Hanson  S.  Brown.  Later  he  lived  in  the  house  on 
site  of  Charles  Grould's  house,  and  in  1868  he  removed  to  Concord, 
where  he  d.  1883.    She  d.  Plymouth,  Dea  1, 1888. 

14.  i.    Groroe,  b.  1831. 

ii.  Maiiy  Ann,  b.  Nov.  13,  1833.    m.  Charles  H.  Bowles  (see), 

iii.  Sarah,  m.  John  Connell,  many  years  city  marshal  of  Concord, 

iv.  Harriet,  b.  1838.    m.  Robert  W.  Mitchell  (see). 

V.  Elranor. 

vi.  MosKS.    d.  1803. 

14.  George  Batchelder,  son  of  Kinsley  Hall*',  b.  Haverhill, 
1831.  He  lived  in  Haverhill  and  in  Plymouth  until  about  1860,  when 
he  removed  to  Minnesota.  He  m.  Oct  28, 1862,  Miriam  J.  Bennett 
Three  children  b.  St  Paul,  Minn.,  and  two  in  Hamilton,  P.  Q.  He 
went  to  Australia,  and  later  to  India. 

i.  George  K.,  b.  March  10,  1864,  He  was  clerk  in  grocery  of  B.  F. 
St  Clair,  and  later  was  in  employ  of  Page  Belting  Co.,  Concord. 
In  1901  he  went  to  Rangoon,  India. 

VOL.  II.  —  8 


15.       ii.    M08E8  Abbl,  b.  Deo.  10, 1866. 

iii.  Bennett,  b.  June  10, 1809,  was  a  clerk  for  D.  B.  Eenision,  of  Ply- 
mouth, two  years,  remoring  to  Concord,  1890,  where  he  was  a 
salesman  for  Brown  &  Currier,  clothiers.  In  1898  he  purchased 
Mr.  Currier's  interest,  and  is  now  of  the  firm  of  Brown  &  Batch- 
elder.  He  m.  Jan.  1,  1900,  Annie  S.  Roberts,  dau.  of  Fred  R. 
Roberts.    (1)  Miriam,  b.  Oct.  10,  1900. 

iy.  Miriam,  b.  Jan.  5,  1872,  went  with  her  father  to  Australia,  and 
later  to  India,  m.  1893,  Fred  G.  Wallis  Whiddett.  She  d.  Ran- 
goon, India,  May  15, 1902. 

y.  William  J.,  b.  March  20,  1874.  m.  June  20, 1900,  Virginia  Tapliu, 
dau.  of  Charles  Taplin,  of  Canaan.    (1)  Bennett,  b..  July  5,  19U3. 

15.  Moses  Abkl  Batchelder,  son  of  George  ^^  b.  Dec.  10,  1866. 
He  has  res.  in  Plymouth  since  1883 ;  town  clerk,  1894  and  1900- 
1905.  He  was  a  salesman  in  store  of  D.  B.  Kenistou,  clothier,  seveml 
years,  and  is  now  of  the  firm  Keniston  &  Batchelder.  He  ro.  March 
8, 1894,  Edith  Camilla  Phillips,  b.  Bethlehem,  Jan.  23,  1867,  dau.  of 
Lemuel  Newell  and  Priscilla  (Simpson)  Phillips,  now  of  Littleton. 

16.  Capt.  Abraham  Batchelder,  son  of  Jethro  ",  and  a  brother 
of  Abel  **.  b.  Loudon,  1762.  m.  Betsey  Smith.  He  lived  in  Loudon, 
and  when  that  town  was  severed  from  Canterbury,  the  first  town- 
meeting  was  held  at  his  house.  He  d.  March  20,  1834.  Eleven 

17.  Gardner  Batchelder,  son  of  Capt  Abraham  ^^  b.  in  Loudon, 
May  29, 1792.  m.  Jan.  3,  1815,  Clarissa  Bradley ;  m.  second,  Dec.  25, 
1822,  Nancy  Young.  He  removed  from  Loudon  to  Plymouth,  1844 
or  1845,  and  res.  here  about  ten  years.  His  wife  Nancy  d.  in 
Plymouth,  Oct  14, 1853.  They  had  eight  children ;  but  none  became 
identified  with  Plymouth.  A  son,  Stephen,  d.  in  Plymouth,  May  2, 
1850,  aged  25  years.  There  is  a  well-founded  tradition  in  this  branch 
of  the  Batchelder  family,  that  they  are  related  to  the  Webster  family, 
of  Salisbury.  The  degree  of  kinsliip  has  been  misstated  in  print 
Nathaniel  S  b.  Dec.  24,  1659,  was  a  brother  of  Benjamin  Batchelder. 
who  was  the  fatlier  of  Susannah  Batchelder,  who  m.  Kbonczer 
Webster,  grandfather  of  Daniel  Webster. 

18.  Stephen  Batchelder,  son  of  Nathaniel^  and  brother  of 
Nathaniel*,  b.  Hampton,  March  8, 1676.  m.  August  25,  1698,  Mary 
Dearborn,  b.  May  6, 1678,  dau.  of  John  and  Mary  (Ward)  Dearborn, 
of  Hampton.    He  d.  Sept  19, 1748. 

19.  John  Batchelder,  son  of  Stephen  ",  b.  August  24, 1699.  m. 
March  18,  1725,  Elizabeth  Moulton,  b.  Sept  10,  1699,  dau.  of  Josiah 


and  Elizabeth  (Worthington)  Moulton.     He  removed  from  Hampton 
to  Hampton  Falls.     He  d.  April  18,  1770. 

20.  John  Batchblder,  son  of  John  ^^  b.  Nov.  9,  1729.  m.  Oct. 
7,  1743,  Apphia  Philbrick.    He  res.  in  Hampton  and  Nottingham. 

21.  Brnjamin  Batchblder,  son  of  Jolm*>,  b.  about  1744.  Was  a 
farmer  of  Deerfield  and  Meredith.  He  d.  in  Meredith.  He  had  sons 
David,  Simeon  Jeremiah,  and  James. 

22.  Simeon  Batchblder,  son  of  Benjamin '*,  b.  1765.    m.  Mary 

Marston  ;  m.  second Powell.    He  lived  in  New  Hampton  and 

liridgewater.    He  d.  July  10,  1836.     Ten  children.    His  dau.  Phebe 
b.  Nov.  26, 1807,  m.  John  Boynton  (see). 

23.  Simeon  Batchblder,  son  of  Simeon  ®,  b.  August  29, 1795. 
m.  March  6,  1822,  Sarah  Spalding,  b.  Feb.  18,  1798,  dau.  of  Daniel 
Spalding,  of  Merrimack.  He  lived  in  Bridgewater,  where  he  d.  Jan. 
13, 1864    She  d.  July  14, 1852.    Nine  children. 

21  David  Spalding  Batchblder,  son  of  Simeon  ^  b.  July  22, 
1836.  m.  May  20, 1858,  Abbie  A.  Hammond,  b.  July  31,  1836,  dau. 
of  Rodney  and  Abigail  (Frost)  Hammond,  of  Bridgewater.  Five 

i.    Annabel,  b.  Nov.  23,  1862.    d.  Jan.  6,  1804. 
ii.     Addib  Ann,  b.  Oct.  26,  1864.     m.  April  15, 1898,  Curtis  A.  Gordon, 

of  Ashland, 
iii.     Abbir  Frost,  b.  May  3, 1871.    d.  Jaly  4, 1893. 
iv.    Mart  Esther,  b.  Oct.  17, 1873.    State  N.  School,  1893. 
▼.    Sadib  Hammond,  b.  August  28, 1877. 

25.  Samuel  Batchblder,  son  of  Nathaniel ',  and  second  wife  Mary 
(Carter)  Batchelder,  b.  Jan.  10,  1681.  m.  April  1,  1706,  Elizabeth 
Davis,  of  Newbury,  Mass.  He  was  a  soldier  and  a  lieutenant  in  the 
colonial  wars.     He  lived  in  North  Hampton. 

26.  Carter  Batchblder,  son  of  Samuel^,  b.  Oct.  31,  1726.  ni. 
Jan.  22, 1756,  Huldah  Moulton,  b.  Hampton,  June  13,  1732,  dau.  of 
William  and  Abigail  (Page)  Moulton.  She  d.  April  7,  1773  ;  he  m. 
second,  Sept.  27, 1778,  Hannah  Lane,  b.  August  1, 1742,  dau.  of  Thomas 
and  Elizabeth  (Bryant)  Ijme.  She  d.  April  21,  1810.  He  was  a 
sea  captain.     He  d.  July  16, 1806. 

27.  William  Batchblder,  son  of  Carter^,  b.  Hampton,  Sept.  7 
1764.  m.  1786,  Mary  Burley,  b.  April  5. 1767,  dau.  of  David  Buriey, 
of  Stratham.  He  removed,  1788,  to  Sanbornton,  removing,  1804,  to 
Meredith,  and  returning  to  Sanbornton,  where  he  d.  June  1,  1846. 
His  widow  d.  March  17, 1830. 


88.  Nathan  Batchblder,  son  of  William^,  b.  Sanbornton,  Sept 
24,  1800.  m.  Feb.  23, 1823,  Olive  Currier,  b.  August  24,  1801.  d. 
Dec.  20,  1865.  He  was  a  contractor  and  carpenter.  He  lived  in 
Plymouth,  1841  to  1846,  and  removed  to  Laconia.  He  d.  April 
24,  1868. 

L  LAViiffiA,  b.  August  3,  1824.  m.  in  Plymouth,  Oct.  9, 1845,  Levi 
W.  Hodge.  They  lived  twenty  years  in  Plymouth.  He  was  a 
photographer  and  marble  worker.  He  d.  about  1 868 ;  she  m.  second, 
June  15,  1870,  Charles  Noyes,  of  Concord.  She  d.  Dec.  25, 1000. 
One  son,  Marvin  T.  Hodge,  b.  July  11,  1850.  m.  Feb.  15, 1870, 
Mary  £.  Jenness,  res.  Concord. 

ii.    William  Taylor,  b.  Sept.  10,  1826,  a  carpenter  of  Gilford. 

iii.    David  C,  b.  Nov.  4,  1828,  was  sheriff  of  Uolknap  Co.,  res.  Gilford 
and  I^raconia. 

iv.    Julia  Ann,  b.  Oct.  4, 1830.    ro.  May  20,  1853,  Charles  G.  Chad- 
wick.    She  d.  Feb.  28,  1854. 
▼.     HoRACB  P.,  b.  June  21,  1832,  res.  Laconia. 

yL    Gborgk  W.,  b.  March  0,  1810.    d.  Dec.  20, 1871. 

29.  Foster  Smith  Batohblder,  son  of  Samuel  and  Mehitable 
(Smith)  Batchelder,  b.  Thornton,  July  20,  1825.  He  was  a  wheel- 
wright, and  after  a  brief  residence  in  Thornton,  Campton,  and 
Lowell,  Mass.,  he  removed  to  Plymouth,  1876.  He  was  a  good 
citizen.  He  m.  Dec.  15,  1851,  Roxanna  Mary  Smart,  b.  Thornton, 
Jan.  8, 1830,  dau.  of  Caleb  Smart.  She  d.  Oct.  13,  1886.  He  m. 
second,  Mary  Jane  (Sellingham)  French,  dau.  of  Jacob  Sellingham 
(see),  and  widow  of  Joseph  Quincy  French  (see).  He  d.  August 
22,  1899. 

i.    LuELLA  Alpiionse,  b.  Campton,  Nov.  3,  1853.    m.  Lucius  Derby, 

electrician,  Lowell,  Mass. 
ii.    Lizzie  Plagbntia,  b.  Campton,  Sept.  17,  1850.    m.  Sept.  17, 1889, 
Greorge  N.   Elliot,  son  of  Jason  Elliot,  of  Campton.     lie  res. 
a  few  years  in  Plymouth,  removing  to  Brockton,  Mass.,  1880. 
ill.    Eveline    Grace,  b.  Campton,  Sept  29,  1858.    m.    Thomas  P. 

Jewett.  Res.  Newton,  Mass. 
iv.  Fred  Augustus,  b.  Thornton,  July  12,  18G0.  m.  Oct.  8,  188:), 
Amanda  Tomkinson,  b.  Holderness,  1860,  dau.  of  Uichard  and 
Lydia  F.  (Wood)  Tomkinson.  He  is  a  boiler  maker;  res.  Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 
y.  Frank  Eugene,  b.  Thornton,  May  19,  18G2.  m.  Nov.  28,  1886, 
Emogene  8.  Smith,  dau.  of  Elijah  L.  Smith  (see).  He  is  a 
carriage  painter,  and  has  res.  in  Plymouth  since  1876.  One 
son  (1)  Lyman  Foster,  b.  Oct.  21, 1805. 


vi.    Lykwood  Fostbr,  b.  Campton,  Feb.  21,  1871.    m.  Feb.  22,  1898, 

Mabel  Drew.     He  is  a   draftsman,  res.   in  North    Cambridge, 

▼ii.    LvNA  RoxANNA,  b.  Campion,  Sept.  29, 1878.    m.  Frank  B.  Carver, 

overseer  and  designer,  res.  Bennington,  Vt. 
▼iii.    Lkstrr  Eldro,  b.  Plymouth,  Jan.  10,  1877 ;  res.  North  Cambridge, 



1.  John  Bean,  the  ancestor  of  a  numerous  family,  probably  b.  in 
Scotland,  was  settled  in  Exeter,  1660.  In  1671,  he  was  one  of  a 
committee  to  i^enew  the  bounds  of  Exeter,  and  1689/90  he  was  one 
of  the  signers  of  the  New  Hampshire  petition.  He  was  twice  mar- 
ried, and  d.  1718. 

2.  James  Bean,  son  of  Jolm*,  b.  Exeter,  Dea  17,  1672.  A 
record  of  his  first  marriage  is  not  found.  He  m.  second,  1697,  Sarah 
Bradley,  who  d.  July  17,  1738.  He  m.  third,  Nov.  2.  1738,  Mary 
(Prescott-Colemau)  Crosby,  who  d.  Jan.  3,  1740/1.  He  d.  Jan.  6, 
1753.    He  lived  in  Exeter  and  Kingston. 

3.  Jeremiah  Bean,  son  of  James',  b.  Kingston,  April  9,  1707. 
ni.  Nov.  13,  1729.  Samh  Blake,  b.  Feb.  24. 1707,  dau.  of  Philemon 
and  Sarah  (Dearborn)  Blaka  He  lived  in  Brentwood,  and  late  in 
life  removed  to  Deerfield,  where  he  d.  1796. 

4  Elisha  Bean,  son  of  Jeremiah',  b.  Feb.  4,  1740,  baptized 
Second  Church,  Kingston,  East  Parish,  March  9, 1740.  Was  one  of  the 
early  settlers  of  Plymouth,  and  was  taxed  1770,  the  earliest  tax-list 
preserved.     He  was  a  deacon  of  the  Baptist  Church  in  Bumney,  and 

is  styled  a  lieutenant  in  town  records.     He  m.  Ruth  ,  who 

died  May  15, 1808,  aged  G3 ;  he  m.  second,  August  29, 1808,  Jemima 
Daft,  of  Rumuey.     She  d.  Jan.  8, 1817  ;  he  d.  Sept  15, 1817. 

i.    Jrmima,  m. Rand. 

ii.  Mrhitable,  b.  March  21,  1704.  ra.  Ephraim  Chamberlain  (see). 
iii.  DRARnoRN,  b.  Sept.  1767.  m.  Nov.  23,  1786,  Sarah  Marsh,  dau.  oC 
Ephraim  Marsh  (see).  She  d.  June  1, 1806.  He  ro.  second  Hannah 
Pattee,  of  Campion.  He  lived  in  Plymouth  until  1798,  when  he 
removed  to  Rumney.  He  d.  Feb.  24,  1888.  By  first  marriage 
he  had  sons,  Daniel  and  Keyser,  and  by  second  marriage  a  daughter, 

iv.    Ruth,  b.  1769.    m.  Jonathan  Chamberlain  (see). 

V.  Elisha,  b.  1772.  m.  Nov.  17, 1790,  Polly  Cross,  b.  March  28, 1774, 
dan.  of  Simeon  and  Abigail  (Corliss)  Cross.  He  removed  to 
Bridgewater,  and  there  d.  June  20,  1858.     She  d.  1861. 

88  BBAN. 

Yi.    JfiRUifiAU,  b.  1774.   m.  Deo.  2, 1705,  Elizabeth  West    lie  removed 

from  Plymouth  to  Bristol,  1800,  oiid  Uiero  d.  Msirch  8, 1801 ;  alie 

d.  April  8, 1801.    Ten  children, 
yii.    MoLLT,  m.  Jaoob  Merrill  (see). 
YiiL    Sally,  m.  April  2, 1705,  Amos  Blood  (see), 
iz.    Isaac,  m.  1807,  Sally  Cole,  of  Runmey.    m.  second,  Mary . 

He  liYed  in  Plymouth.     He  d.  March'l2,  1842. 
X.    Jacob,  b.  1784,    m.  April  18,  1814,  Mary  Keyea,  dau.  of  Ephraini 

Keyes  (see>    He  lived  in  Plymouth,  where  he  d.  March  22, 1816. 

5.  Samuel  Bean,  son  of  James  ^  b.  Jan.  11, 1710/11,  was  a  resi- 
dent of  Sandown.  He  m.  Sept.  8,  1731,  Mary  Buswell,  dau.  of 
William  and  Judah  (Dennis)  Buswell.  He  owned  land  in  Sutton. 
In  the  summer  of  1778,  while  performing  an  accustomed  journey 
from  Sandown  to  Sutton  he  d.  suddenly  in  Hopkinton.  His  widow, 
Mary,  d.  in  Sutton,  August  8, 1811,  aged  97  years. 

6.  Samuel  Bean,  son  of  Samuel  \  b.  Sandown,  Jan.  8, 1748.  m. 
Dec.  24,  1768,  Dorothy  Wells.  He  was  a  farmer  of  Sutton,  where 
he  d.  April  20, 1819.  Two  of  his  daughters  m.  Moses  Flanders,  of 
Plymouth  (see). 

7.  Reuben  Bean,  son  of  Samuel  \  b.  Sutton,  Jan.  6,  1797.  m. 
June  1, 1822,  Mary  F.  Smith,  b.  Sutton,  Dec.  30,  1805,  dau.  of  Moses 
and  Drusilla  (Smart)  Smith.  About  1830  he  removed  from  Sutton  to 
East  Corinth,  Me.,  where  he  d.  June  11, 1882  ;  she  d.  June  15,  186G. 
Four  children  b.  in  Sutton,  and  eight  b.  in  East  Corinth,  Me. 

8.  Augustus  L.  Bean,  b.  Sutton,  May  6,  1830.  He  was  in  the 
employ  of  Norcross  Bros.,  lumbermen,  in  northern  New  Hampshire, 
from  1861  to  1887,  a  residence  of  two  years  in  California  intervening. 
He  came  to  Plymouth,  1887,  and  since  has  been  partially  disabled  by 
sun  stroke.  He  m.  Bhoda  Fifield,  who  d.  East  Corinth,  1876,  aged 
38.  m.  second,  March  14,  1878,  Sarah  Jane  (Nickeraon)  Kenney,  b. 
August  18,  1855,  dau.  of  Abraham  Nickerson,  of  Sag  Harbor,  N.  S., 
and  widow  of  Charles  Kenney,  of  Portland,  Me.  Seven  children  b. 
East  Corinth,  Me. 

i.    EifiLY,  b.  1862.    d.  1865. 

ii.    Bbktua  Lkviqnk,  b.  July,  1865.    in.  Frederick  Jones, 
iii.     Minnie  Epfib,  b.  Sept  30,  1866.    in.  Walter  Hayes;  res.  Dorches- 
ter, Mass. 
iv.     Rose  Eveline,  b.  May  2,  1808.    m.  Jan.  20,  1883,  William  Garviu, 

of  Sanford,  Me. 
y.    Lbttie  Mabel,  b.  April  5,  1871.    d.  unm.  1890. 

BBAN  —  BBBB8  —  BBNTON  —  BBODETTE.  89 

Yi.    Frrd  Auoustus,  b.  May  17,  1878.    m.  Nor.  8,  1898,  Edith  Mand 
Jesseman,  b.  May  21,  1882,  dau.  of  George  £.  and  Abbie  (Wal- 
dron)  Jesseman.     He  is  a  fanner ;  res.  Hebron, 
yii.    Dora  Bkllb,  b.  July  14,  1880  ;  res.  Plymouth.    She  has  been  an 
efficient  clerk  in  the  post-office  since  1897. 

1.  Jambs  Gavin  Beers,  son  of  Nathan  and  Sarah  (Haley)  Beers, 
b.  P.  E.  I.  April  21,  1871.  m.  June  15, 1898,  Sarah  Jardine,  b.  Jan. 
13,  1874,  dau.  of  John  Jardine,  of  P.  E.  L  He  came  to  Plymouth, 
1899.    Stone-mason. 

i.    John  Lrstkr,  b.  March  7, 1899. 
ii.     Ethel  Mat,  b.  June  15,  1901. 
iii.    JiNNiB,  b.  May  7, 1903. 


1.  Zenas  D.  Benton,  b.  June  6,  1810.  m.  Jan.  17,  1833,  Pris- 
cilla  K  Flanders.  He  came  from  Colebrook,  and  lived  in  Plymouth, 
1837-1851.  He  was  a  farmer,  employed  by  William  C.  Thompson. 
He  was  industrious  and  blameless.  He  removed  to  Campton  and 
from  there  to  Ashland,  where  he  d.  August  17, 1877.  She  d.  May 
15, 1888. 

i.    William  Augustus,  b.  Dec.  81,  1883.    m.  Deo.  18,  1860,  Maria 

Otis  Colby,  b.  Sanbornton,  Jan.  27, 1820,  dau.  of  Levi  and  Sally 

(Robinson)  Colby ;  res.  Sanbornton. 
ii.    Joseph  O.,  b.  Nov.  9,  ia35.    d.  March  20, 1842. 
iii.    Lronard  P.,  b.  April  29,  1887.    m.  Ilattie  Avery;  res.  Stoneham, 

Mass.    He  is  a  selectman  and  a  prominent  citizen, 
iv.    Mart  A.,  b.  Oct  26,  1841.    m.  John  S.  Avery  ;  she  d.  Campton, 

Oct.  20, 1867. 
V.    Groroianna  J.,  b.  April  20,  1843.    m.  Nov.  29,  1860,  Aquilla  £. 

Small,  who  d.  Angast  21, 1872 ;  m.  second,  Feb.  24,  1878,  Thomas 

C.  Peaslee,  who  d.  Dec.  25,  1890.    She  res.  Ashland, 
vi.    JosRPH  £.,  b.  May  23,  1845.     m.  1875,   Amanda  Durgin;  res. 

vii.    Gkorqk  F.,  b.  Feb.  28, 1848.    m.  Lncinda  Peroival ;  res.  Stoneham, 

viii.    James  A.,  b.  May  6,  1850.    m.  Nellie  Tucker.    He  is  a  farmer  of 



1.  Noel  Beodbttb,  b.  1848,  in  Chategay,  P.  Q.  m.  June  26, 
1872,  Adelia  Ann  Lowry,  b.  Brandon,  Vt,  August  31,  1848,  dau.  of 


David  and  Julia  Child  Lowry.  He  is  a  brickmaker  and  has  res. 
in  Plymouth  since  1874,  residing  in  the  last  house  in  Plymouth  on 
the  North  Bakers  Biver  road. 

{.  Lknnis  £ysuNB,  b.  May  12, 1875.  nt  May  25, 1888,  Lewis  Miner, 
brickmaker ;  res.  in  Rumney.  Three  children :  (1)  Charles,  b. 
Deo.  27, 1890;  (2)  Mary,  b.  Deo.  6, 1892 ;  (8)  Vernie  Delle,  b.  Got. 
6, 1896. 

ii.    Gborob,  b.  Dec.  14, 1881.    d.  Sept  1,  1889. 

iii.    Jambs  Edward,  b.  Feb.  22, 1888. 


1.  BoBSRT  Bebrt,  a  fanner.  Bes.  several  years  in  Strafford, 
removing  to  Campton  about  1800.    He  m.  Esther  Otis. 

2.  Ons  Beuky,  son  of  llobcrt*,  b.  Strafford,  1799.  Lived  in 
Campton  from  early  childhood.  He  was  a  farmer  and  a  cooper,  and  a 
respected  useful  citizen.  He  was  a  Free  Will  Baptist,  giving  freely  to 
the  church,  but  offering  a  more  substantial  support  in  the  strength  of 
a  good  example.  He  m.  Esther  Lovett^  dau.  of  Simon  Lovett,  of 
Campton.  He  d.  aged  77.  She  d.  aged  79.  Their  son,  Charles  E. 
Berry,  was  a  soldier  in  6th  N.  H.'Infantry,  and  d.  in  the  service  from 
wounds,  Sept  1,  1862. 

8.  John  Colby  Bbrry,  son  of  Otis*  b.  Campton,  May  14, 1845. 
Was  educated  in  the  public  schools  of  Campton  and  the  academy  in 
Plymouth.  He  was  engaged  in  stone  cutting  a  few  years,  removing 
to  Plymouth,  1876,  where  he  has  successfully  conducted  an  insurance 
agency.  For  many  years  Mr.  Berry  has  been  widely  known  as  a  firm 
and  consistent  advocate  of  the  cause  of  Prohibition.  His  life  and  his 
untiring  efforts  are  the  consistent  expression  of  regard  for  his  fellow- 
men.  He  was  a  delegate  to  the  Prohibition  National  Convention  at 
Pittsburg,  1896,  and  at  Chicago,  1900.  Ho  was  also  the  candidate  of 
his  party  for  Governor,  1896,  and  for  Presidential  Elector,  1900,  and 
again  a  candidate  for  Governor,  1902.  He  m.  Nov.  22, 1868,  Deborah 
Jennie  Gktrland,  b.  April  16,  1851,  dau.  of  William  P.  and  Louisa 
(Avery)  Garland,  and  granddau.  of  Jonathan  ^  and  Deborah  (Goss) 
Gktrland  (see).    Six  children. 

i.    Albbrt  Lkstbr,  b.  Campion,  Nov.  11, 1875.    d.  Sept.  16,  1801. 
ii.    Herdbrt  Earlr,  b.  Plymouth,  Dec.  4,  1877.    Grad.  New  Hampton 

liL    Arthur  Garlakd,  b.  Nov.  1, 1883.    Plymouth  High  School,  1900, 

Ck>mmercial  College,  1901. 

BERRY  —  BIXBY  —  BLAIR.  41 

iv.    Ethrl  Louise,  b.  May  14, 1885.    Plymouth  High  School,  1902. 
Y.    Leon  Hknrt,  b.  Sept.  28,  1887. 
vi.    Ei^iB  Marilla,  b.  April  1,  1890. 


1.  Joseph  C.  Bixby,  b.  1834,  in  Epsom,  son  of  Samuel  Bixby.  m. 
June  18,  1854,  Ellen  Miriam  Stearns,  dau.  of  James  Steams  (see). 
He  was  a  brakeroan  on  B.  C.  &  M.  R  R,  res.  in  Warren  and  in 
Plymouth.  He  enlisted,  1862,  12th  N.  H.  Infantry,  and  is  credited 
to  the  quota  of  Plymouth.  No  additional  record  is  available.  Two 
children  b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.  CiiARLKS  Clarrncr,  b.  1856.  m.  Mary  E.  Christie,  b.  Glasgow, 
Scotland.  lie  d.  by  accident,  Dennisport,  Mass.,  1899.  Seyeral 

ii.  AoNES  Carolinb,  b.  1860.  ro.  1885,  Walter  J.  Thompson,  of 
Salem,  Mass.    She  d.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  1899. 


1.  John  )}lair,  son  of  David,  b.  Aghadowey,  county  Antrim,  prov. 
of  Ulster,  Ii*eland,  lived  in  Londonderry,  and  is  the  ancestor  of  the 
Blair  family  of  Holdemess  and  Plymouth.  The  brothers,  John  and 
James  Blair,  with  their  sisters,  Elizabeth  and  Rachel,  arrived  in 
Boston,  Mass.,  August  17, 1718.  In  the  will  of  Capt.  William  Blair, 
a  sea  captain  and  wealthy  merchant  of  Boston,  John,  James,  Eliza- 
l)eth,  and  Rachel  Blair  are  named  as  children  of  bis  uncle,  David 
Blair,  of  Aghadowey,  Ireland.  The  brothers,  John  and  James,  settled 
in  Londondeny,  1719,  and  were  among  the  proprietors  of  the  town- 
ship. John  Blair  was  moderator,  1725-1736,  and  a  selectman,  1723- 
1724.  A  record  of  the  marriage  of  John  Blair  has  not  been  discovered. 
The  name  of  his  wife  was  Jean.  He  d.  1753  or  1754.  His  will  is 
dated  April  13, 1753,  and  probated  Oct.  30, 1754.  His  wife  survived 
him.    They  had  six  children. 

2.     i.  William,  b.  Sept.  26, 1726. 

ii.  Annr,  named  in  will  of  her  father, 

iii.  Elizabeth,  b.  Oct.  7, 1781. 

iv.  David,  b.  Dec.  18, 1787. 

v.  Maroarbt,  b.  Sept.  1, 1788,  not  named  in  will, 

yi.  Robert,  b.  Feb.  5, 1741,  not  named  in  will. 

2.  William  Blair,  son  of  John  *,  b.  Londonderry.  In  the  wiQ  of 
his  father  he  is  given  a  parcel  of  land  near  the  meeting-house  in  Lon- 

42  BLAIB. 

donderry,  where  he  now  lives.  He  removed  to  Holderness,  about 
1765.  He  was  a  member  of  the  Church  of  England,  and  a  loyalist 
His  political  opinions  were  a  bar  against  friendly  relations  with  a 
majority  of  his  townsmen.  Soon  after  the  inauguration  of  the  Kevo- 
lution  he  removed  to  Nova  Scotia  with  his  younger  children,  and 
there  died  a  few  years  later.  He  m.  in  Londonderry,  Elizabeth 
Crombie,  b.  March  28,  1728,  dau.  of  John  and  Joan  (Rankin) 
Crombie.     Eight  children. 

i.  JOHK. 

ii.  David,  m.  Ann  Stanton. 

8.    iiL  Samuel  Livkrhors,  b.  1767. 

iv.  William. 

▼.     EUZABBTH. 

vL    LuoT. 
vii,    Francbs. 
viii.    Jbaic. 

3.  Sahubl  Lxyermorb  Blair,  son  of  William  \  b.  1767.  m. 
Dec.  31,  1792,  Sarah  Cox,  b.  Holderness,  1771.  He  was  active  in 
business  and  a  prominent  citizen  of  Holderness,  owning  a  farm,  a  saw- 
mill, and  a  grist  mill.  He  d.  Oct.  10,  1820  ;  his  widow  d.  in  Ply- 
mouth, Feb.  2,  1845.    They  had  one  child. 

4.  i    Walter,  b.  Oct  1, 1796. 

4.  Walter  Blair,  son  of  Samuel  Livermore  ^  b.  Holderness,  Oct.  1, 
1796,  was  for  several  years  a  prominent  and  highly  respected  citizen 
of  Holderness,  and  a  representative  from  that  town  in  the  legislature. 
He  purchased  the  farm  at  Lower  Intervale,  now  of  Manson  S.  Brown, 
and  removed  to  Plymouth,  1832.  He  was  a  state  senator,  1835  and 
1836,  and  was  appointed  a  judge  of  the  Court  of  Common  Pleas  for 
Qrafton  Co.,  Dec.  20,  1836,  a  position  he  resigned  to  accept  an  ap- 
pointment of  Judge  of  Probate,  July  2, 1841,  an  office  he  held  until 
his  death.  He  was  a  delegate  to  the  National  Democmtic  Convention 
at  Baltimore,  1844.  In  the  discbarge  of  his  official  duties  he  was 
diligent,  honest,  and  able,  and  in  his  intercourse  with  his  fellow-men 
he  was  helpful,  affable  and  charitable.  He  m.  Oct.  8, 1820,  Mary 
Cox,  b.  1800,  dau.  of  Robert  Cox,  of  Holderness ;  she  d.  July  23, 
1833.  He  m.  second,  Nov.  1,  1835,  Eliza  Farnum,  dau.  of  Haines 
Famum  (see).  He  d.  June  6,  1849.  His  widow  removed  1851  to 
Newbury,  Vt,  where  she  d.  March  20, 1880. 

BLAIB.  48 

i.    Walter  Livrrmorb,  b.  Judo  9, 1822.    d.  Sept  4,  1825. 
ii.    Mart  Elizabeth,  b.  Jan.  15,  1824 ;  pursued  an  extended  ooone  of 
study  at  New  Hampton,  Boston,  Mass.,  and  Montreal,  P.  Q.,  and 
has  been  a  successful  and  aecomplished  instructor  in  Proridencei 
R.  I.,  Boston,  Mass.,  New  York  City,  and  at  the  Abbot  Academy « 
Andover,  Mass.,  and  the  seminaries  of  Bradford  and  Wheaton, 
Mass.    Miss  Blair  retired  from  a  profession  she  had  honored,  1808. 
iii.    Louisa  Cox,  b.  June  20, 1820.    m.  Isaac  L.  Adams  (see), 
ir.    Waltbr  Uussbll,  b.  Dec.  27,  1830.    d.  Sept.  24, 1881. 

V.  IIannah  Ellrn,  b.  March  0,  1883,  was  an  accomplished  scholar, 
and  her  career  as  a  teacher  was  suddenly  ended.  She  d.  at 
Aurora,  Ind.,  Nor.  19,  1853,  and  was  buried  with  her  kindred  in 
Trinity  Cemetery, 
vi.  Sarah  Eliza,  b.  March  28,  1837;  Newbury,  Vt.,  Seminary,  1858; 
teacher  Concord  High  School,  m.  Feb.  18,  1875,  Moses  Cook 
Dole,  b.  Limerick,  Me.,  son  of  Henry  Dole.  He  is  of  the  firm 
E.  Dole  &  Co.,  manufacturers  of  woollen  goods  in  Campton.  He 
d.  Nov.  9, 1903. 
vii.  Frances  Maria,  b.  April  25, 1889.  Grad.  of  Newbury,  Vt.,  Semi- 
nary, 1860 ;  preceptor  Macedon,  N.  Y.,  Academy ;  a  lady  of  refined 
tastes  and  accomplishments.  She  ra.  Jan.  25,  1864,  Capt.  Harris 
B.  Mitchell.  She  m.  second,  1888,  Samuel  Corliss,  b.  Deo.  15, 
1822,  son  of  Thomas  and  Charlotte  (Aubrey)  Corliss,  of  Newbury, 
Vt.  lie  d.  Newbury,  May  26,  1892;  she  d.  Dec.  16,  1896.  One 
child  (1)  Harry  Walter  Mitchell,  b.  Nov.  6,  1867,  grad.  Boston 
Medical  College.  He  is  physician  at  Asylum  for  the  Insane, 
Dan  vers,  Mass. ;  unm. 
viii.  Pamelia  Merrill,  b.  Jan.  24,  1841;  Newbury,  Vt.,  Seminary, 
18G2.  m.  Jan.  14,  1806,  Eli  Mellen  Wight,  b.  Bethel,  Me.,  May 
4, 1841.  Dartmouth  College  Medical,  1866.  He  studied  medicine 
with  Dr.  Kelley,  and  was  principal  of  the  Academy.  He  was  in 
the  army,  and  an  adjutant;  also  assistant  surgeon,  1865-1866,  and 
a  physician  at  Chattanooga,  Tenn.  He  was  a  professor  in  Nash- 
ville Medical  College,  1877-1879.  He  d.  at  Chattanooga,  Jan.  6. 
1881.  Two  children:  (1)  Eli  Mellen,  b.  Sept.  1, 1873;  (2)  Walter 
Blair,  b.  Oct.  6,  1875. 
ix.     Walter,  b.  March,  1843.    d.  in  infancy. 

z.  Flora  Adelaide,  b.  Sept.  9, 1846 ;  Newbury  Seminary,  1867.  m. 
April  7,  1870,  Charles  Henry  Peabody,  b.  Gilead,  Me.,  June  21, 
1841.     He  d.  Oct.  31,  1900,  at  Chattanooga,  Tenn.    No  children. 

xi.  Arthur  Walter,  b.  May  22,  1848.  Dartmouth  College,  1872. 
Teacher  High  School,  Middleboro,  Mass.,  Northfleld,  Vt.,  and 
Montpelier,  Vt.,  High  School.  He  pursued  a  partial  conrse  at 
Hartford  Theological  Seminary,  but  entered  upon  the  study  of 
medicine,  and  grad.  University  of  Vermont,  M.  D.,  1881.  He  prao- 
tised  at  Orford  five  years,  and  was  president  of  the  White  Moun- 
tain Medical  Society,  and  member  of  the  New  Hampshire  Medical 

44  BLAIB. 

Society.  He  removed,  1886,  to  Dorchester,  Mass.,  and  there  main- 
tains a  successful  practice.  He  m.  July  25,  1877,  Ellen  S.  Cham- 
berlain, of  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.  She  had  been  a  teacher  in  the 
Abbot  Academy,  Andover,  Mass.  Two  children:  (1)  Walter,  b. 
August  12, 1878.  Dartmouth  College,  1900;  (2)  Hugh,  b.  August 
81,  1882.    Dartmouth  College,  1004. 

5.  William  Henry  Blair,  son  of  Peter  and  Hannah  (Palmer) 
Blair,  b.  Campton,  Dec.  1, 1805,  always  lived  in  his  native  town.  He 
was  a  man  of  good  abilities  and  character,  and  was  deservedly  es- 
teemed by  his  townsmen.  He  d.  from  injuries  received  from  a  falling 
frame  of  a  building  in  Campton,  Dec.  8, 1836.  He  m.  Lois  Baker,  b. 
June  20, 1806,  dau.  of  Moses  and  Molly  (Wyatt)  Baker,  and  grand- 
dau.  of  Col.  Moses  Baker,  of  Candia  and  Campton.  With  fortitude 
and  the  self-denial  and  heroism  of  a  devoted  mother  she  cared  for 
her  children  until  her  death.  She  d.  in  Campton,  July  10,  1846. 
Four  children,  b.  Campton. 

i.    Hannah  Palmer,  b.  Jan.  26,  1831.    d.  1843. 
ii.    MosBS  Bakkr,  b.  Oct.  17,  1832.    unm.    d.  Jaly  11,  1857. 

6.  liL    Hbnrt  William,  b.  Deo.  6,  1834. 

Iy.  Lois  Esther,  b.  May  27,  1837.  m.  Deo.  24,  1854,  John  Henry 
Giles,  a  soldier  in  a  Maasaohusetts  regiment  in  the  Civil  War. 
He  is  foreman  in  ship  building.  Three  children:  (1)  William 
Henry,  b.  Oct.,  1855.  d.  May  1, 1804.  (2)  Frances  Adaline,  b. 
Sept  0,  1858.  m.  Fred  H.  Low,  editor  of  ''  Power,'*  an  engineer- 
ing journal  of  New  York;  res.  Passaic,  N.  J.  (3)  Esther 
Amanda,  b.  July  81,  1860.    d.  Oct.  2,  1864. 

6.  Henby  William  Blair,  son  of  William  Henry  and  Lois 
(Baker)  Blair,  b.  Campton,  Dec.  6,  1834  He  was  a  lawyer  many 
years  in  Plymouth.  See  biography  in  Vol.  I.  In  the  Civil  War  he 
was  lieutenant-colonel  of  the  15th  N.  H.  Infantry,  serving  with  dis- 
tinction; representative  from  Plymouth,  1866;  State  senator,  1867, 
1868  ;  representative  in  Congress,  1874-1878  ;  United  States  senator, 
1879-1891 ;  appointed  minister  to  China,  1891,  but  did  not  qualify ; 
representative  in  Congress,  1892-1894.  He  m.  Dec.  20, 1859,  Eliza 
A.  Nelson,  dau.  of  Eev.  William  Nelson  (see).  Mrs.  Blair  was 
educated  in  the  schools  of  Plymouth  and  at  Newbury,  Vt,  Seminary. 
With  a  warm  devotion  to  her  home  and  family,  she  has  been  a  help- 
meet to  her  husband  in  his  political  service  and  philanthropic  labor. 
With  the  duties  of  the  wife  and  mother  well  performed,  she  has 
enjoyed  a  distinct  individuality  in  the  social  and  intellectual  world. 


She  is  a  member  of  the  "Woman's  Anthropological  Society,"  the 
"National  Association  for  the  Advancement  of  Science,"  and  has 
been  vice-president  of  the  "  New  Hampshire  Federation  of  Women's 
Clubs."  She  is  more  widely  known  as  the  author  of  "Lisbeth 
Wilson,*'  a  truthful  and  wholesome  picture  of  New  England  life. 
They  have  one  son. 

i.  Hknrt  Patterson,  b.  Plymoath,  Dec.  8,  1867.  Fbillips  Exeter 
Academy,  1886.  Dartmouth  College,  1889.  Columbia  Law 
School,  1892.  He  is  actively  engaged  in  the  practice  of  law  at 
Washington,  D.  C. 


1.  Daniel  Blaisdell,  b.  1771.  m.  August  9,  1792,  Susannah 
Tupper,  b.  1771,  dau.  of  Dea.  Nathaniel  and  Hannah  (Choate) 
Tupper,  of  Canipton  and  Thornton.  He  lived  in  Campton,  where  he 
d.  Jan.  26, 1852. 

2.  Nathan  Blaisdell,  son  of  Daniel  \  b.  Campton,  Oct.  2,  1794 
m.  April  17, 1823,  Lois  Percivnl,  dau.  of  Boland  and  Silence  (Gates) 
Percival.  He  lived  in  Canipton,  i*enioving  to  Plymouth,  1864,  where 
ho  d.  April  5, 1876;  she  d.  April,  1874 

3.  Walter  Densmorb  Blaisdell,  son  of  Nathan  ^  b.  Campton, 
June  28,  1826.  m.  April  6,  1853,  Mary  Baker  Keniston,  b.  Camp- 
ton, March  6,  1826,  dau.  of  John  Keniston  (see);  she  d.  Oct  28, 
1865;  he  m.  second,  Jan.  2,  1867,  Annie  A.  (Huckins)  Merrill,  b. 
Bridgewater,  dau.  of  Joseph  and  Almira  (Prescott)  Huckins  (see) 
and  widow  of  Rockwood  G.  Merrill  (see).  He  has  resided  in 
Plymouth  since  1853.  Beginning  March,  1861,  he  was  the  efBcient 
postmaster  twenty-six  years,  a  dumtion  of  service  not  often  equalled 
in  any  town.  For  several  years  he  has  been  superintendent  of  the 
Trinity  Cemetery.     Three  children : 

i.    Edwin  R.,  b.  May  25, 1850.    d.  June  5,  1864. 

ii.  Eva  Mary,  b.  Sept  19,  1867.  Plymouth  High  School,  1886. 
m.  Oct  28,  1890,  James  Frank  Dubois,  b.  Peacham,  Vt,  1866, 
son  of  Charles  B.  and  Mary  E.  (Connor)  Dubois.  He  is  an 
electrician,  res.  in  Lynn,  Mass. 

iii.  Annir  Pkarl,  b.  August  8, 1876.  m.  Oct  19, 1895,  Walter  I.  Lee. 
They  res.  in  Plymouth. 


1.  William  Blake,  son  of  Dea.  Samuel  and  Molly  (Baird)  Blake, 
b.  1750,  d.  1812.    He  lived  in  Andover,  of  which  his  father,  Dea. 

46  BLAEB. 

Samuel,  was  an  early  settler.    He  m.  Dorothy  Swain,  a  sister  of 
Ichabod  Swain,  of  Sanbornton ;  m.  second,  Abigail  Eaton,  of  Candia. 

2.       i.  William,  b.  March  18, 1775. 

ii.  John,  d.  uum. 

8.    ill.  Hkzbkiah. 

i7.  Mart,  b.  Oct.  10, 1780.    m.  Oct.  27,  1804,  Jeremiah  Marston  (see). 

V.      DOLLT. 

2.  WiLUAM  Blake,  son  of  William  ^  b.  Andover,  March  13,  1775. 
HL  Dec.  15,1796,  Hannah  Permoit;  m.  second,  Nov.  12, 1812,  Nancy 
Gove,  dau.  of  Ebeuezer  and  Susannah  (Swain)  Gove,  of  Sanbornton. 
He  removed  from  Andover  to  Plymouth,  1828,  living  where  Stephen 
Glover  now  res.  He  d.  June  30, 1842  ;  she  d.  Oct.  24, 1843.  Seven 
children  by  first  and  eight  by  second  marriage. 

i.    Infant,    d.  sood. 
ii.    Mercy  P.,  b.  March  2,  1708.     m.  June  18,  1821,  Jeremy  Young 

Bryant    They  were  parents  of  Hon.  Napoleon  B.  Bryant, 
iii.    Abigail,  b.  Nov.  8, 1709.    m.  August  28,  1818,  William  Tacker. 
iv.    Hannah  P.,  b.  June  5, 1802.    m.  Jan.  18, 1820,  Hazen  Underhill. 
V.    Polly,  b.  August  3, 1804.    m.  May  30, 1823,  Evan  D.  Corliss, 
yi.    Miriam,  b.  Nov.  21, 1805.    m.  June  7, 1820,  Jacob  Weare. 
vii.    LuciNDA,  b.  August  16,  1807.    ra.  June  27, 1830,  True  Brown, 
yiii.    Nanoy,  b.  Sept  10,  1813.    m.  1837,  Jacob  Morrison  (see), 
ix.     Sally  G.,  b.  June  28, 1815.    ra.  Sept  14,  1834,  Samuel  Muzzey. 
X.    Belinda,  b.  April  20,  1817.    m.  Nov.  23,  1837,  Joel  Ingiills  (see), 
xi.    John  W.,  b.  Feb.  4,  1810.    m.  1841,  Louisa  G.  Melvin.    He  lived  in 
Plymouth  until  1867,  when  he  removed  to  Kansas.     (1)   Mary 
Emeline,  b.  1842,  d.  Feb.  16, 1865  ;  (2)  Clai-a  J.,  b.  1843,  d.  August 
7, 1861 ;     (3)  Ellen  G.,  b.  1847. 
xii.    William  P.,  b.  August  4,  1821.    m.  Phebe  Hodgkins. 
xiii.    Throphilus,  b.  Jan.  20, 1824.    m.  Jan.  5, 1845,  Nancy  S.  Clark, 
xiv.    Gkorgb  G.,  b.  July  18, 1826. 
XV.    Andrew  Jackson,  b.  May  20, 1820.    unm.    d.  May  7, 1804. 

3.  Hezekiah  Blakk,  son  of  William  ^,  b.  Andover.  m.  in  Andover 
March  7,  1799,  Susannah  Graves.  He  removed  from  Andover  to 
Plymouth,  1820,  and  lived  several  years  on  the  Melvin  farm.  His 
wife,  Susannah,  d.  August  30, 1836.  He  m.  second,  Sarah  Ann  Rowe  ; 
m,  third,  Betsey  Morrison,  dau.  of  Samuel  Morrison  (see).  He  was 
poor,  and  for  several  years  after  1838  he  was  not  taxed.  He  d. 
about  1856  ;  his  widow  d.  a  few  years  later  in  Bridge  water. 

i.  PoLLT,  m.  Jan.  20,  1820,  David  Corliss,  b.  1774,  son  of  Jere- 
miah and  Polly  Philbrick  Corliss,  of  Bradford,  Vt.;  removed  to 

BLAKB.  47 

ii.    William,  b.  June  24,  1806.    d.  Sept.  27»  1832. 
iii.    Asia  AIL  P.,  in.  June  6,  1887,  George  £.  Sawyer,  of  Bridgewater ; 
removed  to  Elgin,  III. 


1.  Oliver  Smith  Blake,  b.  Nov.  6, 1742,  was  a  native  of  Sandown 
or  vicinity.  He  ra.  Nov.  6, 1764,  Deborah  Ingalls,  dau.  of  Timothy 
Ingalls  (see).  In  the  Ilevolution  he  was  a  private  in  Capt  Philip 
Tilton's  company,  1775,  and  a  sergeant  in  Capt.  David  Quimby's  com- 
pany, 1776.  He  lived  in  Sandown,  New  Chester,  New  Hampton,  and 
Bristol.  He  was  a  farmer  and  an  innholder.  He  d.  in  Bristol  Feb. 
16, 1823.    His  widow,  Deborah,  d.  March  29, 1820.     Ten  children. 

i.     Sarah,  b.  Angnst  26, 1765.    m.  Ebenezer  Emerson  (see). 

ii.     Ruth,  b.  Dec.  22, 1767.    m. James. 

iii.    Hannah,  b.  June  30,  1770.    m.  Peter  Wells  (see), 
iv.     Mrhitable,  b.  Jan.  17,1778.     m.  Nov.  17,  1796,  John  Kidder,  b. 
May  20, 1773,  son  of  John  and  Jenny  (Lynn)  Kidder,  of  Bristol. 
They  lived  in  Bristol,  Hebron,  and  Enosburg,  Vt.,  where  he  d.  Feb. 
8, 1856.    She  d.  Holland,  Vt.,  March  2i,  1863. 
V.    Mahy,  b.  August  16, 1775.    in.  James  Kidder,  b.  April  80, 1771,  son 
of  John  and  Jenny  (l^ynn)  Kidder.    They  removed  to  Enosburg 
Vt.    Ho  d.  Oct.  30, 1833.    She  d.  May  10, 1843. 
vi.    Oliver,  b.  Nov.  1, 1777,  lived  some  years,  at  least,  in  Bristol, 
vii.    DoLLT,  b.  March  16,  1780. 

viii.    LucT,  b.  Jan.  9,  or  25,  1783.    ra.  Daniel  Emerson  (see), 
iz.    Drborah,  b.  Jan.  4, 1785.    m.  June  16,  1803,  David  Fowler ;  lived 
in  Sanbomton,  Hebron,  Bristol,  and  Alexandria.    He  d.  Sept.  14, 
1866.     Shed.  Sept.  5,  1871. 
X.    Abigail,  b.  May  13, 1787.    m.  Zebulon  Ferrin  (see) 


1.  Nathan  Blake,  probably  from  Eppiug,  removed  to  Sanbomton, 
He  was  drowned  in  the  Pemigewasaet  River,  in  Franklin,  at  a  point 
since  called  Blake  Falls,  May  5, 1799.  His  widow,  Molly,  m.  second, 
Feb.  22,  1803,  Samuel  Tenney,  of  Sanbomton. 

2.  Jedediaii  Blake,  son  of  Nathan  \  b.  March  20,  1779,  m.  in 
Sanbomton,  Oct  10, 1799,  SallieHoyt ;  removed  to  Bolton,  P.  Q.,and 
about  1812  removed  to  Alexandria,  where  he  d.  Nov.  29,  1867. 

3.  Nathan  Blake,  son  of  Jedediah,  b.  Bolton,  P.  Q.,  April  19, 1808. 
m.  Jan.  1, 1831,  Ruth  C.  Simonds,  b.  Nov.  24, 1810,  dau.  of  Moses  and 
Kuth  (Cross)  Simonds,  of  Alexandria.  He  was  a  farmer  and  himber- 
luau.     Ho  removed  to  Plymouth,  1874,  having  previously  lived  in 


Alexandria  and  Epping.    He  d.  March  14, 1883.    She  d.  Jan.  6, 1896. 
Ten  children  b.  in  Alexandria. 

i.    Lucy  Simonds,  b.  June  10, 1882.    d.  April  80, 1857. 
ii.    Levi  Simonds,  b.  Jan.  16, 1834.   d.  Dec.  6, 1884. 
iiL    Lkyi  Flbtchkr,  b.  Oct  22, 1885.    m.  July  2, 18C8,  Mary  F.  Rollins. 

Hed.  Alexandria,  Feb.  26, 1896. 
iv.    Sarah  Jans,  b.  Feb.  18,  1888.     m.  August  80,  1862,  Gideon  C. 

Boardman,  of  Alexandria.    She  d.  Sept  4, 1864. 
T.    Louisa  Carolinb,  b.  Nov.  2, 1889.  d.  Sept.  21, 1861. 
yi.    Laura  Elizabeth,  b.  Sept.  25, 1841.      unm.  d.  iu  Plymouth,  Feb. 

22, 1902. 
yii.    Alonzo  Nathan,  b.  July  15,  1848.     m.   Sept  30,  1877,  Lizzie 

Walker.    lie  is  a  provision  dealer  in  Boston  ;  res.  Somerville 

yiii.     Amanda  Ruth,  b.  June  12, 1845.    d.  Sept.  20, 1879. 
ix.    Gkorob  Washington,  b.  March  19, 1848.    m.  May  21, 1870,  Annie 

C.  Sweetland.     Railroad  conductor. 
X.     Francis  Fkrren«  b.  June  27,  1850.    m.  July  3,  1884,  Cora  L. 

Heath,  b.  March  8,  1868,  dau.  of  Charles  R   Heath  (see).    State 

Normal  School,  1881.    She  d.  Nov.  80, 1890.      He  is  a  successful 

farmer  and  has  res.  in  Plymouth  since  1879.    Selectman,  1894 

1895,  1899.    Two  children,  b.  in   Plymouth :   (1)  Harry  N.,  b. 

Sept  26, 1885.    Plymouth  High,  1908.    (2)  Lula  R,b.  Not.  21, 



1.  Thomas  Blanouard  came  from  London  in  the  ship  ''Jona- 
than," 1639.  He  was  in  Braintree  several  years,  and,  1651,  settleil 
on  the  Mystic  side  of  Charlestown,  where  he  d.  May  21, 1654.  His 
wife,  perhaps  a  second  wife,  died  on  the  passage  to  New  England,  and 

he  m.,  third,  Mary .     His  sons  were  George,  Thomas,  Samnel, 

and  Nathaniel. 

2.  Samubl  Blanchard,  son  of  Thomas  \  b.  1630.  m.  Feb.  3, 
1664y/5,  Mary  Sweetser,  dau.  of  Seth  Sweetser,  of  Charlestown,  who  d. 
Feb.  20, 1668/9.  He  m.  second,  June  23,  1673,  Hannah  Doggett, 
dau.  of  Thomas  Doggett,  of  Marshfield.  He  lived  in  Charlestown 
until  1686,  when  he  removed  to  Andover,  Mass.  He  d.  April  22, 1707. 
She  d.  July  10, 1725. 

3.  Jonathan  Blanohard,  son  of  Samuel*,  b.  May  25, 1664.  m. 
May  26, 1685,  Anna  Lovejoy,  dau.  of  John  Lovejoy,  of  Andover, 

4.  Stephen  Blanchard,  son  of  Jonathan  ^,  b.  Andover,  1702.  m. 
August  10,  1724,  Deborah  Phelps.  Lived  in  Andover.  His  sous, 
Nathan  and  David,  settled  in  Wilton. 


5.  David  Blanchard,  son  of  Stephen,*  b.  Andover,  April  10, 1740. 

m.  Margaret ,  and  settled  in  Wilton  about  1762.     Of  their 

eight  children  two  became  residents  of  Plymouth,  Peter  Dolever 
(named  below)  and  Deborah,  wife  of  James  Blodgett  (see). 

6.  Petbb  Dolbvbr  Blanchabd,  son  of  David*  b.  Wilton,  June 
16, 1766.  m.  Mary  Blodgett,  dau.  of  James  Blodgett  (see).  He 
was  a  farmer,  res.  in  Plymouth  from  1795  to  1810,  when  he  re- 
moved to  Groton,  where  he  d.  1829.  She  d.  July  1, 1845.  Six  chil- 

i.  Pktrr,  b.  Oct.  20, 1701.  m.  Sarah  Melvin.  Res.  Groton.  Chil- 
dren :  Peter,  Seth,  £ben,  Betsey,  Simeon,  Joan,  and  Esther. 

ii.  SiMKON,  b.  August  6,  1798.  m.  Tryphena  Sherman  ;  m.  second, 
Louisa  Sherman,  daus.  of  Reuben  Sherman.  He  lived  in  Lisbon. 
Children  :  Mary,  Damon,  Noah,  and  Truman.  Of  these,  Damon 
d.  in  Plymouth,  Dec.  21,  1844. 

iii.  Mart,  b.  Sept.  11,  1796.  m.  Jonathan  Wise.  Res.  Lynn,  Mass. 
Children  :  George,  Jonathan,  Jaokman,  Laura. 

17.    Brlinda,  b.  April  26, 1800.    m.  Chester  Caswell.    Lived  in  Haver- 
hill, Mass. 
V.    Otis,  b.  April  11, 1804.    m.  May  26,  1836,  Atalanta  B.  Peake.    She 
d.  Jan.  4,  I860.  He  m.  second,  Lavinia  Phelps.  He  d.  in  Rumney, 
Sept.  28,  1881. 

vL  Esther,  b.  March  9,  1809.  m.  Truman  Church.  Res.  Vershire, 
Vt.    She  d.  May  10,  1843.    Three  children. 


1.  Jonathan  Bliss,  son  of  Jonathan  and  Martha  (Martin)  Bliss, 
b.  Randolph,  Vt,  July  15, 1799.  Dartmouth  College,  1824.  He  read 
law  with  Joseph  Bell,  at  Haverhill,  and  with  William  C.  Thompson,  at 
Plymouth,  and  was  admitted,  1828.  He  practised  law  in  Plymouth 
from  1828  to  1832,  when  he  removed  to  Haverhill,  where  he  remained 
until  1836.  In  Plymouth  he  was  associated  with  William  C.  Thomp- 
son, under  the  name  of  Thompson  &  Bliss.  In  1836  he  removed  to 
Gainesville,  Ala.,  where  he  was  successful  and  prosperous.  He  d. 
wliile  on  a  journey,  in  Cleveland,  Ohio,  July  27,  1879.    (See  Vol.  I.) 

He  m.,  Oct  — ,  1831,  Lucretia  A.  C.  Leverett,  dau.  of  William 
Leverett,  of  Windsor,  Vt  She  d.  about  1839.  He  m.  second,  Oct. 
7,  1844,  Mary  Ballard  Kidder,  b.  March  6, 1809,  dau.  of  Samuel  and 
Hannah  (Rogers)  Kidder,  of  Charlestown,  Mass.  She  d.  April  12, 
1857.  He  m.  third,  Maria  Kidder,  of  Medford,  Mass.  He  had  chil- 
dren, it  is  said,  but  a  record  is  not  available. 
TOL.  n.— 4 



1.  Thomas  Blodgbt,  b.  1605,  the  emigrant  ancestor  of  a  family 
prominent  in  the  annals  of  New  England,  sailed  from  London  in 
the  "Increase,"  April  18, 1635.  The  family  were  "Thomas  Blogget, 
glover,  aged  30,  his  wife  Susan  aged  37  a  son  Daniel  aged  4  and 
a  son  Samuel  aged  1^  years."  He  settled  in  Cambridge,  Mass.,  and 
was  one  of  the  original  members  of  Rev.  Thomas  Shepard's  company, 
which  founded  the  first  church  in  Cambridge.  He  was  made  a  free- 
man, 1636,  and  received  a  grant  of  land.  He  d.  1642.  His  will  is 
dated  August  10, 1641,  and  was  probated  1643.  His  widow,  Susan, 
m.  second,  Feb.  15,  1643/4,  James  Thompson,  of  Woburn,  who  d. 
1682.  She  d.  Feb.  10,  1660/1.  Samuel  Blodget,  son  of  Thomas  ^  and 
Susan,  settled  in  Woburn,  and  Susanna  Blodget,  dau.  of  Thomas^ 
and  Susan,  b.  1637,  m.  Nov.  28,  1655,  Jonathan  Thompson,  son  of 
James,  and  lived  in  Woburn.  They  wei'e  ancestors  of  Benjamin 
Thompson,  b.  March  26, 1753,  known  as  Sir  Benjamin  Thompson  and 
Count  Bumford. 

2.  Daniel  Blodget,  son  of  Thomas  ^  b.  England,  1631.  m.  Sept. 
15, 1653,  Mary  Butterfield,  dau.  of  Benjamin  and  Ann  Butterfield,  of 
Woburn  and  Chelmsford,  Mass.  He  removed  fi'om  Cambridge  to 
Chelmsford,  and  there  his  children  were  bom.  His  wife,  the  motlier 
of  seven  children,  d.  Sept.  5, 1666 ;  he  m.  second,  March  10,  16G9, 
Sarah  Underwood,  who  was  the  mother  of  two  sons.  He  d.  Jan.  28, 

3.  Thomas  Blodqet,  son  of  DanieP,  b.  Chelmsford,  June  25, 1654. 
Lived  in  Chelmsford.  He  was  a  grantee  of  land,  1690  and  1711,  and 
a  surveyor  of  fences,  1688.  He  m.  June  29,  1682,  Mary  Parkhurst, 
dau.  of  Joseph  Parkhurst;  she  d.  Sept.  9, 1694.  He  m.  second,  July 
8,  1696,  Mary  Druse,  of  Groton,  Mass.  She,  a  widow,  d.  June  8, 

4.  Joseph  Blodget,  son  of  Thomas'  and  Mary  (Parkhui-st)  Blod- 
get, b.  Chelmsford,  Oct.  10,  1689.  m.  Dorothy  Perham,  b.  July  9, 
1696,  dau.  of  Joseph  Perham.  He  was  one  of  the  early  settlers  of 
Nottingham  West,  now  Hudson,  and  his  dwelling,  known  as  Blodget's 
Garrison,  was  one  of  the  fortified  houses  in  that  locality.  He  was 
prominent  in  the  affairs  of  the  settlement,  and  his  descendants  are 
numerous  and  are  distinguished  in  New  Hampshire  and  elsewhere. 
He  d.  Dec.  3,  1761 ;  she  d.  March  6,  1778.  Eight  children  b.  in 
Nottingham  West 


i.    JosBPii,  b.  Feb.  0,  1719,  the  first  male  child  born  in  the  town. 

5.  ii.    Ebrnezbr,  b.  Jan.  3,  1720. 

6.  ill.    Jkremiah,  b.  July  20,  1721. 

iv.    Dorothy,  b.  Feb.   18,  1724.      m. Thompson ;    m.  second, 

Onesipherus  Marsh,  of  Plymouth  (see). 
▼.    Abigail,    m.  Samuel  Greeley,  son  of  Samuel,  of  Nottingham  West. 
vi.    Bkbbcca,  b.  Feb.  3,  1728.    m.  Samuel  Merrill,  son  of  Samuel,  of 

Nottingham  West 
yii.    Jonathan,  b.  Dec.  6,  1730. 

7.  viii.    Jamrs,  b.  Feb.  17,  1781.  ' 

5.  Ebenezer  Blodgett,  son  of  Joseph*  b.  Jan.  3, 1720,  with  wife 
Hannah  came  to  Plymouth,  1764  He  was  active  i^  forwarding  the 
settlement,  and  was  respected  by  his  associates.  He  was  a  Selectman, 
1776-1778,  and  was  frequently  named  in  the  early  annals  of  Plymouth. 
He  was  taxed  continuously  until  1794,  when  he  deeded  his  farm  to 
Joshua  Thornton  in  consideration  of  his  future  support  He  d.  1802. 
No  children. 

6.  Jeremiah  Blodgett,  son  of  Joseph*,  b.  July  20,  1721.  m. 
Miriam  Provender.  He  was  a  soldier,  1745,  in  a  company  of  scouts 
commanded  by  Capt  John  Goffe.  He  lived  and  died  in  Hudson. 
His  sons  Jeremiah  and  Ebenezer  settled  in  Plymouth,  and  Asahel 
and  Beniah  settled  in  Dorchester.    Seven  children. 

i.  Jeremiah,  b.  May  9, 1751,  came  from  Hudson  to  Plymouth,  1772. 
m.  in  Plymouth,  April  16,  1774,  Lucy  Nevins,  dau.  of  Thomas 
Kevins  (see).  He  enlisted  from  Plymouth  in  Col.  Timothy 
BedePs  regiment,  in  January,  1776.  In  this  service  there  were 
several  men  from  Plymouth,  including  his  brother  Ebenezer.  The 
two  brothers  died  in  the  service  in  the  summer  of  1776,  of  a  viru- 
lent fever,  near  Ticonderoga.  Their  father,  hearing  of  their  sick- 
ness, journeyed  on  horseback  from  Hudson  to  Ticonderoga,  and 
then  learned  that  his  two  oldest  sons  were  dead  and  buried.  For 
some  reason  the  name  of  Jeremiah  Blodgett  is  not  found  on  the 
imperfect  rolls  of  the  regiment,  but  the  fact  of  his  service  and 
death  as  stated  admits  of  no  doubt.  He  was  taxed  in  Plymouth 
1778,  1774, 1775,  and  his  widow,  Lucy,  1776  and  1777,  when  the 
farm  was  sold.  They  had  one  child:  (1)  Lucy,  b.  Nov.  20,  1775. 
Widow,  Lucy  Blodgett,  d.  July  1, 1804. 

IL  Ebenezer,  b.  Jan.  29, 1753,  came  to  Plymouth,  1772,  and  here  m. 
May  19, 1775,  his  cousin  Sarah  Blodgett,  dau.  of  James  Blodgett 
(see).  He  was  a  soldier  in  Colonel  BedeFs  regiment  and  d.  in  the 
service  1776  (see  record  of  his  brother  Jeremiah).  His  widow 
Siirah  m.  second,  1782,  Andrew  Ilickok  (see). 

iii.  AsAnEL,  b.  June  19,  1755,  was  a  soldier  in  the  Revolution.  He  m. 
Dec.  13,  1781,  Catherine  Pollard,  dau.  of  Ebenezer  and  Abigail 
PoUard,  of  Hudson.     She  d.  Deo.  20,  1705 ;  he  m.  second,  Lois 


Pollard,  a  sister  of  his  first  wife.  lie  remoyed,  1800,  from  Hudson 
to  Dorchester,  where  he  d.  Jane  2,  1842.  He  had  seven  children 
hy  first  and  six  hy  second  marriage :  (1)  Catharine,  b.  Not.  24, 
1782,  d.  unm.  Dec.  10,  1805.  (2)  Asahel,  b.  May  16,  1784.  m. 
1806,  Polly  Blodgett  and  li?ed  in  Hudson  and  in  Dorchester.  (8) 
Ebenezer,  b.  Jan.  14, 1786.  m.  June  21,  1827,  Sally  Cheever,  of 
Dorchester.  He  li?ed  at  Fort  CoTingtou,  N.  Y.,  1830-1844,  and 
later  in  Rumney,  where  he  d.  March  19, 1870.  His  son  Isaac  D., 
b.  May  11, 1828,  a  merchant  of  New  York  and  Boston,  member  of 
New  York  Chamber  of  Commerce,  New  England  Historio-Genea- 
logical  Society.  His  kindness  and  courtesy  have  presented  many 
items  of  interest  to  this  family  register.  (4)  Isaac,  b.  August  12, 
1787.  d.  unm.  Oct.  29,  1816.  (6)  Sybel,  b.  Nov.  18, 1780.  d. 
unm.  March  6,  1868.  (6)  Lois,  b.  Feb.  17,  1702.  m.  AVales 
Dole,  of  Canaan.  (7)  Caleb,  b.  Dec.  13,  1703.  m.  1824,  Char- 
lotte Piper.  He  was  a  prominent  and  honored  citizen  of  Dorches- 
ter and  of  Canaan.  RepresenUtive,  State  Senator,  1833, 1834 ;  Ex- 
ecutive Councillor,  1844,  1845;  Sheriff,  1835-1840,  and  County 
Commissioner.  He  d.  Oct  5, 1872.  His  son  Caleb,  b.  Dorchester, 
June  3, 1832,  Dartmouth  College,  1866;  LL.D.  1880;  an  able  Jus- 
tice of  the  Massachusetts  Supreme  Court,  and  a  loyal  son  of  New 
Hampshire;  he  d.  Dec.  11,  1001.  Isaac  Newton,  a  second  son  of 
Caleb,  b.  Canaan,  March  6, 1838,  an  eminent  lawyer  of  Franklin, 
Associate  Justice  of  the  Supreme  Court,  1880-1898;  Chief  Justice, 
1898-1002,  when  he  resigned.  He  m.  May  24, 1861,  Sarah  Azubah 
Gerould,  b.  April  13,  1830,  dau.  of  Ilev.  Moses  and  Cyntliia 
(I^ke)  Gerould.  (8)  Rufus,  b.  Nov.  12, 1708.  m.  Kuth  Webster 
Felbws.  He  d.  Fort  Covington,  N.Y.,  Oct.  20, 1881.  (9)  Lucinda, 
b.  Nov.  18, 1800.  d.  unm.  August  0, 1879.  (10)  Abner,  b.  Dec.  6, 
1802.  m.  Dec.  0, 1832,  Persis  Blodgett.  d.  Wentworth,  Oct.  6, 1889. 
(11)  Beniah,  b.  April  25, 1804.  d.  April  8, 1817.  (12)  Jeremiah, 
b.  March  10, 1806.  Lived  in  Dorchester,  Rumney,  and  after  1847  in 
Wentworth.  He  was  a  Representative  from  Dorchester,  1842, 1843, 
from  Wentworth,  1870,  1871,  1872;  Executive  Councillor,  1875 
and  1877.  He  m.  Nov.  24,  1833,  Amanda  Johnson,  dau.  William 
and  Hannah  (Brown)  Johnson,  of  Wentworth.  The  eldest  of  his 
eight  children  was  Rufus,  b.  Oct  9,  1834,  removed  to  New  Jersey 
and  was  Superintendent  of  the  New  Jersey  SouUiem  Railroad,  and 
of  tlie  New  York  and  Ix>ng  Branch  Railroad,  a  Memlier  of  the  As- 
sembly, 1877-1879,  and  United  States  Senator,  1887-1803.  (18) 
Betsey,  b.  May  14,  1808.    d.  unm.  Feb.  23,  1892. 

iv.    Hannah,  b.  Sept.  24,  1757.    m.  Oct.  31, 1776,  Stephen  Chase.     Re- 
moved to  Topsham,  Vt    She  d.  about  1845. 

V.    Sarah,  b.  May  16, 1760.    d.  Feb.  6, 1777. 

vi.    Isaac,  b.  May  2,  1762.    d.  Jan.  21,  1777. 

vii.    Brniah,  b.  March  3,  1765.    m.  Betsey  Hamblet  and  removed  to 
Dorchester,  where  he  d.  1830  ;  no  children. 


7.  James  Blodgbtt,  son  of  Joseph  *,  b.  Nottingham  West,  Feb.  13, 
1734  m.  Sarah  Snow,  dau.  of  Joseph  and  Bridget  Snow  (see).  He 
removed  to  Plymouth,  1764  or  1765.  On  a  brook  tributary  to  Baker's 
Biver,  in  the  western  part  of  the  townsliip,  he  built  the  first  grist-mill 
in  this  vicinity.  He  was  a  deacon  of  the  Baptist  CImrch,  a  selectman, 
1784,  and  a  useful  citizen.  For  other  reference  to  a  worthy  pioneer 
see  Vol.  L  The  date  of  death  of  his  wife  has  not  been  discovered. 
He  m.  second,  in  Salem,  1793,  Esther  Wyman.  The  intention  of  mar- 
riage is  recorded  in  Plymouth,  and  record  of  the  marriage  is  iii  Salem. 
Ho  d.  1813. 

i.    Sarah,  b.  Nov.  23, 1754.    m.  Ebeneser  Blodgett  (see),    m.  second, 
Andrew  Ilickok  (see). 

8.  iL    Jamrs,  b.  Dec.  16, 1756. 

iii.  Zbruah,  b.  May  13,  1759.  m.  Jan.  11,  1778,  Timothy  Bayley,  b. 
Haverhill,  Mass.,  Jane  16, 1751,  son  of  Richard  and  Rachel  (Page) 
Bayley,  and  a  brother  of  Richard  Bayley,  of  Flymontli  and  Berlin, 
Yt  He  lived  in'  Lisbon  until  1810,  when  he  removed  to  Spring- 
field, Ohio.  Her  name  is  written  in  one  instance  Zerviah,  and 
she  is  called  Viah  in  Bayley  genealogy. 

AniRL,  b.  Feb.  20,  1762. 

Hannah,  b.  1764.  m.  in  Plymouth,  June  24,  1784,  Henry  Phelps, 
b.  HoUis,  April  18, 1751,  son  of  John  and  Deborah  Phelps.  They 
lived  in  Groton,  where  she  d.  Oct.  10,  1848.  Henry  Phelps  had 
previously  m.  Hannah  Nevins,  dau.  of  Thomas  Kevins  (see). 

JosRPn  Snow,  b.  April  21,  1767. 

MoLLEY,  b.  1769.    m.  Peter  Dolever  Blanchard  (see). 

Bridgrt,  b.  1778.    m.  Nathan  Penuiman  (see). 

SiMRON,  b.  1774. 

Ebrnrzrr,  b.  Feb.  0,  1777. 

8.  James  Blodgbtt,  son  of  James  ^  b.  Dec.  15,  1756.  ni.  March 
4, 1788,  Deborah  Blanchard,  b.  Wilton,  May  30, 1769,  dau.  of  David 
Blanchard  (see).  She  d.  in  Plymouth,  April  5,  1806.  He  was  a 
farmer,  and  lived  in  Plymouth  until  1810. 

i.  Drborah,  b.  Deo.  13, 1788.    m.  Nov.  5, 1806,  Ebenezer  Hickok  (see), 

ii.  Hannah,  b.  Jan.  15,  1790. 

iii.  Jamrs,  b.  Oct  9,  1791.    m.  July  4,  1820,  Polly  Penniman,  b.  July 

8,  1792,  dan.  of  Capt.  Adna  Penniman  (see), 

iv.  Bridort,  b.  Jane  19,  1798. 

V.  Kalph,  b.  Dec.  6, 1790.   d.  August  29, 1798. 

vi.  Nathan,  b.  April  11,  1799. 

vii.  Alvrn,  b.  June  18,  1801. 

18.  viii.  AsAHRL,  b.  Jan.  1, 1804. 













9.  Adibl  Blodqett,  son  of  James  ^  b.  Feb.  20, 1762.  He  lived 
in  Plymouth.  He  m.  April  29, 1788,  Mai^aret  Davis,  b.  1769.  In 
record  of  marriage  slie  is  called  Margaret  Davis,  of  Plymouth.  It  is 
tradition  that  her  mother  married,  first,  McKuight,  and  second,  Davis, 
that  she  was  a  daughter  of  McKnight,  and  assumed  the  name  of  her 
stepfather.  In  1834  they  removed  from  Plymouth  to  Campton.  He 
d.  March  25, 1848.    She  d.  Sept  17, 1842.    GhUdren  b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.    Nanot,  b.  Jan.  29, 1789.     m.  Joseph  Stephens,  of  St.  Johnsbury, 

y t.    They  had  sons,  Simon  and  CoriielL 
ii.    Eliza,  b.  March  16,  1791.    m.  Amoe  Fisher. 

14.  iii.    Abiel  Davis,  b.  April  24,  1793. 

iy.    Kbzia,  b.  April  17,  1795.    m.  Beujamin  Hall,  of  Dorchester.   Tliey 
had  sons,  Joseph  and  William,  and   a  dau.  Permelia,  wlio  in. 
William  Jones, 
y.    Rklivf,  b.  June  11, 1797.    m.  Amoe  Melvin  (see), 
yi.    Prrmklia,  b.  Feb.  25,  1800.   d.  1803. 
yii.    Sarah  Snow,  b.  May  27,  1802.    m.  Walter  Rideout  (see), 
yiii.    Jbmima,  b.  August  29, 1804.    m.  Reuben  Powers  (see), 
ix.    Calvin,  b.  March  13,  1800.    unm.    He  lived  in  Plymouth,  where 
he  d.  Oct.  28, 1881. 

15.  X.    W^iLLiAM  Davis,  b.  Jan.  25, 1808. 

xi.  Catubrinb,  b.  August  23, 1812.  m.  June  19,  1836,  Jonas  Fitch, 
b.  Pepperell,  Mass.,  March  21,  1811,  son  of  Jonas  and  Thirza 
(Jewett)  Fitch.  He  was  an  architect  of  Boston,  Mass.  The 
Fitchburg  R.R.  stone  depot  and  other  prominent  buildings  of 
Boston  are  his  creations.  He  was  a  director  of  the  Continental 
Bank.  He  d.  Feb.  19,  1882.  She  d.  March  28,  1892.  Four 
children :  (1)  Anna  Elizabeth  Richards,  b.  March  18,  1839.  m. 
Sept.  3,  1802,  John  Wallace.  She  d.  March  14,  1891.  (2) 
Charles  Henry,  b.  May  29,  1841 ;  d.  Feb.  20,  1842.  (3)  Charles 
Henry,  b.  June  29,  1846.  m.  Jan.  24,  1878,  Harriet  Elizabeth 
Wisner.  He  was  in  active  business  in  Boston,  Mass.,  until  1882. 
He  DOW  resides  in  Pepperell,  Mass.  He  has  one  child,  Catherine 
Blodgett  Fitch,  b.  Oct.  18, 1879.  (4)  Carrie  Thii-za,  b.  March  3, 
1850.    Res.  Boston,  Mass. 

10.  Joseph  Snow  Blodgktt.  son  of  James  ^  b.  April  21, 1767. 
m.  Oct  2,  1794,  Eunice  French,  b.  June  8, 1766.  He  lived  in  Camp- 
ton from  1794  to  1800,  and  subsequently  in  Plymoutli.  He  was  a 
farmer,  and  a  part  of  the  year  he  was  accustomed  to  peddle  earthen- 
ware. He  d.  June  15, 1834.  She  d.  August  22,  1855.  Three  chil- 
dren b.  in  Campton,  and  five  in  Plymouth. 

i.    Eunice,  b.  July  2, 1705.    unm.    d.  Deo.  22, 1841. 











Sarah  Snow,  b.  April  16, 1798.    m.  William  Greenough  (see).  She 

d.  May  — ,  1860. 
JosRPH  French,  b.  Nov.  17, 1799. 
M06B8,  b.  Blay  29, 1802.      m.  Deo.  81, 1827,  Eliza  Ferrin,  of  He 

NoAU,  b.  March  21, 1806. 

Mart  A.,  b.  March  7, 1810.    m.  Theodore  Harriman  (see). 
Ruth,  b.  Dec.  18, 1818.   d.  Jan.  9,  1880. 
Emilt,  b.  Oct.  17, 1817.    m.  Ezra  B.  Eaton,  of  Wentworth.     She 

d.  Deo.  2, 1855. 

11.  Simeon  Blodgbtt,  son  of  James  ^  b.  1774.  He  was  taxed  in 
Plymouth,  1797-1800  and  1821-1828.  He  m.  1825,  AUce  (Kidder) 
Spalding,  widow  of  Jonathan  Spalding,  Jr.,  of  Wilton.  He  d.  in 
Plymouth,  Jan.  15, 1829,  and  his  widow  m.  third,  Jonathan  Cummings 

12.  Ebbnezer  Blodgbtt,  son  of  James',  b.  Feb.  9, 1777.  He  m. 
in  Moultonborough,  Nov.  25,  1802,  Nancy  Penniman,  dau.  of  Capt. 
Adna  Penniman  (see).  She  d.  Feb.  16, 1826,  aged  45.  He  m.  second, 
April  3, 1830,  Lydia  Barnard,  of  Waraer.  She  d.  Sept  29, 1856,  aged 
69.  He  was  a  farmer,  and  from  his  labor  upon  the  farm  he  supported 
his  family.  In  the  service  of  his  Master  he  was  equaUy  earnest  and 
laborious.  Throughout  the  active  years  of  his  life  he  was  a  preacher, 
travelling  through  many  towns  and  receiving  no  compensation.  He 
was  instrumental  in  building  the  old  brick  church  at  West  Plymouth. 
He  d.  in  Bristol,  Sept  28,  1854     Four  children. 

i.    Aliob,  b.  Dec.  11, 1804.    m.  Daniel  Bartlett  (see), 
ii.     Atossa,  b.  August  14, 1806.     m.  John  H.  Gill  (see), 
iii.    Catorrinb,  b.  June  0,  1810.     m.  Feb.  1,  1831,  Leonard  Felch,  b. 
Weare,  May  21,  1801,  son  of  Jonathan  and  Abigail  (Favor)  Felch. 
They  lived  in  Weare,  where  shed.  1851,  leaving  two  sons :  (1) 
John  H.,  b.  June  24,  1834,  a  well-known  citizen  of  Hancock.    (2) 
Hiram  M.,  b.  July  1,  laSO.     Res.  Weare. 
10.    iv.    Ebsnbzbr  Kbllum,  b.  March  4,  1831. 

13.  AsAiiBL  Blodgett,  son  of  James  ^  b.  Jan.  1, 1804  in.  Nov 
23, 1827,  Priscilla  Webster,  dau.  of  Peter  Webster.  He  was  a  fanner 
in  Plymouth  until  1848,  when  he  removed  to  Orford.  He  d.  Sept 
28, 1874.    She  d.  Oct  30, 1871. 

I.  Mart  Janr,  b.  Jan.  80, 1830.  m.  June  27, 1847,  George  W.  Hickok, 
b.  1825,  son  of  Ebenezer  and  Deborah  (Blodgett)  Hickok  (see 
James  Blodgett  ^). 


ii.  Wbdstbr  p.,  b.  August  8,  1833.  m.  May  17,  1874,  Dillie  H. 
Pebbles.    He  is  a  farmer  of  Orford. 

iii.    Stbphbn,  b.  Jan.  23, 1837.   d.  April  25,  1856. 

iy.    Martha  Ann,  b.  August  2,  ia38.    m.  Dec  4, 1856,  Dan  T.  Simp- 
son, farmer,  of  Orford.     She  d.  Dec.  8, 1801. 
y.    Harribt  Euzabbtii,  b.  Deo.  7,  1843.     m.  May  26,  1878,  Luther 
Sherbum,  farmer,  of  Orford.    She  d.  Oct.  0, 1803. 

yi.  Ellbn  Maria,  b.  July  16,  1845.  m.  August  17,  1867,  Ilazen 
Pebbles,  farmer,  and,  in  oompany  with  Webster  P.  Blodgett,  pro- 
prietor of  Mountain  View  Farm,  Orford. 

14.  Abiel  Davis  Blodgbtt,  son  of  Abiel  •,  b.  April  24, 1793,  and 
by  anoUier  record,  b.  April  23, 1794.  He  removed  in  eai-ly  life  to 
Milford,  N.  Y.,  and  there  m.  Nov.  1, 1821,  Susan  Bichmond.  He 
subsequently  lived  in  Erie  Co.,  N.  Y.,  and  in  1846  he  removed  to 
McHenry  Co.,  111.,  where  he  d.  1861.  She  d.  1866.  He  was  a 
prosperous  farmer  and  a  highly  respected  citizen,  and  was  frequently 
elected  to  town  and  county  offices.     Five  children. 

i.  Albert  D.,  b.  August  29,  1822.  unra.  He  was  a  soldier  in  the 
Mexican  War;  d.  Feb.  20, 1852. 

ii.  Delos  Abiel,  b.  March  8,  1826.  m.  Sept  9,  1859,  Jennie  S. 
Wood,  who  d.  Oct  22, 1890.  lie  m.  second,  Jan.  8, 1893,  Daisy  A. 
Peck,  b.  Not.  7, 1863,  dau.  of  Prof.  William  A.  Peck.  He  settled 
in  Michigan,  1849,  and  for  many  years  was  extensively  and  suc- 
cessfully engaged  in  the  lumber  business.  At  present  be  is  asso- 
ciated in  business  with  his  son,  John  W.  Blodgett,  and  a  son-in-law, 
Edward  Lowe.  He  lives,  honored  and  respected,  at  Grand  Rapids, 
Mich.,  with  a  winter  home  at  Daytona,  Fla.  Children :  (1)  John 
W.,  b.  July  26,  1860.  m.  Jan.  16,  1895,  Minnie  Cumnock,  of 
Lowell,  Mass. ;  res.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich.  (2)  Susan  R.,  b.  May 
22,  1865.  m.  1888,  Edward  Lowe;  res.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 
(8)  Helen  P.,  b.  July  6,  1895.   (4)  Delos  Abiel,  b.  Nov.  13,  1896. 

iii.  Ellen  C,  b.  July  26,  1827.  m.  1850,  Franklin  Diggins.  Three 
children:  (1)  Deloe  F.,  b.  1852  ;  is  a  lumberman;  res.  Cadillac, 
Mich.  (2)  Albert  B.,  b.  1854;  is  a  farmer,  McHenry  Co.,  111. 
(8)  Fred  A.,  b.  1862 ;  is  a  lumberman ;  res.  Cadillac,  Mich. 

iv.  Helen  R.,  b.  1830.  m.  1849,  Irvin  E.  Baldwin ;  res.  McHenry  Co., 
ni.,  where  she  d.  1883.  Four  daughters:  (1)  Mrs.  Irene  (Bald- 
win) Johnson;  res.  Winona,  Minn.  (2)  Mrs.  Ada  (Baldwin) 
Van  Winkle ;  res.  Washington,  D.  C.  (3)  Mrs.  Jennie  (Baldwin) 
Phelps  ;  res.  Chicago,  111.  (4)  Mrs.  Ilattie  (Baldwin)  Wakolcy ; 
res.  Chicago,  111. 
V.  Harriet  £.,  b.  Nov.  13,  1835.  m.  1853,  N.  J.  Jerome.  He  d. 
1890.    Res.  McHenry  Co*,  111.     Three  children :  (1)  Mrs.  Kate 


C.  (Jerome)  Peterton,  res.  Chicago,  111.  (2)  Howell  R.  Jerome, 
res.  Hanrai^,  111.  (3)  Helen  A.  Jerome,  res.  with  her  mother  in 
Harvard,  111. 

15.  WiLUAM  Davis  Blodgett,  son  of  Abiel  •,  b.  Jan.  25, 1808. 
m.  May  25, 1845,  Lavinia  Melvin,  dau.  of  Walter  Melvin  (see).  She 
d.  August  11, 1846.  He  m.  second,  April  11, 1848,  Elizabeth  Farrar, 
b.  Sept.  15,  1826,  dau.  of  Abel  and  Hepsibah  (Boynton)  Farrar  of 
Temple.  She  d.  July  5, 1859.  He  m.  third,  Oct  5,  1873,  Caroline 
Maria  Melvin,  dau.  of  Walter  Melvin  (see).  She  d.  Jan.  13, 1890, 
He  d.  April  9, 1892.  He  lived  in  Boston  a  few  years,  but  was  in 
Plymouth  continuously  after  1846.     Farmer.    Three  children. 

i.    Frbd  Davis,  b.  Jane  6, 1852.  d.  Jan.  8, 1854. 
ii.    Ella    Elizadbth,  b.  Sept.  2,   1854.      m.  Sept.  25,  1879,  Jacob 

Leiand  Potts,  a  lawyer  of  Ithaca,  Mich.      He  was  elected  Judge 

of  Probate,  1888.    They  have  one  child :  (1)  Madge  £.,  b.  Sept.  1» 

iii.    Frbdrrick  Richmond,  b.  Feb.  17, 1858.     He  was  engaged  in  the 

glove  business  several  years,  and  is  now  a  farmer  on  Moses  Adams' 


16.  JosBrii  French  Blodgktt,  son  of  Josepli  Snow*<>,  b.  Nov.  17, 
1799.  ra.  Dec.  22,  1828,  Mary  Sanborn,  b.  Sanbornton,  Dec.  17, 
1798,  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Theodate  (Perkins)  Sanborn.  Previous  to 
his  marriage  he  was  in  Boston  a  few  years,  and  subsequently  resided, 
a  farmer,  in  Plymouth.  He  d.  Oct  23, 1882.  She  d.  Feb.  13, 1872. 
Four  children. 

L  Simeon,  b.  May  21, 1880.  m.  Dec.  10,  1854,  Sarah  Ann  Breed,  of 
Franklin.  He  d.  in  Manchester,  Sept.  26,  1855,  and  was  buried 
Turnpike  Cemetery,  in  Plymouth. 

ii.  Samubl,  b.  Jnly  20,  1881.  m.  Feb.  28,  1860,  Ruth  Ann  MoClure, 
who  d.  Feb.  24,  1800.  By  occupation  he  is  a  brick  mason,  and 
res.  Grafton,  N.  D.  He  is  the  author  of  a  book  entitled  "  Scien- 
tific Skeleton,'*  105  pp.,  published  1807.  Two  children :  (1) 
Waldo,  h.  Oct.  4, 1861.     (2)  Mary  Edna,  b.  August  15,  1878. 

ili.  JosRPH  Snow,  b.  Dec.  17, 1884.  m.  Sept.  20, 1868,  Chastina  Luella 
Cox,  dau.  of  James  A.  and  Sarah  D.  (Brown)  Cox.  He  is  an 
orange  grower  in  Grahamville,  Fla.  Three  children :  (1)  £]len 
Mary,  b.  Sept.  6,  1874.  (2)  Ruth  Ann,  b.  March  27,  1877.  (8) 
George  Elwin,  b.  May  8,  1888. 

iv.  John  Perkins,  b.  Oct.  4,  1886.  m.  Dec.  10, 1862,  Roxena  Pike 
Ilobart,  b.  Hebron,  Nov.  20,  1839.  He  is  a  farmer,  and  has  lived 
in  Hebron  since  1865.  Four  children.  The  sons  are  graduates  of 
New  Hampshire  College  of  Agriculture :  (1)  Alma  Celia,  b.  August 


17,  1870,  m.  Frank  Oscar  Morse.  (2)  Infant,  b  April  25,  d.  April 
28,  1876.  (8)  Joseph  French,  b.  August  5,  1878.  (4)  Charles 
Nioklin,  b.  June  25, 1880. 

17.  Moses  Blodgett,  son  of  Joseph  Snow  ^^,  b.  May  29, 1802. 
ni.  Dec.  31, 1827,  Eliza  Ferren,  of  Hebron.  She  d.  June  7, 1836.  ni. 
second,  1839,  Betsey  Merrill,  of  Groton.  He  was  a  farmer  near  Pike 
Hill.    He  d.  March  6, 1869.    Two  children. 

L    Stlykbtbr  Fkrrbn,  b.  Sept.  25, 1820.    m.  May  15,  1851,  Anna  C. 

ii.    John  Snow,  b.  Jane  28,  1831.    m.  Feb.  18, 1854,  Susan  Amanda 

Ordway.    He  is  a  carpenter  at  Concord.    One  child :   (1)  Emma 


18.  NoAH  Blodoett,  son  of  Joseph  Snow^^  b.  March  21, 1806. 
He  m.  1831,  Esther  White  Packard,  b.  Bridgewater,  Mass.,  1809,  dau. 
of  Ambrose  and  Esther  (White)  Packard.  She  d.  March  3, 1866.  He 
m.  second,  Sept  4, 1866,  Melissa  R  Cox,  b.  Benton,  August  27, 1828, 
dau.  of  James  H.  and  Harriet  (French)  Cox.  He  d.  Dec.  6, 1882. 
He  was  a  stone-mason,  and  was  abroad  until  1839,  when  he  returned 
to  Plymouth,  and  here  lived  until  his  death.    Nine  children. 

20.    i.    Elbridob  Gbrrt,  b.  Jan.  12, 1832. 

ii.    Emily  Frances,  b.  Sept.  9,  1833.    m.  March  22,  1864,  Amos 

Leavitt  Russell,  son  of  Phineas  Russell  (see) ;  res.  Hebron.    Two 

children  :     (1)  Carrie  Emily,  b.  April  30,  1857.    m.  Wilfred  C. 

Scott ;  res.  Brockton,  Mass.      (2)  £dmond  W.,  b.  August  19, 

1862.    m.  Maggie  Brady ;  res.  Avon,  Mass. 
iii.    JosBPH  Snow,  b.  August  20,  1835.   d.  Dec.  1,  1840. 
iv.    MosBB,  b.  Dec  26,  1837.    m.  July  4,  1860,  Almeda  Turner  ;  res. 

Brockton,  Mass.     Three  children :  (1)  Minnie  Esther,  b.  Nov.  18, 

1861.    d.  Oct  14, 1865.    (2)  Huron  Nelson,  b.  Dec.  26,  1867.    ni. 

Jan.  28,  1880,  Tamar  Annie  Ilolman.     (3)  Moses  Adelbert,  b. 

March  14,  1872.    m.  March  14, 1807,  Edna  Clifford, 
y.    Sarah  E.,  b.  Oct.  23, 1840 ;   m.  Sept.  5,  1861,  Augustus  Belcher ; 

res.  Brockton,  Mass.,  where  she  d.  Feb.  8, 1807.    Three  children : 

(1)  Almon  Augustus.    (2)  Esther  Annie.    (3)  Melvin. 
yi.    EsTHBR  W.,  b.  July  1, 1843.   d.  Noy.  20, 1862. 
yii.    Almon  Auqustus,  b.  Sept.  28,  1846.    m.  Noy.  4, 1860,  Elvira  S. 

Lund,  dau.  of  Joel  Lund  of  Rumney.     He  was  of  the  firm  Trues- 

dell  k  Blodgett,  clothiers,  of  Suncook.    He  d.  March  12, 1900. 
yiii.    Ellen  A.,  b.  Noy.  15, 1850.   d.  Noy.  20, 1850. 
ix.    Elmbr  Jambs,  b.  Oct  2,  1867.     m.  Oct.  26, 1802,  Effie  Barkley  ; 

res.  Lisbon. 


19.  Ebenezbr  Kellum  Blodgett,  son  of  Ebenezer  ^^  and  Lydia 
(Barnard)  Blodgett,  b.  March  4,  1831.  m.  Oct  11, 1851.  Rose  W. 
Merrill,  b.  April  13,  1834,  dau.  of  Clark  Merrill.  He  lived  in  Ply- 
mouth in  youth  and  1868-1882.  He  was  express  agent,  Groton, 
Mass.    Now  res.  Suncook.    Two  cluUlren. 

i.  Frkd  Clark,  b.  Nov.  10,  1854  (State  Normal  Sohool,  1874).  m. 
March  24, 1880,  Serena  L.  Draper,  dan.  of  Lemuel  L.  Draper  (tee). 
ITo  is  chief  clerk  of  motive  department,  Southern  Diyision  B.  & 
M.  II.R. ;  res.  Melrose,  lif ass.  Three  children :  (1)  Lilla  Lacina, 
h.  Fob.  21,  1881.  (2)  Serena  Uose,  b.  August  0,  1888.  (8) 
Ernest  Frank,  b.  May  4, 1885. 
ii.  Frank  Edwards,  b.  March  20,  1858.  m.  Feb.  11,  1880,  Jennie 
Emery  Ilaseltine,  b.  June  27, 1850,  dau.  of  William  and  Harriet 
(Miner)  Ilaseltine,  of  Suncook.  She  grad.  State  Normal  School, 
1877.  He  was  in  trade  in  Plymouth,  1886-1 887,  in  the  firm  of 
Blodgett  &  Keniston.  In  Fitchburg,  Mass.,  1887-1801,  and  since 
1801  he  has  res.  in  Suncook,  where  he  is  a  wholesale  dealer  in 
wood.  Delegate  Constitutional  Convention,  1002.  He  has  been 
selectman  of  AUenstown  seferal  years.  Two  children :  (1)  Harriet 
Rose,  b.  Dec.  24, 1888.     (2)  PhiUp  HaselUne,  b.  Sept.  5, 1803. 

20.  Elbridqe  Oerry  Blodgbtt,  son  of  Noah  ^^  b.  Jan.  12, 1832. 
ni.  August  20,  1862,  Sarah  Gould  Johnson,  b.  Gampton,  March  31, 
1844,  dau.  of  Samuel  Emerson  and  Eliza  (Straw)  Johnson  (see).  Ex- 
cept one  or  two  years  spent  in  California,  he  res.  through  life  in  Ply- 
mouth.   He  was  a  glove  cutter.    He  d.  Jan.  9, 1891. 

i.    ErFiB  Eliza,  b.  Oct.  8, 1864 ;  grad.  Tilton  Seminary,  1885.  Anthor 
of  book  of  poems. 


1.  Amos  Blood,  son  of  Ephraim  and  Mary  Blood,  b.  Hollis,  March 
10,  1763.  Ho  was  a  soldier  in  the  Revolution,  serving  five  months, 
in  1782,  in  Capt.  Ebenezer  Webster^s  Company  of  Rangers.  He  lived 
in  Plymouth,  and  was  taxed  each  year  from  1784  to  1800.  He  m.  in 
riy mouth,  April  2, 1795,  Sarah  Bean,  dau.  of  Elisha  Bean  (see).  In 
1800  he  removed  to  Haverhill,  and  twelve  years  later  he  removed  to 
Bethany,  N.  Y.  Three  children  b.  Plymouth,  five  Haverhill,  and  one 
Bethany,  where  she  d.  May  1, 1813.  He  d.  March  8, 1832. 
i.    Nason,  b.  Nov.  4, 1706. 

ii.    Mbhitablb,  b.  April  5, 1708. 

iii.     Gilbert,  b.  March  10, 1800. 

iv.    Petkr,  b.  March  13,  1802. 

y.    Polly,  b.  Juue  24, 1804. 

60  BLOOD  —  BOWLER. 

Ti.  Russell,  b.  April  24»  1806. 

Tii.  Ruth,  b.  Oct  7, 1808. 

yiii.  Nblson,  b.  Not.  12, 1810. 

ix.  Sally,  b.  April  10, 1613. 


1.  Horatio  C.  Blood,  b.  in  Weutworth,  August  5, 1838,  son  of 
Archelaus  Blood.  He  in.  Dec.  2,  1867,  Hannah  Emeline  (Brown) 
Chase,  dau.  of  Josiah  P.  Brown  (see),  and  widow  of  Moses  P.  Chase. 
He  lived  in  East  Tilton.    She  d.  Jan.  16, 1899. 

2.  Georob  Byron  Blood,  son  of  Horatio  C.^  b.  East  Tilton,  Feb. 
22, 1873.  m.  Sept  5,  1900,  Bertha  Malburn  Goodrich,  b.  Oakland, 
Me.,  July  11, 1878,  dau.  of  Augustine  S.  Goodrich.  He  is  a  gnid.  of 
New  Hampton  Institute.  He  has  been  an  efficient  clerk  and  assistant 
postmaster  since  1895,  holding  appointments  under  Mr.  Hull  and  Mr. 
Mason.    Mrs.  Blood  is  in  the  millinery  trade  with  Mrs.  Pressey. 


1.  Solomon  Blood,  son  of  Josiah  Blood,  b.  Hollis,  April  17, 1747. 
m.  in  Hollis,  Jan.  5, 1769,  Priscilla  French,  b.  Oct  2,  1747,  dau.  of 
Nicholas  French,  of  Hollis.  He  came  to  Pl3rmouth,  1772  ;  was  taxed 
1773.  With  other  Plymouth  residents,  he  signed  a  petition,  in  Janu- 
ary, 1774,  to  send  a  representative  to  the  Colonial  Assembly.  He 
removed  from  Plymouth  to  Groton. 

i.  Solomon,  b.  HoUis,  Oct  7,  1760. 

ii.  Sarah,  b.  Hollis,  Deo.  22, 1771. 

iii.  JosBPQ.  * 

iy.  Mary. 


1.  John  At  wood  Bowler,  son  of  George  and  Ann  Creamer 
(Alley)  Bowler,  a  Methodist  minister,  grandson  of  Tliomas  and 
Frances  Bowler,  of  Lynn,  b.  in  Watertown,  Mass.,  Oct  25, 1852.  m. 
May  19,  1879,  Sarah  Josephine  Coburn,  b.  Allenstown,  July  7,  1853, 
dau.  of  Cyrus  and  Sarah  W.  Coburn.  He  was  educated  in  the  public 
schools.  Mystic  (Conn.)  Institute,  and  two  years  at  Wesleyan  Uni- 
versity. He  is  a  Methodist  minister,  and  has  supplied  at  Goshen  and 
Hillsboi*ough  Centre,  and  has  received  appointments :  Hillsborough 
Bridge,  1881-1883  ;  Bristol,  1884-1886;  Lancaster,  1887-1889,  Som- 
ersworth,  1890-1893  ;  Haverhill,  Mass.,  1894-1895 ;  Plymouth,  1896- 

BOWLBR  —  BOWLES.        *  61 

1897;  Lowell  ( Central ville),  1898-1899;  Boudville,  Mass.,  1900- 
1901.    Three  children. 

i.    Bbrtua  Mat,  b.  Hillsboro',  Kov.  11,  1880. 
ii.     Bbrtram  Evan,  b.  Hillsboro',  Jan.  26,  1882. 
iii.    Marion,  b.  Lancaster,  Feb.  25, 1889. 


1.  John  Bowles,  a  soldier  in  the  Kevolution;  res.  in  or  near 
CSoncord,  Mass.  His  son  John  was  a  prosperous  merchant  in  Ports- 
mouth, owning  vessels  and  dealing  in  West  India  goods. 

2.  Stephen  Bowles,  son  of  John  ^  b.  Concord,  Mass.,  1769 ;  fol- 
lowed his  elder  brother  to  Portsmouth,  and  was  there  engaged  in 
mercantile  pursuits  several  years.  Later  he  was  a  tanner  in  Holder- 
ness,  and  subsequently  settled  on  a  farm  near  Squam  Lake,  where  he 
d.  1863.  He  m.  Mary  Ann  Palmer,  b.  Loudon,  1796,  dau.  of  Beuben 
Palmer.    She  d.  1882.    Seven  children. 

3.  Charles  Henry  Bowles,  son  of  Stephen  ^  b.  Holderness, 
March  3,  1832.  m.  June  20,  1854,  Mary  Ann  Bachelder,  dau.  of 
Kinsley  Hall  Batchelder  (see).  He  came  to  Plymouth,  1851,  and  was 
a  clerk  for  tliree  years  in  the  depot  store  of  William  W.  Russell, 
&  Co.  He  was  proprietor  of  a  livery  stable  a  few  years  on  the  site  of 
the  Peniigewasset  stable.  He  removed  to  the  Anson  Merrill  farm,  and 
was  successfully  engaged  several  years  in  farming  and  lumbering.  He 
was  a  representative,  1875  and  1876,  del^ate  to  the  Constitutional 
Convention,  1876,  and  is  a  director  and  vice-president  of  the  Pemi- 
gewasset  National  Bank,  and  president  of  the  Plymouth  Guaranty 
Savings  Bank. 

i.    George  Uenrt,  b.  May  14, 1850.    d.  March  29, 1859. 

ii.  Georok  Hall,  b.  May  22,  1863.  Dartmouth  College,  1884.  He 
was  a  Btudent-at-law,  which  be  relinquished  for  the  medical  pro- 
femion.  He  grad.  Harvard  Medical  School,  189S,  and  is  in 
practice  in  Boston,  Mass.  He  m.  June  23, 1893,  Caroline  Ells- 
worth Blount,  b.  June  13, 1873,  dau.  of  Ainsworth  Emory  and 
Susan  (Hall)  Blount.  State  Normal  School,  1801.  Children: 
(1)  Mary  Hall,  b.  July  5,  1002,  d.  Sept.  7,  1002.  (2)  Charles 
Hall,  b.  Sept.  11, 1008. 


1.  Jonathan  Bowles,  b.  Bochester,  Mass.,  about  1760;  with 
several  brothers,  settled  in  Bichmond  about  1790.  The  family  then, 
and  many  of  their  descendants  at  the  present  time,  write  the  name 


BoUes.     Jonathan  Bowles  after  a  few  years  removed  from  Richmond 
to  Lisbon. 

2.  JoNATif  AN  Bowles,  son  of  Jonathan  \  m.  June  1, 1797,  Phebe 
Parker,  b.  Bichmond,  June  12,  1776,  dau.  of  Iteuben  and  Sarah 
(Wooley)  Parker,  of  Richmond.    He  d.  in  Lisbon,  aged  81. 

3.  Amasa  Bowlbs,  sou  of  Jonathan^,  was  b.  in  Lisbon,  Dec. 
27, 1803.  He  m.  Jerusha  Parker,  dau.  of  Silas  and  Lydia  (Whipple) 
Parker,  and  a  sister  of  Hon.  Levi  Parker,  of  Lisbon.  He  was  a  cap- 
tain and  representative.  He  d.  in  Lisbon,  April  6, 1879.  She  d. 
Nov.  21, 1870. 

4.  Aldbn  Bowles,  b.  Lisbon,  Dec  13,  1842.  He  m.  Jan.  30, 
1867,  Loretta  S.  Aldrich,  b.  Jan.  18, 1847,  dau.  of  Hiram  and  Dorcas 
(Clough)  Aldrich,  of  Lisbon.  He  was  a  farmer  in  Lisbon  until  1878. 
After  a  short  residence  in  New  Hampton,  he  came  to  Plymouth, 
1891,  and  conducted  the  Central  House  three  years.  He  now  owns 
and  occupies  the  Hobart  House,  on  Ward  Hill.    Three  childran. 

i.    Albbrt  HiRAif ,  b.  July  8, 1870 ;  res.  Plymouth, 
ii.    Florbnob  Mat,  b.  May  21, 1872.    m.  1805,  Charles  £.  Dodge,  who 

d.  1806.    m.  second,  1808,  George  S.  Smith,  of  Hebron, 
iii.    Aif  ASA,  b.  Sept.  25, 1870  ;  Dartmouth  College,  1004. 


1.  John  Boynton,  b.  about  1614.  m.  Ellen  Pell,  and  settled  in 
Bowley,  Mass.,  and  d.  1671.  He  was  a  brother  of  William  Boynton, 
also  of  Bowley.  His  widow  m.  second,  August  30,  1671,  Dea.  Maxi- 
milian Jewett 

2.  Joseph,  son  of  John^  b.  1645.  m.  May  13,  1669,  Sarah 
Swan,  b.  1646,  dau.  of  Bichard  Swan,  of  Bowley.  He  was  a  captain, 
town  clerk,  and  representative  of  Bowley.  He  lived  several  years  in 
Groton,  where  his  wife  d.,  Feb.  27, 1718/9.  He  d.  in  Bowley,  Mass., 
Dec  16,  1730. 

3.  Bichard  Boynton,  son  of  Capt  Joseph  ^,  b.  Bowley,  Nov.  1, 
1675.  m.  Dec  24,  1701,  Samh  Dresser,  b.  April  4, 1678,  dau.  of 
John  and  Martha  (Thorley)  Dresser.  She  d.  August  26,  1759.  He 
d.  Dec  25,  1732.    Buried  in  Georgetown,  Mass. 

4  Nathaniel  Boynton,  son  of  Bichard*,  b.  August  18, 1712.  m. 
March  8,  1736/7,  Mary  Stewart  He,  with  others,  was  shipwrecked 
near  Cape  Ann,  and  perished,  May  13,  1762. 

6.  Thomas  Boynton,  son  of  Nathaniel  ^  b.  Georgetown,  Sept.  2, 
1752.     m.  Dec  10, 1776,  Elizabeth  Keezer,  of  Ipswich.    He  was  a 


soldier  in  the  Revolution,  and  removed,  1777,  to  Plymouth,  where  he 
res.  until  1786,  when  he  removed  to  Warren.  He  was  a  select- 
man of  Warren.  He  d.  Sept  24,  1832.  She  d.  Dec  25,  1833. 
Eleven  children,  four  of  whom  were  b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.    Elizabeth,  b.  Sept.  2, 1777.   d.  young, 
ii.    Elizabrth,  b.  Plymouth,  Oct.  8, 1778.    m.  Aagust  28, 1798,  James 

Eastman,  b.  Salem,  Feb.  21, 1780,  son  of  Obadiah  and  Mehitable 

(Merrill)  Eastman,  of  Salem  and  Benton.     She  d.  Clintonville, 

N.  Y.,  June  29, 1811.     Four  children, 
iii.     Stephrk,  b.  Dec.  21, 1780.      m.  April  2, 1800,  Betsey  Palmer,  and 

res.  in  Orford.     He  d.  March  5,  1804.     She  d.  Feb.  10,  1845. 

Fourteen  children. 
iT.    Thomas,  b.  Jan.  18, 1788.    m.  Nov.  14,  1805,  Lavinia  Merrill.     He 

was  a  sea  captain  of  Salem,  Mass.    Three  children. 
▼.    Sally,  b.  Dec.  29, 1784.    m.  1805,  J.  S.  Titus,  b.  in  Bath,  1780 ;  d. 

in  Lyman,  June  18, 1868.     She  d.  Sept.  27, 1871. 
Ti.    Abigail,  b.  Warren,  Dec.  30,  1787.     m.  Feb.  17, 1807,  Benjamin 

Bailey,  and  removed  to  Ohio.     Eleven  children, 
vit.    Samuel  HARRiMAN,b.  Nov.  25, 1790.    m.  Nov.  17,1814,  Mehitable 

Clark,  dan.  of  Thomas  and  Hannah  (Foster)  Clark,  of  Warren. 

He  lived  in  Warren,      d.  Sept.  11,  1827.    She  d.  Sept.  27,  1830. 

Worcester  E.  Boynton,  M.D.,  of  Lowell,  is  their  son. 
viiL    Mart,  b.  Dec.  21, 1792.      m.  Jan.  25,  1813,  James  Eastman  (who 

m.  first,  Elizabeth).    She  d.  Deo.  10, 1841.    Seven  children, 
ix.    Joseph,  b.  June  15,  1795.     m.  1817,  Sally  Knight,  and  in  1834 

removed  to  Michigan.    He  d.  1850.     Three  children. 
X.    Timothy,  b.  1797.    d.  young, 
zi.    Nathaniel,  b.  1800.   d.  young. 

6.  William  Boynton,  bi-other  of  John^  ancestor  of  the  other 
family  of  Boynton,  b.  about  1606.  Freeman,  1640.  He  d.  in  Row- 
ley, Dec*  8,  1686.  His  widow,  Elizabeth,  d.  in  Salisbury.  Seven 

7.  Joshua  Boynton,  son  of  William  ^  b.  Rowley,  August  10, 
1646.  m.  April  9. 1678,  Hannah  Bamett  She  d.  Jan.  12,  1722/3. 
m.  second,  Nov.  29,  1725,  Mary  Syle.  Her  maiden  name  was  Mary 
Daniel.  Her  former  husbands  were  Robert  Greenough  and  Richard 
Syle.  She  d.  July  28,  1727.  He  m.  third.  ;Oct  30,  1727,  Mary, 
widow  of  John  Boynton.  He  lived  in  Newbury,  Rowley,  Bradford, 
and  Haverhill.  He  was  a  soldier  in  King  Ptiilip's  War,  1676.  He 
4  about  1735. 

8.  William  Boynton,  son  of  Joshua  ^,  b.  May  26,  1690.  m.  in 
November,  1713,  Joanna  Stevens,  b.  Oct  15, 1692,  dau.  of  John  and 


Dorothy  (Hubbard)  Stevens,  of  Salisbury.    He  lived  in  Newbury 
and  after  1719,  in  Salisbury. 

9.  John  Boynton,  son  of  William*,  b.  about  1715.  m.  Anna 
Smith.    Seven  children. 

10.  David  Boynton,  son  of  John^  m.  Anna  Batchelder,  and 
lived  in  Nottingham. 

11.  William  Boynton,  son  of  David  *^  b.  Nottingham,  Sept 
20,  1761.  Removed  to  New  Hampton;  d.  in  Meredith,  July  26, 

12.  Ebknrzer  Boynton,  son  of  William  ^^  b.  New  Hampton,  Dec, 
26,  1798.  He  m.  1823,  Betsey  S.  Hart,  who  d.  June  13,  1836.  m. 
second,  Oct  1,  1836,  Susan  li  Huckins,  who  d.  1856.  m.  third,  Mrs. 
Cheney,  and  m.  fourth,  Mrs.  Kelsea.  He  removed  from  Meredith  to 
Plymouth,  1841,  and  remained  in  this  town  eleven  years,  when  he 
removed  to  Lisbon,  where  he  d.  about  1882.    Eleven  children. 

i.  Abigail  H.,  b.  Nov.  20, 1828.  m.  Dec.  31, 185-,  William  P.  Mead, 
a  farmer,  of  Meredith. 

ii.  CuARLKS  Hart,  b.  Sept  20, 1826.  m.  Oct.  19, 1854,  Mary  H.  Cum- 
mings,  dau.  Joseph  and  Mary  (Huse)  Cummings,  of  Lisbon. 
She  d.  July  28, 1876.  He  was  a  physician  of  Lisbon.  Represen- 
tative 1868-1869,  and  many  years  member  Board  of  Education. 
He  d.  August  16, 1903. 

iii.  Mary  £.,  b.  August  27, 1828.  m.  Feb.  1,  1856,  Joseph  R.  Mead,  a 
farmer,  of  Meredith. 

W.    Ann  M.,  b.  Dec.  15, 1831. 

T.  Orin  H.,  b.  August  20, 1834.  m.  July  25, 1861,  Alice  £.  Hollister, 
dau.  of  Oren  S.  Hollister,  of  Lisbon.  He  is  a  physician  of  Lis- 
bon. They  have  two  sons,  both  are  physicians :  Perry  D.  Boyn- 
ton, M.D.,  of  New  York,  and  Harry  H.  Boynton,  M.D.,  of  Lisbon. 

Yi.    Jambs  H.,  b.  March  23,  1838. 

vii.    Nancy  Emily,  b.  Angast  8, 1839. 
yiii.    William  £.,  b.  Feb.  26, 1841. 

ix.    Arthur  W.,  b.  Feb.  5, 1843. 

X.    Susan  L.,  b.  Dec.  7,  1845. 

xi.    Ann  M.,  b.  Dec  7, 1847. 


1.  John  Boynton,  parentage  unknown,  b.  in  Meredith,  April  17, 
1808.  m.  Jan.  18,  1831,  Phoebe  Batchelder,  b.  Nov.  26, 1807,  dau. 
of  Simeon  and  Polly  (Marston)  Batchelder,  of  Meredith  and  Bridge- 
water.  She  d.  Nov.  19, 1844.  He  m.  second,  Ruth  Blake,  h.  1816, 
dau.  of  Nathan  and  Mary  (Colby)  Blake.    He  was  a  farmer,  re&  in 


Bridgewater  until  1849,  when  he  removed  to  Plymouth,  where  he  d. 
Feb.  24, 1880.    She  d.  Sept  13, 1901. 

i.    Adolphus  E.,  b.  August  5,  1833.    m.  Elmira  R.  Morgan,  dau.  of 

Rev.  Smith  Morgan  (see).     He  was  a  Baptist  minister,  filling 

several  appointments  in  Maine.    He  d.  at  North  Shapleigh,  Me., 

Sept.  24,  1889. 
ii.    AuousTA  Ann,  b.  April  25,  1836.    m.  David  S.  Kidder  (see), 
iii.    Georok  O.,  b.  Sept.  9,  IB'^S.    In  trade  several  years  at  Faneuil 

Hall  Market,  Boston,    m.  Elizabeth  Earle. 
iv.    Susan  Janr,  b.  Sept.  17, 1841.    m.  Charles  Morse  (see). 
V.    John  Marston,  b.  Sept.  6,  1848.    m.  Dec.  24,  1800,  Martha  A. 

Hobart,  dau.  of  Hiram  Hobart  (see),  b.  Piermont,  July  17,  1844. 

He  is  a  farmer  in  Plymouth,  res.  since  1890  on  the  Timothy 

Cheney  place,  on  Winter  Street. 


1.  William  Brack ett,  son  of  Samuel  and  Elizabeth  Brackett,  b. 
Dedhani,  Mass.,  May  7, 1762.  m.  Nov.  22,  1784,  Anna  Lauchlen,  b. 
Dec.  26,  1765,  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Sarah  (Haws)  LauchleiL  He 
removed  to  Sudbury,  Mass. 

2.  William  Bkackett,  son  of  William  ^  b.  Sudbury,  Oct  9, 1785. 
m.  Feb.  10, 1811,  Lorana  Campbell,  b.  June  12, 1791,  dau.  of  Hector 
Campbell,  of  Chester,  Mass*  He  settled  in  Littleton,  where  he  was  a 
merchant,  town  clerk,  selectman,  and  representative.  He  d.  Dea  7, 
1859.    Shed.May  11, 1874 

3.  WiLUAM  Campbell  Brackbtt,  son  of  William*,  b.  Oct  1, 
1812.  m.  Jan.  18,  1842,  Julia  A.  (Ross)  Hutchins,  h.  Bath,  Feb.  9, 
1817,  dau.  of  Samuel  Boss,  and  widow  of  George  Hutchins,  of  Bath. 
He  was  a  merchant  in  Littleton,  where  he  d.  Feb.  11, 1863.  She  m. 
third,  CoL  Cyrus  Eastman,  of  Littleton. 

4.  WiLLLAM  Ross  Brackett,  son  of  William  CampbeU',  b.  Little- 
ton, Nov.  24,  1842.  m.  May  13,  1868,  Ella  Eliza  Stearns,  dau.  of 
Wilbur  C.  Stearns  (see).  He  was  general  ticket  agent,  B.,  C.  &  M. 
RR,  with  a  home  in  Plymouth  from  1864  to  1884,  and  general  bag- 
gage agent  about  ten  years  in  Boston.  Since  1895  he  has  res.  in 

i.    Bbssik  Stbarms,  b.  August  8, 1874.    d.  August  24, 1874. 
ii.    William  Crphas,  b.  March  15,  1876.   d.  May  25, 1876. 
iii.    Lucy  Strarns,  b.  June  28,  1879.    Grad.  Plymouth  High  School, 
1804,  aud  has  pursued  a  course  of  study  at  Wheaton  Seminaty. 

TOL.  IL  —  6 

66  BBAINBBD  —  BBAOa. 


1.  Jambs  Brainerd,  a  native  of  Haddain,  Conn.,  was  many  years 
a  physician  of  China,  Me.    He  m.  Susan  Richardson. 

2.  Jambs  Spbncbb  Hazblton  Bbajkbrd,  son  of  Dr.  James  ^  b. 
China,  Me.,  April  1,  1830.  He  was  twelve  years  in  Califomia  and 
British  Columbia.  Since  his  return  in  1865  he  lived  in  Holdemess 
and  Plymouth.  Since  1888  he  conducted  a  boarding-house  on  School 
Street  He  d.  AprQ  22,  1902.  He  m.  Sept  29,  1866,  Emma  D. 
Craig,  dau.  of  Oliver  H.  P.  Craig  (see).  She  d.  May  10, 1875.  He 
m.  second,  Nov.  4, 1876,  Juliaetta  Lucetta  (Ryan)  Stearns,  dau.  of  James 
Ryan  (see).    She  is  president  of  Plymouth  Branch,  W.  C.  T.  U. 

8.      L    Aldbrt  Craio,  b.  Holderueas,  August  20, 1867. 

ii.    Anns  Field,  b.  Holdemess,  Deo.  18, 1860.    m.  April  2, 1887,  Jere- 
miah B.  Brown,  son  of  Emery  Brown ;  res.  in  Stoneham,  Mass. 
ilL    Jambs  Hbnrt,  b.  Holdemess,  April  25,  1872.    He  b  an  employ^ 

B.  &  M.  R.R. ;  res.  Plymouth,    unm. 
iy.    Blanohb  Estbllb,  b.  Plymouth,  July  18,  1877.  m.  Feb.  14,  1000, 
Greorge  D.  Molntire.     Locomotive  fireman  B.  &  M.  R.R. ;  res. 
Plymouth.   (1)  Hazel  M.,  b.  Plymouth,  Sept.  26, 1000.  (2)  Glenn 
Everett,  b.  July  11, 1002.    (3)  James  Brainerd,  b.  Feb.  26, 1004. 

3.  Albert  Ckaig  Brainbrd,  son  of  James  S.  H.^,  b.  August  29, 
1867-  m.  Dec.  9, 1887,  Mary  Gibbeus,  b.  Ireland,  Dec.  15,  1864,  dau. 
of  Michael  and  Eileanor  (Laflerty)  Gibbens ;  res.  in  Plymouth.  He  is 
yardmaster  B.  &  M.  RR. 

i.  Emma  Dodob,  b.  Dec.  25, 1888. 

ii.  Maby  Ellkn,  b.  Oct.  25,  1801. 

iii.  Aldbrt  Ubnby,  b.  May  3,  1803.    d.  April  17,  1805 ;  drowned, 

i?.  Mauoubkitb  Floka,  b.  March  81,  1805. 

▼.  David  Pkkry,  b.  May  20,  1807. 

yi.  Aldbut  Paul,  b.  April  0,  1800. 


1.  OscAB  T.  Bragg,  son  of  Wyatt  and  Clara  (Hill)  Bragg,  b.  Sand- 
wich, July  14,  1865.  m.  Feb.  4,  1890,  Kate  F.  Hutchius,  dau.  of 
(George  K  Hutcbins  (see).  He  is  a  shoemaker  and  carpenter  and  came 
to  Plymouth,  1895.    Three  children. 

i.    Harrt  Pbarl,  b.  May  0, 1801. 
ii    Lbstbr  Gkouob,  b.  Feb.  8,  1805. 
iiL    Clabbncb  Wtatt,  b.  March  6,  1000. 

BROOK  —  BEOWLBY  —  BROWNE.  '  67 


1.  Samuel  Brock,  b.  Buckfield,  Me.,  1797,  was  a  farmer  in  Ply- 
mouth after  1857.  He  m.  Harriet  Spencer.  He  d.  August  31, 1889  ; 
she  d.  Feb.  28,  1875.    Buried  Trinity  Cemetery.    One  son. 

i.  Leonard  Brock,  b.  Jan.  20,  1824.  m.  Jan.  20,  1851,  Emeline 
lie  we,  dau.  of  Smith  Holland  Rowe  (see).  lie  served  in  40th  Mass. 
Infantry.  After  the  war  he  was  a  driver  of  a  stage  line  from 
Plymouth  to  l^ofile  House,  and  for  many  years  a  faithful  clerk  in 
the  store  of  Mr.  Fox.  He  d.  March  21, 1886.  His  widow  d.  in 
Plymouth,  July  8,  1002.  One  child :  (1)  Harriet  Ellen,  b.  Ply- 
mouth, Nov.  24,  1856.  State  Normal  School j  1875;  d.  April  12, 


1.  Myron  P.  Browlby,  son  of  Myron  P.  and  Hannah  (Buzzell) 
Browley,  b.  Georgeville,  P.  Q.,  Jan.  21,  1861,  m.  Dec.  14,  1886, 
Josephine  Adaline  Harrington,  b.  Jan.  7,  1858,  dau.  of  Samuel  C.  and 
Mary  Jennet  (Hastings)  Harrington,  of  Manchester.  He  has  res. 
in  Plymouth  since  1891,  and  has  been  a  conductor  on  the  excursions 
of  Ilaymond  &  Whitcomb,  and  often  in  summer  seasons  running 
trains  between  Fabyan  station  and  summit  of  Mt  Washington. 


1.  Charles  Brownb,  emigrant  ancestor,  was  an  early  resident  of 
Kowley,  Mass.,  where  he  m.  Oct  4, 1647,  Mary  Acie,  dau.  of  William 
and  Margaret  Acie,  of  Rowley.  He  d.  1687,  and  was  buried  Dea  16. 
His  wife  d.  1683,  and  was  buried  Dea  12.  His  will  mentions  sons 
Beriah,  Gershom,  deceased,  William,  John,  Samuel,  Ebenezer,  Na- 
thaniel, and  Joseph.    His  dau.  Mary  d.  1683. 

2.  John  Browne,  sou  of  Charles  \  b.  Feb.  5, 1653/4  m.  August  31, 
1685,  Abigail  Browne,  b.  Newbury,  Mass.,  Oct.  24,  1665,  dau.  of 
James  and  Sarah  Browne.  He  lived  in  Eowley,  near  the  line  of  New- 
bury. In  1706  he  was  dismissed,  at  his  request,  from  the  first  church 
iu  Ilowley  and  became  one  of  the  foundation  members  of  the  church 
in  Byfield  Parish,  which  included  a  part  of  the  territory  of  Ilowley 
and  Newbury.  In  1690  he  was  executor  of  the  will  of  his  grand- 
father, William  Acie.  His  will  is  dated  in  1721,  and  was  probated 
1722.     Eleven  children. 

3.  Samuel  Brown,  eldest  son  of  John*  b.  Ilowley,  July  20, 1686* 
Purchased,  1722,  of  his  sister  Hannah  and  of  his  brother  Joseph,  then 

68  BBOWKB  —  BBO  WK. 

of  Boston,  their  right  in  the  estate  of  their  father,  John  Browne, 
deceased.  He  m.  May  17,  1716,  Elizabeth  Wheeler,  b.  July  12, 
1695,  daiL  of  Josiah  and  Elizabeth  Wheeler,  of  Salisbury,  Mass.  He 
lived  several  years  in  Byfield  Parish  and  in  the  town  of  Itowley.  He 
was  a  collector  of  the  parish  and  a  prominent  citizen  of  the  town  of 
Bowley.  Feb.  11,  1711,  he  was  excused  from  military  service  on 
account  of  a  lame  hand,  and  July  17,  1724,  he  was  again  excused 
"provided  he  keeps  arms  and  amunition  to  show  when  required." 
He  removed,  1729,  from  Rowley,  to  Littleton,  Mass.,  and  with  his  wife 
was  admitted  to  the  church  in  Littleton  by  letter  from  the  Byfield 
church.  He  was  a  constable  of  Littleton,  1736.  He  removed  from 
Littleton  to  West  Dunstable,  now  HoUis,  1743,  and  was  prominent 
in  town  and  church  affairs  and  was  one  of  the  committee  to  arrange 
for  the  ordination  of  Bev.  Daniel  Emerson.  He  d.  Feb.  25,  1755. 
His  son  Josiah  was  executor  of  his  will,  which  was  probated  June  18, 
1755.  The  registry  of  deeds  represents  that  he  bought  many  valuable 
parcels  of  real  estate.  His  widow,  Elizabeth,  was  living  1758.  Nine 

i.  John,  b.  Rowley,  April  5, 1717.    d.  youug. 

ii.  Mart,  b.  Rowley,  May  15, 1718. 

4.  iii.  Josiah,  b.  Rowley,  May  8, 1720. 

5.  iv.  John,  b.  Rowley,  1724,  no  record  of  birth  on  Rowley  records. 

He  was  baptized  at  Byfield,  by  Rev.  Moses  Hale,  March  29,  1724. 
T.    Hannah,  b.  Rowley,  bapt.  Nov.  26,  1727.    m.  Oct  9, 1744 ;  Samuel 

Farley,  of  Hollis. 
vi.    Sarah,  b.  Littleton,  Oct.  18,  1780. 
vii.    Susannah,  b.  Littleton,  Jan.  10,  1734/5. 

viii.  Martha,  b.  Littleton,  June  25,  1736.  m.  April  1,  1758,  Ereazer 
Cummings,  b.  Nottingham  West,  Dec.  15,  1730,  son  of  Kleazer  and 
Rachel  (Proctor)  Cummings;  removed  after  1700  to  Maine. 

6.  ix.     Samubl,  b.  Littleton,  Oct  81, 1787. 

4.  Lieut.  Josuh  Brown,  son  of  Samuel  ^  b.  Rowley,  Mass.,  May  3, 
1720,  and  was  less  than  ten  years  of  age  when  his  father  removed  from 
Rowley  to  Littleton.  Tn  a  conveyance  of  land  in  1741  he  is  styled  "  of 
Littleton,"  and  soon  after  that  date  he  removed  to  Hollis.  April  9, 
1758,  he  was  commissioned  by  Qov.  Benning  Wentworth,  an  ensign 
in  Capt  Nehemiah  Lovewell's  Company,  Col.  John  Hart's  regiment. 
This  regiment,  a  part  on  the  northern  frontiers  under  Lieut.  CoL  GoSe, 
and  a  part  at  Louisburg,  was  in  the  service  irom  April  to  late  in  October, 
1758.    He  was  commissioned  a  lieutenant  in  the  militia,  May  24, 1765. 

BROWN.  69 

He  was  one  of  the  grantees  of  Plymouth  and  he  came  hither  with  the 
first  settlers  in  1764  and  about  this  date  he  purchased  the  full  interest 
of  four  other  grantees,  and  several  allotted  tracts  of  land  in  the 
township.  At  the  organization  of  the  11th  Begiment,  he  was  com- 
missioned by  Gov.  John  Wentworth,  an  ensign  of  the  Plymouth  Com- 
pany under  Col.  Jolin  Fenton.  The  commission  is  dated  August  16, 
1774.  He  was  one  of  the  founders  of  Plymouth,  and  the  story  of  his 
life  is  a  part  of  the  history  of  the  town.  See  sketch  in  Vol.  L  He 
m.  in  Gmton,  Nov.  11, 1741,  Anna  Farwell,  b.  Jan.  27, 1722/3,  dan.  of 
Lieut  Josiah  and  Haimah  (Lovewell)  FarwelL  Her  father  was  killed 
in  the  fight  at  Pegwacket,  May  8, 1725,  and  her  mother  was  a  sister  of 
Capt.  John  Lovewell,  who  fell  in  the  same  memorable  engagement. 
The  wife  of  Capt  Joseph  Baker  was  a  dau.  and  not  a  sister  of  Capt 
John  Lovewell,  as  stat^  in  Fox's  "  Dunstable."  Lieut  Josiah  Brown 
d.  in  Plymouth,  1787  or  1788.     Nine  children  b.  in  HoUis. 

i.    Elizabbth,  b.  Oct.  14, 1742.  m.  Zachariah  Parker  (see) ;  m.  second, 

Judge  Samuel  Emerson  (see), 
ii.    Anna,  b.  Oct  23, 1744.  m.  Capt.  Jotham  Cumroings  (see). 

iti.    Josiah,  b.  Sept  24,  1746.  d.  April  14,  1753. 

iv.  MoLLT,  b.  Sept.  4,  1748.  m.  in  Plymouth,  Sept  24,  1767,  Charles 
Clark.  They  lived  and  died  in  Rumney.  Three  children  :  (1)  Jon- 
athan, was  a  captain  in  the  militia,  lived  in  Rumney.  (2)  Michael, 
lived  in  Rumney.  nnm.  (3)  Charles,  probably  the  oldest  son,  m. 
Dec.  80,  1704,  Sarah  Greenough,  dan.  of  William  and  Hannah 
(Wells)  Greenongh  (see).  He  d.  in  Rumney,  May  11,  1798; 
she  d.  Feb.  10,  1801 ;  their  children  were  Asenath  and  Sarah.  Of 
these,  Asenath  m.  Richard  Smart.  Their  dau.  Harriet  Smart  m. 
Francis  Cushman  (see).  Their  son  Charles  Clark  Smart  m. 
Jennie  M.  Q.  Merrill  (see  George  Register). 

7.  V.    Joseph,  b.  Nov.  8, 1750. 

vi.  Olive,  b.  Nov.  1, 1752.    m.  Samuel  Marsh  (see), 

vii.  Susannah,  b.  August  20,  1754,  m.  March  81,  1774,  Joseph  Hicks, 

viii.  Sarah,  b.  Jan.  8, 1757,  m.  Joshua  Fletcher  (see). 

8.  ix.  Josiah,  b.  Jan.  81, 1750. 

5.  John  Brown,  son  of  Samuel',  b.  about  1724.  m.  Oct  9, 1744, 
Keziah  Wheeler,  b.  Concord,  Mass.,  March  10, 1726/7,  dau.  of  James 
Wheeler.  She  d.  Oct  31, 1760.  He  m.  second,  Feb.  18, 1761,  Martha 
Jewett,dau.  of  Ezekiel  and  Martha  (Thurston)  Jewett,  of  Rowley,  and 
a  sister  of  Rev.  David  Jewett,  of  Candia.  She  d.  March  5, 1797,  and 
is  called  in  the  will  of  her  father,  dated  March  31, 1775,  "  my  daughter, 
Martha  Brown,  wife  of  John  Brown,  of  Monson,  N.  H."    He  was  a 

70  BBOWN. 

doctor  and  removed  from  HoUis  to  Monson  about  1750,  and  was 
selectman  of  Monson  three  years.  He  was  one  of  the  grantees  of 
Piymoutb  and  one  of  a  committee  of  arrangements  for  the  ordination 
of  Rev.  Nathan  Ward.  He  removed  to  Plymouth,  1766,  and  was  here 
taxed  until  1774  and  was  taxed  a  non-resident,  1775.  He  d.  May  6, 
1776.  Ten  children,  nine  b.  in  HoUis  and  in  Monson,  and  one  b.  in 

i.  Silas,  b.  August  11, 1745.  m.  Oct  8, 1765,  Lucy  Wheeler,  b.  June  1, 
1744,  daa.  of  Peter  Wheeler,  of  HoUis.  He  lived  in  Plymouth 
from  about  1765  until  his  death.  In  the  Revolution  he  served  in 
Capt.  Osgood's  Company  of  Rangers  from  July  10  to  Dec.  2, 1775. 
In  April,  1777,  he  eqlisted  into  the  Continental  service  and  was 
assigned  to  Col.  ScammelPs  regiment.  He  d.  in  the  service,  Dee. 
31, 1777.  He  had  three  or  mdre  children.  A  record  is  not  avail- 

ii.  John,  b.  Jan.  27,  1747.  m.  in  Plymouth,  March  1,  1773,  Abigail 
Phillips,  dau.  of  Amos  Phillips  (see).  He  was  an  honored  and  a 
prominent  citizen  of  Thornton,  where  he  d.  Feb.  7, 1807 ;  she  m. 
second,  Nathaniel  Tapper,  and  d.  Jan.  10, 1830,  aged  83. 

iii.  Keziah,  b.  Deo.  23,  1740,  m.  Nov.  10,  1708,  William  Ilobart,  of 

iv.    Abigail,  b.  June  10, 1754.    m.  June  24, 1774,  Samuel  Shaw. 
V.    Phinbab,  b.  Nov.  14, 1756. 

vi.    Rkdbcoa,  b.  Sept.  21, 1758. 

vii.    Elizabeth,  b.  Sept.  10, 1760.    m.  Nehemiah  Phillips  (see), 
viii.    Martha,  b.  April  18, 1762. 

ix.    Sarah,  b.  March  24, 1764. 
0.      z.    Stbphbn  Thurston,  b.  Plymouth,  April  18, 1766. 

6.  Samuel  Brown,  son  of  Samuel*  and  brother  of  Lieut  Josiah* 
and  Dr.  John,  of  Plymouth,  lived  in  Hollis.  m.  March  26,  1756, 
Mary  Glene ;  m.  second,  Jan.  22, 1761,  Mary  Wheeler.  Of  his  six 
children : 

10.    i.    William,  b.  Jan.  4, 1760. 

7.  Joseph  Brown,  son  of  Lieut.  Josiah*,  b.  Hollis,  Nov.  8, 1760. 
m.  in  Plymouth,  Nov.  2,  1773,  Susannah  Dearborn,  b.  Chester,  1749, 
dau.  Benjamin  and  Susannah  (Colcord)  Dearborn  (see).  He  was 
commissioned  by  Gov.  John  Wentworth,  August  16, 1774,  an  ensign, 
Ist  Company,  11th  Eegiment,  commanded  by  Col.  John  Fenton.  A 
career  of  promise  was  suddenly  ended.  He  d.  in  Plymouth,  March 
15, 1775.    She  d.  April  5, 1775,  leaving  one  child. 

BROWN.  71 

i.  Sarah,  b.  Sept.  22, 1774.  In  1776,  her  grandfather,  Josiah  Brown, 
was  appointed  her  guardian,  and  two  years  later.  Col.  Joseph 
Senter  was  appointed.  She  m.  1796,  her  cousin,  Joshua  Fletcher, 
son  of  Joshua  and  Sarah  (Brown)  Fletcher  (see). 

8.  JosiAH  Brown,  son  of  Lieut  Josiah  *,  b.  Hollis,  Jan.  31, 1759. 
lu.  Nov.  4, 1779,  Rachel  Fellows.  He  was  administrator  of  the  estate 
of  his  father.  He  was  a  selectman  of  Plymouth,  1790, 1795,  1798, 
1800 ;  representative,  1799, 1800, 1801 ;  commissioned  ensign,  1790, 
and  captain,  1793 ;  appointed  coroner,  1797,  and  a  justice  of  the 
peace,  1799,  and  while  he  remained  he  was  a  man  of  influence  in 
town  affairs.  Associated  with  several  others  from  Plymouth  and 
vicinity  in  1801,  he  removed  to  Windsor  township,  P.  Q.  He  was 
the  first  settler  of  the  town,  and  about  six  years  later  he  removed  to 
Conueaut,  Ohio,  where  he  d. ;  his  widow  d,  in  Windsor,  P.  Q.,  1834. 
Eight  children  b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.     PoLLT,  b.  Oct.  5, 1780.    m.  Stephen  Rogers  (see). 

13.  ii.    Joseph,  b.  May  1, 1782. 

14.  iii.    JofliAR,  b.  June  27,  1784. 

iv.  Olivb,  b.  Feb.  15,  1787.  m.  William  llankin,  son  of  James  and 
Margaret  (Witherspoon)  Rankin,  of  Thornton.  They  lived  at 
Drompton,  P.  Q.  She  d.  Oct.  6, 1860;  he  d.  Sept  8,  1888. 
v.  Nancy,  b.  April  14,  1789.  m.  Job  Whitney,  of  the  province  of 
Quebec;  prob.  a  son  of  Capt  Benjamin  Whitney,  of  Petersham, 
vi.     Ruth,  b.  May  26,  1791.    m.  June  27,  1812,  Simon  Stevens,  b.  June 

17,  1784,  of  Ulverton,  P.  Q.    He  d.  Nov.  9, 1865. 
vii.    Samuel,  b.  Dec.  19,  1798.    d.  young. 

viii.  Sallt,  b.  March  16,  1796.  m.  Arnold  Lindsey,  of  Brompton,  P.  Q. ; 
she  d.  1876;  he  d.  May  20,  1862.  Their  dau.  Catherine  m. 
Jonathan  Brown,  son  of  Joseph  ^*  (see). 

9.  Stephen  Thurston  Brown,  son  of  Dr.  John,  b.  Plymouth,  April 
18, 1766.  m.  Dec  18, 1788,  Anna  Davis,  of  Goffstown.  He  settled 
in  Bristol,  and  his  land  is  now  a  part  of  the  Damon  Y.  Emmons  farm, 
in  the  Locke  neighborhood.  He  was  a  capable,  respected  man.  In 
religion  he  was  a  Quaker,  and  strictly  adhered  to  the  forms  of  the 
faith.  He  d.  at  the  home  of  his  dau.  Martha,  May  4, 1839.  She  d. 
at  the  home  of  her  son  Samuel,  May  23,  1851. 

S.  John,  b.  Sept  15,  1780.  m.  Sally  Ingalls,  b.  July  17,  1798,  dau.  of 
Jonathan  and  Abigail  (Cleyoland)  Ingalls,  of  Bristol  (see).  He 
was  a  soldier  in  War  of  1812,  removing  to  Vermont,  and  in  1889 
to  Michigan.  He  d.  Portland,  Mich.,  Feb.  11, 1885.  She  d.  June 
14,  1867.    Five  children. 

72  BBOWN. 

a.    Ankk,  b.  May  27, 1701.    m.  1817,  Ibmo  Swett  (see). 

iii.  Sakoel,  b.  Oct.  28,  1798.  m.  Nov.  9,  1820,  Susanna  Sanborn 
Dolloff,  b.  Bridgewater,  Dec  0,  1800,  dau.  of  Abraham  and 
Rachel  (Locke)  Dolloff.  He  was  a  farmer  of  Bridgewater,  where 
he  d.  1868.    She  d.  March  14,  1870.    Four  children. 

It.  Josbph,  b.  March  8,  1706.  m.  1825,  Relief  Ordway,  b.  1803,  dsu. 
of  Stephen  and  Mary  (Brown)  Ordway.  He  was  prominent  in 
business  affairs,  owning  mills,  and  manufacturing  lumber  in 
Bristol,  Oampton,  and  Whitefield.  He  d.  in  Whitefteld,  March 
26, 1884.  She  d.  in  Campton,  1867.  They  had  nine  children,  and 
of  these  were  Alson  L.  and  Warren  G.  Brown,  of  the  Brown 
Lumber  Co.  of  Whitefield ;  also  a  dau.,  Mary  Ann  Brown,  b. 
Bristol,  Not.  10, 1880.  m.  Hanson  S.  Chase  (see), 
y.  Enos,  b.  March  8,  1708.  m.  Dec.  10, 1831,  Lavina  Heath,  dau.  of 
James  Heath,  of  Stewartstown.  He  was  a  farmer  of  Bridgewater, 
of  whom  many  anecdotes  are  preseryed. 

yi.    Martha,  b.  May  15, 1800.    m.  Daniel  Simonds. 

yii.    Sallt,  b.  1802.    m.  Jacob  Colby,  son  of  Ichabod  Colby,  of  Weare. 

They  liyed  in  Weare,  where  their  seyen  children  were  bom. 
yiii.  Hannah  Locks,  b.  Sept  24,  1803.  m.  Dec  25,  1826,  William 
Colby,  b.  July  81, 1803,  son  of  Jonathan  and  Martha  (Alexander) 
Colby,  of  Bow.  They  liyed  in  Bow  seyeral  years,  and  in  other 
towns  in  New  Hampshire,  removing  about  1850  to  Michigan,  He 
d.  Feb.  26, 1875 ;  she  d.  August  10,  1863.     Seven  children. 

ix.    Stbphkn,  b.  1806.    d.  1824. 

z.    Mart  Ann,  m.  Oct  2, 1836,  Jeremiah  B.  Warner,  who  d.  1874. 

zi.    MiouAKL.    d.  young. 

zii.  AsBNATH,  b.  May  20,  1814.  m.  March  15, 1838,  Calvin  Fuller,  b. 
March  1,  1812.  d.  New  Boston,  Jan.  11, 1860;  she  d.  in  Alexan- 
dria.   Five  children. 

10.  William  Brown,  son  of  Samuel  •  and  Mary  (Wheeler)  Brown, 
b.  HoUis,  Jan.  4,  1766.  m.  Elizabeth  Nevins,  dau.  of  William 
Nevins,  Sr.    He  lived  also  in  HoUis. 

11.  WiLLUM  Brown,  son  of  William  w,  b.  March  11,  1790.  m. 
April  13, 1815,  Hannah  Fariey.    They  lived  in  Hollis. 

12.  Dea.  WiLUkM  Gilbert  Brown,  son  of  William  ",  b.  Hollis, 
July  16, 1815.  He  lived  in  Campton,  and  was  a  deacon  of  the  Con- 
gregational Church  twenty-five  years.  Over  forty  years  he  was  the 
£aithful  and  devoted  agent  of  the  American  Bible  Society,  and  visited 
from  time  to  time  all  parts  of  the  State.  He  m.  Abigail  Oilman,  of 
Thornton ;  m.  second,  Sarah  Eobie,  of  Campton ;  m.  third,  Hannah 
Bartlett  Pulsifer  (see).  He  d.  April  6, 1892.  His  widow  now  res.  in 
Plymouth.    Three  children. 


i.    William  Edward,  b.  June  15, 1845,  a  soldier  in  the  Civil  War. 
ii.    JosRPH  Uknrt,  b.  August,  1848.    m.  Maroia  Cobb;  m.  second, 

Effie  Sweetser.    He  d.  Sept  19,  1896. 
iii.    Abigail,    d.  aged  3  months. 

13.  Joseph  Brown,  sou  of  Josiah '  and  Bacliel  (Fellows)  Brown, 
b.  Plymouth,  May  1,  1782.  He  removed  with  his  father,  1801,  to 
Windsor,  P.  Q.  He  m.  in  Plymouth,  Jan.  31, 1805,  Susannah  Simonds. 
He  was  a  man  of  force  and  character,  and  a  good  representative  of  an 
excellent  family.  He  d.  at  Windsor,  P.  Q.,  June  21,  1862 ;  she  d. 
June  15, 1840.    Seven  children. 

i.    Emily,  b.  Sept.  1, 1807.    unra.    d.  March  28, 1867. 

U.  JosiAii  Simonds,  b.  June  10, 1812.  m.  1842,  Hannah  Peroival,  b. 
April  11, 1826.  He  d.  April  12, 1898.  Seven  children :  (1)  Henry 
Josiah ;  (2)  Francis  J.,  d.  unm. ;  (3)  Catharine,  m.  Frederick 
Stevens ;  (4)  John  Calvin ;  (6)  Mary  Emily,  m.  Sheperd  Foster ; 
(6)  Jonathan  George,  d.  unm. ;  (7)  Frederick  William. 

iii.  Martha,  b.  Dec.  26,  1815.  m.  Jan.,  1842,  Joseph  Loring.  He  d. 
1805;  she  d.  Oct  19,  1892. 

iv.    Gkor(}k,  b.  1817.    d.  1819. 
15.      V.    SiiRPKRD  JosBPii,  b.  ^farch  11,  1822. 

vi.  Andrrw,  b.  May  20, 1824.  unm.  d.  June  6, 1806. 
Tii.  Jonathan,  b.  Dec.  7, 1828.  m.  June  18,  1855,  Catherine  M.  Lind- 
say, dau.  of  Arnold  and  Sally  (Brown)  Lindsay  (see).  She  d. 
1882.  He  m.  second,  July  17,  1884,  Sarah  Martin.  He  has  been 
actively  engaged  in  the  lumber  trade,  and  vice-president  many 
years  of  the  Shearer  &  Brown  Company.  He  has  retired  from 
business  and  res.  in  Montreal.     No  children. 

14.  Josiah  Brown,  son  of  Josiah'  and  Rachel  (Fellows)  Brown, 
b.  Plymouth,  June  27,  1784.  He  removed  in  early  manhood  to 
Conneaut,  Ohio.  He  had  eight  children,  and  among  them  sons, 
Josiah,  Joseph,  and  Albert  His  son  Joseph  was  a  grad.  of  Yale 

15.  Sheperd  Joseph  Brown,  son  of  Joseph  *•  and  Susannah 
(Simonds)  Brown,  b.  March  11,  1822.  m.  March  10,  1858,  Jennet 
Shanks,  b.  Scotland,  Jan.  26, 1841.  She  d.  Oct  5,  1901.  He  res.  at 
Windsor,  P.  Q. 

i.  Aldrrt  Jobrph,  b.  July  8, 1861.  McGill  University,  Montreal,  1883, 
with  first  rank  standing.  B.C.L.  1886,  winning  the  Elizabeth 
Torrance  gold  medal  and  the  prize  for  the  best  thesis.  He  was 
admitted  to  the  bar  of  the  province,  July,  1886,  and  in  same  year, 
with  L.  N.  Benjamin,  a  leading  commercial  lawyer,  formed  the 

74  BBOWK. 

law  Ann  of  Benjamin  &  Brown.  Mr.  Benjamin  d.  1887,  and  be  joined 
the  firm  of  Chapleau,  Hall,  NiooUs  &  Brown,  which  fi?e  years  later 
became  Hall,  Croes,  Brown  &  Sharp,  which  continues  an  aotive 
and  prominent  firm  in  the  proTinoe.  He  has  refused  political 
preferment  and  has  pursued  his  profession  with  success  and  devo- 
tion. He  m.  Dec  27, 1888,  Josephine  Home,  of  Quebec, 
ii.    IsADRixA  Margaret,  b.  Dec.  8,  1804.    m.  Sept.  10,  1890,  John 

€row,  of  Montreal.    She  d.  $ine  prole,  June  12,  1002. 
iii.     Amnib  Luoinda,  b.  Feb.  26,  1868.    m.  June  5, 1889,  Rev.  James 
Fergusson,  of  Windsor,  P.  Q.,  and  now  of  Hiokson,  P.  O.    One 
child,  Olive  Brown,  b.  April  29, 1891. 


1.  Thomas  Brown,  emigrant  ancestor,  b.  about  1G07.  Came  from 
Malford,  England,  to  Massachusetts  in  the  '*  James,"  arriving  in  Bos- 
ton, June  3, 1635,  He  settled  in  Newbuiy,  Mass.  He  was  by  occu- 
pation a  weaver.  His  wife,  Mary,  d.  June  2, 1655.  He  d.  June  8, 
1687.    Three  children :  Mary,  Isaac,  Francis. 

2.  Fbancis  Brown,  son  of  Thomas  \  b.  about  1632.  m.  Nov.  21, 
1653,  Mary  Johnson.  He  lived  in  Newbury,  Mass.,  where  he  d.  1691. 
Seven  children. 

3.  John  Brown,  son  of  Francis  ^  b.  May  13,  1665.  m.  August 
20,  1683,  Buth  Huse,  b.  Feb.  25,  1664,  dau.  of  Abel  and  Mary 
(Sears)  Huse.    He  lived  in  Newbury,  Mass. 

4.  John  Brown,  son  of  John*  b.  Oct  27,  1683.  m.  Jan.  20, 
1713,  Elizabeth  Dole,  b.  August  16, 1692,  dau.  of  Dr.  John  and  Mary 
(Gerrish)  Dole. 

6.  MosES  Brown,  son  of  John*,  b.  Oct  20, 1723.  m.  1748,  Eliza- 
beth Brown,  b.  Nov.  8,  1728,  dau.  of  Tliomas  and  Deborah  Brown. 
The  intentions  of  marriage  recorded  in  Newbury,  Oct  15, 1748.  Five 
children  were  bom  in  Newbury.  There  is  a  tradition  in  the  families 
of  his  descendants  that  he  came  to  Plymouth  or  Campton  about  1768 
or  1769,  and  soon  died.  His  widow,  Elizabeth,  m.  in  Plymouth,  Nov. 
4,  1771,  Elder  Francis  Worcester  (see). 

i.  Elizabeth,  b.  Got  4, 1740.  m.  David  Perkins,  b.  Hampton,  Jan. 
15,  1739,  aon  of  Moees  and  Mary  (Marston)  Perkins.  He  settled 
in  Campton,  1760,  and  about  1700  removed  to  Thornton,  where 
he  was  a  deacon  of  the  church,  over  which  hia  brother-in-law,  Be?. 
Noah  Worcester,  was  the  pastor.    He  d.  March  14,  1805. 

ii.  Mart,  b.  June  26,  1751.  m.  Joseph  Pulsifer,  and  settled  in  Camp- 
ton.   (See  Palsifer  register.) 

iii.    Sarah,  b.  Sept.  4, 1755.    m.  Ezekiel  Hardy. 

BROWN.  76 

iv.    John,  twin,  b.  Sept.  4, 1755.    m.  Susannah  Ingalls. 
V.    Hanntah,  b.  May  6, 1760.    m.  Nov.  25, 1779,  Rev.  Noah  Worcester 


1.  KiGHARD  Brown,  emigrant  ancestor  of  a  prominent  branch  of 
tlie  Brown  family,  was  of  Newbury,  Mass.,  as  early  as  1635,  and 
probably  was  the  Richard  Brown  who  came  in  the  "Mary  and 
John,"  1633.  His  wife,  Edith,  d.  1647 ;  he  m.  second,  Feb.  16. 1648, 
Elizal)eth  (Qreenleaf)  Badger,  dau.  of  Edmund  Greenleaf,  and  widow 
of  Giles  Badger.    He  d.  April  16, 1661. 

2.  Joshua  Brown,  son  of  Eichard  *  and  Edith  Brown,  b.  Newbury, 
April  10, 1642.  m.  Jan.  15, 1668/9,  Sarah  Sawyer,  b.  Newbury,  Nov. 
20, 1(>51,  dan.  of  WiUiam  and  Iluth  Sawyer.  He  lived  in  Newbury, 
where  he  d.  1720.     Seven  children. 

3.  Dea.  Joseph  Brown,  son  of  Joshua  ^  b.  Newbury,  Oct.  11, 
1669.  About  1700  he  removed  from  Newbury  to  Amesbury,  Mass. 
He  was  a  deacon  of  the  First  Church  of  Amesbury,  and  in  his  will 
he  provided  for  a  legacy  to  the  church.  He  was  a  trader.  He  d. 
1732,  leaving  a  widow,  Sarah,  and  five  surviving  children.  His 
youngest  son  was  Dr.  Simeon  Brown,  who  married  Hannah  Young, 
dau.  of  Henry  Young,  and  lived  in  Kingston,  and  subsequently  in 
Haverhill,  Mass.  Among  the  children  of  Dr.  Simeon  Brown  was 
Henry  Young  Brown,  a  captain  in  the  French  and  Indian  Wars,  who 
received  a  grant  of  land  in  recognition  of  conspicuous  service,  and 
was  the  founder  of  Brownfield,  Me. 

4.  Joshua  Brown,  son  of  Dea.  Joseph  ^,  b.  Amesbury,  about  1702. 
ra.  in  Salisbury,  Mass.,  Dec.  8, 1726,  Joanna  Morrill,  b.  Salisbury,  Feb. 
17,  1707/8,  dau.  Jacob  and  Elizabeth  (Stevens)  Morrill.  He  was  a 
tailor  in  Salisbury  twenty  years.  In  1745  he  bought  the  homestead 
in  Kingston  of  his  brother,  Dr.  Simeon  Brown,  and  removed  to  that 
town.  After  liis  removal  to  Kingston  he  was  a  merchant,  and  ac- 
cumulated a  good  estate.  He  d.  in  Kingston,  April  23, 1756.  His 
widow  m.  second,  before  1762,  Jonathan  Brown,  of  Kensington.  A 
record  of  the  birth  of  six  children  of  Joshua  and  Joanna  (Morrill) 
Brown  is  found  in  Salisbury,  and  a  record  of  the  baptism  of  three 
appears  in  church  records  of  Kingston. 

5.  Joseph  Brown,  son  of  Joshua*,  b.  April  28,  1733,  bapt 
Salisbury,  Second  Church,  May  13, 1733.  The  family  removed  from 
Salisbury,  Mass.,  to  Kingston,  1745.    He  was  a  resident  of  Kingston 

76  BBOWN. 

until  1760,  and  was  one  of  the  petitioners  for  the 'division  of  Eling- 
ston,  and  the  incorporation  of  Hawke,  now  Danville.  His  homestead 
was  in  the  north  part  of  the  new  town.  He  was  active  in  business, 
and  a  worthy  citizen.  He  signed  the  association  test  in  1776,  and 
was  a  soldier  in  the  Bevolution.  In  1781,  he  removed  from  Hawke 
to  Andover,  where  he  d.  April  6, 1812.  He  m.  in  Kingston,  Dec.  29, 
1757,  Elizabeth  Sawyer,  bapt  1738,  dau.  of  Joseph  and  Dorothy 
(Brown)  Sawyer.*    She  d.  July  13, 1813.    Seven  children. 

i.  Joseph,  b.  Kingston,  March  81,  1750.  m.  in  South  Hampton, 
Sept.  5,  1780,  Abigail  Towle,  b.  March  24,  1761,  dau.  of  Caleb 
and  Rath  (Page)  Towle ;  res.  in  Andover,  where  he  d.  July  20, 
1848  ;  she  d.  Oct.  28,  1831.  Four  children :  (1)  Ruth,  b.  April 
14,  1781,  m.  Nov.  7,  1802.  William  Emery;  (2)  Dorothy,  b.  July 
28,  1788,  m.  April  20.  1810,  Caleb  Marston  ;  (3)  Reuben,  b.  June 
24, 1785,  m.  1807,  Lydia  Simonda;  (4)  Lois,  b.  Oct  16, 1702,  unm. 
d.  Jan.  28, 1861. 
ii.    Isaac,  b.  Hawke.  May  24,  1761.    m.  Dec.  24, 1782,  Sarah  Aiken  ; 

lived  in  Andover,  where  he  d.  March  31.  1812. 
iii.    Moses,  bapt  Hawke,  Nov.  3, 1765.    m.  Feb.  23.  1786,  Molly  Blake, 
who  d.  August  23.  1700;  he  m.  second  Nov.  10.  1800,  Nancy 
Rowell,  dau.  of  John  Rowell ;  lived  in  Andover. 
iv.    Nathaniel,  bapt  Hawke,  May  27,  1770.     m.  Mehitable  Green ; 
lived  in  Franklin. 
6.     V.    Hbnrt,  bapt  Hawke,  Feb.  14, 1773. 

*  Joseph  Sawtbr.  son  of  Joshua  and  Eliiabeth  Sawyer,  b.  Newbury,  Mass.. 
Not.  19. 1706.  m.  1729.  intentions  Not.  15.  Dorothy  Brown,  b.  Newbnry.  August  10, 
1712,  dan.  of  Thonuw  and  Rlixabeth  (Berry)  Brown.  Dorothy  (4),  Thomas  (3).  Isaac 
(2),  Thomas  (1).  Joseph  Sawyer  and  wife,  Dorothy,  were  admitted  to  Second  Church 
of  Salisbury,  Mass..  March  5.  1732.  and  in  1739  remored  from  Salisbury  to  Kingston, 
where  he  d.  July  15.  1748.    His  will  dated  May  28,  1748,  was  probated  August  31. 

1748.  He  names  wife.  Dorothy,  and  children,  Miriam,  Elizabeth,  Dorothy,  Judith,  and 
child  unborn.    The  town  records  of  Kingston  record  tliat  Joseph  Sawyer  d.  July  13. 

1749,  and  church  records,  July  15. 1747.  l>orothy  (Brown)  Sawyer  m.  secoud.  May  25, 
1749,  John  Young,  who  d.  Kingston,  August  22,  1758.  She  m.  third,  Fob.  12,  1760, 
Thomas  Thompson,  of  Salisbury.  Mass..  and  later  of  Hawke.  Six  child rou  by  her  first 
and  three  by  her  second  marriage. 

i.  Miriam,  bapt.  Salbbary.  Nov.  9. 1786.    m.  1762,  John  Young,  Jr..  of  Kingston. 

IL  BuzABBTH.  bapt.  Salisbury^  August  27,  1788.    m.  Joseph  Brown  (see  above). 

ilL  DoBOTHT,  b.  Kingston.  Dec.  14. 1740. 

ir.  JosBPH.  bapt.  June  6,  1848.    d.  Oct.  81. 1746. 

T.  Judith,  b.  Oct.  6.  1746.    m.  David  Jones. 

Ti.  Sabah.  b.  Oct.  18.  1748,  posthumous. 

Til.  Ruth  Youkg.  b.  August  18.  1762. 

Till.  Hbsbkiah  Youhg.  b.  Msrch  8,  1764. 

iz.  Mabtua  Youho,  b.  May  29,  1766. 

BBOWN.  77 

yi.    Elizabeth,  bapt.  Hawke,  Feb.  10^  1777.    unm.    d.  Andover,  Not. 

15,  1862. 
yii.    Hannah,  bapt.  Hawke,  Jan.  24, 1779.    unm.    d.  Andoyer,  March 
26, 1806. 

6.  Henky  Buown,  son  of  Joseph  ^  bapt  Feb.  14,  1773.  m.  Lovie 
Ladd,  sister  of  Theophilus  Ladd,  of  Augusta,  Me.  He  was  a  farmer 
ill  Bridgewater,  occupying  the  Woodman  farm  on  the  river  road.  He 
d.  1834.    Henry  and  Lovie  (Ladd)  Brown  had  four  children. 

i.  Hannah,  b.  about  1800.  m.  Oct.  23,  1842,  William  Bailey,  of 
Stewartstown.  They  were  divorced,  on  her  petition,  Jan.  0, 1845. 
She  assumed  her  maiden  name  and  d.  in  Bridgewater,  1862.  In 
her  will  she  remembered  the  older  children  of  her  brother,  James, 
and  sister,  Mary. 

7.  ii.    James,  b.  July  8,  1805. 
Hi.     Child,  d.  Sept.  20, 1818. 

iv.    Mary  Potter,  b.  Sept.  12,  1816.    m.  Seth  Spenoer  (see). 

7.  James  Brown,  son  of  Henry  •,  b.  July  3,  1805.  m.  Nov.  18, 
1830,  Judith  Blaisdell  Harron,  b.  Bridgewater,  Jan.  12, 1807,  dau.  of 
John  and  Nancy  (Pressey)  Hurron.  He  was  a  fanner  and  a  respected 
citizen  of  New  Hampton,  and  later  of  Bridgewater,  and  a  deacon  of 
the  Second  Baptist  Church  of  Bridgewater.  lu  1867,  he  removed  to 
Bristol  His  wife  d.  June  12, 1883,  and  he  had  a  home  several  years 
with  his  son,  Qen.  John  H.  Brown.  He  d.  in  Plymouth  at  the  home 
of  his  son,  Hanson  S.  Brown,  Jan.  17, 1898. 

i.  Mary  Elizabeth,  b.  Bridgewater,  Dec  5,  1831.  m.  Nov.  80, 
1852,  Dudley  MarshaU. 

ii.  Joseph  Harron,  b.  New  Hampton,  Dec.  10, 1888,  was  an  ordained 
elder  of  the  Free  Will  Baptist  Church,  and  was  a  pastor  at  Bow 
Lake,  Strafford,  at  Epsom,  and  at  IlilL  In  1870  he  joined  the  M.  E. 
conference  and  received  appointments:  Uumney,  1870-1871 ;  Lis- 
bon, 1872-1873;  Franklin  Falls,  1874;  Jefferson,  1875-1877  ;  Stark, 
1879-1881 ;  Manchester  First  Church,  1882;  North  HaverhiU,  1888- 
1885;  Sandwich  Centre,  1886-1887  ;  Marlborough,  1888;  superan- 
nuated, 1880 ;  supplied  Lempster  and  South  Acworth,  1891,  and 
Webster,  1892.  lie  was  educated  at  New  Hampton  Institution. 
He  was  an  able  preacher  and  a  successful  pastor,  and  was  officially 
connected  with  several  religious  and  benevolent  organizations  of 
the  church.  He  was  a  representative  from  Hill,  1870,  and  a 
member  of  the  board  of  education  of  Bridgewater,  Hill,  Lisbon, 
Jefferson,  and  Stark.  He  m.  May  1,  18G2,  Harriet  Newell  Huse, 
b.  Danville,  Vt.,  August  18,  1837,  dau.  of  JoAcph  and  Harriet 
Newell  (Frye)  lluse.    He  d.  iu  Concord,  March  10, 1900.    One 

78  BBOWN. 

child  (1)  Orlana  Jane,  b.  Sept.  10, 1868.    m.  June  16,  1805,  John 
M.  Morse,  of  I^Anoaster. 
8.   iii.    Manson  S.,  b.  Bridgewater,  Not.  20, 1885. 

iv.    John  Hknuy.  d.  young. 

y.  Hkstbr  Ann,  b.  Bridgewater,  Jan.  25,  1880.  m.  March  1,  1865, 
Melvin  A.  Dame.    She  d.  Strafford,  March  14,  1866. 

▼i.    Hannah  Angblinb,  b.  Bridgewater,  July  81,  1841.    m.  Oct.  5, 

1875,  John  D.  llarriB.     She  d.  Ipswich,  Mass.,  April  5, 1808. 
vii.    JosBPHiNK  6.,  b.  Bridgewater,  Feb.  5,  1844.    m.  Dec.  16,  1865, 

William  H.  Abel.  She  d.  June  20, 1860. 
▼iii.  LoviNiA  G.,  b.  April  13,  1847.  m.  June  20,  1870,  William  H. 
Abel.  She  d.  August  7,  1870.  He  was  killed  in  a  railroad  acci- 
dent near  New  Hampton,  May  8,  1882.  One  son,  William 
Manson  Henry,  b.  July  10,  1870,  adopted  by  Manson  S.  Brown 

ix.  John  Ubnry,  b.  Bridgewater,  May  20,  1850,  was  a  merchant  in 
Bristol  several  years,  and  engaged  in  lumber  business.  He  was  a 
selectman  eight  years,  postmaster,  deputy  sheriff,  and  in  1801 
represented  Bristol  in  the  legislature.  In  1801  he  was  appointed 
freight  and  claim  agent  of  the  Boston,  Concord  &  Montreal  Kail- 
road,  and  since  the  lease  of  that  road  he  has  been  claim  agent  for 
New  Hampshire  of  the  Boston  &  Maine  Railroad,  removing  to 
Concord,  1805.  He  was  commissary-general  on  the  staff  of  Gov. 
Bnsiel,  and  has  been  a  member  of  Uie  Republican  State  Commit- 
tee twenty-five  years.  Gen.  Brown  was  a  delegate  to  the  Repub- 
lican National  Convention,  1806,  and  a  presidential  elector,  1000. 
He  is  gonial  and  companionable,  and  popular  among  his  associates. 
He  m.  June  10,  1872,  Marietta  Sanborn  I^ugec,  b.  Sanborn  ton, 
Sept.  22, 1840,  dan.  of  Dea.  Joseph  and  Sarah  (Cram)  Lougee. 

8.  Manson  S.  Brown,  son  of  James  ^  b.  Nov.  29, 1835.  m.  April 
19,  1859,  Ann  Polly  Elliot  Whitney,  b.  Campton,  May  24,  1835,  dau. 
of  Kimball  and  Eliza  (Johnson)  Whitney.  She  d.  May  29,  1903. 
He  enlisted  from  Bridgewater,  August  15,  1862,  Co.  C,  13th  N. 
H.  Infantry.  Wounded  at  Fredericksburg.  He  was  appointed  prin- 
cipal musician,  March  1,  1865,  and  was  leader  of  the  band  first  to 
enter  Richmond.  He  was  mustered  out  June  21,  1865,  and  imme- 
diately removed  to  this  town.  Blacksmith  and  farmer.  He  built  the 
bouse  in  the  village,  now  of  Scott  N.  Weeks,  and  occupied  the  shop 
near  by.  In  1881,  he  removed  to  Lower  Intervale,  and  there  owns 
and  occupies  the  Blair  farm.  Having  been  a  deputy  sheriff  since 
1868,  he  was  elected  sheriff  of  Grafton  Co.,  1898,  and  re-elected 
1900 ;  State  senator,  1885-1887.  They  have  one  adopted  son.  (See 
Lovinia  G.  Brown.) 

BEOWN.  79 

i.  William  M.  H.»  b.  July  19,  1870.  m.  June  25,  1896,  Lottie  A. 
Smith,  daa.  of  John  A.  Smith  (see).  He  is  a  farmer  and  dairy- 
man, res.  with  his  father.  Three  children:  (1)  Earle  Manson 
Henry,  b.  July  15,  1897;  (2)  William  John,  b.  May  20,  ^899,  d. 
August  9,  1899;  (3)  Harold  William,  b.  July  14, 1900. 


1.  John  Bhown,  a  baker  of  London,  embarked  on  the  "  Elizabeth," 
April  17,  1635,  and  after  a  short  res.  in  Salem,  Mass.,  settled  in 
Hampton,  1638.  He  was  a  farmer,  and  also  engaged  in  ship  building. 
He  was  one  of  the  largest  owners  of  land  and  the  third  in  wealth,  as 
appears  on  an  ancient  tax-list  of  Hampton.  He  d.  in  Hampton, 
and  the  record  reads,  "John  Browne,  Aged  about  ninetie  eight  years, 
Died  upon  the  281i  Day  of  february,  1686."  He  m.  1640,  Sarah  Walker, 
who  came  from  London  to  America  in  the  ship  with  her  future 
companion.     She  d.  July  6, 1672,  aged  54     Eight  children. 

2.  Jacob  Brown,  son  of  John  \  b.  Hampton,  1653 ;  lived  on  the 
homestead  in  Hampton.  He  was  a  soldier  in  the  Indian  wars,  and 
was  ono  of  the  petitioners  for  the  removal  of  Lieut-Gov.  Cranfield. 
He  m.  about  1682,  Sarah  Brookin,  dau.  of  William  and  Mary 
( Walford)  Brookin,  of  Portsmouth.   He  d.  Feb.  13, 1740.   Nine  children. 

8.  Samukl  Brown,  son  of  Jacob  ^  b.  Hampton,  Nov.  4, 1686.  m. 
Elizabeth  Meloon  and  lived  on  the  paternal  homestead.  He  d.  Jan. 
14,1772.    She  d.  Feb.  9, 1764     Eight  children. 

4.  Stephen  Brown,  son  of  Samuel*,  and  Elizabeth  (Meloon) 
Brown,  and  brother  of  Joseph  ^  b.  Hampton  about  1711.  m. 
Deborah  Luce.    He  d.  Sept.,  1792. 

6.  Benjamin  Brown,  son  of  Stephen*,  b.  1736,  bapt  August  22. 
UL  Elizabeth  Batchelder ;  m.  second,  Mary  Page,  b.  Oct.  19, 1739,  dau.  of 
Joseph  and  Sarah  (Moulton)  Page.  He  d.  May  11, 1799.  His  widow 
d.  Sept.  10, 1823. 

6.  Benjamin  Brown,  son  of  Benjamin^  b.  Hampton,  July  21, 1771 . 
m.  1798,  Sarah  Philbrick,  b.  April  21,  1770,  dau.  of  Benjamin  and 
Sarah  (Page)  Philbrick,  of  Hampton.  He  removed  to  Sanbomton, 
1798,  where  he  d.  May  12, 1848.     She  d.  July  27, 1853. 

7.  JosiAH  Philbrick  Brown,  son  of  Benjamin  •jb.  North  Hampton, 
Dec.  24,  1797.  When  an  infant  the  family  removed  to  Sanbomton. 
He  settled  in  Weutworth  and  was  extensively  engaged  in  lumber  busi- 
ness. He  d.  1877.  He  m.  March  23,  1819,  Nancy  Moulton  Brown, 
b.  1799,  dau.  of  Theodore  and  Sarah  (Gile)  Brown,  of  Chichester,  grand- 

80  *  BBOWK. 

dau.  of  Samuel  and  Mary  (Philbrick)  Brown,  and  great-granddaa.  of 
Samuel'  and  Elizabeth  (Meloon)  Brown. 

8.  Alpiionso  Buown,  youngest  of  the  fourteen  children  of  Josiah 
Philbrick  ^  b.  Wentworth,  Nov.  5, 1846.  He  succeeded  his  father  in 
business  in  Wentworth  until  1900,  when  he  removed  to  Plymouth. 
He  is  proprietor  of  Rose  Lawn  Cottage.  He  m.  May  26,  1872, 
Eudora  Adelaide  Ellsworth,  b.  March  27,  1852,  dau.  of  John  L. 
and  Emily  (Ellsworth)  Ellsworth.    Two  children  b.  Wentworth. 

i.  Lkla  Graob,  b.  July  7, 1873.  Grad.  State  Normal  School,  1891. 
Teacher  in  Plymouth  four  years;  priucipal  Rumney  Grammar 
School  two  years,  and  now  clerk,  Webster,  Russell  Co. 

ii.  LuciNDA  Ethbl,  b.  July  15, 1870.  Grad.  New  Hampton  Institute, 
1900.    Is  now  clerk,  central  telephone. 


1.  Dbut.  Biohard  Brown  was  a  second  lieutenant  in  Col.  Poor^s 
regiment  in  the  siege  of  Boston,  1775.  Upon  the  reorganization  of 
the  regiment  in  1776,  under  Ool.  Nathan  Hale,  he  was  a  quarter- 
master and  continued  in  the  service  in  this  capacity  until  he  resigned, 
August  22, 1778.  He  d.  in  Unity,  1782,  and  his  widow,  Mary,  m. 
Oliver  Tuttla 

2.  John  Brown,  son  of  Lieut  Bichaixl  \  b.  Sept  12,  1772,  was  left 
fatherless  at  ten  years  of  age  in  Unity.  He  found  a  home  in  the 
family  of  Christopher  Newton,  of  Newport  He  m.  1793,  Phebe 
Wilmarth,b.  Feb.  7,  1770,  dau.  of  John  and  Phebe  (Briggs)  Wilmarth, 
of  Newport.  He  was  a  farmer  in  Newport,  where  he  d.  March  30, 1841. 

3.  Charles  K  Brown,  son  of  John  *,  b.  Newport,  Nov.  22, 1810. 
m.  Jan.  19,  1832,  Nancy  Baker,  b.  July  17, 1810.  He  was  a  farmer, 
a  public-spirited  citizen,  res.  in  Wilmot  and  Newport  He  d.  Sept  7» 

4.  Calvin  M.  Brown,  son  of  Charles  K^,  b.  Newport,  Feb.  1, 1833. 
m.  May  10, 1854,  Aura  Thusa  Gillet  She  d.  Feb.  12, 1868.  He  m. 
second,  August  24, 1871,  Isabel  Fraser.  By  occupation  he  is  a  black- 
smith, an  ingenious  man,  an  inventor,  and  patentee  of  several  useful 
devices.    Has  lived  in  Illinois  and  in  Newport 

5.  Charles  Eugene  Brown,  son  of  Calvin  M.*,  b.  Aui-ora,  111., 
August  22, 1863.  m.  July  4, 1884,  Rosa  Ella  Abbott,  b.  August  31, 
1866,  dau.  Sylvester  Dana  Abbott,  of  Rumney.  He  removed  to 
Plymouth,  1897,and  is  a  farmer  on  the  Monroe  Morse  farm,  old  Hebron 
road.    Two  children. 

BROWN.  81 

i.    Calvin  Leon,  b.  I^eport,  Deo.  25, 1885. 
ii.    Ebnbst  Payson,  b.  Laoonis,  Jane  26,  1888. 


1.  Daniel  Bbown,  b.  Caiidia,  May  10, 1771.  m.  Elizabeth  French, 
b.  Kingston,  Dec  11, 1774  He  settled  in  Bridgewater,  where  he  d. 
March  24, 1860.   She  d.  Feb.  11, 1831. 

2.  Richard  Brown,  son  of  DanieP,  b.  Bridgewater,  Sept  4, 1807. 
HL  Nov.  2, 1833,  Mary  C.  Mitchell,  b.  July  28, 1809,  dau.  of  Charles 
and  Margaret  (Morse)  Mitchell,  of  Bridgewater.  He  was  an  influential 
citizen  of  Bridgewater.  His  wife  d.  August  15, 1881.  He  d.  New 
Hampton,  Sept.  27,  1896. 

8.  Daniel  Mitchell  Brown,  son  of  Richard',  b.  Bridgewater, 
April  12, 1842.  m.  Nov.  10,  1869,  Frances  E.  Marston,  b.  Bristol, 
Jan.  30, 1847,  dau.  of  John  G.  and  Eliza  (Dow)  Marston.  He  lived 
a  few  years  in  Bristol,  removing  to  Plymouth,  1876.    Two  children. 

i.     Albrrta,  b.  Bristol,  Deo.  23, 1872.    State  Normal  School,  1893.    m. 
March  2, 1903,  Fred  S.  Wright.     A  lawyer  of  Woodsville. 
li.    Margaret,  b.  Plymouth,  Jaly  1, 1876.    Plymouth  High  School,  1893. 
A  trained  nurse. 


1.  Chester  Brown  and  wife,  Phebe,  after  a  res.  in  Hanover,  lived  in 
Plymouth  from  1852  to  1856,  when  he  removed  to  Wolcott,  Vt,  where 
his  wife,  Phebe,  d.  1868.    Four  children. 

i.  Sarah,  b.  Hanover,  Jan.  1, 1810.    m.  1826,  Nathan  Stetson  (see), 

ii.  Fannt,  m.  Emmerton,  Concord,  Mass. 

ill.  Em  ELIZA,  m.  Forbes  Jones, 

iv.  Thomas,  farmer  of  Wolcott,  Vt 


1.  Abraham  Brown,  b.  Franklin,  March  17,  1818.  m.  Lucinda 
Batchelder,  b.  Franklin,  Oct  13,  1818,  dau.  of  Jacob  and  Dorothy 
(Garland)  Batchelder.  He  lived  in  Bristol  and  a  short  time  in 
Plymouth,  where  he  d.  April  14, 1852.  She  m.  second,  Samuel  Currier 
(see).    His  dau.  Dora  Ann  m.  Edgar  Merrill  (see). 

2.  Gpx)RGB  Augustus  Brown,  son  of  Abraham  ^  b.  Bristol,  April 
23,  1844.  m.  Nov.  18,  1869,  Augusta  Sherbum  Shute,  b.  Bridge- 
water,  March  2, 1847,  dau.  of  Thomas  Shute  (see).  He  is  a  carpenter 
and  builder,    lies.  Plymouth,  1854-1869,  and  1883-1891.    He  res. 

VOL  II.  —  6 

82  BBOWK  —  BRUOB. 

at  Atlantic,  Mass.,  until  1901.  He  removed  to  Clachamas  Co.,  Ore., 
and  is  a  contractor  and  builder,  res.  a  few  miles  from  Oregon  City. 
Three  children. 

i.    Dora  Estblla,  b.  Aagust  24, 1875. 

ii.  Flora  Elsibtta,  twin,  b.  August  24,  1875.  m.  Oct.  12,  1898, 
Herbert  Francis  Carter;  res.  Atlantic,  Mass.  Two  children :  (1) 
Louise  Maud,  b.  June  21, 1900;  (2)  J^roy  lirown,  b.  June  27, 1003. 
ill.    Mblzbna  Francrs,  b.  Deo.  12, 1880. 


1.  Thomas  Brown,  son  of  Josiah  and  Lydia  (Stevens)  Brown,  lived 
in  New  Hampton,  andd.  in  Salem,  Mass.,  Oct  14, 1833.  He  m.  1798, 
Nancy  Maloon,  dau.  of  James  Maloon.  She  was  b.  March  28, 1775, 
and  d.  in  Plymouth,  Oct  18, 1865.    Children. 

i .    Josiah,  b.  April  16, 1790.    m.  Susan  Mudgett ;  he  d.  Bristol,  1858. 
iL    Priscilla,  b.  Jan.  12,  1801.     m.  Moses  Pervier  (see), 
iii.    Thomas  8.,  b.  March  12,  1803,  was  a  veterinary,  d.  Plymouth, 

Nov.  4, 1880. 
iv.    Jambs,  b.  1805.  d.  aged  one  week. 

V.    Mart  8.,  b.  Jan.  14,  1808.    m.  Hufus  Abbot,  of  Rochester, 
vi.    Jambs  M.,  b.  June  23, 1810.   d.  Deo.  23,  1833. 
vii.    Edmund,  b.  Oct  16, 1818.    Lived  several  years  in  Bridgewater,  where 
he  d.  June  28, 1875.    Enlisted  Ist  N.  H.  Cavalry,  Jan.  25,  1802, 
appointed  veterinary  ;  discharged,  Jan.  5, 1803. 
viii.    John  X.,  b.  June  8,  1817.  d.  in  Plymouth,  August  13, 1800. 


1.  Adam  Brown,  of  Ipswich,  Mass.,  m.  in  Sutton,  Mass.,  Dec. 
3,  1772,  Priscilla  Putnam,  b.  August  22,  1751,  dau.  of  Tarrent  and 
Priscilla  (Baker)  Putnam.  He  removed  to  New  Hamsphire,  and  served 
in  Capt  Benjamin  Sias's  company,  Col.  Oilman's  regiment,  which  was  in 
service  three  months,  from  Dec,  1776,  and  was  with  Oen.  Washington 
at  Princeton,  N.  J.  Capt  Sias's  company  was  from  Canterbury  and 
vicinity.  In  1779  he  removed  to  Plymouth  and  remained  hei'e  two 
years.  He  settled  in  Plymouth,  Yt,  and  was  the  first  town  clerk  of 
that  town.  They  had  children :  Israel  Putnam,  b.  1774  ;  d.  Plymouth, 
Vt,  1867;  Priscilla,  who  m.  Nathan  Jones;  Lydia,  and  Elijah. 


1.  John  Bruce,  son  of  Robert,  b.  New  Boston,  March  4, 1779.  Lived 
in  Northfield,  Tilton,  and  in  Franklin,  removing  to  Plymouth,  1852. 


He  d.  April  3, 1859.  He  m.  Sally  Kennedy,  who  was  the  mother  of 
three  children.  He  m.  second,  Mary  Eichardson,  b.  Canterbury,  Dec.  30, 
1790,  dau.  of  Jacob  Richardson.  She  d.  in  Plymouth,  Oct  26,  1878, 
and  was  the  mother  of  four  children. 

i.      WiLUAM. 

ii.     Robert. 

ill.    Sarah,  ra.  John  W.  CiUey  (see). 

iv,  Joseph  C,  b.  Northfield,  1822.  m.  Phebe  Emerson,  who  d.  He  m. 
second,  1861,  Ljdia  Emerson,  a  sister  of  Phebe.  She  d.  in  Ply- 
mouth, Nov.  8,  1861.  lie  d.  in  Bosoawen,  1896.  He  served  in 
N.  H.  H.  A.  1863-1866.  One  child  by  wife  Phebe:  (1)  Frank, 
b.  March  4, 1867,  d.  Plymouth,  Oct.  4, 1877. 
▼.  Alonzo  Kittridqr,  b.  Northfield,  August  10,  1824.  Lived  in  Ply- 
mouth, 1852-1888.  unm.  d.  Franklin,  Nov.  12, 1808. 
vi.    Prudence  Jane,  d.  young. 

vii.  Thomas,  b.  August  6,  1834.  m.  August  18,  1862,  Hannah  Frost, 
dau.  of  Jonathan  Frost.  He  res.  in  Franklin.  (1)  Mary  Elvira,  b. 
Plymouth,  August  6, 1863.  m.  1870,  David  A.  Piper.  They  have 
twelve  children. 


!•  Alexander  Buchanan,  b.  Argyleshire,  Scotlaud,  1784,  emi- 
grated in  youth  to  Canada,  and  there  d.  1848,  leaving  seven  sons. 

2.  Collins  McDonald  Buchanan,  son  of  Alexander  ^b.  Danville, 
Castle  Bar,  P.  Q.,  Jan.  11,  1838.  m.  August  11, 1862,  Sarah  Gotham, 
(Eanlet)  Willis,  widow  of  Cyrus  Willis  (see).  He  was  a  hotel- 
keeper,  removing  to  Plymouth  from  Littleton,  1871.  He  successfully 
conducted  the  Plymouth  House  on  North  Main  Street,  about  ten 
years.  Subsequently  he  was  in  Campton,  Laconia,  Woodstock,  and 
Manchester.  He  was  Deputy  Sheriff,  1873-1874,  and  Sheriff,  Grafton 
Co.,  1883-1885.    He  d.  Manchester,  Feb.  6, 1891.    No  cliildren. 


1.  Nathaniel  Bugbee,  b.  1712.  m.  Feb.  20, 1746,  Sarah  Johnson, 
of  Windham,  Conn.  He  lived  in  Ashfoi-d,  Conn.,  and  later  in  Somers, 
Conn.,  removing  to  Hartford,  Vt,  where  he  d.  July  23, 1808.  She  d. 
March  18, 1815. 

2.  Jonathan  Bugbee,  son  of  Nathaniel  \  b.  Ashford,  Conn.,  May  19, 
17G5.  m.  Esther  Colton,  b.  Sept.  9,  1765 ;  d.  March  4,  1793.  m. 
second,  Betsey  Colton,  b.  Jan.  8, 1768.  d.  Nov.  17, 1835.  m.  third, 
March  10, 1836,  Mabel  (Colton)  Guild,  who  d.  April  15, 1860.    The 


three  wives  were  sisters.  He  was  a  prominent  citizen  of  Hartford,  Yt, 
where  he  d.  April  22, 1849. 

8.      i.  Amos,  b.  Not.  5, 1785. 

ii.  Esther,  b.  Jan.  28,  1788.    m.  August  11, 1815,  Ljman  Hazeiu 

iii.  Betskt,  b.  April  18, 1790. 

iv.  Jonathan,  b.  Jan.  26, 1795,  lived  in  Hartford,  Vt. 

4.  y.  Horace,  b.  Feb.  1, 1797. 

Ti.    Martin,  b.  August  14, 1802. 

5.  yii.    Orrin,  b.  August  29, 1807. 
yiii.    Theodore,  b.  June  8, 1810. 

3.  .  Amos  Bugbbb,  son  of  Jonathan  and  Esther  Bugbee,  b.  Nov.  6, 
1785.  Came  to  Plymouth,  1836,  ramaining  two  or  three  years.  He 
was  a  merchant  with  his  half-brother  Orrin  under  linn  name  of  A.  & 

0.  Bugbee. 

4.  HoRACB  Bugbbb,  son  of  Jonathan  ^  and  Betsey  Bugbee,  b.  Feb. 

1,  1797,  came  to  Plymouth,  1821,  and  remained  here  tliirteen  years. 
He  was  a  merchant,  and  for  a  few  years  was  associated  in  trade  with 
Benjamin  Edmonds,  under  firm  name  of  Bugbee  &  Edmonds. 

5.  Orrin  Bugbbb,  son  of  Jonathan  '  and  Betsey  Bugbee,  b.  Hart- 
ford, Yt,  August  29, 1807.  He  was  a  merchant  in  this  town,  coming 
here,  1829.  He  removed  to  Lakeport,  now  Laconia,  1842.  He  was 
an  intelligent,  reliable  man,  and  a  deacon  of  the  Congregational  Church 
in  Lakeport  He  d.  in  Lebanon,  Jan.  20,  1875.  He  m.  in  Plymouth, 
Sept.  25, 1834,  Mary  Ann  Bobbins,  dau.  of  Jonathan  Bobbins  (see). 
''  The  handsomest  girl  of  her  time  in  Plymouth,"  a  kind  woman  and 
a  good  neighbor.     She  d.  Lebanon,  Oct  9, 1878.    Six  children. 

i.    Maroia  Jane,  b.  June  12, 1886.  d.  May  0, 1837. 

ii.    Louisa  King,  b.  May  81, 1838.    m.  May  i,  1875,  James  A.  DaviSi 

M.D.,  of  Lebanon,  where  she  d.  Feb.  2, 1802. 
iii.    Mauy  Ann,  b.  July  81,  1840.    m.  August  20, 1808,  James  D.  Bell, 
Esq.,  a  lawyer  of  St.  Petersburg,  Fla. 

iv.    Ellbn  Maria,  b.  April  20,  1843.    d.  Dec.  14, 1845. 

T.  Throdora,  b.  Jan.  14, 1847.  ro.  August  20, 1808,  Hon.  William  S. 
Carter,  b.  Warner,  Sept.  28,  1842,  son  of  William  and  Hannah 
(Badger)  Garter.  He  is  a  manufacturer  of  workingmen's  goods 
at  Lebanon,  a  director  of  the  National  and  trustee  of  the  Savings 
Bank  of  Lebanon ;  State  senator,  1801. 

yi    HsNRT  Orrin,  b.  August  0, 1851.    d.  Jan.  11,  1858. 


1.  Jesse  Bullock,  son  of  Hezekiah  and  Abigail  Bullock,  b. 
Grafton.     Lived  in  Plymouth,  on  the  north  Baker's  Biver  road,  where 


Mr.  McCutcheon  now  res.,  from  1831  to  1846.  He  sold  the  farm 
to  Nathaniel  P.  Eogers,  who  gave  the  homestead  the  name  of  ^  Under 
Cliff."  A  record  of  the  Bullock  family  has  not  been  secured,  but  it  is 
remembered  that  there  were  a  son  Benton,  and  a  daughter  Jane,  who 
m.  Oliver  Blake  Qlover  (see),  and  a  daughter  Bebecca.  Albion  Bid- 
lock,  a  nephew  and  adopted  son  of  Jesse  Bullock,  was  reared  in  Ply- 
mouth, and  subsequently  lived  in  Ohio,  and  later  in  Michigan,  where 
he  d.  a  few  years  since. 


1.  Edward  Burbeck.  m.  in  Boston,  Dec.  17,  1712,  Martha 
Shute,  and  lived  in  Boston,  where  the  birth  of  three  children,  Martha, 
William,  and  Edward,  is  recorded. 

2.  WiLUAM  BuRBBCK,  son  of  Edward  ^  b.  July  22,  1716.  m. 
Abigail  Tuttle,  and  to  them  were  born  Abigail  and  Edward.  He  ro. 
second,  Oct  7, 1748.  Jerusha  Glover,  b.  Dorchester,  Mass.,  Dec.  3, 1722, 
dau.  of  John  and  Susannah  (Ellison)  Qlover.  She  d.  in  Boston,  July 
27,  1777.  He  d.  in  Boston,  July  22, 1785.  Headstones  at  Copp's 
Hill  He  was  a  wood-carver  many  years,  and  specimens  of  his  work 
are  found  in  Boston.  He  accumulated  a  large  number  of  books  of 
science,  and  made  a  study  of  gunnery  and  pyrotechnics.  He  made 
the  fireworks  used  in  the  celebration  of  the  repeal  of  the  Stamp  Act. 
In  1769  he  was  second  officer,  or  gunner,  at  Castle  William,  and  at 
the  dose  of  1776  he  succeeded  Col.  Gridley  in  command  of  the  Mas- 
sachusetts Artillery,  and  after  the  war  Col.  Burbeck  was  stationed 
again,  and  under  another  flag,  at  Castle  William.  Of  the  nine  children 
of  Col.  William  and  Jerusha  (Glover)  Burbeck  was  Gen.  Henry  Bur- 
beck,  b.  Juno  8,  1754.  d.  New  London,  Conn.,  Oct  2, 1848.  He  was 
a  captain  of  artillery  in  the  Bevolution,  and  a  brigadier-general  in 
the  War  of  1812. 

3.  Edward  Burbeck,  son  of  CoL  William^  and  Abigail  (Tuttle) 
Burbeck,  b.  Boston  about  1738.  m.  March  23, 1761,  Jane  Milk,  b. 
Sept  16,  1739,  dau.  of  John  and  Jane  (Brown)  Milk.  He  was  a 
wood-carver  in  Boston,  a  captain  of  artillery,  1775,  and,  by  tradition, 
one  of  the  "  Boston  Tea  Party."  He  removed  to  Newburyport,  Mass., 
where  he  was  killed  in  his  house  by  a  stroke  of  lightning,  June  23, 
1782.  His  son  William,  b.  August  3,  1771,  m.  Thankful  Weston, 
and  settled  in  Lebanon,  and  d.  near  Battle  Creek,  Mich.,  April  27, 


1842.    His  dau.  Jane  was  the  wife  of  Ebenezer  Little,  son  of  Moses 
Little,  of  Campton.    She  d.  April  29, 1845. 

4.  Jambs  Burbeck,  b.  Boston,  Mass.,  Jan.  15,  1763,  son  of 
Edward  >  and  Jane  (Milk)  Burbeck.  m.  1784,  Elizabeth  Butler,  of 
Newburyport,  Masa,  and  came  to  Plymouth,  1789,  and  two  years 
later  he  removed  to  Campton.  He  was  a  useful  citizen,  and,  beiug 
the  father  of  fourteen  children  he  was  of  assistance  to  the  town.  He 
was  a  deacon  of  the  Congregational  Church  of  Cam])ton  from  1816 
until  his  death.  He  d.  March  17, 1844.  She  d.  March  22,  1844. 
Children : 

i.    Edwabd,  b.  Feb.  18,  1788.   d.  Bridgewater,  Mass.,  Oct.  15,  1855. 
ii.    Adioail,  b.  July  15,  1789.    m.  March  11,  1818,  John  Rogers,  son 

of  Joshua  ^  (see),    d.  Lowell,  Mass.,  Dec.  4, 1884. 
ill.    Jambs,  b.  Feb.  8,  1701.    m.  April  20,  1831,  Ruth  Pulsifer,  dau.  of 
Joseph  Pulsifer  (see).     He  was  a  farmer  in  Campton,  where  lie  d. 
August  27,  1878.    Three  children :  (1)  Cyrus,  b.  April  10,  1832. 
15th   N.    H.   Infantry,     d.    in    the   service,    August  7,    1863. 
unm.     (2)  Adaline  H.,  b.  August  25,  1885.    m.  1854,  Gilman 
R.  Smith.    (3)  Hannah  B.,  b.  June  19,  1838.    m.  Feb.  7, 1807, 
William  Wallace,  son  of  William,  of  Campton. 
!▼.     Edbnkzer,  b.  May  4,  1702.   d.  in  New  Jersey,  Dec.  11, 1882. 
y.    John,  b.  Sept  8,  1703.  d.  Deo.  27, 1706. 
yi.    Elizabeth,  b.  June  5, 1705.    m.  William  Rogers,  son  of  Joshua^ 

(see),   d.  Sept  6,  1884. 
▼ii.    Mary,  b.  August  26,  1706.     m.  Arnold  Ladd ;  removed  to  Wiscon- 
sin.   She  d.  1848. 
viii.    Joseph,  b.  April  11, 1708.    m.  Anna  Ryan.  d.  1882,  in  New  Jersey, 
iz.    Jane,  b.  Sept  8,  1700.    m.  John  Chandler  (see),   d.  June  21,  1865. 
X.    Sabah,  b.  Feb.  5,  1801.    m.  William  Orr.   d.  in  Vermont,  Jan.  25, 

xi.    Susannah,  b.  Sept.  24, 1802.   d.  Dec.  23, 1825. 
xii.    Samuel  Kino,  b.  April  5,  1804.   d.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  Feb.  25, 1886. 
xiii.    William  Henby,  b.  May  16,  1807.    m.  Sally  Putnam  Carleton,  of 
Haverhill.     He  lived  in  Haverhill,  where  he  d.  Dec.  18,  1803. 
Two  of  his  sons  are  graduates  of  Dartmouth  College, 
xiv.    Benjamin  C,  b.  March  2,  1810.  d.  Jan.  13, 1811. 


1.  Giles  Burley  and  wife,  Elizabeth,  were  in  Ipswich,  1648; 
commoner,  1664.  His  will  was  probated  Sept.  29,  1668.  June  13, 
1668,  Goodwife  Burley  was  granted  by  the  commoners  "  100  trees 
for  rayles  and  100  posts." 


2L  James  Burley,  son  of  Giles  *,  b.  Feb.  10, 1659.  m.  May  25, 
1G85,  Bebecca  Stacy,  dau.  of  Thomas  and  Susannah  (Worcester) 
Stacy.  She  d.  Oct  21, 1686.  He  m.  second,  Elizabeth.  He  d.  about 

3.  Joseph  Burley,  son  of  James*  and  Elizabeth,  b.  Ipswich,  April 
6, 1695.  A  record  of  marriage  is  not  found.  He  removed  to  New- 
market, where  he  d.  about  1760. 

4.  Natii^nikl  Burley,  sou  of  Joseph  ^  removed  from  Newmarket 
to  Canterbury,  and  to  Sanborutou,  1767.  He  m.  Sarah  PowelL  He 
signed  the  Association  Test,  1776.    d.  Feb.  27, 1805. 

5.  Nathaniel  Burley,  b.  Canterbury,  March  25, 1763.  m.  Bhoda 
Ames,  b.  August  9, 1765.  She  d.  Sept  4, 1804.  He  m.  second,  Eliza- 
beth (Jewell)  Thompson,  widow  of  Jonathan  Thompson,  of  Sanborn- 
ton  and  Stratham.     He  was  a  soldier  in  the  War  of  1812. 

6.  David  Burleigh,  b.  Sanborutou,  in  July,  1796.  He  was  a  sol- 
dier in  the  War  of  1812.  He  was  a  farmer,  removing  to  Plymouth, 
1853.  He  m.  Nancy  Thompson,  b.  1797,  dau.  of  Jonathan  and  Eliza- 
beth (Jewell)  Thompson.  She  d.  Dea  26,  1857.  He  m.  second, 
Feb.  10, 1859,  Deborah  R  (Coffin)  [Burleigh]  Shaw,  b.  Alton,  Feb. 
13, 1808.  It  was  her  third  marriage.  Her  former  husbands  were 
Nathaniel  Burleigh  and  Henry  M.  Shaw.  He  d.  May  27, 1868.  His 
widow  d.  June  24, 1880. 

7.  i.    Alvin  Thompson,  b.  March  27, 1821. 

ii.    Frances  Ann,  b.  July  29, 1827.    m.  Sept.  8, 1840,  Horace  L.  Ames. 

7.  Alvin  TnoMPSON  Burleigh,  son  of  David  •,  b.  Sanbomton, 
March  27, 1821.  m.  June  17, 1840,  Fanny  K  Thompson,  b.  Sanbom- 
ton (now  Franklin)  Jan.  22,  1821,  dau.  of  Benjamin  and  Ruth 
(Eastman)  Thompson.  lived  in  Holderness,  and,  after  1852,  in 
Plymouth,  where  he  was  proprietor  of  a  stage  line  to  the  moun- 
tains and  of  a  hotel  on  south  side  of  Bridge  Street  He  d.  August 
12,  1857.  She  m.  second,  April  4,  1865,  Samuel  Newell  Howe 

8.  i.    Alvin,  b.  Dec.  10,  1842»    Adopted. 

8.  Alvin  Burleigh,  b.  Plymouth,  Dec.  19,  1842.  He  is  a  son  of 
Samuel  C.  and  Sally  Leavitt  (Whipple)  Heath  (see  Heath  Register), 
and  an  adopted  son  of  Alvin  Thompson  Burleigh  (see).  To  the  dis- 
cipline of  youth  and  a  self-reliant  struggle  for  a  liberal  education  were 


added  the  interruptions  and  sacrifice  of  war.  He  enlisted,  Septem- 
ber 2,  1862,  16th  N.  H.  Infantry,  and  shared  with  his  comrades 
the  danger  of  war  and  the  hazard  of  disease.  He  participated 
in  the  gallant  assault  upon  Port  Hudson,  and  was  discharged  with 
the  r^ment  August  13,  1863.  Three  of  his  brothers  were  in 
the  service.  Mr.  Burleigh  renewed  his  studies,  and,  pursuing  a  pre- 
paratory course  at  Meriden,  he  grad.  Dartmouth  College,  1871.  He 
is  a  lawyer  of  Plymouth,  in  the  firm  of  Burleigh  &  Adams.  (See 
Vol.  I.) 

In  town  and  State  affairs,  Mr.  Burleigh  is  an  able  and  useful 
citizen.  He  has  been  a  member  of  the  School  Committee  several 
years  and  a  trustee  of  the  State  Normal  School,  and  is  a  trustee  of 
the  New  Hampshire  Conference  Seminary,  Tilton.  He  was  one  of 
the  promoters  of  the  Emily  Balch  Cottage  Hospital  Association,  and 
is  president  of  the  corporation.  He  has  been  a  trustee  and  one  of 
the  legal  advisers  of  the  Plymouth  Guaranty  Savings  Bank.  In  1887 
he  was  a  representative  from  Plymouth,  and  was  elected  Speaker 
of  the  House.  Among  the  features  of  that  memorable  session  is 
the  record  of  Speaker  Burleigh,  who  presided  with  tact,  ability,  and 

He  m.  Jan.  6,  1873,  Elvira  Page,  b.  HaverhUl,  Nov.  14, 1847,  dau. 
of  David  and  Margaret  (Taylor)  Page.     Three  children. 

i.  Alyin  Pagb,  b.  March  20, 1875.  Plymouth  High  School,  and  grad- 
uated commeroial  course,  New  Hampton  Institute,  1896.  He 
served  in  War  with  Spain  in  Ist  N.  H.  Regiment.  He  is  a  ma- 
chinist, and  res.  in  Lowell,  Mass. 

ii.  David  ^AU^  b.  March  27,  1878.  Plymouth  High  School,  1896; 
New  Hampton  Literary  Institution,  1897 ;  DaitmouUi  College, 
1901.  He  m.  Lucy  A.  Morrison,  b.  1877,  dau.  of  Henry  Mor- 
rison (see).  He  is  an  electrician,  in  Lynn,  Mass.  (1)  Elizabeth, 
b.  April  19, 1897. 

iii.    Maroabbt  Thompson,  b.  May  25, 1888  ;  Plymouth  High  School. 


1.  Lieut.  Thomas  Burnham,  son  of  Robert  and  Mary  Andrews 
Bumham,  b.  England,  1623;  came  to  America  with  his  brothers, 
Dea.  John  and  Robert,  in  1635.  He  settled  in  Ohebacco  (now  Essex), 
Mass.  He  waa  in  the  Pequot  War,  a  selectman  and  a  deputy  to  the 
General  Court.    He  m.  1645,  Mary  Tuttle.    He  d.  1694. 


2L  John  Burnham,  son  of  Lieut  Tliomas  \  b.  1648.  m.  June  6, 
1668,  Elizabeth  Wells,  dau.  of  Dr.  Thomas  and  Abigail  (Warner) 
Wells.    He  d.  Jan.  12, 1704. 

3.  Capt.  Jonathan  Burnham,  son  of  John^,  b.  Oct  10,  1685. 
m.  March  17,  1710,  Mary  Perkins,  dau.  of  Jacob  and  Elizabeth 
(Wainwright)  Perkins.    He  lived  in  Chebacco,  and  d.  April  3, 1773. 

4.  Jonathan  Bornham,  son  of  Capt  Jonathan,  b.  1716.  m.  Oct 
4,  1737,  Elizabeth  Proctor.  He  was  a  soldier  in  the  Eevolution. 
(See  Massachusetts  War  Records.)     He  d.  Ipswich,  March  26, 1802. 

5.  Abraham  Burnham,  son  of  Jonathan*,  b.  Feb.  25,  1747.  m, 
Susan  Perkins,  dau.  of  Daniel  and  Susanna  (Carr)  Perkins.  He 
settled  in  llumuey,  where  he  was  styled  captain,  was  a  selectman, 
coroner,  and  a  representative  for  the  district  comprising  Plymouth, 
Eumney,  and  Wentworth  for  the  years  beginning  June,  1785, 1788, 
and  1790. 

6.  Samukl  Burnham,  son  of  Abraham*  b.  Rumney,  March  17, 
1772.  m.  August  11,  1793,  Mehitable  Hall,  dau.  of  Jonathan  an^ 
Desiah  (Butterfield)  Hall.    He  d.  Rumney,  Oct  7,  1839. 

7.  Hon.  DenisoN  Rogers  Burnham,  son  of  Samuel  •,  b.  Rumney, 
Jan.  2,  1799.  m.  in  Rumney,  June  21,  1824,  Abigail  Hopkinson 
Carletou,  b.  Groffstown,  Jan.  18,  1803,  dau.  of  Obadiah  and  Sarah 
(Hopkinson)  Carleton.  He  was  a  merchant  in  Qrotou,  Vt,  about 
six  years,  when  he  removed  to  Newbury,  Vt,  where  he  continued 
in  tmde  under  the  firm  name  of  Morse  &  Burnham,  his  partner 
being  Timothy  Morse,  father  of  Carlos  M.  Morse,  a  long  time  resi- 
dent of  Plymouth.  In  1841  he  sold  his  interest  in  Newbury,  and 
removed  to  this  town.  He  purchased  and  rebuilt  the  Webster 
Hotel,  giving  the  house  a  name  familiar  to  the  people  of  Plymouth, 
and  treasured  in  the  memory  of  many  guests  and  tourists.  He  was 
the  popular  and  enterprising  landlord  of  the  "  Pemigewasset  House  " 
until  it  was  burned,  1862.  He  was  a  representative,  1856,  1857, 
and  1858,  and  was  a  member  of  the  Executive  Council  of  Gov. 
Goodwin,  1860,  and  of  Gov.  Berry,  1861.  He  d.  Feb.  12, 1876.  Mrs. 
Burnham  d.  Sept  22, 1864.     Five  children. 

i.    Thomas  Jrpfkrson,  b.  Groton,  Vt.,  April,  1820.   d.  Nov.,  1826. 
ii.    Garaphrlia  Mohaldia,  b.   Newbury,  Vt,  Sept  18,  1882.    m. 
Joseph  Henry  Merrill  (see). 
8.    ill.    Drsrvignia  Stark,  b.  Newbury,  Vt.,  April  26, 1835. 

iv.    Sarah  Aspasia,  b.  Newbury,  Vt,  Dec.  8, 1888.    m.  in  Plymonih, 
Jan.  1, 1868,  Charles  fiumham  Pope,  a  successful  business  man  of 


Chicago,  who  d.  Aagnst  81»  1885.  She  is  Miihor  of  <<  Aunt  Sarah 
Here ;  Aunt  Sarah  There/'  the  narrative  of  a  journey  around  the 
▼.  Abby  Franoks,  b.  Newbury,  Yt.,  Jan.  17,  1841.  m.  May  2, 1807, 
Uon.  Charles  Henry  Greenleaf,  b.  Danville,  Yt,  July  23, 1841, 
son  of  Seth  and  Lydia  Hall  (Burnham)  Green  leaf.  He  is  proprie- 
tor and  the  active  manager  of  Hotel  Yendome,  Boston,  Mass., 
and  of  the  Profile  House,  Franoonia,  with  a  legal  residence  in 
Franoonia.  He  was  a  colonel  on  the  staff  of  Gov.  Prescott,  repre- 
sentative, 1805-1890,  State  senator,  second  district,  1807-1898. 

8.  DssEViONU  Stark  Burnham,  son  of  Denisou  R^,  b.  Newbury, 
Vt,  April  26. 1835.  m.  Dec.  5, 1857,  Lura  K  Marston,  dau.  of  Oliver 
L]rford  Marston  (see).  He  was  in  the  produce  business  in  Boston 
with  Lewis  F.  Merrill,  after  which  he  received,  1864,  an  appoint- 
ment in  the  Treasury  Department,  Washington,  D.  C,  which  he  held 
nntil  1888,  when  he  returned  to  Plymouth,  where  he  d.  August  15, 
1893.    She  d.  Feb.  15, 1893. 

i.    Uarry  Miluoy,  b.  1859.    d.  1850. 
U.    Uarry  Dknison,  b.  Oct.  10, 1860.   d.Oct  81, 1860. 


1.  Georgb  Burns,  b.  in  Ireland,  1696.  Came  to  America  about 
1720,  and  settled  in  Nottingham  West,  now  Hudson.  He  was  a 
son  of  Thomas  Burns,  who  emigrated  from  Scotland  to  Ireland  to 
receive  the  benefit  of  the  "  Crown  Grants."  George  Burns  was  town 
treasurer  of  Nottingham  West,  1746,  and  a  selectman  several  years. 
He  m.  Martha  Glover.    He  d.  1783;  she  d.  Feb.  11,  1811. 

3.  Georgb  Burns,  son  of  George  \  b.  in  Hudson,  Feb.  5,  1743. 
m.  Nov.  1, 1770,  Anna  Adams,  by  tradition  b.  on  the  ocean  during 
the  voyage  of  her  parents  from  Scotland  to  America.  He  was  a 
soldier  in  the  Revolution  ;  d.  in  Rumney,  1815.  Five  sons  bom  in 

3.  Robert  Burns,  b.  Hudson,  Dec.  12,  1792.  A  physician  in 
Warren,  1816-1818 ;  Hebron,  1818-1835 ;  Tlymouth  from  1835  until 
his  death.  He  held  many  positions  of  honor  and  trust ;  four  years  a 
representative  in  Congress.  (See  sketch  in  Vol.  L)  He  m.  Oct.  6, 
1816,  Mary  Merrill,  b.  March  10,  1795,  dau.  of  Jonathan  and 
Susannah  (Eaton)  Menill,  of  Warren,  and  a  cousin  of  Stevens  and 
Anson  Merrill,  of  Plymouth.  She  d.  Sept  15, 1849.  He  m.  second, 
Almira  Cox,  b.  Holdemess,  Sept  21, 1818,  dau.  of  Robeit  and  Hannah 

BURKS.  91 

(Stanton)  Cox.    She  d.  March  7, 1855.     He  A  June  26, 1866.    Five 

i.  Susan  Mrrrill,  b.  Warren,  July  4,  1817.  m.  Oct  17,  1886,  Mark 
R.  Woodbury,  M.D.,  b.  Concord,  Vt,  May  7,  1807,  a  physician  of 
Rumney,  Northfield,  Concord,  Lancaster;  president  N.  H.  Med. 
Society.    He  d.  Whitefield,  1892. 

4.  ii.     WiLUAM,  b.  Hebron,  April  25, 1821. 

iii.  Mart  Elizabeth,  b.  Hebron,  March  29,  1825.  m.  May  10, 1800, 
Hon.  James  Wingate  Weeks,  b.  Lancaster,  July  15,  1811,  son  of 
James  R.  and  Elizabeth  (Stanley)  Weeks ;  his  second  marriage.  He 
was  Judge  of  Probate,  Coos  County,  Railroad  Commissioner, 
County  Commissioner,  and  he  held  many  other  positions  of  trust. 
He  d.  Sept.  5, 1899.    She  d.  Feb.  2,  1878. 

iv.  Aknie  Stanton,  b.  Nov.  21,  1852.  m.  June  17,  1877,  Henry 
Harrison  Porter,  b.  Lyman,  Jan.  17,  1840,  son  of  Harrison  and 
Emily  (Knapp)  Porter.  He  is  a  salesman  for  the  Saranao  Glove 
Co.,  of  Littleton.  She  d.  in  Littleton,  March  17, 1900.  Two  chU- 
dren :  (1)  Clementine  B.,  b.  June  25, 1878.  Grad.  Smith  College, 
1901.    (2)  Elizabeth  L.,  b.  Jan.  10,  1880. 

5.  V.    RoDKRT,  b.  August  80, 1854. 

4  William  Burns,  son  of  Dr.  Robert  ^  b.  Hebron,  April  25, 1821. 
Lived  in  Plymouth  during  youth  and  academical  studies,  Dartmouth 
College,  1 841 .  He  read  for  his  profession  with  Leonard  Wilcox,  of  Orford, 
and  at  Harvard  Law  School,  and  was  admitted  to  Qrafton  County  bar, 
1841.  He  practised  his  profession  in  Littleton,  1843  to  1846,  and 
in  Lancaster  from  1846  until  his  death.  Solicitor,  Coos  Co.,  1848- 
1853 ;  State  senator,  1856  and  1857 ;  delegate  to  Constitutional  Con- 
vention, 1876 ;  delegate  to  National  Democratic  Convention,  1860 ; 
Democratic  candidate  for  Congress,  1859, 1861, 1863.  He  was  of  the 
law  firms.  Burns  &  Fletcher,  i849-1866  ;  Bums  &  Heywood,  1868- 
187G.  He  was  an  able  advocate,  and  a  man  of  recognized  talent  and 
integrity.  He  m.  April  25,  1843,  Clementine  E.  Hayes,  dau.  of 
Lyman  Hayes,  of  Orford.  He  d.  in  Plymouth  after  a  severe  illness, 
April  2,  1885,  and  is  buried  in  the  Trinity  churchyard,  in 

5.  KoBERT  Burns,  son  of  Robert*  and  Almira  (Cox)  Bums,  b. 
August  30,  1854  m.  May  1,  1883,  Caroline  Sargeant,  b.  Boston, 
Mass.,  dau.  of  Cyrus  and  Sarah  J.  (Emerson)  Sargeant,  a  grad.  of 
Vnssar  College.  He  is  a  physician  of  Plymouth.  (See  sketch  VoL 
I.)    Five  children. 

i.    William,  b.  Jan.  20, 1885.    Plymouth  High  School,  1001. 
ii.    Mahqarbt  Louisb,  b.  Oct.  14, 1880. 


iii.    Eatharinb  Esthbr,  b.  Oct.  0, 1880. 
ir.    Sarah  Ruth,  b.  Noy.  11»  1890. 
T.    Robert,  b.  Aagoai,  1802. 

6.  Samttsl  a.  Burns,  sod  of  Samuel  and  grandson  of  Gteorge  ^  was 
bom  in  Bumney.  He  was  a  lawyer,  having  been  admitted  to  the 
Suffolk  bar,  1831.  His  health  failing,  he  became  a  teacher  of  reputa- 
tion in  Charleston,  S.  C.  He  came  to  Plymouth,  1854,  and  lived 
here  twenty  years,  honored  and  respected  by  all.  In  1874  he 
removed  to  Cambridge,  Mass.,  and  there  d.  1875.    He  m.  Pauline 

Henrietta ,  a  native  of  France,  who  d.  in  Plymouth,  Nov.  9, 

1862.    Four  chUdren :  (1)  Jules,  (2)  George,  (3)  Pauline,  (4)  Louise. 


!•  Joseph  Burrows,  son  of  Joseph  and  Rachel  (Blaisdell) 
Burrows^  b.  Lebanon,  Me.,  August  24,  1813.  He  read  law  in  the 
office  of  Josiah  Dearborn,  of  Effingham,  and  completed  a  course  of 
study  at  Harvard  Law  School  He  practised  a  few  years  in  Effing- 
ham, removing  to  Holderness  (now  Ashland)  1844,  where  he  remained 
fourteen  years.  He  removed  to  Plymouth,  1858.  (See  biography  in 
Vol  L)  He  was  a  representative,  1871,  1872,  1873,  1874,  and 
executive  councillor,  1878,  1879,  and  delegate  to  the  Constitutional 
Convention,  1876.  Ho  was  a  trustee  of  State  Asylum  for  the  Insane, 
and  served  the  town  on  the  board  of  school  committee.  He  m., 
1839,  Elizabeth  Dearborn,  b.  Effingham,  March  22,  1820,  dau.  of 
Josiah  and  Belinda  (Quarles)  Dearborn.  He  d.  Plymouth,  April  5, 
1883 ;  she  d.  in  Chicago,  at  the  home  of  her  daughter,  Mrs.  Clark, 
Dea  19,  1885.    Six  children. 

i.  Joseph  Mandvvillb,  b.  May  20, 1840.  Read  law  with  his  father, 
and  was  admitted,  1864.  He  practised  in  Plymouth,  in  partnership 
with  his  father,  until  Jan.,  1866,  when  he  removed  to  Chicago,  III, 
where  he  continues  in  active  practice.  He  is  a  successful  lawyer. 
(See  Vol.  I.)  He  m.  Dec.  22,  1869,  Jane  W.  Prentiss,  b.  Clare- 
mont,  Dec.  24, 1880,  dau.  of  John  J.  and  Mary  Ann  Prentiss. 
Two  children  :  (1)  Edith  Parker,  b.  Chicago,  Oct.  14,  1870,  d. 
March  5,  1885.  (2)  Elizabeth  Jane,  b.  March  1, 1875. 
ii.  Harrison  Gray  Otis,  b.  May  7, 1842,  is  a  dealer  in  tin  and  asso- 
ciated wares.  He  res.  in  Fall  liiver,  Mass.  He  m.  in  St. 
Johnsbury,  Vt.,  July,  1865,  Mary  Matilda  Stetson,  b.  Groton,  Vt., 
Deo.  5, 1846.  She  d.  in  Everett,  Mass.,  June  14,  1891.  Trinity 
Cemetery.    Two  children  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. :  (1)  Katherine 

BUBB0W8  —  BUBTT  —  BUTLBB.  98 

Isabel,  b.  Aagnst  21,  1860.    m.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  Deo.  10, 1884, 

John  H.  Wilkinson  (see).     (2)  Merton,  b.  Dec.  28, 1868. 
ill.    Clara  Hamilton,  b.  Sept  80, 1844.    m.  John  Hoyt  Melvin  (see), 
iv.    Danirl  Wrdstbr,  b.  April  20, 1850.    nnm.    He  b  an  insurance 

broker,  with  an  oflice  and  residence  in  Chicago,  111. 
▼.    Katharine  St.  Clarb,  b.  Jane  27, 1852.    m.  George  Clark.    (See 

Thomas  Clark  Register.) 
yi«    Francis  Pitts,  b.  June,  1854.    d.  Angnst,  1855. 


1.  Fred  Burtt,  b.  Nov.  25, 1847.  m.  in  Plymouth,  August  21, 
1869,  Leonora  Augusta  Wheeler,  dau.  of  Daniel  Coolidge  Wheeler  (see). 
He  is  a  farmer  and  glove  maker,  of  Plymouth.    Eleven  children. 

i.    Albert  Frbd,  b.  April  26, 1870.    m.  Dec.  5,  1900,  Eva  L.  Isham, 

dan.  of  Aaron  and  AbigaU  (Willis)  Isham,  of  Concord,  Yt    He 

is  foreman  in  glove  shop  of  the  Dn^)er  &  Maynard  Co.    (1)  Doris 

Esther,  b.  August  24, 1908. 
ii.     Edward  Daniel,  b.  Nov.  21,  1871.    Baltimore  Medical  College, 

1900 ;  is  a  physician  in  Woodstock.    He  m.  Esther  Corliss,  dan.  of 

George  Henry  Corliss  (see), 
lii.    MusA,  b.  Jan.  23, 1874. 
iv.    Hrrdrut  Francis,  b.  Jan.  15,  1876.    m.  March  20,  1898,  Mina 

V.    Clifton  French,  b.  Jan.  26, 187a    d.  Feb.  7, 1881. 
Ti.    Charles  Cook,  b.  Feb.  7,  1879.    m.  Dec  14,  1902,  Mary  Ellen 

Morton,  dan.  of  Frank  Morton  (see), 
▼ii.    Sadie  Louise,  b.  Jnne  17, 1880.    m.  Truman  D.  Pollard, 
viii.    Melinda  French,  b.  August  2, 1881.    m.  Walter  A.  Famum  (see), 
ix.    Harrt  Wheeler,  b.  Jan.  21,  1888. 
X.     Walter  Emerson,  b.  March  20, 1885. 
xi.    Arthur  Allen,  b.  Jan.  10, 1887. 


1.  John  Butler,  son  of  John  and  Mary  Butler,  b.  Newbury, 
Mass.,  Oct  23,  1758.  m.  Sarah  Poore,  b.  April  12, 1761,  and  settled 
in  Campton  about  ITOS*  where  he  d.  March  9, 1836 ;  she  d.  March 
22,  1843.  Tlieir  dau.  Sarah,  b.  March  3,  1785,  ni.  Henry  Dole. 
They  were  parents  of  Erastus  and  Moses  Dole,  manufacturers,  of 
Campton.  Another  dau.,  Betsey,  b.  April  12,  1795,  m.  Gen.  Moses 
Cook  (see). 

2.  John  rooRE  Butleb,  son  of  John  \  b.  Newburyport,  Dec.  12, 
1791.  ni.  Apphia  Brown,  of  Moultonborough,  b.  Oct  1,  1793.  They 
lived   in    Campton,   removing,   1847,   into   the   northeast   part  of 


Plymouth,  where  he  d.  Nov.  20, 1863;  she  d.  Feb.  6, 1875.    (See  14 
and  16,  John  Clark  Begister.) 

L  Gborgb  Little,  b.  August  22, 1817.  Res.  Bradford,  Vt.  Deaoou, 
town  olerk,  representative.  He  m.  Oct.  30, 1814,  Jaiie  Clark,  dau. 
of  Charles  and  Harriet  (Dayton)  Clark.  She  d.  June  17, 1855 ;  m. 
second,  April  5, 1858,  Laora  Ann  (Wiggin)  Eastman.  (1)  Greorge 
C,  b.  Deo.  8,  1840 ;  res.  at  St.  Albans,  Vt.  (2)  Alice  Jane,  b. 
July  1, 1851.    m.  John  T.  Cutter,  Jr.  (see). 

ii.  EuzABRTH  Ann,  b.  Jan.  22,  1810.  m.  Andrew  Conant,  captain 
6th  Mass.  Infantry  in  Civil  War;  merchant  several  years, 
Lowell,  Mass. 

iii.    Sarah  Notes,  b.  Nov.  20, 1820.    m.  William  McDole  (see). 

iv.    Mart   Willbt,  b.  June  15,  1821.    m.  Nov.  20,  1848,  Ebenezer 

Burgess ;  res.  Lowell,  Mass. 
V.  Abigail  Stioknbt,  b.  Jan.  20, 1828.  m.  1850,  John  Rogers  Clark, 
b.  Campton,  Jan.  17,  1828.  They  lived  in  Campton  until  1804, 
when  they  removed  to  Plymouth,  where  she  d.  March  6, 1875 ;  he 
d.  March  24, 1875.  (1)  Nellie  Jane,  b.  July  28, 1861.  A  teacher ; 
res.  Holdemess. 

vi.  Caroline  Little,  b.  Nov.  8,  1825.  m.  August  8,  1852,  Henry 
Everts  Shedd,  b.  May  7,  1831,  son  of  Rev.  Charles  and  Eliza 
(Rowell)  Shedd.  He  is  a  farmer  in  Zumbrota,  Minn, 
vii.  Elmira  Rogers,  b.  August  22, 1827.  unm.  d.  April  8, 1846. 
viii.  Jane  Farkman,  b.  July  20,  1820.  m.  Nov.  4,  1852,  Dudley  L. 
Clark.  He  lived  in  Campton  and  in  Plymouth,  1858-1871 ;  deputy 
sheriff;  removed  to  Maiden,  Mass.  (1)  John  L.,  b.  July  0,  1853. 
(2)  Edwin  Charles,  b.  June  25,  1850.  (3)  Kate  Elizabeth,  b. 
March  31, 1867. 

ix.  John  Woodward,  b.  Dec.  13, 1831.  m.  August  14, 1858,  Emily 
Ann  Farnum,  dau.  of  Hiram  Famum  (see);  she  d.  April  13, 1866; 
he  m.  second,  Jan.  1, 1868,  Sophia  Erwiu,  of  Haverhill.  He  was 
a  yardmaster  and  conductor,  B.  C.  &  M.  R.  R.  in  Plymouth,  and 
after  1878  at  Woodsville.  (1)  John  M.,  b.  Jan.  13,  1871.  (2) 
Harriet  IJllian,  b.  Dec.  12, 1875. 
X.  Arthur  Webster,  b.  Dec.  15, 1833.  d.  at  Soldiers'  Home,  Tilton, 
N.  H.    6th  N.  H.  Infantry.    Res.  Carroll. 

zi.  Wiluam  Franklin,  b.  Nov.  20, 1837.  m.  Martha  Lois  Burt  She 
d.  Feb.  10, 1868 ;  m.  second,  Harriet  Jane  Smith,  of  Boston,  who  d. 
Sept.  6,  1875 ;  m.  third,  Alvira  F.  RusseU,  of  Lincoln.  He  has 
been  a  manufacturer  of  lumber.  Two  children  b.  Franconia  :  (1) 
William  Franklin,  b.  May  16,  1860.  (2)  Charles  Smith,  b.  Nov. 
10,1871.    Res.  Woodstock. 


1.    Aaron  Buzzell,  son  of  Daniel  and  Joanna  Buzzell,  and  a 
descendant  of  John  Buzzell,  of  Dover,  b.  Epsom,  1820.     m.  Sarah 


Jane  Hull,  b.  WasbingtoD,  Vt,  dau.  of  James  and  Sarah  J.  (Lougee) 
Hull.  He  lived  in  Gilmanton,  New  Hampton,  and  Holderness,  re- 
moving to  Plymouth,  1881 ;  he  d.  Oct  3,  1883.  He  served  nearly 
four  years  in  6th  N,  H.  Infantry,  wounded  at  Spottsylvania,  Va., 
May  15,  1864,  and  discharged  on  account  of  wounds,  June  26,  1865. 
She  res.  in  Plymouth. 

i.     William  Hbnrt,  accidentally  killed  at  Aehland,  aged  11. 
ii.    Sarah  Janr,  b.  June  11,  1851.    m.  William  Foster;  m.  second, 

Thomas  Dudley;   m.  third,  Jesse  P.  Bradford,  who  was  killed  on 

railroad,  July  27, 1888 ;  m.  fourth,  George  Moulton,  who  lived  a 

few  years  in  this  town.    She  d.  July  1,  1805. 
iii.     Mary,  b.  March  4, 1853.    m.  William  C.  Hobart  (see), 
iv.    Susan  Emrlinr.    m.  Albert  Marden. 
V.    MosKS  Aaron,    d.  aged  14. 
vi.    William  Henrt.    m.  Elizabeth  Bradford ;  m.  second,  Abra  Davis. 

lies.  New  Hampton. 


1.  Thomas  Caldon,  son  of  Robert  Galdou,  of  Meredith,  b.  1813. 
m.  Sarah  Ann  Bagley.  He  lived  a  few  years  in  Campton  and  re- 
moved to  Plymouth,  1865,  living  near  the  homestead  of  Jason  F. 
Draper.     He  d.  Dec.  22, 1878.    She  d.  June  1, 1891.    Eight  chUdren. 

i.  Marilla  Jane,  b.  August  20,  1840.  m.  James  D.  Sanborn;  m. 
second,  William  A.  Frizzell,  a  locomotive  engineer.  She  d.  Ply- 
month,  Jan.  26, 1897.     He  d.  August  10,  1897. 

ii.  Amanda  Malvina,  b.  June  8, 1842.    m.  James  Keeble  (see), 
iii.   Sophia  Sophronia,  b.  Jan.  11,  1844.    m.  John  H.  Huckins  (see). 

iv.   Bbtton  Francis,  b.  June  11,  1846.     d.  Campton,  Dec.  24, 1846. 

V.  Btlbt  Ltford,  b.  Jan.  29,  1848.  m.  Armenia  (Coffin)  Carson, 
dau.  of  Ira  Coffin,  divorced;  he  m.  second,  Anna  Wallace,  dau.  of 
Jesse  Wallace,  of  Campton.  He  lived  in  Plymonth  until  1888, 
when  he  removed  to  Campton.    lie  d.  June  6, 1894.     One  child : 

(1)  Mabel,  b.  Feb.  4,1873.    m. Gleason;  m.  second,  1898, 

Owen  Severance,  of  Bristol. 

vi.  Nancy  Janr,  b.  July  1,  1851 ;  m.  1866,  George  T.  Ordway ;  m. 
second,  July  29,  1888,  George  A.  Dimond,  a  locomotive  engineer; 
res.  Woodaville,  I^ebanon,  and  Concord ;  he  d.  March  26, 1904. 

vii.   Ella  Brllb,  b.  Dec.  25,  1856.    m.  Emerson  O.  Gitchell  (see), 
viii.   Edith  F.,  b.  June  9,  1860.  m.  April  4,  1886,  William  Gould,  son 
of  William  Gould,  of  Danbury ;  m.  second,  Jan.  81,  1880,  Otis 
Young  (see). 

2.  Harrison  Green  Caldon,  son  of  Robert  and  brother  of 
Thomas  ^  b.  Meredith,  July  15, 1825.   m.  Rosiiia  Gordon,  b.  Lempster, 

96  OALDOK  —  OALBF. 

Oct  19, 1827.  A  Oct  1, 1891.  He  was  a  farmer  in  Plymouth  from 
1866  to  1874,  when  he  removed  to  Rumney.  He  d.  Plymouth,  May 
13,1902.    Eight  chUdren. 

1.  Gkorob  Edward,  b.  April  12, 1851.  m.  August  21,  1881,  Martha 
A.  Harris,  b.  Piermoot,  Jan.  22,  1862,  dau.  of  Alfred  and  Almira 
(BarUeU)  Harris.  He  d.  May  12, 1002.  Three  children:  (1)  Guy 
Edward,  b.  Sept  24, 1884,  Plymouth  High  School,  1004.  (2)  Lena 
Almira,  b.  Jan.  10,  1802.  (3)  Lida  Roeina,  b.  August  1,  1800. 
IL  Jambs  Monroe,  b.  March  20,  1853.  m.  July  7,  1888,  Minnie  E. 
Casavant.  She  was  killed  in  a  railroad  accident,  June  20, 1004. 
(1)  Herbert  J.,  b.  Dec.  27,  1885 ;  d.  Deo.  20,  1002.  (2)  Leon  M., 
b.  June  5, 1888.  (8)  Amy  U.,  b.  July  15, 1805.  (4)  Ida  L.,  b. 
Nov.  1, 1800.    (5)  Delia,  b.  Oct.  28, 1008;  d.  Dec.  11, 1003. 

ilL  Fred  Harrison,  b.  April  22,  1856.  m.  March  17,  1878,  Luella 
Rena  Gray,  of  Fairlee,  Vt.  He  lives  near  Livermore  Falls.  Three 
children:  (1)  Winnie  Florence,  b.  May  0,1880;  (2)  Lee  Frederick, 
b.  May  18, 1880;  (3)  Hazel  Fern,  b.  July  10, 1806. 

iy.  Addis  Belinda,  b.  Nov.  0, 1858.  m.  1885,  Daniel  W.  Chamberlain ; 
res.  Los  Angeles,  Gal.  (1)  Blanche,  b.  Dec.  18, 1888 ;  (2)  Frank 
Harrison,  b.  March  17,  1803. 

y.  Nellie  Lorinda,  b.  April  0,  1861.  m.  May  8,  1880,  Fred  Bd- 
ville.    She  d.  Jan.  12,  1884. 

yi.  Frank  Elmore,  b.  April  0,  1860.  m.  Dec.  2,  1804,  Minnie  F. 
Gillett.    (1)  Mildred  Leone,  b.  Rumney,  1805. 

yli.  Willie  Ouver,  b.  1867.    m.  July  27,  1887,  Edith  D.  Walton, 
yiii.  Eva  Blanche,  b.  Jan.  3, 1870. 


1.  James  Oalef,  a  representative  of  an  early  family  in  New 
Hampshire  was  living  in  Exeter,  1748,  and  later.  The  name  was 
written  Calfe  for  several  generations. 

2.  Oliver  Calbf,  son  of  James  \  b.  1747.  m.  Elizabeth  Melcher, 
and  removed  to  Sanbomton  about  1778,  where  he  d.  April  18, 1826. 

3.  Samuel  CALEF,son  of  Oliver*,  b.  March  24,  1776.  Was  carried, 
an  infant,  to  Sanbomton.  He  dl  Anna  Sanborn.  He  d.  June  5, 1866. 
She  d.  June  6, 1850. 

4.  William  S.  Calef,  b.  Sanbomton  about  1820.  m.  Mary  Eliza- 
beth Fitzgerald.  He  was  a  lamplighter,  Boston,  Mass.  He  d. 
Meredith,  Jan.  14,  1862. 

6.  George  Washington  Calef,  son  of  William  S.,  b.  Boston, 
Mass.,  Sept.  16, 1849.  m.  Bumney,  May  14, 1879,  Sarah  Jane  Knowles, 
b.  Thomton,  Oct.  2, 1858,  dau.  of  Nathaniel  Knowles.  He  removed 
to  Plymouth,  1882. 


i.  Alicr  Cutter,  b.  Thornton,  August  7, 1880. 
ii.  Mary  Bbllb,  b.  Thornton,  Sept.  80,  1882. 
iii.   Sarah  Elizabkth,  b.  Plymouth,  Nov.  9,  1884. 
iv.   Eva  May,  b.  Plymouth,  Sept.  9, 1887. 
V.  Annib  Mabel,  b.  Plymouth,  August  24, 1892. 


1.  John  Calbf,  parentage  not  known,  came  to  Plymouth,  1771. 
He  m.  Nov.  13, 1776,  Tameson  Nevins,  dan.  of  Thomas  Nevins  (see). 
He  (1.  1782 ;  she  m.  second,  Sylvanus  Woodworth,  of  Groton.  She 
d.  1829.  John  and  Tameson  (Nevins)  Calef  had  one  son  b.  in 

i.  Thomas. 


1.  David  Calley,  son  of  William  Calley,  of  Stratbam,  and  later 
of  Sanbornton,  b.  Stratham,  Nov.  15,  1774.  In  his  childhood  the 
family  removed  from  Stratham  to  Sanbornton.  He  m.  June  25, 1797, 
Sally  Folsom ;  m.  second,  Martha  Marston.  He  was  a  farmer  of  Holder- 
ness.  Late  in  life  he  lived  several  years  in  Plymouth,  and  here  d. 
1847.    One  of  his  fourteen  children  became  a  resident  of  this  town. 

2.  Chasb  Weeks  Callet,  son  of  David  ^  and  Martha  (Marston) 
Calley,  b.  Holdemess,  August  13, 1823.  He  has  lived  in  Plymouth 
since  1841.  He  is  a  manufacturer  of  gloves,  and  a  worthy  citizen. 
He  m.  June  3, 1856,  Mary  Emeline  Eeyes,  b.  Rumney,  Sept  19, 1833, 
dau.  of  Lewis  Keyes  (see).  She  d.  Sept  30,  1890.  Five  children 
b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.  Martha  EMKLms  Callkt,  b.  May  16, 1858,  State  Normal  School, 

1874.  m.  Charles  A.  Jewell  (see), 
ii.  Frank  Chasb,  b.  Sept  7,  1859.  m.  Nov.  20,  1889,  Alice  M. 
Bartlett,  b.  1804,  dau.  of  Charles  L.  and  Martha  £.  (Brown) 
Bartlett  She  grad.  State  Normal  School,  1888.  He  has 
been  in  the  glove  business  from  youth.  Since  1888  he  has  ably 
conducted  business  on  his  own  account,  and  merits  his  established 
reputation  for  sagacity  and  integrity.  Town  treasurer,  189&-1897. 
iii.  £pE8  Jor,  b.  Jan.  12,  1862.    Dart.  Coll.  1884.    Res.  Chicago,  HI.; 

Fire  Insurance, 
iv.  Clarrncb  Walter,  b.  Oct  81, 1867.    Plymouth  High  School,  1886. 

Electrician,  Boston,  Mass. 
V.  John  Marston,  b.  March  8, 1870.    d.  Feb.  28, 1871. 
VOL.  u.  — 7 



1.  David  Campbell,  b.  about  1750,  son  of  David  of  Litchfield, 
m.  Jane  Anderson  and  lived  in  Litchfield,  where  he  d.  1821.  His 
widow  d.  1853,  aged  95. 

3.  Smith  Campbell,  son  of  David  \  b.  Litchfield,  1794.  m.  June 
6,  1848,  Sophia  Hills,  b.  Antrim,  August  9,  1813,  dau.  of  David 
and  Mehitable  (llobinson)  Hills,  of  Hudson  and  Antrim.  They 
lived  in  Litchfield,  where  he  d.  March  25,  1864. 

3.  Alfred  Hills  Campbell,  sou  of  Smith  ^  b.  Litchfield,  Sept  28, 
1850.  Dartmouth  College,  1877 ;  Ph.D.  University  of  Vermont,  1888 ; 
principal  Kingston  Academy,  1877-1879;  associate  principal  Cushing 
Academy,  Ashbumham,  Mass.,  1879-1884;  principal  State  Normal 
School,  Johnson,  Vt.,  1894-1896 ;  principal  State  Normal  School,  Ply- 
mouth,] 1896-1900.  He  is  a  superintendent  of  schools.  South 
Hadley,  Mass.  He  m.  Nov.  29, 1877,  Harriet  Elizabeth  Winchester, 
b.  Westport^  1849,  dau.  of  Nathaniel  Wales  Winchester.  She  d.  John- 
son, Vt,  Feb.  10,  1888 ;  he  m.  second,  March  25,  1890,  Caroline 
Lois  Kingsley,  b.  1868,  dau.  of  Samuel  Taylor  Kingsley,  of  Rutland, 
Vt  She  d.  May  13,  1891.  He  m.  third,  July  20,  1893,  Marion 
Elizabeth  Blake,  b.  Hyde  Park,  Mass.,  1870,  dau.  of  Alpheus  Perley 
and  Ruth  (Peaslee)  Blake.    Five  children. 

i.  Arthur  Winchester,  b.  Sept  2, 1878.    d.  Deo.  20, 1878. 

ii.  Hattib  Louise,  b.  Oct.  9,  1880.    Plymouth  High  School,  1898; 

State  Normal  School,  1899;  Mount  Holyoke  College,  1908. 
ilL  Carroll  Alfred,  b.  June  5, 1882.    Plymouth  High  School,  1900. 

Student  Dartmouth  College, 
iv.   Alice  Cary,  b.  March  27,  1887. 
V.   Doris  Eleanor,  b.  August  27,  1897. 


1.  Arlond  Carroll,  son  of  John  Carroll,  m.  Catherine  Quacken- 
bosh,  and  lived  in  Albany,  N.  Y.  John,  the  father,  emigrated  from 
Ireland,  1798. 

2.  Henry  Carroll,  b.  Albany,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  12,  1844.  He  was  a 
clerk  in  Albany  and  in  Chelsea,  Mass.  Enlisted  13th  N.  Y.  Begiment, 
was  soon  after  discharged  for  disability,  and  was  captain's  clerk  in  the 
navy  fifteen  months.  He  m.  April  13, 1876,  Sarah  Elizabeth  Cook, 
dan.  of  James  and  Mary  (Parson)  Cook,  removed  to  Plymouth 
June,  1897. 


i.    Elya  Arlond,  b.  Stoneham,  Mass.,  Feb.  1, 1877.   m.  June  19, 1807, 

Thomas  J.  Shea;  res.  Lowellton,  Me. 
u.    Harry  Rowland,  b.  Tamsworth,  Feb.  6, 1878.    m.  Jane  23,  1897, 

Mabelle  A.  D.  Moore,  of  Gilmanton.    He  is  a  barber;   res.  in 

Plymouth  since  1807. 


1.  Dr.  James  Cakter,  son  of  James*,  Thomas ^  Rev.  Samuel ^ 
Rev.  Thomas^  b.  Lancaster,  Mass.,  Nov.  9,  1753,  m.  Nov.  1,  1779, 
Susannah  Kendall,  of  Leominster,  Mass.  He  was  a  physician  of  Lan- 
caster, where  he  d.  Jan.  17, 1817.     Four  children. 

2.  Jambs  Carter,  son  of  Dr.  James,  and  Susannah  (Kendall) 
Carter,  b.  Lancaster,  Mass.,  Dec.  14, 1780.  m.  in  Lancaster,  Dea  5, 
1802,  Sarah  Hall,  of  New  Braintree,  Mass.  They  removed  to  Ply- 
mouth, 1807,  where  he  d.  Feb.  12, 1814.  She  was  given  letter  from 
the  church  in  Lancaster  to  the  church  in  Plymouth,  Sept.  11, 1811. 

i.  Susannah,  b.  Angost  3,  1804 ;  d.  March  29, 1805. 


1.  John  Cass  was  living  in  Hampton  previous  to  1648.  In  1664 
he  bought  Kev.  John  Wheelwright's  farm,  south  side  of  Taylor's 
Biver,  and  there  lived  until  he  d.  April  7, 1675.  He  m.  1647,  Martha 
Philbrick,  b.  1633,  dau.  of  Thomas  Philbrick,  of  Hampton.  She  m. 
second,  Nov.  30, 1676,  William  Lyon,  of  Rowley,  Mass. 

2.  Joseph  Cass,  son  of  John  \  b.  Oct  5,  1656.  m.  Jan.  4, 1677, 
Mary  Hobbs,  b.  Sept  11,  1657,  dau.  of  Moms  and  Sarah  (Easton) 
Hobbs,  of  Hampton.  She  d.  July  3, 1692.  He  m.  second,  Elizabeth 
(Green)  Chase,  b.  Jan.  11,  1656,  dau.  of  Judge  Henry  Green,  and 
widow  of  James  Cbase,  of  Hampton.  He  served  in  King  Philip's 
War,  1675. 

3.  Joseph  Cass,  son  of  Joseph  '  and  Elizabeth,  b.  Hampton,  about 
1695.    m.  Nov.  28, 1720,  Phebe  Nason,  of  Hampton. 

4L  Nason  Cass,  son  of  Joseph  ^  b.  Jan.  28, 1725.  Soldier,  Cape 
Breton,  1744  •  He  m.  Hannah  Chandler,  b.  Oct  15, 1732,  and  re- 
moved to  Exeter.  He  was  a  farmer  and  a  tanner.  He  removed  to 
New  Chester  about  1766,  and  was  one  of  the  committee  to  build  the 
first  meeting-house.    He  d.  1804.    She  d.  1811. 

5.  Chandler  Cass,  son  of  Nason*,  b.  August  28,  1766.  m. 
Dorothy  Dyer.    He  lived  a  few  years  in  Bradford,  Vt    In  1802  be 

100  OAsa 

removed  from  New  Chester  (now  Hill)  to  Andover,  and  in  1831  he 
came  to  Plymouth.  He  and  his  son  Enoch  owned  and  occupied  a 
farm  on  Lower  Intervale.  He  d.  Plymouth,  Nov.  3,  1849.  She  d. 
Dec.  13, 1841. 

6.  Enoch  Cass,  son  of  Chandler  ^  b.  March  16, 1794.  m.  Jan.  23, 
1817,  Mary  True,  of  Andover.  She  d.  July  13, 1821.  He  m.  second, 
Dec  — ,  1821,  Dolly  Page,  dan.  of  Phineas  Page.  m.  third,  Dec.  5, 
1852,  Eliza  (Elkins)  Smith.  He  came  from  Andover  to  Plymouth, 
1831,  and  owned  a  farm  with  his  father  at  Lower  Intervale.  Later 
he  owned  and  lived  upon  several  other  farms  in  Plymouth.  He  lived 
in  Thornton,  1849-1854,  when  he  returned  to  Plymouth,  and  about 
1856  he  removed  to  Centre  Harbor.  His  son,  Hiram  Cass,  b.  Sept  20, 
1825,  was  a  teacher  in  Plymouth  and  in  Centre  Harbor.  He  now 
res.  in  Belmont 

7.  LuTHKB  Cass,  son  of  Enoch  •,  b.  April  18, 1827 ;  came  to  Ply- 
mouth in  childhood,  and  was  last  taxed  here,  1856,  when  he  removed 
to  Centre  Harbor.  He  m.  Nov.  6, 1851,  Sarah  Ann  Scruton,  b.  Centre 
Harbor,  Nov.  16,  1823,  dau.  of  David  Scruton.  He  was  of  Co.  A, 
6th  N.  H.  Infantry,  and  was  drowned  August  13,  1862,  by  the 
sinking  of  the  steamer  ''  West  Point "  in  Potomac  Eiver.  His  widow 
d.  Sept  19, 1900. 

8.  Gborgb  Cass,  son  of  Luther  ^  b.  Jan.  15,  1856.  m.  Oct  26, 
1882,  Mary  Jane  Sanboni,  dau.  of  Horace  fi.  and  Margaret  (Moulton) 
Sanborn,  of  Bridgewater.  He  was  a  bookkeeper,  and  res.  in  Ash- 
land, where  he  d.  Feb.  9,  1893.  The  family  removed  to  Plymouth. 
Four  children. 

i.    Edith.     Plymouth  High  School,  1002.    m.  June  8,  1008,  Lewis 
Greenwood,  b.  Worcester,  Mass.,  1870,  son  of  Jeremiah  and 
Selina  (Allen)  Greenwood,    lie  is  a  glove  maker, 
ii.    Howard  Lutukr,  b.  March  81,  1885. 
iii.    Margaret,  b.  Dec.  81,  1886. 
iv.    Austin  William,  b.  July  0, 1890. 

9.  Benjamin  Cass,  son  of  Chandler  ^  and  brother  of  Enoch  ^  h. 
Jan.  10, 1789.  m.  Oct  14, 1813,  Sarah  True,  b.  June  6, 1789,  dau. 
of  William  True,  of  Andover.  He  removed  from  Andover  to  Ply- 
mouth, 1825.  He  was  a  prosperous  farmer.  Methodist  In  1836 
he  removed  to  Sanboiiiton  (now  Tilton),  where  he  d.  May  14,  1866. 
She  d.  March  12, 1860.  He  was  taxed  in  Plymouth,  1825  to  1836 
inclusive.     Nine  children  b.  Andover. 

0A88.  101 

i.    Sarah,  b.  August  9, 1814.   d.  Nov.  8, 1818. 

ii.    William  T.,  b.  May  27, 1816.    d.  Jan.  4, 1826. 

lii    Joseph,  b.  July  1, 1818.  d.  Dec.  5,  1818. 

iy.    Hannah  True,  b.  Nov.  0, 1819.    m.  Jason  C.  Draper  (see). 

y.  Benjamin  Franklin,  b.  March  21, 1822.  m.  April  25, 1847,  Mary 
Susan  Smith,  b.  Dec.  4,  1827,  dau.  of  Simeon  and  Cynthia 
(Young)  Smith.  lie  was  a  farmer  in  Plymouth  and  subsequently 
in  TUton.  One  child :  (1)  Martha  Lillia,  b.  Biarch  25,  1858. 
Grad.  Tilton  Conf .  Seminary,  1878.  m.  Dec.  13, 1881,  George  H. 
Wadleigh,  of  Tilton. 

▼i.    John  Wesley,  b.  May  26, 1824.   d.  April  15, 1882. 

Til  William  True,  b.  Feb.  7, 1826.  m.  Sept.  18,  1851,  Mary  Emery 
Locke,  b.  Sept  19, 1830,  dau.  of  Samuel  B.  and  Betsey  (Philbrick) 
Locke,  of  East  Concord.  He  was  cashier  and  later  president  of 
the  Citizens'  Bank  of  Tilton  many  years,  and  treasurer  of  the 
New  Hampshire  Conf.  Seminary.  He  d.  in  Tilton,  May  26, 
1901.  For  an  appreciatiye  obituary,  see  "Zion's  Herald,"  June 
26, 1901.  Four  children :  (1)  Alfred  L.,  b.  Oct  28, 1860.  d.  Sept 
1, 1862.  (2)  Mary  Addie,  b.  March  8, 1863.  m.  Oct  29,  1889, 
Abel  Wesley  Reynolds.  (8)  Arthur  T.,  b.  April  9,  1865.  m. 
May  16,  1894,  Mary  WaUace  Packard,  of  Boston,  Mass.  He  is 
cashier  of  Citizens'  Bank,  Tilton.  (4)  William  D.,  b.  Jan.  27, 
1872.  d.  May  7, 1879. 
viii.    Sarah  H.,  b.  August  24, 1828.    m.  Jan.  9,  1848,  Reuben  B.  Locke, 

son  of  Samuel  B.  Locke,  of  East  Concord, 
ix.    Martha  Elizabeth,  b.  Jan.  31, 1831.   d.  Plymouth,  April  3, 1837. 

10.  Rev.  William  Dyer  Cass,  sou  of  Chandler*  and  Dorothy 
(Dyer)  Cass,  b.  Bradford,  Vt.,  April  2, 1797 ;  was  a  distinguished 
minister  of  the  Methodist  Episcopal  Church.  He  preached  a  few 
years  in  Vermont,  joining  the  New  Hampshire  Conference,  1827,  and 
was  stationed  at  Plymouth  for  the  year  ending  May,  1831.  He  was 
a  presiding  elder  several  terms,  a  member  of  the  general  conference, 
and  financial  agent  of  the  New  Hampshire  Conference  Seminary.  He 
m.  March  11, 1824,  Laura  Worthen  Sanborn,  b.  Alexandria,  Sept  5, 
1804,  dau.  of  Sherburn  and  Sarah  (Worthen)  Sanborn.  She  d.  in 
Plymouth,  Dec.  5,  1830.  He  m.  second,  August  2, 1832,  Betsey  C. 
Knowles,  b.  Northfield,  March  11, 1808,  dau.  of  William  Knowles. 
He  d.  Sanbomton,  May  7, 1867. 

i.    Laura,  b.  Plymoath,  Oct.  27, 1830 ;  d.  Rochester,  Sept  16, 1843. 

11.  BENJAmN  Cass,  b.  1742,  son  of  Jonathan  Cass,  of  Kensington, 
and  grandson  of  Joseph^  and  Elizabeth  (Green)  Cass;  settled  in 
Candia,  1759.  lie  was  a  farmer  and  a  tanner ;  soldier  in  the  Eevolu- 
tion.    He  d.  1828. 

102  0A8S  —  0AYB8. 

12.  Samuel  Cass,  son  of  Benjamin  ^\  b.,  probably,  in  Kensington, 
m.  DoTOtby  Fitts,  dau.  of  Lieut  Abraham  and  Dorothy  (Hall)  Fitts, 
of  Candia.  He  lived  in  Candia,  where  he  d.  1820.  His  widow  m. 
second,  Dea.  Samuel  Nay,  of  Raymond,  and  d.  1836. 

13.  Danisl  Cass,  son  of  Samuel  ^,  b.  Candia,  August  8, 1789.  m. 
Feb.  26,  1813,  Lydia  Clay.  He  was  a  farmer  in  Biidgewater,  and 
later  in  Bristol,  where  he  d.  Feb.  3, 1866.    She  d.  March  23, 1866. 

14.  Samuel  Nay  Cass,  son  of  Daniel**,  b.  May  2,  1830.  m. 
Manila  Cross,  of  Bridgewater.  Soldier  14th  Penn.  Begiment  Came 
to  Plymouth,  1870  or  1871.  Removed  fix)m  town  about  1890 ;  d.  in 
Laconia,  Jan.  31, 1897. 

15.  Cyrus  Alvin  Cass,  son  of  Daniel  ®  and  brother  of  Samuel 
Nay  **,  b.  Dec.  8,  1833.  m.  Jan.  3,  1857,  Jane  Adaline  Hibbard,  b. 
March  1, 1832.  He  was  a  farmer  in  Wentworth  nearly  thirty  years, 
and  has  recently  removed  to  Plymouth,  living  near  Baker's  River 
Bridga    Five  children. 

i.    Addib  Mat,  b.  Oct  7,  1S57.   d.  Feb.  14, 1S64. 

ii.  Hbnrt  Alvin,  b.  July  81,  1869.  m.  Nov.  1,  1880,  Lottie  M. 
Emerton.  He  res.  in  Laoouia.  Barber.  Came  back  to  Ply- 
mouth, 1002.    Barber  here. 

ill.  Nblub  Evfib,  b.  Dec.  19,  1864.  m.  Jane  1,  1882,  MorrisoD  L. 
Sanborn,  a  fanner  in  Ellsworth. 

]▼.    Frbd  Arthur,  b.  July  27, 1809.  d.  August  11,  1876. 

V.    Eva  Bbllb,  b.  June  15, 1872.  d.  Oct  22, 1873. 


1.  Nathaniel  Cayes,  son  of  Joseph  and  Eosilla  (Moran)  Cayes, 
b.  Kichmond,  P.  Q.,  August  17, 1834  Had  lived  a  few  years  in  Alex- 
andria, when  he  enlisted,  1862,  12th  N.  H.  Begiment  Infantry. 
Discharged  June  21,  1865.  He  then  came  to  Plymouth,  and  here 
res.  continuously.  He  m.  Oct  15,  1871,  Marcia  Ann  Elkins,  b. 
Andover,  Dec.  19, 1846,  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Nancy  (Cilley)  Elkins. 
Ten  children,  b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.    Chaklbs  Hadlbt,  b.  August  28, 1872.  d.  Feb.  15,  1878. 
ii.    Edward  Nathaniel,  b.  Sept.  14,  1874.    A  carpenter  ;  ree.  Ply 

iU.    Ida  May,  b.  Feb.  4, 1876.    m.  Frank  H.  Smith  (see), 
iv.    Emma  Maroia,  b.  Sept.  28, 1877.    m.  March  21, 1806,  Alfred  Fosie, 

b.  1874,  son  of  Herbert  Fosie.     lie  res.  Plymouth.     Railroad  em- 

ployd.    Two  children :  (1)  Myrtle  Elsie,  b.  Oct.  2,  1890.     (2) 

Gladys  May,  b.  July  1, 1002. 

0AYE8  —  OHAMBEBLAIK.  108 

▼.    Gharlks  Whittibr,  b.  Feb.  1, 1880;  employed  by  W.  G.  and  I.  H. 

yi.    Fredbrig,  b.  Deo.  7, 1881.    d.  April  20, 1885. 
vii.    Annir  Bellb,  b.  Deo.  20, 1888.    Plymouth  High  School,    d.  Au- 
gust 3, 1002. 
Tiii.    Frbddir,  b.  Dec.  1,  1885. 
iz.    LizziB,  b.  Sept.  28,  1887. 
X.     Elsie,  b.  March  15,  1890. 

2.  Joseph  Clark  Cayes,  son  of  Joseph  and  Bosilla  (Moran) 
Cayes,  b.  Sliipton,  P.  Q.,  March  18, 1838.  Was  a  brickmaker,  living  in 
Plymouth,  1862-1881.  He  m.  Nov.  29,  1855,  Maria  Antoinette 
Philbrick,  dau.  of  Richard  and  Nancy  (Pratt)  Philbrick  (see).  He  d. 
West  Plymouth,  May  9, 1881.  She  m.  second,  Horatio  J.  Collins, 
b.  1838,  son  of  Jesse  and  Bemembrance  (Bartlett)  Collins,  of  Weare. 
She  d.  Weare,  Dec.  16, 1893.  Joseph  C.  Cayes  was  the  father  of  six 

i.    JosBPHiNB  Maria,  b.  Sept.  28,  1858.    m.  Sept  27, 1878,  Nathan 

Collins,  of  Rumney  (divorced).    She  m.  second,  Jan.  1, 1900. 

Frank   W,  Mallard,  of  Rumney,  son  of  Frank  and  £mma  C. 

(Brown)  Mallard,  of  Laoonia.    She  d.  Rumney,  Jan.  10, 1908. 

Two  children  by  first  marriage :   (1)  Agnes  Maria,  b.  Rumney, 

Oct.  17, 1880.    (2)  Nettie  BeUe,  b.  Sept.  2, 1882. 
ii.    Gborob  Richard,  b.  Sept.  16,  1860.    m.  Viola  Manahan  ;  res. 

iii.    Mart  Nanct,  b.  July  10,  1862.    m.  John  M.  Meyers,  of  Weare. 

He  d.  May  81, 1892. 
iy.    £milt  Janb,  b.  May  8, 1865.    m.  John  C.  Collins,  b.  1866,  son  of 

Horatio  J.  Collins ;  res.  New  Boston. 
▼.    Carrie  Matilda,  b.  Not.  25,  1868.    m.  Fred  C.  Waldo,  of  Weare. 
vi.    Hbnribtta  Rosilla,  b.  July  25,  1876.    m.   Gilbert  Spooner,  of 



1.  Abel  Cuamberlain  (Jacob*,  Samuel',  Thomas',  Thomas*), 
son  of  Jacob  and  Lydia  (Bichardson)  Chamberlain,  b.  Chelmsford, 
Mass.,  Sept  23, 1763.  Soldier  in  the  Revolution ;  served  one  month 
and  fourteen  da]rs  in  Capt  Moses  Bums's  company,  Lieut-CoL 
Samuel  Pierce's  regiment,  at  Rhode  Island,  1777;  at  Boston,  one 
mouth  and  thirteen  days  in  Capt  Joshua  Leland's  company,  Maj. 
Nathaniel  Heath's  detachment  of  guards;  enlisted  April  11,  1781, 
for  three  years  in  Continental  service ;  and  on  descriptive  list :  age, 


18  years;  stature^  five  feet  two  inches;  complexion,  light;  hair, 
light ;  eyes,  light ;  occupation,  fanner  and  cordwainer.  He  removed 
from  Chelmsford,  Mass.,  to  Concord,  and  there  m.  Nov.  27,  1791, 
Buth  Emerson.  Dec.  11, 1795,  he  purchased  of  Solomon  Bayley,  of 
Plymouth,  one  hundred  acres,  being  lots  nine  and  ten  in  the  fourth 
range,  with  the  buildings  thereon,  and  he  was  taxed  continuously 
from  April,  1796,  until  his  death.  He  d.  Feb.  4, 1814.  His  widow, 
Ruth,  d.  1816  or  1817. 

i.    Sarah,  b.  Conoord,  June  6, 1792.    m.  Benjamin  Kimball,  b.  Con. 
oord,  March  11,  1781,  boq  of  Phineas  and  Luoy  (Pearl)  Kimball. 
Liyed  in  Concord,  where  she  d.  before  1880.    He  m.  second,  Olive 
Price,  dau.  of  Simeon  and  Sarah  (Cleasby)  Price.    He  d.  April  18, 
1888.    She  d.  May  26, 1864. 
ii.    Joseph. 
iii.    Moses. 
ir.    Jacob. 
T.    True  Oilman. 
tI.    Juua  Ann. 
yiL    Mary  B. 
Tiii.    Mahala. 
ix.    AnnW. 

X.      OiLBBRT. 

xi.    Nanot. 


1.  Ebbnszer  Chamberlain,  son  of  William  and  Mary  (Tibbetts) 
Chamberiain,  b.  in  or  near  Dover,  1729.  He  was  a  grandson  of  Jacob, 
and  great-grandson  of  William.  Ebenezer  was  bapt.  at  First 
Church  in  Dover,  May  25, 1729.  The  will  of  his  father,  dated  April 
23, 1763,  and  probated  May  30, 1753,  bequeaths  to  him  a  dwelling- 
house  and  lands  in  Bochester.  In  1770  he  removed  from  Rochester 
to  Moultonboro'  Addition,  now  a  part  of  Centre  Harbor.  He  was  a 
lieutenant,  1776,  in  Capt  Edward  Everett's  company,  Col  BedeVs 
Begiment,  and  in  service  about  one  year  when  the  regiment  was  dis- 
charged. In  July,  1776,  he  was  captured  by  the  Indians,  but  a  few 
days  later  he  was  again  with  his  regiment  The  polite  courtesy  of  Mr. 
OeoTge  W.  Chamberlain,  compiler  of  the  Chamberlain  Genealogy  (in 
preparation),  presents  a  copy  of  a  manuscript  letter  written  at  Ticon- 
deroga,  July  31, 1776,  by  Jason  Chamberlain  to  his  father,  William 
Chamberlain,  of  Rochester :  "  I  would  Inform  you  that  Uncle  Ebenezer 
Chamberlin  has  Ben  taken  By  the  Indons  and  his  two  Sons  with 


him,  Epbraim  and  Jonathan,  Both  were  Stript  and  abused  att  a 
Shameful  Bate,  But  they  Continued  With  them  But  a  few  Days 
and  then  ware  Bedemed  By  a  party  of  our  men  Being  about  Nine 
Hundred.  But  he  Is  Now  hear  and  Is  Well"  Children  of  Eben- 
ezer  Chamberlain. 

i.  Susan,  bapfe.  at  Rochester,  July  15,  1768.    m.  David  Senter  (see), 

ii.  Edbhbzbr,  bapt.  at  Rochester,  August  17, 1755. 

2.  iii.  Ephraim,  b.  Rochester,  Oct  6,  1757. 
8.    iy.  Jonathan,  b.  about  1760. 

T.    Danibl,  m.  Dec.  28,  1784,  Lydia  Webster,  daa.  of  Abel  Webster 

yi.    John,  bapt.  at  Rochester,  Feb.,  1768. 

yii.  Joshua,  b.  Rochester,  March  81, 1770.  He  removed  to  Cambridge, 
Mass.,  and  in  1707,  to  Orrington,  Me. 

3.  Ephraim  Chamberlain,  son  of  lieut  Ebenezer\  b.  Oct  6, 
1757.  m.  in  Plymouth,  Nov.  20,  1783,  Mehitable  Bean,  dau.  of 
Eliska  Bean  (see).  He  lived  in  Moultonboro'  Addition,  which  was 
included  in  New  Hampton,  and,  alter  1797,  became  a  part  of  Centre 
Harbor.  In  the  Revolution  he  served  with  his  father,  1776,  in  Col. 
Bedel's  regiment,  and  was  in  Capt.  Chase  Taylor's  company,  at  Ben- 
nington, 1777.  He  removed  to  Plymouth,  1824,  and  here  d.  Dec.  14, 
1829.    A  record  of  his  children  has  not  been  secured. 

3.  Jonathan  Chamberlain,  son  of  Ebenezer  \  b.  about  1760.  m. 
Dec.  27,  1784.  Buth  Bean,  dau.  of  Elisha  Bean  (see).  He  was  a 
farmer,  living  in  Plymouth,  1805-1815.  He  removed  to  Bumney. 
His  wife  d.  June  5, 1844    Eight  children. 

i.  Isaac  was  a  soldier  from  Plymouth  in  War  of  1812.  He  settled  in 
Bamet^  Vt. 

li.  Abraham  Bban,  b.  Jan.  12, 1791.  m.  Jane  29, 1817,  Mary  Clark, 
b.  WOton,  Jan.  80,  1792,  dau.  of  Matthew  and  Nancy  (Dickey) 
Clark.  He  lived  in  Rumney  and  in  Greenfield,  remoying,  1888, 
to  Westfield,  Ohio,  where  he  d.  April  28, 1852.  She  d.  July  26, 
1874.     Seven  children.    He  was  a  soldier  in  War  of  1812. 

iii.  Ephraim,  b.  Centre  Harbor,  m.  Deo.  20, 1815,  Lydia  Leonard,  b. 
Worcester,  Mass.,  Deo.  28, 1786.  He  lived  in  Centre  Harbor  and 
in  Boston,  Mass.  He  d.  April  28, 1886.  She  d.  May  16,  1877. 
Six  children,  of  whom  Gen.  Samnel  Emery  Chamberliun,  of  Cam- 
bridge, colonel  of  5th  Regiment  Mass.  Cavalry,  and  brevet  briga- 
dier-general, is  youngest. 

iv.    Jonathan  lived  in  Boston,    num.    d.  Wentworth,  about  1880. 

V.    Sally,    m.  1807,  Stephen  Morse  (see). 


vL    Mart.     m.   1808,  Nathaniel  Clifford,  of  Rumney.     They  were 

parents  of  Judge  Nathan  Clifford,  of  Portland,  Me. 
yii.    Pamslia.    m.  1815,  Amos  Kimball,  of  Rumney. 
yiii.    Samubl  Adams,  removed  to  Monticello,  111. 


1.  Napoleon  Bonaparte  Champou,  b.  Three  Rivers,  P.  Q.,  July 
16,  1845,  son  of  Charles  and  Mary  (Fountain)  Champou.  Removed 
to  New  Hampshire,  and  was  employed  by  B.  C.  &.  M.  RR  eighteen 
years;  res.  in  Warren.  He  removed  to  Plymouth,  1877.  He  m.  in 
Warren,  March  10, 1870,  Emily  Cyr,  b.  Warwick,  P.  Q.,  July  19, 1857, 
dau.  of  Samuel  and  Emily  (Marcot)  Cyr.  Two  children  b.  Warren,  and 
five  b.  Plymouth. 

i.    Clara  Virginia,  b.  Oct.  81, 1872.    m.  Burdette  V.  Pebbles  (see). 

m.  second,  John  James  Dary. 
ii.    John  Baptists,  b.  March  8, 1875.   Baggage  master;  res.  Plymouth, 
iii.    Elizabeth,  b.  May  12, 1877.    m.  Feb.  21,  1808,  Edward  E.  Ranno, 

locomotive  engineer ;  res.  Woodsville.    He  was  killed  by  railroad 

accident.    He  d.  from  injuries,  Jan.  2,  1902.    She  m.  second, 

Andrew  Swett  (see), 
iv.    Edward,  b.  May  81, 1880.    Brakeman ;  res.  Plymouth. 
V.    Laurrncb  Exrvior,  b.  Feb.  19, 1882.  Photographer ;  res.  Plymouth, 
vi.    Cora  Sblina,  b.  June  22,  1887.    Plymouth  High  School,  1904. 
vii.    Samuel  Roland,  b.  June  6, 1895.    d.  July  7, 1898. 


1.  William  Chandler  and  wife,  Annis,  settled  in  Roxbury,  1637. 

2.  Wiluam,  son  of  William  ^  m.  1668,  Mary  Dane ;  m.  second, 
Oct.  8, 1679,  Bridget  (Henobman)  Ricbardson.  He  d.  Andover,  Mass., 

3.  Thomas  Chandlkb,  son  of  William*,  b.  Andover,  Dec.  5,  1676. 
m.  Mary  Stevens.    He  d.  Nov.  7, 1751. 

4.  Joseph  Chandler,  son  of  Thomas*,  b.  Andover,  1720.  m.  Oct 
4, 1742,  Mary  Abbot,  b.  April  13, 1725,  dau.  of  Ebenezer  and  Hannah 
(Dane)  Abbot  He  d.  leaving  one  son,  March  31, 1745.  She  m.  second, 
Isaac  Blount 

5.  Joseph  Chandler,  only  son  of  Joseph  *,  b.  Andover,  June  8, 
1743.  He  m.  Elizabeth  Cook.  He  was  a  soldier  in  the  Revolution, 
and  a  pensioner.    He  d.  Atkinson,  Jan.  8, 1834 


6.  Samuel  Chandler,  son  of  Joseph  ^  b.  Atkinson,  Feb.  18,  1774. 
m.  Nov.  7,  1798,  Mary  Graves,  b.  Jan.  5,  1779,  dau.  of  Benjamin 
Graves,  of  Brentwood.  He  was  a  farmer  and  lived  in  Campton,  where 
he  d.  August  9, 1831.    She  d.  July  29, 1847.    Three  chUdren. 

7.  John  Chandler,  son  of  Samuel  •,  b.  May  25, 1799.  m.  Nov.  13, 
1822,  Jane  Burbeck,  dau.  of  James  Burbeck,  of  Plymouth  (see).  The 
Chandler  Genealogy  is  in  error  regarding  the  parentage  of  Jane  Bur- 
beck. He  was  a  farmer  on  the  homestead  in  Campton,  a  deacon  of 
the  Congregational  church  and  a  useful  townsman.  He  d.  March  11, 
1856.    She  d.  June  22, 1865.    Five  children. 

i.    William,  b.  Aprilie,  1826.  d.  March  15, 1881. 

8.  il    William  Alphbus,  b.  August  29, 1827.    m.  Hannah  Hastings. 

iii.    JosRPH,  b.  Dec.  10, 1829.    m.  Clara  (Connor)  Robie,  dan.  of  Dayid 

and  Sally  (Hastings)  Connor  and  widow  of Robie.    He 

was  a  farmer  in  Campton  and  by  will  devised  one-half  his  estate  to 
benevolence.    He  d.  Feb.  9, 1808.    No  children. 

iv.  Samuel,  b.  August  9,  1882.  m.  1878,  Caroline  E.  Flatt,  b.  1885, 
dau.  of  James  Piatt,  of  Cornwall,  Yt.  He  was  a  teacher  in  Mis- 
sissippi five  years.  Was  in  the  war  of  the  Rebellion,  and  for 
many  years  he  has  res.  at  Fremont  and  Revenoa,  Neb. 

9.  T.    John,  b.  July  16,  1887.    m.  Helen  Mar  Leavitt. 

8.  William  Alphbus  Chandlbb,  son  of  John  ^,  b.  August  29, 1827. 
m.  Feb.  18, 1851,  Hannah  Hastings,  b.  August  29, 1817,  daii.  of  Alvan 
and  Nancy  (Bailey)  Hastings,  of  Bath.  He  enlisted,  C5o.  D,  18th  N.  H. 
Infantry,  Sept  21, 1864 ;  mustered  out  June  10, 1865.  He  never  re- 
covered from  the  exposures  of  the  service.  He  was  a  carpenter,  came 
to  Plymouth,  1866.  d.  Nov.  13, 1870.  She  d.  Lowell,Mas8.,  Jan.  6, 1893, 

i.  John  Alvan,  b.  Bath,  Nov.  24,1862.  m.  March  1,  1872,  Mary 
Caroline  Setters,  b.  August  15,  18&8,  dau.  of  William  H.  Setters. 
He  was  a  painter  in  Plymouth,  1866-1876,  and  now  res.  in  LoweU, 
Mass.  Four  children:  (1)  Mary  Lillian,  b.  June  25,  1878.  m* 
Herbert  Ck>g8hall.  (2)  Elizabeth  Frances,  b.  Sept.  18, 1877.  (8) 
William  P.,  b.  Feb.  7, 1879.    (4)  David  H.,  b.  April  4, 1881. 

ii.  David  Hastings,  b.  Feb.  28, 1864.  m.  July  1, 1889,  Ella  F.  Chase, 
b.  June  21,  1859,  dau.  of  Jonathan  Chase  (see).  Lived  in 
Plymouth  several  years,  and  now  res.  South  Framingham,  Mass. 
Two  chUdren :  (1)  Mildred  P.,  b.  June  15, 1891.  (2)  Ruth  H.,  b. 
Feb.  25, 1898. 

iii.    Willie  Edward,  b.  Feb.  20, 1856.     d.  July  25, 1856. 

iv.    LiLLiE  Annette,  b.  April  22,  1868.    d.  June  21, 1870. 
V.    Charles  Herbert,  b.  Oct.  22, 1859.    d.  Nov.  2, 1859. 


9.  John  Chandler,  son  of  John  ^,  b.  July  16, 1837.  m.  Nov.  30, 
1862,  Helen  Mar  Leavitt,  dau.  of  Weare  Leavitt  (see).  Enlisted 
Apiil  19,  1861,  for  three  months ;  the  regiment  was  not  organized ; 
enlisted  May  22, 1861,  for  three  years,  Co.  F,  2d  N.  BL  Infantry.  He 
was  wounded  at  the  battle  of  WiUiamsbuig,  May  5,  1862,  again  at 
Fair  Oaks,  June  1, 1862,  and  more  severely  at  Bull  Run,  August  29, 
1862,  and  discharged  on  account  of  wounds,  May  15,  1863.  He  is 
prominent  in  the  Grand  Army  and  popular  among  his  fellowmen. 
He  has  been  chaplain  of  the  Justus  Penniman  Post  many  years,  and 
has  been  commander  two  years,  and  his  service  on  all  occasions  has 
been  earnest  and  impressive.  His  eyesight  has  totally  failed,  but 
with  the  sight  of  faith,  and  a  heroism  becoming  a  veteran,  his  duties 
are  performed  and  his  usefulness  is  unimpaired.  Mrs.  Chandler  was 
educated  in  the  schools  of  Manchester  and  in  the  exercise  of  a  natural 
gift  has  made  several  landscapes  both  in  oil  and  water  color.  Of 
their  eight  children  five  were  b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.    MiNNiB  Frances,  b.  Ellsworth,  May  10, 1864.    m.  George  Henry 

Morrison  (see), 
ii    Gborqb  Arthur,  b.  Campion,  Feb.  4, 1866.    d.  May  18, 1866. 
ill.    Frank  Hbrbbrt,  b.  Campton,  June  10, 1867.    d.  Feb.  10, 1868. 
It.    Nbllib  Gertrude,  b.  Feb.  18,  1870.    d.  Jan.  18,  1889. 
V.    Charles  Edward,  b.  Aagust  22,  1871.     m.  May  20, 1803,  Lottie 
May  Avery,  b.  Elbwoiio,  Sept.  4,  1875,  dau.  of  Joseph  and  Joan 
(Hill)  Ayery  ;    m.  second,  Blay  18, 1001,  Sadie  Alice  Thibodeau, 
dan.  of  Solon  A.  Thibodeau  (see).    Carpenter;  res.  Plymouth. 
(1)  Hazel  Gertrude,  b.  March  4,  1804.    (2)  Helen  G.,  b.  Nov.  8, 
1001.   d.  April  1,  1002.    (8)  Doris  E.,  b.  April  10, 1004. 
vl.    Guy,  b.  Feb.  11, 1874.    d.  April  4, 1875. 
▼ii.    Ethel  F.,  b.  June  6, 1876.  d.  April  20,  1877. 
viii.    Ernbst  Roy,  b.  June  10, 1878.  d.  June  14, 1878. 

10.  Aabon  Bradduuy  Chandler,  who  lived  iu  Plymouth  about 
five  years  was  not  immediately  related  to  the  other  families  of  the 
same  name.  He  was  a  son  of  Ephraim  A.  and  Mary  D.  (Wilkinson) 
Chandler,  of  Whedock,  Vt,  b.  Oct  21,  1855.  m.  Sept  25,  1879, 
Margaret  Wark,  b.  Inverness,  P.  Q.,  Sept  6, 1860,  dau.  of  Johnstone 
Wark.  He  came  to  Plymouth,  1892.  Laborer.  He  d.  March  23, 
1897.  Two  children.  (1)  Mary  L.,  b.  Wheelock,  Vt,  August  7, 1880. 
Grad.  Plymouth  High  School,  1898.  Professional  nurse,  d.  April  22, 
1903.  (2)  Percival  John,  b.  July  12, 1882.  Plymouth  High  School 
Drug  clerk. 

CHAPMAN  —  CHA8B.  109 


•  1.  Noah  Chapman  came  to  Plymouth,  1813,  and  here  d.  August 
17, 1836.  He  m.  Abigail  Currier,  dau.  of  Daniel  Currier  (see).  She 
d.  Sept  15, 1837.  The  age  inscribed  upon  her  headstone  is  67  years. 
She  was  born  Dec.  22, 1788.  If  there  were  children  the  evidence  is 
not  available. 


1.  Lewis  Chapman,  son  of  Elijah  Chapman,  of  Montpelier,  Vt  m. 
Deborah  Pope.    His  dau.,  Ann  Elizabeth,  m.  Kimball  Corliss  (see). 

8.  Hrnry  Edson  Chapman,  son  of  Lewis  \  b.  Warren,  Dea  21, 1840. 
Was  residing  in  Kumney,  1861.  Enlisted  Co.  A,  6th  N.  H.  Infantry. 
He  was  severely  wounded  at  Bull  Bun,  August  29,  1862,  and  his 
right  leg  was  amputated.  Discharged  March  7, 1863.  He  removed 
from  Bumney  to  Plymouth,  1881,  where  he  has  since  res.  He  m. 
Oct.  28,  1861,  Sarah  Melissa  Fellows,  b.  Nov.  12,  1841,  dau.  of 
Joseph  and  Sarah  (Bowell)  Fellows.  Of  their  six  children,  four  d. 
of  scarlet  fever,  1883. 

i.  Addir,  b.  Deo.  7, 1862.    d.  same  day. 

ii.  Dora  May,  b.  August  16, 1864.    d.  July  21, 1883. 

iii.  Carrie  Susan,  b.  March  21,  1867.   d.  July  8, 1888. 

iy.  Nellie  Ora,  b.  Got.  2, 1872.    d.  Jalj  6,  1888. 

V.  Charles  Hekrt,  b.  March  19,  1875.    d.  August  6, 1888. 

yi.  Hattib  Maude,  b.  July  16, 1883. 


1.  Aquila  Chase  and  his  brother  Thomas  Chase,  from  Cornwall, 
England,  were  emigrant  ancestors  of  numerous  families.  Aquila 
Chase,  b.  about  1618,  was  a  mariner.  He  settled  first  at  Hampton, 
where  he  m.  Anna  Wheeler,  dau.  of  John  Wheeler.  He  removed, 
about  1646,  to  Newbury,  Mass.,  where  he  d.  Dec.  27,  1670.  She  m. 
second,  June  14, 1672,  Daniel  Silloway.    She  d.  April  21, 1687. 

2.  John  Chase,  son  of  Aquila  \  b.  Newbury,  Nov.  2,  1655.  m. 
May  23,  1677,  Elizabeth  Bingley.  m.  second,  Dec.  21, 1687,  Lydia 
Challis,  b.  Salisbury,  Mass.,  May  31,  1665,  dau.  of  Lieut  Philip  and 
Mary  (Sargent)  Challis.  He  served  under  Capt  Taylor  in  the  Falls 
Fight,  1676.    His  will  is  dated  1730 ;  proved,  1739. 

3.  John  Chase,  son  of  John^  b.  Newbury,  Mass.,  about  1680.  He 
is  named  in  the  will  of  his  father.    He  m.  Abigail  Chase,  b.  August 

110  0HA8B. 

21, 1681,  dan.  of  James  and  Elizabeth  (Greeu)  Chase,  and  granddau. 
of  Thomas  ^  Ohase,  the  brother  of  AquUa  \  He  lived  in  Hampton, 
where  his  six  children  were  bom. 

4.  Jonathan  Chass,  son  of  John  ^  b.  Oct  21, 1700.  m.  in  Hamp- 
ton Falls,  Dec.  18,  1723,  Patience  Heath,  b.  Hampton,  March  6, 
1706/7,  dau.  of  Nehemiah  and  Mary  (Goss)  Heath.  He  d.  1780. 
He  was  one  of  the  early  settlers  of  Pittsfield,  living  near  Berry  pond. 

6.  Nathaniel  Chasb,  son  of  Jonathans  b.  April  6,  1760.  m. 
March,  1773,  Sarah  Sanborn,  b.  Hampton,  1755,  dau.  of  Keuben  and 
Elizabeth  (Ward)  Sanborn.  Reuben  Sanborn  lived  in  Hampton  and 
Epsom.  He  was  prison  keeper,  1755.  Nathaniel  Chase  lived  in 
Seabrook  and  Pittsfield. 

8.  Jonathan  Chase,  son  of  Nathaniel*,  b.  Pittsfield.  m.  Feb.  25, 
1805,  Abiah  Hanson,  dau.  of  Solomon  Hanson.  She  d.  about  1885, 
and  the  fiEtther  placed  his  children  in  the  care  of  the  Canterbury  Com- 
munity of  Shakers. 

7.  Hanson  Sylvester  Chase,  son  of  Jonathan  ^  b.  Portsmouth, 
April  8, 1823,  and  in  his  childhood  his  parents  removed  to  Pittsfield. 
After  living  a  short  time  at  Canterbury  he  removed  to  Pittsfield,  but 
returned  to  the  Shakers,  who  gave  him  the  charge  of  one  of  their 
wagons  used  in  the  sale  of  their  wares  and  produce,  his  route  extend- 
ing north  into  Canada.  He  withdrew  from  the  Shakers  and  m.  May 
23, 1850,  Mary  Ann  Brown,  b.  Bristol,  Nov.  10, 1830,  dau.  of  Joseph 
and  Belief  (Ordway)  Brown  (see).  He  was  a  farmer  in  Campton 
from  1850  to  1873,  when  he  removed  to  Plymouth.  At  the  time  of 
his  removal  to  this  town,  he  built  the  homestead  which  he  continues 
to  occupy.  At  times  he  has  been  engaged  in  lumbering,  and  in  buy- 
ing and  shipping  hemlock  bark.  He  is  a  man  of  force  and  character, 
and  now  at  fourscore  years  is  vigorous  and  active.  Mrs.  Chase,  a 
woman  of  unusual  mental  and  physical  powers,  was  ever  a  Gk>od  Sa- 
maritan to  the  sick,  and  charitable  to  all.  She  d.  Oct  21, 1898.  Four 
children  b.  Campton* 

i.  Jambs  Whitchbr,  b.  July  6, 1851.  d.  Pl^nnouth,  August  80, 1S74. 
ii.  Wabrbn  Grbbk,  b.  March  80,  1854.  m.  June  21,  1881,  Kate  B. 
Farr,  b.  Rumney,  1861,  dau.  of  Col.  A  B.  and  Betsey  (Blodgett) 
Farr,  of  Rumney.  She  d.  Feb.  10,  1804.  He  m.  second,  March 
12,  1896,  Lillian  M.  Heath,  b.  Holderness,  1874,  dau.  of  Frank  P. 
and  Rose  J.  (Ford)  Heath.  He  attended  the  schools  of  Campion 
and  Plymouth.  For  a  short  time  he  conducted  a  meat  market  in 
this  town,  and  later  engaged  in  lumbering  in  Thornton,  retaining 

CHA8B.  Ill 

a  residence  in  this  town.  Later  he  has  oontinned  the  manu- 
facture and  sale  of  lumber,  in  Plymouth,  doing  business  under  the 
firm  name  of  W.  G.  &  I.  H.  Chase.  The  business  is  well 
managed  amd  prosperous.  He  was  representative,  1805,  and  has 
been  a  member  of  the  board  of  Water  Commissioners. 

iii.  Irving  Hanson,  b.  Nov.  18,  1869.  m.  Dec,  7, 1881,  Minnie  Elliot, 
b.  1802,  dau.  of  Ephraim  Elliot.,  of  Thornton.  He  was  a  clerk 
with  liis  brother  in  the  meat  market  and  is  a  partner  in  the  lum- 
ber business  being  member  of  the  firm  of  W.  G.  &  1.  H.  Chase. 

iv.  Edward  Avkrill,  b.  May  15, 1869.  Plymouth  High  School,  1888. 
m.  July  12, 1894,  Ruth  McClure,  b.  Groton,  1871,  dau.  of  Andrew 
J.  and  Angeliue  (Wheet)  McClure  (see).  For  a  few  years  associ- 
ated with  Charles  C.  Wright,  he  conducted  a  job  printing  office  in 
this  town,  selling  his  interest  to  Mr.  Wright.  After  a  brief  con- 
nection with  the  Plymouth  Electric  Light  Company  he  again  be- 
came associated  in  business  with  his  former  partner,  under  the 
firm  of  Wright  &  Chase,  who  bought  the  *<  Plymouth  Record,"  of 
Thomas  J.  Walker,  in  1894.  In  1901  he  purchased  the  interest 
of  Mr.  Wright,  and  is  sole  editor  and  proprietor  of  the  popular 
and  well-conducted  newspaper  of  Plymouth.  One  child,  (1)  Robert 
McClure,  b.  June  28, 1896. 


1.  Albbht  Smith  Cuasb,  son  of  Christopher  Chase,  m.  Lydia  0. 
Hawkins ;  removed  from  Jefferson  to  Maidstone,  Vt 

8.  Otis  Wesley  Chase,  b.  Maidstone,  Vt.,  July  2, 1853.  m.  Au- 
gust 16, 1876,  Harriet  F.  Gould,  b.  Colebrook,  July  22, 1855,  dau.  of 
Crandall,  and  Selby  (Kimball)  Gould.  He  has  been  an  employ^  of 
B.  A  M.  RR  fifteen  years.  His  hand  was  seriously  injured  and  he 
was  made  a  flagman  at  the  crossing  north  of  the  station. 

i.    ViNNiE  Susan,  b.  Colebrook,  Sept.  22,  1877.     m.  James  Duston 

ii.    Mary  Ella,  b.  Canaan,  May  30, 1870.    d.  March  26, 1886. 
ill.    Ida  Florbttr,  b.  Canaan,  Sept.  80, 1883.    m.  June  16, 1901,  Leon 

Southmayd.     She  d.  June  2,  1904. 
iv.    Clauds  Weslry,  b.  Colebrook,  Dea  22,  1886.    d.  Sept  4, 1887. 
V.    Ella  Myrtir,  b.  Plymouth,  Oct.  10,  1888.    d.  Feb.  18,  1889. 
vi.     Fkarl  Brllr,  b.  Plymouth,  Oct.  27,  1890. 


1.  Ebenezer  Simpson  Chase,  b.  Bath,  1800.  m.  Lemira  Corey, 
dau.  of  Ephraim  Corey.  He  was  a  cabinet-iuaker  and  lived  in  Bath, 
where  he  d,  1851. 

112  0HA81. 

3.  BoTAL  Albert  Chass,  son  of  Ebenezer  S.  \  b.  Bath,  July  20, 1842. 
m.  Oct  4, 1870,  Julia  E.  Abbot,  b.  Nov.  17, 1849,  dau.  of  Charles  and 
Lucj  Ann  (Bunton)  Abbot,  of  Hooksett  He  removed  from  Bath  to 
Plymouth,  1871,  and  from  Plymouth  to  Concord,  1891;  res.  in 

L  Harrt  H.,  b.  Plymouth,  Not.  20, 1878,  ia  a  clerk  in  the  post-offioe 
of  Concord. 

ii  Walter  F.,  b.  Plymonth,  June  14,  1877,  it  a  letter  carrier  in  Con- 
cord.   He  m.  June  22, 1903,  Nellie  A.  Sanger,  of  Webster. 

3.  Jonathan  Chase,  son  of  Ebenezer  S.^  and  brother  of  Boyal  A.' 
b.  Bath,  March  13, 1833.  m.  Patience  Ann  Downing,  b.  Ellsworth, 
Oct  14, 1836,  dau.  of  Samuel  Downing  (see).  He  removed  to  Ply- 
mouth, 1871|  and  to  Framingharo,  Mass.,  1882.  His  wife  d.  in  South 
Framingham,  August  5, 1890.    Four  children. 

i.    Flora  Ella,  b.  Elbworth,  June  21, 1859.    m.  David  II.  Chandler, 

son  of  William  Alpheos  Chandler  (see), 
ii.    William  CoMVKitsB,  b.  Lisbon,  Sept.   18,   1800.    m.  in  Boston 

Mass.,  August  17,  1882,  Samantha  Aldrioh,  of  Fozboro*,  Mass. 

Two  children :  (1)  Sadie  May,  b.  Natiok,  Mass.,  Feb.  6,  1888 ;  (2) 

Flora  Alwilda,  b.  Jan.  5, 1890. 
iii.    EuzA  Ann,  b.  Ellsworth,  Not.  22,  1803.    m.  Feb.  6, 1883,  Royal 

Eugene  Chase.    Res.  in  Cambridge,  Mass.    Two  children:  (1) 

Blanche  Marion,  b.  July  20,  1884  ;  (2)  Lillian  Harriet,  b.  Oct 

81,  1887. 
iy.    Alwilda,  b.  Ellsworth,  Oct.  2,  1865.    m.  Oct.  81,  1887,  Frank 

Coleman  Hall,  of  Lebanon  ;  res.  at  Rye  Beach. 


1.  Mark  Chase,  m.  March  17,  1831,  Harriet  Clark,  b.  Nov.  26, 
1808,  dau.  of  John  and  Mehitable  (Hutchins)  Clark,  and  a  sister  of 
Bev.  John  Clark  (see).  In  the  record  of  intentions  and  of  marriage 
he  is  styled  '^  Mark  Chase,  of  Plymouth."  They  had  three  or  more 
children,  and  several  unanswered  letters  will  account  for  this  abbre- 
viated register. 

i.     Clara  Janb. 

ii.    John  Clark.    He  was  a  station  agent  in  Plymouth,  and  liyed  here 

after  1864.    He  was  killed  in  a  railroad  accident  in  Plymonth, 

Oct.  8,  1888.     His  dau.  Hattie  m.  June  16,  1884,  Flulip  F. 

Gordon,  of  Gardner,  Mass.    His  dau.  Lillian  m.  Junius  Knowlton 

of  Tyngsboro,  Mass. 
iii.    Gborqe. 

CHA8B.  118 


1.  Samuel  R  Chasb,  son  of  Charles  and  Mary  (Calef)  Chase,  b. 
Campton,  Jan.  11,  1821.  m.  August  10, 1851,  Clarinda  J.  Foss,  dau. 
of  Reuben  Foss,  of  Campton.  He  was  a  farmer  and  drover.  He 
removed  from  Campton  to  Plymouth,  1876,  and  res.  here  five  years. 
He  d.  in  Rumney,  August  27, 1900.    Two  children. 

i.     Ardrllb  W.,  b.  Campton.    m.  Jesse  F.  Hazen,  of  Epping. 
ii.     CnARLRS  A.,  b.  Campton.     m.  1880,  Ida  M.  Abbott,  of  Rumney. 
He  was  a  grad.  State  Normal  School,  1878,  a  merchant  in  Rum- 
ney, representative,  1885.    He  d.  Ramney,  Oct.  17,  1889.    She  d. 
March  9,  1897.    Two  children. 


1.  William  Chasb,  son  of  William  Chase,  b.  New  Hampton,  Nov. 
23,  1788.  m.  Mercy  Leavitt,  dau.  of  Amos  Leavitt  He  settled  in 
Fiermont,  and  removed  to  Wentworth,  where  he  d.  Oct  21,  1867. 
Amos  Leavitt  was  a  soldier  in  the  Revolution  and  a  pensioner. 

2.  WiLUAM  Chase,  sou  of  William  ^  b.  New  Hampton,  Sept  8, 1822. 
m.  April  7,  1849,  Aurilla  A  Stewart,  b.  Bow,  June  12, 1830,  dau.  of 
Benjamin  R  Stewart  She  d.  August  11, 1877.  He  is  a  farmer,  and 
has  re&  in  Plymouth  since  1873.    Two  children. 

i.    Georqb  William,  b.  Fiermont,  Jan.  81,  1857.    m.  Nov.  11%  1878, 

Anna  Smith.     He  is  a  farmer  of  Rumney. 
ii.    Ltdia  Maria,  b.  Wentworth,  Sept.  80,  1861.    m.  Dec.  81,  1881, 

Harris  B.  Page  (see). 


1.  Abner  Chasb,  a  native  of  Unity,  m.  Mary  Goss,  and  lived  in 
Lempster.  He  was  a  merchant  and  an  esteemed  citizen.  His  dau. 
Minerva  m.  Eev.  Lorenzo  Dow  Barrows,  D.D.  (see). 

2.  Charles  Henrt  Chase,  son  of  Abner  ^  b.  Lempster,  Dea  12, 
1814  He  was  an  able  and  zealous  minister  of  the  M.  K  Church 
many  years.  Since  the  death  of  the  venerable  Rev.  James  Thurston, 
Sept  15,  1899,  Mr;  Chase  has  been  the  senior  pastor  of  the  New 
Hampshire  Conference.  He  filled  many  appointments  from  1839  to 
1884,  and  since  1887  he  has  been  a  superannuate,  living  at  Argyle 
Park,  near  Chicago,  III  He  is  kindly  remembered  in  Plymouth, 
where  he  successfully  labored,  1859-1860.  He  m.  June  6, 1841,  Anna 
H.  Wellmao.    She  d.  East  Kingston,  1884. 

VOL.  II.  —  8 

114  0HA8B  — OHBNBT. 

Since  these  lines  were  written,  Mr.  Chase  d.  at  Argyle  Park,  May 
19,  1903,  buried  at  Plymouth.    Three  daughters. 

i.    Fanny  Orbna.    m.  Dr.  Nightingale,  Pros.  Illinois  University. 
ii.    Hbstrb  Eliza. 
iii.    Anna  Bbll. 


1.  Bey.  Moses  Chase,  a  worthy  Methodist  minister,  received  ap- 
pointments to  Plymouth,  1842  and  1843.  He  was  the  fii'st  pastor  of 
the  church  to  occupy  the  parsonage  on  Main  Street.  He  was  taxed 
in  Plymouth,  1843  to  1848. 


1.  Moses  S.  Chase  lived  in  Campton  and  in  Plymouth  from  1852 
to  1860.  He  returned  to  Campton.  He  m.  Sarah  Dolever.  Six 

1.  MosBS,  b.  Campion,  March  10,  1840.    d.  Oct.  6, 1854. 

ii.  Hbder  Livbrmobb,  b.  Dec.  1,  1842. 

iii.  Fbanobs  Louisa,  b.  August  14,  1846.    m.  George  H.  Little,  of 

Campton.    She  d.  Nov.  26,  1001. 

iT.  Gbobqb,  b.  Feb.  12, 1852.  d.  Fob.  27, 1852. 

V.  William  Jbwbtt,  b.  Plymouth,  June  15, 1854.    d.  June  10, 1800. 

vi.  John  Mosbs,  b.  May  30,  1857. 


1.  John  Cheney,  the  emigrant  ancestor  of  the  Newbury  branch  of 
the  Cheney  family,  with  wife,  Martha,  was  an  early  inhabitant  and 
influential  citizen  of  Newbury,  Mass.,  where  he  d.  1666.  Reference 
is  made  to  the  Cheney  Genealogy,  by  Charles  Henry  Pope,  for  an 
excellent  register  of  the  family. 

2.  Daniel  Cheney,  son  of  John  \  b.  England,  1633.  m.  New- 
bury, Oct.  8,  1665,  Sarah  Bayley,  b.  August  17,  1644,  dau.  of  John 
and  Eleanor  (Emery)  Bayley.  He  d.  Oct.  26, 1714.  "  A  man  of  great 
industry  and  sagacity." 

a  Daniel  Cheney,  son  of  Daniel*,  b.  Newbury,  Dec.  3, 1670.  m. 
Hannah  Duston,  b.  August  22,  1678,  dau.  of  Thomas  and  Hannah 
(Emerson)  Duston.  Hannah  (Emerson)  Duston,  the  mother,  was  the 
heroine  who  escaped  from  captivity,  1697.  Daniel  Cheney  res.  in 
Newbury,  where  he  d.  1755. 

CHENBY.  116 

4.  Nathaniel  Cheney,  son  of  Daniel  ^  b.  Nov.  25, 1711.  m.  Oct. 
25,  1733,  Kezia  Annis.  Lived  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  and  perhaps  in 
Plaistow.    He  was  a  cordwainer  and  farmer. 

5.  Nathaniel  Cheney,  son  of  Nathaniel*,  b.  Oct  7,  1747.  m. 
Elizabeth  Ela,  who  was  b.  August  4, 1746.  He  was  a  soldier,  serving 
several  enlistments  in  the  Kevolutiou  and  was  a  pensioner.  He  re- 
moved from  Haverhill,  Mass.,  to  Sanbomton,  1781.  He  d.  August  3, 
1833.  She  d.  Jan.  12,  1832.  Their  dau.,  Hannah,  b.  March  19, 1779, 
m.  Leonard  Cummings  (see). 

6.  Israel  Ela  Cheney,  b.  Sanbornton,  June  10,  1788.  m.  in 
Campton,  Dec.  20,  1812,  Sarah  Little,  b.  May  23,  1786,  dau.  of 
Ebenezer  and  Jane  (Burbeck)  Little.  He  lived  in  Campton,  Ply- 
mouth, Derby,  Vt,  and  Lowell,  Mass.  He  was  taxed  in  Plymouth, 
1810.  1811,  and  1833  to  1838.  He  d.  Oct  23, 1860.  She  d.  Sept.  21, 
1848.  He  was  a  musical  genius,  and  a  fine  singer.  He  built  the 
organ  for  the  meeting-house,  on  Ward  hill,  and  enlarged  and  re- 
modelled it  for  the  new  meeting-house  in  the  village.  He  instructed 
his  daughter,  Jane,  in  music,  and  she  was  the  organist  a  few  years, 
and  was  succeeded  by  Jacob  Merrill.  After  leaving  Plymouth,  he 
attended  to  the  repair  and  tuning  of  organs  and  pianos.  It  is  well 
remembered  in  Plymouth  that  he  was  a  skilful  player  upon  the  flute 
and  bass  viol.     Nine  children. 

i.    LucT  LiTTLB,  b.  August  12,  1813.    unm.    d.  Oct.  21, 1852. 

ii.    Jane  Littlb,  b.  Oct.  14,  1815.    m.  Stephen  Jaqaes.    She  d.  Oct. 
18,  1842.     Three  children. 

ill.    Danibl  Littlb,  b.  Sept.  16,  1817.    m.  Lydia  Chase,  of  Fall  River, 
Mass.    Reraoved  to  Napa,  Cal.    Four  children. 

iy.    Elizabeth  Ela,  b.  April  22,  1810.    m.  Gyrus  Bradbury,  of  Sand- 
wich,   d.  Hopedale,  Mass.,  about  1870. 
▼.    Sarah,  b.  April  80,  1821.    m.  Alcander  Dwinnell.    Res.  Brooklyn, 
N.  Y.    d.  Jan.  17,  1899. 

vi.    Luther  Lbland,  b.  April  16,  1823.    m.  1847,  Margaret  Ann  Rod- 
man, of  Somersworth.     Ree.  in  Philadelphia.    Four  children. 

yii.    James  Debring,  b.  Oct.  8, 1825.    ra.  Mary  Mason,  of  Lowell,  Mass. 

Res.  Portland,  Me.,  where  he  d.  Jan.  27,  1900.    One  child, 
yiii.    Henry,  b.  March  24,  1828.    m.  but  no  record  at  hand.    He  was  a 
locomotiye  engineer  in  California  and  Cuba.    He  d.  near  Portland, 
Me.,  Jan.  7, 1890. 

ix.    Adioail  Coatbs,  b.  Oct.  18,  1830.    m.  Philadelphia,  Samuel  A. 
Crozer.    Res.  Upland,  Pa.    She  d.  July  13,  1890. 

7.  John  Cheney,  son  of  Daniel  •  and  Hannah  (Diiston)  Cheney, 
b.  March  10, 1702.    d.  May  18,  1738 

116  CHENEY  —  OILLET. 

8.  Daniel  Cheney,  son  of  John^  b.  March  10, 1737.  m.  Feb.  17, 
1757,  Elizabeth  Davis,  dau.  of  Samuel  Davis.  He  lived  in  Newbury, 
Mass.    Revolutionary  soldier.    He  bought  land  in  New  Chester,  1796. 

9.  Daniel  Cheney,  son  of  Daniel  *  b.  Newbury,  Mass.,  April  17, 
1761.  Eevolutionary  soldier;  removed  to  Bristol,  m.  Hannah 
Payne ;  m.  second,  1789,  Susanna  Badger. 

10.  Enoch  Cheney,  son  of  Daniel*,  m.  Jan.  20,  1803,  Betsey 
Kidder,  dau.  of  John  Kidder  (see).  Lived  in  Bristol  and  Bridge- 
water.  She  d.  1817.  He  d.  Pembroke,  1825.  A  dau.,  Elvira,  b. 
Bristol,  April  18,  1809,  m.  David  Qeorge  (see).  A  dau.,  Hannah,  b. 
Biidgewater,  June  3,  1811,  m.  George  Dearborn  (see). 

11.  Timothy  Cheney,  b.  1819 ;  not  traced,  m.  Lydia  A.  Blake,  b. 
1820,  dau.  of  Nathan  and  Mary  (Colby)  Blake,  of  Thornton.  He 
lived  in  Plymouth  from  1867  until  his  death.  He  d.  July  18, 1882. 
She  d.  Nov.  23, 1883.  Their  son,  Clarence,  b.  Feb.  18, 1852.  d.  June 
26, 1862.    Drowned.    Trinity  Cemetery. 


1.  Job  Cilley,  son  of  Benjamin  and  Apphia  (Keniston)  Cilley,  b. 
Andover,  May  29, 1775.  He  lived  in  Andover  until  the  spring  of 
1800,  when  he  removed  to  Hebron,  where  he  d.  Jan.  17, 1835.  He 
m.  Sept  20, 1798,  Susannah  Seavey,  b.  Deerfield,  May  26,  1778,  dau. 
of  Henry  and  Susannah  Seavey.  She  m.  second,  Thomas  Clifford 
(see).  She  d.  March  23,  1876.  Twelve  children  of  Job  and  Su- 

i.    Ltdia,  b.  Andover,  March  26,  1790.     d.  Rumney,  August  8,  1877. 
ii.    Rebecca,  b.  Hebron,  August  31,  1800.    m.  1824,  Ezra  G.  Tufts. 
They  lived  in  Plymouth,  near  Uie  line  of  Hebron,  until  1828, 
when  he  sold  the  farm  to  Andrew  Cilley  (see),  and  romovod  to 
Hebron,  where  he  d.  about  1835.   She  ro.  second,  Jacob  Fretts, 
who  d.  Nov.  15,  1805.     She  d.  Oct.  12, 1881.    She  luid  three 
children   by  first  and  two  by  second  marriage.    (1)  Susannah 
Tufts,  b.  riymouUi,  July  2,  1825.    m.  Lyman  Cole  (see).     (2) 
Harriet  Tufts,  b.  Plymouth,  Feb.  11,  1827.    m.  Oct.  20, 1845, 
Hon.  Josiah  Quincy,  of  Rumney.    She  d.  1867.    (8)  Lydia  Eliza- 
beth Tufts,  b.  Hebron,  Dec.  2,  1833.     (4)  George  C.  FreUs,  m. 
Sadie  M.  Fogg.     (5)  Emeline  Fretto,  m.  Russell  P.  Tyrrell, 
iii.    Job,  b.  Feb.  20,  1802,  was  taxed  in  Plymouth,  1840,  1841. 
iv.    Hannah,  b.  Dec.  16, 1803.    m.  Russell  Wright,  son  of  Dr.  Abijah 

Wright  (see). 
V.     Hbnrt,  b.  April  25,  1806,  was  taxed  in  Plymouth  several  years. 
No  further  record,  except  that  he  d.  Nov.  80, 1870. 

OILLBT  —  OLABK«  .  117 

2.    vi.  Andrew,  b.  March  16,  1808. 

vii.  Eunice  Burniiam,  b.  Feb.  20,  1810.    d.  Jan.  20, 1868. 

viii.  RoxANNA  Ferrin,  b.  March  20, 1812.    d.  May  28,  1897.  >; 

ix.  Gboror  Wasuinoton,  b.  Angast  19,  1814. 

X.  Nathaniel  Pike,  b.  Nov.  30, 1816. 

xi.  Jonathan  £.  K.,  b.  March  12,  1819. 

xii.  Sarah,  b.  Oct.  19, 1822.    d.  1824. 

2.  Andrbw  Oillby,  son  of  Job^  b.  March  15,  1808.  m.  Charlotte 
Leeds.  Came  to  Plymouth,  1828.  He  occupied  the  farm,  near  the  line 
of  Hebron,  formerly  owned  by  Ezra  G.  Tufts.  In  1871,  he  removed 
from  town,  and  d.  Brookfield,  July  14,  1895.  In  census  of  1850, 
Andrew  Cilley  was  returned  aged  49.     Children  b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.    James,    d.  aged  2  years, 
ii.    Addie,  b.  April  22,  1834.    m.  Sept.  80,  1866,  Hiram  Westcott,  of 

ill.     Abner,  b.  1836. 

iv.     Anthony,  b.  April  80,  1888.     Co.  D,  7th  N.  H.  Infantry,     m. 
about  1881,  Arvilla  A.  Twombly.    She  d.  March  28, 1886.    He  m. 
second,  Rosetta  Fobs.    Res.  Brookfield.    (1)  Addie,  b.  Feb.  20, 
1883.     (2)  Infant,  b.  March  24, 1886.    d.  March  29,  1886.     (3) 
Irving  H.,  b.  Feb.  4,  1889. 
V.    Loraine.    m.  John  Holmes,  Jamaica  Plain,  Mass. 
vi.    Arvilla,  b.  1842.    d.  aged  15  years. 
Tii.    Rebecca,  b.  1844.    m.  Byron  Westcott,  of  Danbury. 
viii.    Charlotte,  b.  1846. 
ix.    Susannah,    d.  aged  10  years. 
X.    Benjamin,    d.  aged  7  years. 

3.  John  W.  Cilley,  b.  1809,  is  reported  a  relative  of  Job  \  He 
came  from  Hebrou  to  Plymouth,  1858  or  1854,  and  here  d.  March  29, 
1878.  He  was  blind  several  years.  He  m.  Sarah  Bruce,  dau.  of  John 
Bruce  (see).    She  d.  in  Lawrence,  Mass.,  1878.    Three  children. 

i.    Rebecca,    unm.    d.  in  Plymouth. 

ii.  GusTAVUS  R.,  b.  Hebron,  1842.  Lived  in  Plymouth  from  1854  to 
1871,  when  he  removed  to  Lawrence,  Mass.  He  enlisted  in  Ply- 
mouth in  6th  N.  II.  Infantry,  was  wounded  severely  at  Fred- 
ericksburg, Va.,  Dec.  13,  1862  ;  corporal ;  mustered  out  Nov.  28, 
1864.  He  m.  in  Plymouth,  1868,  Josephine  P.  Harvey ,  dau.  of 
Moses  Collins  Harvey  (see). 

fii.    William,  b.  1861.    d.  Plymouth,  1866. 


1.  Nathaniel  Ci^ark,  emigrant  ancestor  of  this  branch  of  the 
Clark  families,  b.  about  1640,  was  in  Newbury,  Mass.,  1663.    He  was 

118  OLABK. 

an  ensign,  seleotman,  and  May  7,  1684,  be  was  appointed  naval 
officer  for  ports  of  Newbury  and  Salisbury.  He  m.  Nov.  23,  1663, 
Elizabeth  Somerby,  dau.  of  Henry  and  Judith  (Oreenleaf)  Somerby, 
of  Newbury.    He  d.  August  25, 1690. 

SI  Hbnrt  Clark,  fifth  of  the  six  sons  of  NathanieP,  b.  Newbury, 
July  5, 1673,  removed  to  Qreenland  about  1727.  He  was  one  of  the 
petitioners  for  the  annexation  of  Qreenland  to  Massachusetts.  He 
m.  Nov.  7,  1695,  Elizabeth  Greenleaf,  b.  Jan.  2, 1678,  dau.  of  Capt. 
Stephen  and  Elizabeth  (Qerrish)  Qreenleaf,  of  Newbury,  Mass.  She 
was  the  mother  of  bis  twelve  children*  He  m.  second,  Jan.  24, 1724, 
Mary  Pierce. 

3.  Enoch  Clark,  son  of  Henry*  b.  Sept.  1, 1709,  lived  in  Green- 
land, where  he  d.  1759.    He  m.  Hannah ,  who  d.  April  9, 1746. 

He  m.  second,  Mary ,    He  d.  Feb.  16, 1759.    The  wife  Hannah 

was  the  mother  of  his  seven  children. 

4.  Joseph  Clajik,  son  of  Enoch  ^  b.  Jan.  1,  1731/2,  lived  in 
Greenland,  where  he  d.  Dec.  4,  1761.  He  m.  Eleanor,  and  it  is  said 
that  she  m.  second, Mason. 

5.  John  Clabk,  b.  1756,  removed  to  Haverhill.  He  was  a  soldier 
in  the  Bevolution.  He  d.  Oct.  4,  1811.  He  m.  1791,  Mehitable 
Hutchins,  b.  May  29, 1766,  dau.  of  Col.  Joseph  and  Martha  (Corliss) 
Hutchins,  of  Haverhill.  He  d.  Oct  14, 1811.  She  m.  second,  Luther 
Tucker ;  m.  third,  Stephen  Morse,  son  of  Daniel  *^  (see).  She  d.  June 
29,  1856.    His  dau.  Harriet  m.  Mark  Chase  (see). 

6.  Rev.  John  Clabk,  b.  Haverhill,  June  25,  1800.  He  studied 
theology  at  Plymouth,  with  Sev.  Oeorge  Punchard,  and  was  ordained, 
Jan.  23, 1835,  and  was  pastor  at  Wilroot,  Danbury,  and  Enfield,  from 
1835  to  1842.  He  was  pastor  of  Congregational  church,  Burke,  Vt, 
from  1842  to  1854,  and  subsequently  preached  at  Bristol,  Bridge- 
water,  and  Hebron,  until  1870,  when  by  reason  of  age  and  infirmity 
he  retired  from  active  pastoral  labor.  He  lived  in  Plymouth  from 
1854  to  1862,  and  later  in  Bumney,  where  he  d.  August  31,  1887. 
He  m.  Nov.  23, 1825,  Abigail  Mitchell,  b.  Bridgewater,  Oct.  6, 1804, 
dau.  of  Bobert  and  Abigail  (Morse)  Mitchell     Seven  children. 

i.    Emily,  b.  Jane  20,  1827.    m.  June  6,  1848,  Ira  Brown,  M.D.,  b. 

Kirby,  Yt,  Sept.  20, 1818.   He  was  a  resident  physician  of  Burke, 

Yt,  1850-1864,  and  Wells  River,  Yt.,  1864-1883.    He  removed 

to  Minneapolis,  Minn.    He  d.  Jan.  6, 1887.    She  d.  August  12, 1877. 

ii.    Robert  Mitchbll,  b.  Feb.  22, 1829.    d.  June  8, 1833. 

7.  iii.    Richard  Baxter,  b.  Nov.  20,  1830. 

OLARK.  119 

iv.  EnwiN,  b.  Feb.  25,  1834,  was  joint  editor  and  proprietor  of  the 
''Evening  News/'  a  daily  paper  of  St  Anthony,  Minn.,  1867-1862. 
He  was  an  Indian  agent,  with  rank  of  major.  For  several  years 
he  has  been  proprietor  of  flouring  mills  at  Mehrose,  Minn.  He  m. 
Jan.  1,  1860,  Ellen  Frances  Rowe,  b.  Gilmanton,  Feb.  9,  1886. 
Six  children. 
▼.  Martha  Ann,  b.  June  10,  1837.  m.  Nov.  27, 1862,  John  R.  Cum- 
mins, of  Eden  Prairie,  Minn. 

vi.  John  Milnrr,  b.  Jan.  22, 1840 ;  in  early  life  was  a  proofreader,  in 
]k>8ton,  Mass.,  and  in  Minnesota.  For  several  years  he  res.  in 
Rumney.  He  has  been  prosperous  in  business,  and  has  served 
the  town  as  selectman  many  years.  He  now  lives  in  Escondido, 
San  Diego  Co.,  Cal. 

vii.     Grorob  Wallacr,  b.  Feb.  10,  1845.    d.  August  8, 1864. 

7.  EiCHARD  B.  Clark,  son  of  Rev.  John*,  b.  Nov.  29, 1830.  m. 
June  6,  1855.  Sarah  S.  Gault,  b.  Bow,  Dec.  14, 1830,  dau.  of  William 
and  Lucy  Ann  (Famum)  Gault  He  was  an  assistant  to  his  brother, 
Maj.  Edwin  Clark,  at  the  Indian  Agency,  1865-1867.  Lived  in  Ply- 
mouth, 1854  to  1862  and  1867-1878.     Farmer- 

i,    Charles   Fremont  Gault,  b.  Plymouth,  May  17,   1856.     m. 

Feb.  22,  1885,  Elizabeth  Hartwell.     Railroad  conductor;  res. 

Hudson,  Mass. 
ii.    Jennie  Helen,  b.  Plymouth,  June  28,  1868.    m.  July  15,  1801 » 

Charles  W.  Marston,  merchant ;  res.  Rumney. 
iii.    William  Richard,  b.   Bridgewater,  June  21,   1868.    m.   1898, 

Carrie  Manchester.    Railroad  conductor ;  res.  Concord, 
iv.    George  Perley,  b.  Sept.  1, 1872.    Farmer ;  res.  Rumney. 

8.  Joseph  Clabk,  son  of  John'  and  brother  of  Bev.  John^  b. 
Haverhill,  Jan.  31,  1792.  m.  March,  1820,  Hannah  Cook  (see).  She 
d.  Jan.  24, 1832.  He  m.  second,  Jan.  28, 1834,  Alpha  Palmer,  b.  May 
13, 1791.  d.  Jan.  20, 1873.  He  lived  in  Campton,  where  he  d.  Jan, 
18,  1865.    Seven  children  b.  Campton. 

i.     Samuel  C,  b.  May  7,  1821.    m.  Oct  81,  1850,  Mary  Angelina 

Coleman.    Res.  Northampton,  Mass. 
ii.    William  Uutchins,  b.  Oct  18,  1822.     m.  Dec.  14,  1852,  Mrs. 

Abby  Jane  Aldrich.    He  lived  in  Concord  and  in  Melrose,  Minn. 

Three  children, 
iti.    MooDT,  b.  Sept.  27, 1824.    d.  April  15, 1825. 
iv.    Joseph  Clark,  b.  April  2,  1826.    Dartmouth  College,  1854.     He 

read  law  with  Napoleon  B.  Bryant,  Capt  Co.  A,  6th  N«  H. 

Infantry.    He  practised  law  in  Plymouth,  1857-1868,  when  he 

was  disbarred.     He  continued  a  residence  in  Plymouth  until 

120  OLABK. 

1876,  meanwhile  bailding  a  mill  and  engaging  in  a  general 
lumber  business.  The  mill  was  burned,  and  he  removed  to  Sau 
Francisco,  Cal.,  where  he  was  living  in  impaired  healUi,  1901. 
d.  Sept.  12,  1902.  He  m.  August  30, 1855,  Polly  Chandler  Thomp- 
son, b.  Nov.  25,  1831,  dau.  of  John  Hayes  Thompson.  Four 
children  :  (1)  Joseph  A.,  b.  June  14,  1856.  d.  June  27, 1872.  (2) 
Charlotte  Hannah,  b.  June  26, 1859.  d.  Nov.  28, 1868.  (3)  Anna 
Josephine,  b.  Oct  12, 1861.  (4)  Bertha  Evangeline,  b.  Oct.  19, 
1865.  d.  August  16,  1867. 
Y.  Bknjamin,  b.  June  11,  1828.  Dartmouth  College,  1855.  He  read 
law  with  EUery  A.  Hibbard,  of  Laconia,  and  witli  Flint  and 
Bryant,  of  Concord.  He  practised  law  in  Plymouth  two  or  three 
years,  res.  here  from  1859  to  1862.  He  subsequently  was  engaged 
in  the  grain  and  flour  business,  in  Melrose,  Minn.,  and  later  re- 
sumed the  practice  of  his  profession.  lie  d.  Fargo,  N.  D.,  May 
27,  1896.  He  was  married  after  he  removed  to  Minnesota,  but  a 
record  is  not  received. 

vi.  Calvin,  b.  August  12, 1830.  m.  Oct.  29, 1856,  Betsey  Ann  Colcord, 
b.  Thornton,  Nov.  28,  1832,  dau.  of  Anthony  C.  Colcord  (see). 
He  removed  from  Campton  to  Plymouth,  1803,  and  has  since 
res.  here.  Farmer.  Selectman,  1873-1874.  Four  childi*en:  (1) 
Everett  Colcord,  b.  Campton,  August  21,  1857.  m.  Oct.  29, 
1891,  Alice  F.  Whitten,  clerk,  Manchester;  his  son,  Everett 
Franklin,  b.  Plymouth,  March  18,  1893.  (2)  Mary  Cora,  b. 
August  13,  1862.  m.  June  19,  1896,  Richard  A.  Rich,  son  of 
Richard  and  Sallie  R.  (At wood)  Rich.  He  is  a  master  mariner, 
living  at  Truro,  Mass.  (3)  Calvin  Arthur,  b.  August  22, 1864.  d. 
May  16,  1865.  (4)  Alma  Hannah,  b.  May  3,  1860.  Grad.  Law- 
rence hospital;  she  is  a  professional  nurse. 

vii.  Daniel,  b.  Oct.  28,  1834.  m.  Dec.  10,  1863,  Sabrina  Hunt,  b. 
Franconia,  April  27,  1845,  dau.  of  Arthur  and  Hannah  A. 
(Thayer)  Hunt.    Lived  in  Campton  and  Woodstock. 

9.  Henry  Clark,  son  of  Henry  *  and  Elizabeth  (Greenleaf)  Clark, 
b.  Newbury,  Mass.,  April  23,  1717.  m.  Poc.  18,  1738,  Kezia 
Brackett,  b.  Nov.  1,  1717,  dau.  of  Joshua  and  Mary  (Weeks) 
Brackett.  He  lived  in  Greenland,  removing  to  Candia,  1763.  He  m. 
second  and  third,  but  the  wife  Kezia  was  the  mother  of  his  sons 
Nathaniel  and  John,  whose  descei^dants  have  lived  in  Plymouth. 

10.  Nathaniel  Clark,  son  of  Henry  ^  b.  March  19,  1744;  lived 
in  Candia. 

11.  Joshua  Clark,  son  of  NathanieP^  b.  Nov.  8, 1784 ;  settled  in 
Thornton,  where  he  d.  Oct  7,  1877.  He  m.  Feb.  28,  1809,  Mary 
Caldon,  b.  August  24,  1784,  dau.  of  Thomas  and  Sarah  (Patten) 
Caldon.    She  d.  June  23, 1844. 

OLABK.  121 

12.  Nathaniel  Clark,  son  of  Joshua",  b.  Feb.  8, 1815.  m.  June 
22,  1848,  Mary  M.  Sargent,  b.  June  6,  1829,  dau.  of  Joseph  and 
Fanny  (Bancroft)  Sargent,  of  Thornton.  He  was  a  farmer,  and  re- 
moved from  Thornton  to  Plymouth,  1872.  He  d.  April  1,  1875. 
She  m.  second,  John  H.  Gill  (see).     Six  children. 

i.    Frank  Harland,  b.  April  8, 1849.    m.  1872,  Emma  J.  Woodbury, 

b.  Oct  10,  1858.    Looomotiye  engineer.    Res.  Conoord,  where  he 

d.  April  15, 1891.    She  d.  Feb.  18, 1892,  boried  Trinity  Cemetery, 
li.     Alrrkt  Wrstford,  b.  Jaly  2,  1852.     m.  Oct.  28,  1876,  Adelaide 

M.  Nutting,  dau.  of  Charles  and  Mary  (Smith)  Nutting  (see). 

Railroail  conductor.    He  was  killed  in  an  accident  at  Billericat 

Mass.,  Not.  17, 1882.    Two  children :  BeHha  A.,  b.  Deo.  17, 1880, 

and  Alice  W.,  b.  July  15,  1883. 
ill.    Ellrn  Ctrrmr,  b.  June  10,  1850.    m.  Dec.  18, 1880,  Charles  E. 

Parks,  life  insurance  agent ;  res.  Somerville,  Mass.     (1)  Edward 

Ezra,  b.  Nov.  26, 1882.   (2)  Charles  Armington,  b.  Feb.  16, 1886. 
iv.    CiiARLRS  Edoar,  b.  Dec.   18,  1858.    m.   May  25,  1887,  Esther 

Piper,  b.  August  15, 1864,  dau.  of  Loren  and  Pbebe  (Frye)  Piper. 

He  is  a  merchant  at  North  Stratford;  representative,  1895.    One 

child :  Harriet  Phebe,  b.  AprU  17,  1888. 
T.    Fannir  B.,  b.  Feb.  24,  1861.    m.  Feb.  28,  1886,  Frederic  Eugene 

Cheney,  b.  Nashua,  Oct  1, 1855,  son  of  Edmund  W.  and  Eliza. 

beth  (Adams)  Cheney.    He  is  a  provision  and  grocery  merchant, 

Somerville,  Mass.     (1)  and  (2)  d.  young.     (8)  Mary  Louisa,  b. 

April  24, 1802. 
vi.    Mart  Emma,  b.  Oct.  16, 1866.    m.  May  29,  1889,  William  Maurice 

Baker,  of  Waltham,  Mass.   (1)  Katherine  L.,  b.  August  29, 1897. 

Mary  Emma  (Ckrk)  Baker,  d.  May  6, 1901. 

13.  JoiiN  Clark,  son  of  Henry  •,  and  Kezia  (Brackett)  Clark,  b. 
Greenland,  May  20,  1760,  was  a  soldier  from  Candia  in  the  Revolu- 
tion. He  m.  Dec.  22,  1785,  Lydia  Leavitt,  b.  Exeter,  Dec.  3, 1759, 
dau.  of  Joseph  Leavitt.  He  settled  in  Campton,  where  he  d.  Dec.  21, 
1831.    She  d.  Dec.  6, 1830. 

14.  Leavitt  Clark,  son  of  John  ^^  b.  Campton,  April  7, 1796,  was 
a  farmer  and  a  selectman  of  Campton.  He  m.  Dec.  30, 1824,  Almira 
Bump,  dau.  of  Elias  and  Martha  (Baker)  Bump.  He  d.  March  6, 

15.  Dudley  Leavitt  Clark,  son  of  Leavitt  ^^  b.  Campton,  Jan. 
18,  1830.  m.  Nov.  4, 1852,  Jane  Parkman  Butler,  b.  Campton,  July 
20,  1829,  dau.  of  John  P.  and  Apphia  (Brown)  Butler  (see).  He 
removed  from  Campton  to  Plymouth,  1858,  and  was  proprietor  of  a 

122  OLABK. 

livery  stable,  and  deputy  sheriff.    He  removed,  1871,  to  Maiden, 

i.    John  Lkavitt,  b.  Campion,  July  10,  1853.    m.  Oct  23,  1878,  Mary 

Ella  Fall.    Res.  Maiden,  Mass. 
ii.    Edwin  Charles,  b.  Campton,  June  25,  1856.    m.  July  11,  1878, 
Georgianna  Barrett.    He  was  a  druggist  in  Chelsea,  Mass. ;  d.  St. 
Paul,  Minn.,  Jan.  8, 1887. 
lii.    Katb  Elizabeth,  b.  Plymouth,  March  31,  1867.    Res.  Maiden, 

16.  John  Bogsrs  Clark,  son  of  Leavitt^^  b.  Campton,  Jan.  17, 
1828.  m.  Oct.  6,  1858,  Abigail  Stickney  Butler,  b.  Jan.  20, 1823, 
dao.  of  John  P.  and  Apphia  (Brown)  Butler  (see),  of  Campton«  He 
removed  from  Campton  to  Pl}'mouth,  1864.  He  d.  in  this  town, 
March  25, 1875. 

i.    Nellie  Jane,  b.  June  28,  1861. 


1.  John  Clark,  of  whom  there  are  more  traditions  than  recorded 
facts,  lived  many  years  and  d.  in  Stratham.  He  merits  honorable 
mention  in  the  annals  of  New  Hampshire  as  the  ancestor  of  many 
able  and  useful  men.  A  record  of  his  birth  and  the  names  of  his 
parents  have  not  been  ascertained.  His  first  wife  Mary  was  the 
mother  of  the  two  oldast  sons.  His  will,  dated  July  20,  1750,  and 
proved  June  12,  1753,  mentions  wife  Ann,  sons  John,  Satchel, 
Joseph,  and  Daniel,  and  daus.  Mary  Rollins  and  Ann  Allen.  If  he 
had  other  children  they  probably  d.  before  the  date  of  the  will. 
The  Rollins  Genealogy  states  that  his  dau.  Martha  m.  Paul  Rollins, 
but  she  is  not  named  in  the  wilL 

2.  i.    John,  b.  Feb.  26, 1706. 

ii.    Satchel,  b.  Oct  80, 1706. 

iii.    Mart,  b.  June  4,  1712.    m.  Joshua  Rollins,  of  Stratham. 

iv.  Ann,  b.  March  21,  1714.  m.  Samuel  Allen,  son  of  Jude  Allen,  and 
lived  in  Wakefield. 

V.  Joseph,  b.  May  0,  1710.  m.  Doc.  28, 1742,  Del>orali  Taylor,  b.  Oct 
26, 1717,  dau.  of  Jona  and  Mary  (Perkins)  Taylor ;  res.  Stratham. 
Seven  children.  His  son  Jonathan,  b.  Jan.  7, 1748,  was  a  man  of 
unusual  energy  and  ability  and  a  leader  in  the  affairs  of  North- 

vi.  Danibl  is  known  as  Dea.  Daniel.  He  m.  Uannah  Dearborn.  Their 
son  Benjamin  was  the  father  of  U.  S.  Senator  Daniel  Clark,  of 

GLABK.  128 

2.  John  Clark,  son  of  John*,  m.  May,  1731,  Elizabeth  Clifford,  and 
lived  in  Kingston,  where  he  d.  1753.     His  children  were  : 

i.     Ann,  b.  Sept  1, 1733.    m.  William  Cilley. 
ii.    John,  b.  Jan.  25, 1735. 

3.  11  i.    Satchel,  b.  March  15, 1737. 

iy.  Hannah,  b.  July  4, 1739.   m.  Benjamin  Darling  (see). 

V.  Abigail,  b.  July  3, 1741, 

vi.  Elizabeth,  b.  Dec.  8, 1743. 

vii.  Benjamin,  b.  Sept.  9, 1745. 

viii.  Maurice,  b.  April  14, 1747. 

ix.  Jacob,  b.  April  15, 1749. 

X.  Mayhbw,  b.  May  28, 1752. 

3.  Satchel  Clark,  son  of  John',  b.  March  15, 1737.  m.  Bachel 
Gate,  b.  Greenland,  1737,  dau.  of  Tucker  and  Mary  (Sanborn)  Cate, 
and  lived  a  few  years  in  Eppiug,  removing  to  Sanbomton  about  1766. 
He  was  a  farmer  and  a  blacksmith.  He  signed  the  Association  Test, 
1776,  and  his  name  is  on  the  roll  of  Capt  Chase  Taylor's  company, 
which  was  in  the  service  from  July  to  late  in  Sept.,  1777,  and  was  at 
battle  of  Bennington.  He  d.  May  4, 1809.  His  widow  d.  August 
15,  1820.  Seven  or  eight  children.  His  dau.  Elizabeth  m.  Caleb 
Ingnlls  (see). 

4.  Satchel  Clark,  son  of  Satchel  ^  b.  Nov.  3,  1774  m.  Oct  2, 
1794,  Betty  FuUonton,  b.  1772.  He  lived  a  few  years  in  Dorchester, 
but  returned  to  Sanbornton,  where  he  d.  Feb.  6,  1854.  She  d.  May 
18,  1846.    Seven  children. 

5.  Joshua  Clark,  son  of  Satchel  *,  b.  Sanbornton,  Feb.  8, 1810.  m. 
Nov.  24, 1831,  Syrena  Palmer,  b.  March  28,  1812,  dau.  of  Joseph  and 
Anna  (Sanborn)  Palmer.  He  was  a  farmer  res.  in  Sanbornton  until 
1844,  when  he  removed  to  Campton,  where  he  d.  Nov.  20,  1880. 

6.  Dea.  Jason  Clark,  son  of  Joshua  ^  b.  Sanbomton,  Sept.  17, 1832, 
m.  Nov.  28,  1858,  Calista  Jane  Johnson,  dau.  of  Isaac  T.  Johnson 
(see),  and  settled  in  Campton,  removing  to  Plymouth,  1869.  He  yss 
by  occupation  a  blacksmith.  He  was  a  valued  and  respected  citizen. 
In  1878  he  was  elected  a  deacon  of  the  Congregational  church.  He  d. 
June  8,  1895.  Mrs.  Clark  res.  in  the  village,  and  has  furnished 
valuable  material  for  the  family  registers. 

i.    Wrlbt  Marshall,  b.  August  8, 1802.    d.  March  21, 1872. 
ii.    Alicr  Mat,  b.  August  20, 1868.     d.  April  1, 1876. 
iii.    Lena  Mat,  adopted,  b.  March  18, 1888. 

124  OLABK. 


1.  Dea.  Jahes  Clark,  an  original  proprietor  of  Londonderry,  b.  in 
Ireland,  1691,  was  a  brother  of  John  Clark  who  d.  in  Londonderry, 
Jan.  13,  1720/21,  and  of  Matthew  Clark,  who  m.  Elizabeth  Lindsey, 
and  was  drowned  at  Araoskeag  Falls,  May  28,  1731.  Living  in  a 
community  renowned  for  mental  activity  and  rugged  traits  of  char- 
acter, Dea.  Clark  was  a  foremost  and  useful  citizen  ;  honored  in  life 
and  distinguished  by  descendants  of  character  and  ability.  He  m.  in 
Londonderry,  May  22,  1722,  Elizabeth  (Fulton)  Wilson,  widow  of 
James  Wilson.  She  d.  July  7, 1731,  by  town  records  ;  July  9, 1732, 
by  head  stone ;  1732  is  the  correct  date.     Matthew,  their  son,  was  bom 

June  30, 1732.    He  m.  second,  Mary ,  who  d.  April  19, 1762, 

aged  63.  He  d.  Oct.  13,  1768.  The  story  of  the  capture  of  James 
and  Elizabeth  (Fulton)  Wilson  by  pirates  during  their  voyage  to 
America  is  found  in  Parker's  "  Londonderry  *'  and  Cogswell's  "  Hen- 
niker."  James  Wilson  d.  in  Boston,  1720.  Dea.  James  Clark  had 
sons :  John,  Matthew,  Samuel,  and  George,  and  a  dau.  Eleanor,  who  m. 
Robert  Hemphill. 

2.  John  Clark,  son  of  Dea.  James,  b.  March  31,  1723.  m.  his 
cousin,  Margaret  Clark,  b.  March  15,  1722/3,  dau.  of  Matthew  and 
Elizabeth  (Lindsey)  Clark.  He  lived  in  Londonderry.  Selectman, 

3.  Matthew  Clark,  son  of  John  »,  b.  Londonderry,  1762.  m.  1783, 
Nancy  Dickey,  b.  Derryfield,  April  22,  1761,  dau.  of  John  and  Janet 
(McClintock)  Dickey.  He  lived  in  Londonderry  until  1798  when  he 
removed  to  Wilton  and  later  to  Lyndieboro',  where  he  d.  Oct  23, 1827. 
She  d.  Dec.  17,  1844.    Twelve  children. 

1  James  Lindsay  Clark,  son  of  Matthew  *,  b.  Londondeny ,  May  1 5, 
1790.  m.  June  27, 1815,  Kebecca  Baldwin,  b.  April  11, 1793,  dau.  of 
Timothy  and  Prudence  (Chapman)  Baldwin,  of  Wilton.  She  d.  Oct. 
18,  1820.  He  m.  second,  1823  Hannah  Baldwin,  b.  Feb.  23,  1795, 
dau.  of  Timothy  and  Prudence^  (Chapman)  Baldwin.  She  d.  March 
13, 1860.    He  settled  in  Lyndeboro',  where  he  d.  Oct.  11,  1872. 

5.  Rev.  Frank  Quay  Clark,  son  of  James  Lindsay  *,  b.  Lyndeboro'> 
Feb.  22,  1838.  Pastor  of  Congregational  Church,  Plymouth,  1890- 
1904  He  m.  August  11, 1864,  Charlotte  McCoy,  b.  Jaffrey,  Nov.  19, 
1839,  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Mary  (Cutter)  McCoy,  of  Peterboro.  Samuel 
McCoy  was  a  son  of  William  and  Lucy  (Ryan)  McCoy,  and  grandson 
of  Gilbert   and  Elizabeth  (Stuart)  McCoy.    His  former  pastorates 

GLABK.  126 

were  in  Bindge  and  in  Gloucester,  Mass.  He  is  an  able  preacher  and  a 
faithful  pastor.  (See  sketch  in  Vol.  I.)  Mr.  Clark  has  been  a  member 
of  the  Town  History  Committee  from  the  beginning.  In  this  labor 
his  interest  has  been  untiring  and  his  suggestions  and  direction  are 
fully  appreciated  by  his  associates.  He  removed  in  May,  1904,  to 
Wellesley,  Mass. 


1.  Thomas  Clark  was  born  in  Londonderry,  in  May,  1744.  His 
birth  is  not  recorded  and  the  names  of  his  parents  cannot  be  authori- 
tatively stated.  He  was  probably  a  relative  of  Dea.  James  Clark.  He 
m.  Jean  Alexander,  b.  Londonderry,  Oct.  18,  1747,  dau.  of  Robert  and 
Mary  Alexander,  and  granddau.  of  Bandall  Alexander,  one  of  the 
grantees,  and  one  of  the  first  sixteen  families  who  settled  in  London- 
derry. He  removed  to  Acworth,  where  he  d.  Nov.  25,  1823.  His 
widow,  Jean,  d.  Sept.  9,  1824.  The  town  of  Acworth  was  largely 
settled  by  families  from  Londonderry,  and  among  the  settlers 
Thomas  and  Jean  Clark  were  worthy  representatives  of  a  rugged 
and  forceful  race. 

2.  i.  RoBKRT,  b.  Sept.  0, 1773. 

H.   Martha,  b.  1777.     m.  Bradley  Mitchell. 

iii.   William,  b.  Jane  18,  1770.    m.  Deo.  80, 1807,  Margaret  Mitchell, 
dau.  of  John  and  Mary  (Hylands)  Mitchell,  of  Acworth.    He  was 
a  merchant  in  New  London  where  he  d.  April  7, 1846.    His  wife 
d.  March  30,  18G2.    Five  children, 
iv.   Hugh,  b.  1782.    Removed  to  Ohio. 
8.       V.   Thomas,  b.  Feb.  0, 1791. 

2.  Robert  Clark,  son  of  Thomas  *,  b.  Londonderry,  Sept  9, 1773. 
Removed  to  Acworth,  where  he  d.  April  4,  1842.  He  m.  Feb.  1, 
1799,  Mary  Clark,  b.  Jan.  1, 1775,  dau.  Samuel  Clark,  of  Windham, 
and  granddau.  of  Dea.  James  Clark,  of  Londonderry.  She  d.  March 
1,  1815.  He  m.  second,  July  4,  1816,  Sally  Wyman,  b,  Walpole, 
Jan.  23,  1792,  dau.  of  William  and  Polly  Wyman.  She  d.  July  5, 
1875.     Ten  children,  and  among  them  was: 

4.        i.   Amos,  b.  Dec.  28, 1801. 

3.  Thomas  Clark,  son  of  Thomas*  and  Jean  (Alexander)  Clark, 
b.  Acworth,  Feb.  9,  1791.  m.  in  Wendell,  now  Sunapee,  June  27, 
1819,  Sally  Meloou,  d&u.  of  Jeremiah  and  Abigail  (Thomas)  Meloon, 

126  CLABK. 

of  Deerfield.  She  d.  in  Andover,  Feb.  17,  1829.  He  m.  second,  at 
Andover,  August  30,  1829,  Margaret  Currier,  b.  Claremont^  June 
2, 1810,  dau.  of  Timothy  and  Jane  (Mitchell)  Currier,  and  granddau. 
of  David  and  Martha  (Ladd)  Currier,  of  Windham,  and  maternal 
granddau.  of  John  and  Mary  (Hylands)  Mitchell.  Thomas  Clark 
was  a  successful  merchant  and  innholder  in  West  Andover  about 
twenty  years,  removing  to  Plymouth,  1840.  He  was  a  magistrate  iu 
Andover  and  in  Plymouth,  selectman  of  Plymouth,  1843  and  1844. 
He  was  upright  and  capable  in  business  and  was  respected  by  his 
townsmen.  He  d.  Oct  7,  1860.  Mrs.  Clark  survived  her  husband 
many  years.  She  was  a  kind  and  gentle  mother,  and  a  dignified 
matron  of  the  home.  She  d.  Sabbath  evening,  May  8,  1904,  aged 
nearly  94.  Five  children  by  first  and  eight  by  second  marriage,  five 
of  whom  were  b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.  LucT  Ann,  b.  June  19,  1820.    d.  Jan.  20, 1826. 
6.       ii.   Hiram,  b.  April  8, 1822. 

ill.   Sally,  b.  March  18,  1824.     d.  Jan.  25, 1820. 
iy.   Sallt,  b.  March  20,  1826.    m.  June  22,  1859,  Simeon  C.  Senter,  of 
Thetford,  Vt.,  where  she  d.  April  7, 1867,  leaving  two  children : 
(1)  Jennette  Gillson,  b.  April  19,  18C0.    m.  Sept.  18, 1887,  Orrin 
T.  Pressey,  of  East  Thetford,  Vt.     (2)  Henrietta  Lord,  b.  Feb. 
25, 1804.    m.  August  25,  1892,  Anson  M.  Pierce,  of  Claremont. 
T.  Iremb  Meloom,  b.  Feb.  8, 1829.    m.  Joseph  0.  Fifleld  (see). 
?i.  TuoMAB  Mitchell,  b.  April  9, 1830.    d.  Sept.  20,  1831. 

6.  tU.  Thomas  Fbazieu,  b.  April  6,  1830. 

7.  viii.   Geoege,  b.  April  25,  1839. 

ix.  John  Currier,  b.   August  10,  1840.    d.  Plymouth,  unm.,  Nov. 
16,  1892. 

8.  X.  Robert,  b.  Nov.  10,  1843. 

xi.  Martha  Mitchell,  b.  April  18,  1846. 

xii.  Helen  Mauoarkt,  b.  Jan.  2,  1849.  Miss  Marlha  M.  and  Miss 
Helen  M.  Clark  live  at  the  homestead.  Tliey  smoothed  tlie  path- 
way and  ministered  with  gentle  hand  to  the  comfort  of  their  aged 
mother.  They  have  intelligently  assbted  in  the  preparation  of 
the  History  of  Plymouth  and  have  contributed  many  items  for 
the  family  records. 

xiil  Clara  Walker,  b.  May  28, 1854.    d.  Nov.  19, 1855. 

1  Amos  Clark,  son  of  Robe^t^  b.  Dec.  28,  1801.  m.  Sept  21, 
1840,  Leura  Hall,  b.  Halifax,  Vt.,  May  8,  1816,  dau.  of  Justus  and 
Nancy  (Pierce)  Hall.  He  removed  to  Plymouth,  1840.  He  d.  Jan.  1, 
1879 ;  his  widow  d.  August  3, 1885.    Five  children  b.  in  Plymouth. 

CLARK.  127 

i.  Charles  Robert,  b.  Deo.  28, 1842.  m.  Sept.  8, 1869,  Adelaide  £. 
TowDsley,  b.  Shelbarne  Falls,  Mass.,  Oct.  18, 1840,  dan.  of  Enoch 
and  Rosanua  (Warner)  Townslej.  He  is  a  lawyer  and  now  in 
partnership  witli  his  son  in  the  law  firm  of  Clark  &  Clark, 
Moutezama,  Iowa.  One  child  (1)  Charles  Warner,  b.  Feb.  10, 
1874,  a  lawyer  as  above. 
11.  Mart  Ellen,  b.  Jane  28, 1845.    nnm.    d.  Jnne  15,  1867. 

iii.   Ella  Amanda,  b.  Nov.  10,  1840.    Res.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

iv.  Grorgr  Amos,  b.  April  11,  1852.  m.  Deo.  28,  1870,  Hattie  6. 
Harriman,  dan.  of  William  Harriman  (see).  He  was  a  farmer 
of  Plymouth,  where  he  d.  April  18,  1886.  She  m.  second.  Rev. 
Joseph  H.  Trow, 
y.  Myron  Justus,  b.  May  6,  1854.  m.  Deo.  2,  1886,  Ada  £.  Blanch- 
ard.  lie  is  a  lumber  dealer ;  res.  Clarion,  Iowa.  Seven  children : 
(1)  George  Amos,  b.  Sept.  27,  1887.  (2)  Sarah  Leura,  b.  August 
27, 1880.  (3)  Robert  Myron,  b.  Deo.  28. 1802.  (4)  Karl  Blanch- 
ard,  b.  March  81,  1804.  (5)  Ida  Margarite,  b.  Deo.  10,  1805. 
(6)  Ella  Adelaide,  b.  Sept.  27,  1807.  (7)  Forrest  Edwin,  b.  Dec. 
2,  1000.    (8)  Thomas  Byron,  b.  Sept.  21,  1003. 

5.  Hiram  Clark,  son  of  Thomas^  and  Sally  (Meloon)  Clark,  b. 
Andover,  April  8, 1822.  m.  in  Plymouth,  Oct  8,  1845,  Betsey  Dow 
Drake,  b.  Nov.  4, 1822,  d.  of  Joseph  and  Mary  (Thompson)  Drake. 
She  d.  May  23, 1889.  He  d.  at  the  home  of  his  dau.,  Mrs.  Durrell,  in 
Nashua,  Feb.  13,  1899.  In  early  life  Mr.  Clark  was  employed  several 
years  in  the  store  and  glove  business  of  Nathaniel  Fletcher  Draper,  at 
Lower  Intervale.  Like  many  men  of  Plymouth,  he  was  engaged  in 
the  manufacture  of  gloves,  but  soon  returned  to  mercantile  pursuits 
in  which  he  had  been  trained  by  his  honored  father.  He  was  many 
years  an  efficient  clerk  and  salesman  in  the  store  of  Plummer  Fox, 
at  the  village.  He  was  town  clerk,  1851,  town  treasurer,  and  was 
frequently  employed  in  the  administration  of  estates.  He  was  a 
devoted  member  and  an  able  supporter  of  the  Methodist  Episcopal 
Church.  He  was  genial,  kind,  and  generous  and  always  interested  in 
any  enterprise  that  advanced  the  interests  of  Plymouth. 

i.  Ellrn  Augusta,  b.  May  24,  1846.    tn.  Nov.  20,  1866,  Curtis  S. 

Cummings,  son  of  Noah  C.  Gummings  (see), 
ii.  Sarah  Irene,  b.  May  17,  1852.    State  Normal  School,  1872.   ro. 

July  28,  1878,  Rev.  Jesse  Morton  Dnrrell,  b.  Boston,  Mass.,  Jane 

26,  1848.     lie  is  a  Methodist  Episcopal  deigyman  and  now 

presidhig  elder  of  the  Dover  District, 
iii.  Clara  Thompson,  b.  July  8, 1857.    State  Normal  Scliool,  1876.    m« 

in  Plymouth,  May  10, 1882,  William  Benjamin  Jackson,  M.D.,  b. 

128  CLARK. 

Draout,  Mass.,  Feb.  28,  1863.  He  is  a  successful  physician  of 
Lowell,  Mass.  Four  children :  (1)  William  Clark,  b.  June  5, 1883. 
(2)  Henry  Francis,  b.  Oct.  5,  1885.  d.  May  15,  1887.  (3)  Helen 
Frances,  b.  Sept  12,  1889.  (4)  Laurence  Malcolm,  b.  August 
11,  1801. 

6.  Thomas  Feazter  Clark,  son  of  Thomas',  b.  Andover,  April  6, 
1836.  The  fkmily  removed  to  Plymouth  in  his  childhood.  He 
attended  the  schools  of  Plymouth  and  was  a  resident  of  the  town 
until  1868,  when  he  entered  the  employ  of  W.  P.  &  K  P.  Gallup, 
grain  and  commission  merchants,  of  Indianapolis,  Ind.  In  1870  he 
became  a  member  of  the  firm  of  Gallup,  Clark  &  Co.,  grain  and  com- 
mission merchants,  of  Chicago,  III  He  managed  the  branch  office  of 
the  firm  at  Farmer  City,  III,  until  he  retired  from  business  in  1888. 
He  res.  on  the  patenial  homestead  in  Plymouth. 

7.  Gborqb  Clare^  son  of  Thomas  ^  and  Margaret  (Currier)  Clark, 
b.  April  25,  1889,  attended  the  schools  of  Plymouth  and  Holmes 
Academy,  and  pursued  a  course  of  study  under  the  instruction  of 
the  distinguished  educator,  Hiram  Orcutt,  then  principal  of  Thetford 
Academy.  In  1865  he  was  employed  by  W.  P.  &  E.  P.  Gallup, 
grain  and  commission  merchants,  of  Indianapolis,  Ind.,  and  five  years 
later  he  became  a  member  of  the  firm  under  the  firm  name  of  Gallup, 
Clark  &  Co.,  and  removed  to  Chicago,  111.  The  business  was  large 
and  prosperous.  In  1888,  Mr.  Clark  purchased  the  interest  of  his 
partners  and  was  sole  proprietor  until  he  retired  from  active  business 
in  1893,  and  returned  to  Plymouth.  He  was  industrious,  active,  and 
exact  in  business,  and  was  highly  esteemed  by  his  associates.  Amid 
the  activities  of  an  earnest  life  he  found  leisure  for  reading,  and  was 
a  discriminating  student  of  history  and  standard  literature.  He 
cherished  at  all  times  a  deep  interest  in  Plymouth,  and  was  loyal  to 
his  friends.  With  eagerness  he  left  behind  the  toil  and  care  of 
business,  and  sought  the  home  of  his  boyhood  and  youth.  His 
respite  from  labor  was  brief  and  sadly  ended.  He  d.  suddenly  at 
the  Parker  House,  Boston,  Mass.,  Jan.  26, 1896. 

Mr.  Clark  m.  Dec.  12,  1876,  Katharine  St.  Clare  Burrows,  dau,  of 
Hon.  Joseph  Burrows  (see).  She  d.  in  Chicago,  Nov.  16,  1889. 
Two  children. 

L  Georgb  Gallup,  b.  Chicago,  Sept.  10, 1877.  Dartmouth  College, 
1899;  Harvard  Law  Sohool,  1002.  He  is  a  lawyer  in  Boston, 
Mass.,  and  has  entered  the  profession  under  pleasant  auspices. 

ii.  Mauriob  Bubbows,  b.  Chicago,  June  12,  1882.    d.  Nov.  18, 1889. 

CLARKE  —  CLAY.  129 


1.  Newton  Dexter  Clarke,  son  of  Myron  Dexter  and  Emma 
(Thompson)  Clarke,  b.  Alstead,  June  1,  1873.  Dartmouth  Coll^, 
1895;  principal  Grammar  School,  Bellows  Falls,  Vt,  1895-1896; 
Black  River  Academy,  Ludlow,  Vt.,  1896-1898 ;  High  School,  Men- 
don,  Mass.,  1898-1900;  High  School,  Peterboro',  1900-1901.  He 
came  to  Plymouth,  1901,  and  here  remains  an  efficient  principal  of 
the  Plymouth  High  School.  His  father  was  a  son  of  Stillman  Dexter 
Clarke,  and  a  grandson  of  Eliphalet  Clarke,  of  Sunderland,  Mass. 
He  m.  August  9, 1901,  Grace  Isabel  Prouty,  of  Putney,  Vt 

i.  Malcom  Drxtbr,  b.  June  13, 1002. 
ii.  Ubatbior,  b.  Nov.  6, 1008. 


1.  WiLUAM  Clay,  b.  about  1760.  Lived  in  Salisbury  and 
Wilmot  It  is  said  he  m.  Esther  Barber,  dau.  of  Robert  Barber,  who 
was  captured  by  the  Indians.    He  d.  in  Andover. 

2.  William  Clay,  son  of  William  \  m.  Betsey  Long.  He  was  a 
shoemaker.  He  removed  fi-om  Andover  to  Plymouth  when  aged, 
and  here  d. 

3.  Caleb  L.  Clay,  son  of  William  ^  b.  Salisbury,  March  24, 1826. 
m.  Jan.  15,  1851,  Mary  Emery,  dau.  of  Joseph  Emery,  of  Andover. 
She  d.  Nov.  20, 1854.  He  m.  second,  Dec  26, 1855,  Jane  Steams, 
dau.  of  Aaron  Steams  (see).  She  d.  in  Bristol,  March  11,  1900.  He 
is  a  farmer.  He  removed  to  Plymouth,  1847,  living  on  Cummings 
Hill,  where  Stephen  Roscoe  Glover  now  res.  He  now  lives  in 
East  Andover.    One  child  by  first  marriage. 

i.  Mary  IIblkn,  b.  Nov.  5,  1854.  m.  Deo.  21,  1880,  John  Gilman 
Bailey,  son  of  Freeman  and  Mandana  (Steams)  Bailey.  (See 
Stearns'  Register.)    They  res.  in  Andover. 

4.  Jonathan  L.  Clay,  son  of  William  ^  and  brother  of  Caleb  L* 
b.  June  19, 1823.  m.  Nov.  15, 1849,  Mary  Ann  Gilman,  of  Spring- 
field, dau.  of  Caleb  and  Mary  Ann  (Bailey)  Gilman.  He  came  to 
Plymouth,  1850.  Selectman.  He  d.  Feb.  23, 1881.  She  d.  August 
4, 1879. 

6.    i.    Herman  William,  b.  June  4,  1852. 

ii.  LuHAMA  J.,  b.  Feb.  26, 1854.  m.  Augost  27, 1874,  Charles  Henry 
Morrill,  b.  Groton,  Sept.  13, 1848,  son  of  John  Morrill.  He  res. 
in  Littleton.    Postmaster,  Apthorp. 

VOL.  II.  — 9 


Hi.  OoBLLO  B.,  b.  Dec.  27, 1856.  m.  May  15, 1878,  Abbie  A.  Morrill, 
b.  1858,  dau.  of  Moses  and  Mary  (Ferriu)  Morrill,  of  Bridgewater. 
He  d.  Deo.  5,  1883.    She  d.  Oct.  24, 1883. 

iv.    SiiBRAnD,  b.  Noy.  15, 1858.    m.  Susaa  B.  Barnes ;  m.  second.  Belle 

B.  Putnam. 
V.  Elmkr  Xavor,  b.  Jan.  2, 1806.  m.  1888,  Ella  Isbam,  dau.  of  Aaron 
Isham,  of  Concord,  Yt.  Lives  in  Plymouth.  Farmer  and  dairy- 
man. Three  children :  (1)  Kenneth  E.,  b.  Feb.  2, 1892.  d.  Jan.  7, 
1893.  (2)  Bertha  E.,  b.  Jan.  23,  1896.  (3)  Hazel,  b.  July  16, 

yi.    Cora  M.,  b.  Feb.  18, 1870.    m.  George  Gay,  of  New  London,  Conn. 

5.  Herman  William  Clay,  son  of  Jonathan  L.^,  b.  June  4, 1852. 
He  was  a  glove  cutter  in  Plymouth  and  Littleton  several  years.  In 
1885  he  purchased  the  homestead  farm,  and  has  made  a  specialty  of 
dairying.  He  m.  Sept  24,  1874,  Addie  Mahala  Choate,  b.  Enfield, 
Dec.  16, 1853,  dau.  of  Moses  and  Hannah  C.  (Martin)  Chpate.  Four 
children  b.  Plymouth.     Removed  to  Bristol,  1901. 

i.  Stella  Malana,  b.  Oct.  1, 1876.    Teacher  in  Plymouih. 

ii.  LuoiEN  TuADDBUS,  b.  July  27,  1879. 

iU.  Hklbn  Zoe,  b.  April  11,  1881.    Teacher, 

iv.  Bbrmiok  Muriel,  b.  Deo.  4,  1889. 


1.  Samubl  Cleaybland,  of  Scotch  origin,  was  the  first  male  child 
b.  in  Barnston,  P.  Q.  Was  a  farmer  res.  in  Coaticook  and  Sher- 
brook,  P.  Q.    He  m.  Mary  Blake. 

2.  Joseph  Cleaybland,  son  of  Samuel  ^,  b.  Barnston,  P.  Q.  m. 
Laura  A.  Fellows,  dau.  of  Calvin  P.  and  Mary  Jane  (Worthen) 
Fellows  (see).  Both  are  graduates  of  New  Hampton  Institute.  He 
has  been  a  lawyer  many  years  in  Lawrence,  Mass.,  res.  in 

3.  Willis  Milton  Cleaybland,  b.  Lawrence,  Mass.,  Jan.  15, 1866. 
Grad.  Lawrence  High  School ;  read  law  with  his  father  two  years,  but 
giving  new  dii'ection  to  his  life  work,  he  was  one  year  in  theological 
department,  Boston  University,  and  pursued  a  full  course  at  Hartfoid 
Theological  Seminary.  Grad.  1891.  He  was  pastor  of  a  Congi*egational 
church,  Bolton,  Conn.^  four  yeai*s,  and  after  preaching  in  other  towns 
in  Connecticut,  he  joined  the  New  York  East  Conf.  M.  E.  Church. 
Stationed  Waterbury,  Conn.,  St  Paul's,  1893 ;  Thoinaston,  Conn., 
1894 ;  Bloomfield,  Conn.,  1895 ;  without  appointment  and  supplying 


at  East  Kingston,  1896.  From  the  New  Hampshire  Conference  he 
has  received  appointments.  Centre  Sandwich,  1897-1898  ;  Plymouth, 
1899-1901 ;  Winchester  and  Westport,  1902-1903.  He  has  been  a 
member  of  the  Board  of  Examiners  N.  H.  Conference  M.  E.  Church. 
While  a  resident  of  this  town  he  was  an  interested  anU  useful  member 
of  the  Town  History  Committee.  He  m.  June  2,  1890,  Ida  Maude 
Robinson,  b.  Boston,  Mass.,  Oct.  9,  1868,  dau.  of  Alphonso  and  Sarah 
Catharine  (Lowry)  Robinson. 

1.     Ida  Maudr,  b.  Bolton,  Conn.,  March  19,  1891. 
ii.     Willis  Milton,  b.  Harwinton,  Conn.,  April  29, 1892. 
ill.    Cbcil  John,  b.  Thomaston,  Conn.,  Sept.  10,  1894.    d.  August  25, 

iy.    Grorgb  Julius,  b.  Salem,  April  21,  1896. 

▼.    Kbttib  Russbll,  b.  Plymouth,  Jan.  30, 1902. 


1.  Gfx)KGE  Clifford,  from  parish  of  Arnold,  Nottingham  Co., 
England.  Settled  in  Boston,  Mass.,  1644.  He  was  a  member  of  the 
Ancient  and  Honorable  Artillery  Company,  and  late  in  life  removed  to 

2.  John  Clifford,  son  of  George',  b.  England,  1614.  Was  in 
Salisbury,  Mass.,  1639  or  1640,  and  was  a  grantee  in  the  first 
division.  He  sold  his  house  lot,  March  1,  1641/2,  and  removed  to 
Hampton.  His  first  wife,  the  mother  of  five  children,  was  Sarah.  He 
ni.  second,  Sept  28,  1658,  Elizabeth  Kichardson,  the  mother  of  four 
children.  She  d.  Dec.  1,  1667.  He  m.  third,  Feb.  6,  1672,  Bridget 
Huggins,  widow  of  John  Huggins,  of  Hampton.  Had.  Oct  17, 1694, 
"  aged  80  years." 

3.  Israel  Clifford,  son  of  John^  and  Sarah  Clifford,  b.  Hampton, 
about  1647.  m.  March  15,  1680,  Ann  Smith.  He  lived  in  Hampton. 
He  probably  had  a  son  Israel,  not  named  in  Dow's  "  Hampton."  (See 
State  Papers,  Vol.  III.)  His  son  Isaac  settled  in  Rumney.  Nathan 
Clifford,  LLD.,  was  a  descendant 

4.  Samuel  Clifford,  son  of  Israel  ^  b.  Hampton,  March  28, 1689, 
m.  Feb.  28, 1712,  Sarah  Dow,  b.  May  22,  1691,  dau.  of  Dea.  Samuel 
and  Abigail  (Hobbs)  Dow,  of  Hampton.  He  lived  in  Hampton  and 
in  Kensington.    He  d.  in  Kensington,  March  2,  1763. 

5.  Samuel  Clifford,  son  of  Samuel*,  b.  Hampton,  Nov.  9, 1716. 
m.  Jan.  17, 1738,  Elizabeth  Gove,  b.  Seabrook,  Nov.  12, 1719,  dau.  of 


Edward  and  Bethia  (Clark)  Gove.    She  d.  Kensington,  Feb.  6,  1778. 
He  d.  Kensington,  March  2, 1791. 

6.  Samubl  Clifford,  son  of  Samuel^  b.  Sept  3,  1756.  m.  June 
19, 1777,  Mehitable  Weare.  He  was  a  soldier  in  the  Revolution.  He 
lived  many  years  in  Kingston,  where  he  d.  Dec.  12, 1812. 

7.  Simon  Clifford,  son  of  Samuel  ^  b.  Kensington,  March  22, 
1778.    m.  1798,  Betsey  Brown,  and  d.  in  Kensington,  Oct.  8, 1812. 

8.  Melinda  Clifford,  dau.  of  Simon  ^  b.  Oct.  22,  1799.  m. 
Joseph  Fifield  (see). 


1.  John  Clifford,  removed  from  Rockingham  Co.  and  settled 
in  Dorchester,  where  he  d.  He  m,  Mary  Worthen,  dau.  of  Thomas 
Worthen,  of  Chester.  The  records  furnished  of  this  family  are 
singularly  free  from  dates.    He  had  eleven  children. 

2.  i.    David. 

ii.    Jonathan.     Probably  never  lived  in  Plymoiith.     He  m. 

Pierce,  of  Bamet,  Yt.,  and  had  William,  Luther,  John,  Isaac, 
Anne,  Sally,  Polly,  Amy,  Esther, 
iii.    Peter,    m.    Hannah   Edwards,    of   Salisbury,    Mass.,    and    had 

Ebenezer  and  Caroline, 
iv.    Jo8Bi*H.    m.  Sept.  17,  1707,  Polly  Wells,  dan.  of  Paul  Wells  (see). 
He  was  taxed  in  Plymouth,  1797-1800.    Tliey  removed  to  Dan- 
ville, Yt.    She  d.,  leaving  nine  children ;  he  m.  again,  and  bothered 
the  census  enumerator  with  ten  more  children. 
y.    John.     Lived  in  South  Hampton,    unm. 
8.    vi.    Thomas,  b.  1773. 

yii.    Benjamin.    Removed  from  Dorchester  to  South  Hampton,    m. 
Nancy  Currier,  of  South  Hampton.    Ten    children:    Stewart, 
Hiram,  Phila,  Harrison,  Wyer,  Frank,  Cyrene,  Anna,  Sally,  Mary, 
viii.    Polly,    m.  James  Davis,  and  lived  in  Dorchester.    Twelve  chil- 
dren:   John,   James,    Connor,  Isaac,    Benjamin,  Polly,  Lydia, 
Cynthia,  Ann,  Nancy,  Almira,  Electa, 
ix.    Ltdia.    m.  in  Plymouth,  1802,  Jesse  Taylor  (see). 
X.    Dorothy,    ro.  Noah  Phillips  (see). 

XL  Cynthia,  m.  Samuel  Badger,  and  removed  to  Greensboro',  Vt 
Nine  children  :  Hiram,  John,  Joseph,  Benjamin,  Philip,  Willard, 
Louisa,  Laura,  Cynthia. 

2.  David  Clifford,  son  of  John  \  m.  in  Plymouth,  June  28, 1787, 
Abigail  Bideout,  by  tradition  a  sister  of  John  Bideout  (see).  He 
lived  in  Bumney  and  in  Dorchester.    They  had  David,  Ephraim, 


Benjamin,  who  is  named  hereafter,  Abigail,  Dorothy,  and  Sarah,  who 
m.  Stephen  Glynn  (see). 

3.  Thomas  Clifford,  son  of  John  \  b.  1773.  m.  Sally  Fitts,  of 
South  Hampton,  and  settled  in  Dorchester,  where  seven  children  were 
born,  and  where  his  wife  d.  1810.  He  m.  second,  Oct.,  1811,  Betsey 
(Keyes)  West,  dau.  of  Ephraim  Keyes  (see),  and  widow  of  Nason 
West  (see).  He  removed  to  Plymouth,  1811.  His  second  wife  d.  in 
Plymouth,  1813,  leaving  three  children.  He  m.  third,  Nov.  3,  1822, 
Samh  Morse,  dau.  of  Samuel  Morse  (see),  and  seven  names  were  added 
to  the  accumulating  roll  of  his  surviving  children.  He  was  the  father 
of  twenty-three  children,  six  dying  in  infancy.  His  third  wife  d. 
April  8,  1833.  He  m.  fourth,  Susannah  G.  (Seavey)  Cilley,  widow 
of  Job  Cilley  (see),  and  removed  from  Plymouth  to  Hebron,  where  he 
d.  July  1,  1840.  He  was  killed  by  a  falling  tree.  His  widow  d. 
March  23,  1878.  Of  their  children,  Jonathan  has  lived  in  Plymouth, 
and  is  named  hereafter. 

4.  Benjamin  Clifford,  son  of  David'  and  Abigail  (Eideout^ 
Clifford,  b.  Dorchester,  1794  m.  1823,  Charlotte  Burnham,  and  d.  in 
Ilumney,  Jan.  1, 1859. 

6.  Thomas  Patch  Clifford,  son  of  Benjamin  ^  b.  April  28, 1825, 
was  a  well-remembered  and  trustod  engineer,  B.,  C.  &  M.  E.R. 
He  lived  a  few  years  in  Warren,  and  after  1853  in  Plymouth.  He 
m.  Dec.  22, 1850,  Eunice  Marsh  Woodman,  b.  New  Hampton,  Oct. 
6,  1828,  dau.  of  Stephen  Mead  and  Judith  (Marsh)  Woodman.  He 
d.  April  30, 1882.    Mrs.  Clifford  occupies  the  homestead.    One  child. 

i.     Fred  Augustus,  b.  Sept.  4,  1852.    m.  Oct  16,  1874,  Jennie  A. 
Libbey.    He  is  an  engineer,  B.  &  M.  R.R. ;  res.  in  Conoord. 

6.  Jonathan  Clifford,  son  of  Thomas  and  Sally  (Fitts)  Clifford, 
m.  Dec.  19,  1832,  Alice  Spalding,  dau.  of  Jonathan  and  Alice  (Kidder) 
Spalding,  and  a  step-dau.  of  Simeon  Blodgett  (see).  He  removed  to 
riymouth,  1825.  He  d.  April  29, 1843.  His  death  was  the  result 
of  a  fall  from  the  scaffold  in  tlie  barn  of  King  George. 

i.    CnAiiLOTTR  Ann. 
ii.    Sarah  £lizabrth. 
iii.    Charles  H.    Res.  in  Plymouth,  1904. 


1.  CiiASE  Clifford,  and  wife,  Mary,  res.,  a  farmer,  in  New  Hamp- 
ton.    He  had  four  children,  but  no  dates  of  births  are  at  hand. 

184  OLIFFOBD  —  OOBB. 

2.  Chasb  Fuller  Cuffokd,  son  of  Chase  ^  b.  New  Hampton,  1811. 
m.  Hannah  Spiller,  b.  Bridgewater,  1816,  dau.  of  Benjamin  and  Sarah 
(Wilder)  Spiller.  He  lived  in  Bridgewater,  and  after  1851  in  Ply- 
mouth, where  ho  d.  Jan.  28, 1882.  His  widow  d.  Feb.  1,  1897.  Five 
children  b.  Bridgewater  and  two  b.  Plymouth. 

i.  Mart,  b.  July  17,  1885.  m.  Martin  Hansoom.  He  was  taxed  id 
Plymouth,  1852  aud  1858.    A  son,  George,  res.  Campton. 

ii.    Emblinb,  b.  Jan.  28,  1838.    m.  Simeon  Marsh  Walker  (see). 

iii.    Almira  Hinds,  b.  July  11, 1841.    m.  Martin  V.  B.  Paige  (see). 

iv.  Laura,  b.  June  11,  1848.  m.  Eugene  S.  Bailey,  son  of  Geo.  W. 
Bailey  (see),  aud  res.  in  Plymouth  until  1884.  Removed  to  Cali- 
fornia.    She  m.  second,  Theodore  H.  Klages. 

▼.    Hammah  M.,  b.  1840.    unm.    d.  Jan.  17, 1871. 

yi.    Frank  Lbrot,  b.  1862 ;  res.  Buffalo,  N.  T. 

yii.  Jambs  Buchanan,  b.  July  17,  1856.  Is  a  farmer  and  stone-masoo 
of  Plymouth,  m.  April  20,  1881,  Sarah  Raycroft;  m.  second, 
June  10, 1801,  Lorinda  A.  (Ham)  White,  b.  Antwerp,  N.  T.,  Jan. 
28, 1838,  dau.  of  John  Ham.    One  son :  (1)  Henry  Page,  b.  1888. 


1.  CoMMODOBB  W.  Clifford,  son  of  A.  and  Susan  (Boynton) 
Clifford,  b.  Cabot,  Vt.,  1845.  m.  Angeline  L  Barry.  He  lived  in 
Haverhill  until  1879,  when  he  removed  to  Plymouth.  His  wife  d. 
Nov.  16, 1894.    He  served  in  1st  Vt.  Cavalry,  1861-1865. 

i.  Carbib  Irbnb,  b.  June  10,  1866.  m.  Feb.  26,  1800,  Alonzo  M. 
Haines,  son  of  Henrj  M.  aud  Paulina  (Jones)  Haines,  of  Waltham. 
She  d.  May  0, 1890. 

ii.  Anna  Laubib,  b.  July  13,  1870.  Plymouth  High  School,  1887.  m. 
Orrie  L.  Dayidson  (see). 

iii.  Jbambttb  Lute,  b.  April  15, 1874.  Plymouth  High  School,  1801. 
State  Normal  School,  1898.  m.  June  15,  1898,  John  Colby 
Marshall.  They  res.  in  Colebrook.  Two  children :  (1)  Ilortense 
Barry,  b.  March  8,  1899.    (2)  Jeanette  Gihnan,  b.  July  18,  1901. 


1.  AuousTiNB  CODB  was  of  Taunton,  Mass.,  1669,  and  August 
13,  1679,  he  bought  lands  of  John  Cobb,  a  relative,  and  one  of  the 
proprietors  of  Taunton.  The  Oakland  Cemetery  now  occupies  a  part 
of  his  farm. 

2.  Samuel  Cobb,  one  of  the  six  children  of  Augustine  ^  b.  Taunton, 
Nov.  9,  1675,  was  a  farmer.    By  wife  Lydia  he  had  eight  children. 

3.  Nathan  Cobb,  son  of  Samuel*,  m.  Esther  Dryar,  dau.  of 
William  Dryar,  of  Rehoboth.    He  was  a  soldier,  1758. 

COBB  —  OOOHBAN.  186 

4.  Nathan  Cobb,  son  of  Nathan  •,  b.  Taunton,  Nov.  13, 1737.  m. 
1760,  Abigail  Shores,  dau.  of  Benjamin  Shores.  He  was  an  anchor- 
smith.     He  d.  Taunton,  Feb.  16, 1823.    She  d.  1833. 

6.  Jonathan  Cobb,  son  of  Nathan  *,  b.  Attleboro,  Mass.,  March  7, 
1770.  m.  Nov.  29, 17—,  Sybel  Holmes,  b.  March  28,  1780,  dau.  of 
William  and  Sybel  (Smith)  Holmes.  He  was  landlord  of  "Cobb's 
Tavern,"  in  Sharon,  Mass.,  and  postmaster.    He  d.  July  16, 1845. 

6.  Jonathan  Holmes  Cobb,  son  of  Jonathan  ^  b.  Sharon,  July  8, 
1799 ;  Harvard  University,  1817.  He  m.  in  Roxbury,  Sept  26, 1822, 
Sophia  Doggett,  dau.  of  John  Doggett,  of  Boston.  He  was  a  lawyer, 
res.  in  Dedham,  and  was  a  register  of  probate,  Norfolk  Co.  He  d. 
March  12,  1892. 

7.  WiLUAM  AusTiH  CoBB,  SOU  of  Jonathan  Holmes  ^  b.  Dedham, 
August  4,  1845.  He  was  a  clerk  in  the  general  office  of  B.,  C.  &  M. 
RR,  at  Plymouth,  and  later  freight  agent  of  the  B.  &  M.  RR  at 
Woodsville.  He  res.  in  Plymouth,  with  brief  absences  when  trans- 
feiTcd  to  other  offices,  from  1872  to  1886.  He  was  register  of  deeds 
Grafton  Co.,  1885  to  1889.  He  m.  Nov.  2. 1879,  Anna  T.  Sullivan,  h 
London,  England,  Jan.  4, 1861.  She  d.  Haverhill,  Jan.  5, 1887.  He 
ni.  second,  Sept  24,  1889,  Mary  Elvira  Rollins,  b.  March  5, 1859, 
dau.  of  Henry  G.  and  Harriet  (Waddell)  Rollins,  of  Newbury,  Vt 

i.    William  Holmrs,  b.  Plymouth,  Aagost  17, 1880 ;  telegraph  opera- 
tor, Bound  Brook,  N.  J. 
it.    Jambs  Harold,  b.  Plymouth,  March  10, 1882. 
ill.    Sophia  Doggett,  b.  Plymouth,  Deo.  6, 1884.    Grad.  High  School, 

It.    Wendell  Rollins,  b.  Not.  1, 1800. 


1.  Dea.  John  Cochran,  ancestor  of  the  Pembroke  family,  lived 
in  Londonderry.  Two  of  his  sons  settled  in  Pembroke,  and  some  of 
their  descendants  have  written  the  name  Cofmn.  There  were  other 
families  of  Cochran  in  Londonderry. 

2.  John  Cochran,  son  of  Dea.  John,  b.  in  or  near  Londonderry, 
Ireland,  1711 ;  came  to  Londonderry  probably  with  his  father.  He 
m.  June  18, 1731,  Mary  MacHard,  of  Haverhill,  Mass.  In  London- 
derry records  her  name  is  recorded  Mary  Machard.  He  was  an  early 
settler  in  Pembroke,  and  there  built  and  operated  a  sawmill  and  a 
grist  mill.    He  m.  second,  Mai^aret  Owen.    He  d.  July  22, 1799. 

186  OOCHRAN. 

3.  Robert  Cochban,  son  of  John  «,  b.  Pembroke,  about  1745.  m. 
Anna  Brown,  and  d.  in  Pembroke  soon  after  marriage.  She  m.  second, 
James  Knox,  b.  May  11,  1748,  son  of  William  and  Mary  Ann 
(McNeal)  Enox,  of  Pembroke. 

4.  Joseph  Cochban,  son  of  Bobert*,  b.  Pembroke,  1772.  ni. 
Margaret  (Dickey)  Ham.  He  d.  Nov.  19,  1843.  She  d.  July  10, 

i.    Ann  Brown,  b.  Jaly  6, 1804.    unm.  d.  Plymouth,  Jane  0, 1878. 
6.    il    RoBEET,  b.  July  6, 1806. 
6.  iii.    Jambs,  b.  March  6, 1810. 

6.  EoBERT  Cochran,  son  of  Joseph*,  b.  July  6, 1806.  m.  Nov. 
24, 1831,  Harriet  Gill,  dau.  of  William  Gill  (see).  He  was  a  fanner 
of  Plymouth,  living  on  the  turnpike  near  the  schoolhouse.  He  was 
a  selectman,  1842, 1843,  1845, 1846, 1851  and  1852.  His  wife  d. 
Jan.  31, 1866.  He  m.  second,  Feb.  12, 1867,  Elizabeth  Bartlett,  dau. 
of  Sargent  Bartlett  (see).  He  d.  April  15,  1878.  His  widow  d. 
Nov.  23, 1886.     Six  children : 

i.    Mary  Ann,  b.  June  28, 1883.   d.  July  19, 1850. 

7.  ii.    JosKPH  A.,  b.  March  10,  1835. 

iii.    Susan  6.,  b.  Oct.  80, 1836.    m.  Timothy  Eastman  Bayley  (see). 

iv.  William  O.,  b.  August  20, 1838.  m.  Feb.  8, 1870,  Annette  Burr. 
He  lives  in  Kansas  City,  Mo. ;  fruit  merchant.  (1)  Robert  Burr, 
b.  May  2,  1873.  m.  Nov.  28,  1894,  Willie  Ella  Sargent ;  res. 
Kansas  City.  (2)  Delphiua  Hudson,  b.  Nov.  5,  1874.  m.  Nov. 
28,  1804,  Frederic  Allen  Lamb  ;  res.  Kansas  City.  (3)  Luman 
Harrison,  b.  Nov.  12, 1878.    m.  Jan.  3,  1000,  Tlielma  B.  Obbon. 

y.  Harrison  Mardkn,  b.  March  17, 1841.  unm.  d.  Plymouth,  May 
26, 1877. 

vi.    Eliza  G.,  b.  Feb.  2, 1843.    m.  Samuel  Monroe  Morse  (see). 

6.  Jambs  Cochran,  son  of  Joseph*,  b.  March  6, 1810.    m.  Sept, 

1834,  Betsey  R  Craig,  of  Rumney.  He  was  a  fanner  and  a  brick 
mason  of  Plymouth.  He  was  representative,  1849-1850,  and  a  select- 
man, 1853.  He  d.  in  Plymouth,  Dec.  22,  1868.  She  d.  Nov.  23, 

i.  George  Wabhimotom,  b.  1836.  unm.  d.  Plymouth,  March  13, 

7.  Joseph  A.  Cochran,  son  of  Robert*,  b.  Plymouth,  March  10, 

1835.  m.  Sept.  4,  1861,  Elizabeth  Higgins  Rounds,  dau.  of  Gerry 
and  Sophronia  (Davis)  Rounds.    She  d.  Feb.  4, 1877.    He  m.  second, 


May  30,  1878,  Edna  Anna  Bean,  b.  Jan.  27,  1844,  dau.  of  John  C. 
and  Glimenia  (Burleigh)  Bean.  He  res.  in  Concord,  and  was  city 
clerk  of  that  city  from  1879  to  1903. 

i.    Helen  Harriet,  b.  April  15, 1866.  d.  in  Concord,  May  8, 1804. 
ii.    Alice  Gerrt,  b.  March  81, 1860. 


1.  Edward  Coffey,  son  of  Jeremiah  Coffey,  b.  county  of  Cork, 
Ireland,  Dea  17,  1830 ;  came  to  America,  1852.  He  m.  Jan.  11, 
1860,  Hannah  Corcoran,  b.  August  12, 1836,  dau.  of  Patrick  and  Ellen 
(O'Connell)  Corcoran.  They  res.  in  Boston  a  few  years,  removing 
to  Plymouth,  1859.  His  industry  has  been  rewarded,  and  by  good 
citizenship  he  has  earned  the  respect  of  his  townsmen.  Seven 

i.  Jeremiah,  b.  July  8,  1861.  num.  Res.  in  Plymouth  until  1890, 
and  is  now  a  machinist  in  Baltimore,  Md. 

ii.  John,  b.  Dec.  8, 1862 ;  was  a  bookkeeper  in  railroad  office.  He  d. 
June  4, 1884. 

iii.  Edward,  b.  April  20, 1864.  nnm.  Lived  in  Plymouth  until  1800, 
when  he  removed  to  Boston.    lie  is  a  machinist,  B.  k  M.  R.R. 

iv.  William  R.,  b.  May  28, 1866.  unm.  A  conductor  B.  k  M.  R.R. ; 
res.  in  Plymouth. 

V.  Mary,  b.  May  20,  1868 ;  Plymouth  High  School,  1886 ;  State  Nor- 
mal School,  1887  ;  Sister  M.  De  La  Salle,  Convent  of  Mercy, 

vi.     Dennis  Nodle,  b.  Oct.  18, 1871.  d.  June  27, 1876. 
vii.    Annie  E.,  b.  May  19, 1876.    m.  Herbert  E.  Jones  (see). 


1.  Lbonard  Colburn,  son  of  Eleazer  and  Mary  (Kimball)  Col- 
burn,  b.  Hanover,  Jan.  17,  1828.  m.  Anna  Cochran.  He  enlisted, 
Sept  6, 1864,  Co.  H,  1st  N.  H.  H.  A.,  and  was  mustered  out  June  15, 
1865.  He  lived  in  Orford  and  Laconia,  removing  to  Plymouth,  1881, 
where  he  d.  Nov.  4, 1899.   His  wife  d.  while  he  was  living  in  Laconia. 

i.  Charles  Henry,  b.  Orford,  June  9, 1863.  m.  second,  August  1, 
1900,  Alice  Marion  Savage,  b.  Marlborough,  April  8, 1868,  dau.  of 
George  and  Isabclle  (Morton)  Savage.  He  is  section  foreman 
B.  &  M.  R.R.,  and  has  res.  in  Plymouth  since  1896.  Four  ohil* 
dren :  (1)  I^onard  Charles,  b.  Feb.  18, 1887.  (2)  Henry  Willard, 
b.  Sept.,  1890.  (3)  Marion  Addie,  b.  March  10, 1901.  (4)  George 
Savage,  b.  Sept  8, 1902. 

188  OOLBUBN  —  0OLB7. 

iL  Frank  Enos,  b.  Orford,  June  16, 18M.  m.  Deo.  25, 1895,  Laura 
(Straw)  Elliot,  of  Thornton.  He  remoyed  to  Plymouth,  1898. 
(1)  Clara  Maude  Elliot,  b.  AprU  11, 1800. 
iii.  Ezra  Lkonaui>,  b.  Sept  7,  1860.  ro.  April  28,  1806,  Ella  M. 
Swain;  res.  Laconia.  (1)  Gertrude  Ruth.  (2)  Mara  Uixford, 
b.  July  6,  1889. 


1.  Anthony  Colby,  the  emigrant  ancestor,  was  a  planter  of  Ames- 
bury  and  Salisbury.  He  was  granted  land,  1640,  1643,  1654,  and 
1658.  He  d.  Feb.  11,  1660/1.  His  widow,  Susanna,  m.  second, 
William  Whittridge,  and  d.  July  8, 1669.  Anthony  and  Susanna  Colby 
had  eight  children. 

&  Thomas  Colby,  youngest  son  of  Anthony  ^  b.  March  8, 1650/1. 
m.  Sept.  16,  1674,  Hannah  Rowell,  b.  Jan.,  1653,  dau.  of  Valentine 
and  Joanna  (Pindor)  Bowell,  of  Salisbury.  Freeman,  1677.  d.  Ames- 
bury,  1690  or  1691.    His  widow  m.  second,  Henry  Blaisdell. 

3.  Thomas  Colby,  eldest  son  of  Thomas  *,  b.  July  1,  1675.    He 

was  "a  snowshoe  man,"  1708.     He    m.   Frances .    He    d. 

June  4,  1741.    One  of  his  sons  was  Willebee,  a  name  which  occurs, 
spelled  Willaby,  in  several  New  Hampshire  families. 

4.  Abraham  Colby,  son  of  Thomas  ^  b.  probably  1720.  m.  March 
23,  1742,  Elizabeth  Blaisdell,  b.  about  1722,  dau.  of  Jonathan  and 
Hannah  (Jameson)  Blaisdell,  of  Amesbury.  With  their  eight  children 
b.hi  Amesbury,  Mass.,  the  family  removed  to  Bow,  1768,  where  his 
five  sons  res.  In  the  register  of  the  family  by  Harrison  Colby, 
published  1894,  nine  children  are  named.  It  is  reasonably  certain 
that  Sarah,  b.  Jan.  27, 1739,  was  not  a  child  of  this  Abraham.  He  d. 
in  Bow,  1809. 

5.  Thomas  Colby,  son  of  Abmham  ^  b.  Amesbury,  Mass.,  June  22, 
1756,  and  was  twelve  years  old  when  the  family  settled  in  Bow.  He 
m.  1775,  Susannah  Colby,  b.  June  4,  1749,  dau.  of  Moses  Colby,  of 
Dunbarton.  He  was  a  soldier  in  the  Bevolutiou  and  a  pensioner. 
He  d.  Bow,  Dec.  25, 1848.     She  d.  Dec.  14,  1832. 

6.  Abraham  Colby,  son  of  Thomas*,  b.  Sept.  22, 1784.  m.  July 
9, 1807,  Debomh  Austin.    He  lived  in  Concord. 

7.  Leonard  Colby,  son  of  Abmham*,  b.  Concord,  July  10, 1811. 
m.  Jan.  21,  1840,  Sarah  B.  Baud,  b.  May  15,  1814.  He  lived  in 
Pembroke.    He  d.  in  Plymouth,  Jan.  22,  1888. 

COLBY  —  COLCOBD.  189 

8.  Qborob  Henbt  Colby,  sou  of  Leonard  ^b.  Pembroke,  April  15, 
1841.  MancLester  High  School,  1859.  He  devoted  the  years  of  his 
life  to  railroad  employment  After  a  res.  of  a  few  years  in  Bethlehem, 
he  came  to  Plymouth,  1881,  and  was  a  capable  station  and  freight 
agent  in  this  town  over  twenty  years.  He  was  a  civilian  clerk, 
quartermaster's  department,  Army  of  the  James,  1863-1865,  and  was 
a  captain  in  N.  H.  N.  G.  many  years.  In  the  Spanish  War  he  was 
the  quartermaster  of  the  Ist  N.  H.  Uegiment  He  was  a  repre- 
sentative, 1891  and  1893.  He  d.  in  Plymouth,  Feb.  6, 1903.  (See 
Vol.  I.)  Mr.  Colby  m.  Nov.  29, 1860,  Ellen  M.  Hadley,  of  Milford, 
who  d.  in  Littleton,  March  20,  1878.  He  m.  second.  Lulu  Etta  Mit- 
chell, b.  Campton,  August  16, 1864,  dau.  of  Frederic  A.  and  Lucretia 
M.  (Strong)  Mitchell 

i.  Leonard  Thomas  Pibrck,  b.  Dec.  9, 1861.  m.  June  80, 1888,  EUa 
M.  (Tucker)  Hodson,  b.  June  80,  1850,  dau.  of  Dexter  P.  and 
^lehitable  Brackett  (Sanborn)  Tucker,  of  Loudon  ;  divorced. 
He  lives  lu  Seattle,  Wash. 

ii.  Sarah  G.  F.,  b.  Oct.  81, 1868.  m.  Jan.  28, 1008,  Elisha  Peterson,  b. 
1858,  son  of  Elisha  and  Anne  (Glover)  Peterson,  of  Duxbory, 
Mass.  lie  is  an  undertaker, 
ill.  Claremor  Grorob,  b.  June  6, 1877. «  Plymouth  High  School,  1807, 
m.  Dec.  8,  1002,  Edith  Daisy  Weeks,  dau.  of  Henry  M.  and  Viola 
(Tenney)  Weeks,  of  Concord.  He  was  a  clerk  at  railroad  station. 
Plymouth.    Res.  Concord. 

iv.    Susan  Lucrbtia,  b.  Plymouth,  May  27,  1887.  Plymouth  High 
School,  class  of  1005. 

▼.    Ruth  Frakcbs,  b.  Plymouth,  Jan.  18, 1802. 


1.  John  Coloord,  b.  Newmarket,  Dec  11, 1745.  m.  July  10, 1777, 
Helene  Carpenter.  He  was  a  ship  carpenter,  a  lieutenant  in  one  of  the 
Continental  regiments,  appointed  Nov.  8, 1776,  resigned  May  6, 1777. 
After  the  war  he  removed  to  Enfield,  where  he  d.  July  27, 1821. 

S.  Anthony  Carpenter  Colcord.  b.  Newmarket,  Dea  18,  1788. 
He  in.  Nov.  26,  1817,  Ruth  Aldrich,  b.  Lebanon,  August  2, 1792,  dau. 
of  Clark  and  Mary  (Hoyt)  Aldrich.  He  removed  from  Enfield  to 
Thornton,  where  he  lived  until  1863,  when  he  removed  to  Plymouth. 
He  d.  Oct  25,  1878.  She  d.  Nov.  23,  1876.  Five  children  b. 

i.  Edward  C,  b.  Dee.  11, 1818.  d.  a  student,  medical  dept,  Dartmouth 
College,  Sept.  14, 1848. 

140  COLGOBD  —  COLE. 

ii.    Mary  Hblbk,  b.  Feb.  1,  1821.    m.  March  13,  1848,  Benjamin 

H.  Poor,  of  Bethlehem.  She  d.  June  10,  1854. 
ui.  Betsey  Ann,  b.  Oct.  16, 1827.  d.  May  29, 1832. 
iy.    William  H.,b.AprU  20, 1880.    d.  May  9, 1832. 

y.    Betsey  A.,  b.  Noy.  28, 1832.    m.  Calvin  Clark  (see). 


1.  Bev.  Otis  Cole,  son  of  Joshua  and  Amanda  (Hinds).  Cole,  b. 
Stark,  Deo.  25, 1833.  A  faithful  minister  of  the  M.  E.  Church,  whose 
kindness  has  been  helpful  to  many  and  whose  sincerity  and  ability 
command  the  love  and  respect  of  all.  He  was  educated  in  the 
academies  of  Wilbraham  and  Westminster,  Mass.,  and  the  Biblical 
Institute  of  Concord,  now  the  School  of  Theology,  Boston  University. 
He  was  ordained  a  deacon  by  Bishop  Kingsbury,  1867,  and  an  elder  by 
Bishop  Clark  in  1867.  His  appointments  N.  H.  Conference  have  been : 
Henniker,  1865-1867  ;  Hudson,  1868-1870  ;  Lancaster,  1871-1873; 
Plymouth,  1874.  Tennessee  Conference :  Central  Tennessee  College 
and  Nashville,  Ct.,  1875-1876.  New  Hampshire  Conference :  super- 
annuate, 1877  1878;  supernumerary,  1879;  acting  pastor,  Cong, 
church,  Paxton,  Mass.,  1878-1879  ;  South  Newmarket,  1880-1881 ; 
Suncook,  1882-1884;  Haverhill,  Mass.,  Wesley  Church,  1885-1886; 
Bristol,  1887-1890 ;  Portsmouth,  1891-1895  ;  supernumerary,  acting 
pastor,  Cong,  church,  Paxton,  Mass.,  1897-1898 ;  superannuated,  1901 
-1904.  Res.  Haverhill,  Mass.  He  m.  Sept  22,  1858,  Lucy  Jane 
Skinner,  b.  West  Cambridge,  now  Arlington,  Mass.,  Sept  26,  1838. 
Two  childi'en. 

i.  Harry  Jobhua,  b.  August  15,  1859.  m.  April  20,  1887,  Bessie 
riumer  Garland,  b.  Feb.  25,  1857.  She  d.  August  81,  1897. 
He  res.  Ilaverhill,  Mass.  Four  childreQ  (1)  Margaret  Frances,  b. 
March  8, 1888.  d.  June  29, 1805.  (2)  Arthur  Hariison,  b.  Nov.  21, 
1889.  (3)  Luella  Winnifred,  b.  April  1, 1898.  (4)  Ileleu  Fdith,  b. 
Feb.  8,  1896.    d.  July  18,  1896. 

iL    Mary  Helen,  b.  Nov.  12, 1860.    unm.    res.  with  her  brother. 


1.  Nathaniel  Colb,  date  of  birth  and  parentage  unknown,  m.  Dec. 
2, 1819,  Abigail  Flanders,  dau.  of  Oliver  (see).  He  d.  about  1825. 
She  m.  second  Samuel  Morse  (see).    Two  children,  b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.  Lyman,  b.  April  13, 1820.  ni.  Nov.  4, 1849,  Susannah  Tufte  (see 
Cilley  family).  He  removed  to  Bedford,  Mass.,  and  there  engaged 
in  the  business  of  a  tin  and  sheet  iron  worker.      (1)  Quincy 

COLB  —  CONDON  —  COOK,  141 

Saroner,  b.  June  8,  1855.     m.  May  21,  1884,  Alice  L.  Jackson, 
res.   Bedford,  Mass.     (2)   Harriet  Elizabeth,  b.  Not.  6,  1857. 
(3)  Charles  Lyman,  b.  Feb.  10,  1862.    d.  Dec  27, 1868.    (4)  Emma 
Rebecca,  b.  Feb.  10, 1862.    d.  Dec.  27, 1868. 
ii.    Ctntuia  Maria,  b.  Oct.  14, 1821.   d.  young. 

2.  Jacob  Cole,  m.  in  Plymouth,  Jan.  25, 1823,  Betsey  D.  Spenser. 
He  was  taxed  in  Plymouth,  1818-1824.  He  d.  August  22,  1824, 
aged  28. 

3.  John  A.  Cole,  m.  in  Plymouth,  March  26,  1826,  Mary  Byan, 
dau.  of  Isaac  Byan  (see).  He  never  lived  in  this  town.  He  was 
a  son  of  Isaac  and  Hannah  (Atwood)  Cole,  and  a  brother  of  Hon. 
Itenjaniin  J.  Cole,  of  lAkoi)ort. 


1.  Maurice  George  Condon,  son  of  Martin  and  Mary  (Gallinger) 
Condon,  b.  Jacatier,  near  Quebec,  P.  Q.,  1844  He  m.  Littleton,  Nov. 
13,  1869,  Catherine  Elizabeth  McDonough,  b.  Navan,  Ireland,  May 
11,  1846.  She  came  to  Quebec  in  her  girlhood  and  was  living  in 
Bath  at  tlie  time  of  her  marriage.  He  has  been  a  section-hand  on 
the  railroad  over  twenty  years,  and  has  lived  in  Plymouth  since  1880. 
Six  children. 

i.    Arthur  George,  b.  Gilford,  April  14, 1871.    d.  Feb.  11, 1876. 
ii.    Mary  Ellen,  b.  Gilford,  July  21, 1872.    d.  Oct  9, 1801. 
ill.    Margaret  Mart,  b.  Gilford,  Feb.  5, 1874.    Plymouth  High  School, 

1891.    Operator  W.  U.  at  Pemigewasset  House, 
iv.    George  Martin,  b.  Gilford,  Oct.  11,  1875,  d.  Oct.  11, 1887.    He 

was  killed  by  the  falling  of  a  flag-pole  on  Plymouth  Common. 
T.    Edward  William,  b.  Concord,  Oct.  16, 1879.    ro.  AdeliaD.  Quinn. 
vi.    Agnes  Catherine,  b.  Plymouth,  Feb.  19,  1883.    Plymouth  High 

School,  1901. 


1.  Samuel  Cook,  a  ship-builder,  and  vrife  Elizabeth  lived  several 
years  at  least  in  the  part  of  Newbuiy,  Mass.,  now  Newburyport  His 
descendants  have  been  more  numerous  in  Camptou  than  in  Plymouth, 
but  there  have  been  several  removals  to  Plymouth  and  so  many  inter- 
marriages with  Plymouth  families  that  a  register  of  the  family  is 

S.  Samuel  Cook,  son  of  Samuel  \  h.  Newbury,  August  12, 1720. 
m.  Feb.  18, 1745/6,  Judith  Bartlett,  b,  Oct  7, 1726,  dau.  of  Thomas 

142  COOK. 

and  Hannah  (Moody)  Bartlett  (see).  He  was  one  of  the  early 
settlers  of  Campton  where  he  d.  1790.  Judith,  his  wife,  d.  the  same 
week.  Their  eight  children  were :  (1)  Moody,  b.  Nov.  9, 1751 ;  (2) 
Ruth,  b.  April  1, 1753 ;  (3)  Thomas,  b.  August  8, 1756  ;  (4)  Sanniel 
b.  Nov.  29,  1758 ;  (5)  Cutting,  b.  March  4,  1761 ;  (6)  Eunice,  b. 
Sept.  28,  1762 ;  (7)  Ephraim,  b.  Sept  27,  1765 ;  (8)  Charles,  b. 
Sept.  14, 1768. 

3.  LiBUT.  Moody  Cook,  son  of  Samuel  *,  b.  Nov.  9, 1751,  settled  in 
the  western  part  of  Campton.  He  was  a  soldier  in  the  Bevolutiou. 
He  m.  Sarah  Elliot  She  d.  about  1800  and  he  m.  second,  July  4, 
1808,  Hannah  (Parker)  Worcester,  widow  of  Francis  Worcester 
(see).  She  d.  Jan.,  1815.  Eleven  children  by  first  and  one  by  secimd 
marriage  :  (1)  Thomas,  b.  May  27, 1779  ;  (2)  Judith,  b.  Jan.  2, 1781, 
m.  Giles  MerriU ;  (3)  Mehitable,  b.  Oct.  21, 1782  ;  (4)  Sally,  b.  Nov.  20, 
1784 ;  (5)  Moody,  b.  August  15, 1786  ;  (6)  Polly,  b.  August  31, 1788  ; 
(7)  Lydia,  b.  Oct.  18,  1791 ;  (8)  Edmund,  b.  Nov.  13,  1793 ;  (9) 
Abigail,  b.  May  23, 1795  ;  (10)  Alvin,  b.  Nov.  8, 1797;  (11)  Charles, 
b.  Dec.  24, 1799,  d.  Jan.  25, 1805 ;  (12)  Amanda  Elliot,  b.  June  4, 

4.  CuTTiNa  Cook,  son  of  Samuel',  b.  March  4, 1761.  m.  Jan.  17, 
1788,  Elizabeth  Merrill,  dau.  of  Jacob  and  Elizabeth  (Wyatt)  Merrill 
(see).  He  was  a  prosperous  farmer  in  Campton  where  he  d.  Nov.  27, 
1836.  She  d.  April  30, 1845.  Twelve  children:  (1)  Cutting,  b.  Oct 
7,  1788;  (2)  Betsey,  b.  May  9, 1790;  (3)  John,  b.  May  16,  1792; 

(4)  Hannah,  b.  Sept  18, 1793.  m.  Joseph  Clark  (see) ;  (5)  Samuel,  b. 
August  31, 1795  ;  (6)  Jemima,  b.  June  10, 1797  ;  (7)  Sally,  b.  March 
20,  1799 ;  (8)  Judith,  b.  April  30,  1801 ;  (9)  Mehitable,  b.  April  7, 
1803  ;  (10)  Zebedee,  b.  Nov.  16, 1806;  (11)  Lucinda.  b.  May  8, 1809 ; 
(12)  Lydia,  b.  April  12, 1810. 

5.  Ephraim  Cook,  son  of  Samuel  *,  b.  Sept  27, 1765.  m.  Jan.  27, 
1791,  Sarah  Menill,  dau.  of  Jacob  and  Elizabeth  (Wyatt)  Merrill 
(see).  She  d.  1814.  He  m.  second,  March,  1815,  Phebe  Russell.  He 
was  a  captain.  He  lived  in  Plymouth  from  1811  until  his  death  in 
the  year  1818.  Eleven  childi-en  by  first,  and  two  by  second  marriage. 
(1)  Edmund,  b.  Sept  8, 1791 ;  (2)  Moses,  b.  Sept  20, 1792.  m.  Betsey 
Butler ;  (3)  Daniel,  b.  Feb.  19,  1794 ;  (4)  Ephraim,  b.  Nov.  7, 1795 ; 

(5)  Jacob,  b.  May  28.  1797.  m.  Belief  Merrill,  dau.  of  Jacob  Merrill, 
Jr. ;  (6)  CoflSn,  b.  Feb.  5, 1799.  m.  Eebecca  Baker,  dau.  of  Hon.  Moses 
Baker,  of  Campton.   Their  son,  Corydon  W.,b.  August  6, 1820,  lives  in 

COOK.  148 

Campton.  (7)  Sally,  b.  March  6, 1802 ;  (8)  Lois,  b.  May  22,  1804; 
(9)  Charles,  b.  Nov.  28,  1806;  (10)  Gilman,  b.  April  14,  1808 ;  (11) 
George,  b.  Nov.  7,  1810;  (12)  Walter;  (13)  Almira. 

6.  Thomas  Cook,  son  of  Lieut.  Moody',  b.  May  27, 1779.  m.  Feb. 
27, 1803,  Betsey  George,  dau.  of  William  George  (see).  She  d.  June 
7,  1814.  He  ni.  second,  March  16,  1815,  Martha  Bartlett,  dau.  of 
Dea.  Ebenezer  Bartlett  (see).  He  d.  Campton,  Sept  28, 1857.  She  d. 
August  30, 1859. 

i.    Alvin,  b.  >Sept  4, 1804.    in.  Hannah  French ;  m.  second,  April  6, 

1848,  Catherine  Cook,  dau.  of  Edmund  Cook, 
ii.  Oilman,  b.  March  25, 1808.  d.  June  21, 1809. 
iii.    AnviLLA,  b.  Jan.  10,  1810.    m.  Deo.  10, 1884,  Henry  Spencer.    Re- 

moved  to  Dauvere,  Mass. 
iv.    Malvina,  b.  April  20, 1812.    d.  March  80, 1815. 

7.  ▼.     William  Georgr,  b.  June  6, 1816.    m.  Judith  Merrill. 
Ti.    Elizabkth,  b.  April  11.    d.  April  18, 1818. 

Til.    Jason,  b.  Nov.  28, 1819.    m.  Dec.  23, 1842,  Annette  Willey. 
▼iii.    Elizabeth  Groror,  b.  Sept  9,  1828.    m.  May  22,  1845,  Ozias 

ix.    Judith,  b.  March  28, 1825.    m.  Oct.  9,  1856,  Osmond  C.  Foss.    d. 

in  Plymouth,  March  8, 1894. 
X.    Malvina,  b.  July  80, 1830.    m.  Oct  80, 1856,  Charles  W.  Polsifer. 
xi.    Fanny  Hale,  b.  Oct  12, 1832.    d.  August  25, 1833. 

7.  William  George  Cook,  son  of  Thomas',  b.  June  6, 1816.  ni. 
June  3,  1842,  Judith  Merrill,  dau.  of  Giles  and  Mehitable  (Elliot) 
Merrill.  He  lived  in  Bumney  and  removed  to  Plymouth,  1869.  d. 
Plymouth,  Nov.  3, 1871. 

i.    Thomas.    Res.  Campton. 
ii.    Mrhitablk.    d.  Pged  15. 

iii.  George  Pukohard,  b.  July  27, 1845.  m.  Dec.  11,  1872,  Elizabeth 
Ellen  Page,  dau.  of  Moody  Page.  He  was  a  farmer,  a  deacon  of 
the  Cong,  church.  He  removed,  1890,  from  Plymouth  to  Rum- 
ney.  Four  children :  (1)  Emily  Eliza,  b.  April  12, 1876.  Grad. 
State  Normal  School,  1898.  Teacher.  (2)  Hetty  Ellen,  b.  July 
19,  1877.  Postmaster  Rumney  Depot  She  m.  Oct.  1,  1908, 
Edward  George  Sprague,  a  physician  of  Barre,  Vt.  (3)  WUliam 
George,  b.  July  25, 1879.  (4)  Jason  Osborne,  b.  Oct.  12,  1881. 
Student,  Brown  Univ. 

8.  Moody  Cook,  son  of  Moody',  b.  Campton,  August  15,  1786. 
He  was  a  colonel  and  prominent  in  the  social  and  business  affairs  of 
his  time.  He  m.  March  24, 1812,  Lucy  Eaton,  dau.  of  Daniel  Eaton 
(see).     He  d.  in  Campton,  May  16, 1855.    She  d.  March  1, 1869. 

144  COOK. 

L    Sarah  Ann,  b.  Feb.  17, 1816.    d.  young, 
ii.    Joseph,  b.  April  21, 1818.    m.  Eliza  A.  Kenrick,  dau.  of  Alexander, 

and  Eliza  (Barker)  Kenriok.    He  d.  Campton,  June  12, 1891. 
iii.    Danibl  Eaton,  b.  March  15, 1820.    d.  young, 
iy.    Sam ANTHA,  b.  Jan.  81, 1822.    m.  June  26, 1850,  ErastuB  Dole.    She 

d.  August  18, 1880.    He  m.  second,  Fbra  E.  Hoyt,  dau.  of  Dr. 

Peter  Hoyt,  of  Wentworth.    He  d.  August  2, 1002. 
y.    Hannah  Pabkbr,  b.  April  2, 1824.    d.  young, 
yi.    Lucy,  b.  August  8, 1826.    m.  May  8, 1852,  Moses  C.  Dole.    He  d. 

Noy.  9, 1903.    She  d.  Noy.  18, 1872.    He  m.  second,  Sarah  Eliza 

Blair  (see). 
yiL    Hannah  Parker,  b.  May  14, 1828.    m.  Jan.  1, 1852,  Thomas  S. 

yiii.    Almon  Hastinqb,  b.  July  17, 1830.   m.  Sept.  11, 1855,  Sarah  Maria 

Merrill,  dau.  of  Hardy  Merrill  (see).    He  was  a  farmer  in  Camp- 
ton.    He  d.  May  1, 1001. 
ix.    Daniel  Eaton,  b.  August  14, 1833.    unm.    d.  July  30, 1897. 
X.    Arthur  Beedb,  b.  Noy.  26, 1837.    m.  May  17,  1871,  Dora  B.  Foss. 

He  d.  August  20, 1903. 

9.  John  Cook,  son  of  Cutting  \  b.  Campton,  May  16, 1792.  m.  May 
20, 1819,  Hannah  Clark,  h.  April  10,  1796,  dau.  of  John  and  Mehita- 
ble  (Hutchins)  Clark  (see),  and  a  sister  of  Bev.  John  Clark.  He  was 
a  carpenter  and  bridge  builder,  and  a  prominent  citizen  of  Campton, 
where  he  d.  Dec  1,  1869.  She  d.  June  15, 1876.  They  had  nine 
children,  among  these  was  Rufus  Oook,  b.  March  18, 1826,  an  emi- 
nent civil  engineer,  who  res.  in  Plymouth,  1881-1886,  while  locating 
the  Femigewasset  Valley  R  B.  He  returned  to  Minneapolis,  Minn., 
where  he  d.  July  12, 1903.  He  m.  Ann  Dillingham,  who  d.  1863; 
m.  second,  Mary  H.  Flanders,  who  d.  1870. 

10.  Alfkbd  Cook,  son  of  John^  b.  March  13, 1835.  m.  March  24, 
1863,  Hannah  Boynton,  b.  Thoniton,  May  17, 1839,  dau.  of  David  and 
Mary  0.  Boynton.  He  removed  from  Campton  to  Plymouth,  1871. 
He  is  a  farmer,  and  a  civil  engineer,  and  an  intelligent,  useful  citizen. 
He  is  a  deacon  of  the  Cong,  church  and  has  served  the  town  as  a 
selectman  several  years.    Seven  children. 

i.    Charles  Alfred,  b.  Feb.  21, 1864.    unm. 
ii.    Herbert  Moody,  b.  Sept.  26,  1867.    d.  March  15, 1885. 
iii.    John  Milton,  b.  Feb.  9, 1870.    d.  Oct.  7,  1871. 
iy.    Mary  Hannah,  b.  Sept.  21,  1872.    Plymouth  High  School, 
SUte  Normal  School,  1891. 
^      Y.    Alice  Elvira,  b.  July  24, 1875.    Plymouth  High  School,  1891 

COOK  —  CORLISS.  146 

vi.    John  Howard,  b.  May  20,  1877.    Plymonth  High  School,  1892. 
yii.    Flora  Annie,  b.  Jane  21,  1882.    Plymonth  High  School,  1900. 
State  Normal  School,  1902. 

11.  Epuraim  Cook,  son  of  Ephraira  *,  b.  Nov.  7, 1795.  m.  Jan.  25, 
1816,  Hannah  Dearborn,  dau.  of  Michael  Dearborn  (see).  She  d. 
Oct.  4, 1827.  He  m.  second,  May  15,  1828,  Sarah  Bartlett,  dau.  of 
Dea.  Ebenezer  Bartlett  (see),  who  d.  March  9,  1862.  He  m.  third, 
Mrs.  Stanyan,  and  removed  from  Campton  to  Wentworth,  where  be  d. 
April  10, 1884. 

12.  i.    Frrrman,  b.  May  2, 1816. 

ii.    Danirl,  b.  March  8,  1818.    d.  Jan.  27,  1846.  ^,   , 

iii.    Martha,  b.  Sept  24, 1820.    d.  1825. 

13.  iv.    KpiiRAiM  KiNOSDUKY,  b.  April  18, 1824.  ' 

V.     Martha,  b.  Jan.  9,  1832.    unm.    d.  Oct.  9,  1863. 
vi.    Hannah,  b.  Feb.  11, 1837.    nnm.    d.  August  17,  1868. 

12.  Freeman  Cook,  son  of  Ephraim",  b.  Campton,  May  2, 1816. 
m.  Jan.  19,  1836,  Emily  Lovejoy,  b.  Campton,  April  13,  1815,  dau. 
of  William  Lovejoy.  He  lived  in  Plymouth  from  1852  until  his 
death.  He  owned  the  mills  on  Hazeltine  brook.  He  d.  Sept  18, 
1872.    She  d.  in  Laconia,  1903. 

i.    Henrt  Jddson,  b.  June  4,  1838.    d.  Jan.  21, 1839. 
ii.     Climena  French,  b.  Nov.  2, 1842.    m.  Perley  F.  Hardy.    They  lived 

in  Plymouth,  1867-1871.    (1)  Elmer  Edgar,  b.  May  5,  1861,  d. 

Laconia,  May  28,  1865. 
iii.    Daniel  Frank,  b.  August  25, 1848.    res.  Laconia. 

13.  Ephraim  Kingsbury  Cook,  son  of  Ephraim  ",  b.  Campton,  April 
18,  1824.  m.  June  15, 1854,  Sarah  A.  Randall  (see).  He  was  associ- 
ated with  his  brother  at  the  mill,  1852  to  1859.  Removed  1860  to 

i.    Jessie  L.,  b.  April  2, 1856.    m.  John  O'Shea,  a  prosperous  merchant 
of  Laconia. 
ii.     Ella  M.,  b.  July  8,  1859. 
iii.    Sarah  B.,  b.  June  5, 1868.    m.  11.  C.  Fogg,  of  Laconia. 


1.  George  Corliss,  b.  Devonshire,  England,  about  1617,  came  to 
New  Ilngland,  1639.  He  m.  Oct  26,  1645,  Joanna  Davis,  and  lived 
in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  where  he  d.  Oct  19, 1686.  His  dau.,  Mary,  m. 
William  Neff,  and  was  the  companion  in  captivity  and  heroic  escape 
of  Hannah  Duston. 

TOL.  II.  — 10 

146  CORLISS* 

2.  John  Coruss,  son  of  George  ^  b.  Haverhill,  March  4, 1648.  m. 
Dec.  17, 1684,  Maiy  Wilford,  b.  Nov.  18, 16G7,  dau.  of  Gilbert  Wil- 
ford.  He  d.  in  Haverhill,  Feb.  17,  1698.  She  m.  second,  William 

3.  Thomas  Cobliss,  son  of  John',  b.  Haverhill,  March  2, 1689. 
m.  Dec.  4, 1717,  Rebecca  Geoi-ge,  b.  1690.    d.  1777.    He  d.  1784. 

4.  Geobge  Couliss,  son  of  Thomas  ^  b.  Haverhill,  Dec  18, 1718. 
m.  May  13,  1747,  Judith  Webster. 

6.  Gborgb  Corliss,  son  of  George*,  b.  Haverhill,  Feb.  7,  1762. 
m.  Sarah  Symonds,  and  lived  in  Alexandria  and  Bristol.  He  d.  in 
Bristol,  1835. 

6.  Isaac  Corliss,  son  of  George*,  b.  Alexandria,  March  19, 1784. 
m.  1804,  Dolly  Heath,  b.  June,  1785,  dau.  of  Daniel  Heath  (see). 
She  d.  in  Piermont,  April  7,  1851.  He  m.  second,  Joanna  Hackett. 
He  lived  in  Alexandria  and  Bristol,  until  1830,  when  he  removed  to 
Plymouth.  Five  years  later  he  removed  to  Piermont,  where  he  d. 
March  18, 1862.     His  first  wife  was  the  mother  of  eleven  childi'en. 

i.  Gborok,  b.  1805.    d.  1818. 

7.  ii.  Stephen,  b.  Feb.  26, 1807. 
iii.  Damikl,  b.  1808.    d.  1818. 

8.  iv.  Cyrus,  b.  Feb.  10, 1811. 

v.    RoxANA,  b.  Feb.  22,  1818.     m.  Moaes  Pillsbury,  of  Rumney. 
Their  daa.,  Dolly,  m.  second,  Stephen  Smith  Kimball  (see).   Mrs. 
Roxana  Pillsbury  d.  in  Plymouth,  August  16, 1884. 
0.     yi.    Kimball,  b.  Oct  7, 1815. 

vii.  Almira,  b.  Oct.  20,  1817.  m.  April  28,  1834,  Andrew  Bowers 
Bohonon,  b.  Salisbury,  July  8,  1795,  son  of  Major  Stephen  and 
Olive  (Elliot)  Bohonon,  who  d.  Salisbury,  Dec.  19,  1839.  She  m. 
second,  April  28,  1840,  Levi  Bean,  b.  August  13,  1805,  son  of 
Levi  and  Abigail  (Stickney)  Bean,  of  Salisbury.  He  d.  Oct.  23, 
1855.  She  was  the  mother  of  three  children  by  first,  and  four  by 
second  marriage, 
yiii.  David  Atwood,  b.  Jan.  10, 1819.  Res.  I.«aoonia.  He  was  in  Ply- 
mouth, 1850-1852. 

ix.    Sarah,  b.  1821.    d.  1828. 
10.   X.    Charlks  MiNARO,  b.  June  14, 1823. 

xi.  Isaac,  b.  June  1,  1828 ;  lived  in  Haverhill,  where  he  d.  Mardi  27, 
1898.  He  m.  Feb.  14,  1847,  Esther  £.  McConnell.  b.  Bradford, 
Vt.,  July  6,  1826.  Six  children :  (1)  Elmira  Elizabeth,  b.  Jan. 
26,  1848.  m.  Wright  Carter;  m.  second,  Sherburne  Dearborn. 
(2)  BeUey  Adalaide,  b.  June  22,  1850.  m.  E.  C.  St.  Clair.  (3) 
John  Frank,  b.  June  18,  1856.  d.  August  30,  1862.  (4)  George 
Henry,  b.  July  25,  1858.    m.  Martha  French,  a  dau.,  Esther, 

OOBLISS.  147 

m.  Edward  D.  Burtt  (see).  (6)  Lubin  Isaac,  b.  Nov.  8,  1861. 
d.  August  25,  1862.  (6)  AlbeH  Porter,  b.  Jan.  25,  1869.  m. 
June  7,  1898,  Abbie  B.  Wilsou.  He  is  a  locomotiye  engineer; 
res.  WoodsviUe. 

7.  Stephen  Coruss,  sou  of  Isaac*  b.  Feb.  26, 1807.  Lived  in  Ply- 
mouth several  years,  and  iu  Thornton  many  years.  He  d.  in  Ply- 
mouth, April  10,  1889.  He  was  a  farmer  and  a  blacksmith.  He  m. 
April  10,  1833,  Eliza  Lowd,  b.  Sept  15,  1807,  dau.  of  Geoi^e  Lowd 
(see).    She  d.  iu  Thornton,  July  27,  1876. 

i.    IJarvict  Jounsom,  b.  April  11,  1884.     He  served  in  25th  Mass. 

Infantry,  and  sultsequontly  lived  in  Thornton.    He  m.  Caroline 

Jane  Gould.    Cliildreu  were  Mary,  Andrew,  and  Artliur. 
ii.    Chaklrs    Gardnrr,  b.   Nov.  2,   1835.     m.   Lydia .     m. 

second,  Mary  A.  Washburn.    He  was  a  jeweller  in  Lewiston,  Me., 

where  he  d.  July  2, 1888. 
iii.     Almira  Adalaidr,  b.  May  21,  1837.    m.  Henry  Leonard  Baker ; 

she  d.  Philadelphia,  Pa.,  May  23,  1868. 
iv.    Klisa  Jank,  b.  March  16,  1889.     m.  Wellington  C.  Fisher,    m. 

second,  William  C.  Clark.    She  d.  East  Saugus,  Nov.  1,  1888. 

Her  dau.,  Jennie  Frances  Fisher,  b.  May  4,  1857,  m.  George  W. 

Teaton  (see). 
V.    Mary    Adalinr,   b.  May  16,   1843.      m.   William    Ix>verin,   of 

Lowell,  Mass.     Soldier  iu  Civil  War.     He  d.  from  confinement  in 

Libby  Prison.     She  m.  second,  Alonzo  Bold.    Two  children, 
vi.    Sarah  Elizadrth,  b.  Deo.  1,  1844.    m.  Edward  Hill,  of  Lynn, 

yii.    Stbphkn  Drxtrr,  b.  May  19,  1846.    m.  in  Thornton,  June  12, 

1868,  Emma  Bacon.    He  removed  to  St.  Johnsbury,  Vi,  where 

he  d.  Oct.  28, 1870. 

8.  Gen.  Cyuus  Corliss,  son  of  Isaac',  b.  Alexandria,  Feb.  10, 
1811.  He  came  to  Plymouth  in  youth,  but  he  lived  in  Bristol,  En- 
field, and  Grafton,  from  1835  to  1850.  During  his  absence  from 
Plymouth  he  was  active  in  the  militia,  and  was  honored  with  the  suc- 
cessive commissions  from  lieutenant  to  brigadier-general.  Gen. 
Corliss  returned  to  Plymouth,  1850.  He  was  a  blacksmith  and  a 
farmer.  Selectman,  1871,  1872.  He  m.  Sept.  30,  1832,  Almira 
Reed,  b.  May  5,  1812,  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Anna  (Sayles)  Reed,  of 
Grafton,  and  a  sister  of  Rev.  Francis  Reed,  chaplain  of  the  12th  N. 
H.  Infantry,  and  pastor  of  Baptist  churches  in  Contoocook  and  Ports- 
mouth, Bath,  Me.,  and  Lawrence,  Mass.  The  Reed  lineage  is : 
SamueP,  who  m.  Anna  Sayles,  Samuel ^  Dea.  Samuel',  William*, 

148  00RLI88. 

William',  George',  William',  the  emigrant  ancestor.    Gen.  Corliss 
d.  August  30, 1902. 

i.    Emily,  b.  August  26,  1834.    m.  Martin  Merrill  (see). 

ii.  Cyrus  Ubkd,  b.  Oct.  29,  1830.  15th  N.  II.  Infantry.  He  m. 
Sept.  10,  1864,  Harriet  A.  Merrill,  dau.  of  I^uis  T.  Merrill  (see), 
who  d.  Nov.  19, 1864.  He  m.  second,  Jan.  19, 1872,  Sarah  Lewis, 
who  d.  June  20,  1873.  He  was  a  railroad  conductor,  and  d.  at 
Clinton,  Iowa,  Sept  28,  1875. 

ill.  Almira  Rbbd,  b.  Dec.  20,  1838.  m.  Walter  R.  Merrill,  son  of 
Enoch  1*  Merrill  (see).  She  ro.  second,  Dec  7,  1865,  Richard  K. 
Sawyer,  who  d.  March  20,  1869.  She  m.  third,  Dec.  12,  1872, 
Charles  O.  McQuesten  (see). 

iy.    Franois  Rrkd,  b.  August  9,  1841.    6th  N.  H.  Infantry,  m.  Sept. 
27,  1871,  Ethelette  Stetson,  who  d.  Dec.  13,  1895.    He  is  a  rail- 
road conductor,  and  res.  Clinton,  Iowa.     One  son,  Bruce  R. 
Corliss,  b.  Nov.,  1881,  at  Clinton,  Iowa;  res.  Cedar  Rapids,  Iowa, 
y.    Clara,  b.  August  8,  1843.    ro.  John  S.  Morrison  (see). 
IK    yi.    Gkorob  Henry,  b.  Sept.  15, 1846. 

9.  EiMDALL  CioRLiss,  son  of  Isuac*,  b.  Oct.  7, 1815.  m.  Feb.  19, 
1835,  Jane  Currier,  dau.  of  Moses  Currier  (see).  She  d.  Jan.  5, 1862. 
He  m.  second,  March  9,  1864,  Ann  Elizabeth  Chapman,  b.  1842, 
dau.  of  Lewis  Chapman  (see).  He  was  a  farmer  on  the  liumney  road, 
north  side  Baker's  River.  He  d.  June  21,  1895.  She  m.  second, 
Charles  W.  Harvey  (see). 

i.    Moses,  b.  Oct.,  1837.     m.  Abbie  Maria  Morse,  dau.  of  Samuel 

Morse  (see).    He  was  a  blacksmith,  near  Baker's  Riyer  bridge. 

He  d.,  1882.     Three  children:    (1)  Eldora  Jane,  b.  Sept.  8,  1864. 

m.  Charles  A.  Currier,  of  Rumney;  m.  second,  William  Edward 

Chase,  of  Hopkinton.     (2)  Elizabeth,    d.  young.     (3)  Gertrude. 

d.  young, 
ii.    Charles  C,  b.  Feb.,  1840.    d.  June  18, 1844. 
iii.    Cyrus  Lorknzo,  b.  Feb.  14, 1847.    d.  July  20, 1872. 
iy.    James  Buchanan,  b.  Feb.  22,  1850.    A  fanner  and  carpenter  of 

y.    Fred  Kimuall,  b.  Nov.  5,  1874.    m.  Oct.  4,  1890,  Daisey  A. 

Pierce,  dau.  of  Charles  and  Delia  (Moulton)  Pierce,  of  Camptou; 

res.  in  Plymouth, 
yi.     Hiram  Harris,  b.  August  5,  1880. 

10.  Charles  Minakd  Corliss,  son  of  Isaac  ^  b.  June  14, 1823. 
m.  July  18,  1844,  Sally  Adaline  Corliss,  b.  Nov.  16,  1823,  dau.  of 
John  Corliss,  of  Barnstou,  P.  Q.  She  d.  Nov.  5, 1873.  He  m.  second, 
May  8, 1883,  Mary  Ann  Dwelley,  of  Abington,  Mass.    Having  lived 


a  few  years  in  Plymouth,  Troy,  Vt,  Piertnont,  Gilmanton,  and 
Laconia,  he  removed  to  Abington,  Mass.,  where  he  lived  from  1870  to 
1892.    He  removed  to  Plymouth  in  April,  1892.    Farmer. 

i.    Emily,  b.  1846.    d.  young. 

if.    Eliza  Ellbn,  b.  March,  1847.    m.  Zebina  8.  Brigham.     She  d. 
1870,  leading  one  son:  (1)  Roscoe  Minard,  b.  May  16, 1869.     He 
lives  Lawrence,  Mass.     m.  June  27, 1896,  Alice  Kent, 
ill.     CoRDRLiA,  b.  April  20,  1849.    d.  1851. 

iv.    Gkorob  Edwin,  b.  Oct.  6,  1855.    m.  Clara  Cook;  res.  Abington, 
;  Moss.    He  was  killed  in  a  railroad  accident,  near  Abington,  Feb. 

2,  1886.     (1)  George  Albert,  b.  Sept.  5, 1878.    (2)  Charles  Edwin, 
b.  Dec.  22,  1880.   (8)  I^na  Mabel,  b.  Dec.  23,  1882.    m.  George 
W.  Sanborn. 
T.    ^Iart  Olivb,  b.  1857.    m.  Joseph  Coombs.    She  d.  May  15, 1888. 
(1)  Charles  F.    (2)  Josephine,    d.  yonng. 

11.  George  Henry  Corliss,  son  of  Gen.  Cyrus®,  b.  Sept  15, 
1846.  He  was  a  carpenter  several  years,  and  has  been  chief  of  police 
of  Plymouth.  In  1893  ho  purchased  the  hardware  store  of  Prentice 
H.  Crawford,  and  later,  general  store  of  Plummer  Fox,  and  continues 
the  business  on  Main  Street ;  res.  on  Langdon  Street  He  m.  Nov.  27, 
1872,  Eva  Gertrude  Harvey,  b.  Dec.  6, 1852,  dau.  of  John  and  Nancy 
Harvey,  of  Laconia. 

i.  Frbd  Gborob,  b.  March  10, 1874.  Plymonth  High  School,  1891. 
m.  Jane  2f3,  1896,  Mary  Borleigh  Ames,  b.  Jan.  7, 1871,  dau.  of 
Caleb  M.  and  Sarah  J.  (Burleigh)  Ames,  of  Holdemess.  He  is 
in  a  hardware  store,  Seattle,  Wash.  (1)  lloris  Gertrude,  b.  March 
15, 1897.     (2)  Emily  Reed,  b.  August  29, 1903,  at  Seattle,  Wash. 

ii.  Ctrus  LbRot,  b.  March  22,  1876.  Plymouth  High  School,  1898, 
and  Holdemess  School,  1896.  Wesleyan  University,  1900.  Pas- 
tor M.  £.  Church,  Lakeport,  1901-1902;  Bristol,  1903.  He  m. 
June  24,  1903,  Gertrude  Violet  Potter,  b.  Charlestown,  Mass., 
March  15,  1883,  dau.  of  Otis  W.  Potter.  She  is  a  graduate  of  the 
Melrose  School  of  Music. 


1.  Amos  Cowdrey,  son  of  Thomas  and  Hannah  Cowdrey,  b.  Read- 
ing, Mass.,  1796,  came  to  Plymouth,  1822,  and  liveil  in  this  town 
until  1847.  He  ra.  in  Plymouth,  Oct  30,  1823,  Ruth  Senter,  dau.  of 
Edward  Senter  (see).  He  removed  from  this  town  to  Melrose,  Mass., 
and  in  1852,  to  Wobum,  Mass.,  when  he  d.  Jan.  13, 1867.  Melinda 
Cowdrey,  a  sister  of  Amos  \  m.  Edward  Senter  (see). 

160  COWDRBY  —  OOX. 

i.    WiLUAM  Harris,  b.  1826. 

ii.  Edward  Thomas,  b.  May  0,  1829,  was  the  founder  of  the  E.  T. 
Cowdrey  Company,  of  Boston.  He  m.  in  Roxbary,  Mass.,  Dec. 
28, 1851,  Mary  D.  Morton.     He  d.  May  0,  1802.    Three  children : 

(1)  Ella  M.,  Oct.  4, 1852.  m.  Feb.  28,  1889,  Thomas  W.  Andrew. 

(2)  Jeanie  M.,  b.  Deo.  21,  1854.  m.  Nov.  5,  1879,  Charles  E. 
Aldrich.  (8)  Katharine  D.,  b.  Nov.  22, 1857.  m.  Oct.  17,  1883, 
Cromwell  T.  Schubarth.    All  of  Roxbury,  Mass. 

iii.    Stevens  Gborqb,  b.  1888.    Haryard  University.    Surgeon  in  U.  S. 

Army.    He  d.  in  New  York,  1890,  leaving  a  ^tmily. 
iv.    Charles.    Res.  in  New  York  City. 
V.    Daughter,    d.  aged  5  or  6  years. 


1.  Edward  Cox,  emigrant  ancestor,  was  a  resident  of  London- 
derry and  Nottingham  West,  now  Hudson.    He  m.  Molly  Mitten. 

2.  Chablbs  Cox,  son  of  Edward  \  b.  1746.  m.  Mary  Elliott,  and 
was  one  of  the  early  settlers  of  Holderness.  Among  his  children  was 
John,  whose  son,  Caleb,  is  named  hereafter. 

3.  Thomas  Cox,  son  of  Charles  ^  b.  Holderness,  August  11, 1782. 
m.  May  28,  1807,  Miriam  Dearborn,  dau.  of  Samuel  Dearborn  (see). 
He  was  a  farmer,  of  Holderness,  where  he  d.  May  3, 1830 ;  she  m. 
second,  1834.  Ezekiel  Hoyt,  of  Sandwich.  He  d.  Jan.  11,  1862  ;  she 
d.  in  New  Hampton,  April  11,  1873. 

i.    Mart.    d.  young, 
ii.    Daniel  Harris,  b.  April  14,  1800.    m.  June  17,  1882,  Charlotte 

Smith,  b.  July  13, 1805,  dau.  of  David  Smith,  of  New  Hampton. 

He  d.  in  Holderness,  May  16, 1885.    She  d.  Deo.  27, 1870.    Eight 

iii.    Mart,  b.  June  28,  1811.    m.  July  8,  1834,  George  W.  Smith,  of 

New  Hampton.    He  d.  July  1, 1885.    She  d.  June  30, 1803. 
iy.    Charles,  b.  April  5,  1813.    d.  young. 
y.    AeiOAiL,  b.  April  6,  1814.    d.  young, 
yi.    Walter  Blair,  b.   April  15,  1816.    m.  June  21,  1842,  Nanoy 

Nutter,  b.  Barnstead,  July  24,  1823,  dau.  of  Eliphalet  and  Love 

(Locke)  Nutter.     He  lived  in  Barnstead  and  Holderness.     He  d. 

Oct  5,  1878.    Nine  children,  of  whom  Charles  Edson  Cox,  b. 

Dec.  2,  1846,  was  a  prominent  citizen  of  Manchester,  and  since 

1806  has  been  an  efficient  warden  of  the  state  prison.      He  m. 

1867,  Eveline  Randall.     Their  son,  Walter  llandall,  b.  Sept  8, 

1868,  m.  Emma  A.  Putney ;  res.  Manchester.  The  second 
son,  Guy  Wilbur,  b.  Jan.  10,  1871.  Dartmouth  College,  1803, 
valedictorian.      He    is   a   lawyer   of   Boston.      (See   **  Granite 

cox  —  CRAIQ.  161 

Monthly,"  Dec.,  1903) ;  the  third  son,  Louis  Sherburne,  b.  Not. 

22,  1874.    Dartmouth  College,  1896,  is  a  lawyer  of  Lawrence, 

Mass.     He  m.  Oct  15,  1902,  Mary  I.  Fieles ;  their  fourth  son, 

Chauning  Harris,  b.  Feb.  28,  1879.    Dartmouth  College,  1901. 

Harvard  Law  School. 
Tii.     Eliza  Ann,  b.  Feb.  16,  1819.    m.  Dec.  20,  1842,  Levi  Mudgett,  b. 

New  Hampton,  April  19,  1804,  son  of  Joseph  Mudgelt.    He  d. 

1869.    She  d.  May  2, 1879. 
▼iii.    Carolinb,  b.  July  81,  1821.      m.  July  8,  1841,  Caleb  Cox,  b. 

August  21,  1810,  son  of  John,  and  grandson  of  Charles  *.     He 

was  a  farmer  and  town  officer  of  Holdemess.    He  d.  in  Bristol, 

Oct  17,  1887. 
iz.    Abigail  Dearborn,  b.  June  26,  1823.    m.  Dec.  27, 1846,  Daniel 

M.  Wells, 
z.    Amanda,  b.  Jan.  21,  1826.    in.  Feb.  18, 1849,  John  C.  Smith,  of 

New  Hampton.    He  d.  Jan.  9,  1892.    She  d.  Jan.  10, 1869. 


1.  Alexander  Craig,  one  of  the  sturdy  Scotch-Irish  emigrante, 
came  from  Ireland  to  Chester,  1724.  He  was  a  farmer,  and  after 
1730  lived  upon  land  purchased  of  Governor  Wentworth.  He  d.  in 
the  autumn  of  1750,  leaving  sons  Alexander,  David,  and  Andrew,  and 
daughter  Agnes. 

2.  David  Craig,  son  of  Alexander  ^  with  wife  Abigail,  lived  in 
Chester,  where  he  d.  about  1795.  Among  his  children  were  Alex- 
ander, David,  and  Abigail,  who  m.  Thomas  Bamsay  (see).  These 
three  children  removed  to  Rumney. 

3.  Alexander  Craig,  son  of  David*  b.  Chester,  Feb.  22, 1741. 
He  was  the  first,  or  one  of  the  first  settlers  of  Rumney,  and  an  active, 
stirring  man.  He  was  a  lieutenant,  1773 ;  captain,  1774 ;  a  major 
in  Col.  Hobart's  regiment,  1775,  and  a  lieutenant-colonel  in  the 
militia,  1786;  coroner,  1784;  justice  of  the  peace,  selectman  of 
Rumney  several  years,  and  a  representative  of  the  classed  towns, 
Rumney  and  Plymouth,  1792.  He  m.  Dec  2, 1767,  Molly  Stevens, 
who  was  b.  March  25,  1746.    Ten  children  b.  Rumney. 

i.  David  S.,  b.  Feb.  6,  1769. 

ii.  Danibl,  b.  Feb.  6, 1771. 

iii.  William,  b.  June  6, 1778. 

iy.  Mart,  b.  August  6, 1775.     m.  John  EHison  (see). 

V.  Samurl,  b.  August  15,  1777.    Was  a  physician  in  Braintree,  Vt 

vl.  John,  b.  June  6,  1779. 

vii.  Alrxandbr,  b.  April  2, 1782.   d.  April  15,  1782. 

132  GBAIO. 

yiii.    Thomas,  b.  July  28, 1783. 
ix.    Absalom,  b.  Jan.  26,  1786.   d.  Jan.  25,  1787. 
X.    Sarah,  b.  June  16, 1789.    m.  Silas  Buswell. 

4.  David  Chaig,  son  of  David*,  b.  Chester,  Sept  2,  1746.  in. 
Sept  23,  1770,  Elizabeth  Richaixison,  b.  August  11,  1750,  dau.  of 
Moses  aud  Mary  (Goodhue)  Richardson,  of  Chester.  He  settled  in 
Warren,  where  he  d.  about  1830.  Elizabeth,  his  wife,  d.  Runiney. 
They  had  a  large  family.  Among  their  childi'en  were  Amos  (named 
hereafter),  Stephen,  David,  Tappan  W.,  who  m.  Sally  Piper ;  m.  sec- 
ond, Harriet  Piper,  and  lived  in  Warren  and  in  Rumney. 

6.  Amos  Craig,  son  of  David  ^  and  Elizabetli  (Richardson)  Craig. 
b.  Warren,  August  5, 1779.  m.  April  2,  1804,  Abigail  Keyes,  dau. 
of  Ephraim  Keyes  (see).  He  was  a  shoemaker,  living  in  Plymouth 
and  in  Rumnej,  where  he  d.  1851. 

i.    Presburt  W.,  b.  August  24,  1804. 
ii.    Orpha  C,  b.  Jau.  8,  1806. 

iii.    Amos  H.,  b.  August  15,  1807.    m.  August  9,  1836,  Hannah  Ram- 
say, dau.  of  Dayid  and  Hannah  (Greeuougli)  Ramsay  (see).    lie 
d.  in  1882,  in  Ruinuey.     She  surviyes  and  res.  in  Uuniney. 
iy.    Mart  Ann,  b.  July  6, 1809. 
T.    Abigail  R.,  b.  Jan.  28, 1811. 
6.    yi.    Oliver  Hazard  Perrt,  b.  August  1,  1813. 
yii.    Jacob  B.,  b.  August  10,  1815.    d.  May  17,  1817. 
yiii.    Jacob  B.,  b.  Feb.  4,  1819. 
iz.    Isaac  L.,  b.  Feb.  6, 1821. 

6.  Oliver  Ha^zard  Pbuuy  Chaig,  son  of  Amos*,  b.  August  1, 1813. 
He  worked  several  years  in  shoe  factories  in  Massachusetts,  but  lived 
in  Plymouth  until  1849,  when  he  removed  to  Holderness.     He  was 
active  in  recruiting  men  for  the  6th  N.  H.  Infantry,  and  was  first 
lieutenant  of  Co.  A,  and  promoted  to  captain  April  15, 1862  ;  resigned 
Oct  21,  1862.    He  cultivated  and  gi*eatly  improved  a  small  farm 
in  Holderness ;  buildings  burned,  and  he  removed  to  Plymouth.    He 
was  a  good  citizen,  and  respected  by  all  who  knew  him.    He  was  the 
first  commander  of  the  G.  A.  R.  Post    He  m.  Ann  Dilson ;  m.  second, 
Mary  Jane  Ellison,  dau.  of  John  Ellison  (see).     He  d.  in  Plymouth, 
Jan.  29,  1899.    She  d.  May  27, 1903. 
i.    Mart  A.,  b.  1835.   d.  about  1852. 
ii.    Eliza,  b.  1837.  d.  later  than  1860. 
iii.     Olivbr  F.,  b.  1839.     Manufacturer  of  paper  board,  in  Ashland. 

Corporal  N.  H.  H.  A.  1864-1865. 
iy.    Gborgr  W.,  b.  1842.     Co.  A,  6th  N.  H.  Infantry;  sergeant;  killed 
at  Bull  Run,  Va.,  August  29,  1862,  with  the  colors  in  bis  hands. 


y.    AiiBiiE  J.,  b.  Feb.  8, 1847.    m.  Leroy  8.  Heath,  son  of  Samuel  (see). 
She  d.  August  5,  1882. 

vi.     Alvin  H.  p.,  b.  May  27, 1849.   d.  June  1, 1862. 

vii.    Emma  DoDaie,  b.  1850.    m.  James  S.  H.  Bratnerd  (see). 
Tiii.     Martha  L.,  b.  March  17,  1858.     m.  Dec.  25, 1886,  Edward  E.  Lin- 
coln ;  res.  Providence,  R.  I. 


1.  William  Crawford,  a  Scotch-Irish  emigrant,  came  to  America 
with  Ilobert  Graham  and  others.  He  was  living  in  Chester  before 
1730,  and  was  there  an  active,  useful  citizen.  He  m.  Maiy  Graham, 
dau.  of  Kobert  and  Janet  (Hume)  Graham.  In  1748  his  wife  was 
Jeiin.'  He  d.  1786,  aged  about  80.  In  the  proprietor's  records  of 
Chester  it  is  recorded :  "  William  Crafford,  having  built  a  Gris  mill 
uix)n  the  Gi*eat  brooke  in  Chester,  at  the  Lower  falls,  so  called,  the 
fifth  day  of  May  1746,  doth  Record  his  son  Robert  Crafford,  miller  of 
said  Grist  mill." 

2.  Robert  Crawford,  son  of  William  ^  b.  about  1723 ;  exchanged 
his  mill  and  land  in  (Thester  for  land  in  Sandown,  and  removed  to 
tiiat  town.  In  1777  he  purchased  five  hundred  acres  of  land  in 
Plymouth,  near  the  present  line  of  Hebron,  which  three  years  later 
he  deeded  to  his  son  William.  He  m.  April  10, 1755,  Joanna  San- 
bom,  b.  July  3,  1736,  dau.  of  Jonathan  and  Theodate  (Sanborn) 
Sanborn.  He  m.  second,  Jane  Templeton,  b.  Chester,  1741,  dau.  of 
Allen  and  Agnes  (Craige)  Templeton.  He  d.  Sept  6, 1791.  Jane, 
his  wife,  d.  July  10, 1833.  Among  his  nine  or  ten  children  was  a  son 
Robert,  b.  May  10,  1761.  Robert  Crawford,  father  or  son,  was  living 
in  Plymouth,  1782  to  1791. 

3.  William  Crawford,  son  of  Robert*,  b.  March  1,  1759,  came 
to  Plymouth,  1784,  and  settled  on  a  titict  of  nearly  three  hundred 
acres,  partly  in  Hebron  and  partly  in  Plymouth.  Before  Hebron  was 
incorporated,  this  land  was  wholly  in  Plymouth.  He  sold  this  land 
to  Zebulon  Ferrin,  and  removed  to  Alexandria,  returning  to  Plymouth, 
1830,  and  here  d.  Oct  19, 1837.  He  m.  1786,  Susannah  Melvin,  dau. 
of  Capt  Ebenezer  Melvin  (see).  She  d.  Dec.  20,  1822.  The  birth  of 
the  two  oldest  children  is  recorded  in  Plymouth. 

1.    Joanna,  b.  March  6, 1787.    unm.   d.  Alexandria,  April  10, 1868. 
ii.    William,  b.  Oct  5, 1789.    m.  March  20,  1824,  Joanna  Sleeper,  b. 
Oct  5,  1801,  dan.  of  Moses  Sleeper.    He  was  a  successful  mer- 
chant of  Alexandria,  a  colonel  in  the  militia.   He  d.  April  8, 1851. 

164  OBAWrOBD. 

Shed.  April 25, 1864.  Seven  children:  (1)  Mary  Jane,  b.  Oct 
10, 1826.  m.  1850,  George  6.  Hoyt.  She  d.  Meredith,  1887. 
(2)  George  Templelon,  b.  Dec.  20,  1828.  m.  June  20,  1851, 
Hannah  Simonds,  adopted  dau.  of  William  Simonds.  He  was  a 
dealer  in  flour  and  grain  in  Bristol  several  years,  and  was  treasurer 
of  Grafton  Co.  two  years,  and  a  commissioner  six  years.  In 
1880  he  removed  to  Boston,  and  has  been  the  trusted  agent  of 
corporations  in  the  purchase  of  New  Hampshire  and  other  forest 
lands.  He  is  a  member  of  the  Massachusetts  Forestry  Associa- 
tion. He  had  seven  children.  (3)  Charles  Wilson,  b.  April  8, 
1831.  d.  Iowa,  July  28 ,  1855.  (4)  Laura  Ann,  b.  August  5, 
1833.  d.  March  81,  1836.  (5)  Luther  £.,  b.  July  13,  1835.  d. 
August  20, 1886.  (6)  Anna,  b.  May  22, 1887.  m.  May  17,  1863, 
Woodbury  Sleeper,  b.  June  1,  1830,  son  of  John  and  Sally  (Beaii> 
Sleeper,  of  Bristol.  He  d.  Alexandria,  Nov.  24,  1000.  She  res. 
Manchester.  (7)  Aluiira  K.,  b.  Dec.  22, 1843.  m.  Kendnck  S. 
Bullock.    She  d.  Feb.  3, 1880. 

iii.    Susan,  b.  July  8, 1702.     m.  Joseph  Kelley. 

iv.    Ira,  b.  March  5, 1706.    unm.    d.  Alexandria,  Oct  8, 1860. 
V.    Mart,  b.  Sept  10, 1708.     m.  Sept  7, 1835,  Otis  Blancliard  (see). 

vi.  Sarah,  b.  July  20, 1801.  m.  Nov.  20, 1824,  Abbot  Lovejoy,  b.  Mil- 
ford,  July  17, 1800,  son  of  Samuel  and  Elizabeth  (Elliot)  Lovejoy. 
He  d.  Bristol,  August  13,  1870.  She  d.  Feb.  0,  1000,  aged  08; 
She  had  two  children:  (1)  William  C,  b.  Sept  28,  1828.  (2) 
James,  b.  August  10,  1831.  They  adopted  Sarah  Jane,  dau.  of 
Benjamin  Tilton. 

yii.  James,  b.  March  31, 1804.  unm.  d.  Alexandria,  June  27, 1884. 
viii.  LuTHBR,  b.  Nov.  30, 1806 ;  Brown  University,  1834  ;  Baptist  clergy- 
man, Brooklyn,  N.  Y.  He  was  secretary  of  the  American  Baptist 
Missionary  Society.  He  d.  Feb.  13, 1830.  He  m.  Feb.  4,  1834, 
Almira  S.  Everett,  b.  New  London,  July  30, 1808,  dau  of  Dea. 
David  and  Amy  (Snowdon)  Everett.  Before  marriage  she  was 
preceptress  of  New  Hampton  Institution,  and  after  Uie  death  of 
her  husband  she  conducted  a  private  school  in  Brooklyn. 

ix.    Laura,  b.  Sept  8, 1810.     unm.    d.  Alexandria,  April  12, 1871. 


1.  Thomas  Crawford  res.  in  Haverhill,  Mass.  In  the  adjust- 
ment of  the  province  line,  1741,  his  homestead  was  severed  from 
Haverhill  and  annexed  to  New  Hampshire.  The  town  of  Hampstead, 
including  a  part  of  the  territory  severed  from  Massachusetts,  was  in- 
corporated 1749,  and  he  res.  in  that  town  several  years.  He  was 
one  of  the  petitioners  for  the  incorporation  of  Hampstead,  and  one  of 
the  signers  to  the  settlement  of  the  controversy  over  the  Haverhill 


and  Kingston  titles.  In  the  French  War  he  served  in  three  expedi- 
tions for  the  reduction  of  Crown  Point  In  1756  he  was  in  Oapt. 
Parry's  company,  Col.  Meserve's  regiment ;  in  1757  in  Capt  Mooney's 
company,  CoL  Meserve's  regiment,  and  in  1758  in  Capt  John  Hazen's 
company,  CoL  Tash's  regiment  He  removed  from  Hampstead  to  New 
Chester  about  1767,  taking  up  land  in  the  section  of  the  town  which 
became  Bridgewater.  He  was  a  prominent  man  in  the  settlement, 
owning  extensive  tracts  of  land.  He  m.  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  March  9, 
1737/8,  Jane  Johnston,  dau.  of  Michael  and  Mary  (Hancock)  Johnston, 
and  a  sister  of  Hon.  Charles  Johnston,  of  Haverhill,  N.  H. 

i.    Abioail.    m.  Feb.  11, 1768,  Peter  Heath,  and  lived  in  Bridgewater 
until  1804,  when  they  removed  to  Stanstead,  P.  Q.,  where  she  d. 
1830.    He  d.  1817. 
2.    11.    Jonathan,  b.  1740. 

iii.  Thomas,  b.  1748.  Lived  in  New  Chester  and  Bridgewater.  He  was 
a  soldier  in  the  Revolution,  and  after  the  war  a  colonel  in  the 
militia.  He  was  a  selectman  of  New  Chester  eleven  years,  and 
one  of  the  Committee  of  Safety,  a  selectman  of  Bridgewater  fif- 
teen years,  town  clerk  twenty-one  years,  and  elected  a  representa- 
tive thirteen  times.  He  was  a  delegate  1788  to  the  convention  to 
ratify  the  Constitution  of  the  United  States,  and,  wherever  found, 
a  feariess  advocate  of  matured  and  rigid  opinions.  (See  **  History 
of  Bristol.")   He  d.  May  0,1827.   His  wife,  Nancy,  d.  July  14, 1810. 

iv.    Sarah,  bapt  Hampstead,  1755. 

V.     RoBKRT,  bapt.  Hampstead,  1755. 

vi.    John,  bapi  Hampstead,  1758. 

2.  Jonathan  Ciiawford,  son  of  Thomas*,  b.  Hampstead,  1746. 
m.  in  Hampstead,  1767  (intentions  Jan.  31),  Mary  Heath.  He  lived 
in  Bridgewater.  In  the  Revolution  he  served  five  enlistmente,  and 
was  a  captain  in  the  militia.  Seven  children  of  Capt  Jonathan  and 
Mary  (Heath)  Crawford. 

8.     i.    Ezra,  b.  Dec.  27, 1768. 

ii.  Mart,  b.  Nov.  11, 1770.  m.  May  16,  1790,  Nathaniel  Cnmmings, 
b.  June  16, 1761,  son  of  Elisha  and  Mary  (Andrews)  Cnmmings. 
He  lived  in  New  Hampton,  where  he  d.  1818.    She  m.  second, 

Cox,  of  Holdemess. 

iii.  Susannah,  b.  Sept.  11, 1772.  m.  Sept.  17, 1700,  Simeon  Harris,  b. 
1770,  sou  of  Job  Harris.  He  lived  in  Bridgewater,  was  mail  car- 
rier Haverhill  to  Concord,  1817-1820.  He  d.  Jan.  18, 1821.  She 
d.  July  10,  1850.  Thirteen  children,  of  whom  Rufus,  b.  August 
8,  1805,  m.  1831,  Violet  Lucy  Sanborn,  b.  Rumney,  August  80, 
1807,  dau.  of  Solomon  Sanborn.  *  He  lived  in  Plymouth,  1887  to 
1812,  when  he  removed  to  Bristol.    (See  <*  History  of  Bristol."*) 


iv.    John,  b.  July  22, 1774. 

T.    Abigail,  b.  May  18, 1770.    m.  Oct  21,  1792,  Jobn  MitcheU. 
yi.     RofiRRT,  b.  August  8, 1778. 

vii.  Hannah,  b.  June  8,  1788.  m.  Andrew  Cummings,  b.  May  10,  son 
of  Elisha  Cummings,  of  Topefield,  Mass.,  and  after  1776  of  New 
Hampton.  lie  lived  in  Bridgewater.  His  dau.  Pbebe  m.  Hum- 
phrey Sawyer  (see). 

3.  EzBA  Crawford,  son  of  Capt  Jonathan  ^  b.  Dea  27»  1768.  m. 
Nov.  26,  1787,  Deborah  Bickford.  He  m.  second,  Sept.  16,  1819, 
Deborah  Peaslee.    He  was  a  farmer  in  Bridgewater. 

i.  Jonathan,  b.  May  25, 1790. 

ii.  Thomas,  b.  Jan.  5, 1792. 

4.  iii.  William,  b.  March  2, 1791.    m.  Jan.  25, 1816,  Lydia  MitohelL 
iv.  Ezra,  b.  Feb.  22, 1796. 

V.  PoLLT,  b.  May  21, 1798.     m.  1814,  Dearborn  Heath. 

yi.  Hannah,  b.  June  26, 1800. 

yii.  Hiram,  b.  June  18, 1802. 

yiii.  Dkuorah,  b.  Jan.  5, 1805. 

ix.  Clarinda,  b.  May  17,  1810. 

4.  William  Crawpord,  son  of  Ezra',  b.  Bridgewater,  March  3, 
1794.  m:  Jan.  25,  1816,  Lydia  Mitchell,  b.  Sept  4, 1799,  dau.  of 
Charles  and  Margaret  (Morse)  Mitchell,  of  Bridgewater  (see  Morse 
Register).  He  was  not  taxed  in  Plymouth,  but  he  was  employed 
several  years  by  David  M.  Russell,  and  bis  family  were  here  much  of 
the  time.  He  was  a  mason,  and  went  to  Alabama  for  Mr.  Russell, 
and  d.  at  Gainesville,  Ala.,  August  27, 1837.  "An  industrious  and 
worthy  citizen,"  said  a  local  paper  in  the  annouucQment  of  his  death. 
He  was  a  soldier  in  the  War  of  1812,  and  a  pensioner.  His  widow 
m.  second,  William  L  Heath  (see).    Nine  children. 

1.  Ruth  Morse,  b.  April  1, 1817.  m.  Jan.  8, 1887,  John  B.  Corser, 
b.  Sept.  12,  1809.  He  was  from  Boecawen,  and  removed  to 
Clarksville,  where  he  d.  Dec.  28,  1864.  She  m.  second,  Nov.  80, 
1867,  Daniel  West,  of  Fairlee,  Vt.  She  d.  Feb.  4, 1882.  Henry 
John  Cor8er,of  llolderuess,  is  the  youngest  of  five  children, 
ii.  Cyrus  C,  b.  March  2,  1810.  d.  March  7,  1840. 
iii.  Almira  M.,  b.  April  4, 1821.  m.  May  0, 1848,  Asa  B.  Chandler,  of 
Bridgewater.    She  d.  June  15, 1860. 

5.  iv.    William  Harrison,  b.  June  8, 1823. 

V.    Matilda  R.,  b.  Jan.  16,  1826.     m.  Oct  17,  1848,  JonaUian  Jewett 
Mitchell.    He  went  (o  California,  and  there  became  blind  by  an 
accident    He  d.  in  Ashland.     She  d.  August  17,  1802. 
vi.    Hakkau£.  F.,b.  Oct  22, 1828.  d.  March  21, 1848. 

CRAWFORD  —  CROSS.  1 67 

vii.    Charlbs  IVfiTOHBLL,  b.  Got.  22, 1828 ;  a  sergeant  in  U.  S.  Army, 
d.  Key  West,  Fla.,  April  80,  1866. 
6.  viiL    Cephas  Rodbins,  b.  April  8, 1885. 

6.  William  Harrison  Crawford,  son  of  William*,  b.  Jan.  8, 
1823.  m.  Feb.  8,  1845,  Mary  Ann  Swett,  of  Colebrook.  m.  second, 
about  1852,  Iniogene  Fuller,  of  Stratford.  He  was  a  manufacturer  of 
rakes,  sash,  and  blinds  in  Colebrook  a  few  years,  and  after  about  1850 
a  carpenter  in  Plymouth,  He  removed  to  Stratford,  1859.  He  was 
a  soldier,  1864-1865,  serving  in  a  New  Jeraey  regiment  He  d.  Camp 
Hill  Hospital,  in  May,  1865.    Four  children. 

i.  Prentiss  Harrison,  b.  Colebrook,  March  5, 1846.  He  m.  Feb.  8, 
1870,  £tta  A.  Silver,  b.  Camptou,  Oct.  17, 1849,  dau.  of  Albert 
W.  and  Abbie  N.  (Nason)  Silver.  She  d.  Dec  27,  1808.  He  m. 
second,  Dec.  18, 1895,  Melissa  L.  (Sawyer)  Piper,  dan.  of  Elbridge 
G.  Sawyer,  and  widow  of  James  Wm.  Piper,  of  Holdemess 
and  Plymouth.  Enlisted  Dec.  2,  1862,  8d  Vt.  Infantry  ;  dis- 
charged July  11, 1865.  He  has  lived  in  Plymouth  from  childhood, 
and  has  built  several  houses  in  the  village.  Was  of  the  firm  Craw- 
ford k  George,  hardware,  and  now  conducts  that  business  himsell 

ii.  Hannah  Emily,  b.  April  6,  1848.  m.  Calvin  Fuller,  removed 
"  West" 

ill.     William  Fullrr,  b.  1854 ;  res.  California ;  ranchman  and  miner. 

iv.    Mary,  b.  1857.    d.  Stratford,  1862  *,  accidentally  burned. 

6.  Cephas  Robbins  Cbawfokd,  son  of  William*,  b,  April  3, 1835, 
m.  June  23,  1856,  Eliza  Jackson.  He.  m.  second,  Nov.  20, 1871, 
Anna  Louisa  Gray,  b.  Alexandria,  August  4,  1848,  dau.  of  Osborn  K. 
and  Mary  J.  (Ackerman)  Gray.  Enlisted  August  11,  1862,  Co.  E, 
12th  N.  H.  Infantry ;  prisoner,  Chancellorsville,  May  3, 1863  ;  served 
till  July  18,  1863;  sergeant  He  is  a  mason,  and  has  lived  in 
Plymouth  almost  continuously  from  childhood.  Now  res.  in  Bristol. 
Three  children. 

i.    Clora  Chastina,  b.  June  80, 1856.    d.  July  9, 1879. 
ii.    Ada  Brllb,  b.  June  20,  1859.    m.  Alva  Huckins,  of  Ashland.    She 

d.  August  28, 1888.    One  child, 
iii.    MiNNiB  Mat,  b.  May  5,  1862.    m.  Jesse  Hill.    m.  second,  C.  W. 

Davis.    She  d.  Providence,  R.  I.,  Sept  15, 1897. 


1.  Stephrn  Cross,  son  of  Stephen  and  Peggy  (Bowen)  Cross,  of 
&alisbury,  b.  July  20,  1773.  m.  June  23,  1799,  Sally  Durgin,  b. 
Saubornton,  March  17,  1782,  dau.  of  Winthrop  and  Sarah  (Elliot) 

158  CROSS. 

Duigin.  He  was  a  tailor,  living  in  Sanbornton  and  Canterbury.  He 
d.  in  Sanbornton,  April  30,  1841.  She  d.  at  the  home  of  her  son 
in  Plymouth,  August  20, 1867.  A  dau.,  Martha  Ann,  b.  Jan.  8, 1816, 
m.  John  Gould  (see). 

3.  Hazsn  Newell  Cross,  son  of  Stephen  \  b.  August  15,  1807, 
was  a  tailor  in  Sanbornton,  and  an  inn-keeper  in  Thornton  until 
1849,  when  be  removed  to  Plymouth.  In  the  census  of  1850,  he 
was  called  a  farmer.  He  removed,  1870,  to  Tilton.  He  m.  Nov.  22, 
1842,  Eliza  Barnard,  b.  Nov.  29,  1817 ;  d.  Feb.  20, 1850 ;  m.  second, 
Dec.  23,  1851,  Ann  Whitcher,  b.  March  5,  1805,  d.  August  9, 1869 ; 
m.  third,  Feb.  11,  1871,  Julia  Barstow  (Smith)  Homer,  b.  Oct  19, 
1814,  dau..  of  Ilobert  and  Sally  (Keniston)  Smith,  of  Campton,  and 
widow  John  Horner,  of  Thornton.    Three  children. 

i.  Mart  Ann,  b.  August  7, 1848.    m.  Jan.,  1869,  George  H.  Little,  of 

Campton.    She  d.  Sept.  3, 1870. 
ii.   Sarah  Frances,  b.  May  21,  1846.   m.  June  14,  1870,  Alva  Burton 

Chase,  of  Deerfield. 
iii.   Alvira  Eliza,  b.  March  21,  1840.    m.  Dec.  25,  1872,  Frank  C. 

Miles,  b.  Millbury,  Mass.,  Nov.  4,  1840,  son  of  Clough  R.  Miles. 

3.  Hiram  Cross,  son  of  Abraham  and  Ruth  (Sawyer)  Oi-oss,  grand- 
son of  Stephen^  and  Sally  (Dui^in)  Cross,  b.  Sanbornton,  Sept. 
15, 1804.  m.  August  28,  1832,  Lydie  M.  Robie,  b.  1817.  He  was  a 
carpenter  and  was  in  Plymouth,  1850,  1861,  1862, 1864,  and  worked 
here  at  other  times.    He  d.  North  field,  Nov.  7, 1874. 

i.  Hiram  Bliss,  b.  Franklin.  July  0,  1888.  Homoeopathic  Medical 
College,  Cleveland,  Ohio,  1866.  He  practised  in  South  Boston, 
and  subsequently  in  Jamaica  Plain,  Mass.  He  m.  Sept.  2,  1857, 
Harriet  McKenzie,  who  d.  Oct.  16,  1850;  m.  second,  June  20, 
1871,  Emily  L.  Haskins. 


1.  William  Oboss,  b.  Sept.,  1847.  From  St  Johnsbury,  Vt,  re- 
moved to  Plymouth,  1895.  He  m.  Jennie  Leothed,  b.  1848.  He  is 
a  carpenter.     He  was  soldier,  Civil  War,  2d  Vermont  Regiment 

i.  John  H.,  b.  Feb.  29, 1872.    m.  Jennie  A.  Rogers,  of  Cavendish,  Vt. 

Res.  at  the  Weirs.    Plymouth,  1004. 
iL  LuciNDA,  b.  Sept.  26, 1878.    d.  May  8, 1880. 
iii.   Sarah  Avery,  b.  Deo.  10,  1875.    m.  Dec.  28,  1896,  Jamee  W. 
McLeod,  b.  Nova  Scotia,  1875,  son  of  James  McLeod.     Res. 
Plymouth.    Two  children:  (1)  Sarah  Avery,  b.  Jan.   1,   1901. 
(2)  Lizzie  Christina,  b.  August  23, 1902. 

CROSS  — 0UMMINQ8.  159 


1.  Pearson  S.  Cross,  b.  Piermont,  1801,  came  to  Plymouth,  1831. 
He  was  a  farmer.  He  ra.  in  Plymouth,  Feb.  28,  1832,  Sophronia 
Dearborn,  dau.  of  Benjamin  Dearborn  (see).  She  A  May  5,  1833. 
He  m.  second,  1838,  Nancy  Ann  Cross,  b.  Orford,  Oct  16,  1798,  dau. 
of  Bethuel  and  Electa  (Taylor)  Cross. 


1.  Joseph  A.  Cross,  son  of  Joseph  and  Ruth  (Ames)  Cross,  b. 
Salem,  Jan.  3,  1823.  m.  Mary  K  Marston,  b.  Jefferson,  Me.,  Oct  20, 
1832,  dau.  of  John  Marston.  He  was  a  clothier.  He  removed  to 
Plymouth  1881.     He  d.  March  15, 1899.    She  d.  Oct  21, 1888. 


1.  IsAAO  CuMMiNGS,  emigrant  ancestor  of  the  Cummings  families 
of  Plymouth,  was  in  Ipswich,  1638,  or  earlier.  Freeman,  1642.  In 
1052  he  removed  to  Topsfield.  He  was  a  grand  juror,  1675,  and 
moderator  of  a  town  meeting,  1676.  He  survived  hb  wife  and  d.  in 
Topsfield,  1677,  aged  76. 

2.  John  Cummings,  son  of  Isaac  ^,  b.  1630.  m.  Sarah  Howlet, 
dau.  of  Ensign  Thomas  and  Alice  (French)  Howlet,  and  soon  after 
removed  to  Boxford.  He  removed  about  1680  to  Dunstable  and  was 
one  of  the  early  settlers  of  that  place.  He  was  a  selectman,  1682, 
and  many  subsequent  years.  His  wife  d.  Dec.  7,  1688.  He  d. 
Dec.  1,  1700. 

3.  John  Cummings,  son  of  John*,  b.  in  Boxford,  lived  in  Dun- 
stable. He  m.  Sept  13,  1680,  Elizabeth  Kinsley ,  dau.  of  Samuel 
and  Hannah  (Brackett)  Kinsley,  of  Billerica,  Mass.  She  was  killed 
by  the  Indians,  July  3,  1706.  (See  Fox's  **  Dunstable,"  p.  81 ;  also 
"K  K  Hist  Gen.  Register,"  1901,  p.  186.)  At  her  death  the 
youngest  of  her  eight  children  was  about  four  years  of  age. 

4.  Samuel  Cummings,  son  of  John ',  b.  Oct  6,  1684.  m.  Jan. 
14,  1708/9,  Elizabeth  Shedd.  He  lived  in  Groton,  Mass.  He  d. 
1717  or  1718.  She  m.  second,  Jan.  23,  1720,  Robert  Bobbins,  of 
Littleton,  Mass. 

5.  Jabahmabl  Cummings,  son  of  Samuel  ^  b.  Oroton,  Oct  10, 1711« 
m.  Hampton  Falls,  Feb.  13, 1736,  Hannah  Farwell,  dau.  of  Henry 
Farwell,  the  date  of  the  marriage  in  History  of  Hampton  Falls  is 


1738,  probably  an  error  for  1736.  He  was  a  surveyor,  and  he  es- 
tablished the  bounds  of  several  townships  in  New  Hampshire.  He 
settled,  1738,  in  West  Dunstable,  which  became  HoUis  in  1746. 
He  d.  Oct  25,  1747.  His  widow  m.  second,  1752,  Dea.  Stephen 
Jewett  (see).  Rev.  Henry  Cummings,  b.  Sept  16,  1739,  Harvarf 
Univ.,  1760,  the  beloved  minister  of  Billerica,  Mass.,  was  a  son  of 
Jarahmael^  Hannah,  a  dau.,  b.  July  13,  1737,  m.  James  Hobait 
(see)  and  Caty,  b.  Feb.  28, 1744,  ro.  Thomas  Pratt  (see). 

6.  Capt.  Jotham  Cummings,  son  of  Jarahmael^  b.  West  Dunstable 
now  HoUis,  Dec.  29,  1741.  m.  in  HoUis,  April  27,  1763,  Anna 
Brown,  b.  HoUis,  Oct  23,  1744,  dau.  of  Lieut  Josiah  and  Anna 
(Farwell)  Brown  (see).  He  was  one  of  the  pioneers  in  the  settle- 
ment of  Plymouth,  removing  from  Hollis  in  1764.  He  served  in 
Col.  Goflfe's  regiment  from  April  7  to  Nov.  27,  1760,  in  the  final 
and  successful  expedition  to  Canada.  For  an  account  of  his  good 
citizenship  in  peace,  and  his  service  in  the  Revolution,  see  Vol.  I. 
He  d.  April  14,  1808.  His  widow  d.  Nov.  8,  1829,  having  lived  to 
welcome  seventy-one  grandchildren  and  twenty  great-grandchildren. 
Several  of  the  ten  children  of  Capt  Jotham  Cummings  removed 
from  Plymouth,  and  several  having  the  custody  of  family  records 
have  not  responded  to  repeated  inquiry.  To  others  I  am  greatly 
indebted,  and  especially  to  Mr.  A.  0.  Cummins,  of  Montpelier,  Yt,  who 
is  compiling  a  family  record,  and  to  his  continued  kindness  I  am 

i.   Anna,  b.  March  11,  1764,  in  Hollis.    m.  Dec.   18,  1783,  John 
PhUlips  (see). 

7.  ii.  JoTHAM,  b.  Nov.  6, 1700.     m.  Elizabeth  Senter. 

8.  iii.  Hknrt,  b.  Nov.  5,  1708.    m.  Jane  Merrill. 

0.      iv.  Jaraiimarl,  b.  Deo.  9, 1771.     m.  Mary  Taylor. 

10.  V.  Jonathan,  b.  Feb.  10, 1774.    m.  lluUi  George. 

11.  yi.  JosKPn  Farwkli.,  b.  Sept.  10, 1776.    m.  Susannah  Senter. 

12.  vii.  Leonard,  b.  Jan.  17,  1770.    m.  Hannah  Cheney, 
yiii.   Katk,  b.  August  2,  1781.    m.  Walter  Harriman  (see). 

18.     ix.  Noah,  b.  April  2,  1784.    m.  Elizabeth  Connor. 
14.       X.  WiLUAM,  b.  Sept  24, 1780.    in.  Sally  Hazeltine. 

7.  JoTHAM  CuMMiNQS,  SOU  Capt  Jotham^  b.  Nov.  6,  1766. 
m.  March  5,  1793,  Elizabeth  Senter,  dau.  of  CoL  Joseph  Senter, 
(see).  He  lived  in  Plymouth  until  1811.  He  was  a  selectman,  1791, 
and  1801-1809  inclusive,  and  deacon  of  the  Cong,  church,  1801- 
1811.    He  removed  to  Morgan,  Vt,  and  while  living  in  that  town 


for  several  years  he  was  a  member  of  the  church  in  Derby.  At 
the  organization  of  a  church  in  Morgan  he  transferred  his  relations 
and  was  again  chosen  a  deacon.  He  was  a  representative  in  the 
Vermont  legislature  and  prominent  in  town  affairs.  "  A  man  of  rare 
talents  and  sterling  piety."  He  d.  Oct.  16,  1833.  His  widow, 
Elizabeth,  d.  April  12, 1851.     Six  children  b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.  Elizadeth,  b.  Dec.  23,  1703.  m.  August  1,  1815,  Albert  Hinman, 
b.  Conn.,  Deo.  27,  1788,  son  of  Timothy  Uinnian.  They  lived 
in  Derby,  Vt.  lie  d.  Feb.  13, 1806.  She  d.  April  4, 1862.  Three 
children :  (1)  David  S.,  b.  June  7, 1816.  m.  Harriet  Lindsey.  (2) 
Eliza  Ann,  b.  April  13, 1820.  m.  Adams  MoPherson.  (3)  Phebe 
S.,  b.  Oct.  24, 1826.    m.  Chester  Carpenter.    She  d.  Nov.  11, 1875. 

ii.  Nancy,  b.  Oct.  21,  1796.  m.  Jan.  6,  1814,  William  Cobb,  b. 
Ilartlaud,  Vt,  Oct.  29,  1786,  son  of  William  and  Sarah  (Bates) 
Cobb.  They  lived  in  Morgan,  Vt.  lie  d.  Feb.  11,  1854.  She  d. 
August  10,  1867.  Seven  children:  (1)  Adaline,  b.  Deo.  81,  1814. 
num.  d.  March  26,  1897.  (2)  William,  b.  July  6,  1817.  m.  June 
27,  1854,  Harriet  Morse.  He  d.  March  1,  1894.  (3)  Elizabeth, 
b.  March  20,  1819.  m.  Sept.  2,  1846,  Dr.  Gray.  (4)  Lucy,  b. 
Oct.  11,  1821.  d.  unm.  August  21, 1878.  (5)  Curtis,  b.  Oct.  6, 
1826.  m.  March  2, 1861,  Emma  Barnes.  Killed  at  Spottsylvania, 
Va.,  May  12,  1864.  (6)  Jothara  Cummings,  b.  Oct.  15,  1828.  m. 
June  5, 1861,  Lucinda  Fletcher. ,  He  d.  April  9, 1894.  Miss  Mary 
Elizabeth  Cobb,  the  youngest  of  five  children,  b.  July  14,  1874, 
has  kindly  furnished  this  record  of  the  family  of  her  parents.  (7) 
Sarah  Bates,  b.  Oct.  7,  1832.  m.  Nov.  24,  1856,  Cephas  Adams, 
M.D.,  an  eminent  physician  of  Island  Pond,  Vt. 

ilL  JoTHAM,  b.  March  31,  1797.  m.  Oct  2,  18*20,  Sally  Cobb,  dau. 
of  William  and  Sarah  (Bates)  Cobb.  He  lived  in  Morgan,  Vt., 
was  a  good  citizen,  a  representative,  1826.  He  d.  Oct.  16,  1861. 
She  d.  July  17, 1874.  Two  children:  (1)  Sarah,  b.  Sept.  5, 1821. 
m.  Dec.  15,  1815,  Orrin  Taylor.  (2)  Elizabeth,  b.  Nov.  12,  1838. 
m.  Oct.  12,  1857,  Willard  Morse,  son  of  David  Morse.  He 
enlisted  in  11th  Vt.  Infantry,  and  d.  in  Andersonville  Prison. 
She  m.  second,  Sept.  25, 1866,  John  H.  Taylor. 

iv.  Priscilla,  b.  Dec.  27,  1798.  m.  March  31,  1824,  Mason  Lyon,  b. 
Oct.  30, 1798.  Res.  Charieston,  Vt.  He  d.  May  29,  1875.  She  d. 
April  18,  1883.    Three  children  :  (1)  Jerusha  L.,  b.  Feb.  3,  1825. 

m. Nims.    (2)  Mary  C,  b.  August  8,   1827,  m.  Egbert 

Robinson.  (3)  William,  b.  August  11,  1832.  d.  Nov.  18,  1853. 
y.  Charles,  b.  Nov.  22,  1801.  m.  Feb.  28,  1826,  Jerusha  Little,  b. 
Campton,  April  22,  1799,  dau.  of  Ebenezer  and  Jane  (Burbeck) 
Little.  Res.  Morgan,  Vt.  He  was  a  deacon.  He  d.  in  Charleston, 
Vt.,  Dec.  12,  1873.  She  d.  Dec.  17,  1873.  Six  children:  (1) 
George  Perkins,  b.  Nov.  18,  1826.    m.  Hannah  £.  Rupes.    (2) 

TOL.  II.  — 11 


Jane  Milk,  b.  Sept  14,  182a  m.  Jan.  6,  1857,  Rev.  Richard 
Knight.  (3)  Bockwood,  b.  May  14,  1830.  m.  Mrs.  Jane  Meneife. 
(4)  Alice,  b.  Feb.  4, 1832.  (5)  Jotham,  b.  Oct.  8, 1833.  m.  Jan. 
24,  1866,  Kate  Buchanan.  He  d.  Oct  7,  1898.  (6)  Charles 
Colby,  b.  Dec.  8,  1888.  d.  Dec.  6,  1861. 
vi.  Martha,  b.  Jane  1, 1806.     unm.    d.  Dec.  4, 1842. 

8.  Henrt  Cummikgs,  son  of  Oapt  Jotham  ^  b.  Nov.  5,  1768. 
ra.  Plymouth,  Jan.  23,  1794,  Jane  Merrill,  dau.  of  Jacob  Merrill, 
(see).  He  lived  in  Plymouth  and  was  taxed  here  continuously 
until  1800,  when  he  removed  to  Groton.  He  was  a  captain  in 
the  militia,  and  by  occupation  a  carpenter  and  a  farmer.  He  d. 
August  5,  1820.     She  d.  April  25,  1851. 

15.  i.  Hkmrt,  b.  Nov.,  1794.     m.  Sally  Cheney. 

16.  ii.  Danubl,  b.  May  18, 1706.    m.  Lois  Kidder. 

iii.  Hannah,  b.  1708.  m.  Leonard  Cheney,  b.  March  11, 1800,  son  of 
Isaac  and  Sarah  (Ames)  Cheney;  lived  in  Grotou  until  1847; 
removed  to  Minnesota. 

iv.  Sally,  b.  1800.  m.  Franklin  Blood,  and  had  sons  Parker,  Samuel, 
and  Cyrus. 

y.  Anson,  b.  1802.    m.  Sybel  Lucas,  of  Rumney. 

17.  vi.  Jotham,  b.  May  19, 1804.    m.  Mary  Cheney. 

9.  Jarahmael  Cummings,  son  of  Capt  Jotham*,  b.  Dec.  9,  1771. 
m.  June  8,  1794,  Mary  Taylor,  dau.  of  Edward  Taylor  (see).  He 
was  a  prosperous  farmer,  living  in  Plymouth  until  1802,  when  he 
removed  to  Gi-oton,  where  he  d.  Dec.  25,  1831.  She  d.  1842.  Four 
children  b.  Plymouth  and  six  Groton. 

i.  Nanct,  b.  Jan.  26, 1796.    d.  1804. 

ii.  Mart,  b.  April  22, 1797.    unm.    d.  1825. 

18.  iii.  Ira,  b.  March  23, 1799. 

19.  iv.  Edward  Taylor,  b.  Groton,  Dec.  14,  1800. 

V.  LuciNDA,  b.  Oct.  15,  1803.    m.  1826,  Walter  U.  Hall,  of  Rumney. 

They  lived  in  Dorchester,  where  she  d.  Jan.  8,  1885.    He  d.  about 

1890.    Their  son  Jeremiah  C.  served  in  Ist  N.   H.   Artillery. 

He  d.  in  Groton,  Nov.  30,  1884.    Their  dau.  Mary  Ann  m.  Stillman 

vi.   Amm,  b.  Jan.  26,  1806.    m.  Jan.  26,  1826,  Benjamin  Powers,  b. 

Jan.  25,  1804.    He  d.  May  4, 1884.     Seven  children, 
vii.  Jesse,  b.  May  22, 1809.    unm.    d.  1838. 
viiL  RosBTTA,  b.  April  2,  1814.     m.  Sept.  8,  1835,  Ethan  White,  b. 

Unity,  April  15,  1809,  son  of  Mace  and Wliite.     They 

res.  in  Dorchester.     He  d.   Stoneham,  Mass.,  Oct.   25,  1879. 

She  d.  Stoneham,  Mass.,  April  15,  1882.    Five  children.    (1) 


Lucinda  M.,  b.  Feb.  23,  1837.  d.  Feb.  10, 1842.  (2)  Nelson  W., 
b.  Feb.  21, 1838.  Res.  Hartford,  Vt.  (3)  Anna  P.,  b.  March  29, 
1839.  (4)  Francena  M.,  b.  ApHl  13,  ld41.  (5)  Rosie  C,  b.  Nov. 
iz.  CATnBRiNR,  b.  May  17,  1810.  m.  Arthur  Hall.  Three  children: 
(1)  Alfred,  b.  April  27, 1888.  m.  Eliza  Kidder.  (2)  Ella,  b.  July 
2, 1840,  m.  Inring  Murray.  (3)  Annette,  m.  Artemas  Crosby, 
z.    Florinda. 

10.  Jonathan  Cummings,  son  of  Capt  Jotham,*  b.  Plymouth,  Feb. 
16,  1774.  lie  was  a  farmer  aud  a  surveyor.  He  was  an  active  and 
useful  townsman,  and  a  selectman,  1816,  and  a  justice  of  the  peace 
from  1824  until  his  death.  He  was  much  employed  in  surveying 
lands  aud  in  the  adjustment  of  disputed  lines.  He  made  the  maps  of 
Plymouth  and  of  Campton  for  the  Carrigain  map  of  New  Hampshire, 
and  also  a  special  plan  of  the  township  locating  the  lots  of  each 
proprietor.  He  was  a  fife  major  in  the  militia*  He  m.  March  27, 
1796,  Ruth  George,  dan.  of  William  George  (see).  She  d.  August 
28,  1833.  He  m.  second,  Nov.  13,  1834,  Alice  Blodgett,  widow 
of  Simeon  Blodgett  (see).  She  d.  March  27,  1844.  He  m.  third 
June  9, 1845,  Sophronia  Durrell.  He  d.  April  15, 1849.  Ten  chil- 
dren of  Jonathan  and  Ruth  Cummings: 

i.     Susan,  b.  Augnst  8,  1796.    m.  Joseph  Reed  (see), 
ii.    £lizadrth,  b.  Sept.  17, 1708.  m.  Nov.  11, 1824,  Dayid  Weed  Gordon, 

of  New  Hampton.     She  d.  May  7,  1806.     He  was  a  grocer  in 

Milton,  Mass.,  where  she  d.  May  25,  1866. 

20.  iiL    Jonathan  Gbobgb,  b.  August  1, 1800. 

21.  iy.    Drurt  Fairbanks,  b.  Oot.  80,  1802. 

T.    Sallt,  b.  August  15,  1804.    unm.  d.  Jan.  19,  1881. 

22.  Ti.    Noah,  b.  August  4, 1806. 

vii.  Apphia,  b.  Oct.  19,  1808.     d.  Oct.  13,  1810. 

Tiii.  William  H.,  b.  July  2,  1811.    d.  April  1, 1823. 

ix.  Apphia,  b.  March  9,  1815.    d.  Sept  25,  1819. 

X.  Son,  b.  July  2,  1817.    d.  same  day. 

11.  JosKPH  Fakwell  Cummings,  son  of  Capt  Jotham,  ^  b.  Sept 
16,  1776.  m.  June  12,  1800,  Susannah  Senter,  dau.  of  Col.  Joseph 
Senter  (see).  He  was  a  carpenter  living  near  Ward  Hill.  He 
d.  Jan.  12,  1817.  The  widow  Susannah,  with  five  children,  removed 
to  Danville,  Vt,  during  the  summer  of  1818.    She  d.  May  15, 1849. 

i.    Sabrina,  b.  Nov.  12,  1800.    m.  John  Tilton. 
ii.    JosBPH,  b.  Nov.  8, 1803.    m.  April  10,  1884,  Sarah  C.  Morse.    They 
had  five  children. 


iii.    Jake  Emily,  b.  June  18, 1809.    m.  John  Gillies.    She  d.  in  Rich- 
mond, Yt,  1884. 

iy.    Louisa  Susan,  b.  July  29, 1811.    m.  March  24, 1836,  Francis  Sam- 
son.    They  had  six  children. 
▼.    Benjamin  Franklin,  b.  March  16, 1816.  Removed  to  Arkansas,  and 
d.  in  St  Louis,  aged  about  60. 

13.  Leonard  Cummings,  son  of  Capt.  Jotbam^  b.  Jed.  17,  1779. 
m.  July  14,  1801,  Hannah  Cheney,  b.  March  19,  1779,  dau.  of 
Nathaniel  and  Elizabeth  (Ela)  Cheney  (see). 

He  d.  May  2, 1834.  She  m.  second,  Feb.,  1836,  Thomas  Stevens, 
of  Rumney.    Seven  children. 

i    Leonard.    Left  home  in  youth  and  d.  at  sea. 
ii.    Mauala.    m.  Mardi  7,  1832,  NaUianiel  Uilmau,  of  Gilford  ;  ni. 

second,  Samuel  Rogers. 
iiL    Daniel,  b.  August  15,  1815,  ¥ras  a  locomotive  engineer  and  was 

killed  in  a  railroad  accident,  Jan.  11,  1818.    He  m.  Ann  Pilking- 

ton.    (1)  Daniel  L.,  b.  Sept.  19,  1838,  was  a  jeweller  in  Newport, 

R.  L    He  m.  Mary  L.  Ilildreth. 
iy.     Hannah,  b.  Sept.  23, 1817.    m.  Erastus  Sanford,  of  Taunton,  Mass. 
V.    Henry,  b.  April  3,  1821.    m.  Hannah  Whitney,  who  d.  Oct.  15, 

1855.    He  d.  Quincy,  Mass.,  Feb.  22,  1895.    No  children. 
vL    Joseph,  b.  April  28,  1824.    m.  Susan  T.  Howland.    He  d.  August 

22,  1866. 
yii.    JoTHAM,  b.  1827.    Lived  in  Quincy,  Mass. 

13.  Noah  CaBfMiNGS,  son  of  Capt  Jotham^  b.  April  2, 1784.  m. 
July  12^  1807,  Elizabeth  Connor.  He  was  a  lieutenant  in  the 
militia,  a  selectman  six  years  and  a  substantial  citizen.  He  lived 
many  years  on  Cummings  hill  and  subsequently  on  the  farm,  recently 
of  Harris  J.  Goss,  which  he  gave  to  his  only  son.  He  then  removed 
to  the  village,  living  on  the  site  of  the  Cottage  Hospital,  Highland 
Street    He  d.  Jan.  23, 1858.     She  d.  Jan.  5,  18G4. 

L  Eliza  Ann,  b.  August  26, 1811.  m.  March  21, 1830,  Dearborn  Henry 
Hilton,  b.  AndoTer,  Dec.  31,  1803,  son  of  Henry  Dearborn  and 
Deborah  (Clough)  Hilton.  He  was  a  clerk  iu  Major  Weld's  store, 
and  proprietor  of  a  hotel  and  first  postmaster  at  West  Plymouth, 
living  in  Plymouth  about  eight  years.  In  1831  he  removed  to 
Chester,  Yt,  where  he  was  a  successful  merchant,  a  representatiye, 
and  Stote  senator.  He  d.  July  23,  1800.  She  d.  August  11, 
1803.  (1)  George  H.,  b.  1831.  m.  1853,  Helen  M.  Farwell,  b. 
Nov.  10,  1833,  dau.  of  Dr.  Abraham  and  Miriam  (Whiting)  Far- 
well.  He  d.  Jan.  16, 1901.  Eight  children. 
23.       ii.    NoAU  Connor,  b.  Feb.  26, 1813. 


11  WILLIA3I  CuMMiNGS,  8on  of  Capt  Jotham«,  b.  Sept.  24,  1786. 
m.  March  12,  1809,  Sally  Hazeltine,  b.  Feb.  28,  1790,  dau.  of  John 
and  Hannah  Hazeltine,  of  Concord.  He  d.  Dec.  12,  1847.  She  d. 
Jan.  29,  1868.  His  children  were  born  in  Bumney  and  in  Delhi, 
N.  Y. 

He  was  an  earnest  and  devoted  preacher  of  the  Christian  faith 
and  was  instrumental  in  the  organization  of  many  churches  of  that 
denomination.  His  field  of  labor  was  in  the  States  of  Vermont  and 
New  York. 

i.  Dorcas,  b.  April  6,  1810.    d.  Jan.  18,  1827. 

ii.  Pktkr,  b.  April  7, 1812.    d.  April  11, 1812. 

ill.  Damarib,  b.  Sept.  14,  1814.    d.  Jan.  16,  1831. 

24.  iv,  MosRS,  b.  Jan.  14,  1816. 

V.  Aaron,  b.  Dec.  11,  1817.  m.  August  0, 1847,  Harriet  Squires.  He 
lived  in  Honesdale,  Penn.  Merchant.  He  d.  Aagust  5,  1882. 
Seven  children, 
▼i.  Sarah  Marion,  b.  Feb.  8,  1820.  m.  Feb.  8,  1848,  Hiram  G. 
Combes.  He  was  a  salesman,  res.  in  Brooklyn,  N.  T.  She  d. 
March,  1891.  One  son,  William  Anson,  b.  Nov.  14,  1850.  d. 
May  4,  1874. 
vii.    Lydia  W.,  b.  Nov.  18, 1827.    m.  August  11, 1840,  Edward  Harris. 

15.  Henry  Cummings,  son  of  Henry^  b.  Nov.,  1794.  m.  Sally- 
Cheney,  b.  April  8,  1798,  dau.  of  Isaac  and  Sarah  (Ames)  Cheney, 
of  Groton.     Six  children. 

i.    LucT  Ann.    m.  Ofcis  Hall, 
ii.    Sarah  Janr. 
ill.    Caroline,  b.  April  10, 1824.    m.  July  4,  1843,  John  B.  Fairbanks. 

He  d.  Natick,  Mass.,  Feb.  6,  1891. 
iv.     Annktte.     m.  Edgai-ton. 
V.     Hannah,     m.  Abbot. 

vi.      EuZAItRTH. 

16.  Daniel  Cummings,  son  of  Henry®,  b.  May  18, 1796.  m.  June 
1,  1824,  Lois  Kidder,  dau.  of  Jobn  and  Lois  (Buel)  Kidder,  of  Groton. 
He  was  a  fanner  on  the  paternal  homestead.    He  d.  Groton,  August 

25,  1854    Eight  children  b.  in  Groton. 

i.  Mart  J.,  b.  Sept.  20,  1825.  d.  Sept.  10,  1830. 
ii.  Alicb,  b.  Nov.  26,  1827.  m.  March  25,  1847,  Elbridge  Tilton,  b. 
April  10,  1822,  son  of  Silas  B.  Tilton,  of  Bristol.  He  was  a  farmer 
ill  Groton  until  1861,  in  Gilford  until  1871,  and  subsequently  in 
Brisiol.  He  d.  May  6,  1889.  Two  children.  (1)  Zerah  Elbridge, 
b.  May  23,  1858.    m.  May  22,  1887,  Georgiana  Weeks.    He  is  a 

166  ouMiaKGs. 

farmer  in  BrisioL  (2)  Delia  Alioe,  b.  Deo.  8, 1867.  m.  Deo.  28, 
1885,  Fred  Herman  Briggi,  b.  Oct  1,  1858,  son  of  Sherman  S. 
Briggs,  of  Bristol,  photographer.  Kes.  Ameabary,  Mass. 
iii.  Lois  Ann,  b.  Not.  21,  1829.  m.  1851,  Joseph  A.  Judkins,  a 
florist,  of  Natiok,  Mass.  He  d.  1876.  She  d.  March  14,  1000.  (1) 
Emma  Frances,  b.  1864.    onm. 

25.  iy.    Danikl  Kiddbr,  b.  Deo.  1,  1881. 

26.  y.    Hbnrt,  b.  Nov.  4, 1838. 

yi.  Adklaidb  Crosby,  b.  June  2, 1836.  m.  May  1,  I860,  Romanzo  J. 
Hunkins,  b.  Oct.  14,  1830,  son  of  Moses  and  Hannah  (Cheney) 
Hunkins,  of  Sanbomton.  She  d.  June  12, 1891.  He  is  a  farmer, 
of  Groton.  Two  children  :  (1)  Frank  £.,  b.  August  19, 1862.  d. 
May  11,  1864.  (2)  WilUam  Henry,  b.  Feb.  12,  1860.  m. 
August  29, 1888,  Mitfy  A.  Hardy,  who  d.  July  4, 1899. 

yii.  Frank  Edwin,  b.  March  4,  1839,  a  real  estate  agent  in  Boston. 
Res.  Natick,  Mass.  He  m.  Not.  16, 1864,  Emma  RamsdelL  Three 
children:  (1)  Etb  Frances,  b.  Nov.  27,  1871.  d.  Dec.  8,  1871. 
(2)  E.  Louise,  b.  Oct.  6,  1875.    (3)  Helen  A.,  b.  August  10,  1878. 

Tiii.  Jambs  Alfrbd,  b.  Oct.  1,  1843.  m.  Nov.  24,  1872,  Mary  A. 
Chambers,  b.  Lawrence,  N.  T.,  Feb.  21, 1845,  dau.  of  William  and 
Elixa  (Gilbert)  Chambers.  She  d.  Plymouth,  Dec.  1, 1895.  He  m. 
second,  August  30,  1899,  Nettie  B.  Jacobs,  b.  Hiland,  Kan., 
August  25, 1874,  dan.  of  Stanley  and  Emma  Ix>uise  (Chambers) 
Jacobs.  He  was  farmer  in  Plymouth,  removing  to  Brbtol,  1897, 
where  he  d.  Sept.  1,  1902.  His  widow  remoTcd  to  California. 
One  child.    (1)  Maiy  Lob,  b.  April  5, 1883.    Res.  Bristol. 

17.  JOTHAM  CUMMINGS,  SOD  of  Henry  •,  b.  Groton,  March  19,  1804. 
m.  Jan.  1,  1833,  Mary  Cheney,  b.  Sept  24,  1808,  dau.  of  Isaac  and 
Sarah  (Ames)  Cheney,  of  Groton.  In  early  manhood  he  was  a  cooper 
in  Boston ;  returning  to  Groton  he  was  a  substantial  farmer  and  a 
useful  citizen.    He  d.  Jan.  8,  1893.    She  d.  Oct  23, 1895. 

L    Emily  Jane,  b.  Nov.  7,  1833.    m.  Nov.  7, 1852,  Luther  H.  Clark. 

Res.  Ilardwick,  Vt.,  and  Bridgton,  N.  J. 
ii.    Sarah  Jkrusua,  b.  May  25, 1835.    m.  William  George  Piper.    Res. 

Vineland,  N.  J. 
iii.    Gborob  Jotuam,  b.  July  6,  1838.    Dartmouth  College,  1869.    Fh>- 
fessor,  Howai*d  University,  Washington,  D.  C.    m.  July  26,  1869, 
Lucy  £.  Hardy.    (1)  Luoy  Webster,  b.  March  6, 1875.    (2)  Alice 
Ames,  b.  April  29, 1878.    d.  Dec  12,  1880. 
iv.    Mary  Emklinb,  b.  Sept  8, 1840.    d.  Deo.  11,  1840. 
T.    Charlrs  Wilson,  b.  August  20, 1846.    m.  1873,  Emily  E.  Merrill, 
daughter  of  Ira  and  Mary  (Whitcher)  Merrill,  of  Warren.    He 
attended  Newbury,  Vt.,  and  Meriden  academies.     Has  been  a 
successful  merchant  in  Groton  and  in  Meriden.    He  has  retired 
from  business,  and  res.  in  Warren. 

0UMMIKG8.  167 

18.  Ira  Cumminos,  son  of  Jarahmael^  b.  March  23,  1799.  Was 
a  prosperous  farmer  of  Groton,  where  he  d.  Oct  3,  1853.  He  m., 
1825,  Betsey  Hardy,  who  d.  Dec.  4,  1850.  He  m.  second,  L  Abigail 

i.    Child  bom  and  d.  1826. 

ii.    Mart,  b.  May  2,  1828.    d.  August  18, 1851. 

iii.  Ira,  b.  Dec.  23,  1831.  nu  May  14,  1853,  EMra  B.  Colburn,  b.  Jan. 
10,  1830.  They  were  married  in  Natick,  Mass.  He  d.  Jan.  14, 
1850.  Three  children:  (1)  Charles  I.,  b.  Sept.  11, 1854.  m.  Sept 
2.5,  1874,  Emma  Temple,  of  Hopkinton,  Mass.  She  d.  Jan.  14, 
1882.  He  m.  second.  Sept  80,  1884,  Jennie  Marriner.  Seven 
children.  (2)  Frank  C,  b.  Oct  21,  1856.  m.  May  18,  1876, 
Abbie  G.  Morse,  of  Natick,  Mass.  She  d.  Jan.  1,  1801.  Four 
children.     (8)  Bertha,  b.  Dec.  20, 1850. 

iv.  Edward  T.,  b.  Deo.  16,  1834.  m.  April  2, 1854,  Martha  A.  Clark, 
b.  Feb.  10, 1834,  dau.  of  John  and  Elizabeth  (Neal)  Clark.  He 
was  a  farmer  of  Groton,  where  he  d.  Sept.  22, 1863.  She  d.  Sept. 
5, 1880.  Two  children  :  (1)  Ira,  b.  March  11,  1855,  is  a  farmer  of 
Groton,  and  has  conducted  a  mica  mine  and  a  stage  line  from 
North  Groton  to  Rumney.  He  has  ever  been  a  loyal  promoter  of 
the  town  library.  He  m.  August  25,  1874,  Effie  A.  Bailey,  b.  Jan. 
6, 1856,  dau.  of  Abel  Bailey,  of  Groton.  Five  children.  (2)  Mary 
K.,  b.  June  14, 1857.  m.  1870,  Horatio  N.  Bryer,  son  of  Clark 
and  Mary  (Hall)  Btyer.    She  d.  Dec.  14, 1886. 

▼.  Kmma,  b.  Jan.  11,  1842.  m.  March  1,  1865,  Albert  Smith,  b. 
Boston,  Mass.,  June  6, 1841.  He  was  in  the  service  during  the 
Civil  War.  Three  children :  (1)  Edward  Cummings,  b.  Oct.  10, 
1865.  m.  May  30, 1800,  Mabel  L.  Smith.  Res.  Natick,  Mass. 
(2)  Charles  A.,  b.  Dec.  12, 1867.     (3)  George  W.,  b.  March  16, 

1870.  d.  April  3, 1871. 

vi.  Charles  C,  b.  Jan.  26, 1845.  m.  Feb.  23, 1868,  Rhoda  C.  Putney, 
of  Hebron.  Lived  in  Natick,  ^lass.,  where  he  d.  March  14,  1873. 
Two  children:  (1)  Emma  A.,  b.  Sept  30,  1868.  m.  March  14, 
1887,  Arthur  Smith.     Res.  Franklin.    (2)  Abbie,  b.  March  21, 

1871.  d.  Sept  22, 1878. 

19.  Edward  Taylor  Cummings,  son  of  Jarahmael*,  b.  Dec.  14, 
1800.  m.  Dec.  14,  1828,  Mary  McGrath,  b.  Londonderry,  Nov.  18, 
1808,  dau.  of  John  B.  McQrath.  He  was  a  farmer,  living  in  Groton 
and  in  Hebron.  In  1844  he  joined  the  Shakers  at  Enfield,  and  with- 
drew, 1849.  He  d.  Berlin  Heights,  Ohio,  1874  She  d.  Sept  2, 1852. 
Six  children  b.  in  Groton  and  two  in  Hebron. 

L  JouN  Taylor,  bom  April  18,  1820.  unm.  A  deacon  of  the  com- 
munity of  Shakers,  Enfield. 

168  GUMHING8. 

ii.    JB88R,  b.  Nov.  14,  1881.   d.  April  12, 1832. 
iii.    Jbsss,  b.  Feb.  12, 1833.    d.  June  6, 1833. 

iy.    Hkniit,  b.  June  7, 1834.    m.  June  0, 1881,  Arabella  G.  Kelley;  res. 
Enfield.    No  ohildreu.      Const,  convention,  1002. 

▼.    Infant,  b.  Oct.  7, 1836.    d.  Nov.  2, 1836. 

27.  vi.    Enoch  PAGB,b.  Sept.  30, 1837. 

vii.    RosBTTA,  b.  Dec.  21,  1841.    anm.    A  deaconess,  oomraunity  of 

Shakers,  Enfield. 
viiL    Mart  Ann,  b.  March  1,  1844.    unm.     An  elder,  community  of 
Shakers,  Enfield. 

20.  Jonathan  George  Cummings,  son  of  Jonathan  ^^  b.  Plymouth, 
August  1,  1800.  m.  Oct  6,  1825,  Philena  Adams,  dau.  of  John 
Adams  (see).  He  inherited  the  rugged  and  ready  qualities  of  his 
ancestors,  and  was  a  useful  and  popular  citizen  of  the  town.  Before 
the  railroad  was  built  to  Plymouth,  he  was  one  of  the  drivers  of  the 
stages  from  this  town  to  Concord.  Later  he  was  a  farmer.  He  was 
a  lieutenant  in  the  militia,  and  is  pleasantly  remembered  as  the  leader 
of  the  Congregational  choir.  Mra  Cummings  survived  her  husband, 
and  d.  Feb.  9, 1879.    Seven  children. 

28.  i.    Gborob  Spalding,  b.  Jan.  4, 1829. 

ii.    Fbamk  Walkrr,  b.  Jan.  81,  1832.     m.  Nov.  22,  1854,  Jane  A.  Maj- 
nard,  b.  Asbburaham,  Mass.,  Maroh  27, 1836,  dau.  of  Antipas  and 
Almira  (Samson)  Maynard.    He  res.  in  Gardner,  Mass. 
iii.    John  Currier,       I    ^^.^^    Both  d.  young, 
iv.    Elizabbtii  Janb,   ) 
V.    RuTU  Emerson,    d.  young. 
20.  vi.    Charles  Hknrt. 
80.  vii.    William  Harrison. 

'  21.  Druby  Faikbanks  Cummings,  son  of  Jonathan  ^^,  b.  Oct  30, 
1802.  He  was  a  farmer  in  Plymouth,  a  captain  in  the  militia,  and 
was  often  employed  in  surveying.  Ho  m.  Nov.  20,  1832,  Mary  A. 
Wheeler,  dau.  of  William  N.  Wheeler  (see).  She  d.  Oct  6,  1835 ; 
m.  second,  Dec.  7,  1841,  Lavinia  Lewis,  dau.  of  Joel  and  Lucy 
(Sawyer)  Lewis,  of  Chaileston,  Vt  She  d.  July  18, 1849  ;  m.  third, 
Oct  10, 1849,  Buth  George  Emerson,  dau.  of  Daniel  Emei'son  (see). 
She  d.  Feb.  20, 1872  ;  m.  fourth,  April  15, 1874,  Martha  Ellen  Thurs- 
ton, b.  April  13,  1838,  dau.  of  Josiah  and  Martha  (Marsh)  Thurston, 
of  Thornton.    He  d.  Plymouth,  Oct  5, 1880. 

i.  Charles  Wiluur,  b.  March  6,  1842.  m.  Feb.  18, 1878,  Alice  M. 
Bradbora,  b.  England,  May  27,  1846.  She  d.  May  2,  1888.  He 
enlisted  at  Springfield,  Mass.,  1863,  2d  ^lass.  Cavalry.    After  the 

ouioriNGS.  169 

war  he  was  a  miner  among  the  Black  Hills,  and,  since  1878,  a 
fanner  at  Ijockport,  Cal.  Four  children :  (1)  Mary  Alice,  b.  Feb. 
8,  1879.  (2)  Infant  son,  b.  July  22,  1881.  d.  July  24,  1881. 
(3)  Charles  Wilbur,  b.  July  5,  1884.  (4)  Levina  Anna,  b.  March 
18, 1888.   d.  Dec.  27, 1888. 

ii.  Mary  Alfreda,  b.  April  14,  1848.  m.  July  12, 1865,  Henry  J. 
Meservey,  b.  August  81,  1838,  son  of  Jonas  and  Jane  (Chapman) 
Meservey,  of  Newbury,  Vt.  He  d.  Oct.  16, 1892.  Three  chil- 
dren :  (1)  Jennie  May,  b.  August  16,  1867.  d.  July  28, 1881.  (2) 
William  H.,  b.  Feb.  9,  1870  ;  station  agent,  Penaoook.  (3) 
George  D.,  b.  May  8,  1872. 

iii.  Waldo  Fletcher,  b.  Oct.  81,  1845.  m.  Deo.  18,  1886,  Emma 
Lucina  Balch,  b.  lioyalston,  Mass.,  Oct.  12, 1850,  dau.  of  Charles 
C.  and  Lucina  (Bliss)  Balch.  He  res.  in  the  '<  West*'  ten  years  ; 
removed  to  Gardner,  Mass.,  1883;  later  res.  Shirley,  Mass.;  chair 
maker,    d.  in  1901. 

iy.  Daniel  Emerson,  b.  Feb.  18, 1853.  He  was  a  locomotive  engineer 
until  1898,  and  was  superintendent  of  electric  railway  at  Port 
Chester,  N.  Y.  He  is  now  employed  by  Charles  II.  Cummings 
at  Meredith,  N.  H.  He  m.  Jan.  1,  1879,  Mary  S.  Littell.  (1) 
AVillard  Howe,  b.  1884. 

22.  Noah  Cummings,  son  of  Jonathan  i^,  b.  Augiiafc  4,  1806. 
Leaving  his  native  town  at  eighteen  years  of  age,  he  lived  two  years 
in  Providence,  R  I.,  when  he  removed  to  Quincy,  Mass.,  and  there 
engaged  in  the  granite  business.  He  was  a  member  of  the  firm  of 
O.  T.  Kpgers  &  Co.,  retiring  from  active  business,  1862.  He  was  enter- 
prising and  successful  in  business,  and  enjoyed  the  confidence  and 
respect  of  his  fellowmen.  He  was  a  selectman  of  Quincy,  and  a 
representative  in  the  Legislature  He  m.  Feb.  23, 1834,  Mary  Tyler 
Hamilton,  b.  Jamaica,  Vt,  Jan.  12,  1811.  d.  June  26, 1869.  m.  sec- 
ond, 1871,  Rosina  Eichmond,  b.  Dixfield,  Ma  d.  March  15,  1887. 
He  d.  Oct  18,  1882. 

i.    ^Iart  Elizadrth,  b.  July  17, 1836.    d.  Sept  27,  1836. 

ii.  Grorgb  Marcbllus,  b.  August  20, 1887.  d.  August  2,  1839. 
iii.  Laura  Frances,  b.  Sept  27,  1840.  m.  Deo.  80,  1800,  Stephen  R. 
Bancroft,  b.  Aroesbury,  Mass.^  1830,  son  of  Samuel  and  Eunice 
(Kelly)  Bancroft.  He  was  a  manufacturer  of  carriages.  He  d. 
1893  :  (1)  Laura  Cummings,  b.  June  80, 1802.  m.  June  1,  1887, 
J.  E.  A.  Blais,  b.  Canada,  Jan.  30,  1854,  son  of  Moses  and  Caro- 
line (Bellefemille)  Blais. 

17.  JuLiRT  Annrtta,  b.  Jan.  15,  1850.  m.  April  17, 1873,  E.  A.  Cain, 
son  of  Manly  Cain,  a  furniture  dealer.  (1)  Manly  Cummings,  b. 
April  17,  1874.  m.  Oct  20, 1890,  Grace  Howe,  dau.  of  Charles 
Ilorey  Howe. 

170  0UMHIN08. 

23.  Noah  Connor  Cumminos,  son  of  Noah>^  b.  Feb.  26,  1813. 
m.  Sept  10, 1835,  Elmira  George,  dau.  of  Capt  Moses  George  (see). 
He  was  a  fanner,  and  a  valued  citizen  of  Plynioutli.  He  d.  Sept.  14, 
1867.    She  d.  Nov.  24, 1874 

i.    Elizabeth  Matilda,  b.  July  22,  1836.    unm.    d.  May  26,  1897. 

ii.  Gborgb  Hilton,  b.  Feb.  21,  1838.  Enlisted  August  22, 1862,  12th 
N.  H.  Infantry ;  wounded  severely  Cbancellorsville,  May  8, 1863 ; 
mustered  out  June  21, 1865.    unm.   d.  Plymouth,  Feb.  14,  1802. 

iii.    Martua  Ann,  b.  Sept.  24, 1840.    m.  Ethan  A.  Moulton  (see). 

iv.    Charles  IIbnry,  b.  July  14,  1842.    d.  July  31, 1844. 

V.  Curtis  Stevens,  b.  April  4, 1844.  m.  Nov.  20, 1866,  Ellen  Augusta 
Clark,  dau.  of  Hiram  Clark  (see).  They  res.  in  Gloversville,  N.  Y., 
and  he  has  senred  the  city  as  mayor.  Two  children  b.  Plymouth : 
(1)  Harry  Leslie,  b.  Oct  18, 1868.  m.  Feb.  24,  1803,  Katharine 
Neal;  one  child,  Florence  May,  b.  Oct.  0,  1804.  (2)  Robert 
Everett,  b.  Dec.  0,  1872.    d.  Sept  3, 1873. 

vi.  Kate  Russell,  b.  Nov.  15,  1845.  m.  May  3,  1871,  Edwin  A. 
Whitney,  b.  Ashbumham,  Mass.,  May  20, 1842,  son  of  Amos  and 
Harriet  J.  (Bemis)  Whitney.  He  is  a  wholesale  jeweller  in  Bos- 
ton, res.  in  Newton,  Mass.  One  child :  (1)  Walter  C,  b.  June 
10, 1878 ;  a  civil  engineer. 

vii.    Mart  Long,  b.  Oct.  3, 1847.    d.  June  20, 1863. 
viii.    Sarah  Amanda,  b.  August  26,  1840.    unm.    d.  July  15,  1871 ; 
drowned  from  a  boat  on  Charles  River. 

ix.  Eliza  Ann  Hilton,  b.  July  15, 1851.  m.  June  16, 1886,  William 
H.  Carey,  of  Newark,  N.  J.    They  res.  in  Gloversville,  N.  Y. 

X.  William  Jbwbtt,  b.  June  8, 1853.  d.  August  10, 1875 ;  drowned 
while  boating  on  Pemigewasset  River,  near  Bristol. 

xi.  Clara  Eaton,  b.  July  13, 1855.  State  Normal  School,  1872.  Miss 
Cummings  is  associate  professor  botany,  Wellesley  College. 

21  Moses  Oommings,  son  of  William**,  b.  Jan.  14,  1816.  In 
early  life  was  a  jeweller,  but  devoted  the  greater  part  of  his  life  to 
preaching  and  editorial  labors  in  the  interest  of  the  Christian  church. 
His  home  after  1840  was  in  the  States  of  Pennsylvania  and  New 
York.  He  was  editor  and  publisher  of  the  "Christian  Messenger" 
and  '*  Christian  PaUadium."  He  d.  in  New  York  City,  Jan.  6, 1867. 
He  m.  Jan.  14,  1834,  Julia  Ann  Jones,  who  d.  in  Middleton,  N.  Y., 
March  15, 1886. 

i.    William,  b.  1835.    d.  Honesdale,  Pa.,  1837. 

ii.  Amos  J.,  b.  Conkling,  Broome  Co.,  N.  Y.,  May  15, 1838.  When  a 
boy  he  set  type  in  the  printing  establishment  of  his  father,  and 
for  a  short  time  was  a  journeyman  printer.    In  1857  he  was  in 

0UMMIN08.  171 

the  AValker  Expedition,  and  with  others  wm  arreeted  by  Com- 
modore Davis  in  the  Quaker  City.  In  the  war  of  the  Rebellion 
he  was  sergeant-major  of  the  26th  N.  J.  Infantry,  and  was  officially 
commended  for  bravery  at  Fredericksbnrg  Heights.  He  was  edi- 
tor under  Mr.  Gay,  of  the  New  York  "  Weekly  Tribune,"  and  in 
1868  he  became  managing  editor  of  the  New  York  ''Sun,"  and 
retained  his  connection  with  that  paper  until  his  death.  In  1886 
he  was  elected  a  representative  in  Congress,  and  was  several  times 
re-elected.  As  a  brilliant  newspaper  correspondent,  as  a  sagacious 
and  tactful  editor,  and  as  an  able  Congressman  he  won  the  respect 
of  his  associates  and  the  approval  of  the  public.  He  m.  second, 
March  6,  1869,  Frances  Caroline  Roberts.  He  d.  May  2,  1902. 
(1)  Percy  Byron,  b.  July  4, 1860.  d.  1861. 
iii.  Charles  AVilliam,  b.  Feb.  5,  1840.  d.  Oct  22,  1865.  He  was  a 
private  in  26th  N.  J.  Infantry. 

25.  Daniel  Kidder  Cummings,  son  of  DauieP^  b.  Dec.  1, 1831. 
m.  July  4,  1853,  Mary  Jane  Bradley,  b.  Gilford,  Dec.  15,  1829,  dau. 
of  Joseph  Bradley.     She  d.  April  24,  1862.      He  m.  second,  Nov.  7, 

1863,  Ellen  M.  Brown,  b.  Springfield,  August  24, 1830,  dau.  of  John 
Brown.  He  is  a  farmer,  and  has  lived  in  Groton,  Wentworth,  Bridge- 
water,  Franklin,  and  since  1891  in  Bristol    He  served  from  Sept  3, 

1864,  to  June  15,  1865,  in  Ist  N.  H.  H.  A.    Six  chUdren. 

i.    Mart  Lois,  b.  Groton,  Sept.  25, 1857.    d.  July  8, 1870. 
ii.    Orvillb  Darius,  b.  Wentworth,  Oct.  29, 1861.    m.  Jan.  1, 1887, 
Hannah  French.    He  is  a  carpenter.   He  lived  in  Plymouth,  1880- 
1893  ;  now  res.  Worcester,  Mass. 
iii.    Annie  Corinna,  b.  Groton,  Sept.  7, 1865.    d.  Oct.  25, 1865. 
iv.    Emma  Mabel,  b.  Groton,  March  8, 1867.    m.  Sept  28, 1885,  Edward 
Frank  Kendall,  b.  Bristol,  Dec.  80, 1858,  son  of  Hiram  W.  and 
Lucy  A.  (Ilinman)  Kendall ;  res.  Woodsville. 
▼.    Fred  Wesley,  b.  Dec.  12,  1868.    d.  Feb.  26, 1870. 
yi.    Mart  Alice,  b.  Sept.  12, 1870.    m.  Henry  C.  Vamey. 

26.  Hbnuy  Cummings,  son  of  DanieP*,  b.  Nov.  4, 1833.  m.  Nov. 
18.  1857,  Hannah  Piper  (Bailey)  Foster,  b.  Rumney,  March  16, 1834, 
dau.  of  Al)el  and  Alfreda  (Foster)  Bailey,  and  widow  of  Joseph  A. 
Foster.  He  removed  to  Plymouth,  the  home  of  his  ancestors,  in 
1866.  He  was  a  cooper,  and  several  years  the  janitor  of  the  Congre- 
gational church.    He  d.  Feb.  7, 1903.     His  widow  res.  in  Plymouth. 

27.  Enoch  Page  Cummings,  son  of  Edward  T.^*,  b.  Groton,  Sept 
30,  1837.  ra.  in  Lebanon,  October  30,  1864,  Juliet  W.  Dailey,  a 
native  of  Boston,  Mass.  He  was  a  dentist ;  res.  at  Grand  Haven, 
Mich.    He  d.  Feb.  20, 1901.    Two  children  b.  Grand  Haven. 


i.    Edward  Paor,  b.  Jane  28,  1871.    Grad.  Ann  Arbor  University. 
He  is  superintendent  public  schools,  Grand  Uayen.     He  m.  June 
2, 1901,  Louise  Kay.   (1)  Frank  Edward,  b.  June  20, 1903. 
ii.    Hbrdert  Tuur8TON,  b.  Nov.  10, 1874 ;  a  dentist.  Grand  Haven. 

28.  Georqb  Spaldikq  Cumminqs,  son  of  Jouatbau  George^,  b. 
Plymouth,  Jan.  4,  1829.  m.  August  25, 1854,  Susan  Ann  Emery. 
He  lived  in  Moultonboro'  and  in  Geneva,  N.  Y.  For  several  years 
he  was  a  car  agent  of  the  Lehigh  Valley  RR  He  d.  Buffalo,  N.  Y., 
Feb.  8, 1902.     Three  children  : 

i.    Arthur,   d.  young, 
ii.     Carrib  Luthkra,  b.  August  9,  1862.    m.  Nov.  26, 1884,  George 

H.  Hutchinson  ;  res.  in  Geneva,  N.  Y.    Two  children  :  (1)  Anna 

Mabel,  b.  August  18, 1885.    (2)  Arthur  Eugene,  b.  Nov.  12,  1886. 
iii.    Amy  Evbrbtt,  b.  June  22,  1809.    m.  June  20,  1893,  Frank  Fay 

Johnson ;  res.  Buffalo,  N.  Y.    Three  children :  (1)  Marguerite,  b. 

Oct.  8,  1894.    (2)  Howard,  b.  Dec.  12,  1895;  d.  July  10, 1896. 

(8)  Frank  Carleton,  b.  July  3, 1900. 

29.  Charles  Hbnry  OaMMiNGS,  son  of  Jonathan  George^,  m. 
April  7, 1885,  Mary  H.  Packer,  dau.  of  Judge  Asa  Packer,  of  Mauch 
Chunk,  Penn.  After  the  death  of  his  father,  he  found  a  home  with 
his  grandparents,  John  and  Sally  (Currier)  Adams,  and,  having 
received  the  advantages  of  the  public  schools,  he  started  out  with  the 
eagerness  of  youth  to  win  his  way  in  the  world.  At  this  time  the 
railroad  had  been  built  through  the  town,  and  the  whistle  and  rumble 
of  the  passing  trains  incited  an  early  ambition  to  engage  in  railroading. 
His  first  practical  experience  was  in  a  subordinate  position  on  the 
Fitchburg  RR,  succeeded  by  a  brief  service  with  the  Boston  &  Maine 
RR.,  and  the  Pittsburg,  Ft  Wayne,  &  Cliicago  RR  In  this  service 
his  aptitude  and  ability  promoted  him  to  freight  conductor.  Trans- 
ferring his  relations  to  the  Now  Jeraey  Ccutml  K.R,  ho  remained  with 
that  corporation  until  1864,  when  he  entered  the  service  of  the  Lehigh 
Valley  RR  as  passenger  conductor,  and  subsequently  as  general  pas- 
senger agent,  with  an  office  in  New  York  City,  from  which  he  retired 
with  an  honorable  record  in  1888.  Later,  for  twelve  yeara  he  engaged 
in  the  coal  business,  and  was  an  active  partner  of  the  firm  J.  A.  Brad- 
ford &  Co.,  of  Boston,  Mass.  In  the  Masonic  fraternity  he  has  attained 
unusual  prominence  and  distinction.  He  was  made  a  Mason  in  St. 
Mark's  Lodge,  of  Newburyport,  Mass.,  in  1863,  and  was  exalted  in 
Zerubbabel  R.  A  Chapter,  New  York,  1867.  He  was  Eminent  Com- 
mander of  Packer  Commandery,  No.  23,  Knights  Templar,  Mauch 

OtJMMINGS.  178 

Chunk,  Penn.,  1887.  He  is  now  a  member  with  rank  of  Past  Eminent 
Commander,  of  Palestine  Commandery,  No.  18,  Knights  Templar,  of 
New  York,  and  an  honorary  member  of  Detroit  Commandery  No.  1, 
of  Detroit,  Mid).,  and  of  Pilgrim  Commandery,  of  Laconia,  N.  IL 
In  the  Ancient  Accepted  Scottish  Rite  of  Freemasonry  he  was  created 
a  Sovereign  Grand  Inspector-General  of  the  thirty-third  and  last  degree, 
Sept.  15,  1885. 

Mr.  Cummings  is  a  loyal  son  of  Plymouth,  and  is  interested  in 
every  enterprise  that  sustains  the  good  name  and  promotes  the  pros- 
perity of  his  native  town.  Of  an  even  disposition,  genial  and  cordial, 
he  wins  and  enjoys  the  friendship  and  esteem  of  his  fellowmen.  To 
enhance  the  welfnix)  and  happiness  of  his  friends  is  to  him  a  continued 
source  of  pleasure. 

For  several  years,  Mr.  Cummings,  in  his  journeys  of  pleasure,  has 
visited  many  points  of  interest  in  the  United  States,  Mexico,  and 
Alaska,  and  has  made  several  visits  to  Europe,  Japan,  China,  and  India. 
His  last  foreign  trip  was  to  the  Orient  He  has  a  summer  home  at 
Spindle  Point,  on  the  shore  of  Lake  Winnepesaukee,  and  at  other 
seasons  of  the  year  he  is  a  frequent  guest  at  the  Pemigewasset,  in 

30.  William  Harbison  Cummings,  son  of  Jonathan  George  ^,  en- 
listed Oct.  21,  1861,  6th  N.  H.  Infantry;  discharged  on  account  of 
disability,  March  3,  1862.  He  was  a  railroad  conductor  several  years 
in  Pennsylvania,  and  is  now  a  farmer  in  llumney,  near  the  border  of 
Plymouth.  He  m.  Oct.  6,  1861,  Sarah  L.  Holden.  They  have  two 

i.  WiNFRED  Harrison,  b.  June  11, 1870.  Served  in  the  Spanish  War 
and  18  now  a  resident  of  Walthain,  Mass.  Ilo  m.  Jan.  27, 1900, 
Iva  M.  Pieroe,  b.  March  2,  1877:  (1)  Doris  Emma,  b.  Sept. 

ii.  Charles  Henrt,  b.  Jane  7,  1870.  m.  Feb.  18,  1899,  Alice  M. 
Bailey,  of  Rumney.    They  res.  in  Waltbam,  Mass. 

31.  Samuel  Cummings,  son  of  Samuel^  and  brother  of  Jarahmael^ 
b.  Groton,  Mass.,  March  6, 1709.  m.  July  18, 1732,  Prudence  Law- 
rence,  b.  Oroton,  Mass.,  Sept.  4, 1715,  dau.  of  Thomas  and  Prudence 
Lawrence.  He  lived  in  West  Dunstable,  subsequently  called  HoUis. 
He  was  a  surveyor,  and  set  the  bounds  of  several  grants  within  New 
Hampshire.  He  was  a  grantee  of  several  towns  and  one  of  the 
gi-autees  of  Plymouth.    He  was  a  delegate  to  the  Qeneral  C!ourt, 

174  0UHMING8  — OUBBIBB. 

1747,  town  clerk  twenty-two  years,  and  a  magistrate.  Ho  d.  Jan. 
18,  1772«  She  d.  1797.  His  daughter,  rinideuce  Cuunnings,  b.  Nov. 
26, 1740,  m.  Dea  28, 1761,  David  Wright,  b.  August  19,  1735,  sou 
of  Samuel  and  Hannah  (Lawrence)  Wright  They  lived  in  Peppoi'eU, 
Mass.  She  was  the  daring  leader  of  the  patriotic  women  of  Pepperell 
who  arrested,  in  1775,  at  Jewett's  Bridge,  Capt  Leonard  Whiting,  a 
tory,  and  bearer  of  letters  to  the  enemy. 

32.  Samukl  Commings,  son  of  Samuel  **,  b.  HoUis,  Dec  10, 1742. 
m.  Nov.  3, 1768,  Lydia  Webster,  b.  Jan.  24,  1743,  dau.  of  Stephen 
Webster  (see).  He  was  one  of  the  grantees  of  Plymouth,  but  never 
res.  hera  He  was  town  clerk  and  selectman  of  Hollis,  1773  and 
1774  In  the  Revolution  he  was  a  royalist,  and  became  an  absentee. 
His  estate  was  confiscated,  and  he  d.  in  exile.  The  date  of  his  death 
is  not  known.  Among  the  papers  on  file  in  the  office  of  the  secretary 
of  State  he  is  mentioned,  Feb.  14,  1783,  with  those  "gone  to  the 
enemy."  Again,  under  date,  of  Oct  20,  1785,  he  is  named  as  Samuel 
Cummings  deceased.  His  wife  came  to  Plymouth,  and  was  taxed,  1784. 
She  m.  second,  June  14,  1785,  Capt  Jeremiah  Marston,  b.  Hampton, 
Jan.  23, 1745,  son  of  Capt  Jeremiah  and  Tabitha  (Dearborn)  Marston. 
They  lived  in  Orford,  where  she  d.  Dec.  6,  1795. 

33.  Lydia  Oummikgs,  b.  August  21, 1769,  dau.  of  Samuel "  and 
Lydia  (Webster)  Cummings.    m.  Capt  David  Webster  (see) . 


1.  Qrebnlbaf  It  Cummings,  not  connected  with  the  foregoing, 
was  b.  Parkman,  Me.,  1835,  enlisted  from  Plaistow,  Sept  18, 1861, 
5th  N.  H.  Infantry;  discharged  Oct  29,  1864.  After  the  war  he 
lived  a  few  years  in  Manchester,  removing  to  the  Moses  Blodgett 
farm  on  Pike  hill,  in  Plymouth,  1875.  His  wife  d.  in  June,  1880, 
leaving  an  infant,  that  d.  a  few  months  later.  He  d.  May  2, 1882. 
They  were  buried  in  Hebron. 


1.  Richard  Currirr,  emigrant  ancestor  of  a  populous  family  of 
Massachusetts  and  New  Hampshire,  b.  1616,  was  a  prosperous  planter 
and  millwright,  of  Salisbury  and  Amesbury.  He  came  to  America 
before  1640,  and  received  grants  of  land  in  Salisbury,  1641  and  1642, 
and  in  later  years  he  was  a  grantee  in  Amesbury.    He  was  one  of 

[  OUBBIEB.  175 

the  signers  of  the  articles  of  agreement  between  Amesbury  and  Salis- 
bury, Jan.  14,  1654.  He  built  a  sawmill  in  1656,  which  he  owned 
and  operated  many  years.  He  was  town  clerk  of  Amesbury,  a  select- 
man fifteen  years,  clerk  of  writs  and  one  of  a  committee  to  build  the 
first  meeting-house.  Of  him  David  W.  Hoyt  has  written,  "  He  was 
one  of  the  most  prominent  men  in  the  new  town.''  By  wife  Ann  he 
had  children,  Thomas  and  Hannah,  and  possibly  Samuel  Currier  was 
his  son.  After  the  death  of  his  wife  Ann,  he  m.  second,  Oct  26, 
1676,  Joanna  Sargent  Her  maiden  name  was  Joanna  Pindor.  She 
m.  Nov.  14, 1643,  Valentine  Rowell;  m.  second.  Sept  18, 1670,  Wil- 
liam Sargent  Richard  Currier  d.  Feb.  22,  1686/7.  Widow  Joanna 
d.  Oct  1690. 

2.  Thomas  Currier,  son  of  Richard  ^  b.  Salisbury,  Mass.,  March 
8,  1646,  succeeded  his  father  as  town  clerk  of  Amesbury,  and  tran- 
scribed the  records  in  a  neat  hand,  fifty-two  years.  He  was  a  select- 
man seventeen  years,  a  deacon,  and  held  other  local  offices.  That  be 
was  an  instructor  of  youth,  as  well  as  adviser  of  men,  is  witnessed  by 
a  vote  of  the  town,  authorizing  him  '*  to  teach,  to  write,  and  sipher 
such  as  shall  come  to  him."  He  m.  Dec.  9, 1668,  Mary  Osgood,  b. 
March  3,  1649/50,  dau.  of  William  and  Elizabeth  Osgood.  William 
Osgood,  in  1697,  deeded  to  his  dau.,  Mary  Currier,  one-fourth  of  a 
sawmill  in  Salisbury.  Thomas  Currier  d.  Sept.  27,  1712.  She  d. 
Nov.  2,  1705.    Twelve  children. 

3.  Thomas  Currier,  son  of  Dea.  Thomas',  b.  Nov.  28, 1671.  m. 
Sept  19,  1700,  Sarah  Barnard,  b.  March  23, 1676/7,  dau.  of  Nathaniel 
Barnard.    He  lived  in  Amesbury,  where  he  d.  1749  or  1750. 

4.  EzERiEL  Currier,  son  of  Thomas  ',  b.  Amesbury,  Mass.,  April 
29,  1707.  m.  Jan.  15,  1732/3,  Mehitable  Morrill,  b.  March  20, 
1709/10,  dau.  of  John  and  Mary  (Stevens)  Morrill.  They  had  six 

5.  William  Currier,  son  of  Ezekiel*,  b.  May  12, 1737,  removed 
to  Concord  before  1760,  where  he  lived  over  thirty  years.  He  wjw  a 
surveyor  of  highways,  surveyor  of  lumber,  constable  and  tithingman, 
and  one  of  the  signers  in  Concord  of  the  Association  test,  1776.  He 
probably  was  the  William  Currier  who  served  in  Capt.  Marston's 
company,  in  the  Rhode  Island  expedition,  1777.  His  son-in-law, 
Bruce  Walker,  was  in  the  same  company.  In  1794,  William  Currier 
removed  from  Concord  to  Plymouth,  where  he  lived  until  his  death. 
Ho  d.  1809  or  1810.    He  m.  in  Concord,  1760,  Mary  Carter,  b.  South 

176  GUBBIEB. 

Hampton,  May  6, 1742,  dau.  of  Daniel  and  Hannah  (Fowler)  Carter. 
Daniel  Carter,  a  brother  of  Dr.  Ezra  Carter,  removed  from  South 
Hampton  to  Concord  soon  after  1747. 

i.  MsniTABLS,  b.  April  26,  1762.  m.  iu  Concord,  Oct.  12, 1780,  Bruce 
Walker,  b.  Concord,  May  17,  1760,  son  of  James  and  Ruth 
(Abbot)  Walker.  He  liyed  in  Concord  until  1801,  wben  he 
remoTcd  to  Hebron,  where  he  d.  July  27,  1840.  He  was  a  soldier 
in  the  Revolution,  and  a  pensioner.  Their  dau.,  Nancy,  m. 
Jonathan  Dearborn  (see). 

6.  ii.    Danibl,  b.  Oct.  26, 1760. 

iii.  John,  b.  Oct.  4, 1770,  lived  in  Concord;  he  m.  1792,  Bridget  Cham- 
berlain. She  d.  May  10,  1797.  He  m.  second,  1799,  Betsey 
Cochran.  Four  children  :  (1)  Fanny,  b.  July  7,  1793.  (2)  Mary, 
b.  May  9,  1796,  d.  young.  (3)  William,  b.  Jan.  20,  1797.  (4) 
Mary,  b.  Oct.  5, 1800. 

iv.  Mart,  b.  Oct  13,  1776.  m.  1792,  Samuel  Abbott,  b.  Concord, 
April  8,  1771,  son  of  Edward  and  Deborah  (Stevens)  Abbot.  He 
was  a  carpenter,  near  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 

7.  V.    Henry  Morrill,  b.  Jan.  16, 1779. 

vi.    Ruth,  b.  Dec.  10,  1781.    m.  Richard  Holden. 
vii.    Nancy,  b.  Sept  26,  1787.    m.  Joseph  Kimball  (see). 

6.  Daniel  Corkier,  son  of  William  ^  b.  Concord,  Oct  26,  1766, 
in.  1784,  Mary  Smith,  of  Bow,  b.  August  11,  1763.  He  removed 
from  Concord  to  Plymouth,  1795.  He  was  a  substantial  citizen,  and 
a  prosperous  farmer  on  Lower  Intervale.  His  wife  d.  Sept  19,  1832. 
He  m.  second,  Joanna  Pillsbury.  He  d.  June  4,  1848.  Seven 

Abigail,  b.  Concord,  Dec.  22, 1788.    m.  Noah  Chapman  (see). 

Nathaniel,  b.  Concord,  Qct.  6,  1791. 

MosBS,  b.  Plymouth,  April  18,  1704. 

Danikl,  b.  Feb.  25,  1797. 

William,  b.  March  21,  1800. 

Sauukl,  b.  June  11,  1802. 

Mary,  b.  August  27,  1805.  m.  June  30, 1829,  Alfred  Kelley,  b.  Nov. 
18,  1795,  son  of  Dr.  Timothy  and  Joanna  (Newcomb)  Kelley,  of 
BristoL  He  was  a  farmer,  of  Hill,  where  ho  d.  Sept.  28,  1815. 
She  d.  Nov.  80, 1893.     Four  children. 

7.  Henry  Morrill  Currier,  son  of  William  ^  b.  Concord,  Jan. 
16,  1779.  lived  in  Plymouth  from  1794  until  be  d.  March  24.  1815. 
He  m.  May  20, 1804,  Hannah  Keed,  dau.  of  Joseph  Reed  (see).  She 
m.  second,  1822,  Capt  Oliver  Taylor,  of  Thetford,  Vt  Mention  is 
found  of  three  children. 













CUBBIBB.  177 

i.    Uenrt  Morrill,  b.  1806.    Was  taxed  in  Plymouth,  1828-1838. 

He  m.,  1828,  Julia  Sawyer,  of  Thetford,  Vt. 
ii.    Arthur. 
iii.    Jason,    d.  Dec.  18,  1815. 

8.  Nathaniel  Currier,  son  of  Daniel  •,  b.  Concord,  Oct  6, 1791. 
m.  1816,  Rebecca  Varnum  Pratt,  b.  Nov.  29,  1793,  dau.  of  David 
Pratt  (see).  She  d.  Canaan,  July  24,  1872.  He  removed,  1816, 
from  Plymouth  to  Canaan,  and  was  a  woollen  manufacturer  and  pro- 
prietor of  a  general  store.  The  mercantile  business  was  owned  by 
the  firm,  CuiTier  &  Wallace.  He  owned  many  parcels  of  land  in 
Canaan,  and  in  public  affairs  he  was  respected  and  influential,  being 
frequently  elected  to  oflice,  and  was  a  representative  in  the  legislature. 
He  d.  Sept.  12, 1863.    Eleven  children,  b.  in  Canaan. 

i.  AViLLiAM  P.,  b.  Feb.  26,  1817.    d.  Juue  0,  1839. 

13.    ii.  Horace  S.,  b.  April  26,  1818. 

iii.  Nathaniel  S.,  b.  Jane  22,  1810.     d.  Oct.  19, 1852. 

iv.  Gborgb  C,  b.  Nov.  2,  1821.    d.  Sept.  13, 1826. 

V.  Franklin,  b.  August  24,  1823. 

vi.  Oliver  P.,  b.  May  29,  1826.    d.  June  26,  1826. 

vii.  George  Kimball,  b.  May  7, 1828.    Res.  Springfield,  Mass. 

viii.  Henry  Kirk  White,  b.  April  6,  1830.    d.  August  10, 1831. 

ix.  Elizabeth,  b.  March  14,  1832.     d.  March  21,  1882. 

X.  Elizabeth  Pratt,  b.  May  3,  1833.  m.  Dec.  6,  1855,  John  W. 
Duuklee,  b.  Dec.  4,  1830,  son  of  Benjamin  F.  and  Marinda 
(Gould)  Duuklee.     (See  John  Gould.) 

XL  Henry  Kirk  White,  b.  Sept.  23,  1837. 

9.  Moses  Currier,  son  of  Daniel  ^  b.  1795.  m.  Nov.  29, 1821, 
Polly  Goold,  dau.  of  Benjamin  Goold  (see).  He  d.  April  10, 1832. 
She  d,  June  2, 1836. 

i.    Jane.    ni.  Kimball  Corliss  (see). 

10.  Daniel  Currier,  son  of  Daniel  ^  b.  1797.  m.  Sept  7, 1817, 
Ruth  Webster,  dau.  of  Daniel  Clough  Webster  (see).  He  was  a  farmer 
and  a  respected  citizen.  He  d.  1847.  She  m.  second,  Nov.  27, 1851, 
Aaron  Currier  (see).     Probably  there  were  more  than  two  children. 

i.    Martha,  b.  1820.    d.  May  30,  1839. 
ii.    Charles  P. 

11.  William  Currier,  son  of  Daniel',  b.  March  21,  1800.  m. 
Feb.  22, 1827,  Sophia  Eobinson  Doyen,  b.  Pembroke,  dau.  of  Nathaniel 

TOL.  11. — 12 

178  CUBBIEB. 

and  Deborah  (Smith)  Doyen.  He  was  a  farmer  on  Lower  Intervale. 
He  removed  from  Plymouth  to  Holderness,  1848.  About  this  time 
his  eyesight  failed,  and  he  was  totally  blind  the  last  twenty  years  of 
his  life.    He  d.  March  13, 1877. 

i.    William  Wallace,  b.  1828.    d.  about  1844. 
ii.    Edwin  Bruce,  b.  Sept.  0,  1880.    Res.  New  Hampton, 
ill.    Mart  Anmis,  b.  Jane  27,  1882.  m.  Sept.  II,  1849,  Alaon  L.  Brown, 

son  of  Joseph  Brown  (see), 
iv.    Ann  Frrnob,  b.  Sept.  4, 1886.    m.  May  19,  1858,  Frank  B.  Cox. 

She  d.  in  Laoonia,  1807. 
▼.    Maria  George,  b.  Nov.  29, 1887.    m.  Alphonso  F.  Jones  (see). 

12.  Samuel  Currier,  son  of  Dalliel^  b.  June  11,  1802.  m.  Dec. 
31, 1829,  Jane  H.  Fletcher,  b.  1809,  dan.  of  Abel  and  Betsey  (Gilman) 
Fletcher,  of  Bridgewater.  She  d.  May  9, 1866.  He  m.  second,  Feb. 
26,  1857,  Lucinda  (Batchelder)  Brown,  widow  of  Abraham  Brown 
(see).    She  d.  August  21, 1895.    He  d.  May  2, 1897. 

i.  Samuel,  b.  Feb.  18, 1884.  d.  Feb.  12, 1857.  He  was  thrown  from 
a  carriage,  May  12, 1856.  He  lived  nearly  two  years.  His  mind 
was  unimpaired,  but  his  body  and  limbs  were  paralyzed. 

13.  Horace  S.  Currier,  son  of  Nathaniel  ^  b.  Canaan,  April  25, 
1818.  Was  a  clerk  several  years  in  the  store  of  his  father.  In  1849, 
he  b^n  trade  on  his  own  account,  on  the  site  of  the  Cardigan 
House,  and  successfully  conducted  a  large  and  prosperous  business. 
Having  sold  the  store,  he  was  engaged  a  few  years  in  dealing  in  real 
estate.  He  was  prominent  in  town  and  county  affairs,  and  was  town 
treasurer,  county  treasurer,  and  representative  in  the  legislature.  He 
d.  June  17, 1866.  He  in.  Sept.  14,  1846,  Emma  Plastridge,  dau.  of 
Dr.  Caleb  Plastridge.    She  d.  April  8, 1888.    Five  children. 

i.  Jennie  I^uise,  b.  April  9, 1849.  m.  Dec.  6,  1871,  Myron  J.  Pratt, 
b.  March  1, 1881,  son  of  Joel  and  Betsey  (Spear)  Pratt  He  was 
a  produce  merchant  in  Boston,  Mass.,  several  years,  and  after 
1859  was  messenger  and  district  superintendent  of  the  Cheney  & 
Co.,  United  States  &  Canada,  and  Amerioan  Express  companies. 
He  retired  from  business,  1900,  and  for  several  years  has  res.  in 
Concord.    He  is  president  of  the  Concord  Commercial  Club. 

ii.  Frank  D^  b.  Oct.  80, 1858,  pursued  an  academical  and  professional 
course  of  study,  and  was  admitted  to  the  bar  in  Plymontli,  1874, 
He  res.  in  Canaan,  and  is  a  popular  advocate  and  a  successful 
lawyer.  From  his  youth  he  has  been  active  in  politics,  and  the 
accumulating  honors  he  has  won  are  not  so  much  the  fruits  of 

OUBRIBR.  179 

conquest  as  the  willing  offerings  of  bis  many  friends.  He  was  a 
representative,  1879 ;  secretary  of  the  republican  State  committee, 
1882-1888;  clerk  of  the  senate,  1883  and  1885;  State  senator  and 
president  of  the  senate,  1887 ;  delegate  to  the  national  convention 
at  Chicago,  1884;  naval  officer  for  the  district  of  Boston  and 
Charlestown,  Mass.,  1890-1804,  and  representative  in  Congress 
from  the  Second  New  Hampshire  district,  1901-1905,  and  ap- 
pointed chairman  of  Committee  on  Patents.  He  m.  May  81, 1890, 
Adaline  (Sargent)  Rollins. 

iii.  William  D.,  b.  April  21, 1855,  was  a  successful  sheep  ranchman  in 
Wyoming.  He  sold  his  land  and  business  in  1892,  and  res. 
Spokane,  Wash.    He  d.  1898. 

iv.    Maud  M.,  b.  March  16, 1860 ;  res.  Canaan. 

V.  CiiARLBS  W.,  b.  Feb.  23, 1863,  was  a  clerk  in  office  of  B.  &  M.  R.R. 
in  Boston,  and  later  a  salesman  for  Page  Belting  Co.,  Concord, 
until  his  death. 

14.  Samuel  Curriek,  son  of  Dea.  Thomas^  and  Mary  (Osgood) 
Currier,  b.  Amesbury,  Mass.,  Jan.  3,  1674/5.  m.  1700,  pub.  Dec. 
14,  Dorothy  Foot,  who  d.  July  14, 1720.  He  d.  1735.  He  lived  in 
Amesbury  and  in  Salisbury.    Eight  children. 

15.  Samuel  Currier,  son  of  Samuel  ^S  b.  Salisbury,  Mass.,  Feb.  1, 
1709.  m.  June  24,  1731,  Hannah  Morrill,  b.  March  16,  1711,  dau. 
of  Ezekiel  and  Abigail  (Wadleigh)  Morrill.  He  lived  in  Salisbury, 
Mass.,  South  Hampton,  and  after  1760,  in  Hampstead.  He  was  a 
deacon;  selectman  of  Hampstead.  He  d.  Sept  24,  1766.  Head- 
stone in  Hampstead. 

16.  Samuel  Currier,  son  of  Samuel  ^^  b.  South  Hampton,  Jan.  5, 
1746/7.  m.  in  Hampstead,  Nov.  12, 1766,  Mary  Eowell,  b.  in  Kings- 
ton, 1747,  dau.  of  Daniel  and  Anne  (Currier)  Kowell.  He  was  a 
useful  citizen  of  Hampstead,  a  deacon  of  the  Cong,  church  from 
1776  to  1791.  He  removed,  1791,  to  Wentworth,  and  was  one  of  the 
founders  of  the  town,  and  a  leader  in  local  affairs.  During  his  life,  a 
church  was  not  organized  in  Wentworth,  and  he  preached  without 
ordination  several  years.  He  is  styled  in  the  records,  Elder  Currier, 
and  in  a  few  instances  his  name  is  written  Rev.  Samuel  Currier.  A 
Baptist  church,  the  first  church  organization  in  Wentworth,  was  em- 
bodied in  1808,  a  few  years  after  his  death.  There  are  lingering 
traditions  in  Wentworth  that  Mr.  Currier  was  a  Baptist  The  tradi- 
tion is  not  supported.  There  was  no  church  to  which  he  could 
transfer  his  relations,  and  he  remained  through  life  a  member  of  the 
Cong,  church  in  Hampstead.    He  visited  the  sick,  attended  funerals. 

180  OURBIEB. 

and  preached  from  time  to  time  to  his  neighbors.  His  piety  and 
tender  sympathies  found  a  sweet  expression  in  such  ministrations  to 
a  little  flock  without  a  shepherd. 

His  wife  d.  April  3,  1801.  He  m.  second,  in  Plymouth,  Dec.  8, 
1801,  Abigail  (Dearborn)  [Hobart]  McClure,  dau.  of  Benjamin  Dear- 
born (see),  and  widow  of  Peter  Hobart  (see),  and  of  Thomas  McClure 
(see).  He  d.  in  Weutworth, ''  May  5  1802  in  the  56  year  of  his  age  " 
(headstone).  His  widow  m.  fourth,  William  George  (see).  Samuel 
and  Mary  (Howell)  Cunier  had  children  b.  in  Hampstead:  Aaron, 
Samuel,  Daniel,  Molly,  Hannah,  and  David. 

17.  Aaron  Curribb,  son  of  Samuel  ^^  and  Mary  (Howell)  Currier, 
b.  May  1, 1767.  m.  in  Hampstead,  1791,  Abigail  Huse.  He  settled 
in  Wentworth,  but  removed  to  Corinth,  Vt,  where  he  lived  twelve 
years,  when  he  returned  to  Wentworth.  He  was  a  good  townsman  and 
active  in  business  affairs.  He  was  a  farmer  and  a  tanner,  and  later  be 
had  a  saw  and  grist  mill  and  a  cloth  dressing  milL  He  was  a  select- 
man of  Wentworth  and  a  representative.    He  d.  August  12, 1831. 

Of  the  twelve  children  of  Aaron  and  Abigail  (Huse)  Currier,  two 
sons,  Samuel  and  Aaron,  have  lived  in  Plymouth,  and  a  dau.,  Mary, 
b.  March  1, 1802,  m.  Ezra  Bartlett  Eaton  (see). 

18.  Samuel  Curribr,  son  of  Aaron  ",  b.  Corinth,  Vt,  Jan.  7,  1795, 
came  to  Plymouth,  1822,  and  lived  here  seven  years.  He  was  a  cap- 
tain in  the  militia.  He  m.  Dec.  26, 1822,  Lois  Smart,  of  Wentworth, 
b.  July  14,  1801.  He  returned  to  Wentworth,  1829,  where  he  was  a 
tanner  and  a  farmer.  He  d.  Feb.  1,  1870.  She  d.  Dec.  23,  1879. 
Three  children  b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.  EuNiCK,  b.  May  22, 1824.  d.  July  20,  1826. 
ii.  Saiiubl  Gatics,  b.  Jan.  7, 1826.  d.  Weutworth,  April  9,  1897. 
iii.  LouKNZo  Wkustku,  b.  May  23,  1828.  in.  Jan.  1,  1867,  Josephine 
Pilbbury.  He  lives  in  Wentworth ;  town  officer  and  representa- 
tive.  Two  children  :  (1)  Mary  M.,  b.  May  24,  1869.  (2)  John 
Pillsbury,  b.  Sept.  25,  1871.  m.  Dec.  10, 1896,  Alice  W.  Sharpe. 
Res.  Meredith. 

19.  Aaron  Currier,  son  of  Aai-on'^  b.  Corinth,  Vt,  Jan.  1, 1797. 
m.  Jan.  1, 1818,  Anna  Hoag,  b.  Oct  12, 1799,  dau.  of  Daniel  Hoag, 
of  Grand  Isle,  Vt  She  d.  in  Plymouth,  Jan.  28, 1851.  He  m.  second, 
Nov.  27,  1851,  Ruth  (Webster)  Currier,  dau.  of  Daniel  C.  Webster 
(see),  and  widow  of  Daniel  Currier  (see).  He  was  a  farmer  at  Lower 
Intervale,  and  lived  in  Plymouth  from  1821  until  his  death.     Select- 

GURRIEB.  181 

maD,  1830, 1831.    He  d.  from  effect  of  a  fall,  Sept  20, 1882.   His  wife 
d.  1878. 

i.    Phbdr,  b.  May  18, 1820.    m.  George  C.  Reed  (see). 

20.  ii.     Daniel  Hoao,  b.  April  3, 1822. 

iii.    Mart  Abigail,  b.  Jan.  20,  1824.    m.  Hiram  T.  Wells  (see). 

21.  iv.    James,  b.  March  28, 1827. 

22.  V.     Solon,  b.  May  23,  1880. 

23.  vi.     Hrnry  Clat,  b.  Sept  28,  1832. 

vii.  Ei.izA  Ann,  b.  August  8, 1835.  Was  a  teacher  in  Virginia,  where 
8lie  ra.  1868,  Raleigh  D.  Carter,  of  Virginia.  lie  d.  1866.  She 
m.  second,  1868,  Rev.  John  Sanford,  Methodist  clergyman,  of 
Galveston,  Tex.  He  was  editor  of  the  **  Texas  Christian  Advo- 
cate." Her  sons,  Henry  Champe  Carter  and  Montoure  Carter, 
are  lawyers  in  Texas, 
viii.  AiiMiNA  Janb,  b.  Jan.  20,  1838.  m.  George  F.  Fletcher  (see), 
ix.  Emilt  Sarah,  b.  Nov.  26, 1840.  m.  Feb.  22, 1862,  Thaddeos  Still- 
man  Moses,  son  of  William  and  Abigail  (Keniston)  Moses.  Res. 
Meredith.  He  d.  Jan.  13,  1902.  Four  children  :  (1)  William 
Hammond,  b.  Sept  3,  1863.  m.  June  11,  1800,  Mabel  Tucker 
Pillsbury.  Res.  Tilton.  (2)  Geneva  Ardelle,  b.  March  12,  1867. 
(3)  Chester  Stillman,  b.  March  16, 1872.  (4)  Mina  Maud,  b.  Oct. 
14, 1881  (see  Keniston  Register). 

20.  Daniel  Hoag  Curribr,  son  of  Aaron  '^  b.  April  3, 1822.  m 
April  19, 1848,  Laura  Beed,  dau.  of  Joseph  and  Susan  (Cummings) 
Heed  (see).  He  was  a  farmer  and  glove  manufacturer  at  Lower 
Intervala  Selectman,  1856-1858, 1863-1865,  1881-1884  His  wife 
d.  Dec.  18,  1878.  He  m.  second,  July  31,  1879,  Martha  Willard 
(Richardson)  Houston,  widow  of  Gilmore  M.  Houston  (see).  He  d. 
April  13,  1892. 

i.    Georob  Hbnrt,  b.  July  27,  1849.    d.  April  6, 1860. 
ii.     Arthur  Bradlkt,  b.  April  30,  1861.    d.  Jan.  8,  1862. 
24.      iii.    Dkan  Sumnbr,  b.  March  18, 1861. 

21.  James  Currier,  son  of  Aaron  '^  b.  March  28, 1827.  m.  Jan. 
21,  1854,  Ann  Eosette  Robie,  dau.  of  Jeremiah  S.  Robie  (see).  He 
m.  second,  June  30, 1896,  Harriet  (Lowd)  Mudgett,  dau.  of  James 
and  Mary  (Willoughby)  Lowd.    He  is  a  farmer  of  Plymouth. 

i.     Addie  Mart,  b.  Dec  22, 1864.    m.  Daniel  D.  McMurphy  (see). 

22.  Solon  Currier,  son  of  Aaron  ^^  b.  May  23,  1830.  m.  August 
2,  1851,  Memory  Ann  Meacham.  He  lived  in  Plymouth  at  intervals, 
making  several  removals  to  and  from  this  town.  He  was  a  preacher, 
and  was  drowned  while  crossing  a  lake  in  New  York  State  about  1882. 

182  GUBBIBB. 

i.  Wilbur  Frbmont,  b.  August  8,  1855.  m.  Feb.  7»  1878,  Hattie 
Marguerite  Fogg,  b.  Nor.  6, 1857,  dau.  of  Da?id  Henry  Green  and 
Emeline  (Worthen)  Fogg  (see).  He  U  a  briok  manufacturer ; 
res.  Plymouth.  Two  children :  (1)  Anna  Melinda,  b.  Dec.  5, 
1870.  d.  same  day.  (2)  Cora  Maud,  b.  May  17, 1886.  m.  Dee. 
2, 1901,  Harry  £.  Palmer,  soldier  Spanish  War. 

Sa  Hbnrt  Olat  Curribb,  son  of  Aaron  ^^  b.  Sept  23, 1832.  He 
attended  the  Plymouth  Academy  and  New  Hampton  Institute,  and 
has  been  a  teacher  in  the  public  schools  several  terms.  Associated 
with  his  brother,  Daniel  H.,  he  has  been  a  manufacturer  of  gloves, 
and  more  recently  a  farmer  on  the  paternal  estate.  Selectman,  1900, 
representative,  1897.  He  m.  Feb.  15,  1859,  Florena  Blaisdell,  b. 
Campton,  March  19, 1836,  dau.  of  Pelatiah  and  Louisa  (Cook)  Blaisdell. 

L  Pbrlbt  Scott,  b.  Feb.  12,  1800.  m.  March  12,  1801,  Cora  Mc- 
Daniel,  b.  Dec.  27, 1864,  dau.  of  Hon.  Charles  and  Amanda  M. 
(Quimby)  McDaniel,  of  Springfield.  She  is  a  grad.  of  the  State 
Normal  School,  1887.  They  res.  in  Plymouth.  One  child :  (1) 
Ruth,  b.  Feb.  20, 1802. 

ii.    Dana  Clat,  b.  Sept.  7, 1861.    d.  Nov.  12, 1868. 

iii.    Infant,  b.  1868.    d.  Oct  11, 1863. 

ir.    Flora  Blaisdell,  b.  May  8, 1866.    d.  August  7, 1868. 
T.    Edward  Grant,  b.  Dec.  20,  1867.    Plymouth  High  School,  1888. 
Mail  clerk;  res.   Groveton.     m.  Sept  18,  1001,  Mary  Louise 
Homans,  dau.  of  Arthur  L.  Homans  (see).    (1)  Preston  II.,  b. 
June  24, 1002.    (2)  Clinton  Henry,  b.  Jan.  11, 1004. 

yi.  Amy  Bess,  b.  Dec  80, 1872.  Plymouth  High  School,  1801.  Dress- 
maker; res.  Plymouth. 

vii.    Fred  Arthur,  b.  March  20,  1888.    Plymouth  High  School,  1003. 

31  Dean  Sumner  Currier,  son  of  Daniel  K.^,  b.  March  18, 1861. 
m.  Jan.  1, 1895,  Emma  C.  Tenney,  dau.  of  Lemuel  D.  Tenney  (see). 
He  was  an  esteemed  citizen  of  Plymouth  until  1899;  a  selectman 
four  years,  a  director  of  the  Pemigewasset  National  Bank,  trustee  of 
the  Plymouth  Guaranty  Savings  Bank.  In  the  summer  of  1899  he 
resigned  the  several  positions  of  trust  and  removed  to  Colebrook,  hav- 
ing previously  been  appointed  cashier  of  the  Colebrook  National  Bank 
and  treasurer  of  the  Colebrook  Guaranty  Savings  Bank.  In  his  en- 
larged field  of  labor  and  increased  responsibilities,  he  has  the  best 
wishes  of  his  many  friends  in  Plymouth.  He  was  a  member  of  the 
Town  History  Committee.    Two  children. 

i.    Phkbb,  b.  Plymouth,  March  18, 1806. 
ii    Laura,  b.  Colebrook,  Oct.  11,  1008. 

CU8HMAN.  188 


1.  Egbert  Cushman,  the  pilgrim,  was  an  important  factor  in  the 
Plymouth  settlement  After  a  brief  sojourn  in  New  England  he 
went  to  England  and  obtained  the  charter  of  the  Cape  Ann  settle- 
ment He  d  in  Loudon.  (See  Cushman  (lenealogy;  Appleton's 
"  Encyclopfedia  of  Biography.") 

2.  Thomas  CasiiMAN,  son  of  Robert  \  b.  England,  1608.  d.  at 
riymouth,  Mass.,  Dec.  11,  1691.  m.  1636,  Mary  Allerton,  dau.  of 
Isaac  Allerton.    He  was  one  of  the  leaders  of  the  colony. 

3.  Elkanah  Cushman,  son  of  Thomas*,  b.  June  1, 1651.  d.  Sept 
4, 1727.  Deacon,  representativa  m.  Feb.  16, 1676/7,  Elizabeth  Cole, 
dau.  of  James  Cole,  Jr.,  who  d.  Jan.  4, 1681/2.  m.  second,  March  2, 
1682/3,  Martha  Cooke,  dau.  of  Jacob  Cooke. 

4.  Allbbton  Cushman,  son  of  Elkanah'  and  Martha  (Cooke) 
Cushman,  b.  Nov.  21, 1683.  d.  Jan.  9,  1730/1.  m.  Jan.  11,  1710/1. 
Mary  Buck,  who  d.  Oct  15,  1725;  m.  second,  Sept  15,  1726, 
Elizabeth  Samson,  dau.  of  George  Samson. 

6.  Allerton  Cushman,  son  of  Allerton  ^  b.  Dec.  16, 1712.  m.  Jan. 
30,  1734/5,  Alethea  Soule,  who  d.  March  3,  1747/8.     m.  second, 

Rebecca ,    He  removed  to  Lebanon,  Conn.    The  first  in  this  line 

to  remove  from  Plymouth  or  adjoining  towns. 

6.  Ephraim  Cushman,  son  of  Allerton  ^  b.  Duxbury,  Feb.  14, 
1742/3.  m.  Dea  20,  1764,  Sarah  Colman,  of  Coventry,  Conn.  He 
removed  from  Conn,  to  Lisbon,  where  he  d.  April  27, 1832.  She  d. 
Dec.  8, 1832. 

7.  Ebenbzbr  Cushman,  son  of  Ephraim  ^,  b.  Coventiy,  Conn.,  June 
24,  1787.  m.  Sept  4, 1813,  Abigail  Emery,  b.  June  24,  1791,  dau 
of  Moses  Emery,  of  Dover.  He  was  active  in  business,  owning  lumber- 
mills  and  carding  and  fulling  mills  and  for  this  reason  he  is  called 
**  clothier,"  in  accordance  with  the  usage  of  his  time.  He  lived  in 
Lisbon,  Littleton,  Wentworth,  Warren,  and  again  in  Lisbon,  where 
he  d.  April  16, 1866.    She  d.  Feb.  24,  1864. 

8.  Francis  Asbury  Cushman,  son  of  Ebenezer^,  b.  Lisbon,  April  22, 
1816.  Lived  a  few  years  in  Lisbon  and  in  Rumney,  but  he  found  his 
lifework  in  Lebanon,  where  he  was  prominently  connected  with  many 
business  enterprises  and  a  substantial  contributor  to  the  growth  and 
prosperity  of  the  town.  He  was  of  the  firm  of  M.  and  J.  H.  Buck  &  Co., 
manufacturers  of  wood- working  machinery  and  of  mowing-machines. 
He  was  an  intelligent  manufacturer  and  he  introduced  improvements 


in  methods  of  busiDess  and  in  the  machinery  in  use.  Later  he  was 
interested  with  others  in  the  manufacture  of  pulp  by  a  chemical 
process.  He  was  a  representative  from  Lebanon  and  a  member  of  the 
executive  council  during  the  administration  of  Gov.  Prescott  He 
removed  from  Lebanon  to  Plymouth,  1886,  and  here  d.  Jan.  8, 1900. 
He  m.  Harriet  Smart  (see  Josiah  Brown  family)  who  d.,  leaving  two 
daughters :  (1)  M.  Ella,  wife  of  Ward  Amsden,  of  Worcester,  Mass. ;  (2) 
Hattie  A.,  and  an  adopted  daughter  Elizabeth,  now  Mrs.  Wheeler. 
Mr.  Oushman  m.  second,  Feb.  22,  1886.  Catherine  Russell  (Spalding) 
Leverett,  dau.  of  Joseph  Spalding  (see)  and  widow  of  William  Leverett 


1.  Elizabeth  Gutter,  widow  of  Samuel  Cutter,  with  sons  William 
and  Richard  and  dau.  Barbary,  came  to  New  England,  1640.  She  d. 
in  Cambridge,  Jan.  10, 1663/4. 

2.  Richard  Cutter,  son  of  Samuel  and  Elizabeth  Cutter,  b.  Eng- 
land, about  1620.    m.  Elizabeth ,  who  d.  March  6, 1661/2.    He 

m.  second,  Feb.  14,  1662/3,  Frances  (Perriman)  Amsden,  widow  of 
Isaac  Amsden,  of  Cambridge.    He  d.  June  16, 1693. 

3.  Nathaniel  Cutter,  son  of  Richard',  and  Frances  Cutter,  b. 
Dec.  11,  1663.  m.  Oct.  8, 1688,  Mary  Fillebrown,  b.  May  6,  1662, 
dau.  of  Thomas  Fillebrown,  of  Cambridge.     She  d.  March  14,  1713/4. 

.  He  m.  second,  Elizabeth, .    He  d.  before  1728. 

4.  John  Cutter,  son  of  Nathaniel  ^  b.  Sept.  19, 1703.  m.  Dec.  26, 
1734,  his  cousin,  Hepsibah  Brooks,  b.  Wobum,  Nov.  18,  1701,  dau.  of 
Jabe^  and  Hepsibah  (Cutter)  Brooks.  He  lived  in  Wobum,  now 
Winchester,  where  he  d.  March  15, 1789. 

5.  Nathaniel  Cutter,  son  of  John*,  b.  August  6,  1739.  m.  Oct. 
24, 1758,  Sarah  Wyman,  b.  Woburn,  July  31,  1738,  dau.  of  Benjamin 
and  Esther  (Richardson)  Wyman.  He.  m.  second,  Nov.  20,  1777, 
Mary  Locke,  b.  Cambridge,  Jan.  12,  1744,  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Deborah 
(Butterfield)  Locka  He  lived  in  Princeton,  Mass.,  Rindge,  and  d.  at 
Skeensborough,  now  Whitehall,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  14,  1783.  His  widow  d. 

6.  John  Cutter,  son  of  Lieut.  Nathaniel  *,  b.  March  16, 1765.  Lived 
in  Rindge  until  1789.  He  removed  to  Jaffrey,  and  M'as  thei'e  an  active 
and  useful  citizen.  He  m.  Abigail  Demary,  b.  Rindge,  August  21, 1768, 
dau.  of  John  and  Rebecca  (Comeille)  Demary.    He  d.  Sept.  14, 1835. 

CUTTBR.  186 

She  d.  March  4, 1866.    His  sons  Benjamin  and  Ethan  were  prominent 
citizens  of  Jaffrey. 

7.  John  Cutter,  son  of  John  ^  b.  Rindge,  Oct  31, 1788.  m.  Feb. 
7,  1811,  Betsey  Crosby,  b.  Jaffrey,  August  30,  1789,  dau.  of  Alpheus 
and  Elizabeth  (Gilmore)  Crosby.  She  was  a  granddau.  of  Capt 
Josiah  Crosby,  of  Milford,and  of  Roger  Gilmore,  Esq.,  of  Jaffrey.  He 
was  a  tanner,  following  the  occupation  of  his  father.  He  removed 
from  Jaffrey  to  Goshen,  where  he  d.  Feb.  5,  1829.  His  widow  d. 
Camptou.  They  had  ten  children;  of  these  Laura  Lucretia,  b. 
Jaffrey,  Dec.  10,  1812,  m.  Lucius  M.  Howe  (see),  and  Elizabeth,  b. 
Goshen,  March  3, 1819,  m.  Lucius  M.  Howe  (see). 

8.  John  Telestus  Cutter,  son  of  John  ^  b.  Jaffrey,  August  1, 1811. 
At  the  death  of  his  father  his  mother  removed  from  Goshen  to  Jaffrey, 
where  the  son  found  employment  in  a  store.  Later  he  went  to  Boston, 
Mass.,  and  was  engaged  in  the  millinery  store  of  his  uncle  Crosby. 
He  removed,  1839,  to  Campton,  and  was  there  associated  with  Hon. 
William  Cark  (who  had  m.  his  sister  Clarissa)  in  a  tannery,  store 
and  post-office.  He  was  a  deputy  sheriff  and  an  auctioneer.  He 
removed  to  Plymouth  and  was  here  proprietor  of  a  dry  goods  and  West 
India  goods  store,  agent  for  the  Cheney  Express  Co.,  and  postmaster. 
Later  he  opened  the  Union  House,  which  he  sold  to  the  B.,  C.  &  M. 
R.R  He  also  refitted  Academy  boarding-house,  which  he  opened  for 
summer  guests,  but  sold  it  to  the  State  for  a  normal  school  boarding- 
house,  1871.  He  also  built  a  house  and  a  grain  mill,  and  was  an 
important  factor  in  the  business  life  of  the  town.  He  was  a  selectman 
and  representative,  1877  and  1878.  He  d.  July  3, 1879.  Mr.  Cutter 
m.  May  28,  1835,  Mary  Elizabeth  Hosley,  dau.  of  Joshua  and  Betsey 
(Giles)  Hosley,  of  Pepperell,  Mass. 

i.    Mart  Elizabeth,  b.  April  20, 1886.    d.  Campton,  Oot.  10, 1854. 

ii.    Laura  Lucretia,  b.  August  81, 1888.  d.  Sept.  4, 1889. 

iii.    Emilt  Frances,  b.  Jan.  16, 1840.    d.  March  11, 1841. 

iv.  Martha  Annette,  b.  Angast  24, 1842.  m.  Sept  7, 1864,  Thomas 
Benton  Little,  b.  Warren,  Sept.  7,  1838,  son  of  Jesse  and  Sosan 
Copp  (Merrill)  Little.  2d  N.  H.  Infantry.  He  was  a  derk  for 
Webster,  Russell  k  Co.,  and  is  now  book-keeper  for  Humphrey, 
Dodge  Co.,  Concord.  (1)  Mary  Alice,  b.  Jane  18, 1865.  d.  Plymouth 
Sept  8,  1866.    (2)  Susan  May,  b.  Dec.  16, 1871. 

9.  V.    John  Telestus,  b.  April  6,  1846.    m.  Dec  4,  1871,  Alice  Jane 

Hutlcr  (see). 
10.    yi.    Charles  Henry,  b.  July  9, 1848. 

Til.    Ethan  Allen,  b.  1851.    d.  April  30, 1865,  accidentally  shot 
viii.    Ruth  Alice,  b.  March  27, 1858.   d.  Oct.  81,  1854. 


9.  John  Tblestus  Cuttbb,  son  of  John  Telestua®,  b.  April  6, 1846. 
m.  Dea  4, 1871,  Alice  Jane  Butler,  dau.  of  George  Little  Butler  (see). 
He  was  a  dealer  in  grain  and  lumber  in  Plymouth  several  years,  re- 
moving to  Boston,  1894.  He  res.  in  Everett,  Mass.  Seven  children 
b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.  Gborob  Butlkr,  b.  March  28»  1874.    Plymouth  High  School,  1802. 

He  res.  Lob  Angeles,  Cal. 

ii  JoBN  Telkstus,  b.  Dec.  29, 1875.    A  commercial  salesman, 

iii.  Annib  Euzabbth,  b.  Feb.  4, 1877. 

iv.  AxiCB  Jane,  b.  March  11, 187a    d.  August  31, 1878. 

v.  Charles  Etdan,  b.  August  10, 1880.  An  electrician, 

▼i.  Lucia  Annette,  b.  May  15, 1882. 

vU.  Ned  White,  b.  Oct.  10, 1884. 

10.  Chables  Henry  Cuttbr,  son  of  John  Telestus  ^  b.  July  8, 1848. 
m.  April  11, 1872,  Lucia  Ardell  Qreen,  dau.  of  Charles  M.  Green  (see). 
He  res.  in  Plymouth. 

i.    Alice  Meeker,  adopted,  b.  Sept  30, 1886. 


1.  WnxiAM  Danfobth  was  a  resident  of  Ipswich,  Mass.,  1660.  If 
a  kinsman  of  Nicholas  Danforth,  the  ancestor  of  the  most  numerous 
branch  of  the  Danforth  family,  the  fact  is  not  proven.  The  Danforth 
Genealogy  presents  a  carefully  prepared  sketch  of  William  Danforth. 
He  removed  to  the  part  of  Newbury,  Mass.,  included  in  Byfield 
Parish.  He  m.  March  20,  1670,  Hannah  Kinsman,  b.  about  1644, 
dau.  of  Bobert  Kinsman,  of  Ipswich.  She  d.  Oct  18, 1678.  He  m. 
second,  Sarah  Thorlo,  dau.  of  Francis  and  Ann  (Morse)  Thorlo.  He 
d.  aftera721. 

3.  John  Danfokth,  son  of  William  \  b.  Newbury,  Mass.,  Dec.  8, 
1681.  He  lived  in  Byfield  Parish,  where  he  d.  Oct  1, 1772.  The 
name  of  his  first  wife  is  not  known.  He  m.  second,  Nov.  24,  1713, 
Dorcas  White,  who  d.  in  Byfield,  March  26, 1788,  aged  over  90.  His 
sons  Nathaniel  and  William  removed  to  Boscawen,  Thomas  and 
Moses  to  Canterbury. 

3.  Moses  Danforth,  son  of  John  \  b.  Newbury,  Mass.,  about  1728. 
He  removed  to  Canterbury,  and  was  one  of  the  scouts  serving  under 
Capt  Jeremiah  Clough.  He  is  frequently  named  in  the  records.  He 
removed,  1764,  to  Sanbornton.  He  m.  Mary  Flood,  who  d.  Dec  11, 


4.  Hbnry  Danforth,  son  of  Moses',  b.  Canterbury,  1763.  In 
bis  infancy  his  parents  removed  to  Sanbomton.  He  enlisted,  April  6, 
1781,  into  the  Continental  service  for  three  years.  After  the  war  he 
lived  in  Northfield  and  in  Franklin,  bearing  a  bullet  embedded  in  his 
collar  bone.  He  m.  Betsey  Hancock,  of  Northfield.  He  d.  Feb.  27, 

5.  John  Danforth,  son  of  Henry  *,  b.  1802.  ni.  in  Northfield,  July 
4,  1824,  Eliza  Danforth,  his  cousin,  b.  August  4,  1798,  dau.  of  Moses 
and  Mehitable  (Stevens)  Danforth.  He  lived  in  Northfield  and  in 
Franklin,  removing  to  Plymouth,  1851,  living  at  West  Plymouth. 
In  1854  he  removed  to  Concord,  where  he  d.  Sept  4,  1868.  She  d. 
Fob.  9, 1870. 

i.    IIrnrt,  b.  1826.    d.  young. 

ii.    Elizabeth  Aiin,  b.  Dec.  4, 1828.    m.  Oct  6, 1852,  Thomas  MiUi- 

gan  (see), 
iii.    Sarah,    d.  young, 
iv.    Warrkn.   d.  young. 

y.    John,  b.  May  25, 1885.    d.  Plymouth,  1854. 


1.  John  Darling,  then  of  Salisbury,  Mass.,  buys  land  in  Kingston, 
1727  and  1728.  He  removed  to  Kingston,  and  there  d.  1753.  His 
will,  dated  Sept.  1, 1753,  was  proved  Oct  31,  1753.  He  mentions  a 
wife ;  sons,  Ouesipherous,  who  m.  Nov.  17,  1748,  Elizabeth  Norton ; 

Daniel  (see  below),  John,  who  m.  Hannah ;  and  daughters, 

Judith,  who  m.  March  4,  1736,  Benjamin  Cilley ;  Abigail,  who  m. 
Feb.  20, 1729,  Benjamin  Swett;  and  Naomi,  who  m.  July  17, 1741, 
Joseph  Flanders,  Jr. 

2.  Daniel  Darling,  son  of  John  \  b.  about  1710.  m.  Dec.  27, 
1733,  Susanna  Webster,  b.  July  9, 1712,  dau.  of  Ebenezer  and  Hannah 
( Judkins)  Webster,  of  Kingston.  She  was  a  sister  of  the  grandfather 
of  Daniel  Webster.  They  lived  in  Kingston,  where  their  six  chil- 
dren were  b.  and  the  births  are  recorded  in  Kingston.  He  d.  Nov. 
13,  1760. 

3.  Benjamin  Darling,  second  son  of  Daniel',  b.  Kingston)  March 
30, 1738.  He  m.  in  Kingston,  March  8, 1758,  Hannah  Clark,  dau. 
of  John  and  Elizabeth  Clark  (see).  The  birth  of  one  child,  Susanna,  b. 
Jan.  5, 1759,  is  recorded  in  Kingston  records.  He  removed  to  San- 
bomton  and  was  one  of  the  early  settlers  there.    He  built  the  first 

188  DABLINQ. 

mill,  was  an  original  member  of  the  church,  and  subsequently  a  dea- 
con. He  d.  in  Sanbomton,  April  16, 1795,  and  she  m.  second,  Ebenezer 
Morrison  (see). 

4.  Daniel  Dabung,  the  fourth  of  the  six  children  of  Dea.  Benja- 
min' and  Hannah  (Clark)  Darling,  b.  Sanbomton,  March  29,  1768. 
m.  Elizabeth  Leavitt,  b.  Sept.  18,  1770.  He  removed  to  Plymouth, 
1800,  and  from  Plymouth  to  Rumney,  1818.  When  in  Plymouth  he 
lived  on  the  farm  now  of  Manson  S.  Brown,  and  had  a  mill.  He  d. 
May  29, 1841.     She  d.  March,  1842.    Three  children. 

6.      i.    Benjamin,  b.  March  8, 1788. 

ii.    Ltdia  Leavitt,  b.  Jan.  22,  1790.    m.  1818,  John  Herbert,  of 
6.    iii.    Daniel,  b.  Plymouth,  Deo.  31,  1816. 

5.  Benjamin  Darling,  son  of  Daniel  S  b.  Sanbornton,  March  8, 
1788.  Dartmouth  College,  1811.  He  read  law  with  Ezekiel  Webster, 
at  Boscawen,  and  lived  in  Plymouth,  1810  and  1813  to  1819.  He 
was  admitted  to  the  bar,  Feb.  term,  1815.  He  practised  his  profes- 
sion in  Plymouth  and  in  Bumney  until  his  death.  He  d.  by  drowning, 
in  Bumney,  April  15, 1824  He  m.  Susannah  Eeed,  dau.  of  Joseph 
Reed  (see).    She  d.  in  Eumney,  June  8, 1874.    Three  children. 

i.  Louisa  Jane,  b.  Sept  4,  1800.  m.  May  27,  1831,  John  Langdon 
Wentworth,  b.  August  1,  1806,  sou  of  Daoiel  aod  Patience  (Went- 
worih)  Wentworth.  Res.  Rumney,  where  she  d.  Nov.  4,  1804. 
Five  children. 

ii.  Ltdia  Maria,  b.  Boscawen,  June  80,  1812.  m.  Sept.  4,  1831, 
Samuel  Herbert,  Esq.,  of  Rumney,  b.  Deo.  17,  1813,  son  of  John  and 
Sally  (Allen)  Herbert  He  was  an  eminent  lawyer  of  Rumney 
He  d.  July  13, 1002.    She  d.  Feb.  20,  1000.    Seven  children. 

iii.  Mart  Ann,  b.  Dec.  81,  1820.  m.  May  20,  1843,  James  Monroe 
Ilodloy.  Ro8.  Kansas  City.  Mrs.  IlatUey,  1004,  is  the  only  living 
grandchild  of  Joseph  Reed  (see). 

6.  Danibl  Darling,  son  of  Daniel  *,  b.  Dec.  31, 1816.  He  studied 
medicine  with  Dr.  Woodbury,  of  Rumney,  and  Dr.  Whipple,  of  Went- 
worth, subsequently  attending  lectures  at  Bowdoin  Collega  He  prac- 
tised about  three  years  in  Concord,  Vt.,  and  several  years  in  Wells 
River,  Vt,  and  removed  to  Rumney,  1850,  where  he  continued  pro- 
fessional labor  nearly  forty  years.  He  m.  August  2,  1839,  Sarah  C. 
Pillsbury,  dau.  of  Tristram  and  Sally  (Buck)  Pillsbury.  He  d.  April 
3, 1889. 


i.    Elizabeth,  b.  Oct  21,  1&40.    m.  Eliaha  A.  Webster  (see), 
ii.    Ltdia,  b.  March  15,  1841.    m.  1859,  David  B.  Mears,  of  Lowell, 

iii.     Susan,  b.  Sept,  1843.    m.  1862,  Henry  William  Herbert,  b.  Oct  2, 

1842,  son  of  Samuel  and  Lydia  Maria  (Darling)  Herbert    (See 

Benjamin  *  Darling.) 
iv.    Sarah,  b.  1847.    m.  Richard  Dearborn, 
y.     Danirl,  b.  Oct  15,  1851.    m.  Cynthia  Southworth,  of  Hill.     He 

was  a  carpenter   in  Manchester  several  years,     d.  in  Rumney, 

April  10, 1879. 


1.  John  Brown  Davidson,  b.  in  Portsmouth,  or  vicinity,  April  29, 
1811.  His  father  was  a  seafaring  man  and  was  lost  at  sea  when  the 
son  was  a  child.  He  found  a  home  among  relatives  in  Holdemess, 
and  there  m.  April  5,  1841,  Sarah  Howard  Lowd,  b.  Holdemess, 
April  9,  1819,  dau.  of  George  Lowd  (see).  He  lived  three  years  in 
Newton,  Mass.,  but  returned,  1844,  to  Holdemess,  where  he  d.  April 
9,  1878. 

JouN  Newell,  b.  Newton,  Mass.,  May  23, 1848. 

William  Baxter,  b.  Holdemess,  August  16, 1846. 

Frank  IIknrt,  b.  Holdemess,  April  4, 1856.    d.  April  23, 1874. 

Addib  Llbwblla,  b.  Holdemess,  April  8,  1859.  m.  Frank  Arthur 
Kimball,  b.  Manchester,  son  of  Harrison  G.  and  Abbie  (Richards) 
Kimball.  He  is  a  farmer  in  Holdemess  and  proprietor  of  Cottages 
at  Squain  Lake.    (1)  Vira  Gregory,  b.  April  10, 1889. 

2.  John  Newell  Davidson,  son  of  John  Brown  ^  b.  May  23, 1843. 
Co.  G,  12th  N.  H.  Infantry.  Captured  at  Chancellorsville  and  es- 
caped. Corpoml,  Feb.  1, 1865,  Mustered  out,  June  21,  1865.  (See 
"Hist.  12th  Kegiinent,"  pp.  286  and  451.)  He  m.  August  26, 1866, 
Margaret  Eninia  Wateon,  b.  Ikmstead,  May  18, 1850,  dau.  of  Joseph 
and  Sally  (Piper)  Watson.  He  was  a  foreman  in  a  shoe  factory  in 
Rochester  fourteen  years  and  in  Dover  five  years.  He  has  rea  a 
farmer  at  Ward  Hill,  in  Plymouth,  since  1890. 

i.    Clinton  Ellsworth,  b.  Ashland,  Jane  8,  1867.    m.  May,  1897. 

He  is  cashier  at  Quinoy  Hoose,  Boston,  Mass. 
ii.     WiLBKR  Newell,  b.  Rochester,  Nov.  28, 1872. 

3.  William  Baxter  Davidson,  son  of  John  Brown  \  b.  August  15, 
1846.     m.  Caroline  Qreenleaf,  dau.  of  Hiram  Greenleaf.    He  has  res. 








in  Plymouth,  except  a  res.  of  six  years,  beginning  1892,  in  Ashland. 
Two  children. 

i.    Orbib  L.,  b.  July  3,  186G.    m.  Dec.  26,  1895,  Annie  L.  Clifford, 
dau.  of  Commodore  W.  Clifford  (see).    Res.  Plymouth ;  business, 
teaming.    One  child :  (1)  Carolyn  Barry,  b.  Dec.  3, 1809. 
ii.    Frank,  b.  August  6, 1877.    unm.    Res.  Meredith. 


1.  Ephraim  Davis,  b.  March  20, 1697,  was  one  of  the  proprietors 
and  an  early  settler  of  Concord,  N.  H. 

2.  KoBERT,  son  of  Ephraim  ^,  was  an  influential  citizen  of  Concord, 
where  he  d.  1823,  aged  89.  He  m.  Sarah  Walker,  b.  Sept.  2,  1737, 
dau.  of  Isaac  and  Sarah  (Breed)  Walker.    She  d.  1824. 

3.  David  Davis,  son  of  Robert*,  b.  Concord,  June  20,  1761.    m. 
^Sally  Cavis.    He  was  a  captain  and  lived  in  Concord.    He  d.  1838. 

4.  Robert  Davis,  son  of  David  •,  b.  March  9, 1790.  m.  1818,  Eliza 
Tapley  Hall,  of  Boston.  He  was  a  prominent  citizen  of  Concord,  serv- 
ing the  town  and  city  in  many  capacities.  He  was  aid,  1826,  on  the 
staff  of  Gov.  Morrill,  and  1834,  he  was  quartennaster-geueral,  and 
postmaster,  1839  to  1845.  He  d.  March  19, 1861.  His  wife  d.  Oct 
11, 1844.    Four  children. 

5.  Henry  Clay  Davis,  son  of  Gen.  Robert*,  b.  Concord,  May  2, 
1825.  m.  June  21, 1848,  Lucy  Robie,  dau.  of  William  Robia  He  was 
a  machinist    d.  in  Concord,  July  18, 1873. 

6.  William  Robert  Davis,  son  of  Henry  Clay  *,  b.  Concord,  April 
11, 1849.  He  came  to  Plymouth,  1869.  He  is  a  carpenter.  Formerly 
he  was  employed  many  years  by  the  B.,  C.  &  M.  R.R  as  conductor 
and  yardmaster.  He  m.  Dec.  1,  1869,  Lucetta  Eastman,  dau.  of 
Simeon  Eastman  (see).    She  d.  August  19, 1890.    Four  children. 

i.    Ella  Maud,  b.  Sept  16, 1870.    m.  Nov.  29, 1888,  William  James 

Edmunds  (see), 
ii.    Henry  Clat,  b.  April  16,  1874.     m.  Jan.  0,  1898,  Mattie  £. 
Cameron,  dau.  of  James  Cameron.     After  a  brief  resideuoe  in 
Meredith  he  removed  to  Lowell,  Mass.,  and  is  tliere  employed  hi  a 
linen  factory. 

iii.  William  Rodbbt,  b.  July  1, 1877.  m.  Oct.  81, 1808,  Mina  Jose- 
phine Whitcher,  b.  Dorchester,  Jan.  21, 1880,  dau.  of  £mri  and 
Lydia  (Willoughbj)  Whitcher.  He  was  a  brakeman,  B.  &  M.  R.  R, 
receiving  a  severe  injury,  1000.  One  child :  (1)  Beryl  Lucetta,  b. 
Sept  6,  1800. 

iv.    Florbmob  Luct,  b.  Nov.  11, 1884. 

DAVIS.  191 


1.  Nathan  Davis,  then  of  Conway,  m.  in  Boscawen,  1772,  Jane 
Gorser.  b.  1756,  dau.  of  John  and  Jane  (Nicholas)  Corser,  of  Bos- 
cawen.   He  removed  to  Orford. 

3.  Nathan  Davis,  son  of  Nathan',  m.  in  Boscawen,  his  cousin 
Polly  Corser,  b.  Boscawen,  Dec  20,  1784,  dau.  of  David  and  Buth 
(Blaisdell)  Corser.  He  lived  in  Orford.  After  his  death  his  widow 
res.  with  a  daughter  in  Grafton,  Mass.,  and  there  d.  Oct  8,  1867. 

3.  Bliss  Davis,  b.  Orford,  Sept.  25,  1807.  m.  June  15,  1840, 
Harriet  C.  Tucker,  dau.  of  Payson  and  Hannah  (Rogers)  Tucker,  of 
Sanbornton.  He  res.  in  Orford  and  in  Sanbornton.  In  1860  he 
removed  to  Plymouth.  He  lived  a  farmer  on  the  turnpike  about 
eighteen  years,  removing,  1878,  to  the  village,  where  he  d.  Jan.  18, 
1897.     She  d.  March  1, 1879.    Six  children. 

i.    Payson  Tucker,  b.  Deo.  26, 1840.    d.  1850. 

ii.    Carlos  Allen,  b.  Sept  24,  1842.    d.  Feb.  10,  1860. 

ill.    Caroline  Luct,  b.  May  14, 1844.    m.  Sylvester  Melven  (see). 

ivt  Ansel  Tucker,  b.  March  7, 1847.  He  lived  in  Plymouth,  1860  to 
1876.  He  m.  May  21, 1876,  Ella  C.  Mullikin,  of  Rnraney.  He 
removed,  1876,  to  Wells  River,  Yt.,  and  conducted  a  hardware  store 
under  the  firm  name  of  Mullikin  &  Davis.  He  has  recently  be- 
oome  sole  proprietor.  They  have  two  children :  (1)  Bertha  May, 
b.  Feb.  18,  1880.  Student,  art  department,  Smith's  Coll.  (2) 
Maude,  b.  July  22,  1886. 

V.  Freeman  Nathan,  b.  June  22,  1850.  Res.  Plymouth  until  1874. 
He  is  a  real  estate  agent,  Dover.  He  m.  Oct.  25, 1882,  Nina  J. 
Lewis,  b.  August,  1858,  dau.  of  Abbot  A.  and  Anne  (Hook)  Lewis. 

vi.  Orren  Bliss,  b.  Feb.  24, 1852.  m.  June  9, 1880,  Emily  Hanriman, 
dau.  of  William  Hanriman  (see).  He  was  a  farmer.  Res.  Ply- 
mouth, where  he  d.  Oct.  7,  1892.  He  was  killed  in  a  railroad 
accident.  One  daughter:  (1)  Carrie  Edna,  b.  June  16,  1882, 
Plymouth  High  School,  1900,  State  Normal  School,  1908. 


1.  James  Davis,  b.  about  1585,  with  wife  Cicely,  sometimes  written 
Sissilla,  was  early  in  Newbury.  He  removed,  about  1640,  to  Haver- 
hill, where  he  d.  Jan.  29, 1678/9.  He  was  a  selectman,  Haverhill, 
1646 ;  representative,  1660. 

8.  John  Davis,  son  of  James  \  b.  about  1623.  m.  Dec  10, 1646, 
Jane  Peasley,  dau.  of  Joseph  Peasley,  of  Newbury.  The  date  of  her 
death  unknown.    Mary,  a  second  wife,  d.  Jan.  12,  1683/4.    He  re- 

192  DAVIS. 

moved  about  1652  to  Dover,  living  in  the  section  then  called  Oyster 
River,  now  Durham.  He  was  a  selectman,  1663-1667,  inclusive,  and 
an  ensign.    Will  dated  April  1, 1685  ;  proved  May  25, 1686. 

3.  MosBS  Davis,  son  of  John^  b.  Dea  30, 1657,  m.  Jan.  16, 1681, 
Ruhamah  Dow,  b.  Jan.  24, 1663/4.  He  subscribed  the  oath  of  fidelity 
at  Haverhill,  1677,  and  removed  to  Oyster  River  about  1686,  where 
he  was  killed  by  the  Indians,  June  10, 1724. 

4.  John  Davis,  son  of  Moses  •  b.  Haverhill,  Jan.  4,  1682/3.  m. 
Abigail  Meader  and  lived  at  Oyster  River. 

5.  Nathaniel  Davis,  son  of  John*,  bapt.  Oyster  River,  Jan. 
28, 1720.  He  settled  in  Madbury,  and  with  wife  Hannah  he  owned 
the  Covenant  in  church  of  Rev.  Jonathan  Gushing,  Dec.  30, 1741. 

6.  Elbazbr  Davis,  son  of  Nathaniel  ^  bapt  by  Rev.  Jonathan  Gush- 
ing, 1746.  m.  April  11,  1771,  Sarah  Cook,  dau.  of  Hezekiah  Cook. 
He  removed  from  Madbury  to  Alton,  and  bought  the  island  in  Lake 
Winnepesaukee,  previously  owned  by  Gov.  Wentworth,  and  since 
called  Davis  Island. 

7.  Nathaniel  Davis,  son  of  Eleazer  «,  b.  Alton,  Sept  22, 1777.  m. 
Dec.  16, 1800,  Mary  Stevens,  b.  Deerfield,  Oct  27,  1782,  dau.  of  Ben- 
jamin and  Sarah  (Fogg)  Stevens.  He  lived  on  Davis  Island,  a  part  of 
the  town  of  Gilford.  He  was  representative,  1830-1831,  and  a  lead- 
ing man  of  the  town.  Following  the  "cold  summer"  of  1816  there 
was  a  scarcity  of  com,  and  the  well-filled  granaries  of  Nathaniel  Davis 
and  his  generosity  in  dealing  with  buyers  for  many  miles  around  arc 
a  charming  picture  of  a  good  Samaritan.    He  d.  1857. 

8.  Elbazbr  Davis,  son  of  Nathanier,  b.  Gilford,  Oct  5, 1810.  m. 
June  30, 1838,  Mary  A  Oilman,  dau.  of  Jeremiah  Oilman,  of  Gilford. 
His  home  was  on  Davis  Island,  in  Gilford,  until  1857,  when  he  re- 
moved to  Sanbornton  Bridge,  now  Tilton.  He  was  selectman  of  Gil- 
ford, Sanbomton,  and  Tilton,  commissioner  of  Belknap  Co.,  1848- 
1850,  and  county  treasurer,  1854-1875,  and  president  of  the  Citizens 
National  Bank.    He  d.  AprU  12, 1885. 

9.  Silas  Wriout  Davis,  son  of  Eleazer  «,  b.  Gilford,  March  29, 1841. 
Dartmouth  College,  1864 ;  Dartmouth  Medical  School,  18G7.  He  was 
a  physician  in  Plymouth,  1867  to  1880 ;  superintendent  school  com- 
mittee, 1875-1878 ;  Trustee  lona  Savings  Bank,  and  director  Citizens 
National  Bank,  Tilton.  Res.  Winchester,  Mass.,  1880-1885,  and  subse- 
quently at  Tilton.  He  d.  at  his  winter  home  at  Orlando,  Fla.,  Feb.  7, 
1888.     (See  Vol.  I.)     He  m.  Nov.  11, 1869,  Dora  Davis  (Keniston) 


Johnson,  dau.  of  John  Eeniston  (see).  She  is  a  graduate  of  Mt 
Holyoke  Seminary,  1861.  Member  of  N.  H.  Hist.  Society ;  chapter 
regent  Daughters  of  American  Sevolution,  and  is  the  author  of 
several  papers  and  poems  for  occasions.  She  res.  at  Tilton.  Two 

i.    Gborob  IIrnrt,  b.  Plymouth,  Dec.  1,  1874.   Dartmouth  College, 
1800.    m.  March  21,  1901,  Nellie  Prescott  Brown.   Res.  Tilton 
One  child.    (1)  Mary  Elizabeth,  b.  Deo.  20, 1002. 
ii.    CnARLRS  Elbazbb,  b.  Plymouth,  Oct.  18,  1880.    Dartmouth  Col- 
lege, 1004. 


1.  Joseph  Davis,  b.  1749,  was  taxed  in  this  town  for  the  year  1773, 
only.  He  was  a  soldier  in  Stark's  regiment,  enlisting  after  Angnst  1, 
1775,  and  was  one  of  the  volunteers  in  the  Arnold  Expedition  to 
Canada.  On  the  rolls  of  the  men  commanded  by  Gen.  Arnold  he  is 
credited  to  Plymouth. 


1.  Godfrey  Dearborn,  probably  from  Exeter,  county  of  Devon, 
England.  Soon  after  Ids  emigration  to  America,  1639,  with  a  wife 
and  two  or  more  children,  he  settled  in  Exeter.  He  was  one  of  the 
thirty-five  who  signed  the  combination,  and  from  time  to  time  he  re- 
ceived grants  of  land  He  was  a  selectman,  1648.  Before  1650  he  re- 
moved from  Exeter  to  Hampton,  where  he  was  selectman,  1655-1663, 
and  1671 ;  the  date  of  death  of  his  wife  is  not  known;  she  was  living 
1651.  He  m.  second,  Nov.  25,  1662,  Dorothy  Dalton,  b.  1600,  widow 
of  Philemon  Dalton.  He  d.  Feb.  4,  1686.  He  had  sons,  Henry, 
Thomas,  and  John ;  and  daus.,  Esther  and  Sarah.  Henry  is  the  an- 
cestor of  (Jen.  Henry  Dearborn. 

2.  Thomas  Dearborn,  b.  about  1634,  lived  in  Hampton;  select* 
man,  1675-1678  and  1693,  and  a  deacon.  He  m.  Dec.  28,  1665, 
Hannah  Colcord,  dau.  of  Edward  and  Ann  Colcord,  of  Hampton. 
She  d.  July  17,  1720.    He  d.  April  14,  1710. 

3.  Ebenezbr  Dearborn,  son  of  Dea.  Thomas  ^b.  Hampton,  Oct. 
3,  1679,  lived  in  North  Hampton.  He  was  one  of  the  grantees  of 
Chester  and  he  removed  thither,  1729.  He  was  moderator  and  select- 
man, 1730,  and  subsequently  elected  to  office  repeatedly.  He  m.  Oct 
7, 1703,  Abigail  Sanborn,  b.  Hampton,  April  1, 1686,  dau.  of  Joseph 

▼OL.II.— 13 


and  Mary  (Gove)  Sanborn.  He  cL  March  15, 1772.  She  d.  Feb.  26, 
1768.  His  sons  were  Ebenezer,  Peter,  Benjamin,  Thomas,  and 

4.  Benjamin  Deabborn,  b.  August  13,  1713.  m.  Oct  31,  1735, 
Susannah  Golcord.  He  passed  the  active  yeara  of  his  life  in  Chester,  and 
there  his  childi'en  were  bom.  He  built  a  house  on  his  lot  and  with  his 
brothers  he  was  a  joint  owner  of  the  early  sawmill.  He  sold  his 
real  estate  in  Chester  in  Nov.,  1767,  and  with  all  his  family,  he  removed 
1767  or  1768  to  Plymouth.  His  three  daughters  were  maiTied  hera 
The  first  tax-list  preserved  is  for  the  year  1770,  and  he  and  his  oldest 
son  Samuel  were  taxed  that  year.  According  to  the  law  and  usage 
of  the  time  the  next  two  sons  were  first  taxed  when  they  were 
twenty  years  of  age ;  Benjamin  in  and  after  1771  and  Peter,  1773. 
For  some  reason,  military  or  otherwise,  Michael,  the  youngest  son, 
was  first  taxed  1779,  or  when  he  was  twenty-four  years  of  age.  The 
date  of  the  death  of  Benjamin  Dearborn,  the  father,  is  not  known. 
A  tradition  that  he  d.  in  the  army  is  not  sustained  by  any  record ; 
but  his  granddau.  Eliza,  dau.  of  Samuel,  said  he  was  a  Revolutionary 
soldier.  He  was  last  taxed  1776,  and  his  estate  was  administered, 
1779.    Seven  children  b.  in  Chester. 

Elizabeth,  b.  1743,  m.  Thomas  Lucas  (see). 

Samubl,  b.  April  16,  1745. 

Abigail,  b.  June  26,  1747.    m.  Peter  Ilobart  (see),  Thomas  Mc- 

Clnre  (see),  Samuel  Currier  (see),    and  William  George,  Esq. 

Susanna,  b.  1749.    m.  Joseph  Brown  (see). 
Benjamin,  b.  1751. 
Peter,  b.  1768. 
Michael,  b*  1755. 

5.  SAiiUEL  Dbarborn,  son  of  Benjamin  ^,  b.  in  Chester,  April  15, 
1745.  It  is  probable  that  he  came  to  Plymouth  two  or  thi*ee  years 
before  the  removal  thither  of  his  father  and  family.  He  settled  at 
Dearborn  Hill,  now  called  Huckins  Hill,  and  built  a  house  said  to  be 
one  of  the  first  three  frame  houses  in  town,  since  occupied  by  Isaac 
Huckins,  about  one  mile  southwest  of  Meeting  House  Hill.  He  was 
drafted  for  the  Revolutionary  Army  and  procured  a  substitute,  paying 
seven  dollars  bounty.  He  was  selectman,  1772  and  1773.  He  was  an 
early  member  of  the  C!ong.  church,  but  withdrew,  1807,  to  unite  with  the 
Baptists.  He  m.  July  10, 1766,  Sarah  Clough,  b.  March  4. 1749.  She 
d.  Nov.  6, 1776.    He  m.  second,  July  22, 1777,  Abigail  Ward,  b.  March 




































31, 1755,  dau.  of  Rev.  Nathan  Ward  (see).  She  d.  Sept  8, 1841.  He 
d.  July  22,  1833.  Six  children  by  first  and  twelve  by  second 

Infant,  b.  April  13, 1767.    d.  April  16, 1767. 

Mary,  b.  May  19,  1768.    m.  David  Richardson  (see). 

Rbubbn,  b.  Dec.  30,  1769. 

Edward,  b.  Feb.  24, 1772. 

Sarah,  b.  April  21,  1774.    m.  Robert  George  (see). 

Susannah,  b.  March  25, 1776.    m.  Thomas  Fuller  (see). 

Abigail,  b.  March  27,  1778.    m.  Isaac  Melvio  (see). 

Sam  URL,  b.  Jan.  7,  1780. 

Tamazin,  b.  Sept.  19, 1781.    m.  Nathan  Harris  (see). 

TniKKA,  b.  Oct.  6, 1783.    m.  Jacob  Perkins  (see). 

Nathan,  b.  Sept.  4,  1785. 

Miriam,  b.  August  10, 1787.    m.  Thomas  Cox  (see). 

Hannah,  b.  July  5, 1789.    d.  before  1798. 

Bknjamin,  b.  July  8,  1791. 

Jonathan,  b.  June  18, 1793. 

LuTHRR,  b.  June  16,  1795. 

16.  zvii.    Hannah,  b.  June  27,  1798.    m.  Rev.  Charles  Baker  (see  Family 

16,  Dearborn  llegister). 

17.  zviii.  Eliza,  b.  March  25, 1803.    m.  Rev.  Orange  Scott  (see  Family  17, 

Dearborn  Register). 

6.  Bbnjamin  Dearborn,  son  of  Benjamin  ^  b*  Chester,  1751.  He 
came  to  Plymouth  with  the  family  as  early  as  1768,  and  was  last 
taxed  1778.  He  m.  in  Plymouth,  Oct  28,  1778,  Deborah  Hobart, 
probably  dau.  of  CoL  Samuel  He  removed  from  town  at  the  time 
of  his  marriaga  There  is  a  tradition  that  he  subsequently  lived  in  or 
near  Exeter. 

7.  Pbtbr  Dearborn,  son  of  Benjamin  ^  b.  Chester,  1753.  He  was 
selectman,  1792.     He  lived  at  West  Plymouth,  and  there  d.  about 

1812.    He  m. Sawyer,  who  lived  several  yeara  after  his  death. 

I  find  record  of  only  one  child. 

la    i.    Drmjamin,  b.  about  1778. 

8.  Michael  Dearborn,  son  of  Benjamin  \  b.  Chester,  1755.  Lived 
in  Plymouth  until  1783,  when  he  removed  to  Rumney,  where  be  d. 
Feb.  12,  1809.  He  was  a  private  in  Capt  John  Willoughby's  com- 
pany at  the  Ticonderoga  alarm,  July,  1777.  He  m.  March  6,  1789, 
ALiitha  Harriman,  dau.  of  Thomas  Harriman  (see).  She  d.  Feb.  25, 


i.    Hannah,  b.  Mareh  5, 1790.    m.  Epbraim  Cook  (see). 

19.  ii.    John,  b.  Deo.  20, 1791. 

ill.    Anna,  b.  Nov.  10, 1798.    m.  Jacob  Merrill  (see). 

20.  iy.    HcNiir,  b.  July  29,  1705. 

V.     David,  b.  Nov.  22, 1797. 

21.  vi.    Jonathan,  b.  August  9, 1800. 

9.  Beuben  Dearborn,  son  of  Samuel  ^  b.  Plymouth,  Dec  30, 1769. 
m.  Dec.  17, 1793,  Elizabeth  McClure,  b.  Candia,  Feb.  26, 1770,  dau. 
of  James  McClure.  He  was  a  farmer,  living  in  Plymouth  until  1816, 
except  a  residence  in  Bumney  of  about  four  years,  beginning  1808. 
In  1816  he  removed  to  Woodstock,  where  he  d.  June  29, 1847.  She 
d.  Sept  17, 1854.    Eleven  children. 

i.    Hazbn,  b.  August  19, 1795.    d.  Oct.  4, 1802. 

ii.    Hannah,  b.  June  7, 1797.    m.  John  Gray,  son  of  John  Gray,  b. 

Woodstock,  June    21,   1798.     He  was  a  wheelwright  and  res. 

Easton,  where  he  d.  August  11,  1875.     She  d.  Sept  23,  1881. 

Three  children:  (1)  Laura  Jane,  b.  Dec.  9,  1825.     m.  June  27, 

1850.  James  Y.  Demeritt,  b.  Woodstock,  Feb.  16,  1823.  Res. 
North  Prairie,  Minn.  (2)  Annette,  b.  Sept  5,  1829.  m.  William 
B.  Bartlett  (see).  Res.  Easton,  where  she  d.  August  12,  1889. 
(3)  John  W.,  b.  July  6,  1835.  m.  Laura  S.  Gifford.  Farmer  at 
Easton.    d.  July  19,  1900. 

iii.    Eliza,  b.  Nov.  17, 1799.    d.  May  15,  1800. 

iv.  William,  b.  April  8,  1801.  Removed  to  Woodstock.  ITe  m.  April 
7,  1831,  Eliza  Darling,  b.  Nov.  6, 1810,  dau.  of  Jonathan  Darling, 
of  Woodstock.  He  d.  April  20, 1892.    She  d.  1 880.    Ten  childi-en  : 

(1)  Nancy,  b.  Nov.  18, 1838.  d.  young.  (2)  Mary  Jane,  b.  Nov.  24, 
1834.  m.  Dec.  29, 1850,  George  £.  Clemens,  farmer,  Woodstock. 
She  d.  Oct  20, 1867.  (3)  Elizabeth,  b.  March  25, 1836.  d.  March 
29,  1836.  (4)  Lucia  M.,  b.  April  29,  1837.  m.  Jan.  1,  1859, 
James  Harvey  Whipple,  a  wheelwright  of  Newport,  Yt  (5) 
Eliza  Gray,  b.  Dec.  3, 1839.  unm.  Res.  Woodstock.  (6)  Emily 
A.,  b.  July  31,  1841.  unm.  d.  Plymouth,  August  18,  1867. 
(7)  William  H.,  b.  March  24,  1844.  d.  Nov.  19,  1807.  (8) 
Martha  E.,  b.  Sept  80, 1846.  d.  Nov.  24, 1865.  (9)  Erastus  Lee, 
b.  Nov.  7, 1849.  m.  Feb.  5, 1870,  Mary  E.  Dwyer.  He  is  proprie- 
tor of  a  restaurant  at  Seattle,  Wash.     (10)  Addie  E.,  b.  March  8, 

1851.  d.  Oct  28, 1867. 

V.  Eliza,  b.  Feb.  24, 1803.  m.  Sept  7, 1826,  Levi  Gray.  b.  Jan.  25, 
1803,  son  of  John  Gray ;  a  farmer  of  Woodstock.  He  d.  Jan.  29, 
1878.  She  d.  May  8, 1891.  Four  children :  (1)  Newton,  b.  Jan. 
25,  1828.  m.  Nov.  19,  1857,  Loella  D.  Atwood.  He  was  a 
farmer  and  carpenter  of  Woodstock,  now  res.  at  New  Hampton. 

(2)  Eliza,  b.  March  18,  1882.  m.  Nov.  8,  1854,  Royal  Charies 
Jackman,  b.  July  27,  1828,  of  Woodstock.     (3)  Mary  Ann,  b. 


April  9, 1834.  ra.  Sept.  21,  1865,  EDOch  Emmons,  a  merchant  of 
Thornton.  Ue  d.  July  29, 1908.  (4)  Adaline,  b.  Oct.,  1886.  d. 

vi.     David,  b.  Nov.  6,  1804.    d.  Dec.  12,  1805. 

vii.  Russell,  b.  Oct.  17,  1806.  m.  March  20,  1832,  Lydia  B.  Aldrich, 
b.  Feb.  5, 1807.  He  was  a  farmer  of  Woodstock,  where  he  d.  Jan. 
17,  187a  She  d.  in  Lincoln.  May  17,  1893.  Six  children:  (1) 
David  A.,  b.  Oct.  18,  1833.  m.  Dea  22,  1854,  Abby  V.  Parker. 
He  was  a  farmer  of  Lincoln.  Co.  B,  6th  N.  H.  Infantry,  d. 
May  8, 1897.  She  d.  Feb.  12,  1899.  (2)  Julia  B.,  b.  Nov.  1, 1835. 
m.  March  14, 1856,  Jesse  Jack  man,  b.  Dec.  8,  1830,  a  merchant  of 
Woodstock.  She  d.  June  21,  1875.  He  d.  Nov.  2,  1875.  (3) 
Alice,  b.  Oct.  6,  1836.  m.  April  21, 1855,  James  Freeman  Kim- 
ball, a  farmer  and  lumberman  of  Lincoln.  She  d.  August  16, 1872. 
(4)  IjOYi  6.,  b.  Sept  2, 1839,  a  farmer  of  Woodstock.  Co.  A,  5th 
N.  H.  Infantry,  and  d.  in  the  service  at  Falmouth,  Va.,  Jan.  21, 
1863.  (5)  Henry  C,  b.  August  17,  1843.  Co.  F,  0th  N.  H.  In- 
fantry ;  d.  in  the  service  Oct  1, 1862.  (6)  Harriet  S.,  b.  Feb.  17, 
1850.  d.  March  29,  1850. 
viii.  Jane,  b.  Sept  18, 1808.  m.  Dec.  12, 1838,  David  Gray,  son  of  John 
Gray.  He  was  a  brother  of  the  husbands  of  her  sisters,  Hannah 
and  Eliza.  He  was  bom  in  Woodstock,  Oct  31,  1806,  and  after 
his  marriage  was  a  farmer  of  Lunenburg,  Vt.  She  d.  Nov.  9, 
1879.  He  d.  ten  years  later,  Nov.  9,  1889.  Four  children:  (1) 
Emeline,  b.  Nov.  5,  1834.  m.  Nov.  6,  1859,  Charles  H.  Cole,  of 
Lunenburg,  Yt  She  d.  May  11,  1893.  (2)  Hazen,  b.  March  38, 
1837.  d.  March  9,  1855.  (3)  Cordelia,  b.  Sept  10,  1839.  d. 
^larch  11, 1842.  (4)  Albert,  b.  Feb.  11, 1846.  m.  Sept  22,  1874, 
B.  M.  Snow.    He  is  a  farmer  of  Lunenburg,  Vt. 

ix.    Sally,  b.  June  12,  1810.    d.  May  17, 1818. 

X.  Lucia,  b.  July  17,  1813.  m.  April  29,  1837,  James  Martyn,  b. 
March  4, 1809.  d.  Lynn,  Mass.,  1890.  She  d.  June  1, 1890.  Two 
children:  (1)  Mary  Clementine,  b.  Feb.  28,  1841.  m.  Nov.  14, 
1872,  William  D.  Brown,  a  music  dealer  of  Lynn,  Mass.  (2) 
D.  Franklin,  b.  Sept  16,  1851.  m.  1874,  Seville  Davis.  He  d. 
in  Lynn,  Mass.,  Jan.  1,  1886. 

xi.  James,  b.  Jan.  31, 1816.  m.  1849,  Susan  E.  Fellows,  b.  Jan.  26, 
1825.  He  was  a  farmer  in  Canterbury.  He  d.  Dec.  12,  1869. 
She  d.  April  2,  1882.  Three  children :  (1)  Alia  J.,  b.  Jan.  15, 
1850.  m.  Jan.  24,  1872,  C.  Wesley  Carter.  He  is  a  grocer  of 
Boscawen.  (2)  Alva  J.,  b.  Oct.  13, 1851.  m.  1883,  Ada  Cofran. 
He  is  a  farmer  of  Canterbury.  (3)  Susan  E.,  b.  June  12, 1854. 
m.  Lawrence  Morse;  m.  second,  Fred  A.  Dixon,  of  Boscawen. 
She  d.  March  24, 1895. 

10.  Edward  Dearborn,  son  of  Samuel  *,  b.  Feb.  24,  1772,  was  a 
farmer  in  Plymouth  until  1833.    Ho  lived  a  few  years  in  Lincoln 


and  there  d.  Dec.  10, 1845.  He  m.  March  28, 1797,  Lydia  Bogers, 
dau.  of  Enoch  Sogers  (see).  She  d.  August  19,  1825 ;  he  m.  second. 
May  16,  1826,  Elizabeth  Sogers,  dau.  of  Enoch  (see).  She  d.  in 
Plymouth,  Oct.  8, 1863.    Ten  children. 

22.  1.    Calvin,  b.  June  4, 1798. 

ii.  Lewis,  b.  April  12, 1800.  He  was  a  farmer  of  Plymoath,  living  in 
the  south  part  of  the  town.  He  m.  Dee.  23, 1830,  Amy  L.  Russell, 
b.  Nov.  10,  1810.  He  d.  April  2, 1862.  She  d.  Jan.  1,  1892,  me 

iii.  Wabbkn,  b.  March  1, 1802.  He  was  a  earpenter  and  lived  in  Sand- 
wich. He  m.  Oct.  29,  1884,  Eliia  L.  Flanders,  b.  July  1, 1808. 
He  d.  Feb.  3,  1868.  She  d.  June  5,  1895.  Three  children:  (1) 
Lydia  Ann,  b.  August  23, 1835.  m.  Feb.  12, 1802,  Oilman  Moulton, 
a  farmer  of  Sandwich,  lie  d.  Oct.  15,  1893.  (2)  Sarah  Eliza,  b. 
August  8, 1837.  m.  William  H.  Felch,  a  farmer  of  Sandwich.  She 
d.  Sept.  30,  1896.  (3)  Charles  O.,  b.  Jan.  1,  1848.  m.  Feb.  22, 
1879,  Mary  M.  Kelley.  He  is  a  clerk  in  Jewell,  Mass. 
iv.     Oilman,  b.  April  10, 1804.     unm.     d.  Plymouth,  Sept.  28,  1825. 

Y.    Milton,  b.  August  20,  1806.     Carpenter,  lived  in  Plymoutli,  where 

he  d.  unm.,  March  2,  1885. 
yi.  Oeorob,  b.  Oct.  18, 1808.  Was  a  cooper,  living  in  Plymouth,  except 
from  1851  to  1856.  He  was  a  man  of  gentle  manner  and  of  good 
character.  He  m.  Feb.  28,  1839,  Hannah  R.  Cheney,  dau.  of 
Enoch  Cheney  (see).  He  d.  Dec.  11,  1888.  She  d.  Nov.  17, 1881. 
Four  children:  (1)  Oeorge  Edwin,  b.  Dec.  1,  1840.  d.  May  16, 
1846,  drowned. in  Pemigewasset  River.  (2)  Georgiana  Amanda, 
b.  Oct.  13,  1847.  m.  Sept.  5,  1889,  Charles  Leach  Sanborn,  a 
farmer  of  Holdem'ess.  (3)  Mary  Eineline,  b.  Sept.  30,  1850. 
unm.  d.  March  28, 1878.  (4)  Lucia  Hannah,  b.  Dec.  21,  1881. 
Adopted,  m.  Jan.  1, 1897,  George  B.  McC.  Wallace,  a  farmer  of 

23.  vii.    Washington,  b.  Oct.  18,  1808.    Twin. 

viii.  SnKRBUKNK,  b.  August  9, 1810.  He  was  taxed  in  Plymouth  one  year, 
1832.  lie  purnuod  a  course  of  study  ut  the  Now  Hampton  Insti- 
tute, and  became  a  Baptist  preacher  of  the  Calvinistic  school.  He 
labored  in  the  west  and  for  some  years,  at  least,  in  Wisconsin, 
where  he  d.  August  16,  1861.  He  m.,  date  unknown,  Emeline 
ix.  Joseph,  b.  July  7, 1812.  Lived  in  Manchester,  where  he  d.  August 
23, 1883.  He  was  taxed  in  Plymouth,  1839, 1844, 1856, 1857.  He 
m.  Julia  Tuttle,  who  d.  1876,  sine  prole. 
z.    Ltdia  M.,  b.  March  11,  1815.    d.  August  17, 1825. 

11.   Samubl  Dearborn,  son  of  Samuel  ^  b.  Jan.  7, 1780.    m.  March 
10, 1803,  Elizabeth  Bartlett,  dau.  of  Stephen  Bartlett  (see).    He  was 


a  farmer  and  a  tanner.  His  homestead  and  tannery  were  on  the  north 
side  of  the  highway,  at  the  foot  of  meeting-house  hill.  He  was 
a  good  citizen  and  his  example  was  ever  worthy  of  imitation.  He 
never  fully  recovered  from  injuries  received  by  a  fall  from  a  building 
in  1807.  He  was  one  of  the  victims  of  the  prevailing  spotted  fever 
and  d.  Jan.  21, 1812.  His  widow  d.  Oct  21,  1836.  Five  children 
b.  Plymouth. 

i.    Sarah  Bartlrtt,  b.  August  81,  1808.     unm.      She  d.  May  24, 

24.  it.    Eliza  Jamb,  b.  Oct.  24, 1805.    m.  Daniel  Smith  (see  Family  24,  in 

Dearborn  Begister). 

25.  ill.    Samuri.,  b.  August  10,  1807. 

20.     iv.    Nathan  IIaiuus,  b.  June  27,  1800. 

V.    &TEPURN  Bartlett,  b.  Jan.  7, 1812.    d.  Feb.  1,  1812. 

12.  Nathan  Dearborn,  son  of  Samuel  ^  b.  Sept.  4,  1785.  He 
was  taxed  in  Plymouth,  1808-1810.  In  1810  he  emigrated  to  Morgan 
Co.,  Ohio.  He  m.  Sept  6,  1812,  Sarah  Seeley,  b.  June  24,  1793, 
and  d.  March  21, 1813 ;  he  m.  second,  Sept  26, 1813,  Lucy  Perkins, 
b.  Cockerraouth,  Feb.  25, 1791,  dau.  of  Jacob  Perkins  (see).  She  d. 
Sept  13.  1870.  He  d.  at  Malta,  Ohio,  Feb.  22, 1847.  Nine  children 
b.  at  Malta. 

i.    Sarah,  b.  March  18,  1818.    m.  1838,  F.  W.  Enowles.    Res.  many 

years  at  Parkersburg,  W.  Va.    She  d.  March  6, 1845.    He  d.  in 

ii.    Hrnrt  P.    b.  July  18, 1814.    m.  Oct  20, 1847,  Margaret  Porter,  b. 

July  24,  1819.    Res.  Neelysville,  Ohio.    No  children, 
iii.    Samuel  Ward,  b.  Jan.  4,  1817.    d.  Nov.,  1817. 
iv.    OsTSKT,  b.  Sept  4,  1818.    m.  March  18,  1887,  Stephen  Taylor,  b. 

Fob.  28,  1814.    Res.  Oak  Grove,  111. 
V.    Elsina,  b.  August  27,  1820.    in.  June  20, 1888,  Otis  R.  Lawrence, 

b.  Jan.  16, 1816.    d.  Jan.  1,  1856  ;  she  m.  second,  May  28,  1864, 

Elisha  Dixon,  b.  June  14, 18Q9.    res.  Oak  Grove,  111. 
vi.    Margaret  Ann,  b.  July  8,  1822.    m.    August  2, 1842,  Rufns  P. 

Mann.    Res.  Big  Grove,  la.    He  b.  Dec.  10,  1816,  and  d.  April 

14,  1865. 
vii.    Lucy,  b.  Nov.  18,  1824.    m.  Deo.  1,  1843,  £.  S.  Mead,  b.  April, 

1817.    Res.  Bethesda,  Ohio, 
viii.    Ltdia  S.,  b.  Nov.  24, 1828.    m.  March  1, 1852,  James  Magers.    She 

d.  April  4, 1852.    Inunediately  after  their  marriage  they  set  out 

for  Oregon.     She  was  drowned  while  crossing  Missouri  River, 

near  the  site  of  Kansas  City. 


ix.  Nathan  B.,  b.  Jan.  12, 1881.  m.  Feb.  11, 1858,  Lonisa  Gillfoy,  b. 
Feb.  15,  1847.  Bee.  PlatteyiUe,  CoL  Eight  children:  (1)  Ward, 
b.  Deo.  8,  1858.  d.  Feb.  10,  1864.  (2)  Dell  Gillfoy,  b.  July  10, 
1880.  d.  Feb.  13,  1864.  (3)  Mary  Lucy,  b.  July  23,  1802.  d. 
March  0,  1864.  (4)  Zoe,  b.  Feb.  10,  1865.  (5)  Infaui  dau.  d. 
young.  (6)  Dora  Perkins,  b.  Jan.  27,  1869.  (7)  Ben  Joseph,  b. 
May  2, 1871.    (8)  Ruby,  b.  April  20, 1878. 

13.  Benjamin  Dearborn,  son  of  Samuel  ^  b.  July  8, 1791.  He 
was  a  fanner  and  bop-grower  in  Plymouth,  and  lived  on  Dearborn 
hilL  He  m.  Dec  10, 1816,  Buth  Gill,  b.  Boscawen,  August  24, 1794, 
dau.  of  William  and  Buth  (Haselton)  Gill  (see).  She  d.  Sept  23, 
1837 ;  he  m.  second,  April  8, 1838,  Mrs.  Lydia  Young,  of  New  Hamp- 
ton.   He  d.  Nov.  3, 1850.    Six  children. 

i.    Judith,  b.  April  8, 1819.    m.  Feb.  28,  1841,  Charles  Marsh  Green 
27.     ii.    Samubl  Asaph,  b.  1822. 

ill.  Damon  Toumq,  b.  1823.  m.  certificate  Nov.  28,  1858,  Maria  M. 
Morrison  (see).  He  lived  in  Plymouth,  where  he  d.  Jan.  2, 1859. 
One  child:  (1)  Annie  M.,  b.  Oct  14,  1854.  m.  Oct.  25,  1880, 
Joseph  Miller  Howe,  of  Plymouth  (see). 

!▼.  Carolinb  B.,  b.  1829.  m.  William  Matthews,  d.  1864,  at  Bloom- 
ington.  111.,  Mine  prole. 

Y.    Charlks  B.,  b.  1881.    d.  July  5, 1853. 

▼i.  Mart  Ann,  b.  Feb.  26,  1885.  m.  Feb.  19,  1861,  Luman  Burr,  b. 
Torrington,  Conn.,  March  16,  1836;  res.  Bloomington,  111.  (1) 
Arthur  Dearborn,  b.  August  7,  1867.  m.  Sept.  24,  1889,  Fanuie 
McNaught  lie  d.  May  22,  1891.  She  res.  Pasadena,  Cal.  (2) 
WiUiard  Haselton,  b.  May  14, 1870.    d.  August  14,  1875. 

14.  Jonathan  Dearborn,  son  of  Samuel  ^  b.  June  18,  1793. 
He  was  a  merchant,  and  res.  in  Plymouth  until  1841,  except  four 
years  b^inning  1835.  He  was  a  selectman  1830, 1832, 1833,  1839, 
1840 ;  representative,  1831, 1840, 1841,  and  at  all  times  a  useful  and 
prominent  citizen.  He  removed  to  Illinois,  1841  or  1842,  and  there 
received  the  usual  land  warrant  for  service  in  the  War  of  1812.  He 
m.  June  22,  1815,  Nancy  Walker,  b.  Concord,  August  29, 1796,  dau.  of 
Bruce  and  Mehitable  (Currier)  Walker.  He  d.  at  Havana,  HI.,  March 
5, 1862.    She  d.  Nov.  12, 1860. 

i.    Emilt,  b.  Nov.  29,  1815.    d.  May  20, 1816. 
ii.    Jambs  Walker  Monrob,  b.  August  1, 1817.    d.  Sept.  28, 1817. 
iii.    Marcbllus,  b.  Nov.  25, 1818.    He  lived  a  few  years  in  Havana,  HU 
and  was  a  merchant  in  Minnesota,  1804-1871,  when  he  removed 


to  Wayne,  Neb.;  was  there  postmaster.  He  now  res.  at  Co- 
coanut  Grove,  Fla.  He  m.  Sept  12, 1850,  Elizabeth  A.  Owens,  b. 
June  22,  1820,  dau.  of  Edwin  and  Sarah  (Thomas)  Owens,  of 
Cincinnati,  Ohio.  She  d.  1888.  Three  children :  (1)  Charles  £., 
b.  July  10, 1851.  d.  Angost  1, 1854.  (2)  Luther  C,  b.  Aagust  8, 
1855.  m.  Feb.  17, 1881,  Edna  Kemp.  He  was  a  druggist  He 
d.  Oct.  14,  1800.  She  d.  Feb.  14,  1882.  (8)  Eugene  C,  b.  June 
5,  1859.  m.  August  25, 1887,  Anna  K.  Krum,  b.  Poughkeepeie, 
N.  Y.,  Sept.  19,  1859,  dau.  of  George  and  Armina  (Broas)  Krum. 
Ho  removed  to  Florida,  1883,  and  is  clerk  of  the  courts  of  Dade 
County.    One  child:  Dora  Elizabeth,  b.  August  14,  1891. 

iv.  LuTiiRR,  b.  March  24, 1820.  He  was  a  man  of  talent  who  won  a 
merited  success.  He  was  elected  sheriff  of  Kane  Co.,  111.,  1851, 
and  the  following  year  clerk  of  the  Circuit  Court.  MeanwhUe 
he  read  law  and  was  admitted  to  the  bar  1857,  and  while  he 
was  State  senator  his  energies  were  enlisted  in  the  practice  of  his 
chosen  profession.  For  many  years  he  was  attorney  for  Chicago 
&  Alton  R.R.  He  d.  April  5, 1889,  at  Springfield,  111.  The  State 
senate  passed  commemorative  resolutions  from  which  is  quoted  : 
"  He  was  a  decided  and  a  strong  man,  with  an  intellectual  grasp 
which  enabled  him  to  comprehend  and  deal  successfully  with  any 
subject  that  challenged  his  attention,  and  he  was  possessed  of  a 
nature  singularly  sweet,  courteous,  and  sympathetic.  ...  As  a 
lawyer  he  was  a  close  student  and  a  clear,  forcible,  and  persuasive 
speaker."  He  m.  March  14,  1850,  Elizabeth  Walker,  b.  Jan.  3, 
1880,  dau.  of  James  and  Elizabeth  (Nichols)  Walker.  She  d. 
Sept.  11, 1894.  Three  children :  (1)  Luther  M.,  b.  August  5, 1858. 
Grad.  Harvard  Law  School.  Has  served  three  terms  m  Illinois 
assembly,  and  was  in  the  active  practice  of  his  profession  until  his 
appointment  as  judge  of  the  Court  of  Claims,  unm.  (2)  Frank 
Annis,  b.  1801.  m.  1886,  Dora  Boyd,  dau.  of  A.  C.  Boyd.  He  is 
a  broker  of  real  estate  at  Wayne,  Neb.  (3)  James  Henry,  b. 
1865.  m.  1895,  Imogene  Currey,  dau.  of  D.  H.  Currey.  He  is  a 
former  mayor  of  Mason  City,  111.,  where  he  res. 
V.    Charles,  b.  Nov.  11, 1821.    d.  Sept  11, 1825. 

vi.    Emily,  b.  July  1,  1823.    d.  April  9, 1825. 

▼ii.    Francis  Hubert,  b.  Feb.  26, 1826.    d.  April  21, 1827. 

16.  Luther  Dearborn,  son  of  Samuel*,  b.  June  16, 1795.  He  fol- 
lowed his  older  brother,  Nathan,  to  Morgan  Co.,  Ohio,  and  there 
m.  March  20,  1818,  Julia  SutliflF,  b.  June  16,  1797.  He  d.  March  5, 
1821.     She  d.  Feb.  18, 1860. 

16.  Rev.  Chaulbs  Baker,  b.  Scituate,  R.  I.,  August  7, 1797,  son 
of  Jeremiah  and  Sarah  (Broton)  Baker,  m.  June  1, 1823,  Hannah 
Dearborn,  b.  June  27,  1798,  dau.  of  Samuel  Dearborn*,    He  was  a 


clergyman  of  the  Methodist  Episcopal  denomination,  a  man  earnest  in 
his  labors  and  beloved  by  his  associates.  He  d.  Soroerville,  Mass., 
August  16, 1864.    She  d.  Somerville,  Mass.,  Dec.  20, 1885.    Children. 

i.    CuARLKS,  b.  Sandwich,  Maroh  25, 1S24.    m.  Lizzie  Hager.    lie  d. 

ii.  Caroline  Matilda,  b.  Haverhill,  July  28,  1825.  m.  April  2, 1857, 
Rev.  Thomas  B.  Treadwell,  b.  Nov.  1,  1824,  son  of  Thomas 
Treadwell,  of  Reading,  Conn.  He  was  a  Methodist  clergyman, 
and  had  appointments  at  Marlboro,  Woburn,  Townsend,  Moiison, 
Weston,  Clinton,  Mass.,  and  otlier  places.  He  d.  in  Wales,  Mass., 
Oct  13, 1875.     She  d.  June  14,  1896. 

iii.  Henrt,  b.  June  19,  1827,  grad.  Wesleyan  University,  1854.  He 
was  a  Methodist  Episcopal  clergyman,  and  labored  several  years 
in  California,  returning  to  New  Bugland,  1862,  receiving  appoint- 
ments at  West  Brookfield,  Newtonviile,  and  Melrose,  Mass.  In 
New  York  East  Conference  —  Jersey  City,  Brooklyn,  and  Stam- 
ford, and^  uniting  with  the  Baltimore  Conference,  he  has  filled 
several  important  appointments,  and  now  res.  in  Washington, 
D.  C.  He  m.  1854,  Laura  Alice  Chase,  of  Newburyport,  Mass., 
who  d.  Sept.  7,  1898.  He  m.  second,  Nov.  24, 1899,  Mrs.  Euphe- 
mia  C.  Bower,  of  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

iv.  Francis,  b.  Bucksport,  Me.,  April  8, 1829.  m.  Harriet  Downe,  of 
Portland,  Me.  He  lived  in  California  and  New  York.  He  was 
very  fortunate  and  successful  in  business.  He  d.  April  6,  1878. 
V.  Laura  Euzabbth,  b.  Kent's  Hill,  Me.,  April  2, 1831.  m.  July  14, 
1855,  Joseph  B.  Lyman,  a  lawyer  of  New  Orleans,  La.  Mrs. 
Lyman  for  several  years  was  editor  of  Horticultural  Department, 
"  New  York  Tribune." 

vi.  Mblvillb,  b.  Readfield,  Me.,  June  21, 1833.  He  is  an  electrician, 
and  res.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

vii.  Albert,  b.  Portland,  Me.,  Oct.  19,  1835.  A  successful  teacher  in 
Wisconsin  and  Indiana.  He  m.  Jan.  12,  1860,  Hannah  Marian 
Stevens.  Res.  Fort  Wayne,  Ind. 
viii.  Grrenlkaf,  b.  Alfred,  Me.,  March  20,  1837.  m.  1850,  Cynthia 
Stanley.  Methodist  Episcopal  clergyman  and  Presiding  Elder, 
Baltimore  Conference.     He  d.  Baltimore,  Md.,  1895. 

ix.  Emily  Atwood,  b.  IMttston,  Me.,  Nov.  6,  1838.  m.  July  10, 1862, 
James  Thomas  Edwards,  b.  Barnegat,  N.  J.,  Jan.  6,  1838,  son  of 
Rev.  Job  and  Susanna  (Haywood)  ]«)dwards.  Wesleyan  Univer- 
sity, 1860.  Lieutenant  in  11th  bL  I.  infantry  in  war  of  the  Re- 
bellion. Principal  of  East  Greenwich  (R.  I.)  Academy.  State 
senator  six  years,  and  presidential  elector,  1808.  In  1870  he 
removed  from  Rhode  Island  to  Randolph,  N.  Y.,  and  was  presi- 
dent of  the  Chamberlain  Institute  and  Female  College  until  1893. 
He  was  elected  a  State  senator,  New  York,  1891,  and  served  with 
distinction.    In  1893  he  became  president  of  McDonough  Insti- 


tute,  Baltimore,  Md.  He  has  preached  as  occasion  offered,  and 
has  ever  been  a  popular  speaker  on  edncational  topics.  In  1876 
Allegheny  College  conferred  on  him  the  degree  of  D.D.,  and  LL.D. 
in  1801.  Mrs.  Baker  was  an  accomplished  preceptress  of  the  Cham- 
berlain Institute  during  his  connection  with  the  college. 
X.  Celia  Grrrm,  b.  Pittston,  Me.,  Feb.  6,  1841.  m.  May  6,  1860, 
William  H.  Parmenter,    Res.  East  Cambridge,  Mass. 

17.  Kbv.  Orange  Scott,  b.  Brookfield,  Vt,  Feb.  13, 1800,  son  of 
Samuel  and  Lucy  (Whitney)  Scott  The  father  was  a  native  of  Wil- 
lington,  Conn.  The  mother  was  born  in  Halifax,  Vt  He  m.  Oct  8, 
1835,  Eliza  Dearborn,  b.  March  25, 1803,  dau.  of  Samuel  Dearborn  ^ 
While  he  was  a  child,  his  parents  removed  to  Canada,  remained  there 
five  or  six  years,  but  subsequently  returned  to  Vermont  In  1822  he 
became  a  Methodist  clergyman  and  soon  ranked  among  the  ablest 
preachers  of  his  denomination.  Ar  a  controversialist  he  was  vigorous 
and  convincing.  From  1830  to  1834  he  was  presiding  elder  of  the 
Springfield  district,  and  from  1834  to  1836  of  the  Providence  district 
He  was  deeply  and  aggressively  interested  in  the  anti-elavery  move- 
ment of  his  time,  and  because  his  fellow-clergymen  did  not  endorse 
his  views,  he  withdrew  from  the  established  Methodist  Church,  1842, 
and  at  Utica,  N.  Y.,  May  31, 1843,  he  organized  the  Wesleyan  Meth- 
odist Church,  which  was  openly  opposed  to  slavery  and  to  an  episcopal 
form  of  church  government  In  1846,  on  account  of  failing  health, 
he  retired  from  the  ministry,  and  d.  at  Newark,  N.  J.,  July  31, 1847. 
She  walked  in  the  light  of  his  brilliant  achievements  over  fifty  years, 
and  d.  at  Salem  Dec.  31, 1898.    Four  children. 

i.  Amet  Eliza,  b.  Joiie  21,  1887.  m.  Feb.  12,  1860,  Rev.  James 
Noyes,  b.  Columbia,  July  2,  1835,  son  of  Eleazer  Titos  and 
Sophronia  (Cass)  Noyes.  He  attended  the  Newbury,  Yt.,  Semi- 
nary. In  the  war  of  the  Rebellion  he  was  a  private  in  Co.  C,  8th  Yt. 
infantry ;  transferred  to  2d  I^uisiana  National  Guards,  and  pro- 
moted to  rank  of  captidn.  Graduated  Theological  School,  Boston 
University,  1869,  and  the  following  year  he  entered  the  N.  H. 
M,  E.  Conference.  lie  acceptably  filled  several  appointments  in 
New  Hampshire  and  Massachusetts,  and  since  Sept.,  1888,  he 
has  been  the  faithful  and  efficient  superintendent  of  the  New 
Hampshire  Orphans'  Home  at  Franklin.  Mrs.  Noyes  d.  Dec.  4, 
1875;  he  ro.  second,  Sept.  5, 187-,  Fannie  M.  Baker.  Children 
by  first  wife,  Fred  S.,  Frank  W.,  and  Annie  F.,  and  by  second 
wife,  Clara  E. 
ii.  Akna  Weslrt,  b.  May  10, 1840.  m.  July  10, 1862,  Rev.  Silas  Everard 
Quimby,  b.  Haverhill,  Oct.  19, 1837,  son  of  the  kindly  remembered 


Rev.  Silas  Quimby.  Wealeyan  UniTersity,  1859.  He  is  a  Methodist 
Episcopal  clergyman, filling  appointments:  Littleton,  180^1804. 
lu  April,  1804,  he  was  called  to  Newbury  (Vt.)  Seminary,  where 
he  had  earlier  been  an  instructor,  to  fill  the  chair  of  Greek  autl 
mathematics.  Returning  to  the  ministry,  his  appointments  have 
been:  Lebanon,  1807-1868;  Plymouth,  1860-1870;  Exeter,  1871- 
1873;  SuniHpee,  1874-1876;  Tilton,  1877;  President  Conference 
Seminary,  Tilton,  five  or  six  years  ;  Whitefield,  1886-1887;  La- 
eonm,  188S-1889;  Newmarket,  1890;  Exeter,  1891-1893;  Roches- 
ter, 1894;  Penacook,  1895-1806;  Salem,  Pleasant  Street,  1897. 
He  has  twice  been  honored  with  an  election  as  del^^te  to  General 
Conference,  and  has  been  twenty-eight  years  secretary  of  the 
New  Hampshire  Conference.  Mrs.  Quimby  d.  at  Salem,  March  7, 
1901.  Children :  (1)  Clarence  Everard,  b.  May  4,  1863.  m.  Feb. 
7, 1888,  StelU  F.  Cram.  (2)  Carl  Noyes,  b.  Nov.  27, 1866.  m. 
June  1,  1899,  Grace  E.  Frye.  (8)  Mabel  Alice,  b.  Feb.  6, 1870. 
m.  August  28, 1894,  Horatb  Moore.  (4)  Ernest  Scott,  b.  July  15, 
1872.  (5)  Anna  Lucy,  b.  Sept  21, 1877.  d.  August  80,  1878. 
iii.  Oranqb  Walter,  b.  Newbury,  Vt.,  Oct  15, 1842.  He  is  a  Metho- 
dist Episcopal  clergyman,  and  has  filled  appointments :  —  Maine 
Conference:  South  Berwick.  New  Hampshire  Conference:  Haver- 
hill, Mass.,  Dover  and  Concord.  Wyoming  Conference:  Kingston, 
Pa.,  West  Pittston,  Pa.,  and  Binghamton,  N.  Y.  New  England 
Southern  Conference:  Newport,  R.  I.;  Rock ville, Conn.;  Norwich, 
Conn.;  Willimantic,  Conn.;  and  Brockton,  Mass.  New  England 
Conference:  Chioopee,  Bfass.;  Maiden,  Mass.;  and  Lunenburg, 
Mass.,  1902.  He  was  a  member  of  the  school  board,  Haverhill, 
Mass^  1872-1878,  and  principal  East  Greenwich  (R.  I.)  Academy, 
1886-1887.  Wesleyan  University  conferred  honorary  degree 
A.M.,  1889.  He  m.  July  17,  1867,  Lucy  Amelia  Jameson,  b. 
Irasburg,  Vt.,  Nov.  27,  1848,  dau.  of  Alexander  and  Sarah 
Knowles  (Locke)  Jameson.  Grad.  Newbury  (Vt)  Seminary, 
valedictorian,  1866.  She  is  the  accomplished  author  of '*  Nettie 
and  Her  Friends,"  **Gilead  Guards,"  a  war  story,  1861-1805 ;  "*  The 
Upstairs  Family,"  *< Prove  It,"  "Santo  Claus  Stories,"  "Compound 
Interest,"  and  other  popular  works.  She  is  a  frequent  contribu- 
tor to  the  current  press,  and  has  been  editor  of  *"  Children's 
Missionary  Friend"  since  its  estobUshment,  1890.  (1)  Everett 
Hallerton,  b.  South  l^rwick.  Me.,  August  15,  1868.  Wesleyan 
University,  1892.  Teacher  Moody's  Boys'  School,  and  Melrose  High 
School,  m.  Minnie  £.  Grant,  of  Winsor,  Conn.  (2)  Anna  Ger- 
trude, b.  Haverhill,  Mass.,  June  6,  1872.  Grad.  Rockville  High 
School,  m.  Albert  £.  Waite,  of  Rockville,  Conn.  (3)  Florence 
Eliza,  b.  Dover,  Oct  13,  1876.  Grad.  Willimantic  High  School, 
and  Lucy  Wheelock,  Kindergarten,  Cbauncey  Hall,  Boston,  Mass. 
Teacher  Broadway  School,  Norwich,  Conn.,  and  Stote  Normal 
School,  Fitchburg,  Mass.     (4)  Arthur  Orange,  b.  Kingston,  Pa., 


Sept.  24, 1880.    Grad.  Brockton,  Mass.,  High  School,  and  poraned 
a  course  of  art  studies.     He  is  an  artist,  res.  in  New  York* 
(5)  Alexander  Jameson,  b.  Deo.  10,  1882.    d.  Oct.  29,  1890. 
iv.    Clara  Maria,  b.  Feb.  1,  1846.    d.  May  4, 1847. 

18.  Benjamin  Dbauborn,  son  of  Peter  ^  b.  about  1778.  m.  1799, 
Sally  Gilinau,  of  Gilmaaton.  He  was  a  farmer  of  Plymouth,  where 
he  d.  March  16, 1814    She  d.  Oct  15, 1823.    Five  children. 

i.  Ovid,  b.  1801,  lived  in  Plymouth,  where  he  d.  August  29, 1829.  He 
m.  May  13, 1828,  Mary  Moore,  b.  Bristol,  Sept.,  1808,  dau.  of  Robert 
and  Jane  (Rolfe)  Moore ;  she  m.  second,  Washington  Mooney,  of 
New  Hampton. 

ii.    SopiiRONiA,  b.  Nov.  30, 1803.    m.  Pearson  S.  Cross  (see). 

iii.    Martin  K.,  b.  1807.    d.  Dec.  10,  1828. 

iv.  Julia  Ann,  b.  Feb.  25,  1810.  m.  June  6,  1834,  Walter  Doe,  son 
of  John  and  Mary  (Sanborn)  Doe,  of  Rumney.  He  lived  in 
Ruratiey,  Hardwick,  Vt.,  and  in  Iowa.  Real  estate  dealer.  He 
d.  Maquoketa,  Iowa,  Oct  17,  1885.  she  d.  Nov.  1,  1893.  Two 
children :  (1)  Oilman  Ovid,  b.  June  6,  1836.  m.  Sept  13,  1859, 
Elizabeth  McEwen.  She  d.  Oct  5,  1901.  Two  children,  Julia 
Ann  and  Walter.  (2)  George  Walter,  b.  August  23, 1842.  d. 
July  13, 1879,  at  Maquoketa,  la. 
V.  JoTUAM  Oilman.  He  was  a  dentist  in  Missouri,  m.  Lucia  Berry. 
He  was  again  m.,  and  d.  1807.    (1)  Frances,  b.  1860.    d.  1867. 

19.  John  Dearborn,  son  of  Michael  ^  b.  Dec.  20,  1791.  He  was 
an  active  man  and  made  several  removals  to  and  from  Plymouth. 
He  built  several  houses.  The  tax-lists  bear  his  name  for  the  years 
1813  to  1830, 1840  to  1848,  1851  to  1861.  He  d.  in  Plymouth, 
March  26, 1865.  He  in.  Nov.  8,  1813,  Mary  Merrill,  dau.  of  Jacob 
MerrilL    She  d.  May  15, 1863.    Eight  children. 

i.    Mart  Ann,  b.  Oct  8, 1814.    d.  Dec  9, 1834. 

ii.  David,  b.  Portsmouth,  N.  H.,  Dec.  5,  1817.  m.  Dec.  15,  1844, 
Harriet  Adelia  Atherton.  She  d.  June  3,  1856;  he  m.  second, 
Dec.  15, 1858,  Susan  Miriam  Stevens.  Res.  Hanson,  Mass.  Seven 
children :  (1)  Mary  Ella,  b.  August  27, 1849.  m.  March  10, 1873, 
Oeo.  Henry  Pratt,  Chelsea,  Mass.  (2)  Edward  Putnam  Flint,  b. 
Jan.  9, 1852.  m.  Sept  16, 1874,  Lillie  J.  Newcomb,  a  Methodist 
clergyman.  Res.  Texas.  (8)  Florence  Althea,  b.  March  6,  1854. 
m.  April  28, 1873,  Edward  P.  Slye.  Res.  Boston,  Mass.  (4)  Harriet 
Adelia,  b.  March  26,  1856.  m.  Feb.  8, 1877,  MeWille  H.  Perkins. 
Res.  Gloucester,  Mass.     (5)  David  Gilbert,  b.  Oct.  21, 1865.     m. 

1800, Kinney.    Res.  Winthrop,  Mass.    (0)  George  Vincent, 

b.  Dec.  8, 1869.  d.  July  21, 1872.  (7)  Eliza  Mu-lam,  b.  June  19, 


iii.  John,  b.  Feb.  24,  1820.  m.  Feb.  24, 1845,  Elisabeth  Robinson,  b. 
Meredith,  Maroh  24,  1821,  dan.  of  Bradbury  Robinson.  He 
learned  the  trade  of  saddler  and  harness  maker  with  James  R.  Hill, 
Concord,  and  oondocted  business  in  Meredith.  He  d.  August  25, 
1805.  8he  d.  Dec  1,  1888.  Two  children :  (1)  George  Norton, 
b.  1848.  d.  1840.  (2)  Bradbury  Robinson,  b.  AprU  2, 1855.  m. 
Oct  2,  1800,  Hattie  Langley,  b.  Noy.  6,  1853,  dan.  of  WiUiam 
Langley.    He  is  a  clerk  in  Meredith,  town  derk,  auditor,  sheriff. 

iy.    Maetha,  b.  April  18, 1822.    m.  Bracket  L.  Sanborn  (see). 

▼.    Gborqk  H.,  b.  Dec.  25, 1826.    d.  March  11, 1846. 

vi.  Hannah  Jank,  b.  Sept,  1828.  d.  unm.  May  13, 1884. 
▼ii.  JuuA  YiNOBNT,  b.  July  25, 1831.  d.  June  22,  1853. 
▼ilL  Gilbert  Martin,  b.  August  26,  1835.  m.  Feb.  24,  1850,  Mary 
Melissa  Russell,  dan.  of  Pelatiah  Russell  (see).  He  d.  in  the 
senrice,  0th  N.  H.  Infantry,  Sept  5,  1863.  She  m.  second,  Jan. 
0,  1867,  Albert  M.  Silver,  of  Campton,  where  she  d.  March  6, 
1875.  One  child :  (1)  Mary  Evelyn,  b.  Campton,  June  17, 1860. 
Res.  Tilton.    Two  children  of  Albert  M.  and  Mary  Melissa  Silver. 

(1)  Nellie  May,  b.  March  2,  1868 ;  (2)  Myrtie  Belle,  b.  May  20, 
1871.    d.  March  3, 1874. 

30.  Henry  Dearborn,  son  of  Michael  ^  b.  July  29,  1795.  ni. 
Sept  28,  1820,  Abigail  SpokesEeld,  dau.  of  Mark  Spokesfield,  of 
Campton.  He  was  a  farmer  and  settled  in  Campton,  where  he  d. 
Sept,  1866.  Five  children.  A  record  of  birth  dates  is  not  at 

i.    Dakibl.    d.  young. 

ii.    Henry,    m.  Julia  Fraoklin.    Remoyed  to  Stone  City,  Iowa. 

iii.    Lydia.    m.  Joseph  W.  Johnaon.    d.  Jan.,  1880.    She  d.  May,  1888. 

iv.    Lucy.    m.  Matthew  Brooks.    Res.  Camhridge,  Mass.    d.  1880. 

▼.    Damisl,  b.  Jan.  10, 1831.    m.  Deo.  14,  1857,  Mary  Ann  Hussey,  b. 

August  25, 1887,  dau.  of  Clark  and  Martha  (Avery)  Hussey.     He 

lived  in  Woodstock.    She  d.  May  21,  1808.    Nine  children  :  (1) 

Mandana  B.,  b.  May  20,  1800.    m.   l>ec  14,  1877,  .Joseph  II. 

Smith,  son  of  Thomas  and  Betsey  (Jones)  Smith.    Res.  Thornton. 

(2)  Daniel  Clark,  b.  Jan.  18, 1801.  m.  1803,  Mrs.  Robie.  Res. 
Thornton.  (3)  Barron  O.,  b.  Sept  27, 1803.  m.  1800,  Mrs.  EtU 
(Bump)  Durgin.  Res.  Campton.  (4)  Mary  Ann,  b.  May  0, 1805. 
unm.  d.  August  28,  1888.  (5)  Henry  D.,  b.  Feb.  12, 1807.  Res. 
Warren.  (0)  Abby  F.,  b.  Oot.  13,  1800.  m.  Leslie  B.  Draper; 
m.  second,  Clark  Wheaton,  Granite  Falls,  Minn.  (7)  Margie 
Lydia,  b.  June  0, 1870.  m.  April  0,  1880,  Martin  S.  Merrill,  son 
of  Stephen  and  Hannah  (Tuoker)  Merrill ;  m.  second,  William  F. 
Walker  (see).  Live  in  Plymouth.  (8)  Elzora  £.,  b.  May,  1871. 
d.  1872.    (0)  Fred,  b.  Oot.  8, 1870,  lives,  num.,  at  Woodstock. 

DEAllBOBN.  207 

21.  Jonathan  Dearborn,  son  of  Michael  Dearborn  ^  b.  August  9, 
1800,  m.  March  29, 1821,  Amanda  Foster  Smith,  b.  August  2,  1800, 
dau.  of  Stephen  and  Axia  (Foster)  Smith.  He  was  a  substantial 
farmer.  He  was  in  Canada  a  few  years  but  lived  the  most  of  his  life 
in  Thornton,  where  hed.  May  4, 1853.  She  d.  Feb.  2, 1858.  Three 

i.  Georob  Sullivan,  b.  Thornton,  Oct  81, 1822.  m.  May  18, 1848, 
Sarah  Aon  Briggs.  He  is  a  Methodist  clergyman.  Res.  Topeka, 
Kan.  Five  children  :  (1)  £dmund  Storer  Janes,  b.  May  24, 1850. 
m.  Barbara  £.  Redington.  (2)  Carrie  Adelia,  b.  June  8,  1858. 
m.  Henry  Sudendorf,  president  flouring  mills.  Res.  Salina,  Kan. 
(8)  Leila  B.,  b.  June  17,  1855.  m.  Sept.  14,  1875,  Frank  Mc- 
Cready.  Res.  Jersey  City,  N.  J.  (4)  Lewella,  b.  April  80, 1861. 
d.  August  1, 1801.  (5)  Lewetta  B.,  twin,  b.  April  80, 1861.  d. 
July  26, 1868. 

ii.  Amanda  Jemima,  b.  Thornton,  May  5,  1880.  m.  Nov.  27,  1851, 
Lewis  B.  Smart  Res.  Danvers,  Mass.  He  d.  June  14,  1802. 
She  d.  Nov.  7,  1897.  Two  children:  (1)  George  Lewis,  b.  July 
80,  1852.  d.  1854.  (2)  WiUis  Edwin,  b.  Jan.  15, 1855.  He  is  a 
merchant  at  Danvers,  Mass. 

iii.  CuAnLBS  Wesley,  b.  Hatley,  P.  Q.,  Sept.  17, 1888.  m.  Sept.  11, 
1855,  Mary  Ann  Rexford,  b.  July  8,  1835,  dau.  of  Chester  and 
Asenath  (Moore)  Rexford,  of  Derby,  Vt.  He  has  lived  in  Thorn- 
ton, now  in  Campton.  Co.  B,  15th  N.  H.  Infantry.  Three 
children  :  (1)  T^wis  Elmer,  b.  Jan.  26,  1859.  m.  1875,  May 
Broad,  dau.  of  Ezra  and  Sarah  (Nason)  Broad.  Res.  Thornton,  a 
farmer.  (2)  Clarence,  b.  Thornton,  Nov.  19, 1862.  m.  Oct.,  1879, 
Torrie  Broad,  dau.  of  Ezra  and  Sarah  Nason  (Broad).  She  d. 
1880 ;  he  m.  second,  1889,  Bertha  Morse.  Res.  Laconia.  (8) 
Charles  E.,  b.  Thornton,  April  4,  1868.    d.  Nov.  5, 1878. 

23.  Calvin  Dearborn,  son  of  Edward  *^  b.  June  4,  1798.  He 
was  a  cabinet-maker.  His  father  gave  him  his  time,  and  at  nineteen 
years  of  age  he  went  to  Vermont  He  removed  to  Alexandria,  where 
he  res.  a  few  years,  and  in  1829  he  went  to  Weare,  where  he  d. 
May  8,  1832.  He  m.  Jan.,  182G,  Mary  Ann  Teimey,  b.  Hampton, 
Dec.  4,  1804,  dau.  of  William  Tenney.  Slie  res.  1904,  at  Ashland. 
Three  children. 

i.  RiNALDO  RiNAL  DiKi,  b.  Alexandria,  August  16, 1828.  After  the 
death  of  his  father  he  lived  with  his  uncle,  Lewis  Dearborn,  until 
1846.  He  was  taxed  here,  1851,  1858,  1854.  He  m.  July  13, 
1867,  Lucy  Ann  Keyes,  b.  Hancock,  April  10,  1836,  dan.  of  Jona- 
than French  and  Mary  (Wood)  Reyes,  of  Hancock  and  Ashland. 


Mr.  Dearborn  established  the  **  Ashland  Item,"  and  was  the  editor 
and  publisher.  He  d.  March  2, 1902.  Mrs.  Dearborn  has  been 
librarian  of  the  public  library  several  years. 
iL  Alphonso  de  la  Bosquet,  b.  Weare,  Nov.  17,  1830.  He  m.  Oct 
1, 1851,  Catherine  McShea.  He  was  a  painter;  lived  in  I^woU 
and  m  Dracnt,  Mass.  Three  children :  (1)  Fontaine,  b.  May  15, 
1852,  d.  Nov.  17, 1857.  (2)  Martha  Ann,  b.  March  28, 1854.  Res. 
Draout,  Mass.  (8)  Elmer,  b.  1869.  A  farmer.  Res.  Dracut,  Mass. 
iii.  Calvin  Farmer,  b.  Weare,  April  24,  1832.  He  was  a  farmer  of 
Draout,  Mass.  Co.  D,  26th  Mass.  Infantry,  d.  in  the  service, 

33.  Washington  Dearborn,  son  of  Edward  ^^  b.  Plymouth,  Oct 
18,  1808.  He  was  a  blacksmith  and  a  farmer.  He  m.  Sept.  22, 
1836,  Abigail  Cook,  b.  Campton,  Oct.  8,  1814,  dau.  of  Samuel  and 
Eanice  (Spokesfield)  Cook.  He  settled  in  Woodstock,  removing  to 
Plymouth,  1838,  and  to  Campton,  1839.  He  d.  Campton,  April  15, 
1892.    She  A  Oct  27,  1883.    Four  children. 

L  Hbkrt  Cook,  b.  Woodstock,  June  12,  1837.  m.  1868,  Frances 
Mary  Shepard,  dau.  of  Erasmus  Dow  and  Laura  (Crawford) 
Shepard.  lie  is  a  mill  superintendent  in  Ashland.  Three  chil- 
dren: (1)  AdeUe  Amanda,  b.  Jan.  23,  1864.  m.  Oct.  6,  1887, 
Charles  R.  Pease.  (2)  George  Henry,  b.  July  4, 1865.  res.  Ash- 
hmd.  d.  May  30,  1903.  (3)  Alice,  b.  August  8,  1870.  m.  June 
21,  1893,  .Frederick  P.  Campbell,  superintendent  mills  of  Inter- 
national Paper  Co.,  Wilder,  Vt. 

ii.    Amanda,  b.  Plymouth,  Feb.  28,  1839.    d.  Dec.  7,  1859. 

iii.  Emily,  b.  Campton,  Oct.  10,  1844.  m.  first,  Feb.  6,  1869,  William 
U.  Maryin,  a  farmer  of  Campton.    m.  second,  Frank  Johnson. 

i?.    RuFUS,  b.  Campton,  July  10,  1847.    d.  Dec.  8,  1849. 

2iL  Danibl  Smitii,  son  of  Ezekiel  and  Hannah  (Ingalls)  Smith, 
b.  Peacham,  Vt,  Oct  16,  1807.  m.  in  Plymouth,  May  7,  1829, 
Eliza  Jane  Dearborn,  b.  Oct.  24,  1805,  dau.  of  Samuel  ^^  and  Eliza- 
beth (Bartlett)  Dearborn.  He  was  a  farmer,  living  in  Campton  until 
1836,  when  he  removed  to  Virgil,  111.,  enduring  the  fatigue  and  dis- 
comfort of  travel  of  the  time  and  the  hardships  and  suHering  of  the 
lives  of  pioneers.  The  story  of  their  lives  is  one  of  toil  and  self- 
denial  He  d.  at  Vii^l,  IlL,  Oct  28, 1865.  She  d.  at  Batavia,  IR, 
Dea  25,  1878.    Eight  children. 

1.    Gborqk  Pbrkins,  b.  Campton,  Nov.  10, 1830.    d.  Jan.  4, 1835. 
IL    Sarah  Jamb,  b.  Campton,  July  8,  1832.    m.  Oct  7,  1850,  Albert 
Benerly,  fanner.     Res.  Maple  Park,  111.      She  d.  Jan.  80,  1863. 


Six  children:  (1)  Mary  Jane,  b.  May  18, 1851.  d.  Sept.  25, 1859. 
(2)  John  Albert,  b.  Virgil,  111.,  Dec.  11,  1852.  ni.  March  15, 
1874,  Sarah  £.  Bair,  b.  Angiuit  15,  1856,  dau.  of  Hiram  H.  Bair. 
He  is  an  employee,  C.  &  N.  W.  R.R.  Res.  Chicago,  111.  (3)  Can- 
dace  G.,  b.  Jan.  23, 1855.  d.  July  17, 1856.  (4)  Carrie  B.,  b.  March 
4,  1857.  m.  Nov.  22,  1876,  Frank  B.  Wilkinson,  b.  August  9, 
1855,  a  fanner  at  Gray  Lake,  Hi.  (5)  C.  Walter,  b.  Dec.  22, 
1860.  m.  May  4, 1891,  Nellie  M.  Smith.  lie  was  a  fanner  at 
IMnple  Park,  111.,  where  he  d.  Oct.  16, 1901.  She  d.  Oct.  20, 1896. 
(6)  Freddie  E.,  b.  Jan.  11,  1863.  d.  Dec.  18,  1863. 
iii.  Julia  Ann,  b.  Campton,  Feb.  18,  1834.  m.  Dec.  2,  1852,  George 
Wiggen  Giggey,  b.  Oct.  28,  1833,  son  of  John  Giggey,  of  New 
Brunswick  and  later  of  Illinois.  He  was  in  California,  1853-1856, 
and  removed  to  Nevada,  la.,  1868,  and  to  Colorado,  1873,  and  was 
there  a  mining  expert  many  years.  Very  successful  in  mining, 
lie  was  injured  in  a  railroad  accident,  and  d.  a  few  months  later 
at  Boulder,  Col.,  Sept.  30, 1896.  Ten  children.  (1)  Lenna,  b. 
July  7, 1853.  m.  June  25, 1885,  Laurence  J.  Brennan,  b.  Oct.  1, 
1860,  son  of  Edward  Brennan,  of  Jacksonville,  III.  He  is  a  lumber 
dealer  at  Boulder,  Col.    (2)  Lydia  J.,  b.  Jan.  1,  1857.    m.  Oct. 

27, 1872, Eagleburger;  m.  second,  July  16, 1882,  Benjamin 

Franklin  Gregg,  b.  Sept.  25, 1852,  son  of  Asahel  Carmen  Gregg. 
Res.  Boulder,  Col.  (3)  Leon  G.,  b.  April  25, 1859.  m.  Jan.  20, 
1881,  Nancy  Malinda  Chambers,  b.  July  13,  1863.  d.  April  20, 
1897.  dau.  of  George  W.  Chambers.  He  is  a  ranchman  near 
Nederland,  Col.  (4)  Laura  Mae,  b.  Augilst  8,  1861.  m.  April 
17,  1881,  William  C.  Lewis,  b.  1850,  telegraph  operator,  Urban, 
Wash.  (5)  Adelbert  A.,  b.  Feb.  21,  1864.  m.  Feb.  14,  1882, 
Annie  A.  Berkeley,  b.  Boulder,  Col.,  1865,  dau.  of  Granville  Berke- 
ley. Res.  Nederland,  Col.  (6)  Charles  Albert,  b.  Jan.  21,  1867. 
m.  May  1,  1889,  Belle  Phillips,  b.  July  18, 1869,  dau.  of  Herman 
H.  Phillips.  She  d.  April  28,  1895.  He  m.  second,  Feb.  22, 1898, 
Jennie  M.  Campbell,  b.  July  9, 1871,  dau.  of  Charles  M.  Camp- 
bell, of  Boulder,  Col.  He  is  an  engineer  at  Nederland,  Col. 
(7)  Grace  Lois,  b.  Dec.  17,  1869.  m.  March  19,  1890,  James 
Crimmins,  b.  May  8, 1^68,  son  of  James  Crimmins.  Res.  Fair- 
haven,  Wash.  (8)  Myrtle  Julia,  b.  Sept.  17, 1872.  m.  July  8, 
1896,  William  W.  Hocking,  b.  Feb.  13,  1872,  son  of  Simon  Hock- 
ing. He  is  a  butcher.  Res.  Boulder,  Col.  (9)  Luella  C,  b.  June 
7,  1875.  d.  July  17,  1879.  (10)  Daisy  N.,  b.  May  20,  1879. 
d.  Oct.  4,  1881. 
iv.  John  Henry,  b.  March  2, 1836.  d.  Nov.  4, 1847. 
V.  Samukl  Henry,  b.  Virgil,  111.,  Feb.  5,  1839.  m.  May  29,  1860, 
Jane  Almcda  Beverly,  b.  May  19,  1837.  d.  Dec.  11,  1882.  He 
was  a  farmer  near  Bethany,  Mo.,  and  there  d.  April  28,  1876. 
Two  children:  (1)  Loy  Ellsworth,  b.  March  25,  1862.    m.  July 

VOL.  II.  — 14 


20,  1883,  Elizabeth  Mead  Arkle,  b.  May  14,  1868,  dao.  of  George 
Arkle.  She  d.  March  22, 1901.  He  is  a  mechanic.  Res.  Geneseo, 
Kau.  (2)  Lester  £.,  b.  April  13, 1863.  m.  Nellie  Small  He  is 
a  carpenter. 
Ti.  Frank  Pbrkins,  b.  Not.  17,  1840.  m.  Dec  26, 1863,  Hellen  Mar- 
garet Chapman,  b.  Sept,  1844,  dan.  of  Samuel  Chapman.  He  was 
bugler  in  8th  111.  Cavalry  fi-om  July  25,  1861,  until  Oct.,  1862. 
He  was  discharged  on  account  of  disability.  He  is  a  merchant. 
Res.  Elburn  and  Batavia,  111.,  and  Lewis,  Kan.  Five  children  : 
(1)  Adin  Cyrus,  b.  Feb.  4,  1866.  m.  July  80,  1800,  Rose  Huck- 
step.  He  is  a  farmer  of  I^wis,  Kan.  (2)  Nellie  Mabel,  b.  Sept 
15,  1867.  m.  May  16,  1888,  William  T.  Pratt,  of  Pussaic,  N.  J. 
(3)  Ernest  Chapman,  b.  April  24,  1871.  m.  May  15, 1891,  Nellie 
Eals.  Railroad  agent.  Partridge,  Kau.  (4)  Maggie  Julia,  b.  Feb. 
6,  1873.  m.  June  17, 1804,  Sherman  D.  Misner,  a  merchant  of 
Kinsley,  Kan.  (5)  Frank  Albert,  b.  May  6, 1885. 
yii.  Gkorqb  Daniel,  b.  Not.  25, 1842.  m.  June  5, 1867,  Henrietta  Ger. 
trude  Richmond,  b.  Nov.  16, 1844,  dau.  of  Moses  C.  Richmond. 
He  served  four  years  in  the  war  of  the  Rebellion  —  8th  111.  Cav- 
alry. He  is  a  farmer  and  dairyman.  Res.  Lily  Lake,  111.  Two 
children  :  (1)  Hattie  Dearborn,  b.  June  21, 1872.  m.  Feb.  8, 1898, 
John  William  Kindberg,  b.  Sweden,  July  20,  1872,  a  farmer  and 
dairyman,  Virgil,  111.  (2)  Obed  Moses,  b.  Oct  18,  1878. 
yiii.  Albert  Barnard,  b.  June  16, 1844.  m.  June  8, 1870,  Ellen  M.  Rich- 
mond, b.  March  12,  1852,  dau.  of  Moses  C.  Richmond.  He  was  a 
farmer  and  merchant.  He  d.  La  Fox,  111.,  May  30,  1879.  She 
d.  June  6,  1882.  Two  children :  (1)  Albert  Irving,  b.  Sept., 
1871.  m.  Rose  Reese.  He  is  a  book-keeper,  Los  Angeles,  CaL  (2) 
Clarence  B.,  b.  August  3,  1873.  m.  Feb.,  1898,  Harriet  Miller. 
Hardware  merchant,  Elburn,  HI. 

25.  Samuel  Dbarbokn,  son  of  Samuel  ^^  and  Elizabeth  (Bartlett) 
Dearborn,  b,  in  Ply  month,  August  16,  1807.  Was  a  farmer.  lie 
lived  upon  the  farm  owned  and  occupied  by  Iiis  father,  building  a  new 
house  and  adding  many  acres  to  the  original  homestead.  Like  his 
father  and  many  of  the  Dearborns  of  Plymouth,  he  was  tall,  but  not 
of  robust  frame.  He  was  a  man  of  sensitive  temperament  and  unfail- 
ing kindness  of  heart  His  advocacy  of  the  cause  of  temperance  and 
antislavery  was  the  natural  and  consistent  expression  of  his  matured 
character  and  brotherly  sympathies.  Through  life  in  all  his  decisions 
he  sustained  the  better  cause.  He  m.  Dec.  14,  1837,  Candace  Sargent 
Perkins,  dau.  of  Jacob  and  Dolly  (Lancaster)  Perkins  (see).  Siie 
was  a  woman  of  sterling  character,  and  made  her  home  the  sanc- 
tuary of  order  and  peace.    He  d.  Oct.  15, 1881.    She  d.  at  the  home 


of  her  youogest  daughter,  in  Fitchburg,  Mass.,  Oct  8, 1889.    Five 

i.    EMZABBTn,  b.  Oct.  14,  1888.    d.  August  19, 1839. 

ii.  Charlottr  Elizabeth,  b.  Jan.  7, 1842.  A  teacher  in  New  Hamp- 
shire, Iowa,  and  Illinois.  I^ater  a  dressmaker  in  Plymouth.  Miss 
Dearborn  has  rendered  valuable  assistance  in  the  compilation  of 
the  Dearborn  and  other  registers.  To  her  patient  and  unwearied 
researches  the  family  and  others  will  find  pleasure  in  the  expres- 
sion of  their  gratitude. 

iii.  John  rARXRR  Ualr,  b.  Oct.  12,  1843.  m.  Sept  15,  1877,  Lucinda 
(Willey)  Avery,  dau.  of  Stephen  Willey  (see).  She  d.  Nov.  22, 
1884.     lie  is  a  carpenter  in  Laconia. 

iv.  Gkorgr  Pkrkins,  b.  Sept.  23, 1815,  was  a  farmer  of  Plymouth.  lie 
ni.  Dec.  25, 1871,  Elizabeth  Farley  Drake,  b.  Oct  18,  1847,  dau.  of 
John  and  £meliue  (Pike)  Drake.  He  d.  Plymouth,  July  18, 1872; 
she  m.  Samuel  Monroe  Morse  (see).  One  child:  (1)  Lenna 
Medora,  b.  Feb.  24, 1872.  d.  Dec.  25,  1876. 
V.  Sarah  Jane,  b.  Jan.  29,  1848.  m.  Sept.  28,  1875,  George  Harris 
Andrews  (see  Harris  Register).  He  is  a  machinist  with  the  Put- 
nam Machine  Co.  Res.  Fitchburg,  Mass.  Two  children:  (1) 
George  Dearborn,  b.  Lowell,  Mass.,  Sept.  22,  1881.  Plymouth 
High  School,  1900.  He  was  a  clerk  for  Simonds  Mfg.  Co.,  Fitch- 
burg, Mass.  He  d.  May  14, 1904.  (2)  Jessie  May,  b.  August  18, 
1883.    Grad.  Fitchburg  High  School,  1902. 

26.  Nathan  Harris  Dsarbork,  son  of  Samuel  ^  and  Elizabeth 
(Bartlett)  Dearborn,  b.  June  27, 1809.  He  went  to  Fryeburg,  Me., 
and  there  learned  the  trade  of  carpenter,  which  he  followed  through 
life.  He  was  in  Fryeburg  at  the  time  of  the  Willey  land  slide.  In 
1836  he  removed  to  St  Charles,  111.,  and  was  permitted  to  witness  the 
wonderful  growth  of  a  State  then  upon  the  frontier.  He  was  prominent 
in  the  oixlers  of  Masons  and  Odd  Fellows.  He  m.  1834,  certificate 
issued  Feb.  9,  Sarah  Dudley,  a  native  of  New  Hampton,  b.  Dec.  12, 
1810.  She  d.  Oct  12, 1838.  He  m,  second,  June  15, 1841,  Maryett 
Willard,  b.  August  16, 1819,  dau.  of  Johnson  Willard.  She  d.  March 
5,  1854.  He  m.  third,  Oct  1, 1854,  Lydia  WUlard,  b.  July  18, 1823, 
a  sister  of  his  second  wife.  She  d.  June  14,  1891.  He  d.  March  29, 
1883.     Seven  cliildren. 

L    Ikfant  dau.    d.  young,  1886. 
ii.    Infaht  BON,  b.  Oct.  12, 1888.    d.  same  day. 

iii,  Emily  Weustkr,  b.  July  28, 1842.  m.  Nov.  22, 1868,  Alfred  Shib- 
ley,  b.  Sept.  2, 1832,  son  of  Christian  Shibley,  of  St.  Johnsville, 
N.  Y.    He  is  a  dentist  at  St  Charles,  HI.    Seven  children :  (1) 


Alfred  Dearborn,  b.  Dec.  80, 1809.    d.  August  5,  1870.   (2)  Edna, 
b.  August  17, 1871.    d.  May  7, 1894.  (8)  Irene,  b.  Oct.  2, 1874.  iii. 
Jan.  14,  1800,  Beujamiu  F.  McCoeh,  instructor  in  music,   St. 
Charles,  HI.     (4)  Inez,  b.  Oct.  2, 1874,  twin.    m.  April  14,  1897, 
Spencer  Smith  Huls,  a  grocer  of  St.  Charles,  HI.     (5)  Lyle  Dear- 
bom,  b.  August  29, 1877,  is  an  inspector  of  milk,  St.  Charles,  III. 
(0)  Alfred  Erie,  b.  August  10,  1879,  student,  Northwestern  Uni- 
versity.   (7)  Elsie,  b.  April  4,  1882.    m.  Feb.  8,  1904,  Charles 
Dexter  Cope,  Editor  <<St.  Charles  Chronicle,"  St.  Charles,  111. 
iv.    Ethbl,  b.  May  18,  1844.    m.  March  14,  1809,  Robert  Marsden,  b. 
Langcliffe,  England,  Dec.  7, 1843,  son  of  Roger  Marsden.    He  is 
a  hardware  merchant,  St.  Charles,  111.    Three  children :  (1)  Harris 
E.,  b.  July  24,  1871.    Clerk  in  Chicago,  111.     (2)  Roger  D.,  b. 
Feb.  22, 1881.    (8)  Lucetta,  b.  Jan.  80, 1887. 
▼.    Ltdia  Willard,  b.  Nov.  14, 1849.   unm.  Teacher,  St  Charles,  III. 
vi.    LuciKN,  b.  Oct  29, 1858.    d.  August  2, 1859. 
Tii.    Infant  son,  b.  1802.    d.  young. 

27.  Samubl  Asaph  Dearborn,  son  of  Benjamin  ^,  b.  1822.  m. 
April  8, 1846,  Sarah  Fletclier,  b.  Bridgewater,  Jan.  8,  1823,  dau.  of 
Abel  Fletcher.    He  was  a  farmer  of  Plymouth.    Selectman,  1852, 

1853.  He  was  a  public-spirited  and  valued  citizen.    He  d.  Nov.  19, 

1854.  She  d.  Sept  30, 1869.    Three  children,  b.  Plymouth. 

28.  i.    Erastus  Benjamin,  h,  Oct.  24, 1847. 

29.  ii.    Gill  Flbtchbr,  b.  Jan.  18,  1851. 
80.    iii.    Samubl  Asaph,  b.  April  20, 1855. 

28.  EBA8TUS  Benjamin  Dearborn,  son  of  Samuel  Asaph  *7,  b. 
Plymouth,  Oct  24,  1847.  m.  Dec  18, 1872,  Emma  Frances  Flanders, 
dau.  of  Daniel  Flanders  (see).  He  was  road  agent,  1896  and  1897 ; 
representative,  1895.  For  several  years  he  was  actively  engaged  in 
the  glove  business,  dressing  leather.  State  militia,  1885-1890.  Lieut. 
Co.  E,  8d  Infantry  N.  H.  N.  G. 

i.    Arthur  £.,  b.  April  10,  1875.     m.  May  80,  1900,  Delia  Sophia 

.  Jones,  dau.  of  Alpbonso  Folsom  Jones  (see), 
ii.    Blancue  S.,  b.  March  19, 1877.    Plymouth  High  School,  1894.    d. 
April  5, 1897. 

29.  Gill  Fletcher  Dearborn,  son  of  Samuel  Asaph  ^,  b.  Ply- 
mouth. Jan.  18,  1861.  m.  Nov.  28,  1872,  Emily  Russell,  dau.  of 
Pelatiah  Russell  (see).  She  d.  July  23,1873.  He  m.  second.  May 
1, 1878,  Mary  Rose  Elliot,  b.  Campton,  Jan.  9,  1857,  dau.  of  Jason 
Elliot  He  was  engaged  with  his  brother  in  dressing  glove  leather  for 
many  years. 


i.    Hrrbert  S.,  b.  Nov.  26,  1885.    d.  March  8,  1886. 
ii.     William  A.,  b.  Oct.  8, 1801. 

30.  Samuel  Asaph  Dearborn,  son  of  Samuel  Asaph  ^,  b. 
Plymouth,  April  26,  1855.  m.  1873,  Emma  Harriet  Tobey,  b. 
Vassalboro  *,  Me.,  Jan.  3,  1854,  dau.  of  Francis  B.  and  Alice  (Cross) 
Tobey.  He  d.  Oct  4, 1880.  She  m.  second,  Dec,  1, 1883,  James  M. 
Robie,  son  of  James  Robie  (see).  She  d.  May  3, 1887.  Two  children 
b.  Plymouth  and  two  b.  Vassalboro',  Me. 

i.  IIarrt  Flbtchbr,  b.  August  10,  1874.  m.  May  26,  1003,  Lela  £. 
Ferrin,  dau.  of  Clarence  and  Louise  (Avery)  Ferrin.  Res.  Camp- 
ton.    Child,  Frank  Edward,  b.  Dec.  80,  1003. 

ii.  Alicr  May,  b.  August  8,  1876.  d.  March  22,  1803.  Plymouth 
High  School,  1803. 

iii.    Olive  Gertrude,  b.  April  2, 1878. 

iv.  Maude  Lillian,  b.  Oct.  31, 1870.  m.  Oct  0, 1001,  Frank  E.  Guy- 
ette.  He  d.  by  accident  Feb.  17,  1003.  She  res.  Cambridge, 

31.  Thomas  Dearborn,  son  of  Ebenezer*  and  Abigail  (Sanborn) 
Dearborn,  and  brother  of  Benjamin  *,  the  progenitor  of  the  forgoing 
families  of  Dearborn,  was  bom  in  Chester,  Dec.  3, 1715.  m.  Sept  10, 
1741,  Dorothy  Sanboni,  and  d,  in  Chester,  1754.    Six  children. 

32.  Lieut.  Thomas  Dearborn,  son  of  Thomas^,  b.  Chester, 
March  11,  1745.  Lived  in  Candia.  He  was  a  lieutenant  in  Col. 
Peabody's  regiment,  which  marched  to  Rhode  Island,  1778,  to 
co-operate  with  the  French  fleet  He  was  killed  by  a  cannon  ball, 
August  28, 1778.  During  the  Revolution  the  line  officers  were  armed 
with  guns  for  execution  as  well  as  with  swords,  the  insignia  of  com- 
mand. His  gun  and  sword  are  still  preserved.  He  m.  1768,  Mary 
Morrison  (see  Bradbury  Morrison).    She  m.  second,  Joseph  Palmer. 

33.  John  Dearborn,  son  of  Lieut  Thomas  ®,  b.  Candia,  May  29, 
1772.  Settled  in  Sanbornton,  now  Tilton.  He  m.  May  4,  1802, 
Abigail  Nelson,  b.  Oct  7, 1777.  She  d.  June  21, 1814.  He  m.  second, 
March  15, 1815,  Mrs.  Hannah  Baker,  widow  of  Benjamin  Baker,  of 
Campton.    He  d.  Oct  7,  1846. 

34.  Benjamin  Baker  Dearborn,  son  of  John''  and  Hannah 
Dearborn,  b.  Sanbornton,  July  4, 1816.  m.  Sept  30, 1840,  Elizabeth 
Garland  Webster,  dau.  of  Walter  Raleigh  Wehster  (see).  He  removed 
from  Campton  to  Plymouth,  1849,  and  opened  a  general  store  opposite 
the  Pemigewasset  House.     He  was  methodical,  sagacious,  and  honest, 


and  was  an  influential  factor  in  the  social  and  business  affairs  of  the 
town.  He  d.  Feb.  9, 1861.  His  widow  d.  Southbridge,  Mass.,  Feb. 
13, 1887.    Five  children. 

i.    Charlottr,  b.  Campton,  Dec  9,  1842.    m.  Plummer  Fox  (see). 

ii.    Aknib,  b.  Campton,  Maroh  13,  1844.    m.  Rev.  Cyrus  Richardson 

ill.  Waltrr  Wbbstbr,  b.  Campton,  Feb.  18, 1846.  Was  taxed  in  Ply- 
mouth, 1872-1870.  He  res.  iu  Council  Bluff,  Iowa,  several  years. 
He  is  now  a  dealer  in  real  estate  at  Seattle,  Wash.  He  m.  Oct 
21, 1880,  yir^inia  Albright,  of  Fort  Madison,  Iowa.  Four  cliildreu  : 
(1)  Dix,  b.  Feb.  1,  1884.  d.  April  23,  1898.  (2)  Elizabeth,  b. 
Sept.  19, 1885.  (3)  Walter,  b.  AprU  8,  1889.  (4)  Virginia,  b. 
Sept.  28,  1897. 
It.  Elizabkth,  b.  Plymouth,  Not.  25, 1850.  m.  Jan.  2,  1878,  George 
Greenleaf  Bidfinch,  M.D.  Res.  Boston.  (1)  Francis  Vaughan, 
b.  June  3,  1879.  (2)  George  Greenleaf,  b.  Nov.  20,  1883.  (3) 
Ray  Webster,  b.  Oct  6, 1887. 

T.    Bbnjamik  Baker,  b.  Dec.  14, 1852.    Was  taxed  in  Plymouth,  1875- 
1878.    He  is  a  printer  in  Seattle,  Wash.    num. 


1.  BiOHABD  DoDOB,  Bon  of  Johii  and  Margery  Dodge,  b.  Somerset- 
sbire,  England,  about  1602 ;  came  to  America,  1638,  and  settled  in 
Salem,  near  his  brother  William.  He  d.  June  15, 1671 ;  his  widow 
Edith  d.  June  27, 1678.    Seven  children. 

2.  Samuel  Dodgk,  son  of  Richard  ^  b.  1645.  m.  Mary  Parker,  b. 
1647,  dau.  of  Dea.  Thomas  and  Amy  Parker,  of  Reading.  Was  a 
farmer  of  Ipswich.    He  d.  1705.    She  d.  August  6, 1717. 

8.  Samuel  Dodge,  son  of  Samuel*,  b.  Dec.  11, 1692.  m.  1713, 
Susannah  Bishop,  m.  second.  May  21, 1730,  Mai'garet  Holmes.  He 
owned  lands  in  Wincheudon,  Mass.,  and  in  1742  was  one  of  a  com- 
mittee to  build  the  first  mill  there.  He  lived  througli  life  in  Ipswich, 
where  he  d.  1764 

4.  Ambrosb  Dodoe,  son  of  Samuel  ^  b.  1740.  m.  1762,  Martha 
Stone.     He  lived  in  Ipswich,  where  he  d.  1780,  leaving  two  children. 

5.  John  Dodge,  son  of  Ambrose,  b.  March  15, 1763.  m.  1788, 
Mary  Dodge,  b.  1771,  dau.  of  Jacob  and  Elizabeth  (Crowell)  Dodge. 
He  was  a  farmer  in  Hamilton,  Mass.,  until  1815,  when  he  removed 
to  New  Boston,  where  the  Dodges  have  been  numerous  and  influential. 
He  d.  March  15, 1839. 

6.  John  Dodge,  sou  of  John  *,  b.  August  30,  1790:  m.  Nov.  3, 
1815,  Polly  Dodge,  b.  July  25,  1792,  dau.  of  John  B.  and  Olive 

DODOB  —  DONOVAN.  215 

(Lovet)  Dodge.    She  d.  June  7, 1822.    He  m.  second.  May  22, 1823, 
Mary  T.  Lovet     He  d.  New  Boston,  March  8,  1871. 

7.  Joseph  Allen  Dodge,  son  of  John^  and  Mary  (Dodge)  Dodge, 
was  b.  iu  New  Boston,  May  1, 1818.  After  a  short  term  of  service 
for  the  Boston  &  Lowell  Rll.  he  entered  upon  a  life  work  for  the 
B.,  C.  &  M.  RK.  During  the  years  of  construction  he  was  station 
agent  at  Tilton,  Laconia,  and  Meredith  village,  and  in  1850  he  came 
with  the  road  to  Plymouth,  where  he  was  station  agent  two  years. 
In  1852  he  was  appointed  general  freight  agent  of  the  corporation, 
and  in  1860  he  became  superintendent,  under  the  general  manage- 
ment of  John  R  Lyon.  Mr.  Lyon  d.  1878,  and  Mr.  Dodge  became 
general  manager  of  the  system.  He  was  a  director  of  the  corporation, 
and  through  all  the  years  of  his  service  he  was  a  potent  and  untiring 
factor  in  the  construction  and  development  of  the  road.  He  was 
affable  and  courteous  but  resolute  and  persevering.  He  persuaded 
men  while  he  controlled  affairs.  In  local  and  town  affairs  he  was  a 
popular  and  valued  citizen.  He  was  a  representative,  1868, 1869,  and 
1870,  a  member  of  Gov.  Weston's  staff*,  1871,  and  a  candidate  for 
presidential  elector,  1872.  Ho  d.  August  10, 1883.  He  m.  Dec.  18, 
1843,  Mary  Andrews  Tewksbury,  b.  New  Boston,  May  9, 1818,  dau. 
of  David  and  Sarah  (Hogg)  Tewksbury,  and  a  maternal  granddau. 
of  Abner  Hogg,  a  veteran  of  the  Eevolution.  In  her  widowhood, 
Mra  Dodge  continued  her  residence  in  Plymouth,  where  she  d.  Nov. 
18,  1900.  She  was  a  woman  of  superior  mental  and  moral  endow- 
ments, and  constant  in  her  thought  and  care  of  the  sick  and  needy. 
Three  children. 

i.    Mart  Emelinb,  b.  March  14, 1847.    d.  Oct.  0,  1847. 
ii.    Elizabeth  Andrews,  b.  Oct  5, 1855.    m.  William  R.  Park  (see), 
iii.    John  Allen,  b.  June  0,  1858.    d.  April  14,  1877. 


1.  Patrick  Donovan,  son  of  Dennis,  b.  Ireland,  March  17, 1829. 
At  a  season  of  scarcity  and  unrest'  in  Ireland,  and  while  New  England 
was  inviting  the  labor  of  willing  hands,  with  many  of  his  country- 
men he  left  the  beloved  island  of  his  fathers,  and  arrived  in  Boston 
in  the  autumn  of  1850.  He  was  employed  in  the  construction  of  the 
B.,  C.  &  M.  R.R.,  and  subsequently  he  had  supervision  of  the  roadbed 
from  Plymouth  to  Rumney  over  thirty  years.    He  has  lived  in  Ply- 

216  DONOVAN  —  DOTON. 

mouth  since  1852.    He  m.  July  4, 1857,  Julia  SuUivau,  b.  1836,  dau. 
of  Daniel  Sullivan.    She  d.  May  29, 1879.    He  d.  Oct.  24, 1902, 

i.  John  Joseph,  b.  Sept.  8, 1858.  Grad.  State  Normal  School,  1877,  and 
Worooster  Polytechnic  Institute,  1882.  He  m.  Nov.  20,  1888, 
Clara  Isabel  Nichols,  and  res.  at  Fairfaaven,  Wash.  He  is  super- 
intendent and  vice-president  of  Blue  Canyon  Coal  Mining  Co.,  and 
treasurer  and  vice-president  of  Bellingham  Bay  &  Eastern  R.R. 
He  has  three  children:  (1)  Helen  Elizabeth,  b.  Dec.  28,  1889. 
(2)  John  Nichols,  b.  Nov.  10, 1801.    (3)  Philip,  b.  Oct  16, 1803. 

ii.    Katharucb  Ellbn,  b.  Feb.  20,  1800. 

iiL    Dbnmis,  b.  July  13,  1861.    d.  Sept  6, 1861. 

iv.  Mart  Aqnks,  b.  May  11, 1863.  m.  Feb.  22, 1887,  George  W.  Lynch, 
express  messenger  and  hotel  keeper.  He  d.  June,  1808.  She  d. 
Oct  3,  1808. 

▼.     Julia  Teresa,  b.  July  23,  1865. 

vi.  Daniel  Peter,  b.  June  0,  1867.  Plymouth  High  School,  1886. 
Insurance  agent  at  Boston,  Mass. 

tIL  Margaret,  b.  June  20,  1860.  Grad.  State  Normal  School,  1888. 
m.  Feb.  18, 1003,  Augustine  N.  Gilbert  Contractor  high  school 
building.    Res.  Berlin. 

21.  Pbter  Donovan,  son  of  Dennis,  and  brother  of  Patrick  ^  b. 
Ireland,  1825;  came  to  America,  1848.  m.  1851,  Julia  Whalley. 
Lived  in  Plymouth,  1858-1863.  Was  a  section-hand  living  subse- 
quently in  Littleton,  then  a  farmer  in  Bethlehem,  where  he  d.  1885. 
Several  children. 


1.  Edwabd  Doton,  of  the  fifth  generation  of  the  family  in  New 
England,  was  b.  in  Plympton,  Mass.,  May  4, 1725.  His  parents  were 
John^  and  Lydia  (Dunham)  Doton,  and  the  earlier  generations  were 
John^  John^  Edward  ^  He  m.  Nov.  23, 1749,  Joanna  Whiting,  h. 
May  26, 1731,  dau.  of  Elisha  and  Joanna  (Ricord)  Whiting.  He  was 
a  substantial  farmer  in  the  part  of  Plympton  now  Carver,  where  he 
d.  April  17, 1765. 

2.  Epuraim  Doton,  son  of  Edward  \  b.  March  3, 1759.  Served  four 
years  in  the  Eevolution,  and  immediately  after  the  war  he  settled  in 
Moultonborough.  He  m.  Feb.,  1785,  Susannah  Morse,  b.  Sept  4, 
1767,  dau.  of  Ezekiel  and  Hannah  (Lane)  Morse,  who  d.  in  Moulton- 
borough, Nov.  24,  1824.  He  d.  April  13, 1829.  They  had  eleven 

DOTON  — DOW.  217 

3.  Setu  Doton,  son  of  Ephraim*,  b.  Moultonborough,  Oct.  7, 1804. 
in.  Nov.  17, 1831,  Mary  Harriman,  dau.  of  John  Harriman  (see),  and 
removed  to  Plymouth,  1836.  He  was  a  selectman  eleven  years,  and 
an  active  useful  citizen.  He  d.  April  26, 1881.  His  wife  d.  Jan. 
26, 1874. 

i.    Laura  Harriman,  b.  MoultoDborough,  May  25, 1834.    m.  Andrew 

Jackson  Currier  Barnard  (see). 
ii.    Calista  £5f ily,  b.  Deo.  20, 1888.    m.  Sept  5, 1807,  Joseph  William 

Preston,  M.D.  (see), 
iii.    Wilbur  Fiske,  b.  Dec.  1,  1841,  was  a  farmer  of  riymouth.    unm. 

He  d.  August  21, 1876. 
iv.    Delia  Ann,  b.  April  12,  1847.    m.  Dec.  29,  1876,  Frank  Wesley 
Guilford,  b.  Sept  8, 1851,  son  of  James  M.  aud  Olive  (Sewall) 
Guilford.    He  is  a  glove  cutter  and  a  carpenter ;  res.  Plymouth. 


1.  Thomas  Dow,  emigrant  ancestor,  was  an  early  settler  of  New- 
bury, Mass.  He  removed  to  Haverhill,  Mass.,  where  he  d.  May  31, 
1654.  His  widow  Phebe,  m.  second,  Nov.  20,  1661,  John  Eaton,  of 
Haverhill,  who  d.  Oct  29, 1668.     She  d.  Nov.  3,  1672. 

2.  Stephen  Dow,  son  of  Thomas  ^  b.  Newbury,  March  29,  1642. 
m.  Sept  16, 1663,  Ann  Storie,  of  Salem,  who  d.  Feb.  3, 1714/15.  He 
m.  second,  Feb.  7,  1715/6,  Joanna  Hutchins,  who  d.  Oct  29, 1734. 
He  lived  in  Haverhill,  where  he  d.  July  3, 1717. 

3.  John  Dow,  son  of  Stephen*  b.  July  13,  1676.  m.  May  23, 
1696,  Sarah  Brown,  b.  Salisbury,  Mass.,  Jan.  25,  1676/7,  dau.  of 
Abraham  and  Elizabeth  (Sheperd)  Brown.  He  lived  in  northern 
part  of  HaverhiU. 

4.  John  Dow,  son  of  John^,  b.  Haverhill,  August  19, 1707.  m. 
Juno  3,  1728,  Mohitable  Haynes,  b.  Jan.  25,  1709.  He  lived  in 
Haverhill,  Mass.,  and  after  establishment  of  province  in  1741  lived 
in  New  Hampshire.  His  homestead  was  in  present  town  of  Atkin- 
soiL  He  was  a  prominent  citizen.  He  d.  Jan.  20, 1786.  His  wife 
d.  Oct  24,  1783.  The  house  he  built  in  Atkinson  is  the  oldest 
building  in  that  vicinity,  and  is  occupied  by  a  descendant,  George  P. 
Dow,  the  present  postmaster  of  Atkinson. 

6.  MosBS  Dow,  son  of  John  *,  b.  Feb.  17, 1746/7.  Harvard  Univer- 
sity, 1769.  A.  M.,  Dartmouth,  1785.  He  studied  law,  and  removed  to 
Plymouth  early  in  the  year  1774  His  preferments  were  frequent 
and  substantial.    He  was  appointed  by  Gov.  John  Wentwortb,  1774, 

218  DOW. 

register  of  probate,  to  succeed  Jonathan  M.  Sewall.  It  is  probable 
that  this  appointment  was  the  occasion  of  his  removal  to  Plymouth. 
He  attended  the  April  term  of  the  court  of  sessions,  and  was  selected 
by  the  court  to  act  as  the  Eing^s  attorney,  and  again  at  the  April 
term,  1775.  At  the  June  term  of  the  court  of  common  pleas,  1774, 
he  entered  five  actions.  In  advance  of  many  who  were  holding  office 
by  royal  appointment  he  openly  declared  for  the  cause  of  the  Ameri- 
can patriots.  With  the  force  of  a  vigorous  mind  and  the  influence  of 
a  worthy  character  he  earnestly  combated  a  waning  sentiment  of 
loyalty  to  the  crown.  In  the  fourth  provincial  congress,  which  con- 
vened at  Exeter,  May  17,  1775,  and  was  dissolved,  Nov.  15,  1775, 
Abel  Webster  was  a  delegate,  representing  Plymouth,  Gamptou, 
Sumney,  and  New  Chester.  About  the  middle  of  the  session  Moses 
Dow  was  admitted  a  delegate,  representing  Plymouth  and  Bumney. 
During  the  remainder  of  the  session  of  the  fourth  provincial  Congress, 
Plymouth  and  Rumney  enjoyed  the  service  of  two  trusted  delegates. 
In  1776  Moses  Dow  was  an  agent  of  Plymouth  to  receive  arms  and 
ammunition  from  the  State.  He  removed  from  Plymouth  to  Haver- 
hill, 1779.  He  was  a  representative  from  Haverhill,  1781,  1782, 
1790, 1793.  Councillor  under  temporary  constitution  for  the  official 
year,  Dec.  17, 1788,  to  June  2, 1784,  and  senator  under  the  permanent 
constitution  for  the  years,  beginning  June,  1784  and  1791,  and  the 
last  year  he  was  president  of  the  senate ;  councillor,  1785  and  1786. 
He  also  was  postmaster,  town  clerk,  moderator,  treasurer,  and  select- 
man of  Haverhill.  He  was  continued  in  the  office  of  register  of  pro- 
bate until  1808,  when  he  resigned  to  accept  the  appointment  of 
justice  of  the  court  of  common  pleas  for  Grafton  County,  which  office 
he  held  until  his  death.  In  the  militia  his  premotions,  running  an 
even  race  with  his  honors  in  law  and  in  politics,  wore  fully  earned 
by  popularity  and  efficient  service.  He  rose  to  the  rank  of  major- 
general  and  retired  frem  the  service  18 — .  Gen.  Dow,  as  appears, 
lived  in  Plymouth  only  a  few  years,  and  an  extended  sketch  is  not 
demanded  in  this  connection.  Reference  is  made  to  notices,  which 
are  found  in  Bench  and  Bar  History  of  Haverhill, ''  Granite  Monthly," 
Vol.  X.  It  will  exercise  the  most  facile  pen  of  some  future  biog- 
rapher to  equal  the  admimble  portraiture  found  in  his  letter  declin- 
ing an  election  to  Congress,  1784  (See  Hammond,  "  Town  Papers," 
VoL  XII.,  page  182.)  Moses  Dow  m.  Phebe  Emerson.  He  d.  Mareh 
31, 1811.    Nine  children. 

DOW.  219 

i.  MsniTABLB,  b.  Nov.  16,  1769.  m.  Dec.  20, 1798,  John  Hazeltine. 
She  d.  May  22, 1828.  Several  children,  of  these  a  dau.,  Phebe,  m. 
Hanes  Johnson,  of  Newbury,  Vt. 

ii.  Phrbb,  b.  Feb.  17, 1772.  m.  Sept  11, 1790,  Moses  Johnson,  b.  Feb. 
29, 1768,  son  of  Thomas  and  Elizabeth  (rx>well)  Johnson,  of  New- 
bury, Vt.  Lived  in  Newbury,  where  she  d.  August  16,  1880. 
Seven  children. 

iii.    Katrr,  b.  Jan.  28, 1774.    d.  August  16, 1779. 

iv.  Moses,  b.  Plymouth,  Nov.  6,  1776,  was  a  student  at  law  in  the 
ofRce  of  his  father ;  admitted,  1799.  lie  was  a  lawyer  of  Haver- 
hill ;  register  of  probate,  1808-1888,  and  postmaster  several  years. 
He  d.  Nov.  27,  1889.  Moses  Dow,  of  Haverhill,  and  Sally 
Young,  of  Rumney,  were  published  Jan.  10, 1825.  They  were  m. 
starch  18,  1826.  She  m.  second,  Veranus  Keith,  of  Haverhill. 
Four  children :  (1)  Anna  Catherine,  m.  Cogswell  Eastman.  (2) 
Sarah,  m.  Carl  Ansorge.  (8)  Moses  Franklin,  unm.  Teacher  in 
the  South.  (4)  James,  b.  about  1888.  d.  young. 
6.      V.    Joseph  Emerson,  b.  Plymouth,  Dec.  28, 1777. 

vi.  Lucy,  b-  Haverhill,  May  12,  1780.  m.  May  6,  1808,  Hon.  James 
Elliot,  b.  Gloucester,  Mass.,  1775,  son  of  James  and  Martha  (Day) 
Elliot.  He  was  a  distinguished  lawyer  of  Brattleboro,  Vt.,  and  a 
representative  in  Congress  six  years.  He  d.  Nov.  10, 1889.  She 
d.  about  1867. 
vii.  Mauy,  b.  Oct.  18,  1784.  unm.  d.  Feb.  8,  1840. 
viii.    Nancy,  b.  July  19,  1787.    d.  Feb.  8, 1802. 

iz.  Hannah,  b.  July  29, 1789.  unm.  d.  Dec.  6, 1858.  Hannah  and 
Mary  lived  many  years  on  the  Dow  homestead,  now  the  residence 
of  Hon.  Henry  W.  Keyes. 

6.  Joseph  Emerson  Dow,  son  of  Moses*,  b.  Plymouth,  Dec.  28 
1777.  Dartmouth  College,  1799.  Read  law  in  the  office  of  his  father 
and  was  admitted  to  the  Grafton  Co,  bar,  September  term,  1802.  In 
1807  he  removed  to  Littleton,  and  was  the  earliest  resident  lawyer  of 
that  town.  After  1811  he  lived  in  Franconia  and  in  Thornton.  He  was 
often  elected  to  office  and  employed  in  town  affiiirs.  He  d.  in  Fran- 
conia, August  25, 1857.  He.  m,  March  10, 1803,  Abigail  B.  Arnold, 
b.  March  12,  1780,  dau.  of  Dr.  Jonathan  and  Polly  (Burr)  Arnold,  of 
Rhode  Island  and  St  Johnsbury,  Vt  For  brief  notice  of  Dr.  Arnold, 
prominent  in  the  Revolution  and  in  the  Annals  of  Vermont,  see 
"  History  of  Littleton."  Mrs.  Emerson  d.  in  Franconia,  March  28, 
1824.    He  m.  second,  Nancy  Bagley,  of  Thornton.     Six  children. 

i.     Cathrrinr.    d.  young. 

ii.  Jamrs  Buruill,  b.  May  5,  1807.  m.  Mary  McBimey.  He  was  a 
printer  and  publisher  in  Boston,  Mass.    He  d.  1877. 

220  DOW  —  DOWNING. 

iii.  Mo8U  Arnold,  b.  May  20,  1810,  was  the  successful  publisher  of 
Uio  **  Waverley  Magaauue,*'  and  Uic  founder  and  liberal  beuof aolor 
of  the  Dow  Academy  of  Franoonia.  lie  was  sagacious  and  be- 
nerolent  lie  m.  Oct  20, 1880,  Elizabeth  Taylor  Uoughton,  b. 
July  7, 1811.  Ue  d.  June  22, 1886.  She  d.  Nov.  14, 1001.  Two 
children:  (1)  Mary  Elizabeth,  b.  Dec.  22,  1844.  m.  Sept.  22, 
1860,  Rev.  George  Robert  White  Scott,  Ph.D.,  D.D.,  the  able 
pastor  of  Congregational  Churches  of  Newport  and  Fitchburg, 
Mass.  He  d.  at  Berlin,  Germany,  Sept.  13,  1002.  Mrs.  Scott 
resides  at  Kenriok  Park,  Newton,  Mass.  Their  son  George  Dow 
Scott  is  a  physician  of  New  York,  and  their  son  Arnold  Scott  is 
a  lawyer  of  Boston,  Mass.;  their  dau.  Mary  Elizabeth  Scott  d. 
in  infancy.  (2)  Emma  Jane,  second  dau.  of  Moses  Arnold  Dow, 
b.  Oct.  15, 1846.  m.  Oct  7, 1870,  Leonard  F.  Cutter,  of  Boston, 
Mass.,  and  their  five  children  are :  Lillian  Arnold,  Lucy  Elizabeth, 
deceased,  Leonard  Francis,  deceased,  Charles  Winthrop,  and 
Lrying  Taylor. 

It.  Gborob  Barber,  b.  July  5, 1812.  m.  Hannah  Emerson.  He  d. 
in  Charlestoini,  Mass.,  1880.  Children  were :  (1)  Abigail  Arnold, 
m.  Andreas  Zihn.    (2)  James  Charles,    unm. 

▼.    Charles  Marsh,  b.  June  6,  1816.    unm.    d.  Boston,  Mass.,  1841. 

vi    Joseph,  only  child  of  second  wife.    d.  in  youth. 


1.  Jonathan  Tewksbury  Downing,  b.  Oct  18,  1769,  was  one  of 
the  earliest  settlers  of  Ellsworth.  He  m.  1793,  Sarah  Avery.  He  d. 
EllswoHh,  Jan.  5, 1849. 

2.  Jonathan  Downing,  son  of  Jonathan  Tewksbury  \  b.  June  24, 
1796,  was  the  first  male  child  bom  in  Ellsworth.  He  m.  Sally  Avery, 
b.  Barnstead,  1798,  dau.  of  Francis  and  Hannah  (Wentworth)  Avery. 

3.  Jacob  Downing,  son  of  Jonathan*,  b.  Ellsworth,  May  11, 1820. 
m.  Priscilla  Downing.  Removed  to  Rumney.  He  d.  Rumney,  May  15, 

4.  Nelson  Downing,  son  of  Jacob',  b.  Ellsworth,  March  16, 1844. 
m.  May  15, 1868,  D.  Augusta  Downing,  dau.  of  James  Downing.  He 
removed  from  Campton  to  Plymouth,  1875.    Farmer. 

i.    William  Marden,  b.  July  25,  1870. 
ii.    Susan  F.,  b.  Jan.  4,  1873.    m.  May  1, 1895,  Daniel  W.  Hazelion, 

8on  of  William  W.  and  JoBophine  M.  (Hall)  Hazelton  (see), 
iii.    Ida  Ethkl,  b.  Nov.  7, 1875.    m  Herbert  Coffin,  of  Campton. 

6.  Henry  Habbison  Downing,  son  of  Jacob  •,  b.  Ellsworth,  July 
8, 1841.    m.  Dec.  26, 1867,  Martha  Jane  Webster,  dau.  of  Charles  A. 

DOWNING  —  DRAKE.  221 

Webster  (see).    He  has  res.  in  Plymouth  since  1868.    Has  been  a 
lumber  man,  and  is  a  farmer  near  Livermore  Falls. 

i.    Lillian  May,  b.  Feb.  11, 1869.    Plymoath  High  School,  1887. 

6.  Samuel  Downing,  son  of  Jonathan  Tewksbury  *,  and  brother  of 
Jonathan «  b.  Ellsworth,  May  10,  1800.  m.  May  10,  1820,  Kachel 
Hill,  b.  Ellsworth,  July  18, 1800,  dau.  of  Jasper  Hill.  He  lived  in 
Ellsworth,  where  he  d.  about  1859.  She  d.  Jan.  19, 1883.  His  dau. 
Patience  Ann,  m.  Jonathan  Chase  (see). 

7.  Alfred  Downing,  son  of  Samuel*,  b.  Ellsworth,  April  2, 1827. 
He  m.  July  24, 1853,  Edna  Almira  Willoughby,  dau.  of  George  S. 
K  Willoughby  (see).  He  lived  in  Rumney  and  in  Plymouth  after 
1886.    He  d.  July  2, 1900. 

i.    Irad  Stillman,  b.  August  22, 1854.    m.  Deo.  26, 1878,  Jennie  6. 

Avery.    He  is  a  farmer  and  lumber  man  of  Ramney. 
ii.    William  Willoughby,  b.  Feb.  11, 1857.    m.  Feb.  7, 1880,  Carrie 

£.  Glidden.     He  is  a  farmer  and  lumber  man  of  Ramney. 
iii.    Maria  Ann,  b.  July  18,  1859.    m.  April  21,  1878,  George  H.  Wil 

loughby,  gardener,  Martha's  Vineyard,  Mass. 
iv.    Almon  Edward,  b.  August  9, 1861.    m.  1886,  Mary  Kelley.    Res. 

Plymouth  until  1898;  now  res.  Greenland, 
y.    Clara  Alicb,  b.  April  20, 1864.    m.  George  M.  Persons  (see). 
yL    Embrt  Allen  Barrett,  b.  April  8,  1866.    m.  Sept  12,  1892, 

Sadie  G.  Leavitt,  of  Campton.     Res.  Holdemess. 
vii.    Henry  Winchbll,  b.  Oct  11,  1868.    m.  Dec  2,  1894,  Ella  May 

Elliot    Res.  Bow. 
yiii.    Freeman  Austin,  b.  Sept  19, 1870.    m.  Nov.  10, 1894,  Minnie  L. 
Gordon,  c^  Wolfeboro. 

8.  George  W.  Downing,  son  of  Samuel  •,  and  Rachel  (Hill)  Down- 
ing, b.  Ellsworth,  1833.  He  m.  1855  Julia  R  Cliase,  dau.  of  Eben- 
ezer  S.  Chase  ^  of  Batli  (see).  He  was  a  farmer  in  this  town,  1870  to 
1878.    He  d.  Manchester,  Dec.  27, 1886. 

i.     Clarbncb,  b.  1860.    d.  1861. 
ii.    Clara  £.,  b.  1864.    m.  March  24, 1886,  Geo.  W.  Burleigh.    Res. 

iii.    Charlbs  Wbslbt,  b.  1867.    d.  1894. 


1.  John  Atbr  Drake,  son  of  Joseph  and  Mary  (Thompson)  Drake, 
b.  New  Hampton,  July  4, 1819.  m.  Nov.  14,  1844,  Eineline  D.  Pike, 
b.  Jan.  1, 1823,  dau.  of  Uriah  and  Nancy  (Page)  Pike,  of  Hebron. 

222  DRAKE  —  DB  APBB. 

He  removed  to  Plymouth,  1840,  and  lived  here  until  his  death.  He 
served  in  Co.  B,  16th  N.  H.  Infantry,  first  sergeant  Enlisted  Sept  2, 
1862,  discharged  August  13, 1863.  He  never  fully  recovered  from 
disabilities  incurred  in  the  service.  He  d.  March  22, 1875.  She  d. 
July  22, 1894. 

i.    Elizabkth  Farlbt,  b.  Oct  18, 1847.    m.  George  P.  Dearborn  (8ee> 

m.  S.  Monroe  Morse  (see), 
ii.    Ellbn  Maria,  b.  April  13, 1849.    d.  Oct  7,  1863. 
iiL    JouN  Herbrrt,  b.  Jan.  25, 1852.    d.  March  25, 1852. 
iy.    Charles  Evbrbtt,  b.  Nov.  1, 1853.    State  Normal  School,  1873. 

Bookkeeper  in  Manchester.    He  d.  Oct.  24, 1898. 
V.    Clara  Gbrtrudb,  b.  Dec.  12, 1855.    m.  Aagust  9, 1879,  William 

H.  Mallard,  b.  Gilford,  1845,  son  of  Henry  and  Sarah  (Leavitt) 

Mallard.    Carpenter,  lived  in  Plymouth,  1879-1881;  removed  to 

vi.    Carrie  Estbllb,  b.  July  22,  1857.     Res.   Manchester.      State 

Normal  School,  1875,  1887. 
vii.    Truman  Carter,  b.  August  24, 1860.     Res.  Plymouth.    Conductor 

Raymond  &  Whitcomb  Excursions.    He  d.  unm.  August  8,  1888. 
viii.    JouN  Warren,  b.  May  30,  1863.    m.  Sept  6,  1899,  Mabel  L. 

McLaughlin.    He  is  a  railroad  oondactor.    Res.  West  Medford, 


2.  Joseph  Thompson  Drake,  b.  1825,  a  brother  of  John  Ayer^ 
m,  Nov.  28,  1851,  Harriet  Harriman,  dau.  of  John  Harriman  (see). 
She  d.  March  21,  1864.  He  lived  in  Plymouth ;  removing  to  Kox- 
bury,  Mass.,  where  he  conducted  business  a  few  yeai's,  and  returning 
to  Plymouth,  he  d.  Dec.  10,  1862.  He  was  a  brick  mason  and 

i.    Georqr  Hbnut,  b.  Nov.  18, 1854.    Locomotive  engineer,  B.  &  A. 

R.R.     Res.  Boston,  Mass. 
it    Edmuio),  b.  Nov.  10, 1859.    Drovmed,  June  2,  1880. 
iii.    Adalinb  Flobrkcb,  b.  Nov.  18,  1861.    d.  Oct.  28, 1863. 


1.  Jacob  Draper,  b.  in  the  part  of  Kingston  now  Sandown,  about 
1750.  m.  in  Plymouth,  Dec.  4,  1777,  Elizabeth  Ladd,  b.  Eangston, 
Jan.  6, 1756,  dau.  of  Nathaniel  and  Samh  (Clifford)  Ladd,  of  King- 
ston and  Alexandria.  He  came  to  Plymouth  before  1776,  and  settled 
in  the  south  part  of  the  town,  where  J.  G.  Haley  now  resides  He 
was  a  soldier  in  the  Kevolution,  serving  on  the  frontier,  in  Capt 







DBAPER.  228 

Jeremiah  Eamea's  company,  from  July  to  October,  1776.    He  d.  1817. 
Ten  children. 

Jacob,  b.  1780. 
Jonathan,  b.  March  28, 1782. 
William,  twin,  b.  March  28,  1782. 
iy.    Sarah,  1781.    m.  Samuel  Stevens  (see). 

V.  Joseph,  b.  J  786.  m.  in  Plymouth,  June  30, 1808,  Abigail  Worcester, 
dau.  of  Francis  Worcester  (see).  He  lived  in  Plymouth  until 
1821,  when  he  removed  to  Bradford,  Vt 

5.  vL    Nathaniel,  b.  1790.  » 

vii.  Peter,  b.  1798,  was  a  farmer  of  Plymouth.  He  m.  after  1824, 
Sarah  (Alls)  Shute,  widow  of  Isaac  Shute  (see).  He  d.  1870, 
town  records,  August  24 ;  headstone  July  20. 

6.  viii.     Rkuiikn,  b.  1707. 

ix.     Hannah,    m.  Benjamin  Jenness  (see), 
z.    Betsey. 

2.  Jacob  Draper,  son  of  Jacob  ^  b.  Plymouth,  1780.  m.  Martha 
Tucker.  He  removed,  1813,  from  Plymouth  to  LandafT,  and  in  1815, 
to  Comptou,  P.  Q.,  where  he  was  a  prosperous  farmer.  He  d.  about 

i.    Catherine,  b.  Plymouth,  1810.    m.  Alvin  Farwell,  and  lived  in 

ii.    George,  b.  Plymouth,  1812,  was  a  sailor,  making  several  voyages. 

Was  last  heard  from  when  at  Valparaiso,  Chile, 
iii.    Benjamin  F.,  b.  LandafiF,  Oct  24, 1814.    Was  twice  m.,  and  lived, 

a  farmer,  in  Compton,  P.  Q. 
iv.    Adaline,  b.  Compton,  1816.    d.  1888. 
V.    Martha  Emelinb,  b.  Compton,  Feb.  2, 1820.    m.  Feb.  19,  1848, 

Lorenzo  D.  Kngg ;  res.  Lowell,  Mass.    Six  children, 
vi.    Caroline,  b.  Compton,  1821. 
vii.    Carlos,  twin,  b.  Compton,  1821.    d.  1832. 
viii.    Mbhitadlb,  b.  Compton,  1824.    d.  1888. 
ix.    Jacob,  b.  1827,  a  sailor.    lie  was  lost  at  sea. 
X.     Alfred,  b.  Compton,  April  22, 1820.    m.  Mary  Glidden.   Was  living, 

a  farmer,  in  Compton,  1900.    Three  children :  (1)  William  Gilbert, 

b.  July  6, 1858.    m.  Julia  Etta  Fleming,  and  lives  in  Compton. 

(2)  Clara  A.,  b.  May  14,  1866.    m.  Henry  Towle.     (8)  Jennie 

Gertrude,  b.  Dec.  26, 1862.    m.  Herbert  Bowker. 

3.  Jonathan  Drapeb,  son  of  Jacob  ^,  b.  March  23, 1782.  m.  in 
Plymouth,  April,  1804,  Kuth  Mitchell,  of  Bridgewater.  He  removed 
from  Plymouth  to  Compton,  P.  Q.,  1812.  Three  children  b.  in  Ply- 
mouth and  seven  in  Compton. 

224  DBAPBR. 

i.    Ruth,  b.  Feb.  6, 1806.    m.  John  Cbasley. 
ii.    Lydia,  b.  Jan.  81, 1808.    m.  1849,  Jesse  Jenness  (see), 
iii.    Eliza,  b.  May  6, 1810.    m.  Stillman  Ilanrey. 
iv.    Mart  Ann,  b.  Sept.  1, 1812.    m.  Andrew  Duffy, 
y.    Calvin,  b.  May  19,  1814,  was  a  farmer  in  Compton.    He  m.  Bosilla 

vi.    CTNTHL4,  b.  Sept.  26, 1818.    m.  John  Kennedy, 
▼ii.    Clarissa,  b.  Dec.  12, 1820.     m.  Henry  Dailey. 
▼iii.    Albert,  b.  April  19, 1823.    unm. 
ix.    Jonathan,  b.  Feb.  12,  1826.  RemoTed  to  Bums,  Wis.    He  m.  1847, 
Abigail  Brockway.    m.  second,  1865,  Helen  Huff.    m.  third,  1889, 
Melvina  Do^ais.    Five  children. 
X.     Charlks  Mitchell,  b.  June  19, 1828,  attended  lectures  at  Vermont 
Medical  College,  Burlington,  and  was  a  successful  physician,  in 
Compton,  Eaton,  and  Coaticook,  P.  Q.    He  d.  July  2, 1890.    He 
m.    1855,  Louisa   Rosanna   Baker,  of   Compton,  P.    Q.     Two 
children:  (1)  Sarah  Louisa,  b.  March  25,  1856.     (2)  Charles 
Jenness,  b.  Oct.  24,  1868.    m.  1888,  Jane  Eliza  Gammell.    Res. 
Compton,  P.  Q. 

4.  WiLUAM  Draper,  son  of  Jacob  *,  b.  March  23, 1782.  m.  April, 
1816,  Sarah  Lacy,  b.  Piermont,  1785,  dau.  of  William  Lacy.  She  d. 
Plymouth,  July  20,  1833.  He  m.  second,  June  18,  1835,  Nancy 
Hobart,  dau.  of  David  (see).  He  was  a  farmer,  and  from  childhood 
he  lived  in  Plymouth,  where  he  d.  March  15, 1867.  She  d.  Nov.  2, 

i.  Mart  Elizabeth,  b.  March  1, 1817.  m.  June  6, 1852,  Oliver  Avery 

7.  ii.    William  Augustus,  b.  Oct.  10, 1820. 

iiL  Gborob  Albert,  b.  March  15,  1822.  He  was  a  glove  maker  in 
Plymouth,  and  after  1866  in  Bristol,  where  he  d.  unm.  August  7, 

iv.  Joanna  Taylor,  b.  May  19, 1824.  m.  Oct.  14, 1854,  Charles  W. 
Williams.  Manufacturer  of  sewing  machines.  Lived  in  Montreal, 
P.  Q.,  where  he  d.  Sept.  6,  1872.    She  d.  May  15,  1806. 

8.  V.    Lemuel  Lacy,  b.  Sept.  18, 1826. 

0.    vi.    Alvah  McQuebten,  b.  Nov.  20, 1828. 
vii.    Yashti,  b.  August  81, 1887.    d.  1851. 

viii.  Charles  Henry,  b.  Feb.  11,  1839.  m.  Charlotte  McClair.  He 
was  a  glove  cutter.  Res.  in  Plymouth  until  1874,  when  he  re- 
moved to  Bristol,  where  he  d.  Dec.  80, 1888. 

5.  Nathaniel  Draper,  son  of  Jacob  \  b.  1790,  was  a  farmer  oa 
Ward  Hill,  and  for  several  years  conducted  a  meat  market  and  was  a 
dealer  in  produce.    He  was  a  selectman,  1824  and  1825.    He  m. 

DBAPBB.  225 

1814,  Mary  Gill,  dan.  of  William  Gill  (see).  She  d.  Dec.  22, 1837. 
He  m.  second,  Feb.,  1841,  Rebecca  (Shute)  Shattuck,  widow  of  Enos 
Shattuck  (see).    He  d.  August  10, 1845. 

I.    Mart  Janb,  b.  1815,  was  blind.    She  d.  April  20, 1834. 

10.  li.    Jason  C,  b.  Dec.  7,  1816. 

ill.    Eliza,  b.  Nov.  29, 1819.    d.  Oct  7, 1842. 

iy.    Harriet,  b.  Jan.  11,  1822.    m.  Carlos  J.  Hadlcy.    m.  second, 

Walter  Kendrick.    She  d.  July  24, 1891.    She  lived  in  Manchester, 

and  New  Ilav^m,  Conn. 

11.  ▼.    Natiianirl  Flbtchrr,  b.  Jan.  12,  1826. 
vi.    Emily,  b.  May,  1830.    d.  Sept.  29, 1831. 

vii.    Mart  Em ilt,  b.  about  1883.    m.  James  W.  Forsaith,  of  Lawrence, 
Mass.    Both  d.  a  few  years  after  marriage. 

6.  Keubrn  Draper,  son  of  Jacob  ^  b.  1797.  Was  a  fanner  in  Ply- 
mouth until  1836,  when  he  removed  to  Oampton,  where  he  d.  July 
22,  1841.  He  served  in  War  of  1812.  He  m.  Dea  18, 1817,  Sally 
Johnson,  b.  1800.    d.  July,  1867.     Six  children. 

i.    Emblinr,  m.  Ezekiel  Bartlett  Worthen,  b.  Oct.  29,  1816,  son  of 
Ezekiel  and  Sally  (Pillsbury)  Worthen,  of  Bridgewater.    He  d. 
ii.    Julia,  b.  1820.    d.  1841. 
iii.    Isabrl  W.,  m.  David  Bartlett  Pnlsifer,  b.  Campton,  August  9, 1826, 

son  of  Moses  and  Mary  (Bartlett)  Pulsifer.     Lived  in  Campton. 
iv.     SusAM  Johnson,  b.  Oct.  28, 1825.    m.  Ozias  Morse  Page  (see). 
V.    Louisa,  b.  1834.    d.  1859. 
vi.    Martha  Janb,  b.  April  6, 1840.    m.  Alva  Smith  Pillsbury  (see). 

7.  William  Augustus  Draper,  son  of  William  ^  b.  Oct  10, 1820. 
In  early  life  he  was  in  Lowell,  Mass.,  a  few  years,  returning  to  Ply- 
mouth, 1843.  He  was  a  farmer.  He  m.  Jan.  1, 1862,  Octavia  Malvina 
Phillips,  b.  Turner,  Me.,  Sept  23,  1828,  dau.  of  Otis  Phillips.  He  d. 
while  visiting  his  sister,  Mrs.  Williams,  in  Montreal,  P.  Q.,  Dec.  4, 
1893.    She  d.  August  17, 1883. 

L  Carrib  Emma,  b.  Sept  17,  1854.  m.  Oct  80, 1872,  James  D.  Sar- 
gent (see).  She  m.  second,  July  17, 1897,  C.  Ferdinand  Michels. 
Res.  Port  Hope,  Ont 
ii.  Otis  William,  b.  Oct.  9, 1857,  was  a  farmer  several  years,  on  the 
paternal  homestead,  and  now  res.  in  Rumney.  He  m.  Jan.  1, 
1891,  Alice  A.  Matthews,  b.  Alexandria,  March  31,  1865,  dan.  of 
Melville  C.  and  Louisa  F.  (Harran)  Matthews.  Seven  children  : 
(1)  Philip  Linwood,  b.  Oct.  22, 1891.    (2)  Esther  Soule,  b.  June 

VOL.  11.  — 16 

226  DBAPBB. 

12, 1898.  (8)  JoMphine  Annsbary,  b.  March  7, 1895.  (4)  Mel- 
ville  Matthews,  b.  Jan.  17, 1896.  (5)  Mabel  Franciphine,  b.  May 
24, 1896.    (6)  —.     (7)  William  A.,  b.  March  25, 1903. 

8.  Lemuel  Lacy  Draper,  son  of  William  •  b.  Sept  18, 1826.  Was 
a  manufacturer  of  piano  keys.  He  lived  in  Plymouth  until  1852, 
and  after  1877,  having  been  several  years  in  Boston  and  vicinity. 
He  was  a  deacon  of  the  Congregational  Church  after  1880.  He  m. 
May  1,  1851,  Submit  Chamberlain  Guilford,  b.  Danbury,  May  15, 
1824,  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Submit  (Tenney)  Guilford.  She  d.  Jan.  6, 
1899.    He  d.  Jan.  14,  1899. 

i  LuciNA  EvRUNB,  b.  Plymouth,  May  4,  1852.  m.  Nov.  11,  1874, 
Simon  Brown  CumnuDgs,  b.  New  Hampton,  Feb.  3,  1851,  son  of 
Joshua  French  and  Jane  (Wilkinson)  Cammings.  One  child: 
(1)  Eva  Serena,  b.  AshUnd,  May  26,  1876.  m.  Feb.  10,  1897, 
Alfred  Hiram  Tilton,  b.  May  22, 1870,  son  of  Hiram  S.  and  Lydia 
(Worthen)  Tilton.  They  res.  Yal  Verde,  Cal.  They  have  one 
child :  Graoe  Cammings  Tilton,  b.  Ashland,  Oct  2, 1899. 
ii.  Serena  Lact,  b.  Boston,  Dec.  6, 1866.  m.  Fred  G.  BlodgeU  (see), 
iii.  Lemuel  Darwin,  b.  Winchester,  Mass.,  Jan.  23,  1872.  d.  Jan.  26, 

9.  Alvah  McQueston  Draper,  son  of  William*,  b.  Nov.  20, 1828. 
Lived  in  Plymouth  until  1869,  when  he  removed  to  Bristol,  return- 
ing to  this  town,  1884  He  was  a  manufacturer  of  gloves.  He 
removed,  1890,  to  Iowa.  He  d.  Boone,  la.,  March  20,  1899.  He  m. 
March  30, 1853,  Bosilla  Euphemia  Pike,  dau.  of  Joseph  Pike  (see). 
She  res.  Pilot  Mound,  la. 

i.  Albert  William,  b.  Feb.  14, 1854.  m.  July  10,  1875,  Lavina  A. 
Bailey,  of  Chichester,  m.  second,  1891,  Lizzie  M.  Kean,  of  Man- 
chester. He  res.  Manchester.  Four  children:  (1)  Ethellyn 
Mary,  b.  Oct.  8, 1876.  (2)  George  Albert,  b.  March  21,  1879.  d. 
August  29, 1888.  (3)  Edgar,  b.  Sept  11,  1880.  d.  Oct.  1,  1881. 
(4)  Inez,  b.  Oct  20,  1882.    d.  August  25,  1885. 

ii.    Eugene  Cochran,  b.  May  1,  1856.    m.  June  11, 1887,  Sarah  E. 
Roby,  dau.  of  Lowell  Rufus  and  Nancy  S.  (Flanders)  Roby,  of 
Hebron.    He  lived  in  Bristol,  where  he  d.  Sept.  11,  1888.    No 
'  iii.    Alvah  Everett,  b.  Nov.  12, 1864. 

iv.  Leslie  Binford,  b.  May  24,  1867.  m.  Jan.  2,  1888,  Abbie  F. 
Dearborn,  dau.  of  Daniel  Dearborn  (see),  divorced.  He  m.  second, 
April  13,  1899,  Minnie  Montgomery.  lie  res.  Pilot  Mound,  Iowa. 
One  child  by  second  marriage.     (1)  Alvah  Leslie,  b.  1900. 

V.  Elsie  Mart,  b.  April  2,  1871.  m.  July  30,  1892,  Rev.  Harris 
Norton  Lawrence.    Res.  Boone,  Iowa. 

DRAPER.  227 

10.  Jason  C.  Draper,  son  of  Nathaniel  ^  b.  Dec.  7, 1816.  m.  Dec. 
22,  1842,  Hannah  True  Cass,  dau.  of  Benjamin  Cass  (see).  He  res. 
in  Plymouth,  until  1868,  and  subsequently  in  Bristol  He  was  a 
manufacturer  of  gloves  and  an  energetic  business  man.  He  d.  in 
Bristol,  April  24,  1868.    She  d.  Nov.  26,  1890. 

I.    Sarah  Garaphrlia,  b.  1849.    d.  August  20,  1850. 

ii.  LuzBTTA  Sarah,  b.  Dec.  20, 1851.  m.  Jan.  23,  1878,  George  A. 
Emerson,  b.  Ilermon,  Me.,  Angust  24,  1846,  son  of  Isaiah  and 
Sarah  (Sleeper)  Emerson.  He  was  a  lawyer,  in  Bristol,  several 
years,  and  was  moderator,  supervisor,  and  selectman.  Ue  removed 
1802,  to  Everett,  Mass.    Three  children. 

iii.  Jason  Trub,  b.  Dec.  80,  1859.  Tilton  Conference  Seminary,  1879, 
Brown  University,  1884.  Has  been  a  successful  teacher,  and  now  in- 
structor of  natural  science  in  llolyoke  High  School.  He  m. 
June  16,  1886,  Catherine  Ella  Morrison,  b.  Jan.  15, 1860.  dau. 
of  Nathaniel  Morrison,  of  Somerville,  Mass. 

11.  Nathaniel  Fletcher  Draper,  son  of  Nathaniel  ^  b.  Jan.  12, 
1826.  Was  in  Lowell,  Mass.,  a  few  years,  in  Bridgeport,  Conn.,  one 
year,  and  retunied  to  Plymouth,  1857.  He  was  a  merchant  and  a 
manufacturer  of  gloves.  He  m.  June  16,  1849,  Emma  Bridgman,  b. 
Dorchester,  Jan.  12, 1827,  dau.  of  Elbridge  Bridgman.  He  d.  Nov.  5, 
1871.    She  d.  Sept.  21, 1892.     Five  children. 

18.      i.    Jason  Fletohrr,  b.  Lowell,  Mass.,  Oct.  10, 1850. 

iL    Hakrikt  Emklinr,  b.  July  5, 1852.    m.  John  F.  Maynard  (see), 
iii.     Hrmrietta  Florbncb,  b.  Dec.  10,  1854.    m.  John  F.  Maynard 

iv.    Walter  Kbmdriok,  b.  August  28,  1859.    m.  Helen  Clongh.    m. 

second,  Lillian  Fadden.    He  lived  in  Ashland.     He  d.  April  19, 

V.    Jbnnib  Mat,  b.  Dec.  27, 1868.    d.  August  27, 1867. 

12.  Alvah  Everett  Draper,  son  of  Alvah  McQueston  Draper* 
b.  Nov.  12,  1864  Is  a  minister  of  the  M.  E.  Church.  He  grad. 
Conference  Seminary,  Tilton,  1888,  He  supplied  at  East  Tilton, 
1886 ;  East  Colebrook  and  East  Columbia,  1888-1889 ;  North  Salem, 
1890-1891.  He  joined  the  New  Hampshire  Conference,  1892,  and 
has  received  appointments  at  Bumney,  1892;  Monroe,  1893-1894; 
Warren,  1895-1896;  Newfields,  1897-1898;  Greenfield,  1890, 1900- 
1901 ;  Ashland,  1902 ;  Groveton,  1903.  He  m.  June  11, 1887,  Mary 
Alraa  Duston,  b.  Salisbury,  Dec.  3,  1861,  dau.  of  Mark  G.  and  Eliza 
A.  (Sanborn)  Duston.    Seven  children. 

228  DBAPBB  —  PBBW. 

i.  Staot  Arthur,  b.  June  28, 1888. 

ii.  Hblkm  Pikb,  b.  Feb.  8, 1891. 

iii.  Marion  Elsib,  b.  April  2, 1898. 

iy.  Jabon  Sandorn,  b.  Nov.  3, 1894. 

y.  Ralph  Lbmobl,  b.  August  23, 18Q6. 

yi.  Norman  Evbrbtt,  b.  May  2,  1898. 

yii.  Kbnnbth  Lockb.  b.  Feb.  26, 1901. 

13.  Jason  Flbtcheb  Draper,  son  of  Nathaniel  F.",  b.  Oct  10, 
1850.  Is  a  resident  of  Plymouth  and  prominent  in  town  and  business 
aifairs.  He  succeeded  Jason  C.  Draper  in  the  manufacture  of  gloves, 
and  in  1881  formed  a  partnership  with  John  F.  Maynard  under  firm 
name  of  The  Draper-Maynard  Company.  The  company  conducted  a 
mill  in  Ashland  nine  years,  removing  the  manufacture  to  a  new  fac- 
tory on  North  Main  Street,  in  Dec.,  1900.  The  firm  is  conducting  an 
increasing  business  in  the  manufacture  and  sale  of  gloves  and  sport- 
ing goods.  He  m.  Feb.  26, 1881,  Hattie  Cora  Russell,  dau.  of  Pelatiah 
Russell  (see).     Four  children. 

i.  Mart  Emma,  b.  May  6, 1882.    Plymouth  Higli  School,  1900. 

ii.  Catbarinb  Murirl,  b.  Feb.  26, 1884.    d.  Biaroh  21, 1886. 

iii.  Harriet  Maroueritb,  b.  July  17, 1889. 

iy.  Jason  Russell,  b.  May  27, 1900. 


h  Samuel  Drew,  from  Shapleigh,  Me.  Game  to  Plymouth  im- 
mediately preceding  the  Revolution.  He  enlisted  July  11, 1775,  in 
Capt  James  Osgood's  Company  of  Rangers,  and  served  on  the  frontiers 
until  discharged,  Dec.  31,  1775.  The  men  from  Plymouth  in  this 
company  were  enlisted  by  Capt.  Matthew  Thornton,  of  Thornton, 
who  was  a  lieutenant  in  the  company.  His  personal  tax  was  abated 
for  the  years  1777  and  1778,  which  suggests  that  lie  was  in  tlie 
service,  but  the  rolls  are  not  preserved.  He  m.  in  Plymouth,  June 
29, 1779,  Elizabeth  (Webber)  Webster,  dau.  of  Edmund  Webber  (see), 
and  widow  of  Amos  Webster  (see).  He  removed  to  Bndgewater, 
1785.  The  first  town-meeting  of  Bridgewater  was  assembled  at  his 
dwelling.  His  homestead  was  in  the  part  of  Bridgewater  now  Bristol. 
He  d.  while  visiting  his  son  Samuel  in  New  York  State.  His  widow 
d.  at  the  home  of  their  son  in  New  Hampton. 

i.  Amos  Webster,  b.  Plymouth,  Deo.  20,  1783.  m.  1802,  Dorothy 
Gurdy,  dau.  of  Jacob  Gurdy.  m.  second,  Ruth  Gurdy,  dau.  of 
Samuel  Gurdy.    He  was  a  farmer  in  Bristol  and  New  Hampton. 

DREW.  229 

He  d.  at  Groff's  Falls,  Jan.  16,  1873.     Fifteen  children,  among 
them  Asa,  b.  April  24, 1812.    m.  Nov.  11, 1884,  SaUy  C.  Weils, 
dan.  of  Peter  Wells  (see). 
2.     li.     Benjamin,  b.  Plymouth,  April  17, 1785. 

iii.  Elizabeth,  b.  Bridgewater,  April  20,  1787.  m.  Jacob  Swain,  of 
Gilmanton.    No  children. 

ly.     Samuel,  b.  Bridgewater,  August  2,  1789.    Removed  to  State  of 

New  York.    He  had  a  family. 
V.    Sakah,  b.  Bridgewater,  Sept.  28, 1791.    m.  April,  1808,  Ephraim 
IMerrill,  b.  Oct.  26,  1779,  son  of  Jonathan  and  Mary  (Farnum) 
Merrill.  Res.  Bristol.    He  d.  Oct  16, 1844.    She  d.  Sept.  21, 1886. 
Ten  children. 

▼i.  Mart,  b.  Bridgewater,  April  2,  1794.  m.  Joseph  Robie,  and  re- 
moved to  Stewarts  town. 

yii.  John,  b.  Bridgewater,  June  9,  1797.  m.  Eliza  Bowdoin  Simpson, 
b.  New  Hampton,  July  80,  1802,  dau.  of  James  and  Martha 
(Farnum)  Simpson.  He  lived  a  farmer  in  New  Hampton.  Six 

2.  Benjamin  Drew,  son  of  Samuel,  b.  Plymouth,  April  17, 1785. 
m.  in  Bridgewater,  Sept  3,  1807,  Sarah  Harriman,  dau.  of  John 
Haniman  (see).  He  removed  to  Stewartstown,  1821,  and  was  a 
representative  and  a  selectman  manj  years.  His  superior  ability 
and  character  have  been  renewed  in  his  sons  and  his  grandsons,  and 
have  added  fame  to  the  town  and  the  county.  He  d.  Oct  6, 1869. 
She  d.  Dec.  10, 1870.    Seven  children. 

8.      i.    Amos  Wkbstkr,  b.  April  6,  1808. 

ii.    Mary  Harriman,  b.  May  4, 1810. 

iii.  Lucy,  b.  April  11, 1815.  m.  March  4, 1889,  Alfred  Lovering.  She 
d.  Dec.  9,  1842. 

iv.    Sally,  b.  Sept  21,  1820.    d.  April  16, 1889. 
▼.    Benjamin,  b.  August  4, 1822.    d.  Sept.  10, 1822. 

▼i.     BKN.rAMiN,  b.  Jan.  20, 1826.    m.  June  1, 1851,  Nancy  A.  Chase. 

yil  Edwin  W.,  b.  Dec.  10,  1827.  m.  March  28,  1852,  Marietta  Hall,  b. 
Stewartetown,  July  7,  1888,  dau.  of  Luther  F.  and  Mary  (Piper) 
Hall.  He  lived  in  Stewartstown,  was  town  clerk,  selectman, 
representative,  county  commissioner,  and  county  treasurer.  In 
1878  he  was  appointed  to  the  State  Board  of  Equalization,  a  re- 
sponsible position,  in  which  he  served  the  State  with  great  com- 
petency until  his  death,  March  10,  1894.  His  children  are:  (1) 
John  W.,  b.  April  25, 1854.  (2)  Walter,  b.  March  27, 1857.  (3) 
Carrie,  b.  March  19, 1861.  (4)  Byron,  b.  March  80,  1863.  (5) 
Alice,  b.  Dec  1, 1867.     (6)  Hattie  H.,  b.  June  13, 1876. 

3.  Amos  Webster  Drew,  son  of  Benjamin,  b.  April  5, 1808.  m. 
Nov.  16, 1836,  Julia  Esther  Lovering,  b.  Loudon,  June  4, 1816,  dau. 

230  DREW. 

of  Hubbard  and  Abigail  (Bumford)  Levering,  of  Stewartstown.  He 
was  a  man  of  forceful  intellect  and  unsullied  character.  His  amiable 
and  generous  qualities  won  tlie  love  and  respect  of  all  wlio  knew 
him.  He  was  repeatedly  elected  to  office  by  his  townsmen,  and  was 
a  State  senator,  a  coroner,  county  treasurer,  and  commissioner.  He 
d.  March  22, 1888.    His  widow  d.  April  22, 1890. 

i.    LucT  Abigail,  b.  May  4, 1848.    d.  Oct.  28,  1887. 

ii.  Irving  WBBBTBR,b.  Jan.  8, 1845.  Dartmouth  College,  1870.  An  able 
advocate  and  suocessful  lawyer,  of  Lancaster.  State  senator,  1883, 
and  one  of  the  building  commissioners,  of  State  library.  He  m. 
Caroline  H.  Merrill,  dau.  of  Sherbum  R.  and  Sarah  B.  (Merrill) 
Merrill.  Four  children:  (1)  Faul,  b.  Feb.  20, 1872.  d.  Oct.  1, 
1872.  (2)  Neil  B.,  b.  Sept  9,  1878.  (8)  Pitt  Fessendeu,  b. 
August  27, 1876.  Dartmouth  College,  1899.  (4)  Sarah  Maynard, 
b.  Dec.  19,  1876.  m.  July  1,  1908,  Edward  K.  Hall,  firm  of 
Powers  &  Hall,  lawyers.    Boston,  Mass. 

iii.    Benjamin  Franklin,  b.  June  28,  1848. 

iy.  Warubn  £dward,  b.  June  29,  1850.  m.  Abby  Crawford.  He  is 
active  in  business,  and  a  prominent  townsman  of  Colebrook. 

V.    Jui.iA  Ellen,  b.  August  21, 1855.    m.  F.  N.  Day,  of  Stratford. 

yi.     HoLHAN  Arthur,  b.  August  28,  1857.    m.  Mary  Bedell. 

vii.    Edward  Everett,  b.  Sept.  24, 1859. 


1.  Joseph  Drew,  son  of  Levi,  b.  Holderness,  August  10, 1772.  m. 
June  3,  1799,  Elizabeth  Wallace,  b.  July  25,  1773,  dau.  of  Nathan 
Wallace.  He  was  a  farmer  of  Holderness,  where  he  d.  April  17, 1833. 
She  d.  June  26, 1870. 

2.  Levi  Drew,  son  of  Joseph,  b.  Holderness,  April  20, 1800.  m. 
Rhoda  Ames,  b.  July  4,  1796,  dau.  of  Thomas  and  Jane  (Kelley) 
Ames.  He  was  a  farmer  and  a  carpenter.  He  removed  to  Plymouth, 
1836.  He  built  a  bridge  at  Baker's  River,  and  several  railroad  bridges 
in  this  vicinity.  He  removed  to  Holderness,  now  Ashland,  1849,  and 
there  d.  July  13, 1850.    His  widow  d.  Sept.  18,  1852. 

i.    Nathan  Lafatbttb,  b.  July  81,  1824.    Was  a  dealer  in  lumber, 
at  Sacramento,  Gal.,  where  he  d.  June  4,  1898. 
8.     ii.    Charles  Cheney,  b.  Oct.  24, 1825. 
4.    iii.    Levi  Burleigh,  b.  May  17, 1827. 

iy.     Daniel  Kellet,  b.  Nov.  20,  1828.    d.  unm.  July  16,  1851. 
v.    Rhoda  Elizabeth,  b.  March  24,  1830.    m.  Christopher  M.  Morse 

DBBW.  281 

vi.  Amanda  Mblvina,  b.  Oct.  27, 1833.  m.  May  29,  1854,  Kendall  H. 
Blanchard,  of  Proyidenoe.  lie  d.  Feb.  5, 1890.  She  m.  second, 
Emerson  Strong  Hill,  a  Baptist  minister,  of  Anthony,  R.  L,  who 
d.  June  21, 1898.    She  res.  Providence,  R.  I. 

3.  CiiARLBS  CiiKNEY  Drbw,  SOU  of  Levi,  b.  Oct  24, 1825.  m.  in 
Nashua,  June  1,  1852,  Sarah  Frances  Ferson,  b.  Fraucestown,  May 
15, 1831,  dau.  of  John  and  Lucy  (Wood)  MacPherson.  He  removed 
to  Oshkosh,  Wis.,  and  there  engaged  in  the  lumber  trade,  removing  to 
Luvenie,  Minn.,  1876.  Through  life  he  has  been  a  conscientious 
advocate  of  temperance,  and  was  a  delegate  to  the  National  Prohibition 
Convention,  1896,  and  a  candidate  for  Presidential  Elector  on  the 
Prohibition  ticket^  1900.    Three  children. 

i.    Inez  Isabbllb,  b.  March  80, 1857.    m.  Deo.  26, 1877,  Frank  Smith, 

b.  Calais,  Me.,  July  28, 1850,  son  of  William  and  Margaret  Pascal 

(Brown)  Smith.    He  was  a  fomitnre  dealer  at  Luveme,  Biinn., 

where  he  d.  April  9, 1886.     Three  children. 

ii.    ZiLLAii  EsTKLLA,  b.  August  30, 1860.    m.  Dec.  24, 1881,  William 

Henry  Wilson.     Banker,  Lnyeme,  Minn, 
iii.    Jrnnir  L.,  b.  Sept.  12, 1863.    m.  Dec.  24,  1885,  Walter  Monroe 
Savage,  b.  May  28, 1857,  son  of  Hiram  £.  Savage.    Res.  Water- 
town,  S.  D. 

4.  Lbvi  Burleigh  Drew,  son  of  Levi,  b.  May  17, 1827.  m.  May 
1,  1851,  Eliza  J.  Smith,  b.  New  Hampton,  April  21,  1833,  dau.  of 
Nathan  and  Eliza  (Elkins)  Smith.  In  1855  he  removed  to  Cali- 
fornia, and  lived  in  Sacramento  and  San  Francisco.  He  was  a 
contractor  and  dealer  in  real  estate.  Member  of  California  Legis- 
lature, 1862.  He  d.  Sept  7,  1872.  His  widow  survives,  res.  in 
Tucson,  Ariz. 

i.    Frank  Piercr,  b.  Oct  6, 1855.    m.  Oct  1, 1883,  Deseret  D.  Butter. 

He  is  a  dealer  in  lumber  and  cattle.     Res.  Mesa,  Ariz, 
ii.    Eliza  Amanda,  b.  May  8,  1858.    m.  Oct  1,  1888,  Francis  M. 

Armstrong,  locomotive  engineer,  St.  Johns,  Ariz, 
iii.    Levi  Woodbury,  b.  Feb.  1,  1860.    d.  Jan.,  1862. 
iv.    Mary  Ella,  b.  Oct  27,  1861.    m.  Sept  16,  1884,  William  H. 

Farns worth,  locomotive  engineer.    He  d.  Williams,  Ariz.,  April 

26,  1899. 
V.    Nathan  Dana,  b.  Nov.  8, 1864.    d.  July  6, 1865. 
vi.    CiiARLKS  Grant,  b.  Oct.  22, 1868.    d.  July  1, 1888. 
vii.     Gborob  M.,  b.  July  20, 1871.    d.  March  27, 1875. 

282  DUPONT  —  DUROIN. 


L  Philip  Dupont,  son  of  John,  b.  Province  of  Quebec,  1876.  m. 
1896,  Maggie  Perry,  b.  Province  of  Quebec,  Sept  13,  1878,  dau.  of 
Benjamin  Perry.    Bemoved  to  Plymouth,  1897.   He  is  a  section  hand. 

i.    Chaklks. 

ii.    WuLUAM,  b.  April  28, 18d8.    d.  Sept  15,  1808. 
iU.    Ida,  b.  Feb.  18, 1900. 


1.  Edmund  Durqik,  probably  a  son  of  Gershom  Duigin,  b.  Aliens- 
town,  July  25, 1780.  Was  a  tailor,  and  from  childhood  was  a  cripple. 
He  came  to  Plymouth,  1805.  m.  April  15, 1810,  Judith  Ward,  dau. 
of  Enoch  Ward  (see).  She  d.  Nov.,  1816.  He  m.  second,  Oct  22, 
1818,  Mary  Atwood.  m.  third,  Mercy  S.  Woodbury.  He  removed, 
1825,  to  Cam'pton,  where  he  d.  Sept  21, 1872.  His  wife  Mercy  d. 

i.    HoRAOC,  b.  1811.    m.  Hannah  KimbaU.    He  was  a  merchant  in 

Bangor,  Me. 
ii.    Gbrsuom  Clark,    m.  Droailla  Bryant    He  was  a  merchant  in 

iii.    Judith  Ward,  b.  1828.    m.  1860,  Charles  H.  Rogers,  of  Campton. 

He  d.  Nov.  10, 1877.    She  d.  Oct  21, 1896. 
iv.    Louisa,  b.  1826.    m.  James  Boynton,  of  Hyde  Park,  Mass. 
V.    Edmuiid,  b.  Feb.  19, 1828.    m.  Lucreiia  Davis.    He  was  a  broker, 

of  Boston,  Mass. 
Ti.    Sarah  Ann,  b.  1880.    nnm.    Res.  Manchester, 
▼ii.    Alhira,  b.  1888.    m.  Wesley  Sanborn,    m.  second,  Jacob  Cook. 

m.  third, Brown.    Res.  Laconia. 

yiii.    Amanda,  b.  April  17,  1884.    m.  Joseph  Benton,  of  Holderness. 
ix.    John  Cuask.    He  is  an  uphobterer  in  Boston,  Mass.    m.  Fanny 

X.    Carlton  Cox.    Co.  1, 12th  N.  H.  Infantry,    d.  of  disease,  Feb.  2^ 

xi.    GcoROC,  b.  1842.    d.  young, 
xii.    William,  b.  1845.    d.  young, 
xiii.    Aaron,  twin,  b.  1846.    d.  young. 


3.   Vabnum  Qalb  Duboin,  son  of  Yamum  Oale  and  Sarah  Morri- 
son (Smith)  Duiigin,  of  Thornton,  b.  March  29,  1861.    m.  May  3, 

DUBGIN  —  DUBEBB  —  DU8TIN.  288 

1888,  Ella  Mary  Foss,  b.  Thornton,  Sept  30, 1867,  dau.  of  Stephen  A. 
and  Judith  M.  (Merrill)  Foss.  They  removed  to  Pljrmouth  in  the 
autumn  of  1895.  Was  proprietor  of  Bose  Lawn  Boarding  House. 
Two  children.    Now  res.  Gampton. 

i.    Harbt  Augustus,  b.  Thornton,  Deo.  20, 1889. 
ii.    Paul  Stctsiis,  b.  Thornton,  August  27, 1892. 


1.  David  Durkbb  was  a  blacksmith  in  Plymouth  from  1774  to 
1783.  He  owned  a  small  parcel  of  land  north  of  the  court  house, 
and  there  probably  he  had  a  shop.  He  was  a  sergeant  in  Capt  John 
House's  company,  Col.  Nahum  Baldwin's  regiment,  which  was  raised 
Sept,  1776,  to  reinforce  the  Continental  Army  at  New  York.  The 
regiment  was  in  the  battle  of  White  Plains,  and  was  discharged  in 
Jan.  or  Feb.,  1777.  On  the  roll  the  name  is  written  Durgee,  and  on 
the  town  tax-list,  Durkey.  Hannah  Durkee,  probably  of  this  family, 
m.  Joseph  Smith  (see). 


1.  EzBKiEL  Elliot  Dustin,  son  of  Ira  W.  Dustin,  of  Sandwich,  b. 
March  1, 1826.  He  served  on  the  quota  of  Sandwich  three  years  in 
14th  N.  H.  Infantry.  He  m.  Elsie  B.  Parmenter,  who  d.  Jan.  11, 
1897.  He  m.  second,  Nov.  20,  1898,  Mary  L.  Smith,  dau.  of  Rev. 
James  Smith  (see),  and  has  res.  in  Plymouth  since  1898.  By  the 
first  marriage  there  were  several  children,  but  a  record  is  not  received. 


1.  David  Dustin,  b.  about  1736,  was  an  early  settler,  and  a  prom« 
inent  citizen  of  Sanboniton,  where  he  d.  August  15, 1803.  He  m. 
Lovey  Homans.  m.  second,  about  1776,  Lydia  Eeniston,  dau.  of 
William  Keniston,  of  Northfield  (see).     She  d.  Nov.  10, 1835. 

2.  Samuel  Dustin,  son  of  David  ^  and  Lydia  Keniston  Dustin,  b. 
Sanbornton,  Oct  7, 1778.  m.  Rachel  Sanborn,  and  d.  in  Sanbomton, 
June  22, 1850.    She  d.  August  16, 1851. 

3.  Samuel  Dustin,  son  of  Samuel^,  b.  August  21, 1811.  m.  Jan. 
9,  1837,  Polly  D.  Morrison,  b.  Sept  24, 1814,  dau.  of  John  and  Betsey 
(Rundlet)  Morrison,  of  Sanbornton.  He  lived  in  Sanbornton,  Bristol, 
and  Franklin.    He  d.  in  Franklin.    She  d.  July  30, 1897. 

234  DU8TIN  —  BA8TMAK. 

4.  James  Prbscott  Dustin,  son  of  Samuel  ^  b.  Dec.  1, 1843.  m. 
June  21, 1864,  Mary  S.  Bean,  dau.  of  Reuben  C.  and  Sarah  (Follans- 
bee)  Bean,  of  Bristol.  She  d.  Nov.  24,  1865.  He  m.  second,  Jan.  14, 
1870,  Alice  D.  French,  of  Andover.  He  was  a  station  agent  in  Bristol 
several  years,  removing  to  Plymouth,  1878,  and  was  here  employed 
several  years  as  janitor  of  the  Normal  School  buildings.  He  d.  May 
12, 1900.    She  d.  Feb.  11, 1892. 

6.  Jamss  Morrison  Dustin,  only  son  of  James  P.^  b.  Bristol, 
March  16, 1873.  m.  June  15, 1898,  Vinnie  S.  Chase,  dau.  of  Otis 
Chase  (see).  He  res.  in  Plymouth.  Was  a  section  man,  B.  &  M.  R  R, 
and  for  past  few  years  has  been  employed  by  the  Electric  Light  Co. 

i.    Mauriob  Prbscott,  b.  Oct.  25,  1899. 
ii.    Alicb  Florbtta,  b.  May  25, 1902. 


1.  BoGER  Eastman,  b.  1611,  from  Langford,  county  of  Wilts; 
sailed  from  Southampton,  England,  1638.  He  was  in  Salisbury, 
1640,  and  received  lands  in  the  first  distribution.  His  will,  dated 
June  26, 1691,  was  proved  March  27, 1695.  He  d,  Dec.  16, 1694, 
and  Sarah,  his  widow,  d.  March  11, 1697/8.    Ten  children. 

2.  Philip  Eastman,  son  of  Roger  ^  b.  Dec.  30, 1644,  another  date, 
Oct  20, 1644.  There  is  no  known  record  of  his  first  m.,  and  one  dau. 
was  the  only  issue.  He  m.  second,  August  22, 1678,  Mary  (Barnard) 
Morse,  b.  Sept  22, 1645,  dau.  of  Thomas  Barnard  and  widow  of  Anthony 

Morse.    He  m.  third,  after  1695,  Margaret .    He  settled  in 

Haverhill,  where  he  was  captured  by  the  Indians,  May  3, 1676.  He 
was  a  soldier  in  King  Philip's  War.  Subsequently  he  removed  to 
Connecticut,  where  his  son  Philip  had  preceded  him.  He  d.  be- 
tween Oct  7  and  Dec.  13, 1714 

8.  Ebbnezer  Eastman,  son  of  Philip  *,  b.  Feb.  17, 1681.  m.  March 
4,  1710,  Sarah  Peasley,  b.  August  15, 1690,  dau.  of  Joseph  and  Ruth 
(Barnard)  Peasley.  He  removed  to  Rumford,  and  is  known  as  Capt 
Ebenezer  Eastman,  of  Concord.  His  service  was  conspicuous,  and  his 
life  was  eventful.  He  d.  July  28, 1748.  (See  Eastman  Family,  by 
Guy  Scoby  Rix,  of  Concord.) 

C  Nathaniel  Eastman,  son  of  Capt  Ebenezer  •,  b.  Haverhill,  Mass., 
March  10, 1717.  m.  1754,  Phebe  Chandler,  and  lived  in  Concord. 
He  was  a  soldier  in  the  French  war  and  in  the  Revolution. 

BASTMAN.  286 

5.  Nathaniel  Eastman,  son  of  Nathaniel*,  b.  Concord,  Oct.  9, 
1755.  ni.  Ruth  Bradley,  b.  1757,  dau.  of  Timothy  and  Abiah  (Stevens) 
Bradley,  of  Concord.  He  was  a  soldier  in  the  Revolution,  He  d. 
Concord,  May  7, 1839.    She  d.  Nov.  4,  1841. 

6.  Timothy  Eastman,  son  of  Nathaniel*,  b.  Concord,  Sept  15, 
1786.  m.  Abigail  Clarissa  Wilkins,  b.  Amherst,  1792,  dau.  of  Andrew 
and  Lucy  (Blanchai*d)  Wilkins.  He  leanied  the  trade  of  hatter,  and 
corning  from  Bridge  water  to  Plymouth,  1824,  he  established  himself 
in  business  in  the  villaga  He  was  postmaster  1845-1849.  His 
wife  d.  Nov.  8,  1834,  and  he  m.  second,  1836,  Esther  Underwood. 
He  d.  in  Plymouth,  Jan.  19, 1869.  On  his  headstone  it  is  Jan.  1, 1869, 
and  it  is  said  he  d.  suddenly  while  returning  from  the  funeral  of  his 
sister  Ruth,  wife  of  Benjamin  Bayley,  who  d.  in  Plymouth,  Jan.  17, 
1869.    Four  children  b.  in  Bridgewater. 

i.    Abigail,  b.  June  80, 1811. 

ii.  Elbridgr  Gbrrt,  b.  Feb.  27,  1818.  m.  Oct.  11,  1888,  Lucy  Ann 
Carr,  dan.  of  Spencer  and  Zylphia  (Goodrich)  Carr,  of  New  Leb- 
anon, N.  Y.  He  d.  Nashville,  Tenn.,  Nov.  23,  1859.  Ten 
children.  In  early  life,  Elbridge  Gerry  Eastman,  at  the  invitation 
and  under  the  auspices  of  James  E.  Polk,  removed  to  Knoxville, 
Tenn.,  where  he  established  the  '*  Knoxville  Argns,'*  which  became 
the  most  influential  democratic  paper  of  the  State.  In  1846  he 
removed  to  Nashville  to  assume  control  of  the  *'  Nashville  Union," 
and  later  of  the  consolidated  papers,  the  **  Union  *'  and  **  American.*' 
He  was  a  pungent  and  able  editor,  and  exercised  an  unusual  fore- 
sight and  wisdom  in  the  tone  and  policy  of  his  paper. 

lii.     Charlrs  B.,  b.  Jan.  27, 1815.     Res.  California,  Baptist  minister. 

iv.     Hazbn  B.,  b.  Nov.  1, 1821.    Went  to  sea,  and  later  to  California. 

7.  Moses  Eastman,  son  of  Capt.  Ebenezer',  b.  Concord,  Feb.  28, 
1732.  m.  1756,  Elizabeth  Kimball,  b.  Concord,  Sept  23, 1738,  dau. 
of  David  and  Mary  (Wilson)  Kimball.  He  was  a  soldier  in  French 
war  and  in  the  Revolution.    He  d.  in  Concord,  April  4,  1812. 

8.  Simeon  Eastman,  son  of  Moses  ^  b.  Concord,  May  11,  1774. 
in.  Jan.  7.  1796,  Abigail  Virgin,  b.  Concord,  Feb.  20,  1777,  dau.  of 
Phineas  Virgin,  and  granddau.  of  Ebenezer  Vii^gin. 

9.  Galen  Fay  Eastman,  son  of  Simeon,  b.  Concord,  1796.  m. 
Martha  Colby ;  m.  second,  about  1834,  Rebecca  Small,  b.  Holdemess, 
1811,  dau.  of  Isaiic  Small.  He  removed  to  Plymouth,  1836,  and  res. 
in  the  village,  where  ho  d.  April  5, 1860,  aged  64 ;  headstone  Lower 
Intervale  cemetery.  She  d.  May  2, 1878.  Seven  children  by  first 
and  six  by  second  m. 

236  BASTHAK. 

i.    Ruth,  d.  young. 
iL    JnuA  Ann,  b.  March  11, 1819. 

iii.    Nancy  Proctor,  b.  Maroh  18, 1821.    m.  Oct  18, 1847,  Henry  T.' 
Nichols,  b.  Lempster,  Dec.  20, 1819,  son  of  Troup  and  Ludnda 
(Smith)  Nichols.    Hotel  keeper.     He  d.  Manchester,  Jan.   13, 
1865.    (1)  Cora  Frances,  b.  Manchester,  Sept.  4, 1854.  m.  Oct.  15, 
1877,  Eben  P.  Sanborn, 
ir.    Ebrmrxbr. 
10.     T.    SiMBON,  b.  Nov.  17, 1826. 
Ti.    Martha,  b.  1828. 

▼ii.    Edwin,  b.  1830.    Killed  in  the  war  of  Uie  Rebellion. 
TiiL    Nathanibl,  b.  Nov.  12, 1835.    m.  Nov.  27,  1856,  Emily  Lovejoy 
Worthen,  dan.  of  Ephraim  Worthen  (see).    He  is  a  fanner  and 
leather  dresser  at  Lower  Intervale,  in  Plymouth, 
iz.    Mart,  b.  Sepi,  1838.    m.  John  L.  Baker,  of  Manchester. 
X.    Galrn,  b.  1842.    unm.    d.  July  1, 1878.     12th  N.  H.  Infantry, 
zi.    Aaron,  b.  August  2, 1844.    m.  Jan.  1, 1870,  Agnes  Ford,  b.  Rum- 
ney,  July  25,  1847,  dau.  of  Thomas  R.  and  Harriet  (George)  Ford 
(see  George  Register,  No.  22).    He  is  a  leather  dresser;  res. 
Littleton.     One  child:  (1)  BeUe,  b.  Sept  7,  1877.     And  (2) 
Harriet,  adopted, 
zii.    John  B.,  b.  1853.    unm.    d.  April  80, 1876. 
zUi.    Gkobob  Hbnrt,  b.  March  22, 1850.    m.  Sept.  18,  1873,  Mary  G. 
Crooker.   Res.  Manchester.  Two  children :  (1)  Harry  C,  b.  June 
24,1874.    m.  Oct  4, 1899,  Angle  Alice  Sanborn.    (2)  Ethel  Mae, 
b.  Dec  1,  1878. 

10.  SiMBON  Eastman,  son  of  Galen  Fay*  b.  Nov.  17,  1826.  m. 
Dec  1, 1845,  Lavinia  A.  Webber,  dau.  of  Luther  Webber  (see).  He 
was  a  stone  cutter  and  contractor  and  lived  in  Plymouth.  He  served 
two  enlistments,  Co.  B,  15th  N.  H.  Infantry,  the  full  term,  nine 
months,  and  Co.  A,  18th  N.  H.  Infantry,  Sept.  13, 1864,  to  June  10, 
1865.    He  d.  May  16, 1887.    She  d.  Jan.  28, 1887. 

2.    1.    Alonzo,  b.  Nov.  8, 1840. 

ii.    HoRACc,b.  Jan.  1, 1849.    m.  1869,  Mary  Ellen  Seavey,  dau.  of  Paul 

Seavey  (see).    She  d.  Feb.  20, 1872.    m.  second,  Mrs.  Lizxie  W. 

PhillipB,  who  d.  Feb.  23, 1882.    m.  third,  Sept.  10, 1882,  Mrs.  Anna 

B.  Crooker.     He  was  a  locomotiye  fireman  several  years.     He  d. 

Nov.  9,  1884.    (1)  Etta  E.,  b.  August,  1871.    d.  Maroh  22,  1872. 

(2)  Charles  A.,  b.  Sept.,  1883.    d.  March  16, 1885. 
iii.    LuoBTTA,  b.  May  5, 1852.    m.  William  R.  Davis  (see), 
iv.    Ella,  b.  1855.    d.  Feb.  25,  1866. 
V.    PoLLiNA  A.,  b.  1858.    d.  July  17, 1860. 
?i.    Lbrot  S.,  b.  Feb.  28,  1860.    m.  June  7,  1884,  Lucy  Lougee ;  m. 

second,  August  8,  1889,  Janette  F.  Thurlow,  dau.  of  Henry  P. 

Thurlow.  He  was  yard  master  at  Flymouth.   He  d.  Sept  13, 1898. 

EASTMAN  —  BATON.  287 

vii.    Simeon  Dbxtkr,  b.  Oct  7,  1862.    m.  Ella  Hill.    m.  second,  Da 

Smith.    He  is  a  steamboat  engineer.    Res.  Ashland, 
viii.    Edwin  Bert,  b.  Nov.  17,  1866.    m.  Mary  J.  Moisette,  who  d. 

April  8, 1807.    He  is  a  glove  catter.   Res.  Ashland.    (1)  Harry  B., 

b.  1889.     d.  Oct.  2, 1892. 
ix.    James  Albert,  b.  June  13,  1872.    m.  Oct.  18,  1897,  Nettie  A. 

Nudd.  Res.  in  Plymouth,  1904.  (1)  Leroy  Nudd,  b.  Sept  22, 1898. 

11.  Alonzo  Eastman,  son  of  Simeon  ^^  b.  Nov.  3, 1846.  m.  Dec. 
25,  1877,  Flora  Estelle  Dalton,  b.  Sept  26, 1857,  dau.  of  Joseph  E. 
Dalton,  of  Belmont    He  is  a  carpenter.    Bes.  Plymouth. 

i.  Lewis  Alfred,  b.  April  8,  1879.  m.  Sept.  8,  1897,  Leora  Mabel 
Farmer,  dau.  of  Charles  M.  Farmer  (see).  Carpenter.  Res. 
Plymouth.  (1)  Carlos  Alonzo,  b.  Dec  14, 1898.  (2)  Wilmer  K, 
b.  April  19, 1902. 

ii.  Clarence  P.,  b.  March  14,  1881.  m.  Not.  16,  1902,  Annie  M. 
fiagley,  b.  1882,  dau.  of  Martin  and  Mary  A.  (Morrill)  Bagley,  of 
Laconia.    He  is  a  conductor.    Res.  in  Plymouth. 

iii.    Austin  S.,  b.  Nov.  11,  1888.    d.  Jan.  7, 1901. 

iv.    Minnie  £.,  b.  Nov.  11, 1892. 

12.  EzEKiEL  Eastman,  b.  Parsonfield,  Me.,  son  of  Jacob  and  Molly 
Spalding  Eastman,  of  Concord  and  Parsonfield.  m.  Abigail  Gopp. 
He  removed  to  Groton.  The  lineage  is  Ezekiel  ^  and  Hannah  Copp, 
Jacob  *  and  Molly  Spalding,  Jeremiah  *  and  Dorothy  Carter,  Ebenezer* 
and  Sarah  Peaslee,  Philip^  and  Mary  Morse  and  Boger  \  the  emigrant 

13.  Henrt  Hoyt  Eastman,  son  of  Ezekiel  ^,  m.  Caroline  Augusta 
Preston  and  lived  in  Groton. 

14.  Horace  Weston  Eastman,  son  of  Henry  Hoyt^,  b.  Groton, 
Oct.  9, 1866.  m.  Oct  23, 1890,  Martha  Grace  Mcintosh,  b.  Boston, 
Mass.,  March  22,  1873,  dau.  of  Frederick  Stevens  and  Mary  Jane 
(Barrett)  Mcintosh.  He  is  a  farmer  and  blacksmith.  He  has  res. 
in  Plymouth  from  1889  to  1896,  when  he  removed  to  Bristol. 

i.    Haven  S.,  b.  May  80, 1801. 
ii.    Clifton  K.,  b.  Oct.  26, 1806. 
iii.    KoY  L.,  b.  Bristol,  April  20, 1008. 


1.  WiLUAM  Eaton,  b.  England  about  1604  m.  1632,  Martha 
Jenkin  and  was  a  husbandman  in  Staples,  county  of  Kent.  With  three 
children,  William  and  Martha,  sailed  from  Sandwich,  June  9,  1637. 

238  SATON. 

He  settled  in  Watertown  of  which  he  was  a  proprietor,  1642,  freeman* 
1653.  He  subsequently  removed  to  Reading,  and  there  d.  May  13, 
1673.    She  d.  1680  or  1681. 

3.  John  Eaton,  son  of  the  emigrant  William  \  b.  England,  Dea  20, 
1635.  m.  1658,  Elizabeth  Kendall,  b.  1642,  dau.  of  Dea.  Thomas 
Kendall    He  lived  in  Beading,  where  he  d.  May  25,  1691. 

3.  William  Eaton,  son  of  John*  b.  Reading,  Dec  1,  1670.  m. 
April  29, 1695,  Mary  Swain  and  lived  in  Lynnfield,  where  he  d.  1734. 

4.  Benjamin  Eaton,  b.  March  21,  1704/5.  m.  May  21,  1730, 
Anna  Band.  He  was  a  Baptist  preacher,  lived  in  Candia,  and  probably 
in  Hampetead.  He  d.  in  Dunstable,  Mass.  His  widow,  d.  in  Candia, 
at  the  home  of  her  son  William. 

6.  Jonathan  Eaton,  son  of  Benjamin  \  b.  1738.  m.  April  5, 
1764,  Mehitable  Page,  and  settled  in  Plaistow,  where  he  d.  about  1786. 
She  d.  Dea  6,  1833.  Their  sou,  Bev.  Asa  Eaton,  was  pastor  of  the 
North  Church,  Boston,  Mass.,  and  dau.  Buth,  b.  April  18,  1772,  m. 
King  George  (see) ;  dau.  Hannah,  b.  July  29,  1780,  m.  King  George 

6.  Danibi-  Eaton,  son  of  Jonathan  •,  b.  Plaistow,  Oct  5, 1767.  m. 
Nov.  25, 1790,  Anna  Dearborn,  b.  Oct  28,  1765.  He  removed  from 
Plaistow  to  Bumney  within  one  year  of  1793,  and  to  Plymouth,  1804. 
He  was  a  lieutenant,  and  a  selectman  of  Plymouth,  1810, 1812,  1813. 
He  d.  Oct  27, 1833.    She  d.  in  Lowell,  Mass.,  July  20, 1847. 

i.    LucT,  b.  Plaistow,  March  25, 1792.    m.  Col.  Moody  Cook  (see). 

ii.  David  P.,  b.  Rumney,  Nov.  14,  1794.  m.  Plymouth,  Feb.  6, 1816, 
Mary  Cole.  He  was  a  cooper  many  years  in  Jewell,  Mass.  He 
d.  Jan.  7, 1868.  She  d.  May  16,  1861.  (1)  Lucy  Cook,  m.  Nov. 
14,  1844,  Sanborn  Moses,  and  res.  Northfield,  Vt. 

iii.    Sally,  b.  Rumney,  Deo.  28,  1796.    m.  David  W.  Wells  (see). 

iv.    Jonathan,  b.  Runmey,  Jan.  9, 1799.    d.  Oct.  18,  1803. 

v.    Nanoy,  b.  Rumney,  May  9, 1803.    d.  Oct.  25,  1803. 

yi.  Asa,  b.  Plymouth,  March  10, 1805.  m.  Sept.  2,  1827,  Sophronia 
D.  Hall,  of  Rumney.  He  removed,  1829,  from  Plymouth  to  Bos- 
cawen,  where  he  d.  May  5, 1848.  (1)  Ellen  M.,  b.  Dec.  9, 1839.  m. 
March  5, 1800,  B.  Frank  Wells, 
vii.  Alvin,  b.  Plymouth,  July  1,  1807.  m.  May  19,  1834,  Roxanna 
Barrett  Chamberlain,  b.  Dec.  1,  1811,  dau.  of  Jonathan  Chamber- 
lain, of  Lyndeboro*.  She  d.  May  16,  1849.  He  m.  second,  June 
17,  1850,  Nancy  Jane  Stinson,  dau.  of  John  Stinson.  She  d. 
August  25,  1873.  He  was  a  carpenter  in  Hartland,  Woodstock, 
and  Royalton,  Vt.,  and  later  in  Lowell,  Mass.,  where  he  d.  Sept. 
11, 1873.     (1)  Daniel  Alvin,  b.  July  17,  1835.     m.  Sept  7,  1854, 

BATOK  —  BCOLBS.  289 

Elizabeth  Colby  Eastman,  b.  Feb.  1,  1826,  dau.  of  Isaao  R. 
Eastman.  He  is  engaged  in  fire  insurance,  Lowell,  Mass.,  and 
lias  collected  valuable  material  for  a  genealogical  record  of  the 
Eaton  family.  (2)  Eliza  Ann,  b.  Deo.  26,  1836.  m.  May  29, 
1864,  Horace  Everett  Stoughton.  He  was  in  the  service  of  Central 
Vermont  R.  R.  many  years.  He  d.  Sept  10,  1876,  killed  on  rail- 
road. (3)  Abby  Ix)uisa,  b.  Sept  6,  1889.  m.  May  9,  1866, 
Horace  Everett  Stoughton.  She  d.  May  2,  1863,  and  he  m. 
second,  her  sister,  Eliza  Ann.  (4)  Mary  Jane,  b.  Nov.  21, 1848. 
m.  Dec.  24, 1864,  Daniel  Freeman  Carleton,  of  Springfield,  Mass. 
She  d.  May  24, 1879.  (5)  Laura  Annette,  b.  August  6, 1846.  m. 
Nov.  4, 1873,  B.  Frank  Stickney,  of  Campton.  (6)  Charles  Henry, 
b.  April  6,  1847.  m.  June  16, 1872,  Clara  Ellen  Boardman,  who 
d.  Feb.  10, 1900.  He  res.  Jamaica  Plain,  Mass. 
viii.  Jonathan,  b.  Plymouth,  April  0,  1810.  m.  Nov.  21, 1836,  Abigail 
D.  Page,  of  Lowell,  Mass.  He  lived  in  Plymouth  until  1841,  and 
subsequently  was  a  grocer,  in  Lowell,  Mass.,  where  he  d.  Sept.  7, 
1863.  (1)  Ann  Maria,  b.  Plymouth,  June  28, 1838.  m.  George 
L.  Andrews,  of  Tyngsboro,  Mass. 

7.  Ezra  Bartlett  Eaton,  son  of  Jonathan  \  b.  Plaistow,  August 
1779.  He  m.  Mary  Currier,  dau.  of  Aaron  (see).  He  lived  in 
Plymouth  only  three  years,  beginning  1828,  and  then  removed  to 
Wentworth.    Two  children. 

i.    Ezra  Bartlrtt,  b.  Feb.  9, 1820. 
ii.    Emily,  b.  May  9, 1832.    m.  John  H.  Pearson.    Res.  California.     . 


1.  MosBS  Currier  Eaton,  son  of  Jesse  and  Eleanor  (Page)  Eaton, 
b.  Wentworth,  Sept  26,  1838.  Dartmouth  Medical,  1866.  He  was  a 
physician  in  Warren  and  Wentworth  until  1869,  when  he  removed 
to  Plymouth,  where  he  practised  his  profession  until  his  death,  March 
29,  1872  (see  Vol.  I.).  He  m.  Feb.  15,  1865,  Ellen  Louisa  Ward, 
dau.  of  Arthur  Ward  (see). 

i.    Arthur  Ward,  b.  Oct  8,  1887.    Res.  Boston,  Mass.    Clerk,  G.  F. 
Hovey  &  Ca 


1.  Ukorgb  Ecclbs,  son  of  William,  b.  Sherbrooke,  P.  Q.,  Oct  7, 
1831.  m.  1856,  Ruth  Ann  Moulton,  b.  Sherbrooke,  P.  Q.,  May  4, 
1835,  dau.  of  Eli  Moulton.  They  came  to  Plymouth,  1887.  He  A 
Feb.  16, 1899.    She  d.  April  27, 1893. 

240  B00LE8  — BDHONDS. 

i.    JuuA  Ann,  b.  Deo.  8»  1857.    m.  Nov.  24, 1875,  William  Irriug,  and 

res.  in  Plymouth,  1877  to  1883;  now  res.  Franklin.    (1)  Mary 

Ella,  b.  May  7,  1877.    m.  March  14, 1802,  Walter  Kay,  of  Bristol. 

(2)  Elizabeth,  b.  August  4,  1879.    (3)  Mabel,  b.  July  18, 1882. 

d.  young, 
ii.    Emily  Elisabeth,  b.  Feb.  28,  1859.    m.  June  10,  1802,  James 

Mayhew.    Res.  Martinyille,  P.  Q. 
iii.    Orra  Ella,  b.  April  16, 1832.  m.  Thomas  Comers.  Res.  Lawrence, 

Mass.,  where  she  d.  1884. 
It.    Arabbllb,  b.  May  25,  1834.    d.  May  4,  1883. 
y.    Adalaidb  Victoria,  b.  April  18, 1838.    m.  Edward  J.  Paige  (see), 
yi.     Gborob  Vbrdi,  b.  March  7,  1874.    d.  1884. 
yii.     William  Hbnrt,  b.  Feb.  19, 1873.    m.  March  18, 1893,  Georgianna 

Belwear.  Res.  Plymouth.     (1)  Mabel  Ruth,  b.  July  3,  1897.  Now 

liyes  Franklin. 


1.  Benjamin  Edmonds,  sou  of  Joseph  and  Nancy  Edmonds,  b. 
Lynn,  Mass.,  March  2,  1794.  Came  to  Plymouth,  1816,  and  was  a 
merchant  in  this  town  many  years,  doing  business  in  the  firm  name 
of  B.  Edmonds  &  Co.  He  was  an  intelligent,  cultured  gentleman  and 
a  useful  townsman.  He  m.  Nov.  26,  1820,  Eliza  Russell,  dau.  of 
Moor  Russell  (see).  In  1842  the  family  removed  to  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 
He  d.  Jan.  10, 1875.    She  d.  Jan.  26, 1899,  aged  nearly  100. 

i.    Benjamin  Gardner,  b.  Oct.  3,  1821.    m.  Amanda  M.  Comwell. 

m.  second,  Amanda  D.  Bancroft.    He  d.  Feb.  20,  1895. 
ii.    Ann  Elizabeth,  b.  Jan.  81,  1823.    m.  Ira  A.  Libby.    She  d. 

August  80, 1900. 
iii.    Augusta  Jane,  b.  Nov.  25, 1825.    m.  Joshua  F.  Bridge.    She  d. 

May  12, 1877. 
iv.    Julia  Russell,  b.  June  7, 1881.    m.  Elbert  H.  Willets.    She  res. 

in  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 
y.    Mary  Davis,  b.  June  4, 1833.    m.  Stephen  G.  Taylor.    She  i-es.  in 

Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 
yi.    Catharine  Webster,  b.  April  17, 1835.    m.  Andrew  J.  Willets. 

m.  second,  Frank  GreenUnd.    She  d.  l>eo.  8, 1897. 


1.  George  Erastus  Edmonds,  son  of  Joseph,  b.  Thornton,  Feb.  19, 
1829.  m.  Oct  26, 1854,  Caroline  Augusta  Graham,  b.  Feb.  27,  1834, 
dau.  of  William  and  Margaret  (Currier)  Graham,  of  Chester.  They 
res.  in  Auburn  twenty  years,  and  removed  to  Plymouth,  1874.  He 
is  a  travelling  salesman,  and  res.  on  South  Main  Street 


i.    William  Graham,  b.  Feb.  22, 1856.    d.  August,  1866. 

ii.     Carrir  M.,  b.  Not.  22,  1860.    m.  Willis  £.  French  (see). 

iii.  William  Josbph,  b.  April  2, 1861.  m.  Nov.  20,  1888,  Ella  Maad 
Davis,  dau.  of  William  R.  Davis  (see).  lie  was  a  clerk  in  the 
furnitare  store  of  Frank  II.  llollins,  now  employed  by  Draper  & 
Maynard  Co. 

iv.  Gborob  Currirr,  b.  Angast  4, 1868.  m.  Jan.  2, 1886,  Nena  Hop- 
kins. He  res.  Lancaster;  agent  Am.  Express  Co.  Two  childx^en^ 
(1)  John  IL,  b.  June  4, 1886.     (2)  Helen,  b.  April  2, 1800. 

v.  Bknjamin  Graham,  b.  Feb.  18, 1874.  m.  June  22,  1800,  Mattie  £. 
Coburn,  dau.  of  Brewster  G.  Cobum  (see).  He  is  an  express 
messenger.    Res.  Flymoath. 


1.  Ephraim  Elliott,  son  of  Perkins  Elliott,  was  a  soldier  in  15tb 
N.  H.  Infantry.  He  lived  in  Thornton,  Brownsville,  Me.,  and  again 
in  Thornton.  He  m.  Eliza  Broad;  m.  second,  Lucy  A.  Broad;  m. 
third,  Mrs.  Jerusba  (Boynton)  Hart,  widow  of  Jesse  Hart  He  d. 
March  22, 1894.    His  widow  res.  in  Plymouth. 

2.  Silas  Broad  Elliott,  b.  July  9,  1853.  m.  Sept  20,  1879, 
Carrie  Augusta  Hart,  b.  Thornton,  March  6, 1859,  dau.  of  Jesse  and 
Jerusha  (Boynton)  Hart  He  d.  April  4, 1894  He  was  proprietor  of  a 
summer  hotel  in  Waterville,  which  since  his  death  has  been  con- 
ducted by  his  widow,  who  res.  in  Plymouth  during  the  greater  part 
of  the  year. 

i.    Lbla  Carrib,  b.  Oot.  25,  I88I.     Plymouth  High  School,  1900, 

and  student  at  Abbot  Academy,  Andover,  Mass. 
ii.    Bessie  Mat,  b.  March  18,  1883.    d.  July  7, 1894. 
iii.     Elizabeth,  b.  May  22, 1886. 
ir.    Mart  Etta,  b.  June  16, 1889. 


1.  loHABOD  Ellis,  son  of  Joshua,  b.  Rochester,  August  31, 1789. 
Lived  in  Alton,  Ellsworth,  Bumney,  and  Campton,  removing  to  Ply- 
mouth, 1833.  He  lived  in  the  village  a  few  years  and  later  on  Dear- 
bom  Hill.  He  m.  Nancy  Bickford,  b.  April  22,  1788,  dau.  of  Joseph 
and  Olive  (Ellis)  Bickford,  of  Rochester.  He  d.  August  20,  1875. 
She  d.  Nov.  13,  1871. 

.     i.    MARTUAf.b.  Alton,  Nov.  4,  1814.     unm.    d.  Plymouth,  May  12, 
.      1876. 

TOL.  II. —  16 

242  SLLis. 

ii.  Bbtsbt  B.,  b.  Alton,  Feb.  5, 1818.  After  the  death  of  her  father,  she 
continued  her  home  at  the  bomeetead.    She  d.  unm.  Maroh,  1897. 

iii.  JoBKPii  UiOKfORD,  b.  Deo.  14,  1822.  m.  in  Pembroke,  Oct.  21, 
1847,  Mary  J.  Kelley,  dau.  of  John  and  Phebe  (Stevens)  Kelley, 
of  Pembroke.  He  waa  a  teamster  and  contractor  in  Concord 
several  years,  and  later  was  employed  in  a  printing  oflke. 

2.  iv.    Bbnjamin  Franklin,  b.  Campton,  Jan.  18, 1882. 
'   8.     T.    Gborob  Washuioton,  adopted,  b.  July  12, 1848. 

3.  BsNJAMiN  Franklin  Ellis,  son  of  Ichabod  ^  b.  Jan.  13,  1822. 
m.  Oct  11,  1854,  Dorothea  Annette  Sargent,  of  Bridgewater  (see). 
He  is  a  jeweller,  res.  at  Ward  Hill. 

i.  GiLMAN  Franklin,  b.  Dec.  7,  1856.  m.  Nof.  22,  1894,  Jennie 
Freeman,  dau.  of  Arnold  and  Orilla  (Stevens)  Freeman.  He  waa 
a  painter.    He  d.  Marcb  31, 1900. 

8.  Gborgb  Washington  Ellis,  adopted  son  of  Ichabod  ^  b.  Ply- 
mouth, July  12,  1843.  1st  N.  H.  Heavy  Artillery;  enlisted  Sept.  3, 
1864 ;  discharged  June  15,  1865.  He  m.  Sept  6, 1865,  Esther  Eliza- 
beth Elkins,  dau.  of  James  N.  Elkins.  m.  second,  June  7,  1899, 
Nancy  D.  Cotton  Varney,  dau.  of  Josiah  and  Lydia  (Doe)  Cotton. 
He  lived  in  New  Hampton  nearly  twenty  years,  returning  to  Ply- 
mouth,  1888. 

i.    Carrie  MoQurstbn,  b.  Sept.  0, 1866.    m.  Feb.  2, 1884,  Frank  B. 

Smith,  of  New  Hampton, 
ii.    Jambs  Nabon  Elkins,  b.  Oct.  28, 1869. 
iii.    Gborob  Wtmam,  b.  July  28,  1871.    m.  Nov.  23,  1802,  Maude  A. 

Small.    He  is  a  carpenter  of  Plymouth.     (1)  Carl  Albert,  b.  May 

8, 1894.   (2)  Flora  May,  b.  Sept.  26,  1806.  (3)  Arthur  Wyman,  b. 

March  8, 1807.    d.  Sept.  17,  1807. 
iv.    Ashley  Whipple,  b.  May  25,  1873.    m.  April  21,  1808^  Jennie 

Splaine.    lies.  Ward  Hill,  in  Plymouth, 
y.    Mary  Gracb,  b.  Nor.  25, 1875. 
yi.    John  Albert,  b.  Feb.  18,  1878.     m.  May  Abbie  Pebbles,  dau. 

of  George  D.  Pebbles  (see).    Res.  Plymouth.    Two  children : 

(1)  b.  Dec  15, 1000.    (2)  b.  August  12, 1002. 
▼ii.    EsTHBR  Elizabeth,  b.  Deo.  16, 1870. 
viii.    Susan  Wyman,  b.  May  12, 1881. 


1.  Chester  F.  Ellis  came  to  Plymouth,  1827,  or  early  in  1828, 
and  remained  in  this  town  uutil  18^.    He  subsequently  res.  in  Haver- 

BLLI8  —  ELU80N  —  BMERSON.  248 

hill,  Mass.    He  m.  Hannah  Morrison,  dau.  of  Dea.  James  Morrison 

i.    Sarah  L.,  b.  Feb.  6, 1832.    nou  August  1, 1855,  Orlando  W.  Keyes. 

She  d.  Jan.  8, 1859.    lie  d.  in  the  army ;  killed  at  Chanoellors- 

yillo,  May  2,  1863. 
ii.    Otis  Ghristophkr,  b.  March  26, 1886.    m.  June  16, 1859,  £mily 

W.  Wright,  b.  Holdemess,  Feb.  18, 1836.     Res.  Janesrille,  Wis. 
iii.     Albbrt  Orlando,  b.  Oct.  8,  1838.    m.  1861,  Abbie  L.  Smith,  of 

Holdemess,  who  d.  Dee.  29,  1864.    m.  second,  Feb.  19,  1866, 

Emma  A.  Daniels,  of  Exeter.     Res.  Uaverhill,  Mass. 
iF.    John  Morrison,  b.  May  21, 1842.    m.  Dec  24,  1868|  Clara  M. 

Tilton,  of  HaTerhiU,  Mass.    Res.  Hayerhili,  Mass. 


1.  John  Ellison,  sou  of  Jacob,  b.  Holdemess,  1776.  m.  Mary 
Cmig,  b.  llumuey,  August  6,  1775,  dau.  of  Alexander  Craig,  one  of 
the  early  settlers  of  Butnney  (see).  He  d.  Oct  3,  1853,  aged  78. 
She  d.  Sept.  13,  1848,  aged  73.  Their  dau.  Charlotte  was  the  wife  of 
Oliver  S.  McQuesteu ;  and  dau.  Elizabeth  m.  James  Byan  (see),  and 
dau.  Mary  Jane,  m.  Capt  0.  H.  P.  Craig  (see). 

3.  Joseph  Ellison,  son  of  John  \  b.  Holdemess,  Oct  15,  1820. 
m.  Susan  H.  George,  dau.  of  Josiah  George,  of  Holdemess.  She  d. 
in  Plymouth,  Oct  9, 1901.    He  d.  Holdemess,  June  20, 1886. 

3.  John  Henry  Ellison,  son  of  Joseph  ^  b.  Holdemess,  March  21,^ 
1851.  m.  1880,  Emma  Gushing,  b.  Charleston,  Vt,  dau.  of  Frank 
Gushing.  He  is  a  farmer,  and  has  lived  north  side  Baker's  River,  in 
Plymouth,  since  1892. 

i.  SusiB  £mma,  b.  May  18, 1882.    m.  John  Elliot  Merrill  (see), 

ii.  Charlks  Ubnrt,  b.  Sept  16, 1884. 

iii.  John  William,  b.  May  16, 1887. 

ir.  Joseph,  b.  July  20, 1901.    d.  young. 


1.  Michael  Emerson,  received  a  grant  of  two  cow  commons,  and 
four  acres  of  meadow  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  March  3,  1666.  He  m. 
April  1, 1667,  Hannah  Webster,  dau.  of  John  and  Mary  (Shatswell) 
Webster,  of  Ipswich,  Mass.  He  was  annually  chosen  a  sealer  of 
leather  in  Haverhill,  from  1676  to  1702.  Of  their  fifteen  children 
the  eldest,  Hannah,  b.  Dec.  23,  1667,  m.  Dec.  3,  1677,  Thomas 
Dustin.    She  was  the  heroine  of  the  Indian  massacre. 

244  BMBB80N. 

2.  JoNATHAi?  Emerson,  son  of  MichaeP  and  Hannah  (Webster) 
Emerson,  b.  Haverhill,  Mass.,  March  9,  1671.  m.  June  15,  1G99, 
Hannah  Day.  His  dwelling  was  one  of  the  block  houses  of  Haver- 
hill In  1701  the  garrison  was  assailed  by  the  Indians,  who  were 
repulsed  and  two  of  the  enemy  were  slain.  He  was  a  selectman  of 
Haverhill  and  one  of  the  grantees  of  Chester.  He  d.  August  19, 
1736.  His  son  Samuel,  b.  1707,  m.  Feb.  15, 1733,  Sarah  Ayer,  and 
settled  in  Chester,  where  he  was  a  justice  of  the  peace,  a  selectman, 
and  for  more  than  fifty  years  a  town  clerk.  His  wife  d.  Nov.  18, 
1751.  He  m.  second,  Nov.  26, 1754,  Dorothy  (Sanborn)  Dearborn, 
widow  of  Thomas  Dearborn.  He  d.  Sept.  26,  1793 ;  Dorothy,  his 
widow,  d.  March  25,  1804. 

3.  Nathaniel  Embrson,  son  of  Jonathan  '  and  brother  of  Samuel 
Emerson,  Esq.,  of  Chester,  b.  Haverhill,  Mass.,  Sept,  1703.  m.  Oct  17, 
1728,  Mehitable  Eastman,  b.  1707,  dau.  of  Jonathan  and  Hannah 
(Green)  Eastman,  of  Haverhill.  He  lived  in  Haverhill.  He  d.  before 
Dec.  10, 1741,  when  the  name  of  Widow  Mehitable  Emerson  appears 
in  tax-lists.  She  m.  second,  Jan.  23, 1748/9,  Edward  Abbot,  b.  June, 
9, 1702  y  son  of  Thomas  Abbot  He  was  one  of  the  proprietors  and  a 
prominent  citizen  of  Concord.  He  d.  April  14, 1759.  The  record  of 
birth  of  six  children  of  Nathaniel  and  Mehitable  (Eastman)  Emerson 
is  found  in  Haverhill. 

i.  Hannah,  b.  Nof.  16, 1729. 

ii.  Mbuitadlb,  b.  Nov.  24, 1781. 

ill.  Nathanibl,  b.  Jane  24, 1736. 

4.     iv.  Samubl,  b.  May  9,  1736. 

T.  Moses,  b.  Feb.  3, 1737/8. 

vi.  Jonathan,  b.  March  18, 1789/40. 

4.  Samubl  Emerson,  son  of  Nathaniel  ^  and  Mehitable  (Eastman) 
Emerson,  b.  Haverhill,  Mass.,  May  9,  1736.  m.  in  Bowley,  Mass., 
July  12,  1763,  Mary  Little,  b.  Nov.  16,  1742,  dau.  of  Nathan  and 
Hannah  (Mighill)  Little,  of  Newbury,  Mass.  They  lived  several 
years  in  Newburyport,  and  removed  to  Plymouth,  1770.  He  rendered 
conspicuous  service  to  the  town,  county,  and  State.  He  was  a 
delegate  to  the  fifth  Provincial  Congress,  becoming  a  member  of 
the  first  House  of  Representatives,  1776,  also  representative,  1777, 
He  was  appointed  associate  justice  of  the  Court  of  Common  Pleas 
for  Grafton  Co.,  1776,  and  was  chief  justice  from  1782  to  1806. 
(For  a  biography  see  Vol  I.) 

BMEB80N.  245 

His  wife,  the  mother  of  all  his  children,  d.  in  Plymouth  about 
1815.  He  m.  second,  Dec.  31,  1818,  Elizabeth  (Brown)  Parker, 
widow  of  Zachariah  Parker  (see).  He  d.  Sept,  1819.  She  d.  Nov. 
21, 1827.  The  record  of  her  death,  entered  by  Samuel  C.  Webster, 
town  clerk,  is  as  follows :  "  Nov.  23,  1827.  The  widow,  Elizabeth 
Emerson,  formerly  the  widow  of  Zachariah  Parker,  and  afterwards  the 
wife  of  Judge  Samuel  Emerson  was  buried,  having  d.  Nov.  21, 1827. 
This  was  the  first  funeral  ever  attended  in  Plymouth  when  a  bell 
was  tolled.  The  bell  on  the  Congregational  Meeting  House  in 
Plymouth,  was  raised,  and  hung,  and  rung,  Nov.  12, 1827,  and  the 
first  bell  ever  rung  in  said  town."  Three  children  of  Judge  Samuel 
and  Mary  Little  Emerson  were  b.  in  Newburyport,  Mass.,  and  eight  in 

Nathaniel,  b.  Sept  7, 1704. 

NATHAK,b.  Nov.  16,1766. 

Samubl,  b.  Sept  80, 1768,  was  not  taxed  in  Plymouth.  He  proba- 
bly d.  young. 

Hannah,  b.  Feb.  28,  1771.  m.  Oct  14,  1792,  Nathan  Jewefct,  of 
Waterford,  Me. 

Moses,  b.  May  80, 1778. 

Edknezer,  b.  May  7,  1775. 

Jonathan,  b.  April  27, 1777. 

Mart,  b.  March  18, 1779.  m.  March  17, 1805,  Benjamin  Johnson 

JosiAH,  b.  Sept  17, 1781,  remoTed  to  Maine.  He  had  a  family,  but 
a  record  has  not  been  secured. 

William,  b.  May  5, 1784. 

Daniel,  b.  May  27, 1787. 

5.  Nathaniel  Emerson,  son  of  Judge  Samuel*,  b.  Sept  7, 1764. 
m.  Jan.  12, 1786,  Sally  Lovejoy,  dau.  of  Phineas  Lovejoy  (see).  He 
lived  in  Plymouth,  where  he  d.  August  17,  1808.  She  m.  second, 
April  15,  1810,  Matthew  Bamsay  (see). 

L  Sallt,  b.  Jan.  10,  1787.    nnm.    d.  Plymouth,  May  25, 1879. 

il.  Polly,  b.  Feb.  29, 1788.    d.  Nov.  17, 1801. 

iii.  Stbbl,  b.  Oct.  10,  1789. 

iv.  Phinbas  L.,  b.  Sept  8, 1791.    m.  Amy  Willoughby,  daa.  of  Jonas 

Willoughby.    She  m.  second,  William  Nevins  Wheeler  (see). 

V.  Hannah,  b.  May  6,  1794. 

vi.  Drdorah,  b.  June  8,  1796.    m.  William  Goold  (see), 

vii.  Lbvina,  b.  June  5, 1798.    d.  young. 



















246  BMSBSON. 

6.  Nathan  Embrson,  son  of  Judge  Samuel  ^  b.  Nov.  16,  1766. 
m.  in  Plymouth,  August  9,  1791,  Mary  Keyes,  dau.  of  Ephraim 
Eeyes  (see).  At  the  date  of  his  marriage  he  settled  in  New 
Hampton.    He  was  a  farmer. 

i.    Mart.     d.  young. 

ii.  Bbtsbt,  b.  Augn«t  24, 1794.  m.  Josiah  8haw  Eight,  b.  Pittofield, 
Dec.  12, 1791.  He  liyed  in  New  Hampton  sereral  years  at  least, 
and  possibly  elsewhere.  She  d.  Not.  1,  1871.  He  d.  Sept.  11, 
1882.  EleFen  children,  four  of  whom  d.  in  infancy :  (1)  Darius 
K.,  b.  1817.  d.  Feb.  18,  1830.  (2)  CUmena,  b.  Not.  20,  1819. 
unm.  d.  Nor.  29, 1896.  (3)  Samuel  Emerson,  b.  March  9, 1823. 
unm.  res.  Lisbon,  d.  in  Benton,  1908.  (4)  Israel,  b.  Oct.  28, 
1824.  unm.  d.  18(M).  (6)  Joeiah,  b.  Jan.  8, 1828.  d.  in  Kansas, 
1904.  (6)  Martin  Van  Buren.  Removed  to  Wisconsin.  (7)  Mary 
Jane,  b.  Oct  27, 1887.  m.  Dec  15,  1884,  Andrew  Jackson  Smith. 
She  d.  in  Bristol,  June  17,  1875,  leaving  two  children. 

iii.  Charles,  b.  Oct.  81,  1798.  m.  Jaly,  1828,  Sarah  Callej,  b.  New 
Hampton,  Jan.  10,  1804,  dau.  of  James  and  Rebecca  (Kimball) 
Galley.  He  lived  in  Lynn,  Mass.,  a  few  years,  and  later  in 
Sanbomton.  A  respected  useful  citizen.  He  d.  Nov.  25,  1879. 
Three  children  :  (1)  Rebecca  Kimball,  b.  June  23,  1882.  m. 
Feb.  7,  1869,  Charles  Thomas,  b.  Dec.  27,  1810,  son  of  Joseph 
Thomas,  of  Sanbomtou.  (2)  Belinda  Eastman,  b.  March  19, 
1884.  d.  Nov.  22, 1852.  (8)  Mary,  b.  May  10,  1836.  m.  May  25, 
1862,  Parker  C.  Quimby,  b.  Hill,  Nov.  25,  1828,  son  of  Jacob 
and  Martha  O.  (Smith)  Quimby.  He  is  a  blacksmith  in  Sanbom- 
ton. (4)  Jonathan  Wallis  Emerson,  an  adopted  son  of  Charles 
Emerson,  b.  March  17,  1852.  m.  Nov.  25, 1872,  Sarah  Rebecca 
Sweetzer.    Res.  in  Sanbomton. 

iv.  YiRTUB,  b.  May  17, 1797.  m.  May  2, 1826,  William  Chase,  b.  Jan. 
16,  1797,  son  of  David  and  Anna  (Taylor)  Chase.  He  lived  in 
New  Hampton,  Bristol,  and  Sanbomton.  He  was  a  clothier. 
He  d.  Sept.  18, 1878.  She  d.  Maj  26, 1865.  Five  children.  (1) 
Mary  Elizabeth,  b.  Jan.  80,  1827.  d.  May  8,  1854.  (2)  Eliza 
Ann,  b.  March  28,  1829.  d.  June  20,  1846.  (3)  Susan  Maria, 
b.  Sept  1,  1881.  d.  August  26, 1856.  unm.  (4)  Charles  Carroll, 
b.  Oct  14,  1838.  m.  Dec  25,  1865,  Angenette  Frost,  b.  West 
Cambridge,  Mass.,  Jan.  31,  1842,  dau.  of  Ephraim  and  Caroline 
(Cutter)  Frost  He  removed,  1863,  from  Sanbomton  to  Franklin. 
(5)  Philena  J.,  b.  Dec.  8, 1835.    d.  June  21, 1853. 

v.    Mart,  m.  Daniel  Gordon,  of  New  Hampton. 

vi.    SoPHRONiA,  m.  John  F.  Blake,  of  New  Hampton. 
12.  vii.    Samukl,  b.  Feb.  13, 1811. 

7.  Moses  Embrson,  son  of  Judge  Samuel  ^  b.  May  30, 1773,  was 
taxed  in  Plymouth  from  1795  until  1807  and  for  the  year  1813. 

EMERSON.  247 

8.  Ebenbzer  Emerson,  son  of  Judge  Samuel  ^  b.  May  7,  1775. 
m.  June  10, 1812,  Sarah  Blake,  dau.  of  Oliver  Smith  Blake  (see),  m. 
second,  Sarah  Sherburn,  b.  June  11, 1782.  He  was  a  farmer  and  was 
taxed  in  Plymouth  until  1802,  when  he  removed  to  Bridgewater, 
where  he  d.  Feb.  26, 1861.    She  d.  March  29, 1872. 

i.    Julia,  b.  May  1, 1S14.    d.  Sept.  18, 1822. 

ii.  Mblinda,  b.  April  22, 1810.  m.  March  S,  1888,  Charles  Adams,  b. 
in  Hill,  Feh.  16,  1812,  son  of  Israel  and  Anna  (Ober)  Adams,  of 
Hill  and  Sanbomton.  They  lived  in  Bridgewater  and  London- 
derry.   He  d.  Sept.  7, 1885.     Shed.  Sept.  16, 1898. 

iii.    Mart  Ann,  b.  Feb.  9, 1828.    m.  Thomas  Shnte  (see). 

iy.    Julia  Ann,  b.  March  81, 1826.    m.  Ebenezer  Shute  (see). 

9.  Jonathan  Emrrson,  son  of  Judge  Samuel*,  b.  April  27, 1777. 
m.  Oct  10,  1801,  Dorothy  Smith,  dau.  of  Jacob  Smith  (see).  He 
lived  in  Plymouth,  where  he  d.  May  10, 1816. 

i.  Mart.    A  deaf  mute. 

ii.  Jemima,  b.  Deo.  18,  1804.    m.  George  W.  Ward  (see), 

iii.  Nancy,    m.  John  H.  Currier,  of  Ryegate,  Vt 

iT.  Maria,  b.  March  22,  1802.  m.  August  19,  1822,  William  Wil- 
loughby  (see). 

V.  Hannah,    m. Brickett. 

13.     yi.  GiLMAN  S.,  b.  June  12, 1807. 

▼ii.  Eliza,    m. Webber.    Lived  in  Paris,  Me. 

10.  William  Emerson,  son  of  Judge  Samuel  ^  b.  May  6, 1784.  m. 
Dec.  2, 1819,  Betsey  Brown,  of  Campton.  At  the  date  of  his  mar- 
riage he  removed  to  Alexandria,  where  he  d.  Sept  6, 1846.  She  d. 
at  the  home  of  her  youngest  son  in  Newburyport 

i.  MosKS,  b.  Alexandria,  Dec.  16, 1820.  m.  Nov.  10,  1845,  Harriet 
Currier,  of  Brighton,  Vt.,  who  d.  Jan.  11, 1890.  He  has  resided 
in  Wisconsin  since  1858.  Farmer  and  market  gardener.  His 
home  is  in  Lemonweir,  Wis.  (1)  John  William,  b.  Not.  16, 1847. 
m.  Dec.  25, 1871,  Rosa  Porter;  res.  Mauston,  Wis. 

ii.  William,  b.  1824.  Suled  on  whaling  yessel  and  probably  lost  at 

iii.  Ebbnbzbr,  b.  1827.  Clerk  in  jewelry  trade,  d*  in  Manchester, 

If.    Jook.    Res.  in  Newburyport,  Mass. 

11.  Daniel  Emerson,  son  of  Judge  Samuel*,  b.  May  27,  1787. 
m.  Sept  27, 1810,  Lucy  Blake,  b.  Jan.  25, 1783,  dau.  of  Oliver  Smith 

248  BMBRSOK. 

Blake  (see).    He  was  a  farmer  in  the  south  part  of  Plymoath.    He 
A  June  11, 1866.    She  d.  April  10, 1856. 

14.  i.    KoBWBLL  Bills,  b.  March  25, 1813. 

ii.  Danirl  Gborok,  b.  Feb.  21, 1814.  Was  taxed  in  Plymoath,  1835, 
1886,  1887,  1844,  1846.  He  remoyed  to  CiDoinnati,  Ohio,  where 
he  d.  Not.  15, 1880.  He  m.  Mary  Leayitt 
iii.  Dkroeah  Inoalls,  b.  July  14,  1810.  m.  Oct.  25,  1843,  Isaac  S. 
Allen,  of  Bristol.  She  d.  1853.  Subsequently  he  went  to  Cali- 
fornia.   One  son,  Ethan,  a  res.  of  Ashland. 

It.    Ruth  George,  b.  June  20,  1819.    m.  Drury  F.  Gummings  (see). 

15.  y.    Ira  Smith,  b.  May  28, 1824. 

12.  Samuel  Emerson,  son  of  Nathan  ^  b.  Feb.  13, 1811.  m.  Anna 
Carter,  b.  July  10,  1815,  dau.  of  Dea.  Levi  Carter.  Except  four  or 
five  jears  in  California,  he  lived  a  farmer  in  New  Hampton,  where  he 
d.  August  11, 1892.    She  d.  March  31, 1897.    Eleven  children. 

i.    Infant  son,  b.  April  2, 1836.    d.  same  day. 
ii.    Mary  A.,  b.  March  24, 1887.    d.  Oct.  27, 1856. 
iii.    HoRAOE  Webber,  b.  June  7, 1888.    m.  Nov.  2,  1862,  Lizzie  Free- 
man, who  d.  Feb.  11,  1889.    m.  second,  June  10,  1891,  Metta 
Freeman.    Since  1866  he  has  been  a  ranchman  and  cattle  raiser 
in  Wyoming  and  Colorado.    (1)  Dorothy  Elizabeth,  b.  April  26, 
iy.    Laura  A.,  b.  Deo.  81, 1839.    m.  Sept.  17, 1872,  John  B.  Kelley. 
y.    LoviNA  J.,  b.  July  9,  1848.    d.  May  18,  1864. 
yi.    Abbib  S.,  b.  Feb.  13, 1846.    d.  May  9, 1878. 

yii.    Almbda  M.,  b.  Jan.  25,  1848.    m.  Noy.  8, 1879,  James  A.  Curtice, 
yiii.    Charles  F.,  b.  Noy.  5, 1849.  m.  June  11, 1877,  Alice  F.  Kelley.  Kes. 
Liyermore,  Col.,  a  farmer  and  ranchman, 
ix.    Francis  Ayer,  b.  Oct  7,  1851.    Res.  on  the  homestead  in  New 

Hampton.    Representatiye  1889  and  1899. 
X.    Ella  C,  b.  Feb.  2, 1854.    d.  Feb.  7,  1856. 

xi.  Antua,  b.  Oct.  29, 1855.  m.  April  12, 1881,  Lincoln  A.  Gray.  She 
d.  August  7, 1882. 

13.  GiLMAN  S.  Emerson,  son  of  Jonatlian*,  b.  June  12,  1807.  m. 
1829,  Ann  Webster  Hatch,  b.  Jan.  27,  1809.  He  d.  May  25, 1873. 
She  d.  Dec.  27, 1877. 

i.  Oilman  Sullivan,  b.  June  15, 1830.  m.  Sept.  2, 1852,  Emily  A. 
Hatch.  He  d.  June  26,  1903.  (1)  George  6.,  b.  July  29,  1854. 
d.  May  25,  1856.  (2)  Mary  A.,  b.  July  30, 1857.  (3)  Addie  R.,  b. 
March  22, 1859.  (4)  Emma  G.,  b.  March  9, 1863.  d.  August  16, 

BMERSON.  249 

ii.  Gborob  W.,  b.  Oct.  15, 1836.  m.  Jane  22, 1864,  Caroline  A.  Dean, 
m.  second,  Feb.  11,  1876,  Kate  Haskell.  (1)  George  B.,  b.  June 
12,  1870.  (2)  Martha  A.,  b.  Nor.  10,  1871.  (8)  Arthur,  b.  Dea 
11,  1876.  (4)  Clara  A.,  b.  March  21, 1877.  (5)  Ann  Sophia,  b. 
Oct.  27,  1878.     (6)  Jennie  Mary,  b.  Sept.  11, 1880. 

iii.    Mart  Ann,  b.  May  24, 1841.    d.  August  24, 18G1. 

14.  RoswELL  Bills  Embrson,  son  of  Daniel  ^\  b.  March  25, 1812. 
Was  a  farmer  of  Plymouth  until  1847,  when  he  removed  to  India- 
iia]>olis,  Ind.  IIo  was  a  contractor  and  buildor  several  years,  and  later 
a  manufacturer  of  sash  and  blinds.  He  was  a  member  of  the  city 
council  six  years,  and  was  honored  with  an  appointment  by  the  gover- 
nor on  the  committee  to  escort  the  remains  of  Abraham  Lincoln  to 
Indianapolis,  where  they  were  to  lie  in  state  a  few  hours.  He  made 
several  visits  to  his  native  town,  and  ever  remained  a  loyal  son  of 
Plymouth.  He  ra.  in  Plymouth,  March  26,  1839,  Mary  Grimes,  b. 
Orford,  May  31, 1809,  dau.  of  Nathan  Grimes,  She  d.  Oct  13, 1875. 
He  d.  Feb.  9, 1892.    Four  children  b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.    Nathan,  b.  June  16,  1840.    d.  July  4, 1840. 

ii.  Mart  Luct,  b.  Sept.  11, 1841.  m.  Nov.  8, 1860,  Henry  S.  Johnson, 
a  farmer  and  trader  of  Indianapolia,  Ind.  He  d.  Not.  12, 1864. 
She  res.  Indianapolis. 

iii.  Gkoroe,  b.  Deo.  29,  1842.  Enlisted  in  7th  Ind.  Infantry,  June  18, 
1861.  He  was  killed  in  the  battle  at  Port  Republic,  W.  Va.,  June 
0,  1862. 

ir.  John  Baldwin,  b.  Feb.  4,  1845.  Enlisted  in  2d  Ind.  Cavalry, 
Sept.  13,  1861 ;  he  was  taken  prisoner  in  Tennessee,  and  when 
released  returned  to  his  company,  serving  three  years.  He  m, 
Oct.  18,  1874,  Amerillta  McCaw.  He  is  a  manufacturer  of  sash 
and  blinds  at  Indianapolis,  Ind.  His  wife  d.  Oot.  10, 1886.  Three 
children :  (1)  Rttie,  b.  Sept.  0,  1877.  (2)  May,  b.  May  29,  1880. 
(8)  George,  b.  Oot.  19, 1886.    d.  Oot.  21,  1886. 

15.  Ira.  Smith  Emerson,  son  of  Daniel  ^\  b.  May  28,  1824.  m. 
June  6, 1850,  Eunice  Nutting,  dau.  of  Thomas  Nutting  (see).  Ex- 
cept a  few  years  in  Ashland,  1867-1872,  be  always  lived  in  Ply- 
moutb.  He  was  a  glove  dresser  and  farmer.  He  was  an  officer  in 
tbe  militia.    His  wife  d.  Feb.  16, 1897.    He  d.  June  14, 1901. 

i.    Mart  Lizzie,  b.  Dec.  27,  1856.    Res.  Plymouth, 
ii.    Thomas  Irvimo,  b.  Oct  14,  1860.    A  carpenter  and  builder  of 

260  BMBRSOK. 


1.  Bby.  Joseph  Emerson,  son  of  Thomas,  b.  about  1635.  m. 
Mary  Woodmancy;  m.  second,  Dec.  7,  1665,  Elizabeth  Bulkeley. 
He  was  a  teacher  at  York,  Ma,  and  was  ordained  first  minister  of 
Mendon,  Mass.,  1669.  With  his  people  he  fled  from  the  Indians, 
1675.  He  d.  in  Concord,  Mass.,  Jan.  3,  1679/80.  His  widow  m. 
second,  John  Brown,  of  Reading,  Mass. 

2.  Pktsr  Emerson,  son  of  Rev.  Joseph  \  b.  1673.  m.  Nov.  11, 
1696,  Anna  Brown,  b.  1678,  dau.  of  John  and  Anna  (Fiske)  Brown. 
He  lived  in  Reading,  Mass.  Selectman,  town  clerk.  He  d.  1751. 
Nine  children. 

3.  Rev.  Daniel  Emerson,  son  of  Peter*,  b.  Reading,  Mass.,  May 
20,  1716.  Harvard  University,  1739,  ordained  at  Hollis,  April  20, 
1743.  He  was  chaplain  at  Grown  Point,  1755.  An  able  minister  at 
Hollis,  fifty-six  years.  He  m.  Nov.  7, 1744,  Hannah  Emerson,  dau. 
of  Joseph  and  Mary  (Moody)  Emerson.    He  d.  Sept  30, 1801. 

4.  Da  Peter  Emerson,  son  of  Rev.  DanieP,  b.  Hollis,  Nov.  7, 
1749.  Game  to  Plymouth  1770,  and  was  a  physician  here  eight  years. 
In  the  summer  of  1779,  New  Hampshire  organized  a  regiment  of  six 
companies  to  serve  six  months  in  Rhode  Island.  Col.  Hercules 
Mooney,  then  of  Durham  and  subsequently  of  Holdemess,  was  com- 
mander of  the  regiment  Daniel  Emerson,  of  Hollis,  a  brother  of  Dr. 
Peter  Emerson,  commanded  one  of  the  companies,  and  Peter  Steams 
of  Plymouth,  was  a  lieutenant.  Dr.  Peter  Emerson  was  commissioned 
surgeon  of  the  regiment,  and  was  in  service  from  August  15,  1779,  to 
Jan.  11, 1780.  In  the  record  of  his  appointment  by  the  committee 
of  safety  he  is  styled  "late  of  Plymouth."  He  m.  in  Plymouth,  Jan. 
2, 1777,  Rebecca  Hobart,  dau.  of  Col.  David  Hobart  (see).  She  d. 
August  25, 1778,  aged  17.  Headstone  in  Lower  Intervale  cemetery. 
He  was  taxed  in  Plymouth,  1771-1778  inclusive.  He  m.  second,  in 
Hampstead,  Oct  21,  1781,  Mary  Muzzey,  b.  June  25, 1756,  dau.  of 
John  and  Abiah  (Hunkins)  Muzzey.  He  subsequently  liveil  in  Hills- 
borough, where  he  d.  Feb.  21, 1827.  His  wife  d.  May  27, 1820.  Six 
children  of  Dr.  John  and  Mary  (Muzzey)  Emerson. 

i.    SusAifNAU,  b.  Deo.  10, 17S2.    m.  Feb.  1, 1809,  David  Pope.    She 

d.  Stanstead,  P.  Q.,  Auguat  22, 1864. 
ii.     Rbbbooa,  b.  May  29,  1784.    unm.    d.  Waltham,  Mass.,  Oct.  26 

ill.    Mabt,  b.  Jane  7,  1786.    m.  Deo.  80, 1818,  William  Pope.    She  d. 

Hillaborough,  1875. 

BMER80N  —  EMERY.  261 

iv.  Danirl,  b.  Sept.  16, 1788.  m.  April  10, 1814,  Joanna  Walker.  He 
m.  second,  August  24,  1834,  Jane  Elizabeth  Heard.  He  d.  in 
Waltham,  Mass.,  Dec.  16,  1874. 

V.     Hannah,  b.  June  25, 1791.    d.  March  4,  1820. 

▼i.  John  Muzzkt,  b.  April  7, 1798.  m.  Rebecca  Hodgman.  He  lived 
in  Bradford,  where  he  d.  Jnly,  1875. 


1.  Martin  Luther  Emery,  son  of  Gteorge  Emery,  b.  Eden,  Vt, 
Nov.  14,  1858.  m.  Jan.  1,  1879,  Nina  Lodema  Cpolbeth,  b.  June  4, 
1861,  dau.  of  Wintlirop  D.  and  Mary  (Knapp)  Coolbeth.  Mary 
(Knapp)  Coolbeth  m.  second,  April  4,  1864,  Charles  Christopher 
King.  They  are  the  parents  of  Carrie  Idella  King,  b.  March  23, 
1865,  wife  of  Wm.  J.  Peters  (see).  George  Emery,  the  father,  was  a 
soldier  in  tlie  war  of  the  Eebellion,  serving  in  a  Vermont  regiment 
and  d.  in  Libby  Prison.  Martin  Luther  Emery  was  a  farmer  at 
Eden,  Vt.,  and  vicinity  several  years,  removing  to  Plymouth,  1900. 
Five  children. 

1.  Gladys  Maria,  b.  May  22, 1880.    m.  Dec.  6, 1899,  William  Hunter. 

ii.  Ernest  Elt^ood,  b.  June  11, 1883.  Student,  Plymouth  High  School, 

iii.  William  Adbldsrt  Elvado,  b.  June  8, 1886. 

iv.  RuFUS  Leb,  b.  July  26,  1889. 

V.  Nora  Edna,  b.  June  28, 1898. 


1.  John  Emert,  son  of  Joseph  and  Dolly  (Blake)  Emery,  b. 
Andover,  1804.  Was  a  farmer  and  dealer  in  cattle.  He  lived  in 
Plymouth  from  1838  to  1856,  when  he  removed  to  Holderness, 
where  be  d.  1880.  He  m.  1823,  Sarah  Fifield,  dau.  of  Edward  and 
Elizabeth  Fifield. 

i.  Mart  Elizabeth,  b.  Jan.  7,  1825.  m.  in  Plymouth,  March  19, 
1850,  Edmund  Moulton.  Res.  Oronoco,  Minn.  He  d.  1800.  She 
d.  Sept  25,  1001.     Six  children.  ^ 

ii.  Hiram  F.,  b.  1828.  Taxed  1840-1853.  m.  Mary  Ellen  Bryant,  of 
Andover.  She  d.  Plymouth,  1858.  m.  second,  Mahala  Sackett, 
who  d.  1850.  m.  third,  Martha  Y.  Emery.  He  d.  Pine  Island, 
Minn.,  1886. 

iii.  John,  b.  1820.  Res.  Oronoco  and  Dexter,  Minn.  m.  1858,  Pauline 
Cokine,  who  d.  1873.    m.  second,  1874,  Mary  A.  Dickens. 

It.  Caleb  Cox,  b.  Jan.  4, 1831.  Removed  to  Rochester,  Minn.  He  is  a 
prosperous  farmer.  He  m.  May  8,  1807,  Helen  M.  Greorge,  b. 
Ohio,  Dec.  20,  1844,  dau.  of  Ck>l.  James  George. 

252  BliMONS  —  BVANS. 


1.  John  M.  R  Emmons,  b.  Bristol,  Nov.  17, 1811,  son  of  Benjamin 
and  Sally  (Sleeper)  Emmons,  and  grandson  of  Benjamin  Emmons, 
a  native  of  Sandown  who  was  one  of  the  early  settlers  of  Bristol. 
He  m.  March  7,  1843,  Eliza  Sanborn  Chase,  dau.  of  David  and 
Deborah  (Sanborn)  Chase,  of  Gilmanton  and  Bristol  He  was  a 
miller  and  farmer  of  Bristol,  and  an  active  and  honored  citizen. 
He  d.  Dec.  10, 1888. 

2.  Marcus  Linnkus  Emmons,  son  of  John  M.  R«^  b.  Jan.  21, 
1847.  m.  Dec.  7,  1880,  Eatherine  K  Russell,  dau.  of  Pelatiah 
Russell  (see).  He  was  engaged  in  the  manufacture  of  gloves,  and 
res.  in  Plymouth  several  years.  He  d.  in  Tilton,  July  5,  1891.  She 
m.  second.  Dr.  Charles  Beed  Gould,  of  Tilton. 


1.  Edwabd  Evans,  parentage  unknown,  b.  about  1745.  Came 
to  Plymouth  before  1770  and  was  taxed  in  this  town  until  1794. 
He  m.  in  Plymouth,  April  26,  1769,  Elizabeth  Snow,  dau.  of  Joseph 
Snow  (see).  He  served  in  Capt  Edward  Everett's  company.  Col. 
Timothy  Bedel's  regiment,  1776,  and  early  in  1777  he  enlisted  into 
the  Continental  service  and  was  assigned  to  Capt.  John  House's 
company,  CoL  Cilley's  regiment  After  the  resignation  of  Capt. 
House,  in  1778,  he  continued  in  the  fourth  company  of  the  r^ment. 
He  was  wounded  in  the  ankle  and  the  wound  did  not  heaL  He 
was  discharged  in  Dec,  1781,  and  was  placed  on  the  invalid  list 
of  New  Hampshire  and  paid  an  annuity  by  the  State  until  Sept 
17,  1789.  He  was  a  United  States  pensioner,  dating  from  March 
4,  1789,  at  $40  per  annum.  June  15,  1809,  the  pension  was 
increased  to  $60,  and  after  April  24,  1816,  it  was  $96.  He 
was  living  in  1834  There  was  another  Edward  Evans,  of  Salisbury, 
who  served  in  Capt  Abbot's  Company,  Col.  Stark's  regiment,  1775, 
and  was  adjutant  in  CoL  Stickney's  regiment  in  1777.  He  d.  in 
Andover,  May  16, 1818. 


1.  Freeman  Leighton  Evans,  son  of  Nicholas  and  Deborah 
(Twombly)  Evans,  b.  Strafford,  Jan.  26,  1823.  m.  June  10,  1851, 
Mary  Abigail  (Howe)  Lee.  She  d.  May,  1877.  m.  second,  Jan. 
23, 1878,  Mary  L.  (Aldrich)  Nutting,  widow  of  Abel  Nutting  (see). 


She  d.  March  17,  1895.  He  removed  to  Plymouth,  1868,  and  lived 
about  eight  years  on  Dearborn  hill.  Later  he  lived  on  the  farm 
formerly  of  Abel  Nutting  in  the  south  part  of  the  town.  Farmer 
and  brick  mason. 

i.    Lvwis  Allrk,  b.  Holderness,  Aagnst  24,  1852.    Res.  Bridgewater. 
ii.    £dwin  Burnham,  b.  Campton,  Jan.  20, 1855.    m.  Jessie  Currier, 

dau.  of  Ed.  B.  Currier.    Res.  Ashland, 
ill.    Frank  Howe,  b.  Campton,  Not.  26, 1856.    Res.  Boston,  Mass. 
iv.     Drlla  M.,  b.  1861.    m.  Jan.  15, 1880,  Henry  A.  Johnson,  b.  1851, 

son  of  Nathan  and  Iktsej  (Blake)  Johnson,  of  Bridgewater. 
y.    Alalah,  b.  Campton,  May  80,  1863.    m.  Henry  MitoheU.      Res. 

ri.    Lucy  Ann,  b.  Plymouth,  Feb.  20, 1871. 


1.  Samubl  Edwin  Eveleth,  son  of  John,  b.  Gilmanton,  about 
1837.    He  lived  in  Qilmanton.   m.  Hannah  J.  Brown. 

2.  Clarbnck  McClbllan  Etbleth,  son  of  Samuel  Edwin  \  b.  Gil- 
manton,  June  22,1864.  He  has  lived  in  Plymouth  since  1880.  He  is 
a  carpenter  and  builder.  He  ra.  April  5, 1887,  Lizzie  Maud  May,  b. 
Barton,  Vt,  May  18, 1867,  dau.  of  Sanford  and  Sarah  (Salisbury)  May. 

i.  AucB  Mat,  b.  Jane  17, 1880. 

ii.  Karl  Samukl,  b.  June  28, 1801. 

Hi.  Rnrn,  b.  Nov.  21, 1808. 

iv.  EsTHRR,  b.  June  18, 1805. 


1.  Jonathan  C.  Everett,  a  native  of  Tyngsborough,  Mass.,  was 
admitted  to  the  bar  1811,  and  practised  his  profession  in  Hills- 
borough, Sandwich,  and  Meredith.  Bemoved  to  Plymouth,  1825.  He 
remained  in  this  town  three  years  when  he  removed  to  Tamworth, 
and  subsequently  to  Dover,  Me.  He  was  a  trustee  of  Holmes 
Plymouth  Academy  from  1826  to  1829.  A  record  of  his  family, 
if  any,  is  not  available. 


1.  Jonathan  Fairbanks,  emigrant  ancestor,  b.  England,  before 
1600.  Came  to  Boston,  1633,  and  settled  in  Dedham,  1636.  He  m.  in 
England,  Grace  Lee.  He  d.  Dec.  5, 1668.  She  d.  Dec.  28,  1673, 
or  May  19, 1676. 


3.  Gbobob  Fairbanks,  son  of  Jonathan  i,  b.  England.  Came  with 
his  father  and  res.  in  Dedham  until  1657,  when  he  removed  to  the 
part  of  Sherborn  now  Millis.  He  was  a  selectman  and  a  member  of 
the  Ancient  and  Honorable  Artillery  Company.  He  m.  Oct  26, 1646, 
Mary  Adams,  who  d.  August  11,  1711.  He  d.  Jan.  10,  1682, 

3.  JoHATHAN  Fairbanks,  son  of  George*,  b.  May  1, 1662.  Was 
the  first  physician  of  Sherborn,  selectman  and  town  clerk.  He 
was  drowned  while  attempting  to  cross  the  river  from  Medficld, 

Dec.  19,  1719.    Hem.  Sarah who  d.  July  9, 1713  ;  m.  second, 

Annie . 

4.  Gbobqb  Fairbanks,  son  of  Dr.  Jonathan  ^  b.  April  14,  1685. 
Lived  in  Sherborn  until  1725,  and  soon  after  settled  in  HoUiston. 
He  was  a  soldier,  1725.  He  m.  Dec  24,  1706,  Lydia  Gay,  who  d. 
1717.  m.  second,  Dec.  18,  1718,  Bachel  Drury,  dau.  of  Thomas 
and  Rachel  (Rice)  Drury,  of  Framingham.  He  d.  1753.  She 
d.  1780. 

6.  Drurt  Fairbanks,  son  of  George  ^  b.  HoUiston,  May  1, 1733. 
m.  1758,  Deborah  Leland,  b.  March  6, 1739,  dau.  of  John  and  Lydia 
Leland,  of  HoUiston.  He  lived  in  HoUiston,  where  he  d.  June  19, 
1786.    She  d.  1791.    They  had  eight  children. 

6.  Rby.  Drury  Fairbanks,  son  of  Drury  ^  b.  HoUiston,  Mass., 
Oct  13,  1772.  Brown  University,  1797 ;  pastor  of  Congregational 
chureh,  Plymouth,  1800-1818 ;  pastor  Congregational  church,  Little- 
ton, 1820-1836.  Res.  in  Littleton  until  his  death,  Jan.  11, 1853.  (See 
VoL  I.)  He  m.  May  25,  1800,  Lucretia  Rockwood,  b.  HoUiston, 
Mass.,  July  25,  1775,  dau.  of  Timothy  and  Jemima  (Underwood) 
Rockwood.  She  d.  in  Plymouth,  Jan.  29,  1817.  He  m.  second, 
Jan.  1, 1818,  Sarah  Worcester,  dau.  of  Francis  Worcester  (sec).  Slie 
d.  in  Littleton,  May  21,  1856.  Seven  children  by  firot  and  one 
by  second  marriage,  b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.  John  Milton,  b.  July  19,  1801.  m.  March  20,  1827,  Mehiiable 
Knapp,  of  Lyman.  He  removed  to  Coventry,  Yt.  *<Ile  was 
a  sterling,  common  sense  man,  of  strong  religions  convictions, 
and  enjoyed  the  confidence  and  esteem  of  the  community."  He 
d.  Dea  4, 1860.  She  d.  August  80, 1867.  Two  children, 
ii.  Amanda,  b.  March  8, 1803.  m.  Jan.  1,  1827,  Samuel  G^eer  Brackett, 
b.  Sudbury,  Mass.,  Sept.  10,  1802.  He  Hved  in  Landaff  and 
Littleton  and  in  St  Johnsbury,  Vt,  where  he  d.  Dec.  15,  1859. 
She  d.  Waltham,  Mass.,  March,  1862.     Their  dau.  Mary  Ann,  b. 


Landafi^  Jan.  80,  1828.  m.  Feb.  15, 1878,  Fayette  Jewett,  M.D., 
b.  Newbury,  Vt.,  August  1, 1824,  sou  of  Calvin  and  Sally  (Parker) 
Jewett.  He  was  a  medical  missionary  in  Turkey.  He  visited  his 
native  land  in  1860,  and  on  his  return  to  the  mission  field  he  d.  in 
Liverpool,  England,  May  31, 1862.  Mrs.  Jewett,  who  had  shared 
his  fortune  abroad,  d.  Grafton,  Mass.,  August  22,  1868.  Their 
sons  Henry  M.  Jewett  and  Milo  A.  Jewett  have  been  United 
States  Consuls  at  Tokat  and  Sivas,  Turkey. 

iii.    Drury,  b.  May  27, 1805.    d.  Dec.  4,  1810. 

iv.    Mart,  b.  March  81,  1807.    m.  Oct.  21,  1828,  John  Baoon.     She  d. 

St.  Jobnsbury,  Vt.,  Sept.  28,  1840. 
V.  Timothy  Rock  wood,  b.  April  15,  1809.  m.  Katharine  D.  Stevens, 
b.  Oct.  17, 1817,  dau.  of  Solomon  and  Sarah  (Cushman)  Stevens, 
of  Barnet,  Vt.  She  d.  1865.  He  m.  second,  April  10,  1866, 
Mary  Ann  (Baldwin)  Dowse,  who  d.  Jan.  26,  1872.  He  lived  in 
St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.     He  d.  Medway,  Mass.,  1874. 

vi.  Luorrtia  Ann,  b.  May  15, 1811.  m.  Jan.  24, 1838,  Joseph  Arm- 
ington  Ide.  Lived  in  Newport,  Vt,  where  she  d.  1888.  He  d. 
1864.  Their  eldest  son  is  Rev.  George  Henry  Ide,  of  Milwaukee, 

viL    Drurt,  b.  August  7, 181B.    m.  Jan.  26, 1845,  Susannah  C.  Owens. 

Lived  in  Philadelphia,  Pa. 
viii.    Harriet  N.,  b.  Sept.  22,  1818.    m.  Jan.  16, 1844,  OUver  T.  Brown. 


1.  Levi  Farmer,  b.  Campton,  1811.  m.  Nov.  25,  1841,  AbigaU 
Straw,  dau.  of  Dudley  Straw  (see).  He  was  taxed  in  Plymouth, 
1840-1843,  1866-1869,  and  1881,  but  he  lived  in  Campton  many 
years  and  there  d.  1886.    His  widow  d.  Plymouth,  May  20, 1896. 

i.  William  W.,  b.  1843.  6th  N.  H.  Infantry,  enlisted  Oct.  26,  1861; 
wounded  at  Bull  Run,  August  29,  and  d.  Sept.  1, 1862. 

ii.    Luther,  b.  1844.     6th  N.  H.  Infantry,  enlisted  August  25,  1862; 

d.  disease,  Oct.  3, 1862. 
iii.    Jrnnis,  d.  aged  10. 

iv.     ViKTTA,  b.  April  2,  1850.    d.  1864. 

V.  ViELLA,  b.  April  2, 1850,  twin.  m.  Dec.  20, 1866,  Charles  H.  Ford, 
b.  Oct.  11,  1845,  son  of  George  W.  and  Susan  (Howe)  Ford.  He 
is  a  successful  farmer  of  Victory,  Vt.  Representative  in  legisla- 
ture, 1888. 

▼i.  Charles  Malcom,  b.  March  10,  1854.  m.  July  8,  1876,  Nellie 
Goodhue,  b.  Campton,  June  4,  1861,  dau.  of  Sumner  Goodhue. 
She  d.  Jan.  7,  1897.  He  m.  second,  August  29,  1899,  Anna 
Louisa  CuUen,  b.  Mystic,  Conn.,  1878.  He  has  lived  in  Plymouth 
since  1877,  and  res.  on  Highland  Street.    (1)  Fred  Sumner,  b. 

256  FABNUM. 

Jan.  9,  1878.  (2)  Walter  Edward,  b.  March  20,  1880.  (8) 
Leora  Mabel,  b.  Not.  25, 1881.  m.  Lewis  Alfred  Eastman  (see). 
(4)  Frank  Sanborn,  b.  March  17,  1886.  d.  Jan.  23,  1889.  (5) 
Charles  Carpenter,  b.  May  29,  1890.  (6)  Willie  Eugene,  b.  Jan. 
6, 1805.    (7)  Flora  Etta,  b.  Jan.  3, 1001. 

▼ii.    Frank,  b.  1857.    Removed  to  Nebraska,    d.  1887. 

Tiii.  Arthur  W.,  b.  Not.  2, 1858.  m.  Mary  Greenleaf,  of  Holdemess. 
m.  second,  August  13,  1888,  Jennie  Laura  Richards,  dau.  of 
Francis  and  Mary  (Owen)  Richards,  of  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.  He 
has  res.  in  Plymouth  and  at  Livermore  Falls,  in  Campton.  (1) 
Albert  Francis,  b.  July  18,  1880.  (2)  Edith  Merle,  b.  August 
18, 1801. 


1.  Balph  Fabnum,  sailed  from  Southampton,  England,  April  6, 
1635,  and  landed  in  Boston,  June  3,  1635.  With  him  came  his 
wife  Alice  and  three  children,  Balph,  Thomas,  and  Mary.  Two 
other  children  were  b.  in  America. 

2.  Balph  Farmum,  son  of  Balph,  b.  in  England,  m.  Oct  26, 1668, 
Elizabeth  Holt,  dan.  of  Nicholas  Holt.  He  lived  in  Andover,  Mass. 
where  he  d.  Jan.  8, 1692. 

3.  Ephraim  Farnum,  son  of  Balph  ^,  b.  Oct^l,  1676.  m.  March 
20,  1700,  Friscilla  Holt,  and  removed  to  Concord,  settling  in  the 
West  Parish.    See  history  of  Concord. 

4.  Ephraim  Farnum,  son  of  Ephraim  ^  b.  Andover,  Mass.,  Oct 
12,  1700.  m.  Molly  Ingalls.  He  removed  to  Concord  and  lived 
about  two  miles  north  of  the  first  meeting  house. 

5.  Benjamin  Farnum,  son  of  Ephraim  ^  b.  Concord,  March  21, 
1739.  m.  Anna  Merrill,  b.  Dec.  20,  1743,  dau.  of  Dea.  John  and 
Lydia  (Haines)  Merrill,  of  Concoi*d. 

6.  John  Farnum,  son  of  Benjamin  ^  b.  Concord,  Jan.  2, 1766.  m. 
Betsey  Thompson  and  removed  to  Plymouth,  1788,  where  he  res. 
twenty  years.  Selectman,  1796.  Mrs.  Farnum  d.  1806,  and  he  was 
not  taxed  after  1807.  He  had  children,  Boswell,  John,  Betsey, 
Bufus,  Camilia,  Mary,  Thompson,  Abigail,  and  George. 

7.  Boswell  Faknham,  son  of  John^  b.  Plymouth,  1792.  m. 
Buth  Bixby,  of  Piermont,  and  after  a  brief  residence  in  Bostou, 
Mass.,  he  engaged  in  the  manufacture  of  shoes  in  Haverhill,  Mass. 
He  removed  1839  to  Bradford,  Vt,  where  he  d.  Dec.  20, 1860.  By 
wife  Buth  be  had  one  son,  Cyrus  Conant  Farnham,  b.  June  27, 1818 
He  was  employed  in  the  telegraphic  department  by  the  government. 

FABKUM.  257 

and  d.  Memphis,  Tenn.,  Feb.  26,  1863.  Mr.  Farnham  m.  second, 
April  29,  1822,  Nancy  Bixby,  a  sister  of  his  first  wife.  She  d. 
Bradford,  Vt.,  Jan.  30,  1860.  Their  son  Roswell  Farnham,  b.  July 
23,  1827.  Vermont  University,  1849,  lawyer  of  Bradford,  Vt,  and 
governor,  1880-1882. 

8.  Epuraim  Farnum,  son  of  Benjamin  ^  b.  Concord,  April  5, 1770. 
Res.  in  Plymouth,  1792-1795,  when  he  returned  to  Concord.  He  was 
a  farmer  on  the  paternal  homestead.  He  m.  1794  (intentions 
August  22),  Samh  Brown. 

Their  children  were  Nancy,  Joseph,  Susannah,  m.  Henry  R  Moore 
(see),  Benjamiu,  Lydia,  Luther,  Qeorge,  Harriet 

9.  Haines  Farnum,  son  of  Benjamin*,  b.  Concord,  Oct  31, 1771. 
m.  Dea  30, 1800,  Elizabeth  Whitehouse,  b.  Pembroke,  May  23,  1777, 
dau.  of  Solomon  and  Mary  (Knox)  Whitehouse.  He  removed  from 
Concord  to  Plymouth,  1817.  He  d.  Dec.  23,  1824.  His  widow  con- 
tinued a  residence  here  and  d.  March  22, 1834  Their  eight  children 
were  born  in  Concord. 

i.    Mart  Whitbhourk,  b.  March  18, 1802.    unm.    d.  Sept.  19, 1831. 

Her  estate  by  will  passed  to  Am.  Board  for  Foreign  Missions  and 

to  relatives, 
it.    Charles,  b.  Oct.  6, 1803.    m.  1827,  Cynthia  Johnson,  of  Hebron. 

He  was  taxed  in  Plymouth  until  1829.    In  1831  he  rerooyed  to 

Pittsfield,  Me.,  where  he  d.  1888.    Nine  children, 
iii.    Solomon  W.,  b.  Oct.  26, 1805.    unm.    d.  Plymouth,  Nov.  20, 1826. 

10.  iv.    Hiram,  b.  Oct.  10,  1807. 

T.    Eliza,  b.  Nov.  25, 1809.    A  kindly  remembered  school  teacher.   She 
m.  Not.  1, 1835,  Hon.  Walter  Blau*  (see). 

11.  vi.    Gboros,  b.  Nov.  7, 1812. 

vii.  MosBS,  b.  Nov.  5,  1814.  m.  Dec.  31,  1837,  Mary  Fletcher,  b.  in 
Groton.  He  removed  1842,  to  Rnmney,  where  he  d.  Dec.  30, 1847. 
She  d.  April  10,  1849.  Three  children :  (1)  Mary  E.,  b.  Nov.  21, 
1839.  d.  Dec.  4, 1877.  (2)  Sarah  E.,  b.  Dec.  27,  1841.  d.  April 
26,  1846.  (8)  Martha  J.,  b.  April  14,  1846.  d.  Dec.  16, 1883. 
viii.  Aaron,  b.  Nov.  5,  1814,  twin.  m.  March  30,  1836,  Eliza  Jane 
Preston.  He  lived  in  Plymouth,  and  d.  July  17,  1839.  His 
widow  d.  in  Plymouth,  Nov.  6, 1867.  Two  children :  (1)  Charles 
£.,  b.  1837.    (2)  Abigail  Aima,  b.  June  21, 1839. 

10.  Hiram  Farnum,  son  of  Haines  ^  b.  Concord,  Oct  10,  1807. 
Came  to  Plymonth  with  the  family  1817.  He  m.  1834,  Hannah  C. 
Straw,  of  Campton.  He  lived  in  the  village ;  and  he  d.  May  25, 1872. 
She  d.  Nov.  18,  1848.     By  occupation  he  was  a  wheelwright  and 

TOL.  II.  — 17 

268  FABKUM — FBLL0W8. 

occupied  the  old  court-house  before  that  historic  building  was  pur- 
chased and  dedicated  to  an  appropriate  use  by  the  thoughtful  bene- 
faction of  Hon.  Henry  W.  Blair.     Four  children. 

i.    Emilt  Ann.    m.  John  W.  BaUer  (see). 

ii.    Waltbr  B.,  b.  1887.    Enlisted  Sept.  17, 1862, 15th  N.  H.  Infantry, 
d.  Baton  Rouge,  La.,  June  16, 1863. 
12.    iii.    Hiram  Benjamin,  b.  Feb.  8, 1889. 

iv.    Mary  Janb,  b.  Feb.  12, 1841.    m,  Henry  S.  George  (see). 

11.  Gkouge  Fabnum,  son  of  Haines  •,  b.  Concord,  Nov.  7,  1812. 
m.  April  2, 1834,  Emma  Hardy,  of  Groton.  He  settled  in  Grotou. 
Six  children. 

i.    Elizabeth  E.,  b.  Deo.  14, 1884.    Res.  Sharon,  Mass. 
ii.     Gborqb  W.,  b.  August  18, 1839.    d.  April  17,  1866. 
iii.    Dayid  H.,  b.  April  8,  1842.    d.  Oct  15, 1865. 
iv.    Charles  B.,  b.  August  18,  1844.    m.  Oct.  11,  1871,  Amelia  S. 

Gould.    He  d.  Jan.  19,  1890.     Three  children:   (I)   Grace,  b. 

March  27,  1873.     (2)  Dwight,  b.  June  5,  1874.    (3)  Bertha,  b. 

Sept.  11,  1879. 
T.    Wilson  A.,  b.  Dec.  18, 1852.    d.  May  18, 1879. 
yi.    Flora  S.,  b.  Feb.  18, 1856.    m.  June  12, 1887,  O.  L.  Corliss,  M.D., 

of  Sharon,  Mass.    She  d.  Dec.  29,   1894.    Two  children:  (1) 

Ethel,  b.  Nov.  20, 1890.    (2)  Carl,  b.  Oct.  4, 1893. 

12.  HiRAM  Benjamin  Farnum,  son  of  Hiram  ^^,  b.  Feb.  8, 1839. 
He  enlisted  in  the  naval  service,  U.  S.  Marine  Corps,  at  Boston,  Sept. 
13, 1858,  for  four  years,  and  served  on  U.  S.  S.  Hartford  and  Ver- 
mont; dischai^ed  at  expiration  of  term,  Sept  17, 1862.  He  m.  Oct 
13, 1863,  Amanda  Noyes  George,  dau.  of  Austin  George  (see).  He  is 
a  painter,  and  res.  in  Plymouth. 

1.  Emily  Bbllb,  b.  Jan.  20,  1871.  m.  June  5, 1893,  Daniel  II.  MoLinn. 
He  was  superintendent  of  the  Fish  Hatchery,  formerly  at  Liver- 
more  Falls  and  now  at  Ashland.  Res.  Plymouth.  He  m.  second, 
Dec.  29, 1903,  Tillie  D.  Raymond. 

ii.  Waltkr  Austin,  b.  March  24,  1879.  m.  May  29,  1901.  Melinda 
F.  Burtt,  dau.  of  Fred  Burtt  (see).  She  d.  April  17, 1903.  One 
child  :  (1)  Linda  Belle,  b.  Jan.  13,  1903. 

iii.    Arghib  Benjamin,  b.  July  1,  1881. 


1.  WiLLiABf  Fellows,  b.  in  England  about  1611.  Came  to  New 
England,  1635,  and  settled  at  Ipswich,  where  he  d.  Nov.  30,  1676. 

FELLOWS.  259 

Will  dated  Nov.  29,  1676 ;  proved  March  27,  1676/7.  A  wife  sur- 
vived him,  but  a  record  of  liis  marriage  does  not  appear.  He  was 
probably  a  brother  of  Samuel  Fellows,  of  Salisbury. 

2.  Isaac  Fellows,  son  of  William  \  b.  probably  in  Ipswich  about 
1635.  m.  Jan.  29, 1672,  Joanna  Boreman,  dau.  of  Thomas  Boreman, 
and  res.  in  Ipswich,  where  he  d.  April  6,  1721.  He  served  in 
King  Philip's  War,  1676. 

8.  Dea.  Jonathan  Fellows,  son  of  Isaac',  b.  Ipswich,  Sept  28, 
1682.  Was  a  proprietor  or  grantee  of  Buxton,  Me.,  but  he  settled  in 
Kensington,  where  he  d.  Jan.  21,  1753.  He  m.  Hannah  Dutch, 
second,  Sarah  Day,  third,  Sarah  (Potter)  Rust,  and  fourth,  Deborah 
(Batchelder)  Tilton,  b.  Hampton,  April  9,  1686,  daiL  of  Nathaniel 
and  Elizabeth  (Foss)  Batchelder,  and  widow  of  David  Tilton. 

4.  Abner  Fellows,  son  of  Dea.  Jonathan  •  and  Sarah  (Potter) 
Fellows,  b.  Ipswich,  Dec.  5,  1720.  m.  Elizabeth  Howe,  and  lived 
several  years  in  Kensington  and  Sandown.  In  1773  he  removed 
from  Sandown  to  New  Chester,  now  Bristol,  and  during  the  Revolu- 
tion was  a  member  of  the  town  committee  of  safety.    He  d.  1786. 

5.  JosiAii  Fellows,  son  of  Abner*,  b.  Nov.  3, 1757.  Was  a  soldier 
in  the  Revolution.  He  lived  in  the  part  of  New  Chester  now  in 
Bristol,  where  he  d.  March  20,  1852.  He  m.  Jemima  Quimby,  b. 
Oct  9, 1757,  dau.  of  Jeremiah  Quimby.  She  d.  April  3, 1814.  Their 
sons  Jonathan  and  Josiah  have  been  represented  in  the  families  of 

6.  Jonathan  Fellows,  son  of  Josiah  *,  b.  April  24, 1786.  m.  Feb. 
25, 1806,  Hannah  Eastman,  b.  May  3, 1788,  dau.  of  Thomas  Eastman, 
of  Hopkinton  and  Bridgewater.  He  lived  in  Bristol,  where  he  d. 
April  7, 1845.    She  d.  Nov.  27,  1856. 

7.  James  Pickering  Fellows,  son  of  Jonathan  ^  b.  Feb.  29, 1816. 
m.  Dec.  25, 1838,  Nancy  J.  Marden,  b.  Pembroke,  Jan.  1, 1815,  dau. 
of  Jonathan  M.  and  Jane  G.  (McCutcheon)  Marden,  of  Pembroke 
and  Bridgewater.  He  lived  in  Bristol  and  after  1853  in  Thornton, 
where  he  d.  March  28, 1864.    She  d.  in  Plymouth,  Jan.  3, 1885. 

8.  CiiAUNCEY  Aybr  Fellows,  son  of  James  Pickering  7,  b.  Bristol, 
May  28, 1845.  m.  June  26, 1870,  Jennie  E.  Lyford,  b.  Thornton, 
June  15,  1848,  dau.  of  Albert  Lyford*  He  removed  to  Plymouth 
1876,  and  has  been  a  merchant  and  postmaster. 

i.    Maud,  b.  Feb.  5, 1872.    d.  July  26, 1873. 
ii.    Victor  M.,  b.  Jan.  16,  1874.    m.  March  27,  1001,  Mary  Beolab 


Leslie  dao.  of  Joseph  C.  Leslie.    He  was  formerly  associated  in 
trade  with  his  father,  in  this  town ;  later  lived  in  St  Albans,  Vt, 
and  now  in  Plattsburg,  N.  Y.    (1)  Marion  Lyle,  b.  March  30, 
1002.    d  April  2, 1902. 
iii.    Ltlb  M.,  b.  Plymouth,  June  14, 1882.    Plymouth  High  School,  1000. 

9.  JosiAH  Fellows,  son  of  Josiah*,  b.  Jan.  28,  1784.  Was  a 
farmer  in  Bristol  He  m.  March  23,  1809,  Susannah  Sanborn,  b. 
1789,  dau.  of  Benia  and  Lydia  (Powell)  Sanborn.  He  d.  Oct.  20, 
1852.    She  d.  July  3, 1864. 

10.  Calvin  Peterson  Fellows,  son  of  Josiah*,  b.  Bristol,  Jan.  19, 
1813.  He  m.  August  30,  1836,  Maiy  Jane  Worthen,  b.  April  28, 
1816,  dau.  of  Samuel  B.  and  Hannah  (Heath)  Worthen.  He  lived 
in  Bristol  until  1854,  when  he  removed  to  New  Hampton,  where  he 
d.  March  11,  1856.  She  d.  May  25,  1865.  Their  son  Qeoige  M. 
Fellows,  of  Hyde  Park,  Mass.,  has  courteously  furnished  many  of  the 
statements  in  this  register. 

11.  Frank  Worthen  Fellows,  son  of  Calvin  Peterson  "<>,  b.  Bristol, 
Feb.  19,  1847.  m.  Dec.  10,  ia73,  Betsey  Jane  Hall,  b.  April  28, 
1851,  dau.  of  Davenport  Fletcher  and  Betsey  Ann  (Hall)  Hall  He 
removed  to  Plymouth  in  the  spring  of  1898,  and  here  d.  Dea  22, 

i.    Charles  Davbnport,  b.  Feb.  21, 1875.    d.  Jan.  7, 1876. 
ii.    Mart  Eva,  b.  Jan.  20, 1877,  a  stenographer,  in  Boatou,  Mass. 


1.  Bradbuey  Ferguson,  b.  Nov.  15, 1778.  Came  to  Plymouth, 
1804  He  vas  a  shoemaker.  He  m.  Oct  13, 1805,  Sarah  Parker, 
dau.  of  Zachariah  Parker  (see),''and  he  d.  in  Plymouth,  Jan.  25, 1810. 
She  m.  second,  Jan.  7,  1814,  John  Ladd,  of  St  Johnsbury,  Yt  After 
his  death  Mrs.  Ladd  returned  to  Plymouth,  where  she  d.  Dec  14, 

i.    Sarah  Elizabeth,  b.  March  81,  1800.    m.  Dec.  21, 1837,  Joseph  T. 
Blake,  b.  Sutton,  Yt.,  Oct.  0,  1818,  son  of  Enoch  and  Betsey 
,  (Ladd)  Blake,  and  grandson  of  Enoch  Blake,  of  Moultonboro. 

She  d.  May  29,  1860.     He  d.  July  14,  1001.    Five  children:  (1) 
Mary  Amanda,  b.  Oct  13,  1838.    m.  Jan.  0,  1859,  Orange  W. 
•  Taylor,  of  So.  Danville,  Vt.     (2)  Henry  Augustus,  b.  Sept.  12, 

1840.  m.  May  12,  1870,  Kate  J.  Otis.  He  is  a  prominent  citizen 
of  Sutton,  Yt.  (8)  Arthur  Parker, b.  1842.  3d  Vt.  Infantry;  re- 
enlisted  4th  Vt.  Infantry,  and  d.  in  tlie  service,  Dec.  14,  1864. 


(4)  Rosalia  Adalaide,  b.  Nov.  26, 1844.    m.  Dec.  14, 1867,  James 

Craig,  of  Peaoham,  Vt.    He  d.  1898.     (5)  Amitia  A.,  b.  March 

17,  1846.     d.  March  22, 1846. 
ii.    Parker,  b.  April  18, 1807.    d.  Feb.  29,  1808. 
ill.    Maudana  a.,  b.  about  1815.    m.  Feb.  27, 1832,  Alonzo  R.  Hall,  of 

Groton.    Tbey  remoyed  to  New  Sharon,  Me. 


1.  Jonathan  Fkruin,  b.  about  1695.  Was  living  in  Amesbury, 
Mass.,  from  1720  to  1741.  Subsequently  he  lived  in  Newton,  and  it 
is  probable  that  the  adjustment  of  the  province  line  severed  his  home- 
stead from  Massachusetts.  He  was  a  lieutenant,  and  his  name  is 
freiiuciitly  mot  in  the  local  record  of  his  time.  He  was  a  petitioner  for 
the  incorporation  of  Newton.  He  m.  in  Amesbury,  Dec.  10, 1719, 
Sarah  Wells,  b.  July  30, 1698,  dau.  of  Titus  and  Joanna*  (Howell) 
Wells,  and  granddau.  of  Rev.  Thomas  Wells.  He  d.  about  1770.  His 
will  is  dated  Feb.  22,  1768,  and  was  proved  June  27,  1770.  His 
wife  was  living  1768.  Thirteen  children  b.  in  Amesbury  and 

i.  Timothy,  b.  May  13, 1720.  m.  Nov.  24, 1748,  Mary  Hoyt,  b.  1726, 
dau.  Lient  Micah  and  Susannah  Hoyt,  of  Newton.  He  lived  in 
Londonderry,  where  he  signed  the  association  test,  and  later 
removed  to  GrofiFstown. 

ii.    Mart,  b.  August  1,  1721.    d.  young. 

iii.    Mart,  b.  August  1, 1722.    m.  Nov.  30, 1740,  Israel  Huse. 

iv.  Elizabrtii,  b.  Feb.  20,  1724.  m.  Sept.  8, 1745,  Francis  Davis,  and 
lived,  several  years  at  least,  in  or  near  Amesbury,  Mass.,  where 
their  children  were  baptized. 

V.    MosBS,  b.  March  15, 1726.  Was  a  Continental  soldier  from  Newton. 

2.  vi.    Zrbulon,  b.  Sept.  18, 1727. 

vii.    Jonathan,  b.  August  18, 1728.  Probably  d.  before  1768.    He  is  not 

named  in  the  will  of  bis  father, 
viii.    Alphrus.    m.  April  19, 1750,  Abigail  Sargent.    He  d.  before  1768, 
leaving  children,  William,  Alpheus,  and  San^,  who  are  named 
in  the  will  of  Jonathan  ^. 
ix.    Sarah,  b.  Oct.  5,  1787.    Was  not  named  in  the  will,  1768. 
X.    Philip,  b.  Oct  21, 1739.     Lived  in  GofiFstown.    He  was  a  soldier  )n 
the  Revolution.     He  d.  about  1804. 

zi.    4qui^la>  !>•  June  7, 1741.    m.  Hannah ,  lived  in  Newton. 

Six  children  b.  in  Newton. 
xii.    PniNRAS,  b.  August  27,  1743,  settled  in  Weare.    Ho  was  a  soldier 
in  the  Revolution,  and  subsequently  joined  the  Shakers  at  Enfield, 
xiii.    Hannah,  b.  Dec.  17, 1746.    m. Bagley. 

262  FBBBIK. 

2.  Zbbulon  Ferbin,  son  of  Lieut  Jonathan  \  b.  Sept  18, 1727.  m. 
July  9, 1747,  Alice  Tucker,  b.  Amesbury,  Mass.,  March  24, 1720/21, 
dau.  of  Benjamin  and  Alice  (Davis)  Tucker.  She  was  a  sister  of  Bev. 
John  Tucker,  of  Newbury,  Mass.  He  lived  in  Amesbury,  and  prob- 
ably later  in  Newton.  He  was  one  of  the  petitioners  for  the  incor- 
poration of  that  town.    She  d.  about  1767. 

8.      1.    Enos,  bapt  June  10,  1740. 
ii.    Sarah,  bapt  Jan.  23, 1751. 
ill.    Mary,  bapt.  Deo.  3, 1752. 
iv.    Ebbnbzrr,  bapt  Sept  15,  1754.    m.  Jane ,  settled  in  New 

Chester.     He  d.   by  accident,  1790,  leaving  children,  Philip, 

Robert,  Kate,  and  Ebenezer. 
y.    Francis,  bapt  Feb.  1, 1756. 
vi.    Alios,  bapt  Jan.  15, 1758.    m.  1783,  James  Brown,  of  llampstead. 

b.  August  15, 1763,  sou  of  Moses  and  Sarah  (Kimball)  Brown, 
vii.    Zebulon,  named  in  the  will  of  his  grandfather,  1768. 

3.  Ends  Ferrin,  son  of  Zebulon',  b.  1749.  Lived  a  few  years  in 
Weare  and  later  in  Alexandria.  A  record  of  his  first  marriage  has 
not  been  discovered.  He  m.  second,  Judith  (Corliss)  Cross,  widow 
of  David  Cross.    The  order  of  age  of  liis  children  is  not  known. 

i.  Olive,    m.  Samuel  Jones,  of  Weare. 

ii.  Polly,    m.  Moses  Currier,  of  Weare. 

ill.  £no8.    m.  Lucy  Ball, 

iv.  Ebbnezbr.     Lived  near  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 

T.  Timothy,  b.  1779.    m.  1808,  Abigail  Morse,  dau.  of  Jonathan  ^*  and 

Abiah  (Worth)  Morse  (see), 

yi.  Aaron. 

4.  vii.  Zbbulon,  b.  1784. 

6.  Tiii.    Jonathan,  b.  April  7, 1798. 
ix.    Sarah. 

4.  Zebulon  Ferrin,  son  of  Enos «,  b.  1784.  m.  August  22, 1805, 
Abigail  Blake,  dau.  of  Oliver  Smith  Blake  (see).  He  was  a  carpenter 
and  a  farmer.  He  lived  in  Hebron  removing  to  Plymouth,  1831,  and 
returning  to  Hebron,  1843,  where  he  d.  Feb.  9,  1871,  aged  87. 

i.  Hbzbkiah.  Lived  in  Plymouth  1840  and  1841. 
ii.  Danibl  E.  m.  June  3, 1830,  Mary  Jane  Durgin,  and  lived  in  Ply- 
mouth 1820  to  1841.  His  son  Alvah  Charies,  b.  Plymouth, 
August  13, 1835.  m.  May  19,  1850,  Hannah  F.  McDuffee,  dau.  of 
Archibald  and  Hannah  (French)  McDuffee,  of  Candia.  lie  was 
a  contractor  and  builder  of  Concord,  where  he  d.  August  1, 1898. 

F£BBIN.  263 

They  had  one  dau.  Cora  May,  b.  May  14, 1863.    d.  May  28, 1864. 

Eliza,  a  dau.  of  Daniel  E.,  m.  Philip  Plummer,  and  another  dan., 

Ellen  F.,  m.  George  Elliot, 
iii.     Orpaii.    m.  Charles  L.  Martin,  of  Alexandria,  son  of  McDaniel 

Martin  (see  Webber  Register), 
y.    Stepubn,  removed  to  Bigelow,  Minn. 

5.  Jonathan  Ferrin,  son  of  Enos'  and  Judith  Ferrin,  b.  Alexan- 
dria, April  7,  1798.  m.  Nov.  18,  1824,  Harriet  Webster,  b.  New 
Hampton,  Nov.  10,  1802,  daiL  of  Bailey  and  Elizabeth  (Merrick) 
Webster.  She  d.  March  29,  1849.  He  m.  second,  Farshandatha 
(Ilay)  Sanborn,  widow  of  Josiah  Sanborn.  He  was  a  farmer  own- 
ing farms  in  Alexandria,  Bridgewater,  Bristol,  and  Campton.  He 
was  a  selectman  of  Alexandria.  He  d.  while  visiting  a  daughter  in 
Temple,  1882.  Of  his  sixteen  children  only  one,  Moses  Albert,  has 
res.  in  this  town.     (See  History  of  Bristol.) 

6.  Moses  Albert  Ferrin,  son  of  Jonathan  *,  b.  Alexandria,  August 
1,  1841.  m.  Juno  7,  1865,  Maiy  Frances  Webster,  dau.  of  Charles 
Avery  Webster  (see).  He  has  res.  in  Plymouth  since  1867,  and  has 
been  engaged  in  the  manufacture  of  gloves,  first  under  firm  name  of 
Ferrin  &  Wilkinson,  and  later  in  his  own  name.  He  res.  on  Merrill 
Street,  and  now  conducts  a  news  depot  in  the  village.  Town  clerk 
two  years,  a  deputy  sheriff,  and  representative,  1901  and  1903. 
Census  enumeiutor,  1890. 


1.  Jonathan  Ferrin,  perhaps  was  a  son  of  Timothy,  son  of  Jona- 
than and  Sarah  (Wells)  Ferrin, —  it  is  also  possible  that  he  was  of  the 
Ipswich,  Mass.,  family,  —  b.  Londonderry,  June  9,  1753.  In  the 
Kevolution  he  served  eight  months'  enlistment  in  CoL  Scammell's 
CJontinental  regiment,  enlisting  May  5,  1777,  and  discharged  Jan.  10, 
1778,  and  in  May,  1778,  he  enlisted  again  for  the  term  of  eight 
months.  He  was  a  pensioner.  He  m.  in  Hampstead,  Dea  31, 1781, 
Hannah  Ela,  b.  June  9,  1761,  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Mary  (Homans) 
Ela.  He  was  one  of  the  pioneers  in  the  settlement  of  Thornton, 
where  he  res.  until  his  death.  He  d.  June  26,  1827.  His  widow, 
Hannah,  was  a  pensioner  and  d.  March  31,  1843.  In  his  will 
Jonathan  Ferrin  names  eight  children :  Mary,  Michael,  Amelia,  Lois, 
Samuel,  Sally,  Moses,  and  Jonathan. 


2.  Jonathan  Fsrrin,  son  of  Jonathan  ^  and  Hannah  (Ela)  Ferrin, 
b.  Thornton,  Sept.  7,  1800.  Res.  in  Thornton  until  1848,  when  he 
removed  to  Plymouth.  He  was  partially  disabled  by  lameness  but 
by  industry  he  was  a  suecessful  farmer  and  always  a  good  citizen. 
He  lived  on  the  Thompson  farm.  South  Plymouth,  on  the  Glover 
farm,  and  on  the  William  Sawyer  farm,  which  he  bought  of  Horace 
Perkins.  He  m.  Polly  Elliot;  m.  second,  Achsah  Payne;  m.  third, 
Mary  V.  Hall,  b.  Sept  30,  1813,  dau.  of  Alpheus  HalL  She  d.  Feb. 
2,1884.    He  d.  April  12, 1889.    Six  children. 

L    Emily,  b.  Thornton,  Oct  22, 1829.    m.  Jan.  18, 1859,  Moses  Ellis, 
•  b.  Barnard,  Yt,  August  21, 1888,  son  of  Enoch  and  Eliza  (Smith) 

Ellis.  They  lived  in  Boston,  Mass.,  and  u&  Eeene.  She  d.  Deo. 
10,  1874.  One  son.  (1)  Bertram,  b.  Boston,  Mass.,  Nov.  26, 
1860.  m.  Jane  20, 1894,  Margaret  Louisa  Wheeler,  of  Minneapolis, 
Minn.  He  is  a  Joint  owner  and  the  Editor  of  the  "  New  Hamp- 
shire Sentinel,*'  Eeene.  He  was  a  colonel  on  the  staff  of  Gov.  Busiel 
1895-1897 ;  representative,  1897 ;  state  senator,  1899,  1901,  and 
president  of  the  senate,  1901. 

ii.  EnwABD  Ela,  b.  Deo.  24, 1886.  A  soldier  15th  N.  H.  Infantry.  He 
m.  Not.  14,  1863,  Aseneth  Emery,  who  d.  April  10,  1866.  m. 
second,  March  12, 1867,  Ruth  Ann  Johnson,  b.  Campton,  Nov.  28, 
1842.  Teamater,  res.  Plymouth  and  now  of  Bridgewater.  (1)  Nel- 
son Flanders,  d.  Oct  21,  1864.  (2)  Walter  Ela,  b.  Feb.  23, 
1866.  d.  Jan.  15,  1885.  (3)  Carrie  Myrtie,b.  July  2. 1873.  S.  N. 
S.,  1894.    m.  Feb.  2, 1898,  Charles  Hollis  Palmer,  of  Holdemess. 

iii.  Sarah  Achsah,  b.  April  19,  1847.  m.  Nov.  30,  1882,  John  F. 
Phillips,  of  Fryeburg,  Me. 

iv.    Emma,  b.  Sept.  15, 1848.    m.  William  H.  Sawyer  (see). 

T.  Ella,  b.  Sept  15, 1848,  twin.  m.  1875,  Charles  Fellows  Beardslee. 
She  d.  Nov.  13,  1887.  (1)  Charles  F.,  b.  Jan.  17, 1876,  now  of 
vi.  Jonathan,  b.  Nov.  11,  1850.  m.  Jan.  8,  1881,  Alice  Caroline 
Ball,  b.  Oct  10,  1840,  dnu.  of  Uvi  K.  and  Caroline  (llollins)  Ball, 
of  Hebron.  She  d.  May  6, 1883.  He  m.  second,  Doc.  23,  1885, 
Cora  Belle  Powers,  b.  Oct.  8,  1861,  dau.  of  Harrison  A.  and  Ruth 
Ann  (Wheeler)  Powers.  She  d.  April  2, 1900.  Farmer.  He  has 
lived  on  Ward  hill  since  1880.  Two  children :  (1)  Carrie  Edna, 
adopted,  b.  May  13, 1887.    (2)  Ruth  Gertrude,  b.  July  10, 1898. 


1.  Joseph  Fifield,  b.  East  Kingston,  May  11, 1795.  m.  in  Kens- 
ington, April  1,  1821  Melinda  Clifford,  b.  Oct  22,  1799,  dau.  of 
Simon  and  Betsey  (Brown)  Clifford  and  granddau.  of  Samuel  and 

FIFIBLD.  265 

Mehitable  (Weare)  ClifTord,  of  Kensington.  He  was  a  soldier  in  the 
War  of  1812,  and  later  was  a  cooper  on  the  vessels  sailing  to  Cuba. 
He  was  a  farmer  in  Gilfoixl  thirteen  years,  removing  to  Plymouth 
1834  He  res.  at  West  Plymouth  on  the  Whittemore  farm.  He 
removed,  1864,  to  Richland  Centre,  Wis.,  where  he  d.  April  28, 1869. 
She  d.  June  30, 1862.    They  were  buried  in  Plymouth. 

i.  Elizabxth  J.,  b.  April  7,  1822.  m.  Nov.  7,  1867,  John  Winn. 
She  d.  Deo.  17, 1890.  One  child:  (1)  Hatiie  A.,  b.  March  18, 
18GI.  m.  Angnst  81, 1890,  Charles  W.  Uewitt  She  d.  Nov.  28, 
1895.  Two  children  :  Norma  E.  Hewitt,  b.  Nov.  4,  1891,  and 
Clara  L,  b.  May  9, 1894.  d.  March  2, 1900. 
2.     ii.    JoARpn  Clifford,  b.  August  1, 1825. 

iii.    Olivkk  II.,  b.  March  17, 1829.    d.  July  23, 1877.    Deaf  and  dumb, 
iv.     llAKKiKT  B.,  b.  Sept.  12, 1830.    d.  Feb.  7, 1805. 

2.  Joseph  Clifford  Fifield,  son  of  Joseph  \  b.  August  1,  1825. 
He  was  a  farmer  upon  the  paternal  estate  in  Plymouth  and  there 
occupied  the  present  brick  house.  In  1866  he  removed  to  Man- 
chester and  engaged  in  the  grocery  trade.  He  has  retired  from 
business  and  res.  in  Manchester.  He  m.  Jan.  13,  1853,  Irene 
Maloon  Clark,  dau.  of  Thomas  Clark  (see).    She  d.  Jan.  5, 1897. 

i.    JosRPHiNK,  b.  June  18,  1854.    d.  Sept  21,  1869. 
ii.    IsABBL,  b.  August  24,  1855.     m.  Jan.   18,   1885,  Alonzo  Smith 

Heath,  station  agent  North  Easton,  Mass.    (1)  Clifford  Alonzo, 

b.  Sept  29, 1887. 
iil    TiLTON  French,  b.  June  22,  1857.    m.  Oct  12,  1881,  Emma  W. 

Crane.    He  is  a  grocer  of  Manchester.    Three  children :  (1)  Bertha 

Jx>ui8e,  b.  Nov.  17,  1886.     (2)  Lucy  Marguerite,  b.  June  1, 1892. 

(8)  Clifford  Crane,  b.  Oct  12, 1902. 
iy.    Emklinr  Fifield,  b.  Jan.  8,  1860.    m.  June  8,  1886,  Charles  C. 

Senter.    Res.  West  I^banon. 


1.  Albert  Auausxus  Fifield,  son  of  Benjamin  Augustus,  m. 
Emily  Clark  and  lived  in  Woodstock  and  Franconia. 

2.  Victor  Albert  Fifield,  b.  Franconia,  June  3,  1868,  removed 
to  Plymouth,  1889.  He  is  a  painter,  once  living  north  side  of  Baker's 
River,  now  South  Main  Street  He  m.  August  27, 1890,  Alice  Mabel 
Sargent,  b.  Feb.  27, 1875,  dau.  of  Seneca  and  Eliza  (Ham)  Sargent, 
of  Ashland. 

266  FIFIBLD  —  FI8KB  —  FLANDBB8. 

L  Harry  Allen,  b.  Jan.  22, 1802.    d.  July  27, 1898. 

ii.  Emily  Bkllb,  b.  Sept.  7, 1894. 

iiL  Ora  Estellk,  b.  August  7, 1896. 

iy.  Alvida  Ann,  b.  July  3, '. 


1.  Amos  Fiskb  lived  in  Hollia  from  1760  or  earlier  until  about 
1770.  He  was  a  tanner.  He  removed  to  Amherst  and  came  to 
Plymouth,  1774,  and  removed,  1778,  to  Haverhill,  where  he  was  an 
innholder,  and  after  1760  he  was  invariably  styled  lieutenant  He  m. 
in  HoUis,  March  18,  1762,  Elizabeth  Flagg,  b.  May  11, 1745,  dau.  of 
Eleazer  Flagg.  He  m.  second,  in  Hollis,  Oct  15,  1774,  Mrs.  Mary 
Wheeler,  of  Concord.  In  the  record  of  his  second  marriage  he  is 
called  ''  of  Amherst"    Three  children  b.  in  Hollis. 

L    Betty,  b.  Jan.  17,  1763. 
ii.    Hannah,  b.  Jan.  21,  1765. 
iiL    Sarah,  b.  April  7, 1767. 


1.  Stephen  Flanders,  the  emigrant  ancestor  of  the  Flanders 
families,  b.  in  England,  settled  iu  Salisbury,  Mass.,  before  1646.  He 
m.  Jane ,  and  d.  June  27,  1684. 

2.  Stephen  Flanders,  son  of  Stephen  ^  b.  March  8, 1646/7.  m. 
Dec.  28,  1670,  Abigail  Carter,  b.  Salisbury,  1653,  dau.  of  Thomas 
Carter.  He  was  styled  junior  until  the  death  of  his  father.  He  d. 
about  1688.  His  estate  was  administered  May  29,  1689.  She  d. 
after  1717. 

3.  Philip  Flanders,  son  of  Stephen*  b.  Jan.  8, 1681/2.  m.  Fob. 
2, 1709/10.  Joanna  Smith,  b.  Salisbury,  May  22, 1086,  dau.  of  Richard 
Smith.    He  settled  in  Kingston. 

4.  Sichard  Flanders,  son  of  Philip',  b.  Kingston,  April  6, 1725. 
m.  June  10, 1744,  Mary  Fowler,  dau.  of  Jacob  Fowler,  of  Hampton. 
He  removed  to  Concord,  1759,  and  had  a  grist-mill  in  connection  with 
his  farm. 

6.  Oliver  Flanders,  son  of  Richard*,  b.  Concord,  April  21, 1765. 
m.  Jan.  12,  1784,  Abigail  Chandler,  b.  July  4, 1767,  dau.  of  Daniel 
and  Sarah  (Merrill)  Chandler,  of  Concord.  He  was  a  miller  and 
a  farmer  in  Concord  until  1816,  when  he  removed  to  Plymouth,  living 
at  West  Plymouth,  where  he  d.  Jan.  31,  1838.  She  d.  Jan.  21, 
1841.    Fourteen  children. 


6.  i      PKTKn,  b.  Concord,  June  19,  1784. 

7.  ii.    Moses,  b.  April  21, 1786. 

in.    Richard,  b.  April  28,  1788.    m.  Sept.  29,  1814,  Abigail  Forber. 

He  d.  in  Concord,  March  16,  1833. 
iv.     Edbnkzkr,  b.  April  30,  1790.    m.  Nov.  11, 1815,  Nancy  Weeks. 
T.    d.  yoang. 

8.  vi.    Adikl  Chandler,  b.  Feb.  10,  1794. 

vii.    Martha,  b.  Feb.  13, 1796.    m.  March  20, 1816,  Stephen  Lang,  of 

Tiii.    Susan,  b.  March  6, 1798.    m.  1828,  Nathaniel  Lancaster,  of  Lyme, 
ix.    AnioAiL,  b.  May  10, 1800.    m.  Nathaniel  Cole  (see),    m.  second, 
Samuel  Morse  (see). 

9.  X.    Oliver,  b.  March  28, 1802. 

zi.    Bktsky,  b.  Jan.  14,  1804.     nnm.    d.  Plymouth,  June  8,  1877. 

xii.  Annie,  b.  Oct.  5,  1807.  m.  Feb.  8,  1829,  James  Ralston  Payne,  b. 
June  5,  1801,  and  lived  in  Lebanon  and  in  Rumney.  He  d.  July 
25,  1881.  She  d.  Jan.  20,  1884.  Of  their  eight  children,  Mary 
F.,  b.  Oct  25,  1843,  m.  Jan.  4, 1865,  Joseph  £.  Sanborn. 

ziii.    Mary,  b.  April  20, 1809.    unm.    d.  Plymouth,  April  28,  1840. 

Z1V.  Orvilla,  b.  March  5, 1812.  m.  Sept.  14,  1852,  John  B.  West,  of 
Franklin,    m.  second,  Levi  S.  Gordon  (see). 

6.  Tktkr  Flanders,  son  of  Oliver  ^  b.  June  19,  1784.  m.  Jan. 
1, 1807,  Hannah  Heath,  b.  June  20, 1786,  dau.  of  Solomon  Heath,  of 
15ow.  lie  drove  a  stage  a  few  years  from  Concord  to  Haverhill  and 
later  established  a  pottery  at  West  Plymouth.  He  d.  August  23, 
1856.  She  d.  Feb.  25,  1879.  His  pottery  for  the  manufacture  of 
common  earthenware  is  still  by  the  brookside,  and  there  can  be 
found  some  of  the  implements  which  he  used,  once  smoothly  worn  by 
the  hand  of  patient  toil,  but  now  corroded  by  the  waste  and  rust  of 

i.  George,  b.  May  20,  1808.  m.  Sept.  16,  1885,  Sarah  Siinonds,  b. 
June  IG,  1812,  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Siuiannah  (Gale)  Simonds,  of 
Alexandria.  lie  was  a  potter  and  a  farmer  at  West  Plymouth 
where  he  d.  Oct.  24, 18G9.  She  d.  Nov.  2,  1858.  Four  children : 
(1)  Elizaheth  Jane,  b.  Feb.  15, 1836.  m.  Richard  Gove  Steams 
(see).  (2)  Cynthia  Elniira,  b.  March  28, 1888.  (8)  George  Baxter, 
b.  Dec.  25,  1842.  d.  August  8,  1846.  (4)  George  Francis,  b. 
Oct.  24,  1848.    d.  May  80, 1867. 

ii.    Sarah  Aivn,  b.  June  6,  1810.     m.  James  W.  Homans  (see). 

iii.    Emily,  b.  Jan.  80,  1812.    m.  March  20, 1829,  Jedediah  C.  Wood- 
bury.   He  was  taxed  in  Plymouth,  1827-1830. 
iv.    Prteu,  b.  April  13, 1816.    m.  Nov.  27, 1845,  Mrs.  Martha  (Pahner) 
Trumbull.    He  lived  in  Lowell,  Mass.    d.  June  7, 1886. 

y.    Louisa,  b.  Sept.  7, 1818.    d.  June  21, 1880. 


yi.    Hannah,  b.  Oct  20,  1820.    m.  Jan.  1,  1841,  Alpha  C.  Jewett^  b. 

Wentwoi-th,  Feb.  28,  1808.    They  lived  in  Bristol,  where  she  d. 

April  11, 1877.    He  d.  April  29,  1887.    Three  children, 
vii.    Cakolinb  Elizabrth,  b.  Sept.  5,  1824.    m.  Alexander  G.  Smyth 

yiii.     Charles  R.,  b.  Jan.  29, 1827.    m.  Susan  A.  Taft.    Res.  in  Granite- 

ville,  Mass. 

7.  Moses  Flandbbs,  son  of  Oliver*,  b.  April  21, 1786.  m.  1811, 
Kuth  Bean,  b.  Sept  23,  1790,  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Dorothy  (Wells) 
Bean,  of  Sutton.  She  d.  Nov.  13, 1817.  He  m.  second,  Sally  Bean, 
b.  April  13, 1788,  a  sister  of  Ruth.  He  lived  in  West  Plymouth, 
where  he  d.  June  28, 1846.    His  widow  d.  Jan.  2, 1855. 

i.    Peabody,  b.  Angost  10,  1817.    d.  Feb.  11, 1842. 
10.     ii.    Danibl,  b.  May  30, 1820. 

iii.  Mart  Ann,  b.  Nov.  20, 1822.  m.  Oliver  Ames,  of  Wentworth.  m. 
second,  Jeremiah  Jewett,  b.  Wentworth,  son  of  Aaron  Jewett. 
Res.  Bristol.  He  d.  Feb.  8,  1896.  She  d.  Nov.  5,  1889.  One 
child:  (1)  Etta,  b.  April  25, 1857.  m.  Dec.  26, 1870,  Smith  Drake 
Fellows,  b.  March  17, 1853,  son  of  Milo  and  Susan  D.  (Locke) 
Fellows.  He  was  a  representative  of  Bristol,  1893;  now  res. 
Saugus,  Mass. 

iv.  Sarah,  b.  May  18,  1828.  m.  Sept  12,  1846,  Jonathan  Page,  of 
Lyndon,  Vt 

T.    MosKS,  b.  Jane  9, 1835. 

8.  Abiel  Chandler  Flanders,  son  of  Oliver*,  b.  Feb.  10, 1794. 
m.  March  29, 1818,  Sally  Fellows.  He  lived  in  Plymouth,  where  he 
d.  Feb.  12,  1824.  Two  children  :  (1)  Abiel  Chandler,  b.  Jan.  30, 1819. 
(2)  Joseph,  b.  Feb.  20, 1820,  both  emigrated  to  the  West,  after  a  resi- 
dence of  several  years  in  this  town. 

9.  Oliver  Flanders,  son  of  Oliver*,  b.  March  28, 1802.  m.  in 
Eumney,  April  28, 1830,  Hannah  F.  Green,  dau.  of  Ephmim  Green 
(see).  He  lived  in  Plymouth.  His  farm  was  on  Baker's  Eiver.  He 
held  the  line  offices  in  the  militia,  and  was  promoted  to  colonel  of  the 
14th  Eegiment  He  was  an  efficient  and  popular  officer.  Ho  d.  Feb. 
2, 1878.    She  d.  Nov.  2, 1871. 

i.    Mart  Hannah,  b.  Dec.  80, 1830.    Res.  Stoneham,  Mass. 
ii.    Oliver  Hbnrt,  b.  May  29, 1833.    m.  Jan.  2, 1858,  Elmira  S.  Willis, 

and  lived  in  Chelsea,  Mass. 
iiL    Abiel  Chandler,  b.  July  25, 1837.    He  left  New  Hampshire  at 

an  early  age,  and  died  in  the  service  from  wonnds  received  at  the 

baUle  of  Gaines  Mills,  July  21, 1862. 


iy.  Sarah  Abdib,  b.  Dec  18, 1830.  m.  Sept.  7, 1877,  James  D.  Kim- 
ball, b.  Walpole,  May  22,  1829,  son  of  John  and  Eliza  (Davis) 
Kimball.    They  reside  in  Stoneham,  Mass. 

V.  Edward  Payson,  b.  Feb.  17, 1848.  m.  Dec.  24, 1880,  Ida  E.  Her- 
som.  He  served  in  the  5th  Mass.  Infantry,  which  was  raised  for 
one  hundred  days.  He  was  subsequently  in  the  commissary 
department  in  the  army  of  the  Cumberland.  He  lived  after  the 
war  in  Stoneham,  Mass.,  where  he  d.  "  He  has  left  a  record  for 
patriotism,  honesty,  and  right  living,  which  is  folly  endorsed  by 
all  who  knew  him." 

vi.  Haurikt  Rlizarrtii,  b.  Deo.  14,  1814.  She  removed  18G6,  from 
Plymouth  to  Stoneham,  Mass.,  where  she  is  proprietor  of  a  mil- 
linery store. 

10.  Daniel  Flanders,  son  of  Moses  ^  b.  May  30, 1820.  m.  May 
2,  1842,  Mary  Haines,  of  Boscaweu.  He  lived  in  Plymouth,  where 
be  d.  August  22, 1892. 

i.     Prabodt,  b.  Sept.  2, 1843.    d.  Sept.  0, 1844. 

ii.  Mart  Ann,  b.  June  0,  1846.  m.  Jan.  1,  1867,  George  Hutchins. 
Res.  Plymouth.  Three  children :  (1)  Katie  F.,  b.  NoV.  10,  1867. 
m.  Oscar  T.  Bragg  (see).  (2)  Helen  M.,  b.  Oct.  0, 1874.  m.  Carl 
Barker.    (8)  Lizzie  £.,  b.  Oct  1,  1877. 

iii.  Frank  £.,  b.  Nov.  27, 1848.  m.  April  27, 1871,  Clara  M.  French, 
dau.  of  Jonathan  French  (see).  He  lived  in  Ashland.  He  d. 
1901.    She  d.  Nov.  8, 1902. 

iv.  William  G.,  b.  May  17, 1850.  m.  Dec.  25, 1870,  CUra  Hardy,  b. 
1852,  dau.  of  William  and  Mary  (Rogers)  Hardy.  He  was  a 
partner  in  the  firm  Flanders  &  Grould,  tinsmiths,  several  years, 
proprietor  of  the  Plymouth  House,  and  has  had  charge  of  the 
boarding  hall  of  Normal  School.  He  is  now  proprietor  of  the 
Pemigewasset  stables.  Three  children:  (1)  Charlotte  Belle,  b. 
Dec.  19, 1874.  Plymouth  High  School,  1891.  m.  Frank  6.  Smith 
(see).  (2)  Sarah  Annie,  b.  Sept  80, 1877.  (8)  Marion  Emma,  b. 
Feb.  7, 1892. 

T.    Emma  F.,  b.  July  4, 1855.    m.  Erastus  B.  Dearborn  (see). 


1.  Tbe  emigrant  ancestor  of  the  Fletcher  families  of  Plymouth 
and  vicinity  was  Robert  Fletcher,  who  settled  in  Concord,  1630.  He 
was  wealthy  and  influential  He  d.  April  3,  1687,  aged  85.  Five 

2.  WiLUAH  Fletcher,  son  of  Robert  ^  b.  England,  1622,  admitted 
freeman,  May  10, 1643.    He  m.  Oct  7, 1645,  Lydia  Bates,  and  settled 


in  Chelmsford,  where  he  was  a  selectman.     His  estate  included  a  part 
of  Lowell.    He  d.  Nov.  6, 1677.    His  widow  d.  Oct.  12, 1704. 

3.  JosnUA  Flktourr,  son  of  William  ^  b.  March  30, 1 G48,  admitted 
freeman,  March  11, 1689.  m.  May  4,  1668,  Grissies  Jewell,  who  d. 
Jan.  16, 1682.  He  m.  second,  July  18, 1682,  Sarah  Willey.  He  lived 
in  Chelmsford,  where  he  d.  Nov.  21, 1713. 

4.  Joshua  Fletcher,  son  of  Joshua',  b.  Chelmsford.  Lived  in 
Westford,  and  there  owned  a  large  farm  in  the  vicinity  of  Boutwell's 
meadow.  He  was  a  selectman  and  a  deacon.  He  m.  Dorothy  Hall, 
who  d.  August  20, 1770.    He  d.  Oct.  19, 1732. 

6.  Gershom  Fletcher,  son  of  Joshua*,  b.  Westford,  Mass.,  July 
27, 1702.  m.  May  28, 1733,  Lydia  Townsend.  He  lived  in  West- 
ford,  Groton,  again  in  Westford,  and  removed  to  Plymouth  in  1770. 
At  this  date  several  of  his  children  were  married  and  had  settled  else- 
where. He  lived  in  Plymouth,  and  was  taxed  continuously  until  his 
death.  He  was  a  farmer,  buying  and  selling  many  tracts  of  land,  and 
measured  by  the  standard  of  his  time  he  was  wealthy.  He  d.  while 
visiting  Westford,  June  28,  1779;  grave-stone  in  Westford.  Nine 

i.  Ltdia,  b.  Feb.  18, 1733/4.  m.  Feb.  22,  1768,  Timothy  Prescott.  b. 
1728,  son  of  Jonas  and  Esther  (Spalding)  Prescott.  Lived  in  West- 
ford, Mass. 

ii.  Esther,  b.  Dec  13,  1735.  m.  James  Tarbell.  Lived  Pepperelli 

iii.  Gershom,  b.  Sept  80,  1737.  m.  Deo.  7,  1760,  Sarah  Robinson. 
Lived  in  Westford,  Mass.,  where  his  seven  children  were  born. 
He  d.  at  the  home  of  his  brother  Joshoa  in  Bridgewater,  1814. 

iv.    Olive,  b.  August  14, 1741. 

V.  Sarah,  b.  April  14, 1744.  m.  July  17,  1764,  Ilezekiah  Corey,  b. 
Chelmsford,  Mass.,  1736.  Lived  Chelmsford,  New  Ipswich,  N.  H., 
and  Ashburnham,  Mass.  lie  d.  Oct.  23,  1818.  She  d.  Oct.  0, 

vi.  Mart,  b.  July  2, 1746.  m.  Nov.  13, 1764,  Lieut.  Jonathan  Robbins 

vii.    Lucy,  b.  1761. 

viii.    Martha,  b.  June,  1754.    m.  Nov.  11,  1771,  Joseph  Reed  (see). 
6.    ix.    Joshua,  b.  Sept.  24, 1750. 

6.  Joshua  Flktcukr,  son  of  Gershom  ^  b.  Sept  24, 1756.  Came  to 
Plymouth  with  his  father,  1770.  He  m.  in  Plymouth,  1775,  Sarah 
Brown,  dau.  of  Josiah  Brown  (see).  He  was  a  prosperous  farmer  in 
Plymouth  until  1802,  when  he  removed  to  Bridgewater.    He  was  a 


worthy  deacon  of  the  Congregational  church  in  Plymouth,  1794-1818. 
After  his  removal  to  Bridgewater  he  became  a  preacher,  and  witliout 
ordination  was  the  pastor  of  the  church  in  that  town  until  1822.  He 
d.  August  15, 1829.  "He  was  a  man  greatly  beloved  by  all  who  knew 
him."    His  widow  d.  1854,  aged  97.     Nine  children. 

1.  Joshua,  b.  May  16, 1776.  m.  April  19, 1798,  Sarah  Folsifer,  dan. 
of  Joseph  Fulsifer  (see).  He  lived  in  Plymouth  until  1809,  and 
subsequently  was  a  prosperous  merchant  in  Texas.  He  d.  May 
21, 1852.  His  wife  d.  April  27,  1842.  Seven  children :  (1)  Eliza, 
m.  Rev.  Leonard  Rogers,  of  Wisconsin.  (2)  Charles.  Res.  Water- 
ford,  Pa.  (3)  Araira.  d.  unm.  (4)  Hannah,  m.  Cephas  Stone, 
of  St.  Charles,  lU.  (5)  William  Joshua.  (6)  Jane.  m.  Samuel  F. 
Foster,  of  Crystal  Lake,  HI.  (7)  Amos.  m.  Maria  Wright  Lived 
in  New  York  City. 

7.  ii.    Joseph,  b.  1778. 

iii.  Gkrshom,  b.  August  28,  1780,  removed  to  Baltimore,  Md.  He  was 
a  printer,  m.  Elizabeth  Huske.  His  name  was  changed  to  John 
R.  Fletcher.  He  d.  Feb.  22, 1828.  One  dau.  d.  young,  and  dau. 
Eleanora.    m.  Henry  Powell 

8.  iv.    Nathan,  b.  1788. 

V.  Samukl,  b.  July  81,  1785.  Dartmouth  College,  1810.  He  was 
principal  of  Gilmanton  Academy  two  years,  and  read  law  with 
Samuel  Green,  of  Concord,  where  he  opened  an  office  in  1815,  and 
was  in  successful  practice  until  1841,  when  he  was  appointed 
treasurer  of  the  Theological  Seminary,  and  removed  to  Andover, 
Mass.  He  returned  to  Concord,  1850,  and  d.  there  Oct.  28, 1858. 
He  m.  Nancy  Boardnmn,  of  South  Reading,  Mass.,  who  d.  Oct. 
28,  1842.     He  m.  second,  Feb.  18,  1847,  Mrs.  Hannah  C.  Briggs. 

vi.  William  Aba,  b.  June  26,  1788.  He  was  a  merchant  in  Boston 
a  few  years,  but  he  relinquished  mercantile  pursuits,  and  studied 
law.  He  lived  in  Detroit  and  Ann  Arbor,  Mich.  He  was  one  of 
the  commission  to  revise  and  codify  the  laws  of  Michigan,  and 
was  chief  justice  of  the  superior  court.  He  m.  1822,  Gertrude 
Hamilton.     He  d.  Ann  Arbor,  Sept.  10,  1852. 

vii.  Amos,  b.  July  13,  1790.  m.  1817,  Abigail  Gale,  who  d.  1820.  He 
ro.  second,  1830,  Sally  Gould,  b.  Oct.  19, 1799,  dau.  of  Samuel  and 
Rath  (Towne)  Gould,  of  Middleton,  Mass.  He  was  a  farmer  of 
Middleton,  Mass.,  where  he  d.  April  4, 1861.  Seven  children :  (1) 
Abigail,  b.  Sept.  14,  1817.  m.  1840,  T.  D.  Taylor,  of  South 
Danvers,  Mass.  (2)  Amos,  b.  Jan.  6,  1820.  m.  1844,  Hannah 
Tuttle.  Lived  in  Sangus,  Mass.  (3)  Joseph,  b.  August  4, 1824. 
ro.  April  10, 1847,  Eunice  G.  Peabody.  Res.  Danvers,  Mass.  (4) 
Sarah  J.,  b.  May  17,  1833.  m.  Oct  31,  1854,  J.  B.  Putney,  of 
Danvers,  Mass.  (5)  Martha  Ellen,  b.  March  31, 1835.  d.  August, 
1835.  (6)  Samuel  Augustus,  b.  July  13, 1836.  Res.  Middleton, 
Mass.     (7)  Horace  Joshua,  b.  Sept.  6, 1839.    d.  Sept.  0, 1840. 


yiii.  Sarah,  b.  Jan.  26,  1703.  m.  March  4, 1817,  Joahoa  Pillsbary,  b. 
Di*acut,  Mass.,  March  81,  1780,  son  of  Joshua  and  Elizabeth 
(Sawyer)  PilUbnry.  He  d.  Canaan,  Oct  10, 1858.  She  d.  Oct  30, 
ix.  Danikl  II.,  b.  Dec.  7, 1708.  He  lived  in  Concord,  and  was  a  builder 
and  contractor.  He  built  the  Rumford  school  house,  and  was 
engaged  in  the  construction  of  the  South  Cong^regational  church 
edifice.  He  m.  Blisa  M.  Swaine,  who  d.  Prattsville,  Ala.,  Nov. 
22, 1881.  He  d.  Concord,  March  10,  1864.  Ten  children.  (1) 
Edward  H.,  b.  Jan.  26,  1827.  (2)  George  S.,  b.  August  8, 1828. 
(3)  Maria,  b.  Sept.  10, 1830.  m.  Calvin  Clifford  Webster,  b.  Nov. 
8,  1827,  son  of  Josiah  Webster.  He  is  a  grocer  of  Concord.  She 
d.  Sept  27,  1877.  (4)  Emily  R.,  b.  April  2,  1882.  m.  Charles 
Virgin,  of  Concord.  (6)  WiUiam  A.,  b.  Feb.  26, 1834.  d.  Oct  23, 
1835.  (6)  Anna,  b.  Jan.  4, 1887.  d.  1830.  (7)  WiUiam  A.,  b. 
March  7, 1830.  d.  Concord,  May  10, 1871.  (8)  Ellen  A.,  b.  April 
18,  1841.  (0)  Harriet,  b.  Sept  28,  1834.  d.  August  10,  1845. 
(10)  Charles  S.,  b.  Jan.  18,  1846.  d.  Jacksonville,  Fla.,  Feb.  1, 

7.  Joseph  Fletcher,  son  of  Joshua*,  b.  1778,  lived  in  Bridge- 
water,  Plymouth,  1811-1819,  and  in  Campton,  where  he  d.  Jan.  25, 
1824  He  m.  Dec.  29,  1802,  Betsey  Webster,  dau.  of  Stephen 
Webster  (see). 

i.    Betskt  W.,  b.  1803.    m.  David  Cheney,  of  Groton. 

ii.    Arthur,    d.  in  infancy,  July  20,  1805. 

iii.    Hannah  D.,  b.  1806.    d.  unm.  Concord,  Jan.  21,  1816. 

iy.    Joseph  W.,  b.  March  8, 1800.    Lost  at  sea. 

T.  MooRK  Russell,  b.  Jan.  17,  1811.  He  was  a  physician.  He 
practised  his  profession  in  Concord,  1845-1850,  in  New  Brunswick, 
and  in  Cambridge,  Mass.  He  m.  1840,  Anne  Catharine  Allaushaw. 
He  invented  the  **  Fletcher  Truss." 

vi.    Ruth  W.,  b.  Feb.  8, 1818.    d.  num.  Andover,  Mass.,  18^14. 

yii.    Sarah  B.,  b.  1814.    m.  Stephen  B.  Clough,  of  Lowell,  Mass. 
Tiii.    William  W.,  was  a  dentist  in  Concord  from  1847  to  1885,  when  he 
removed  to  Philadelphia,  Pa.    He  was  appointed  fish  commis- 
sioner, 1874. 

ix.    Charles,  b.  1810.    d.  Nov.  5, 1835. 

X.  George  W.,  b.  1821.  m.  Hannah  K.  Avery.  He  lived  in  Rumney 
and  was  a  representative  and  town  officer. 

8.  Nathan  Fletcher,  son  of  Dea.  Joshua  ^  b.  1783.  Was  a  sub- 
stantial citizen  of  Bridge  water,  a  deacon,  representative,  selectman,  and 
foremost  in  town  affairs.    He  m.  Jan.  26,  1809,  Nancy  Pillsbury, 


b.  Oct.  21,  1784,  dau.  of  Moses  and  Anna  (Hoyt)  Pillsbury,  of 
Amesbury,  Mass.,  and  Bridgewater.    He  d.  Dec.  8, 1865. 

i.  Ctrub,  b.  Jan.  26, 1810.  m.  Deo.  14, 1835,  Mary  L.  Sleeper.  Res.  in 
Bridgewater  until  1853,  when  he  remoTed  to  Manchester,  where  he 
d.  Sept.  10, 1855.    One  son,  Arthur  Francis. 

ii.  Arthur,  b.  Oct.  1, 1811.  Tale,  1836.  He  read  law  with  his  uncle, 
Samuel  Fletcher,  at  Concord,  and  practised  in  Concord,  diyiding 
his  time  between  his  chosen  profession  and  banking.  He  was  a 
learned  lawyer  and  a  worthy  citixen.  He  m.  August  1,  1848, 
Maria  Minot,  b.  Bristol,  April  27,  1825,  dan.  of  Capt  James 
Minot.  He  d.  Feb.  10, 1885. 
iii.    Julia  A.,  b.  1816.    d.  Oct.  0, 1842. 

iv.    Arvilla  G.,  b.  Jan.,  1810.    m.  Charles  M.  Barnard  (see). 

T.  Samurl  W.,  b.  Dec.  24,  1820.  m.  June  20,  1853,  Mary  J.  Cum- 
mings,  b.  Oct.  27,  1834,  dau.  of  Caleb  and  Susao  (Spalding) 
Cummings,  of  Holdemess.  She  d.  Sept.  7,  1866.  He  m.  second, 
July  17,  1867,  Mrs.  Mary  T.  Smith.  He  was  a  machinist.  Res. 
Holdemess.    d.  Ashland. 

9.  Samuel  Fletcher,  son  of  William'  and  Lydia  (Bates)  Fletcher, 
b.  July  23, 1664.  Admitted  freeman,  March  11, 1689.  He  was  three 
times  married. 

10.  William  Fletcher,  son  of  Samuel*,  lived  in  Chelmsford. 

11.  Amos  Fletcher,  son  of  William  '<>,  b.  July  11, 1717.  m.  Sept 
3,  1741,  Mary  Perham.  He  lived  in  Westford.  He  was  a  captain 
and  town  clerk. 

12.  Amos  Fletcher,  son  of  Amos^S  b.  June  25,  1755.  m. 
Rebecca  Prescott  He  was  a  deacon  of  the  Baptist  church  of 

13.  Abel  Fletcher,  son  of  Amos  w,  b.  Westford,  July  4,  1782. 
He   m.  Betsey  Oilman.    About   1806   he  settled    iu  Bridgewater. 

They  had  nine  children.  Of  these  Eliza,  b.  1820,  m. Elliot,  and 

d.  in  Plymouth,  March  7, 1901. 

14.  Samuel  Oilman  Fletcher,  son  of  Abel  *•,  b.  August  27, 1804. 
Lived  in  Bridgewater,  where  he  d.  1888.  He  m.  Lydia  Prescott,  b. 
April  4, 1804,  dau.  of  Joseph  and  Lydia  (Worthen)  Prescott  She  d. 
Feb.  18,  1828.  m.  second,  June  21, 1830,  Dorothy  Prescott,  b.  March 
9,  1806,  a  sister  of  Lydia.  She  d.  Nov.  10,  1853.  m.  third,  Mary 
Fletcher,    m.  fourth,  Sarah  Prime. 

15.  Samuel  Prescott  Fletcher,  son  of  Samuel  Oilman^*,  b. 
Bridgewater,  Feb.  13,  1828.  m.  July  3,  1850,  Lydia  A.  Morrill,  b. 
Groton,  May  8,  1831,  daiu  of  John  Morrill.    She  d.  in  Plymouth, 

vou.  II.  — 18 

274  FLBTOUBB  —  FOGG. 

Sept  12,  1870.  He  m.  second,  August  19,  1871,  Betsey  Jane 
Webster,  dau.  of  William  Webster  (see).  He  removed  from  Groton, 
to  Plymouth,  1868. 

i.  John  Gill,  b.  June  16,  1862.  m.  Jan.  21,  1876,  Sarah  £.  Morse, 
dan.  of  Elbridge  Gerry  Morse  (see).  Glove  manafactuier.  One 
child  :   (1)  Fred  Elbridge,  b.  July  0, 1877. 

ii.  Orrin  William,  b.  Oct.  2,  1856.  m.  Jan.  13,  1878,  Henrietta 
J.  Barnard,  dau.  of  Charles  M.  Barnard  (see).  He  is  a  success- 
ful farmer  of  Plymouth.  Selectman,  1002.  (1)  Herbert  L., 
b.  Dec  16, 1878.  (2)  Amy  Lillian,  b.  March  9,  1880.  (3)  Frank 
Pearl,  b.  April  4, 1882.  Plymouth  High  School,  1900 ;  Wesleyan 
University,  1904.    (4)  Chester  Arthur,  b.  July  6, 1884. 

iii.    Hkrman  Morrill,  b.  July  28, 1861.    d.  Feb.  17,  1804. 

iv.  Charles  Herman,  b.  Plymouth,  Jan.  26,  1867.  m.  May  12, 1897. 
Sarah  Victoria  Smith,  b.  May  19,  1872,  dau.  of  Solomon  Andrew 
Smith  (see).  Res.  in  West  Plymouth,  on  farm  formerly  occupied 
by  his  father.     (1)  Herman  Russell,  b.  April  6, 1898. 

V.    Myron  Hknrt,  b.  Dec.  17,  1876.     Res.  Plymouth. 

vi.    Frank  Webstbr,  b.  Sept.  22, 1877.    d.  Nov.  17, 1877. 

16.  George  F.  Fletcher,  son  of  Samuel  Oilman  i*,  and  Dorothy 
(Prescott)  Fletcher,  b.  Bridgewater,  April  10,  1838.  m.  May  17, 
1860,  Annina  Jane  Currier,  dau.  of  Aaron  Currier  (see).  Bes.  Bridge- 
water.     He  d.  August  19, 1894. 

i.  Mart  Annah,  b.  July  14, 1861.    d.  Dec.  27, 1864. 

ii.  Wyman  Scott,  b.  May  18, 1868. 

iii.  Samuel  Shbrhan,  b.  Oct  17, 1865. 

iv.  Laura  Currier,  b.  May  8, 1873.    d.  May  12,  1874. 


1.  David  Fogg,  son  of  Samuel,  b.  Tittsfield,  1790.  m.  1827, 
Emily  Dorr,  and  removed  from  Pittsfield  to  Holderness,  res.  in 
the  part  now  Ashland,  where  he  d.  1876.  She  d.  New  Hampton, 

a.  David  Henry  Greek  Fogg,  b.  Oct  1,  1828.  m.  Emcline 
Worthen,  dau,  of  Ephraim  Worthen  (see).  He  lived  in  Ashland, 
where  he  d.  Sept  16, 1882-    She  res.  in  Ashland. 

3.  Livingston  David  Fogg,  son  of  David  H.  G.  \  b.  Ashland,  March 
3,  1861.  m.  May  23,  1890,  Clara  Ann  Lougee,  widow  of  Charles 
Franklin  Lougee  (see).  She  res.  in  Plymouth  after  1880.  She  d. 
in  a  hospital  in  Lowell,  Feb.  10,  1897.    He  removed  to  Plymouth, 

FOGG  —  FOBSBY  —  F088.  276 

1883.    Has  been  engaged  several  years  in  the  coal  business  and  is 
now  agent  of  the  Plymouth  Water  Works, 


1.  George  Aaron  Forsey,  son  of  Aaron  George  and  Frances 
(Rose)  Forsey,  b.  Grand  Bank,  Newfoundland,  July  9, 1865.  m.  Feb. 
13, 1896,  Selina  Forsey,  b.  Feb.  14, 1874,  dau.  of  John  and  Anna  Rose 
(Hickman)  Forsey.  He  first  came  to  New  England,  1893,  and  has 
res.  in  Plymouth  since  1898.    He  is  a  fence  builder  for  B.  &  M.  RR 

i.    Aaron  Groror,  b.  Dec.  27, 1896. 
ii.    Annir  Rosr,  b.  Sept  10,  1809. 


1.  Moses  Foss  was  one  of  the  pioneers  in  the  settlement  of 
Thornton.  He  was  one  of  the  selectmen,  and  in  the  Revolution  he 
served  in  Capt  John  House's  company.  Col.  Baldwin's  regiment,  which 
was  raised  to  reinforce  the  main  army  in  New  York.  The  r^ment 
was  engaged  at  Stony  Point  and  was  in  service  from  Sept,  1776,  to 
Feb.,  1777. 

2.  Moses  Foss,  son  of  Moses  ^  b.  March  12, 1782.  He  was  one 
of  the  proprietors  of  a  tract  of  land  known  as  Gillis  and  Foss'  Grant, 
and  which,  with  other  territory,  was  incorporated  in  Waterville,  July 
1,  1829.  The  land  was  acquired  of  the  State,  1818,  by  purchase, 
and  the  conveyance  was  by  an  act  of  the  legislature.  He  settled  on 
the  purchase  about  1820,  and  was  one  of  the  pioneers  in  that  rugged 
section  of  the  State.  He  was  a  justice  of  the  peace,  of  fair  attain- 
ments, and  a  leader  in  the  settlement  His  hop-fields  and  his  autumn 
journey  to  Boston  to  sell  the  yearly  product  are  among  the  annals  of 
a  mountain  hamlet  He  m.  Sally  Treadwell,  of  Ipswich,  Mass.  He 
removed  late  in  life  from  Waterville  to  Thornton,  where  he  d.  Dec.  11, 
1863.    She  d.  March  4, 1853. 

3.  Gkorge  Foss,  the  sixth  of  the  eight  children  of  Moses  ^  b. 
Waterville,  Jan.  26, 1823.  He  was  a  school  teacher  a  few  years,  and 
was  proprietor  of  the  "  Brook  Farm,"  in  Thornton.  Later  he  res.  in 
Concord  and  in  Campton,  where  he  d.  Feb.  2, 1887.  He  m.  July  3, 
1848,  Deborah  Snow  Bryant,  b.  Oct  24,  1821,  dau.  of  Asa  Bryant 
She  d.  Jan.  30, 1885. 

4.  George  Bryant  Foss,  son  of  George  ^  b.  Concord,  Feb.  16, 
1856.    m.  August  14,  1881,  Lavinia  Estella  Melven,  dau.  of  Noah 

276  FOBS— F08TBB. 

Daniel  Melven  (see).    He  res.  in  Thornton  and  Campion  until  1896, 
when  he  removed  to  Plymouth.    He  is  a  travelling  salesman. 

L  Guy  Mklvkn,  b.  April  20, 1882. 

ii.  Gborob  Lkslib,  b.  Oct.  16, 1885.    Plymouth  High  School,  1003. 

iii.  Noah  Stlvrster,  b.  May  15, 1889. 

iy.  Hugh,  b.  July  7, 1806. 


1.  Reginald  Foster,  with  wife  Judith  and  seven  children,  settled 
in  Ipswich  about  1638.  His  wife  d.  and  he  m.  second,  Sarah  Martin, 
widow  of  John  Martin. .  He  d.  1681,  and  she  m.  third,  William 
White,  of  Haverhill. 

2.  Bbginald  Foster,  son  of  Beginald^  b.  1636.  m.  Elizabeth 
Dane,  dau.  of  John  Dane.  He  d.  in  Ipswich,  Dec.  28,  1707.  Twelve 

3.  John  Foster,  son  of  Reginald  ',  b.  July  15, 1664.    He  m.  Mary 

,  and  lived  in  the  part  of  Ipswich  known  as  Chebacco,  now 

Essex.    He  d.  Dec.  9,  1736.    Six  children. 

4.  MosBS  Foster,  son  of  John  ^  b.  1697.  m.  Mary  Rust,  dau.  of 
Nathaniel  Rust  She  d.  May  2,  1732,  and  he  m.  second,  Jan.  18, 
1732/3,  Mary  Blodgett ;  m.  third,  Ann  Varney,  who  d.  Feb.  21, 
1787.    He  d.  Sept  27, 1785. 

5.  Aaron  Foster,  son  of  Moses  ^,  b.  1723.  m.  Mary  Lowe.  He 
also  lived  in  Chebacco  parish,  now  Essex,  Mass. 

6.  Zebulon  Foster,  son  of  Aaron  ^  b.  August  2, 1766.  m.  Nov. 
30, 1794,  Polly  Story,  b.  August  3, 1770,  dau.  of  WUliam  Story.  He 
removed,  1814,  to  Henniker,  where  he  d.  Dec.  16,  1849.  She  d. 
August  3, 1851.    Eight  children. 

7.  Jerbmiau  Foster,  son  of  Zebulon  %  b.  Essex,  Mass.,  June  22, 
1805,  lived  in  Henniker.  He  m.  Jan.  24,  1833,  Adaline  Rice,  b. 
Henniker,  Oct  10,  1810,  dau.  of  Jacob  and  Lovisa  (Howe)  Rice. 
She  d.  Sept  7,1863.  m.  second,  April  23,  1864,  Martha  B.  Huntoon. 
He  was  a  captain,  selectman,  and  prominent  in  town  affairs. 

8.  Jacob  Rice  Foster,  son  of  Capt  Jeremiah  ^  b.  Henniker,  Feb. 
4,  1834.  m.  April  30,  1867,  Georgie  Nash,  of  Somersworth ;  m. 
second,  1874,  Mary  Nash.  In  early  life  he  was  a  machinist,  learning 
his  trade  in  the  locomotive  works  at  Manchester.  He  enlisted  March 
30,  1863,  in  the  2d  Brigade  Band,  which  was  enlisted  under 
general  orders.    He  was  discharged  Oct  19,  1863.    He  was  subse- 

F08TBB.  277 

quenily  engaged  in  the  mannfocture  of  shoe  p^s.  Bes.  at  Somers- 
worth,  Fryeburg,  Me.,  and  Shelburne  Falls,  Mass.  He  is  a  man  of 
commanding  energy  and  ability  and  is  respected  and  esteemed  by  all 
who  know  him. 

9.  Edwin  Joseph  Foster,  son  of  Jacob  R.^  b.  Somersworth, 
March  19, 1868.  He  m.  May  26, 1897,  Mabel  Louise  Jenks,  dan.  of 
€leorge  Washington  Jenks,  of  Shelburne  Falls,  Mass.,  and  removed  to 
Plymouth  in  the  summer  of  1898.  He  is  manager  and  accountant 
of  the  J.  R  Foster  peg  factory. 

i.    Mariok,  b.  Shelbame  Falls,  Mass.,  J«ly  10, 1899. 

10.  George  Bioe  Foster,  son  of  Jacob  R',b.  Somersworth,  May 
12,  1869.  Came  to  Plymouth  1898,  and  is  now  resident  here.  He  is 
superintendent  of  the  peg  factory. 


1.  Samuel  Foster,  b.  Pelham,  Oct  22,  1803.  m.  1829,  Mary 
Sawyer,  b.  Qroton,  1811,  dau.  of  Jonas  and  Polly  (Bailey)  Sawyer. 
She  d.  Rumney,  April  9,  1853.  He  m.  second,  Nov.  1,  1855, 
Phebe  Jane  Morrison,  b.  March  13, 1824,  dau.  of  David  and  Betsey 
(Lovejoy)  Morrison,  of  Rumney.  He  removed,  1855,  to  Plymouth. 
He  was  a  carpenter,  res.  immediately  north  of  the  village  and 
east  of  the  railroad.  He  d.  August  19, 1880,  buried  at  Wentworth. 
She  d.  Nov.  27, 1887.  Trinity  Cemetery.  Six  children  by  first  and 
four  by  second  marriage. 

i.    Danikl  Atwood,  b.  1831.    m.  1855,  Naney  K.  BfoUios,  b.  Haver- 
hill, Sept   11,  1882,  dau.  of  Richard  and    Lydia  W.  (Doyle) 
Rollins.    He  was  a  farmer  in  Wentworth,  where  he  d.  1898. 
ii.    RuFUS,  b.  1882.    m.  Mary  Aon  Avery,  of  Thornton.    He  was 
master  hridge  builder,  B.,  G.  &  M.  R.R., succeeding  his  brother-in- 
law,  Hiram  W.  Merrill.    He  d.  March  17, 1878  ;  buried  Trinity 
Cemetery.    He  built  a  bridge  over  Baker's  River  about  1876. 
iii.    Mart  Emblinb,  b.  Jan.  20, 1835.    m.  Hiram  W.  Merrill  (see), 
iy.    William  Alva,  b.  1886.    m.  Judith  Libbey,  of  Warren.    Lived  in 

Warren  and  Wentworth. 
T.    Maktha  Augusta,  b.  1840. 
Ti.    Amos  Fipkr,  b.  1844. 

yii.    Mart  S.,  b.  Oct  6, 1857.    m.  June  12, 1870,  Frank  O.  Sargent,  son 
of  Abel  and  Lucinda  (French)  Sargent.    She  d.  at  Andover,  Mass. , 
Sept.  10, 1884. 
viii.    Elizadbth  B.,  b.  July  19, 1860.    m.  Henry  W.  Reed  (see), 
iz.    John  S.,  b.  Jaly  12, 1868.    d.  August  8,  1864. 
X.    Carolimb  I.,  b.  Jan.  26, 1869.    m.  Henry  W.  Reed  (see). 

278  FOWLBB  —  FOX  — FBBKMAN. 


1.  Abneb  Fowlkr,  son  of  Abraham  and  Nancy  (Hodgdon)  Fowler, 
b.  Hill,  March  7, 1827.  m.  Dea  3, 1850,  Hannah  DoUoff,  b.  Bridge- 
water,  Jan.  6, 1831,  dau.  of  Levi  and  lloxy  (Locke)  DoUoff.  lie  was 
a  farmer  and  lived  in  Hill  until  1859,  when  he  removed  to  Plymouth. 
In  1862  he  removed  to  Bridgewater  and  was  a  selectman  several 
years  and  representative  1869  and  1870.  From  Bridgewater  he 
removed  1874  to  Bristol,  where  he  d.  March  31, 1889.    No  children. 

2.  Abkeb  Fowler  was  taxed  in  Plymouth,  1832  and  1833. 
8.  John  Fowler  was  taxed  in  Plymouth,  1851  and  1853. 


1.  Benaijah  Fox,  son  of  Isaac  Fox,  of  Oampton,  b.  Jan.  20, 1769. 
Was  the  first  male  child  born  in  Campton.  The  parents  were  from 
Connecticut.    He  m.  1792,  Martha  Plummer,  b.  Oct  2,  1766. 

2.  Benjamin  Fox,  son  of  Benaijah  \  b.  Campton,  March  4, 1797. 
m.  April  22,  1830,  Eleanor  B.  Eowe  and  settled  in  Woodstock.  He 
was  a  deacon  of  the  Baptist  church  and  a  respected  citizen.  He  d- 
April  5, 1870. 

3.  Plummer  Fox,  son  of  Dea.  Benjamin  ',  b.  Woodstock,  July  17, 
1838.  Came  to  Plymouth,  1859.  He  was  a  clerk  three  years  for 
Webster,  Bussell  &  Co.,  and  1862,  in  company  with  John  Mason, 
he  opened  a  store  in  the  building  formerly  occupied  by  Benjamin 
B.  Dearborn.  In  1877  the  firm  became  Fox  &  Dearborn.  This 
partnership  was  dissolved,  1879,  and  Mr.  Fox  has  continued  in  trade 
until  the  present  time.  The  building  was  burned,  1895,  and  was 
succeeded  by  the  present  brick  block.  He  has  honorably  filled 
a  prominent  position  among  the  business  men  of  Plymouth  and  in 
civil  affairs.  He  was  a  selectman,  1882,  1883,  1901,  1903.  Ho  m. 
August  15,  1867,  Charlotte  Dearborn,  dau.  of  Benjamin  B.  Dearborn 
(see).    Two  children. 

i.    Grorqk  Albkrt,  b.  July  25,  1873.  Plymouth  High  Soliool,  1801. 

He  has  made  a  study  of  uiusic.     He  is  proprietor  of  a  music  store, 

Albany,  N.  Y.    lie  m.  Florence  Adele  Atwood.     (1)  Dearborn, 

b.  July  15,  1902. 
ii.    Elizaiirtu,  b.  June  10, 1877.  Plymouth  High  School,  1803;  Wheaton 

Seminary,  1806,  and  has  pursued  a  special  courae  in  music. 


1.  William  Perry  Freeman,  son  of  Asa  and  Elizabeth  (Perry) 
Freeman,  b.  Boston,  Mass.,  April  1,  1868.    He  is  a  brother  of  Mrs. 

FRSBMAN  —  FRENCH  •  279 

John  Keniston.  He  came  to  Plymouth,  1889.  He  has  been  a  clerk 
two  years  for  W.  G.  Hull,  in  Livermore,  two  years  for  J.  K  Heniy, 
in  Lincoln,  and  was  clerk  in  the  store  of  G.  H.  Corliss  &  Co.  Now 
employed  by  Dmper  &  Maynard  Co,  He  m.  Sept.  3,  1891,  Fannie 
Emma  Sherwell,  dau.  of  Frank  P.  Sherwell  (see), 
i.    Harold  Ctril,  b.  Jan.  6, 1804. 


1.  LiKUT.  MosKS  French,  b.  1755.  m.  Haverhill,  Mass.,  Nov.  12, 
1778,  Mary  Ilazeltine,  b.  1757.  He  removed  from  Atkinson  to  Ply- 
mouth, 1781.  He  was  a  blacksmith,  and  lived  on  the  site  of  the 
Cushman  house  in  tlie  village.  He  d.  July  29, 1827.  She  d.  Dec.  10, 
1829.  The  oldest  son  was  born  in  Atkinson ;  the  other  children  were 
bom  in  Plymouth. 

i.    Moses,  b.  May  6, 1780.    d.  Plymouth,  onra.,  Nov.  18, 1804. 
li.    Mary,  b.  Oct.  6,  1782.    m.  Samuel  Whidden,  of  Deny.    He  d. 

Oct.  24,  1847.    She  d.  Dec.  26,  1864.     Several  children, 
ill.    Hannah  K.,  b.  Oct.  2, 1784.    m.  May  14, 1800,  Joseph  Eaton,  of 

Groton,  Mass.    He  d.  Bradford,  Mass.,  April  14, 1844.    She  d. 

Pittsburg,  Pa. 
IV.    Jambs,  b.  Sept.  12, 1786.     d.  Plymouth,  unm.,  July  27, 1825. 

2.  V.    JonN,  b.  June  12,  1789. 

vi.     William,  b.  Sept  13, 1792.    d.  Plymouth,  unra. 
vii.     Rbrbcca,  b.  August  20,  1794.    d.  Plymouth,  unm.,  April  27,  1824. 
Till.    Sarah,  b.  June  12,  1797.    d.  Bradford,  Mass.,  unm.,  Not.  2, 1877. 
iz.    Abigail,  b.  Dec.  10,  1799.    m.  July  22, 1881,  William  McDermid, 
of  Thornton.     They  were  published  in  Plymouth,  Not.  1, 1829. 
Lived  in  HaTcrhill,  Mass.,  where  he  d.  March  27, 1835.    She  d. 
July  29,  1863. 

2.  John  French,  son  of  Lieut  Moses  ^  b.  Plymouth,  June  12, 1789. 
m.  Susan  Ames.  He  was  a  blacksmith  in  Plymouth,  where  he  d. 
May  4,  1830.  She  d.  in  Chelsea,  Mass.,  1872.  Five  children  b.  in 

i.    Laura,  b.  Nov.  10, 1816. 

ii.    IsADRLLA,  b.  August  16,  1818. 

iii.    Moses,  b.  April  11, 1820. 

iv.     Elizadrth,  b.  June  20,  1822. 

y.    Caroline,  b.  March  20, 1826. 


1.  GKOuaPi  Pakkeu  French,  son  of  Amos  P.  Fi-ench,  of  Kumney. 
b.  Kumney,  Feb.  13,  1840.    lie  m.  March  10, 1871,  Ellen  Webster 

280  FBBNCH. 

Fletcher,  dau.  of  (George  W.  Fletcher.  He  attended  the  Newbury, 
Vt,  Seminary  and  New  London  Academy,  and  was  school  committee 
of  Bumney.  He  removed  to  Plymouth,  1894,  and  engaged  in  the 
manufacture  of  gloves.    He  d.  June  16,  1896. 

i.    AuoB  Elizabkth,  b.  Feb.  17, 1878. 
IL    Joseph  Gboros,  b.  July  2, 1881. 


1.  Hiram  Fifisld  French,  son  of  Capt  Nathaniel  and  Phebe 
Wells  French,  and  grandson  of  Joseph  IVench,  b.  Salisbury,  1822. 
m.  April  10, 1843,  Dorothy  Famum,  b.  Salisbury,  Dec.  24, 1820,  dau. 
of  John  Famum,  of  Concord  and  Salisbury.  He  removed  to  Andover, 
where  he  d.  Their  dau.  Nellie  Dorothy,  b.  Salisbury,  Nov.  14, 1855, 
m.  Gleoi:^  H.  Harris,  Jr.  (see). 

2.  Willis  E.  French,  son  of  Hiram  F.^  b.  1860.  m.  Dec.  13, 
1883,  Carrie  M.  Edmonds,  dau«  of  George  E.  Edmonds  (see).  He 
came  to  Plymouth,  1883,  and  was  a  travelling  salesman  representing 
Draper,  Maynard  &  Ga  He  d.  Oct  23,  1895.  She  res.  in  Ply- 

i.    Harbt  FiriBLD,  b.  Nov.  7,  1886.    Plymoutti  High  Sohool,  1004. 
ii.    Roger  Lbk,  b.  Mareh  28, 1898. 


1.  IiBUT.  JosKPH  Frbkch,  an  officer  in  the  Bevolution.  m.  Hul- 
dah  Clifford  and  removed  from  Kingston  to  Salisbury,  1775. 

2.  Samuel  French,  son  of  Lieut  Joseph  \  b.  Kingston,  March  25, 
1773.  lived  many  years  in  Salisbury.  He  m.  Nov.  3, 1795,  Hannah 
Selley,  dau.  of  Dea.  Moses  Selley,  who  d.  Nov.  22,  1804.  He  m. 
second,  Mrs.  Abigail  Wiggin.  He  lived  several  years  in  Salisbury, 
removing  to  Plymouth,  1834.  He  d.  in  Plymouth,  March  7,  1842. 
She  d.  Nov.  5, 1857,  aged  81. 

3.  Jonathan  French,  son  of  Samuel  ^  b.  Salisbury,  Feb.  7, 1812. 
Came  to  Plymouth  with  his  father,  1834.  He  was  a  farmer,  living 
near  Caleb  L  Clay.  I  find  no  record  of  his  first  marriage.  His  wife 
d.  Nov.  16, 1836,  leaving  two  sons  and  possibly  other  children.  He 
m.  second,  April,  1838,  Sarah  F.  Morrill,  b.  Bridgewater,  Jan.  5, 1818, 
dau.  of  Parker  MorrilL    He  d.  May  25, 1872.     She  d.  Oct  10, 1875. 

i.    Jonathan. 
ii.    Samuel,  b.  1884.    Was  taxed  1865  and  1856. 

FBBNCH  — GABLAND.  '    281 

iii.  Asa  Pingrbt,  b.  May  7, 1839.  id.  June  2, 1857,  Irena  F.  Wether* 
ell,  of  Effingham.  He  lived  in  Effingham  from  1857  to  1866,  and 
in  Plymoath  from  1866  to  1876.  He  enlisted  from  Effingham  in 
8d  N.  H.  Infantry;  discharged  Biay  8,  1862,  and  is  now  an  in- 
mate of  Soldiers'  Home,  at  Togas,  Me.    One  son. 

iv,  JosiAH  QuiNCT,  b.  Feb.  19, 1842.  m.  April,  1865,  Mary  Jane  Sel- 
lingham,  dan.  of  Jacob  Sellingham  (see).  He  was  a  farmer  and 
a  leather  dresser  in  Plymoath,  liring  on  Ward  hilL  He  d. 
Aagnst  27, 1867.    She  m.  second,  Foster  S.  Batchelder  (see). 

T.     Anna  M.,  b.  Jan.  27, 1845.    m.  Cyras  Warren  Heath  (see). 

Ti.    Clara  M.,  b.  Jan.  12, 1848.    m.  Frank  E.  Flanders  (see). 


1.  Peter  Garland,  a  mariner,  was  an  inhabitant  of  Charlestown, 
1637,  and  had  a  grant  of  five  acres  Mystic  side.  It  is  a  tradition  that 
be  died  on  a  voyage. 

2.  John  Garland,  son  of  Peter  ^  b.  England,  1620,  settled  in 
Hampton,  1653,  or  earlier.  He  m.  Oct  26, 1662,  Elizabeth  Chapman. 
He  m.  second,  1654,  Elizabeth  (Pliilbrick)  Cihase,  dau.  of  Thomas 
Pliilbrick  and  widow  of  Thomas  Chase,  of  Hampton.  He  d.  Jan. 
4, 1671/2,  "aged  about  50  years."  Children  were  John,  Jacob,  and 
Peter,  all  under  age,  1671. 

S.  Peter  Garland,  son  of  John  ',  b.  Nov.  25, 1659.  Lived  on  the 
paternal  estate.  He  owned  a  sloop  which  he  sailed  between  Hamp- 
ton and  Boston.    He  m.  Elizabeth ,  who  d.  Feb.  19,  1688. 

He  m.  second,  Sarah  Taylor,  dau.  of  John  Taylor.    He  d.  before  1708, 
when  his  widow  Sarah  m.  Dea.  Samuel  Dow. 

4.  Jonathan  Garland,  son  of  Peter',  b.  Oct  28, 1689.  He  was 
a  tanner  and  leather  dresser  of  Hampton.  Selectman  several  years 
from  1727  to  1746.  He  m.  Oct.  21, 1714,  Eachel  Dow,  b.  Sept  20, 
1695,  dau.  of  Dea.  Samuel  and  Abigail  (Hobbs)  Dow.  He  d.  May 
11, 1760. 

5.  Lieut.  Jonathan  Garland,  son  of  Jonathan*,  b,  July  16,  l7l9. 
m.  Jan.  9, 1746,  Bethia  (Tuck)  Taylor,  b.  March  17, 1723,  dau.  Dea. 
Jonathan  and  Tubitha  (Towle)  Tuck,  and  widow  of  Anthony  Taylor. 
He  lived  in  Kensington  and  Hampton.  He  was  a  signer  of  the  As- 
sociation Test  and  an  officer  in  the  Revolution.    He  d.  May  1, 1786. 

6.  Jonathan  Garland,  son  of  Jonathan  ^  baptized  Sept  22, 1754. 
m.  Oct  20, 1777,  Huldah  Batchelder,  b.  May  10, 1759,  dau.  of  Capt 
Carter  and  Huldah  (Moulton)  Batchelder,  of  New  Hampton  and  San- 


bomtoD.  He  was  a  signer  of  the  Association  Test  He  res.  in  Hamp- 
ton and  Pittsfield.    He  was  killed  by  a  falling  tree,  March  10, 1812. 

7^  Jonathan  Gabland,  son  of  Jonathan*,  b.  Hampton,  1796.  He 
m.  1821,  Deborah  Goss,  dau.  of  Robert  Goss,  of  Hanover.  He  lived 
in  Holdemess  and  Gampton.  He  was  a  soldier  in  War  of  1812.  He 
d.  April  1, 1868.    Twelve  children. 

8.  Gborgk  Watson  Garland,  son  of  Jonathan  7,  b.  Holdemess, 
July  19, 1831,  and  lived  in  youth  in  Gampton.  He  settled  in  Thorn- 
ton and  was  engaged  in  farming  and  lumbering,  removing  to  Ply- 
mouth, 1870.  He  was  a  selectman  and  representative  of  Thornton. 
He  m.  Oct  9, 1854.  Sarah  Ann  Gilman,  b.  March  14, 1830,  dau.  of 
Jonathan  Gilman,  of  Thornton.  She  d.  July  6, 1859.  He  m.  second, 
Oct  1, 1860,  Lucinda  Avery,  b.  May  7, 1837,  dau.  of  Stephen  Aveiy, 
of  Gampton.  She  d.  July  26, 1863.  He  in,  third,  April  19, 1864,  Eliza 
Ann  Batchelder,  b.  Dec.  22, 1839,  dau.  of  Increase  and  Susan  (Hart) 
Batchelder.    One  child. 

i.  William  Russbll  Garland,  b.  Thornton,  March  22, 1865.  He  was 
edacated  in  the  sohoolfl  of  Plymouth,  Holdemess,  and  New  Hamp- 
ton, and  graduated  at  Medical  School,  Dartmouth  College,  1886. 
He  practised  his  profession  successfully  in  Gampton  until  1895, 
when  he  removed  to  Plymouth,  where  he  has  deservedly  won  the 
reputation  of  a  skilful  and  conscientious  physician.  He  m.  May 
19, 1886,  Sadie  Ardelle  Clough,  b.  Lyman,  March  15,  1864,  dau.  of 
James  Clough.  She  d.  Nov.  27, 1889.  He  m.  second,  Sept  2,  1890, 
Mollie  Amanda  Pillsbury,  b.  Rumney,  June  14, 1870,  dau.  of  Jasper 
Hill  Pillsbury.  Two  children  b.  Campton.  (1)  Mary  Blanche, 
b.  Nov.  6, 1888.  (2)  George  WiUiam,  b.  ApHl  16,  1892.  d.  Au- 
gust 81,  1901 


1.  Gideon  Geougb,  from  Yorkshii-o,  England,  with  wife  and  son 
Gideon,  sailed  for  Salem,  Mass.,  about  1680.  A  son  John  was  born 
during  the  ocean  voyage. 

2.  John  Gbokqe,  son  of  Gideon  ^  b.  upon  the  ocean  about  1680. 
m.  about  1700,  Ann  Swaddock,  and  lived  in  Haverhill,  Mass.  He 
was  one  of  the  petitioners  in  1711  for  a  school  house  in  the  north- 
easterly part  of  the  town.  He  was  drowned  while  attempting  to 
cross  the  Merrimack  Kiver  on  the  ice,  Feb.  27, 1715.  She  d.  Feb.  7, 
1763.  His  children  were:  John  Swaddock,  b.  Dec.  15,  1702. 
William,  b  June  27,  1705.  Augustin,  b.  Jan.  12,  1708.  Elizabeth, 
b.  Sept  20, 1710.    Gideon,  b.  May  27, 1712. 

GBOBGE.  288 

3.  Gideon  George,  son  of  John*,  b.  Haverliill,  May  27,  1712. 
m.  April  14, 1737,  Elizabeth  Jewett,  b.  Rowley,  Mass.,  June  18, 1716, 
dau.  of  Dea.  Daniel  and  Elizabeth  (Hopkinsou)  Jewett  He  lived  in 
Haverhill  and  in  Bradford,  Mass. 

4.  WiLLUM  George,  son  of  Gideon',  b.  Bradford,  Mass.,  Nov.  18, 
1737.  m.  May  26, 1763,  Ruth  Hastings,  b.  Haverhill,  Mass.,  August 
8, 1742,  dau.  of  Robert,  Jr.,  and  Ruth  (Saimders)  Hastings,  of  Haver- 
hill, Mass.  After  his  marriage  he  lived  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  about 
four  yeara  and  removed  to  Hampstead.  In  Dec,  1774,  he  was 
chosen  one  of  a  committee  of  inspection,  and  is  frequently  named  in 
the  records  of  Hampstead.  He  removed  from  Hampstead  to 
Plymouth  in  1777.  In  the  midst  of  a  large  and  fertile  farm  he 
built  n  log  house  on  the  plateau  southwest  of  the  present  residence 
of  Charles  W.  George,  and  subsequently  he  built  a  frame  house  on  the 
site  of  the  present  house  of  David  F.  Smith.  He  was  a  selectman 
four  years,  and  Dec.  21, 1784,  he  was  appointed  a  coroner  for  Grafton 
Co.  He  resigned  this  office  Dec.  13,  1792.  From  the  date 
of  this  appointment  he  was  styled  William  George,  Esq.,  but  he 
was  not  a  justice  of  the  peace.  He  was  a  prosperous  farmer  and 
a  respected  citizen.  His  wife  d.  June  1,  1809,  and  he  m.  second, 
Feb.  19,  1811,  Abigail,  dau.  of  Benjamin  Dearborn  (see).  She 
had  previously  m.  Peter  Hobart  (see),  Thomas  McCluer  (see),  and 
Rev.  Samuel  Currier  (see).  William  George  d.  Jan.  12,  1820. 
His  widow  d.  April  8,  1839.  Two  children  b.  HaverhiU,  Mass., 
five  Hampstead,  and  one  Plymouth. 

i.    Robert,  b.  April  14, 1764.    d.  young. 

5.  ii.    William,  b.  April  8,  1766. 

6.  iii.    RoDKRT,  b.  Jan.  6, 1768. 

7.  lY.    Kino,  b.  May  19,  1771. 

T.    Ruth,  b.  Oct.  7, 1772.    m.  Jonathan  Cammings  (see). 

8.  vi.    MosRS,  b.  August  18,  1774. 

tH.    Lkonard,  b.  Oct.  5,  1776.    d.  young. 
Till.    Betsby,  b.  1777.    m.  Thomas  Cook  (see). 

5.  William  Georgb,  son  of  William  ^  b.  Haverhill,  Mass.,  April  3, 
1766.  m.  in  Sandown,  March  2,  1789,  Eleanor  Fellows,  b.  1769. 
He  was  eleven  years  of  age  when  the  family  removed  to  Plymouth. 
He  was  a  farmer,  a  selectman,  and  a  worthy  citizen.  He  d.  Dec.  5, 
1824.  She  m.  second,  Daniel  Spooner,  who  lived  in  Plymouth 
after  1840,  and  here  d.  April  1, 1849.  She  d.  Feb.  4,  1849.  No 

284  QBOBGS. 

&  BoBBRT  George,  son  of  William  ^  b.  Hampstead,  Jan.  5, 1768. 
He  was  a  farmer  of  Plymouth.  He  built  the  house  at  South 
Plymouth  later  occupied  by  Jonathan  Clay.  He  m.  May  6,  1793, 
Sarah  Dearborn,  dau.  of  Samuel  Dearborn  (see).  He  d.  by  accident, 
1834  While  crossing  a  brook  upon  a  log  he  fell  and  was  drowned. 
His  widow  d.  Jan.  18, 1851.    Nine  children  h.  in  Plymouth. 

9.    L    GiDBOM,  b.  August  15, 1793. 

10.  ii.    Leonard,  b.  Sept  1, 1795. 

iiL    Clarissa,  b.  Not.  27, 1797.    m.  Aaron  Steams  (see). 

11.  iy.    Samuel  Dearborn,  b.  Jan.  28, 1800. 

12.  ▼.    Hiram,  b.  Not.  8, 1801. 

▼i.  Malvika,  b.  March  7, 1801.  unm.  d.  Plymouth,  Dec.  7, 1865. 
vii.  Moor  Russell,  b.  Aagost  1,  1807.  m.  Jane  Maria  Quinn.  He 
was  superintendent  of  a  shoe  factory  in  Philadelphia,  where  he  d. 
1848.  Seven  of  his  fifteen  children  sanrived  him. 
Tiii.  Mart  Ann,  b.  Nov.  2,  1812.  m.  Oct.,  1831,  Jeremiah  Merrill,  son 
of  Nathan  Merrill,  of  Romney.  He  d.  Rumney,  Oct.  80, 1851. 
She   d.    Concord,    Sept.    4,  1877.    Five    children   b.    Rumney. 

(1)  Byron    Gustavus,    b.    Oct.    8,    1882.    d.  April  21,  1838. 

(2)  Byron  Gustavus,  b.  April  21,  1834.  m.  June  23,  1856, 
Esther  J.  Houston,  dau.  of  Gilmore  Houston  (see).  She  d. 
Plymouth,  Sept.  7, 1861.  He  m.  second,  Martha  J.  Hall,  who  d. 
May  17,  1874.  He  lived  in  Franklin,  Fa.,  where  be  d.  May  12, 
1902.  Byron  Gustavus  and  Esther  J.  (Houston)  Merrill  left  one 
dau.,  Adalaide  Louisa  Merrill,  who  is  the  generous  donor  of  the 
Library  Building  in  Rumney,  and  she  has  been  a  benefactor  of 
the  Young  Men's  Christian  Association  of  Concord.  (3)  Mary 
Adalaide,  b.  May  10,  1838.  m.  Oliver  A.  Buzxell,  of  Ellsworth. 
Res.  Juniata,  Neb.  (4)  Jennie  Maria  Quinn,  b.  Sept  28,  1840. 
m.  Nov.  1, 1866,  Charles  Clark  Smart,  son  of  Richard  Smart  (see 
Brown  and  Greenough  Registers).  Res.  Rumney.  He  d.  Jan. 
8,  1900.  (5)  Henry  J.,  b.  August  1,  1850.  m.  Mary  F.  Rich. 
He  d.  Charlestown,  Mass.,  Sept.  14, 1884. 

ix.    Ruth,  b.  August  10, 1814.    unm.    d.  Plymouth,  April  10, 1858. 

7.  King  Gboegb,  son  of  William  *,  b.  Hampstead,  May  19,  1771. 
He  inherited  one-half  of  the  farm  of  his  father  and  built  the  house 
now  occupied  by  Mrs.  Solomon  Smith.  In  early  manhood  he  was 
a  school  teacher  in  Plymouth.  He  m.  Jan.  10,  1797,  Ruth  Eaton, 
b.  Plaistow,  Apiil  18,  1772,  dau.  of  Jonathan  and  Mehitable  (Page) 
Eaton  (see).  She  d.  AprU  12, 1837.  He  m.  second,  Jan.  22, 1838, 
Hannah  Eaton,  h.  Plaistow,  July  29, 1780,  a  sister  of  his  wife  Ruth. 
He  d.  in  Plymouth,  Oct  6,  1846.    His  widow  Hannah  lived  with 

GEORGE.  285 

ber  stepson  David  in  Wentworth,  and  d.  while  visiting  in  Plymouth, 
Oct  22,  1868.  Five  chUdren  by  first  wife  b.  in  Plymouth,  except 
William,  who  was  b.  in  Bridgewater. 

18.    i.    Eaton,  b.  Nov.  14, 1797. 

14.  ii.    William,  b.  May  15, 1801. 

ill.    Daniel,  b.  Jan.  23, 1804.    d.  Feb.  12, 1805. 

15.  iv.    David,  b.  April  18, 1808. 

16.  V.    Asa,  b.  Nov.  2, 1809. 

8.  MosRS  George,  son  of  William*,  b.  Hampstead,  August  18, 
1774.  Was  a  farmer  and  a  useful  townsman  of  Plymouth.  He 
inherited  one-half  of  his  father^s  farm,  and  built  the  house  now 
occupied  by  Charles  W.  George.  He  was  a  captain  in  the  militia, 
selectman,  1814,  1815,  1818,  1819,  1820,  1821.  He  m.  March  25, 
1800,  Susannah  Nevins,  dau.  of  William  Nevins  (see).  She  d. 
March  9,  1841.  He  m.  second,  Oct  28, 1845,  Phebe  (Cass)  TyrriU, 
b.  Epsom,  April,  1793,  dau.  of  Theophilus  Cass  and  widow  of 
Jeremiah  TyrriU,  of  Andover.  He  d.  August  27, 1849.  His  widow 
removed  to  Metlmen,  and  there  d.  August,  1871.  Six  children  b.  in 

i.    Matilda,  b.  Jan.  8, 1801.    unm.    d.  Sept  26, 1848. 

17.  ii.     Austin,  b.  Jan.  5,  1803. 

18.  iii.    Washington,  b.  Jaly  15, 1804. 

iv.    Harris,  b.  Feb.  6, 1807.    d.  March  18,  1807. 
y.    Amanda,  b.  May  26,  1810.    m.  Samuel  Noyes  (8ee). 
vi.    Elmira,  b.  Oct.  12,  1815.    m.  Noah  C.  Cuminings  (see). 

9.  Gideon  Gborge,  son  of  Bobert^  b.  August  15,  1793,  was 
a  carpenter,  cabinet-maker,  and  millwright  He  removed  from 
Plymouth,  1817,  and  worked  at  his  trade  in  Montreal,  P.  Q.,  and 
Portland,  Me.,  until  1824,  when  he  removed  to  Derby,  Vt,  where 
he  remained  a  few  years.  Subsequently  he  lived  in  Lancaster  and 
in  several  towns  in  Massachusetts.  He  m.  Jan.  24,  1824,  Buth 
Church,  b.  Campton,  Jan.  21,  1793,  dau.  of  Eev.  Selden  Church. 
He  d.  in  North  Adams,  Mass.,  Dec.  21,  1858.  She  d.  Melrose, 
Mass.,  Dec.  29,  1876.  Three  children  b.  Derby,  Vt,  and  one  b. 

19.  L    William  Sbldbn,  b.  March  8, 1825. 

ii.    Henrt  Seldkn,  b.  April  24, 1827.    d.  LaDcaster,  Feb.  24, 1882. 
iii.    Caroline  Matilda,  b.  March  6,  1829.     m.  May  18, 1851,  George 
Poor.    They  res.  in  Maiden,  Mass.    He  d.  Oct.  4, 1902. 

286  GBORGB. 

iy.  Nklla  Maria,  b.  Not.  17,  1833.  m.  April  26,  1801,  Thomas 
Warren  Ripley.  Res.  Melrose,  Mass.,  where  she  d.  Feb.  8, 1900. 
(1)   Hubert  George,  b.   August  20,  1869.     Res.  Newtonville, 

10.  Leonard  Georgb,  son  of  Ilobert^  b.  Sept  1, 1795.  Was  a 
carpenter  and  builder  of  Plymouth,  and  several  substantial  residences 
in  this  town  were  built  by  him.  He  lived  in  a  house  subsequently 
used  as  a  Methodist  parsonage.  He  removed,  1844,  to  Brighton,  Mass. 
He  m.  Dec.,  1821,  Nancy  Eastman  Homans,  b.  Campton,  1795,  dau. 
of  Joseph  and  Sarah  (Walton)  Homans.  She  d.  May,  1849.  He  d. 
April,  1878.    Four  children  b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.  ,  Stbykns  Merrill,  b.  Feb.  12,  1823.  m.  Sept  80,  1845,  Mary 
Little  Poor,  b.  Goffstown,  Feb.  13, 1820,  dau.  of  Thomas  LitUe 
Poor.  He  lived  in  Charlestown,  Mass.,  a  few  years  and  subse- 
quently in  Goffstown,  where  he  d.  Oct.  15,  1860.  She  d.  in  Leom- 
inster, Mass.,  August  14, 1893.  Three  children:  (1)  Rosie  Poor, 
b.  July  22, 1847.  m.  Zachariah  B.  Stuart,  of  Manchester.  (2) 
Mary  Anna,  b.  Nov.  25,  1849.  m.  Joseph  G.  Putnam,  of  Leomin- 
ster, Mass.  (3)  Hannah  Isabella,  b.  March  5, 1859.  d.  Feb.  2, 

ii.    Ann  Judson,  b.  Jan.  1, 1825,  for  many  years  a  teacher  in  Brighton, 

Mass.    unm.    Res.  Chicago,  111. 
iii.    Joseph  Homans,  b.  1826.    d.  Sept.  28,  1841. 

iy.  James  Williams,  b.  1830.  m.  1851,  Abby  H.  £.  Sanderson,  dau. 
of  Eli  and  Marinda  (Thwing)  Sanderson,  of  Brighton,  Mass.  She 
d.  1886;  he  m.  second,  1887,  Mrs.  Lydia  Hancock.  In  1851  he 
engaged  in  the  furniture  business  in  New  York  City.  He  enlisted 
in  the  Civil  War,  and  from  a  private  was  promoted  to  a  captain, 
serving  until  Dec.,  1864,  in  New  York  and  Massachusetts  regiments. 
After  the  war  he  was  building  inspector  in  Minneapolis,  Minn.  He 
d.  1891.  Five  children:  (l)Agnes  Anna,  b.  1852.  m.  1878,  Dr.  Bay- 
ard T.  Holmes,  of  Chicago,  111.  (2)  Faiuiie  Sanderson,  b.  and  d. 
1854.  (3)  Lizzie  Sanderson,  b.  1858.  m.  1884,  William  E.  Toini>- 
kins,  of  Colby,  Wis.  (4)  Frank  Stevens,  b.  1801.  m.  1887,  Eva 
May  Countryman,  and  lives  in  Minneapolis,  Minn.  (5)  Arthur 
Fuller,  b.  1804.    Lives  in  Colville,  Wash. 

11.  Samukl  Dbarbohn  Gkokgk,  sou  of  Robert  ^  b.  Jan.  28, 1800. 
m.  March  1, 1831,  Louisa  Harris^  dau.  of  Nathan  Harris  (see).  She 
d.  July  30, 1847.  He  m.  second,  Zulima  F.  Rowell,  b.  Irasbui^,  Vt 
He  lived  in  Plymouth  until  1842,  when  he  removed  to  Lowell,  and 
was  there  a  machinist.  In  1855  he  removed  to  Waukeesha,  Wis., 
and  later  to  Chicago,  where  he  d.  Oct  14, 1866.  Six  children  b.  in 
Plymouth  and  one  b.  in  Lowell,  Mass. 

GEORGE.  287 

i.    Helen  Eliza,  b.  July  3, 1832.    nnm.    d.  Jan.  18,  1857. 

ii.  Edwin,  b.  March  9, 1835.  m.  May  22, 1854,  Susan  Wilkins,  who  d. 
Nov.  30, 1857.  lie  m.  second,  August  7, 1858,  Susan  A.  Moore, 
b.  Sydney,  Me.,  April  18,  1887.  She  d.  Sept.  0, 1895.  Hem. 
third,  Dec.  12,  1898,  Susie  King.  He  is  a  dealer  in  ship  supplies, 
New  York.  Three  children:  (1)  Alice,  b.  Noy.  12,  1857.  d. 
Feb.  5,  1858.  (2)  Jessie  Louisa,  b.  Oct.  1,  1802.  m.  March  17, 
1802,  John  Charles  Bowers,  of  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.  (3)  Edwin,  b. 
Dec.  28,  1807.  in.  Feb.  21,  1899,  Elizabeth  C.  Edwards.  He  is 
a  dealer  in  ship  supplies.  New  York,  with  residence  in  Broo)dyn. 

iii.     ITenkt  Martin,  b.  Sept.  17,  1836.    d.  Oct.  14, 1852. 

iy.     lIiHAM,  b.  March  28, 1838.     unm.    d.  Oct.  10, 1800. 
y.    William,  b.  June  2,  1840.    m.  Mary  Barnes.    He  d.  in  Exeter, 
Neb.,  Nov.  25, 1886. 

yi.  Clara,  b.  July  27,  1842.  m.  Dec.  12, 1872,  Almon  £.  Norris,  b. 
May  0, 1830,  son  of  Jonathan  and  Lucinda  (Cross)  Norris.  15th  Vt. 
Infantry,  from  Sept.,  1802,  to  August,  1803.  Farmer  of  Albany,  Vt. 

yii.    Mart,  b.  August  6, 1844.    m.  Guy  Woodward,  of  Enosburg,  Vt. 

12.  Hiram  George,  son  of  Eobert*,  b.  Nov.  8, 1801.  m.  Susanna 
Clement  Kimball,  dan.  of  Joseph  Kimball  (see).  He  removed  to 
Elgin,  111.,  where  he  d.  April  19, 1845.  She  d.  1852,  in  New  Orleans. 
Four  children. 

i.  Jank  Anna,  b.  Roxbury.  m.  Jacob  Rotnor.  Res.  Minneapolis, 

ii.     Stella,  b.  Elgin,    m.  David  Rotnor.    Res.  Portland,  Ore. 
iii.    JuDSON,  b.  £]gin.    Lost  when  a  boy  and  never  found, 
iv.    Oscar,  b.  Elgin,    d.  young. 

13.  Eaton  George,  sou  of  King^  b.  Plymouth,  Nov.  14,  1797, 
was  a  farmer  of  Plymouth,  living  on  the  farm  now  of  Oilman  Marsh. 
He  m.  June  13, 1819,  Ruth  Williams  Dow,  b.  Warren,  August  25, 
1800,  dau.  of  James  and  Ruth  (Williams)  Dow.  He  d.  in  Plymouth, 
June  18,  1870.  She  d.  in  Maiden,  Mass.,  Nov.  16, 1875.  Six  chil- 
dren b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.  Amos,  b.  March  28,  1822,  was  a  shoe  manufacturer  of  Haverhill, 
Mass.  He  m.  March  81,  1844,  Mary  Brown  Stanley,  b.  Bradford, 
April  5,  1821,  dau.  of  Abiah  Stanley,  of  Bradford  and  Thornton. 
She  d.  Haverhill,  Mass.,  May  16, 1864.  He  m.  second,  Mrs.  Sarah 
(Heath)  Greenough,  dau.  of  James  Heath,  of  Oromouth,  New 
Brunswick.  He  d.  Haverhill,  Mass.,  Nov.  16,  1878.  At  the  time 
of  the  fire  in  Haverhill,  1873,  he  perished  while  attempting  to 
rescue  books  and  papers  from  his  burning  factory.  One  child : 
(1)  Marlon  Eaton,  b.  June  22,  1851.  d.  Wilmington,  Del.,  Oct. 
27, 1880. 

288  OBOBQB. 

ii.  M08K8  Williams,  b.  Feb.  4,  1824.  Ha  went  from  Plymoath  to 
California,  1849,  and  returned  1805.  Subsequently  lived  in  Salem 
and  Maiden,  where  ke  d.  Jan.  8, 1877.  He  m.  in  Plymouth,  Dec. 
18,  1805,  £mma  N.  (Dodge)  Whipple,  of  Salem,  Mass.  One 
child:  (1)  Edwin  SUnton,  b.  March  2, 1808.  m.  June  1,  1802, 
Maud  A.  Lewis.  Res.  Newtonville,  Mass. 
iii.  Ruth  Ank,  b.  Jan.  2,  1820.  m.  March  80,  1848,  George  Knox 
Warren  Gallishan,  b.  PortUnd,  Me.,  Jan.  10, 1810.  Res.  Andover, 
Mass.,  where  he  d.  April  24,  1878.  She  d.  Oct  10,  1874.  One 
chUd:    (1)  Frank  Willis,  b.  June  2,  1849.    d.  Sept  17, 1840. 

iv.  Mkhitablr  Williams,  b.  April  8, 1820.  m.  Nov.  8, 1840,  Ileniy 
Sewell  Rlodget.  He  was  a  shoe  manufacturer.  He  d.  Bradford, 
Mass.,  Jan.  1,  1874.  She  d.  Haverhill,  Mass.,  Feb.  12,  1902. 
Two  children :  (1)  Ada  Estelle,  b.  Hampstead,  Sept  2,  1847.  d. 
Haverhill,  Mass.,  Deo.  25, 1850.  (2)  Lizzie  Gertrude,  b.  Haverhill, 
Mass.,  August  7,  1849.    d.  Haverhill,  Mass.,  Dec.  21,  1850. 

V.    Bbtbbt  £ATOif,  b.  July  14, 1831.    m.  Sept  11,  1800,  Gideon  Hill 
Moulton,  b.  Ellsworth,  June  12,  1812.    He  was  a  farmer  of 
Campton,  where  she  d.  June  14,  1873.    He  d.  Tilton,  Feb.,  1801. 
20.    vi.    Samuel  Wkslbt,  b.  Sept  0, 1835. 

11  William  Geoboe,  son  of  King  ^  b.  May  15, 1801,  was  a  farmer 
and  carpenter^  res.  on  the  turnpike,  a  short  distance  south  of  the 
site  of  the  present  school-house.  The  father.  King  George,  was  a  per- 
manent resident  of  Plymouth,  and  his  children  were  bom  here,  except 
William,  who  was  bom  in  Bridgewater,  while  the  parents  were  tem- 
porarily in  that  town.  William  (George,  m.  March  22,  1825,  Mary 
Russell  Parker,  dan.  of  Jonathan  Parker  (see).  He  d.  in  Plymouth, 
Dec.  8, 1861.    She  d.  May  24, 1867.    Nine  children  b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.  William  Wickliff,  b.  Dee.  22,  1825.  Carpenter.  Res.  Boston, 
Mass.  m.  Boston,  Mass.,  Dec.  15, 1848,  Harriet  Thayer,  b.  Ox- 
ford, Me.,  April  28,  1824,  dau.  of  John  and  Dordana  (Pratt) 

Thayer.    He  d.  Nor.  10, 1840.    She  m.  second, Denning. 

One  child:  (1)  Wilhelmina  May,  b.  Nov.  24,  1840.    nnm.    d. 
Poland,  Me.,  Sept.  17,  1873. 

11.    Danikl  King,  b.  Feb.  6, 1828.    d.  March  20,  1882. 
iil.    David  Washington,  b.  Feb.  27, 1830.    unm.    d.  Plymouth,  April 
5, 1850. 

Iv.  Asa  Kkmp,  b.  Jan.  23, 1832.  With  the  exception  of  a  residence  of  a 
few  years  in  Roxbury,  Mass.,  he  lived  in  Plymoath,  a  fanner  on 
the  John  Rideout  farm,  until  abont  1870,  when  he  removed  to 
Rumney,  where  he  d.  Sept.  23,  1001.  lie  m.  March  13,  1850, 
Abbie  Ann  Mansfield,  b.  Newburyport,  Mass.,  June  21, 1832.  She 
d.  in  Rumney,  May  10,  1883.  Five  children :  (1)  Nellie  Frances, 
b.  Roxbury,  Mass.,  Sept.  10, 1857.    d.  Sept.  2,  1858.    (2)  Anna 

OBOBOB.  289 

Frances,  b.  Roxborj,  Mass.,  Sept.  8, 1858.  m.  June  28,  1887, 
George  Inring  Pillsbnry.  She  d.  Bridgewater,  May  8, 1895.  (8) 
Fred  Banks,  b.  Roxbnry,  Mass.,  August  25,  1880.  nnm.  d. 
Dorchester,  Jan.  17, 1805.  (4)  Sidney  Parker,  b.  Plymouth,  May 
2, 1865.  d.  Rnmney,  Sept  18, 1878.  (5)  Raymond  Mansfield,  b. 
Rumney,  August  17, 1872.    d.  Rumney,  August  26, 1878. 

y.  GiiAKLRS  IIrnrt,  b.  Sept.  8, 1885,  removed  to  Hebron,  Me.,  1860. 
Enlisted  July  25,  1862,  16th  Maine  Infantry,  wounded  at  Fred- 
ericksburg, Dec  18, 1862 ;  discharged  Feb.  5, 1868.  He  has  been 
selectman  of  Hebron,  collector,  deputy  sherifE,  and  census  enume- 
rator. He  m.  Not.  25, 1854,  Ruth  Ann  Gumey,  b.  Minoti  Me., 
Dec.  6, 1838,  dan.  of  Samuel  Gumey.  Five  children  b.  Hebron, 
Me.  (1)  Arthur  Eugene,  b.  March  13, 1860.  m.  Dec.  25, 1886, 
Bertha  Sturtevant.  Res.  a  farmer,  Hebron,  Me.  (2)  Hermon 
Elwood,  b.  March  8, 1865.  m.  Not.  26,  1890,  Alida  May  Graves. 
He  is  a  carpenter,  Hebron,  Me.  (3)  Nettie  Frances,  b.  Oct  80, 
1868.  d.  Jan.  24, 1870.  (4)  Minnie  Belle,  b.  Jan.  7, 1879.  m. 
Dec.  25, 1898,  Edward  Clarke  Bean.  Farmer,  Hebron,  Me.  (5) 
Gertrude  May,  b.  Dec.  13,  1881. 

tI.  Daniel  Eaton,  b.  March  26, 1837.  Resided  many  years  in  Natick, 
Mass.,  an  express  messenger  between  Natick  and  Boston.  He  d. 
Feb.  5,  1902.  He  enlisted  April,  1861^  1st  Mass.  Infantry;  dis- 
charged April  13,  1864.  He  m.  Sept  19,  1857,  Adaline  Rock- 
wood,  b.  Sherbom,  Mass.,  March  8, 1837,  dau.  of  Charles  Rockwood. 
Two  children:  (1)  Ilattie  Ellen,  b.  June  10,  1858.  (2)  Emma 
Martha,  b.  Not.  12, 1869. 
Tii.  Mart  Elizabrth,  b.  March  27,  1840.  m.  April  16,  1858,  Abel 
Henry  Dakin,  b.  Sudbury,  Mass.,  Dec.  28, 1832,  son  of  Abel  and 
Susan  £.  (Stone)  Dakin.  80th  Mass.  Infantry,  d.  in  the  service 
Dec.  20, 1863.  She  m.  second,  March  81,  1867,  H.  Clark  Wood- 
ward, of  Natick,  Mass.  He  d.  May  2, 1883.  She  res.  in  Natick, 
Mass.  One  child.  (1)  Carrie  Octavia  Dakin,  m.  Oct  22,  1885, 
Franklin  H.  Howe,  of  Framingham,  Mass. 
viii.  Martha  Adalinb,  b.  Oct  15, 1842.  m.  in  Natick,  Mass.,  Dec.  15, 
1866,  Frank  P.  Simonds,  b.  Peru,  Vt,  July  19,  1840.  She  lived 
in  Natick,  Mass. ;  now  in  California.  One  child:  (1)  Frank  P.,  b. 
Natick,  Mass.,  March  28, 1872.    Res.  Chicago,  111 

ix.  JosRPH  Patson,  b.  July  81,  1845.  Has  res.  in  Natick,  Mass., 
Temple,  Grinnell,  la.,  and  is  now  engaged  in  mining  in  Cali- 
fornia. He  m.  Dec.  1,  1867,  Clara  Cushman,  b.  Auburn,  Me., 
May  8,  1843,  dau.  of  Jairus  K.  Cushman.  She  d.  La  Grange, 
la.,  1892.  Five  children:  (1)  Minnie  Cushman,  b.  Dec.  10, 
1868.  unm.  Res.  Pasadena,  Cal.  (2)  Frank  Erwin,  b.  June  5, 
1870.  Res.  J^  Grange,  la.  (3)  Hobert  J^eslie,  b.  Sept  6, 1874. 
Res.  El  Paso,  Texas.  (4)  Fred  Eugene,  b.  August  25,  1881. 
(5)  Edna  Marian,  b.  August  11, 1883. 

TOL.  II.  — 19 

290  GBOBQB. 

15.  David  George,  son  of  King  7,  b.  April  18, 1808.  m.  Jan.  20, 
1834,  Elvira  Cheney,  b.  Bristol,  AprU  18,  1809,  dau.  of  Enoch 
Cheney  (see).  He  was  a  farmer  in  Plymouth  on  the  homestead  of 
his  father  until  1867,  when  he  removed  to  Wentworth,  where  he  d. 
June  8,  1883.  His  widow  d.  in  Concord,  Sept  2,  1890.  Three 
children  b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.  Elizabeth  Kiddkr,  b.  May  8,  1886.  m.  Deo.  11,  1858,  IleDiy 
Harnsou  Lovejoy,  b.  Littleton,  Nov.  7,  1836,  son  of  Charles 
Henry  and  Polly  (Lovejoy)  Lovejoy.  He  enlisted  Nov.  12,  1862, 
17th  N.  H.  Infantry,  transferred  to  2d  N.  II.  Infantry,  April  16, 
1863  ;  discharged  Oct.  9, 1863.  He  was  a  painter.  Res.  Littleton. 
d.  Concord,  March  22, 1899.  One  child  :  (1)  Lorena  Sue,  b.  Dec. 
29, 1869.    Res.  Uttleton. 

ii.  Frank  Uknry,  b.  July  12, 1840.  Removed  to  Bristol,  1864,  and  to 
Concord,  1872,  where  he  is  a  merchant  and  a  respected  citizen. 
He  served  on  the  quota  of  Plymouth,  15th  N.  H.  Infantry, 
corporal,  mustered  out  with  the  regiment  August  13,  1863.  He 
m.  Nov.  5,  1865,  Martha  Jane  Currier,  b.  Bristol,  March  3,  1845, 
dau.  of  Trueworthy  G.  Currier.  Two  children  b.  Bristol  and 
three  in  Concoid.  (1)  Lena  Vii-a,  b.  Jan.  11,  1870.  m..  Oct 
2,  1895,  Eben  Marston  Willis,  of  Concord,  son  of  Algernon  Willis, 
of  Concord.  (2)  Roy  Elmer,  b.  Sept  7,  1871.  m.  Jan.  12,  1898, 
Mabel  Florence  Evans,  dau.  of  Ira  0.  Evans,  of  Concord.  They 
have  two  children ;  Robert  Arthur,  b.  Concord,  Sept  13,  1899, 
and  Frank  Evans,  b.  Concord,  March  20,  1904.  (3)  Harriet 
Belle,  b.  Dec.  20,  1879.  m.  Oct  23,  1901,  Daniel  B.  Donavan,  a 
civil  engineer  of  Concord.  (4)  Lawrence  Blonchard,  b.  Deo. 
15, 188L  d.  Feb.  8,  1882.  (5)  Edward  King,  b.  Sept  7,  1883. 
ill.    Sarah  Augusta,  b.  August  12, 1848.    Res.  Concord. 

16.  Asa  George,  son  of  King^  b.  Nov.  2, 1809.  Was  a  carpenter 
and  builder,  teaching  singing-schools  in  ivinter.  He  lived  in 
Plymouth,  Groton,  and  Lowell,  Moss.  About  1849  he  removcil 
to  Charlotte,  N.  C,  and  there  established  and  conducted  a  factory 
for  the  manufacture  of  farm  implements  and  furniture.  He  d. 
Charlotte,  N.  C,  June  6, 1887.  He  m.  Feb.  22, 1832,  Adaline  Kemp, 
b.  Groton,  Nov.  10,  1811,  dau.  of  Pelatiah  and  Polly  (Webber) 
Kemp.  She  d.  Groton,  May  13,  1843.  He  m.  second,  Belinda 
Kimball,  b.  Groton,  Nov.  24,  1809,  dau.  of  Samuel  Kimball.  She 
d.  Charlotte,  N.  C,  Dec.  29,  1884.  Three  children  of  Asa  and 
Adaline  (Kemp)  George. 

i.    David  Kkmp,  b.  Feb.  26, 1835.    d.  Lowell,  Mass.,  June  4, 1847. 
ii.    Edward  Payson,  b.  Groton,  July  4,  1840,  he  pursued  a  course 
of  study  in  dentbtry  in  Germany,  and  after  a  visit  to  his  native 

GBORGB.  291 

land  be  entered  npon  the  practice  of  his  profession  at  Frankfurt 
on  the  Main,  Prussia.  He  was  in  the  United  States,  1890  to  1897, 
and  returned  to  Hanover,  Germany,  where  he  now  res.  He  m. 
Feb.  1,  1887,  Harriet  Rose  Creighton,  b.  Thomaston,  Me.,  March 
21, 1855,  dau.  of  Capt.  James  A.  and  Emily  (Meservy)  Creighton. 
Three  children :  (1)  Alice  Creighton,  b.  Frankfurt,  Nov.  21, 1888. 
(2)  Hilda  May,  b.  Thomaston,  Me.,  Oct.  8,  1891.  (3)  Donald 
Payson,  b.  Portland,  Me.,  Feb.  5, 1898. 
iil  Mart  Adalaidb,  b.  Groton,  June  4^  1842.  m.  May  7,  1868, 
\Vi  lliam  Nolen  Prather,  of  Charlotte,  N.  C.  He  d.  Dec  10 

17.  Austin  George,  son  of  Moses  ',  b.  Jan.  5, 1803.  m.  Nov.  26, 
1835,  Sarah  Morrison,  dau.  of  Dea.  James  Morrison  (see).  He  d.  Jan. 
4,  1849.  She  ni.  second,  Feb.  12,  1854,  Lewis  Stratton  Hill,  b. 
Shirley,  Mass.,  Nov.  3,  1817,  son  of  Woodbury  and  Mary  (Stratton) 
HilL  He  d.  Plymouth,  Jan.  26,  1892.  She  d.  in  Plymouth,  March 
27,  1890.  Three  children  of  Austin  and  Sarah  (Morrison)  George, 
b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.    Amanda  Janr,  b.  Oct.  28, 1830.    d.  July  1, 1837. 
21.   ii.    Hrnrt  Stanton,  b.  Feb.  4, 1838. 

iii.    Amanda  Notes,  b.  April  23, 1843.    m.  Hiram  fi.  Famnm  (see). 

18.  Washington  George,  son  of  Moses  ^  b.  Plymouth,  July  15, 
1804  m.  August  22,  1833,  Vashti  Dustin  Hobart,  dau.  of  David 
Hobart  (see).  She  d.  Plymouth,  Jan.  1,  1837.  He  m.  second, 
March  14, 1838,  Louisa  Abbot,  dau.  of  John  Abbot  (see).  In  1833, 
with  several  Plymouth  families,  he  removed  to  Oberlin,  Ohio,  but  he 
returned  1836,  and  subsequently  occupied  the  paternal  farm.  He 
was  prominent  in  town  aflfairs,  selectman,  1847,  1848,  1856,  1857, 
1858,  1861,  1862,  1865,  1866;  representative,  1854,  1855;  town 
treasurer,  1858,  1861,  1862,  1866,  and  frequently  elected  to  other 
positions  of  trust  He  was  a  wise  and  a  kind  counsellor  and  his 
opinions  were  often  sought  and  cheerfully  given.  He  settled  many 
estates  in  the  probate  court,  was  a  deacon  of  the  church,  a  kind 
neighbor,  and  one  of  the  worthy  men  in  the  annals  of  Plymouth. 
He  d.  August  21,  1876.  His  widow  d.  Dec.  28, 1895.  Six  children 
of  Washington  and  Louisa  (Abbot)  George  b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.    Ellbn  Augusta,  b.  Dec.  24, 1888.    m.  James  Peabody  (see). 

ii.    IIarrirt  Amanda,  b.  May  81, 1840.    nnm.    d.  Plymouth,  Deo.  6 

iii.    Martha  Cook,  b.  April  6, 1842. 

292  OEOBGB. 

ir.  Louisa  Yashti,  b.  Deo.  16, 1848.  ReB.  Plymouth.  The  penerer- 
ing  and  intelligent  researches  of  Miss  George  have  supplied  many 
facts  and  dates  for  the  family  registers  of  Plymouth.  The  com- 
piler and  many  who  are  named  in  these  pages  will  find  unalloyed 
pleasure  in  a  grateful  acknowledgment  for  her  generous  and 
capable  assistance. 

T.  WiLBBR  Orin,  b.  May  25,  1845.  unm.  d.  Plymouth,  Dec.  28, 

yi.  Charlbb  Washinotoh,  b.  Oct.  20,  1850,  a  farmer  occupying  the 
homestead  farm.  The  town  of  Plymouth  calls  him  to  an  ofiRce 
held  by  his  father,  grandfather,  and  great-grandfather.  He  has 
served  as  selectman,  1883, 1884, 1887, 1880, 1890, 1891, 1896, 1897, 
1908, 1904. 

19.  William  Sblden  Georqb,  son  of  Gideon  •,  b.  Derby,  Vt, 
March  3,  1825.  m.  July  4,  1853,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  Jane  Sophia 
Filer.  He  m.  second,  May  10,  1866,  Detroit,  Mich.,  Janet  Augusta 
Papineau.  She  d.  Denver,  Col.,  Oct  4, 1874  He  m.  third,  Sept  5, 
1876,  Lansing,  Mich.,  Henrietta  Lucretia  (Papineau)  Gosley.  He  was 
a  journalist  and  was  the  State  printer  of  Michigan.  He  d.  Lansing, 
Mich.,  Dec.  27,  1881.  Two  children  by  first  and  two  by  second 

i.    Edwabd  S.,  deceased. 

ii.    Stella  Augusta,  b.  North  Adams,  Mass.,  August  6,  1858.    d. 

July  19, 1859. 
iii.    Louis  Parker,  b.  Lansing,  Mich.,  Nov.  23,  1868.    m.  Charlotte  J. 

Dibble.    Res.  Lansing,  Mich. 
iy.    Bbssib  Ruth,  b.  Lansing,  Mich.,  Oct.  21,  1870.    m.  Harry   E. 

Bradwer.    Res.  Lansing,  Mich. 

20.  Samuel  Wesley  George,  son  of  Eaton  ^^  b.  Sept  6,  1835. 
m.  Sept  3,  1859,  Annie  Mehitable  Jones,  b.  Concord,  June  2, 1839, 
dau.  of  Joseph  Dow  and  Mary  (Green)  Jonea  (see).  He  conducted 
a  saw-mill  which  formerly  had  been  owned  and  operated  by  Capt 
Moses  and  his  son  Washington  George.  The  mill  site  is  on  the  farm 
now  of  Harris  J.  Goss.  In  1861  he  removed  to  Meredith.  He 
enlisted,  August  15,  1862,  12th  N.  H.  Infantry,  and  died  in  the 
service  at  Falmouth,  Ya.,  Jan.  4,  1863.  His  widow  m.  second, 
AprU  10, 1866,  Sydney  Gray,  of  North  wood. 

L  Emma  Zklphia,  b.  April  26,  1862.  m.  Oct.  7,  1882,  Lewis  S. 
Alexander.  He  d.  Boston,  Mass.,  Sept.  17,  1001.  One  child : 
(1)  Annie  Frances,  b.  Haverhill,  Mass.,  April  8, 1886.  d.  April 
24, 1886. 

OBORGB.  298 

iL  Samuel  Wbblbt,  b.  April  26,  1862.  twin.  m.  June  21,  1884, 
Edith  M.  llilJ,  b.  Northwood,  June  26, 1862.  He  res.  Haverhill, 
Mass.,  member  common  council,  representative  and  State  senator. 
Mrs.  George  d.  June  10,  1888.  He  m.  second,  June  24,  1908, 
Gertrude  Lavinia  Grove. 

21.  Henrt  Stanton  Gborok,  son  of  Austin",  b.  Feb.  4,  1838. 
m.  Nov.  23, 1859,  Mary  Jane  Famum,  dan.  of  Hiram  Famum  (see). 
He  was  a  glove  manufacturer,  selectman  and  an  estimable  townsman. 
He  d.  Plymouth,  July  30, 1887.    She  d.  May  12, 1902. 

i.  Frrd  Notes,  b.  Sept  16,  1861.  m.  Nov.  29,  1882,  Mabel  E. 
Perkins,  b.  Andover,  Vt.,  May  12,  1861,  dau.  of  Rev.  D.  P. 
Perlcins.    Res.  Plymouth. 

22.  Enoch  George,  son  of  Samuel  and  Rebecca  (Page)  George,  b. 
Haverhill,  Mass.,  Nov.  28,  1771.  His  father,  Samuel,  was  a  first 
cousin  of  William*,  of  Plymouth.  The  lineage  is  Enoch*,  Samuel*, 
John  Swaddock  ',  John  ^  Gideon  \  Enoch  George  came  to  Plymouth 
in  childhood.  He  m.  Oct.  17, 1793,  Lucy  Wells,  dau.  of  Benjamin 
Wells  (see).  He  was  taxed  in  Plymouth  until  1821,  when  he  re- 
moved to  Bumney,  where  he  d.  Nov.  23, 1851.    She  d.  about  1845. 

i.    Ltdia,  b.  1796.    m.  Thomas  George  *^  (see). 
28.     ii.    BcNJAMiir,  b.  1708. 

iii.  Susan,  b.  May  14, 1801.  m.  Jonathan  Parker  (see), 
iv.  Plina  M.  m.  Calista  Sargent,  of  Sunapee.  He  d.  1848.  Four 
children :  (1)  Jane,  m.  Greorge  Bartlett,  son  of  Moody  and  Abigidl 
(Truel)  Bartlett  (see  register  John  *  Phillips).  (2)  Melissa  Ann. 
(8)  Romanzo.  (4)  Plina. 
v.  Harrikt  Kimball,  b.  August  8, 1808.  m.  Thomas  Ramsay  Ford, 
b.  Rnmney,  Jan.  7,  1809,  son  of  Seth  Ford.  Res.  in  Rnmney. 
He  d.  Sept  4, 1889.  She  d.  Nov.  7, 1876.  Four  children:  (1) 
Charles  Clark,  b.  July  13, 1854.  (2)  Henry  Ruasel],  m.  Flora  E. 
Fellows.  Res.  in  Plymouth  two  years,  where  two  children  were 
b.  (1)  William  Thomas,  b.  Dec.  14, 1867,  m.  March  17, 1896, 
Blanche  Annette  Marden,  and  their  child.  Earl  Russell,  b.  Ply- 
month,  June  25, 1897.  The  second  child  of  Henry  Russell  Foid, 
is  Harriet,  the  adopted  dau.  of  Aaron  Eastman  (see).    Mrs.  Flora 

E.  Ford  d.  Feb.  21, 1868.    Henry  Russell  Ford  m.  second,  Mary 

F.  Watts. 

23.  Benjamin  George,  son  of  Enoch",  b.  1798.  m.  Cynthia 
Church  Bartlett^  dau.  of  Tristram  Bartlett.  He  removed  to  Bumney, 
1826,  where  he  d.  June  17, 1869.    She  d.  Bockford,  IB. 

294  OEOBGE  —  OILS. 

i.     Alyik.    anm.    d.  Ramney,  Jan.  27, 1871. 

ii.    Sab  AH  H.    m.  Joseph  Carpenter  Keyes,  sou  of  Lewis  Reyes  (see), 
iii.    Cynthia,    m.  Byron  Persons.    Res.  Rockford,  111. 
iy.    Augusta,     m.  William  White.    He  d.  Denver,  Col.    She  res. 
Rockford,  111. 

21  Thomas  Gborgb,  son  of  James  Geoi^e,  b.  in  Gofisto wn,  March  8, 
1793.  lived  in  Hebron,  Plymouth^  two  years,  and  in  Rumney.  He 
m.  Lydia  George,  dau,  of  Enoch  ".  He  d.  March  12, 1878.  She  d.  Jan. 
23, 1865.    Twelve  children. 

i.  LuRBNDA,  b.  Sept.  27, 1816. 

ii.  ALrasD,  b.  Feb.  11, 1818. 

iii.  LuoY  Janb,  b.  Nov.  29,  1819. 

iv.  Samuel,  b.  Nov.  24, 1821. 

V.  Ltdia,  b.  Oct  8,  1828. 

vi.  Sarah,  b.  August  23,  1826. 

vii.  Carolimk,  b.  April  2, 1827. 

viii.  Alonzo,  b.  Jan.  26, 1829. 

ix.  Child,  b.  May  29, 1831.    d.  young. 

X.  Harriet  M.,  b.  June  14, 1832. 

zi.  Mart,  b.  March  1, 1835. 

xii.  William,  b.  May  29, 1839.    Res.  Bristol. 


1.  Samuel  Gilb  or  Guile,  a  brother  of  John  of  Dedham,  lived  in 
Dedham  and  Newbury,  and  after  1640  in  Haverhill,  Mass.  He  m. 
Sept.  1, 1647,  Judith  Davis,  dau.  of  James  Davis,  of  Haverhill  He 
d.  Feb.  21, 1683/4 

2.  Epiiraim  Gilk,  son  of  SainueP,  b.  Haverhill,  March  21, 1661/2. 
m.  Jan.  5, 1686/7,  Martha  Bradley.  Snow-shoo  man,  1711.  Eight 
children  b.  in  Haverhill. 

3.  Daniel  Gile,  son  of  Ephraim^,  b.  Dec  10, 1697,  was  a  farmer 
in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  and  in  Plaistow.    He  m.  Joaima  Heath. 

4.  Nathan  Gile,  son  of  Daniel  •,  b.  April  5, 1736 ;  was  a  farmer 
and  a  cooper  of  Plaistow,  and  a  soldier  in  the  Revolution.  He  m. 
Ruth  Dow.  He  was  a  brother  of  Ephraim  Gile,  of  Plaistow,  captain 
in  the  Revolution  and  prominent  in  public  affairs. 

5.  Ezekiel  Gile,  son  of  Nathan*,  b.  Plaistow,  about  1776,  came  to 
Plymouth,  1797.  He  m.  in  this  town,  August  15, 1807,  Polly  Phillips. 
He  removed,  1826,  from  Plymouth,  to  Groton,  Vt  Five  children  b. 
in  Plymouth. 

GILB  —  GILL.  296 

i.     Anson,  b.  Aagust  30, 1808.    Lived  in  Southampton,  Mass. 
it.    Jonathan,  b.  May  1 ,  1810. 
iii.    Amos  Webstrr  Phillips,  b.  June  4,  1814.    Was  a  fanner  and 

shoemaker  of  Newton.     He  dl  Feb.  17,  1840,  Elizabeth  Ck>x,  b. 

Beverly,  Mass.,  Feb.  17,  1821,  dau.  of  John  and  Lucy  (Hart)  Cox. 

He  d.  Dec.   3,  1857.     She  d.  Lowell,  Mass.,  March  27,  1878. 

Their  son  Nelson  P.  served  three  years  in  6th  N.  H.  Infantry, 

and  their  dau.  Ellen  Maria  m.  Willard  Amos  Wheeler.    Res. 

Lowell,  Mass. 

iv.    Ruth  Dow,  b.  April  11, 1817.    m. Miles,  of  Hastings,  Neb. 

V.     EzKKiKL,  b.  March  11, 1810.     Lived  in  Iowa  and  Washington. 


1.  William  Gill,  from  Newmarket,  settled  in  Boscawen,  where  he 
d.  about  1810. 

2.  WiMJAM  Gill,  son  of  William  ^b.  Newmarket,  Feb.  3,1766. 
m.  lliith  Haselton,  and  lived  in  Boscawen  until  1830,  when  he  re- 
moved to  Plymouth,  where  he  d.  May  28, 1835.  His  widow  d.  Jan. 
11,  1862,  aged  88. 

i.    Susan  B.,  b.  July  38, 1793.    d.  in  Plymouth,  Jnly  81,  1834. 
ii.     Ruth,  b.  August  24, 1704.    ra.  Benjamin  Dearborn  (see), 
iii.    Mary,  b.  August  24,  1796.    m.  Nathaniel  Draper  (see), 
iv.    Sallt,  b.  Deo.  20, 1797.     m.  April  28,  1818,  Jeremiah  Burpee,  b. 
1781,  son  of  Jeremiah  and  Elizabeth  (Maxfield)  Burpee.    Lived 
in  Boscawen. 
8.      V.     William,  b.  Jan.  4, 1800. 

vi.    Samukl,  b.  August  10,  1803.    d.  Sept,  1819. 
vii.    Hannah,  b.  July  18,  1805.    m.  May  4,  1880,  Charles  F.  Gage,  of 

Methuen,  Mass.     He  d.  Dec.  17, 1879.    She  d.  Nov.  80,  1878. 
viii.    Harribt,  b.  July  13, 1805,  twin.    m.  Robert  Cochrane  (see), 
ix.    Jamrs  IL,  b.   Oct.  12,  1807.     m.   Hannah  Atkinson.    Lived  in 
4.     X.    John  Hasrlton,  b.  Sept.  16, 1809. 

xi.     Eliza,  b.  Oct.  26, 1812.    d.  Oct.  14, 1817. 
xii.    Judith,  b.  Dec.  29,  1815.    d.  Oct.  17, 1817. 

3.  William  Gill,  sou  of  William  *,  b.  Jan.  4, 1800,  removed  to 
riymoutli,  1823.  He  purchased  the  Peter  Webster  homestead,  which 
is  now  a  part  of  the  Pem  Fai*m,  and  there  lived  over  twenty  years.  With 
his  brother  John  he  engaged  in  the  manufacture  of  pottery  near  the 
school-house  at  West  Plymouth.  In  1847  he  returned  to  Boscawen, 
and  d.  in  Penacook,  Sept.  12, 1853.  He  m.  in  Plymouth,  Dec.  29, 
1825,  Eliza  Bartlett,  of  Groton.  Six  children,  two  of  whom  are  buried 
in  Pleasant  Valley  Cemetery. 

296  GILL  —  GIT0H1ELL  — QLOVEB. 

i.  Gbobok,  b.  Deo.  22, 1827.    d.  Jan.  28, 1829. 

ii.  Mary  Akn,  b.  Feb.  2, 1880.    d.  March  6, 1832. 

iii.  Eliza,    m.  Proctor  Gordon,  of  New  Hampton, 

iv.  Emilt. 

y.  Martha* 

yL  Ellrn. 

4.  John  Hasblton  Gill,  son  of  William',  b.  Boscawen,  Sept  16, 
1809.  Game  to  Plymouth  before  he  reached  his  majority.  Asso- 
ciated with  his  brother  he  carried  on  the  pottery  business  at  West 
Plymouth  several  years.  He  was  an  anti-slavery  man,  and  at  a  time 
when  it  required  courage  and  independence  to  entertain  pronounced 
opinions  upon  the  subject  He  was  a  leader  of  the  Methodist  choir, 
and  frequently  conducted  singing  schools.  He  m.  Dec  31,  1832, 
Atossa  Blodgett,  dau.  of  Elder  Ebenezer  Blodgett  (see).  She  became 
an  invalid  from  an  accident  in  1833.  She  d.  Sept  6, 1879.  He  m. 
second,  April  17, 1880,  Mary  M.  (Sargent)  Clark,  widow  of  Nathan- 
iel Caark  (see>    He  d.  July  30,  1888,  siru  prole. 


1.  Emerson  Otis  Gitghbll,  son  of  Calvin  and  Ellen  (Cogswell) 
Gitchell,  of  Warren,  b.  May  23,  1857.  He  m.  June  14, 1891,  Ella 
B.  Galdon,  dau.  of  Thomas  Caldon  (see).  He  came  to  Plymouth, 
1881,  and  was  a  stone-mason  and  contractor  res.  on  Highland  street 
He  d.  suddenly  May  4, 1903. 

i.    Jbssib,  adopted,  b.  May  11, 1883.    Student  Plymouth  High  School, 


1.  Robert  Glovbr,  b.  about  1745.  m.  Lydia  Hadley,  and  lived 
in  Hudson,  and  was  a  soldier  in  the  Revolution.  Three  of  his  eleven 
children  are  named  below. 

iii.  RoBBRT,  b.  June  12, 1776.  m.  May  21, 1807,  Betty  Wells,  dau.  of 
Peter  Wella  (see).    He  was  taxed  in  Plymouth,  180&-180a 

ix.  Brnjamin,  b.  Dec.  11, 1786.  m.  Polly  Smith,  who  d.  July  20, 1856. 
He  was  taxed  1807, 1808, 1810, 1811.    He  d.  June  5, 1874. 

2.  X.    Skth,  b.  March  26, 1789. 

2.  SsTH  Glovbr,  son  of  Robert  \  b.  Hudson,  March  26, 1789.  m. 
Jemima  Batchelder,  b.  April  24,  1789,  dau.  of  Simon  and  Polly 
(Marston)  Batchelder,  of  New  Hampton  and  Bridgewater.    He  came 

GLOYBB.  297 

to  Plymouth,  1808,  aod  lived  in  the  southwest  part  of  the  town. 
Tliey  died  in  Plymouth  and  were  buried  in  Bridgewater.  He  d.  June 
13,  1865.     She  d.  Sept.  24, 1862.     They  had  ten  children. 

i.    Mart,  b.  Dec  14,  1818.    m.  F«b.  28, 1848,  Cyrus  Gurdy,  b.  Bristol, 
Jan.  8, 1814,  son  of  Elisha  and  Abigail  (Powell)  Gurdy.    Ue  was 
a  miller  in  New  Hampton  until  1855,  when  be  removed  to  Iowa. 
He  d.  West  Union,  la.,  August  11, 1881.    She  d.  Jane  7, 1899. 
Three  children, 
ii.    Ltoia,  b.  Nov.  28, 1815.    d.  Feb.  18, 1817. 
iii.    Martha,  b.  March  18, 1817.    m.  Isaac  Huckins  (see), 
iv.    Lydia,  b.  Feb.  28, 1819.    d.  1821. 

V.    Srtii,  b.  May  1,  1821.    m.  Nov.  80,  1843,  Elmira  Pilce,  dau.  of 
Joseph  Pike  (see).    He  was  in  Pljrmoath  from  1855  until  1873, 
when  he  removed  to  Haverhill, 
vi.    Lucy  Ann  Emerson,  b.  Sept  17, 1822.    m.  Feb.  18,  1845,  John 

French,  son  of  Josiah  French,  of  Rnmney. 
vii.    Susan  Batcubldbb,  b.  Oct.  18,  1824.    m.  Jan.  18,  1848,  Abel 

viii.    Oliver  Blake,  b.  Jnly  8, 1826.    m.  August  29, 1849,  Jane  Bullock, 
dau.  of  Jesse  Bullock  (see).    He  was  in  Plymouth,  1849  to  1854. 
He  also  lived  on  Kidder  Hill    He  removed  to  Groton  and  from 
tiiere  to  Illinois. 
8.    ix.    Stephen  Bartlett,  b.  April  3, 1828. 
4.     X.    Warren,  b.  Jan.  28, 1880.    m.  Almira  Kidder. 

3.  Stephen  Bartlett  Glover,  son  of  Seth  *,  b.  Plymouth,  April 
3, 1828.  m.  July  4, 1850,  Hannah  Nutting,  dau.  of  Thomas  Nutting 
(see).  He  was  a  farmer  and  an  estimable  citizen  of  Bridgewater, 
where  he  d.  Sept  6, 1862.     She  d.  March  27, 1904    Two  children. 

i.  Arianna  Eunice,  b.  April  27,  1861.  m.  March  26,  1870,  Moses 
Grant  Tncker  (see). 

ii.  Stephen  Roscoe,  b.  Oct  21,  1855.  m.  Oct.  21,  1878,  Luella  R. 
Bartlett,  dau.  of  David  Ramsay  Bartlett  (see).  He  lived  in 
Bridgewater  until  1888,  when  be  removed  to  Plymouth.  Lives  on 
Cummings  HiU.  (1)  Austm  Bartlett,  b.  Oct.  16,  1870.  (2)  Ada 
May,  b.  Oct.  2,  1881.  (8)  Eva  Mabel,  b.  April  2,  1888.  (4) 
Arthur  Ethelbert,  b.  Deo.  24,  1884.  (5)  Harold  Lynwood,  b. 
Sept.  10,  1887.  (6)  Elmer  Leon,  twin,  b.  Sept  10, 1887.  (7) 
Roscoe  Carroll,  b.  Nov.  4, 1880.  (8)  Roy  Alfred,  b.  April  22, 1804. 

4.  Warren  Glover,  son  of  Seth^  b.  Plymouth,  Jan.  23,  1830. 
m.  August,  1856,  Almira  Kidder,  dau.  of  Reuben  Kidder  (see).  He 
went  from  riymouth  to  California,  1853,  returning  1856,  and  was  a 
farmer  in  tills  town  and  in  Groton  until  1865,  when  he  removed  to 


Dixon,  111.  In  1876  he  removed  to  California,  and  engaged  in  lumber- 
ing and  later  in  farming.  He  d.  at  Emigrant  Gap,  forty-five  miles 
east  of  Sacramento,  Jan.  16, 1891.    She  d.  Dec.  8,  1899. 

1.  Augustus,  b.  1857. 

ii.  Charles. 

iii.  Oscar. 

iy.  William  H. 


1.  Stephen  Glynn,  b.  Killconel,  Gal  way  Co.,  Ireland,  1797. 
Came  to  America,  landing  in  New  York,  about  1821.  He  lived  in 
Watertown,  Mass.,  several  years,  where  he  m.  May  3, 1835,  Sarah 
Clifford,  b.  Dorchester,  1799,  dau.  of  Thomas  Clifford.  Soon  after  his 
m.  he  removed  to  Bumney  and  to  Plymouth,  1840.  In  this  town  he 
settled  on  the  Hideout  farm,  now  of  Joseph  A.  Bartlett,  situated  on  a 
picturesque  spur  of  the  mountain  and  now  known  as  Glynn  hill.  He 
was  a  Protestant,  an  industrious  farmer,  and  a  respected  townsman. 
He  d.  Sept  9, 1872.    She  d.  April  25, 1851. 

L  MiOHAKL,  b.  Watertown,  Mass.,  Jan.  5, 1836.  d.  Plymouth,  Nov.  5, 

ii.  Thomas  Francis,  b.  Watertown,  Mass.,  Dec.  29, 1837.  m.  March 
14,  1861,  Martha  Jane  Keuiston,  dau.  of  John  Keuiston  (see). 
She  d.  suddenly  Oct.  7,  1890.  '*  Throughout  the  community  many 
recipients  of  her  kindness  will  hold  her  in  grateful  remembrance." 
lie  m.  second,  May  10,  1893,  Florence  Mabel  Russell,  dau.  of 
Pelatiah  Russell  (see).  For  many  years  he  was  a  manufacturer 
of  gloves,  doing  business  in  the  firm  of  Glynn  Bros.  (1)  Mary 
Augusta,  adopted,  b.  Sept  11, 1862. 

iU.    Alonzo,  b.  July  18, 1840.    d.  Oct.  11, 1850. 

iv.  David,  b.  Plymouth,  Nov.  16,  1842.  He  enlisted  Oct  12, 1861,  Co. 
A,  6th  N.  H.  Infantry;  re-enlisted  Jan.  4,  1864,  sergeant,  dis- 
charged for  disability,  April  10, 1865.  He  shared  the  hardships 
of  the  regiment  and  contracted  in  the  service  spinal  infirmities 
which  he  has  eudured  with  soldierly  heroism  and  commendable 
cheerfulness.  He  has  been  engaged  with  his  brother  in  the  glove 
business.  He  m.  Nov.  16,  1878,  Ellen  Estella  Fisher,  b.  Jan.  12, 
1848,  dau.  of  Dr.  Thomas  £.  and  Eliza  A.  (Underbill)  Fisher,  of 
Francestown.     (1)  Ethel  Jane,  b.  Plymouth,  July  24,  1886. 


1.  Mary  Goodhue,  who  m.  Samuel  Ambrose  (see)  was  a  dau.  of 
Nathaniel  and  Lydia  (Hill)  Goodhue,  of  Nottingham,  and  a  sister  of 

GOODHUE  —  GOODRICH  —  GORDON  —  GORE*       299 

Stephen  B.  Goodhue,  of  Campton  (see  Moses  Ward).    In  Ambrose 
register  the  parentage  of  Mary  Goodhue  is  incorrectly  stated. 


1.  Dr.  Horace  P.  Goodrich,  b.  in  Vermont,  1815.  Came  to  Ply- 
mouth, 1844  He  practised  here  seven  years  with  a  fair  measure  of 
professional  success.  He  left  Plymouth  rather  abruptly  and  moreover 
he  left  his  wife  Anna  and  two  children.  He  was  subsequently  a  res. 
of  Edgarton,  Mass.  His  wife  secured  a  divorce  at  the  July  term, 
1853,  and  m.  second,  1855,  Samuel  Stevens,  2d,  of  Enfield.  Two  chil- 
dren of  Horace  P.  and  Anna  Goodrich  b.  in  Vermont 

1.    Pluma,  b.  1840. 
ii.    Hartlbt,  b.  1848. 


1.  Levi  Gordon,  son  of  Stephen,  b.  New  Hampton,  1789.  m. 
Hannah  Jewett,  and  removed  to  Hebron,  where  he  d.  1843. 

2.  Lbvi  Smith  Gordon,  son  of  Levi  \  b.  New  Hampton,  August 
15, 1821.  m.  Jan.  15,  1844,  Nancy  (Gove)  Steams,  dau.  of  Bichard 
Gove,  and  widow  of  Anthony  T.  Stearns  (see).  She  d.  July  13, 
1869.  He  m.  second,  June,  1870,  Orvilla  (Flanders)  West,  b. 
March  5,  1812,  dau.  of  Oliver  Flanders  (see),  and  widow  of  John  B. 
West  She  d.  Bumney,  Sept  5,  1887.  He  was  a  farmer  in  West 
Plymouth'  from  1860  to  1884  ;  now  res.  in  Laconia. 

i.  Albbrtis  Stanford,  b.  Hebron,  May  17, 1848.  m.  Oct  21, 1880, 
Anna  P.  Elkins,  who  d.  Jan.  6,  1894.  He  lived  in  Plymonth 
until  1875  and  is  now  a  jeweller  in  Laoonia« 


1.  George  Washington  Gore,  son  of  Jesse  and  Harriet  (Bennett) 
Gore,  b.  North  Gray,  Me.,  June  28,  1844.  m.  Lydia  Sawyer,  b. 
1843.  d.  1872.  ni.  second,  July  1,  1873,  Harriet  Hobart  Page,  b. 
Oct.  12, 1850,  dau.  of  Moody  Page.  He  was  in  Plymouth  as  early  as 
1874  and  became  a  permanent  resident  here,  1882,  He  is  a  con- 
trabtor  and  builder. 

i.    WiNPiRLD  Scott,    m.  Jennie  E.  Brooks.    Res.  Waltham,  Mass. 
ii,     MoopT  Paok,  b.  April  12, 1874.    Plymouth  High  School,  1892.   m. 

March  28, 1000,  Effie  Dell  Kibbey,  SUte  Normal  School,  1894,  of 

Tunbridge,  Yt.    Mason.    Res.  Plymouth. 

800  GOBB  —  GOULD. 

iiL    Eliza  Gbrtrudb,  b.  Feb.  21, 1879;  Plymoutb  High  School,  1800; 

State  Normal  School,  1899.    m.  Sept  1, 1901,  Frank  H.  Feeler,  b. 

1878,  son  of  Moees  and  Martlia  (Nudd)  Foster,    lies.  Plymouth. 

Two  children :  (1)  Martha  Harriet,  b.  Dec.  28, 1902.    (2)  Arline, 

b.  August  19. 1904. 
iy.    Alicb  Maudb,  b.  Feb.  1,  1882.    Plymouth  High  School,  1900. 

State  Normal  School,  1908.    Teacher.    She  m.  August  17,  1904, 

Samuel  Hutchins,  of  Welb  Riyer,  Vt. 
y.    Harrt  Gborob,  b.  Dec.  26, 1890.    d.  July  27, 1891. 
yi    Gborob  Washington,  b.  Feb.  4, 1894. 


1.  Thohas  Qould,  b.  about  1639,  with  wife  Elizabeth  was  a 
resident  of  Salem  Village,  now  Danvers,  Mass.  He  was  a  brother  of 
Adam  Gtould,  of  Wobum,  Groton,  and  Chelmsford,  and  administrator 
of  bis  estate.  He  d.  1690,  leaving  seven  children.  The  early  families 
of  Plymouth  and  some  of  their  descendants  have  written  the  name 

2.  Jakks  Gould,  son  of  Thomas  \  b.  Feb.  8,  1666/7,  had  wives 
Deborah  and  Sarah,  but  a  record  of  the  marriages  has  not  been  found. 

3.  Adam  Gould,  son  of  James  ^  b.  about  1711,  lived  in  Chelms- 
ford, Mass.,  until  about  1760.  He  m.  1729,  pub.  Jan.  29,  Elizabeth 
Butterfield,  dau.  of  Jonathan  and  Elizabeth  Butterfield,  of  Chelms- 
ford. The  birth  of  three  children  is  recorded  in  Chelmsford  and  the 
History  of  New  Ipswich  names  a  son  Abraham.  Probably  his  wife 
d.  in  Chelmsford.  He  xxl  second,  in  Chelmsford,  Feb.  23,  1758, 
Jemima  Skidmore,  of  Methuen,  Mass.  About  1760  he  removed  to 
the  north  part  of  New  Ipswich  near  the  line  of  Temple.  His  wife  d. 
in  New  Ipswich  1790,  and  subsequently  he  had  a  home  with  his  son 
Benjamin  in  Plymouth.  He  was  taxed  for  the  year  1795.  The 
Qoxxld  Genealogy,  edition  of  1895,  page  340,  assumes  that  his  son 
Benjamin  d.  in  Henniker,  1808.  It  is  certain  that  Benjamin  Gould, 
of  Henniker,  was  a  younger  man.  The  children  of  Adam  and 
Elizabeth  (Butterfield)  Gould,  were 

i.    Lucy,  b.  Feb.  4, 1782. 

ii.  Abuah,  b.  Deo.  12,  1785.  m.  Sarah  Spalding,  b.  August  8,  1740, 
dao.  of  Phineas  Spalding,  of  HudBou.  He  lived  a  few  years  in 
Temple  and  d.  in  llollis,  Jan.  2, 1818.  His  widow  d.  at  Roches- 
ter, N.  Y.,  at  the  home  of  her  son.  Two  children  b.  in  Temple : 
(1)  Abijah,  b.  Nov.  11,  1771.  d.  yoang.  (2)  Abijah,  b.  May 
20, 1777. 

4.  iii.    Bbnjamih,  b.  August  20|  1742. 
iy.    Abraham. 

GOOLD.  801 

4.  Benjamin  Goold,  son  of  Adam  ^  b.  Chelmsford,  Mass.,  August 
29,  1742,  removed  in  youth  to  New  Ipswich  and  came  to  Plymouth 
1768.  He  enjoyed  the  respect  and  confidence  of  his  townsmen  in  an 
eminent  degree  and  was  much  employed  in  town  and  church  afiTairs. 
Few  names  are  more  frequently  met  or  more  honorably  mentioned  in 
the  early  annals  of  Plymouth.  He  was  a  selectman  many  years  and 
many  details  of  town  affairs  were  submitted  to  his  judgment  and 
discretion.  He  was  a  representative  1791  and  1793  and  a  deacon  of 
the  Congregational  church.  In  the  organization  of  the  11th  regi- 
ment he  was  commissioned  by  Gov.  Wentworth  an  ensign,  Jan. 
24, 1774,  and  a  lieutenant,  August  16,  1774.  He  was  commissioned 
a  lieutenant  by  the  Provincial  Congress,  Sept  5,  1775.  He  was 
appointed  a  major  of  one  of  the  four  regiments  of  minute-men 
organized  by  vote  of  Sept.  1, 1775,  but  declined.  After  the  Bevolution 
he  was  a  captain  in  the  militia  and  promoted  to  major  of  the 
14th  regiment  July  7,  1786,  resigning  this  commission  June  17, 

1790.    He  m.  Sarah .    He  d.  Jan.  5, 1804.    His  wife  d.  Feb. 

25, 1804.    Seven  children  b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.    Mart,  b.  June  27, 1769.    d.  Feb.  26, 1790. 

5.  ii.    Benjamin,  b.  April  29, 1771. 

6.  iii.    John,  b.  March  28, 1774. 

iv.  William,  b.  Got.  16, 1778.    d.  April  24, 1789.    drowned. 

T.  EsTHRR,  b.  Feb.  10, 1781.    m.  Amos  Webster  (see), 

vi.  Sarah,  b.  May  28, 1785.    m.  Sargent  Bartlett  (see), 

vii.  DANiBL,b.  Aprail,  1787.    d.  l>ec.  8, 1788. 

6.  Benjamin  Goold,  son  of  Dea.  Benjamin*,  b.  April  29,  1771. 
m.  August  11, 1791,  Jane  Harriman,  dau.  of  Thomas  Harriman  (see). 
He  was  a  prosperous  farmer  owning  the  farm  formerly  of  his  father, 
now  of  Calvin  Clark.  He  d.  Dec.  8,  1815.  She  d.  Oct  8,  1825. 
Eight  children. 

7.  i.    William,  b.  Jaly  4, 1792. 

ii.    PoLLT,  b.  July  8, 1798.    m.  Moses  Carrier  (see). 

8.  iii.    Daniel,  b.Jaly  7, 1797. 

iv.    Thomas,  b.  Dec.  16, 1799.    "  Went  west.*' 

9.  ▼.    Benjamin,  b.  1802. 

yi.  Joseph,  b.  Sept.  29,  1805,  studied  medicine  with  Dr.  Jonathan 
Robbins  and  Dr.  Job  Wilson,  of  Franklin,  and  practised  in 
Gilmanton  from  1880  to  1850  when  he  remoyed  to  Illinois. 
He  m.  May  21,  1831,  Sally  Evans,  dan.  of  Capt.  Josiah  Eyans, 
of  Uill.    m.  second,  Emma  Messer. 

802  GOOLD. 

Tii.  CHARLB8,b.  Feb.  23, 1808.  m.  Charlotte  Heath,  b.  Franklin,  1811. 
He  was  a  tanner  and  currier  living  in  lloldernese,  Franklin, 
Gilmanton,  and  Manchester.  He  d.  1882.  She  d.  1805.  Their 
children  were  Alice  B.,  Mehitable  O.,  Mary  Jane,  Sarah  Augusta, 
Charles  Carroll,  Cynthia  £llen,  Joseph  Warren  and  Frank. 
Tiii.  David,  b.  April  24,  1810.  m.  He  lived  in  Plymoutli  until  1833 
and  after  1868.  He  d.  here  July  2, 1889.  Children  were  Charles, 
Bmnia  Gustie,  and  Georgia.    A  record  has  not  been  secured. 

6.  John  Goold,  son  of  I^ea.  Benjamin  *,  b.  March  28, 1774.  ni. 
Feb.,  1803^  Elizabeth  Qreenough,  dau.  of  William  Greenough  (see). 
He  lived  in  Plymouth  until  1803,  when  he  removed  from  town. 

i.    Mart.    m.  John  Fuller,  son  of  Dea.  Asa  Fuller,  of  Rumney. 

ii.  JoBN,  b.  1812.  m.  Nov.  2G,  1886,  Martha  Ann  Cross,  b.  Sanbom- 
ton,  Jan.  8,  1816,  dau.  of  Stephen  and  Sally  (Durgiu)  Cross.  He 
was  a  harness  maker,  res.  in  Concord,  Sanbomton,  and  Boston, 
Mass.  She  d.  Oct.  28, 1880.  He  was  taxed  in  Plymouth,  1844, 
1845,  1851.  Six  chUdren:  (1)  Clara  Maria,  b.  Jan.  81,  1841. 
d.  June  18,  1849,  drowned.  (2)  Sarah  Elizabeth,  b.  May  27, 
1844.  d.  Oct.  11,  1844.  (3)  Emma  Frances,  b.  Feb.  1,  1848. 
d.  April  6, 184a  (4)  John  D.,  b.  May  23,  1849.  (5)  Charles  C, 
b.  Plymouth,  May  14, 1851.  d.  Oct  81, 1863.  (6)  Arthur  K.,  b. 
August  31, 1854.    d.  July  19, 1858. 

Hi.  Marinda,  b.  August  15,  1806.  m.  June  26,  1828,  Benjamin  F. 
Dunklee,  b.  Hanover,  April  80,  1804.  They  lived  in  Concord, 
where  he  d.  Feb.  24,  1873.    She  d.  Feb.  2,  1890.    Six  children : 

(1)  Ben  F.,  b.  Feb.  8,  1829.  m.  Jan.  25,  1852,  Mary  Frances 
Allen.    He  d.  Lowell,  Mass.,  March  3,  1902.    Four  children. 

(2)  John  WUliam,  b.  Dec.  4,  1830.  m.  Dec.  5, 1855,  Elizabeth 
Piutt  Currier,  dau.  of  Nathaniel  Currier  (see),  and  removed 
to  Clifton,  Out  (3)  Susan  Elizabeth,  b.  Dec.  3,  1835.  m. 
Jan.  18,  1860,  George  D.  B.  Prescott,  of  Concoi*d.  (4)  Moses 
Carter,  b.  Sept.  17,  1837.  d.  Maich  22,  1840.  (5)  Josephine 
Sophia,  b.  July  19,  1841.  m.  Dec.  3,  1862,  James  H.  Renick. 
He  d.  Cleveland,  Ohio,  May  22,  1874.  She  m.  second,  June  17, 
1878,  Egbert  C.  Bradford.  (6)  Sarah  Marinda,  b.  Sept  29, 1843. 
m.  Oct  15, 1862,  Richard  H.  Ayer,  of  Concord. 

7.  WiLUAM  GooLD,  son  of  Benjamin  *,  b.  July  4, 1792.  m.  1817, 
Deborah  Emerson,  dau.  of  Nathaniel  Emerson  (see).  He  was  an 
industrious  farmer  of  Plymouth  where  he  d.  1876.  His  widow  d. 
1886.    Six  children. 

i.     Sarah  Lovkjot,  b.  Jan.  14, 1819.    m.  Isaac  T.  Johnson  (see), 
ii.    LoRBMZO  Dow,  b.  Deo.  20, 1820.    unm.    d.  Deo.  25, 1848. 
10.  iii.    Benjamin  F.,  b.  July  18, 1828. 

GOOLD.  808 

iv.    JosRPH,  b.  Jan.  17,  1829.    d.  Nov.  16,  1832. 
V.    Martha  Jane,  b.  March  4,  1881.    d.  Nov.  0,  1882. 
vi.    Calista  Fuller,  b.  1882.    d.  1887. 

8.  Daniel  Goold,  son  of  Benjamin*  b.  July  7, 1797.  m.  Nov. 
11,  1827,  Hannah  Merrill,  dau.  of  Enoch  Merrill  (see).  He  lived  in 
riyniouth  until  1856  when  he  i-eniove^l  to  Manchester.  He  ivas  a 
farmer  and  a  blacksmith.  He  d.  Jan.  5,  1885.  His  wife  Hannah  d. 
August  31,  1865.  Daniel  Goold  was  an  early  abolitionist  and  with 
the  courage  of  his  convictions  he  was  fearless  in  the  consistent 
expression  of  matured  opinion.    They  had  six  children. 

i.     William,  b.  June,  1828.    d.  April  12, 1832. 

ii.    Peter  Harvey,  b.  April  24, 1831.    d.  April  11, 1832  . 

iii.  Sarah  £liza,  b.  May  2,  1883.  m.  Jan.  20,  1850,  Joseph  Augustus 
Austin,  son  of  John  and  Ann  (Butterfield)  Austin,  b.  Claremont, 
Sept.  6,  1839.  lie  was  a  saddler  and  res.  in  Manchester.  He 
enlisted  in  Ist  N.  £.  Cavalry,  Oct.  8,  1861,  honorably  discharged 
June  IG,  1862,  and  subsequently  was  employed  as  an  inspector 
of  leather  at  an  arsenal  in  Washington,  D.  C.  He  d.  in  Man- 
chester, April  8,  1893.  One  child.  (1)  Belle  Blanche,  b.  Oct. 
21,  1860.     Res.  Manchester. 

iv.    Martha  Jane,  b.  May  10, 1835.    unm.  d.  Feb.  20, 1887. 

V.  Lucia  Ann,  b.  July  28, 1837.  m.  Nov.  2, 1856,  John  R.  Hynes, 
b.  Pittsfield,  1836.  He  was  a  news  reporter  and  was  on  the  local 
staff  of  the  **  Mirror  and  American,'*  several  years.  In  July,  1861, 
he  enlisted  as  a  private  in  8d  N.  H.  Infantry.  Commissioned 
second  lieutenant,  August  22,  1861,  promoted  to  first  lieutenant 
April  15,  1862,  later  served  as  quartermaster  and  mustered  out 
Sept.  28,  1864.  He  was  commissioned  a  captain  in  United 
States  army,  Sept.  20,  1867,  and  discharged  May  1,  1869.  He 
was  breveted  major  and  lieutenant  colonel  for  meritorious  conduct. 
He  d.  in  Manchester,  Oct.  31,  1870.  She  d.  Exeter,  Nov.  22, 
1901.  Two  of  their  three  children  d.  young.  (1)  Ella  Gertrude, 
b.  June  28,  1868.  m.  Oct  22,  1890,  Charles  Franklin  Hervey,  son 
of  Frank  and  Mary  (Chase)  Hervey.     They  res.  in  Exeter. 

vi.    William  Harvey,  b.  1841.    d.  1848. 

9.  Brnjamin  Goold,  son  of  Benjamin*,  b.  1802.  m.  Jan.  29, 
1824,  Mary  Harriet  Sanborn,  dau.  of  Samuel  Adams  Sanborn  (see). 
He  lived  in  Plymouth  and  ho  d.  in  Plymouth  about  1853.  Two 

i.    Jamb.    d.  young* 

ii.  Solomon  8.  m.  Oct  9, 1859,  Ann  Jeaneatte  Groves,  b.  Brimfield, 
Mass.,  Dec.  20,  1837,  dan.  of  Levins  and  Martha  C.  (Draper) 

804  OOOLD  —  GOULD. 

10.  Benjamin  F.  Goold,  son  of  William  ^  b.  July  18, 1823.  Was 
a  fanner  of  Plymouth.  He  m.  1868,  Jeanette  L.  Stevens,  b.  Went- 
worth,  March  29,  1833,  dau.  of  John  Stevens.  He  d.  Dec.  24, 1888. 
His  widow  res.  with  her  children  in  Manchester. 

i.    LiLLA  B.,  b.  March  14, 1800. 
ii.    Habrt  L.,  b.  Jan.  14, 1802.    Is  foreman,  water  works,  Manchester. 


1.  Ghablbs  Jabvis  Gould,  b.  Oct  1, 1856.  Came  to  Plymouth, 
1875,  and  was  employed  a  few  years  in  the  Bussell-Webster  store. 
Since  1880  he  has  been  proprietor  of  a  hardware  store  in  Morton's 
Block  with  plumbing  and  heating  departments.  He  has  been  suc- 
cessful in  business  and  at  all  times  an  active,  useful  townsman. 
Selectman,  1898,  1899,  1900,  and  elected  representative,  1900,  for 
session  convening  Jan.,  1901,  and  re-elected  1902.  He  m.  Dec.  25, 
1877,  Maria  Gate  Morton,  b.  March  4, 1849,  dau.  of  John  Ford  and 
Maria  Augusta  (Thomas)  Morton  (see).    They  have  five  children. 

i.    Mabel  Louisb,  b.  Dec.  0, 1878.    Plymouth  High  School, 
ii.    Blanchb  Augusta,  b.  June  18,  1880.     Plymouth  High  School, 
1898.    Grad.  St  Johnsbury  Academy  and  training-school  Boston, 
iiL    Hattib  Maud,  b.  Jan.  19, 1882.    d.  March  8, 1883. 
iy.    Bbssib  Mat,  b.  July  17, 1885.    Plymouth  High  School,  1904. 
v.    Florbncb  Pbabl,  b.  Nov.  26,  1887.    Student,  Plymouth  High 


1,  Frank  Marion  Gould,  son  of  Joshua  and  Sarah  (Martin) 
€k)uld,  b.  Norridgewock,  Me.,  May  9,  1832.  m.  March  26, 1863, 
Eliza  Stone,  b.  Dana,  Mass.,  Oct  9,  1836,  dau.  of  James  H.  and  Azu- 
bah  (Allen)  Stone.  He  was  a  physician  and  practised  in  Greenwich, 
Mass.,  where  he  d.  Oct  8,  1901. 

2.  Jambs  Frank  Gould,  son  of  Dr.  Frank  M.*  b.  March  5, 1866. 
m.  August  17,  1887,  Lilla  Susan  Pressy,  dau.  of  Warren  Moses 
Pressy  (see).  He  came  to  Plymouth,  1885,  and  since  1899  has  been 
baggage  master  at  the  railroad  station. 

i.    Barbara  Pbksst,  b.  July  20, 1897. 
ii.    Thbo  Marion,  b.  July  1, 1899. 

G0S8  —  GOVB.  806 


1.  Beuben  G.  6os&  id.  Susan  Lathrop,  and  lived  in  Hanover  and 
later  in  Canaan.    Five  children. 

2.  Harris  Joshua  Goss,  son  of  Reuben  G.\  b.  in  Canaan,  Jan.  7, 
1845.  He  was  a  corporal,  18th  N.  H.  Infantry.  Enlisting  on  quota 
of  Wentworth,  Oct  27, 1864,  severely  wounded  at  Fort  Steadman, 
March  29,  1865 ;  dischaiged  May  25,  1865.  He  m.  Jan.  8,  1870, 
Elizabeth  Broadhead  Norris,  b.  Dorchester,  March  30, 1846,  dau.  of 
Benjamin  and  Zaphira  (Ross)  Norris.  He  res.  in  Canaan  until  1897, 
when  he  removed  to  Plymouth.  He  was  a  farmer  and  lumber  dealer 
on  the  Kidder  farm  on  the  Rumney  river  road ;  returned  to  Canaan, 
1901.    Two  children. 

i.    Brn  Aldurn,  b.  June  27, 1S71.    m.  1S03,  Del  J.  Sweit,  and  lives 

in  Canaan, 
it.    RuBT  IsABKLLK,  b.  June  18, 1886.    m.  John  Pratt  Carrier  (see). 


1.  Hiram  W.  Govb,  b.  Wilmot,  May  22, 1806.  m.  Dec.  11, 1832, 
Margaret  Fellows,  b.  Dec.  3, 1809.  He  lived  in  Wilmot  and  Bridge- 
water,  removing  to  Plymouth,  1853.  He  d.  Plymouth,  April  5, 1873. 
She  d.  March  18, 1897. 

2.  i.    Edgar  Hiram,  b.  Wihnot,  March  21, 1884. 

ii.  Joseph  Warrbk,  b.  Bridgewater,  March  24,  1843.  d.  July  26, 

2.  Edgar  Hiram  Oove,  son  of  Hiram  W.^  b.  March  21, 1834  m. 
March  12, 1866,  Mary  Ann  Bogers,  dau.  of  Josiah  B.  Bogers  (see). 
He  was  a  farmer  of  Plymouth,  ivhere  he  d.  March  27,  1898.  She 
res.  Bristol. 

i.  Nellir  May,  b.  Dec.  81, 1856.  m.  Feb.  20, 1876,  George  Henry 
Robinson  (see). 

H.  Garrir  Ellrk,  b.  Oct  25,  1850.  m.  August  17,  1008,  Horace 
Herbert  Kirk,  b.  August  10,  1855,  son  of  Robert  Moore  Kiri^. 
Res.  Bristol. 

iii.  Charlrs  Warren,  b.  Feb.  10,  1868.  ra.  May  18,  1880,  Martha 
Aldrioh  Webster,  dan.  of  Elbridge  and  Caroline  (Aldrich)  Web- 
ster. She  d.  Plymouth,  April  7,  1807.  He  m.  second,  Dec.  7, 
1001,  Edith  Lucy  Maclinn.  He  res.  Bristol  (1)  Myra  Mar- 
guerite, b.  Ashland,  Dec  10,  1801. 

TOL.  II.  —  20, 



1.  Stephkn  Grant,  son  of  Michael  and  Phebe  (Wyman)  Grant,  b. 
1775.  Dartmouth  CoU^e,  1800.  His  parents  lived  in  Alstead,  and 
it  is  possible  he  was  born  before  they  removed  from  Watertown  or 
vicinity  to  this  State.  He  studied  law  and  practised  in  Plymouth 
from  1803  until  1830,  when  he  removed  to  Sandwich.  He  remained 
in  Sandwich  several  years,  when  he  removed  to  Sanbomton.  He 
came  again  to  Plymouth,  and  died  a  few  months  after  his  removal 
August  1, 1845.  Trustee  Holmes  Academy.  (See  sketch  in  "  Bench 
and  Bar**  by  Gov.  Charles  H.  Bell.)  He  m.  in  Plymouth,  Sept  30, 
1806,  Mary  Parker,  dau.  of  Zachariah  Parker  (see).  She  d.  (drowned) 
at  Sanbomton,  March  20, 1841.    Two  daughters  b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.    Maria  Wtman,  b.  Oct.  20, 1807. 
ii.    Annst,  b.  March  1, 1810. 


1.  Elbxis  Jerome  Graves,  b.  Unity,  Dec.  4, 1826.  m.  Nov.  27, 
1868,  Almira  Caroline  Bounseval,  dau.  of  Lyman  and  Sarah  (Spald- 
ing) Rounseval,  of  Unity.  He  was  a  dry  goods  merchant  in  Clare- 
mont  and  later  in  Newport.    He  d.  May  6, 1900. 

2.  Delfred  Rounseval  Graves,  son  Elexis^  b.  March  1,  1860. 
m.  Jan.  1, 1887,  Nellie  E.  Barney,  dau.  of  Steams  Barney,  of  Boston, 
Mass.  She  is  a  grad.  of  Girls'  High  School,  Boston.  He  was  in  the 
drug  trade  in  Boston  ten  years,  coming  to  Plymouth,  1898.  He  had 
a  drug  store  in  North  Woodstock,  with  a  res.  in  Plymouth. 

i.    Maroukritb  Albina,  b.  May  11, 1889. 
ii^..  DoKALD  HoMBB,  b.  Sept.  20, 1890. 


1.  Beuben  Greeley,  son  of  Benjamin,  b.  Amesbury,  Mass.,  about 
1760.  The  family  removed  to  Salisbury  before  1760.  He  m.  Jan. 
7, 1773,  Bachel  Meloon,  b.  Jan.  29, 1744,  dau.  of  Nathaniel  Meloon, 
of  Salisbury.  She  was  a  prisoner  in  Canada,  1764-1763.  For  an 
account  of  the  capture  of  the  Meloon  family,  see  Histories  of  Bos- 
cawen  and  Salisbury.  Beuben  Greeley  was  a  soldier  in  Col.  Scam- 
meirs  Continental  regiment,  and  d.  at  Valley  Foige,  1778.  She  m. 
second,  John  Gilman,  of  Springfield. 

a.  Nathaniel  Greelst,  son  of  Beuben  ^  b.  Salisbury,  June  20, 
1775.    m.  Jan.  25,  1798,  Mary  Stevens,  b.  Feb.  27,  1781,  dau.  of 


Cutting  Stevens.  She  d.  Feb.  20,  1832.  He  m.  second,  April  30, 
1834,  Abiah  (Eastman)  Corser,  widow  of  Timothy  Corser,  of  Boscawen. 
He  lived  in  Salisbury. 

3.  Nathaniel  Orbblbt,  son  of  Nathaniel  ^  b.May  18, 1802.  m. 
Feb.  14,  1831,  Nancy  Wyman,  of  Chatham.  She  d.  April  2,  1862. 
He  m.  second,  Nov.  18, 1869,  Harriet  W.  Durgin,  of  Thornton,  who  d. 
Nov.  22, 1878.  He  m.  third,  Oct  6, 1879,  Susan  P.  Mace,  of  Camp- 
ton.  He  lived  in  Waterville,  and  was  there  a  farmer  and  proprietor 
of  a  sunnnor  hotel  He  was  a  selectman  several  years,  and  repre- 
sentative, and  tlirough  his  active  life  was  an  important  factor  in  the 
annals  of  Waterville.    He  d.  in  Thornton  at  an  advanced  age. 

4.  Merrill  Qreelet,  son  of  Nathaniel  ^  b.  July  3, 1832.  m.  Nov. 
10, 1864,  Mary  Elizabeth  Merrill,  b.  Oct.  19, 1831,  dau.  of  Clark  and 
Elizabeth  (Crowell)  Merrill,  of  Hill.  For  many  years  be  was  pro- 
prietor of  the  Greeley  Mountain  House,  in  Waterville.  He  was 
representative  from  Ellsworth  and  Waterville,  1862,  and  again  18 — , 
and  in  town  affairs  he  was  foremost  and  influential.  He  removed 
from  Waterville  to  Plymouth,  1885,  and  here  be  engaged  in  the  livery 
business  and  was  a  dealer  in  wood  and  coal.  He  was  active  in  the 
establishment  of  electric  b'ght  in  this  town  and  was  president  of  the 
Plymouth  Electric  Light  Co.    He  d.  Oct.  7, 1894. 

i.    Nannib  Wtman,  b.  May  4, 1868.    d.  August  6, 1869. 

ii.  Mabrl  Lillian,  b.  Feb.  2, 1871.  Grad.  Bryant  &  Siratton's  Com- 
mercial College.    Plymouth  High  School,  1890. 

iii.  Grorob  Hrnrt,  b.  Nov.  8, 1872.  m.  June  0,  1897,  Donna  May 
Palkey,  b.  June  1,^  1877,  dan.  John  and  Margaret  (McKensie) 
Palkey.  She  grad.  State  Normal  School,  1897.  He  was  educated 
in  the  public  schools.  Plymouth  High  School,  1891,  supple- 
mented by  a  commercial  course  at  Boston,  Mass.  He  was  a  dealer 
in  wood  and  coal  in  Plymouth.  (1)  Margueret  Elisabeth,  b.  April 
28, 1902. 


1.  Peter  Green,  son  of  Peter,  and  grandson  of  Peter  Green,  b. 
Haverhill,  Mass.,  1714  He  settled  in  Lancaster,  Mass.,  about  1737, 
and  was  a  prominent  and  influential  citizen.  He  d.  in  Lancaster, 
August  22, 1796.    His  wife  Abigail  d.  Feb.  3, 1779. 

2.  Dr.  Peter  Green,  son  of  Peter  ^  b.  Lancaster,  Mass.,  Oct  1, 
1745.  Harvard  University,  1766.  He  was  a  physician  and  began 
his  long  and  honorable  career  in  Harvard,  Mass.  He  removed  1772 
from  that  place  to  Concord,  where  he  was  in  successful  practice  over 

808  GRBBK. 

fifty  years.  (See  an  appreciative  sketch  by  Eev.  Dr.  Bouton,  in  **  His- 
tory of  Concord.")  He  m.  1769,  Hannah  Clark,  b.  1745  or  1746.  She 
d.  in  Harvard,  Mass.,  June  8,  1770.  The  headstone  in  Harvard  Cem- 
etery preserves  an  expressive  and  affectionate  testimonial.  He  m. 
second,  1773,  Ruth  Ayer,  b.  Dec  4,  1753,  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Ann 
(Hazen)  Ayer,  of  Haverhill,  Mass.,  who  d.  April  12,  1823.  He  d. 
March  31,  1828. 

3.  WiLLiAJf  Gbsen,  son  of  Dr.  Peter  Green*,  b.  Concord,  Dec.  19, 
1788.  In  youth  he  was  a  clerk  in  the  store  of  Stephen  Ambrose, 
East  Concord,  and  later  was  a  merchant  in  Dunbarton,  Sanbomton, 
and  Orford,  removing  to  Plymouth,  1828.  He  was  the  able  cashier 
of  the  Pemigewasset  Bank.  In  1845  he  removed  to  Bristol,  where 
be  d.  August  8, 1869.  He  m.  in  Dunbarton,  August  10, 1815,  Clarissa 
(Harris)  Stinson,  b.  Dunbarton,  June  17,  1790,  dau.  of  Rev.  Dr. 
Walter  and  Jemima  (Fisher)  Harris,  and  widow  of  Jeremiah  Stinson. 
Mr.  Stinson  was  a  native  and  a  lawyer  of  Dunbarton.  Mrs.  Green 
d.  in  Sanbomton,  April  18, 1817.  He  m.  second,  March  19, 1828, 
Harriet  Kimball,  b.  Concord,  March  16, 1799,  dau.  of  Benjamin  and 
Mehitable  (Foster)  KimbalL  She  d.  Dec.  21, 1881.  Mr.  Green  was 
exact  and  faithful  in  business  and  always  interested  in  the  welfare  of 
his  fellowmen.  He  was  an  early  and  consistent  advocate  of  temper- 
ance and  an  earnest  promoter  of  the  charitable  and  missionary  enter- 
prises of  his  time.  Rev.  Dr.  Ronton  has  written:  "In  Grafton 
county  particularly  his  name  will  long  be  held  in  grateful  remem- 
brance. In  every  effort  for  good  he  was  aided  by  the  wise  thought 
and  the  sympathy  of  his  wifa"  He  was  a  trustee  of  Holmes  Acad- 
emy and  Clerk  Congregational  Church,  Plymouth,  many  years.  Seven 
children  b.  in  Plymouth. 

i.  Harriet  Euza,  b.  August  28, 1830.  Res.  uum.  at  Bristol.  A  lady 
of  refiDement  and  culture.    She  d.  August  0, 1003. 

ii.    Benjamin  Kimball,  b.  August  14,  1832.    d.  June  16, 1835. 

Hi.    Clarissa  Harris,  b.  July  31,  1834.    d.  June  19,  1835. 

iv.  Mary,  b.  May  3, 1836.  m.  Bristol,  Oct.  19, 1860,  Joseph  Charles 
Augustus  Wingate,  b.  Stratham,  Nov.  16, 1830,  son  of  Dea.  John 
and  Sally  (Piper)  Wingate,  and  grandson  of  Hon.  Paine  Wingate, 
U.  S.  Senator.  He  was  a  lawyer  and  for  twenty  years  he  was  U.  S. 
Consul  in  China.     She  d.  Nov.  3, 1876.     He  res.  in  Stratham. 

y.  Martha,  b.  June  7, 1838.  unm.  She  lived,  with  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Win- 
gate, in  China  several  years.    She  d.  Bristol,  July  15, 1897. 

vi.  Ann  Douglas,  b.  Jan.  12,  1842.  She  is  pleasantly  remembered 
under  the  pseudonym  of  ^  Marian  Douglas "  as  a  frequent  oon- 

GRBBN  —  ORBBKB.  809 

tributor  to  the  magazines,  and  as  the  author  of  "  Piotore  Poems  ** 
•«  Peter  and  Polly,"  "In  the  Poverty  Year,"  a  story  of  the  " Cold 
Summer,'*  1816.    She  m.  in  Bristol,  April  11,  1877,  Frank  W. 
Robinson,  a  farmer  of  Bristol, 
vii.    Clarissa  Harris,  b.  Feb.  21, 1845.    d.  May  16, 1846. 


1.  Isaac  Orbbme.  m.  Feb.  18, 1742,  Martha  Boyden,  and  lived  in 
Qroton,  Mass.    They  bad  seven  or  more  childrea 

2.  Isaac  Qrbenb,  son  of  Isaac  ^b.  Groton,  May  11,  1755.  He 
served  in  the  Revolution  and  was  wounded  at  tbe  battle  of  Bunker 
Hill.  He  m.  Nov.  8, 1780,  Abigail  Chamberlain,  b.  Westford,  Mass., 
1760,  dau.  of  Ephraim  and  Esther  (Boynton)  Chamberlain.  He  lived 
a  few  years  in  Townsend,  Mass.,  and  subsequently  in  Cavendish,  Vt, 
where  he  d.  July  26, 1822.  His  widow  came  to  Plymouth  with  her 
son,  and  d.  here  March,  1836. 

S.  Ephbaim  Greens,  son  of  Isaac  ^  b.  Nov.  9, 1783.  He  was  an 
inn*holder  in  Cavendish,  Vt,  and  in  Bumney,  removing  to  Plymouth, 
1833,  and  here  was  a  blacksmith,  and  for  several  years  he  kept  a  hotel 
on  the  site  of  Fox  Block.  He  m.  1807,  Sally  Brooks  French,  b. 
Rindge,  Feb.  17,  1786,  dau.  of  James  and  Hannah  (Russell)  French. 
She  d.  Plymouth,  Feb.  13,  1851.  He  m.  second,  Worcester,  Mass., 
1854,  Emily  A.  Eveleth,  who  d.  Plymouth,  Oct,  1862.  He  m.  third, 
Brainerd.    He  d.  Plymouth,  June  20, 1872. 

i.    Hannah  Frrnch,  b.  Deo.  81, 1808.    m.  Oliver  Flanders  (see). 

4.  ii.    Hbmrt  Chambbrlain,  b.  Sept  2, 1811. 

iii.    Harribt  Baxter,  b.  Oct.  8, 1818.    m.  1860,  Abram  Boll,  of  Groton. 

Removed  to  Iowa.    She  d.  NeviuYille,  la.,  May  ft,  1800.    Two 

children :  Daniel  and  Mary  E. 
iy.    Sarah  Patson,  b.  Nov.  25, 1816.    m.  Jacob  D.  Kimball  (see). 

5.  y.    Charles  Marsh,  b.  Feb.  17, 1819.    ro.  Feb.  28, 1841,  Judith  Dear- 

bom,  dau.  of  Benjamin  Dearborn  (see).    Res.  in  Kansas  and 
Delaware.    He  d.  Feb.  12,  1898. 
yi.    Samubl  Worcester,  b.  May  9, 1821.    m.  Hannah  Lander.    He  d. 

Troy,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  16, 1896.  Four  children, 
yii.  Elizabeth  Ann  Hale,  b.  Sept.  20, 1825.  m.  Lnman  M.  Grout,  b. 
Elmore,  Vt,  March  9,  1823,  son  of  Don  and  Beulah  (Elmore) 
Grout.  He  was  major  of  the  8th  Vt.  Infantry  in  the  Civil  War, 
and  subsequently  a  dealer  in  produce,  Stoneham,  Mass. 
yiii.  Fredrriok  Edward  Cannon,  b.  Nov.  17,  1828.  m.  Elisabeth 
Heath,  m.  second,  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Russell.  He  was  a  book- 
keeper, Stoneham,  Mass. 


4.  HsMRT  CHAUBBRLiON  Grbbkb,  BOB  of  Ephmim  ^  b.  Cavendish, 
Vt,  Sept  2, 1811.  He  lived  in  Plymouth  from  1833  to  1865.  Sub- 
sequently he  was  a  dealer  in  steam  and  gas  fittings  in  Pliiladelphia, 
Pa.,  where  he  d.  Dec.  2, 1897.  He  m.  1837,  Juditli  Crosby,  of  Hebron, 
who  d.  1895. 

i.    Evan  Bartlett,  b.  July  1, 1888.    d.  August  14, 1830. 
it.    Hbnrt  Bartlett,  b.  Feb.  29,  1840.    He  was  in  Plymouth  until 

1862,  subsequently  in  Chicago,  01. 
iii.    Ellbh  Maria,  b.  1842. 
iv.    Frank  (X,  b.  1844.    m.  1806,  Sarsh  £.  Smith,  dau.  of  Ebeneier  K. 

Smith  (see). 
V.    Addie  £.,  b.  1846. 
Yi.    William  J.,  b.  1847. 
Yii.    IjOUISA  J. 

5.  Chables  Mabsh  Greene,  son  of  Ephraim  ^  b.  Cavendish,  Yt., 
Feb.  17,  1819.  m.  Feb.  23, 1841,  Judith  Dearborn,  dau.  of  Benjamin 
Dearborn  (see).  She  d.  Bridgeport,  Conn.,  August  14, 1864.  He  m. 
second,  1856,  Aniia  Boddy,  who  d.  1899.  He  was  a  blacksmith.  Bes. 
in  Plymouth  until  1854  and  1860-1863.  He  d.  Auburn,  Kan.,  Feb. 

i.  Charles  Gill,  b.  April  4, 1844.  m.  Oct  4, 1865,  Anna  S.  Stetson, 
b.  GrotoD,  Nov.  19,  1846,  dau.  of  Nathan  and  Sarah  (Brown) 
Stetson  (see).  He  was  a  locomotive  engineer.  Res.  Plymouth, 
d.  March  1,  1870.  She  m.  second,  March  24, 1879,  James  Mc* 
Gloughlin.  Two  children:  (1)  Myriadell  Alice,  b.  March  24, 
1867.  (2)  Charles  Gill,  b.  Oct.  4,  1868.  m.  June  17, 1890,  Elisa- 
beth A.  Fletcher.  Bookkeeper,  Concord, 
ii.    Ruth  Eliza,  b.  August  14,  1846.    m.  Sept.  4,  1866,  Frank  A. 

Fenin,  of  Omaha,  Neb. 
iii.    LuoiA  Adblla,  b.  June  7, 1851.    m.  Charles  Henry  Cutter  (see), 
iy.     Georob  Hbnrt,  b.  Sept.  7, 1857.    m.  April  6, 1899,  Belle  Seybold. 

Res.  Auburn,  Kan. 
T.    Nbttir  Flanders,  b.  May  5, 1864.    m.  Feb.  10,  1890,  William 
McCallen,  of  Topdca,  Kan. 


1.  Edmund  Orrrnleaf,  b.  about  1590.  Came  about  1635,  from 
Ipswich,  England,  to  Newbury.  He  m.  Sarah  Dole,  who  d.  Jau.  18, 
1663.  He  m.  second,  Mrs.  Sarah  HilL  He  removed  from  Newbury, 
to  Boston  about  1650,  and  d.  March  24, 1670/71. 

2.  Strphek  Greenlraf,  son  of  Edmund  \  b.  1628.  m.  Nov.  13, 
1651,  Elizabeth  Coffin,  dau.  of  Tristram  Coffin,  she  d.  Nov.  19, 1678. 
He  m.  second,  March  31, 1679,  Esther  Weare  Swett,  dau.  of  Nathaniel 


Weare,  senior,  and  widow  of  Benjamin  Swett,  of  Hampton.  She  d. 
Jan.  16, 1718.  He  was  an  ensign,  representative,  1676, 1686, 1689, 
1690.    He  was  drowned  at  Gape  Breton,  Oct  31, 1690. 

3.  Samuel  Grbbnlraf,  son  of  Stephen  ^  b.  Oct.  30,  1665.  m. 
March  1, 1685/6,  Sarah  Kent,  dau.  of  John  Kent  He  d.  August  6, 
1694    She  m.  second,  April  28, 1696,  Peter  Toppan,  of  Newbury. 

1  John  Orernleaf,  son  of  Samuel  ^  b.  Oct.  13, 1688,  m.  May  7, 
1713,  Abigail  Moody,  b.  Dec.  10, 1691,  dau.  of  Daniel  and  Elizabeth 
(Somerby)  Moody. 

5.  Joshua  Qreenlbaf,  son  of  John*,  b.  Newbury,  April  17,  1714. 
m.  Nov.  23,  1736,  Judith  Moody,  b.  Dec.  14, 1719.  She  d.  May  20, 
1763.  He  m.  second  Dec.  1, 1763,  Anna  Kent,  widow  of  Stephen  Kent. 
He  res.  in  Newbury  and  Newburyport,  where  he  d.  Dec.  22, 1799. 

6.  Abner  Oreenleaf,  son  of  Joshua  ^  b.  Newbury,  Feb.  5, 1742. 
m.  Jan.  12, 1762,  Elizabeth  Dole,  b.  Oct.  28,  1743,  dau.  of  Abner 
and  Mary  (Kent)  Dole,  who  was  the  mother  of  Samuel  named  below. 
She  d.  1764  or  1765,  and  he  subsequently  m.  Elizabeth  Milk  and 
Anna  Beck.    He  d.  March  31, 1805. 

7.  Samuel  Oreenleaf,  son  of  Abner  ^  b.  Newburyport^  1764. 
m.  August  13, 1787,  Susan  Carroll  He  came  to  Plymouth  a  few 
months  before  his  marriage.  He  lived  in  Plymouth  until  his  death 
in  1814  or  1816.  His  widow  d.  in  Campton,  1842.  Eight  children 
b.  in  Plymouth. 

I    Philip,  b.  1790.    He  m.  May  26, 1811,  Mary  Eaton,  b.  June  0, 1700, 
dan.  of  James  Eaton.    She  d.  April  16, 1854.    He  enlisted  in  War 
of  1812,  and  probably  d.  in  the  service.    No  Udings  were  received, 
it.     Samukl,  b.  1792.    d.  1824. 
iii.    Abigail,  b.  1704.    unm.    d.  1821. 

iv.    John,  b.  April  15, 1706,  lived  in  Cambridge,  Mass.    He  m.  April 
10,  1820,  Elizabeth  Hutchinson  Learned.    He  d.  Dec  15, 1865. 
She  d.  Nov.  20, 1801,  aged  93.    They  had  nine  children. 
V.    Jamb8,  b.  1800.    d.  before  1828. 
vi.    Lbwis,  b.  1803.    d.  1816. 
vii.     William  B.,  b.  1805.    d.  at  sea,  1840. 

viii.    Catharink,  b.  1808.    m.  William  B.  Bartlett,  of  Campton.    She 
d.  April  13, 1846. 


1.  William  Grbenouoh,  son  of  William,  b.  Newburyport,  Maas., 
Doc.  9,  1749.  Came  in  youth  to  Plymouth.  He  m.  August  17, 
1772,  Hannah  Wells,  dau.  of  Winthrop  Wells,  senior  (see>    For  many 


years  be  owned  several  heavy  hprses  and  transported  produce  to 
Boston,  returning  with  heavy  loads  of  merchandise  for  the  stores  of 
Plymouth  and  with  the  latest  news  for  an  attentive  audienca  He 
lived  on  a  farm  later  owned  by  John  Harriman.  In  the  militia  he 
was  an  expert  with  the  drum  and  he  was  familiarly  called  "Drummer 
Oreenough."  In  the  Bevolutiou  he  served  two  enlistments  and  in 
the  rolls  he  is  recorded  "  drummer."  He  enlisted  1775  with  the  men 
recruited  by  Lieut  Matthew  Thornton,  of  Thornton,  and  was  assigned 
to  the  company  of  Capt  James  Osgood  in  CoL  Bedel's  regiment  He 
served  from  June  10  to  Dec.  26,  1776.  That  campaign  under  Bedel 
receives  mention  in  Vol.  I.  He  again  enlisted  and  served  in  Capt 
William  Tarlton's  company,  Ool.  Bedel's  regiment,  in  an  expedition 
against  Canada  early  in  tiie  year  1778.  He  was  a  pensioner.  In 
March,  1795,  William  Greenough  with  his  fine  horses,  his  loving  wife, 
and  ten  obedient  children  removed  to  Bumney,  where  he  d.  June  6, 
1836.    His  wife  d.,  accidentally  burned,  Jan.  24, 1829. 

i.    Judith,  b.  Deo.  9, 1778.    m.  Peter  McQuesten  (see). 

ii.    Sarah,  b.  Feb.  6, 1776.    m.  Dec  80, 1794,  Charles  Clark,  of  Rum- 

ney,  who  d.   1798  (see  Brown  family).    She  m.  second,  1802, 

Mark  Howe  Chapman,  of  Rumney.    He  was  b.  Boxford,  Mass., 

April  14, 1775,  son  of  Daniel  and  Hepsibah  (Howe)  Chapman. 

She  d.  Feb.  19,  1861. 
ili.    Mary,  b.  Oct.  24, 1777.    m.  May  8, 1794,  Oliver  Spalding,  b.  Pep- 

perell,  Mass.,  Sept.  16,  1762,  son  of  Lieut.  Joseph  and  Phebe 

(Spalding)  Spalding.    Lieut.  Joseph  Spalding  was  killed  in  the 

Battle  of  Bunker  Hill.    Oliver  Spalding  came  to  Plymouth  1790, 

and  removed  to  Rumney,  1796.    Five  children :  (1)  Joseph,  b. 

Plymouth,  Jan.  24, 1795.     m.  Ruth  Smart.     He  was  a  deacon. 

d.  Rumney,  August  9, 1850.    (2)  Polly,  b.  Rumney,  Ifov.  1, 1801. 

(8)  Phebe,  b.  Deo.  8,  1804.    d.  July  14,  1815.    (4)  Hannah,  b. 

May  22, 1812.    (5)  Oliver,  b.  May  30, 1816. 
iv.    Elizabeth,  b.  Oct.  16, 1779.    m.  John  Goold  (see). 
V.    Hannah,  b.  Deo.  9, 1781.    m.  David  Ramsay,  of  Rumney. 
vi.    Margery,  b.  March  6,  1783.    m.  James  McQuesten  (see), 
vii.    Sophia,  b.  March  26, 1785.    m.  John  Smart,  of  Rumney.    She  d. 

viii.    DoLLT,  b.  April  4,  1787.     m.  Isaac  Barnard,  of  Hebron,  son  of 

Currier  Barnard  (see), 
ix.    Persis,  b.  Sept.  16, 1789.    m.  Samuel  Greeley,  of  Hanover. 
2.     X.    William,  b.  Nov.  29, 1798. 

xi.     Carpkntsr,  b.  Rumney,  Sept.  7, 1795.    Removed  to  Stratford,  Vt., 

where  he  m.  Betsey  Pierce.    He  came  to  Plymouth  1^24,  and  here 

d.  Sept  80, 1825. 


2.  WiLUAM  Grbbnough,  son  of  William  \  b.  Nov.  29, 1793,  lived 
in  Bumney  until  1854  when  be  removed  to  Plymouth*  He  was 
taxed  1855-1868.  He  d.  Jan.  16, 1859.  He  m.  Lucy  Bartlett,  dau. 
of  Moody  Bartlett  He  m.  second,  April  19, 1838,  Mehitable  Hills, 
dau.  of  Isaac  Hills  (see).  He  m.  third,  Sarah  Blodgett,  dau.  of  Joseph 
Snow  Blodgett  (see).    She  d.  1860. 

i    8amubl  OLrvBR.    m.  July  81,  1848,  Sarah  Grace  Keyes,  dan.  of 

Lewis  Keyes  (see).    He  d.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  1888. 
ii.    Dorcas,    d.  young. 

iii.    Hannah,  b.  August  8,  1830.    m.  Gilman  Marsh  (see), 
iv.    William  Judson,  b.  1883.    m.  Feb.  24,  1869,  Sarah  Eliza  Holt, 
b.  August  18, 1837.    He  was  a  school  teacher,    d.  Rumney,  Jan.  11, 
18G0.    She  m.  second  Sept.  6, 1862,  Charles  Spalding  (see).    Res. 
in  Rumney.    A  son,  James  C.  Spalding  (see).    Res.  Plymouth, 
y.    LuoT.    m.  Charles  A.  Holden,  of  Rumney. 


1.  Charles  Peterson  Craig  GRiFnN,  son  of  Abner  and  Harriet 
(Darling)  Griffin,  b.  New  York,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  29, 1866.  m.  Feb.  13, 
1889,  Julia  Etta  Sawyer,  dau.  of  Elbridge  O.  Sawyer  (see).  He  has 
lived  in  Plymouth  and  Woodstock  alternately  since  1888,  He  is  a 
dealer  in  fish  and  meats. 

i.  Julia  Etta,  b.  Plymouth,  March  22,  1891. 

il.  William  Elbridob,  h.  Dec.  1, 1892. 

iii.  Samuel  BIartin,  b.  Woodstock,  May  7,  1896. 

iv.  Charlbs  Abner,  b.  Rumney,  April  i,  1898. 

y.  AnNiB  Harriet,  b.  Plymoutii,  July  29, 1900. 


1.  Jeremiah  G.  Haley,  a  native  of  Hartford,  Conn.,  came  to  Ply- 
mouth, 1898,  and  had  previously  lived  a  few  years  in  Laconia  and  Mor- 
risville,  Yt  He  was  night-watchman  at  engine  house  B.  &  M.  RR. 
Now  a  farmer.  He  m.  Oct  25, 1891,  Angeletta  F.  King,  b.  Morris- 
ville,  Vt,  March  17,  1876,  dau.  of  Charles  Christopher  and  Mary 
(Knapp)  King. 

1.  Raymond  Jeremiah,  b.  June  8, 1892. 

ii.  Harold  Alvado,  b.  June  29, 1898. 

iii.  Max  Gilbert,  b.  Oct.  8, 1894. 

iv.  Kenneth  Ryland,  b.  April  19, 1896. 

V.  Ruth  Hester,  b.  Dec.  24, 1898.    d.  Nov.  2, 1900. 

vi.  Margaret  Joyce,  b.  Dec.  16, 1899.    d.  Jan.  18, 1900. 

vil.  b.  May  11, 1901. 

vHi.  Edward  Everett,  b.  Nov.  19, 1902. 

814  HALL. 


1.  Dea.  Riohabd  Hall  and  wife  Martha,  settled  in  Bradford,  Mass., 
1673,  or  a  few  years  earlier.  He  was  a  freeman  1676,  and  one  of  the 
first  two  deacons  of  the  church  of  Bradford.  He  d.  March  9, 1730. 
Probably  he  was  a  son  of  John  and  grandson  of  Bichard. 

2.  Joseph  Hall,  son  of  Dea.  Bichard  ^  b.  Feb.  19, 1680.  m.  Dec. 
24,  1706,  Sarah  Kimball,  b.  Sept.  13,  1686,  dau.  of  Henry  and 
Hannah  (Marsh)  Kimball.  He  was  deacon  of  the  West  Church  of 

3.  Jonathan  Hall,  son  of  Joseph  ^  b.  Bradford,  Mass.,  August  15, 
1716.  m.  Dec.  26, 1740,  Mehitable  Kimball,  b.  Jan.  11,  1721,  dau. 
of  Benjamin  and  Priscilla  (Hazen)  KimbaU.  He  removed  to  Chester 
and  like  his  father  and  grandfather  was  a  deacon.  He  d.  July  2, 

4.  Jonathan  Hall,  son  of  Jonathan  •,  b.  Chester,  Dec.  8,  1745. 
m.  Hannah  Butterfield.    He  removed  to  Bumney. 

5.  Joseph  Hall,  son  of  Jonathan  \  b.  Bumney,  April  23, 1781. 
m.  Lydia  Bumham,  b.  Bumney,  Dec.  17, 1783,  dau.  of  Abraham  and 

■        Bumham.      He  removed  to  Shipton,  P.  Q.,  and  1809  re- 
turned to  New  England.    Two  children. 

6.       i.    Philamder,  b.  Shipton,  P.  Q.,  March  20, 1807. 

ii.    Bmilt,  b.  Oct.  28, 1808.    m.  at  Groton,  Vt.,  Dec.  4, 1828,  Ephraim 

6;  Philander  Hall,  son  of  Joseph^,  b.  March  20,  1807.  m. 
March  16,  1848,  Louisa  Augusta  Webster,  dau.  of  Walter  Baleigh 
Webster  (see).  Soon  after  1840  he  was  a  clerk  two  or  three  years  in 
the  Bussell- Webster  store  and  for  a  year  he  had  charge  of  a  store 
which  William  W.  Bussell,  senior,  had  opened  in  Holderness,  now 
Ashland.  He  was  in  business  a  short  time  in  Lowell,  Mass.,  and  in 
Pennsylvania.  Subsequently  he  was  a  manufacturer  of  confectionery 
in  Cincinnati,  Ohio.  His  factory  was  twice  burned  but  he  was  pros- 
perous. On  account  of  failing  health  he  retired  from  active  business 
and  d.  in  Plymouth,  Sept.  20, 1856.  He  was  a  man  of  ability.  His 
widow  m.  second  Nov.  9, 1875,  Hon.  Isaac  Newton  Hall,  b.  Bumney, 
June  3,  1808,  son  of  Heniy  and  Susan  (Bumham)  Hall.  (Isaac 
Newton^,  Henry*  John*,  Henry*,  Henry*,  John*  Bichard*.)  He 
was  a  cousin  of  Philander  Hall,  their  mothers  being  sisters,  but  they 
were  remotely  connected  in  the  lineage  of  Hall.    Isaac  Newton  Hall 

HALL.  815 

lived  in  Groton,  Vt  He  was  a  justice  of  the  peace,  town  clerk,  rep- 
resentative, State  senator,  director  of  the  State  prison,  an  assistant 
judge  of  Caledonia  C!o.  He.  d.  Nov.  20,  1893.  His  children 
were  hj  his  former  marriage.  Philander  and  Louisa  Augusta 
(Webster)  Hall  had  three  children. 

i.     Amnib,  b.  Jan.  80, 1849.    d.  July  19, 1850. 
it.    Louisa  Wbbstbb,  b.  June  10,  1850.    m.  Frank  Webster  Russell 

iii.  Carry  Elizabbth,  b.  Jan.  5, 1854.  State  Normal  School,  1872,  and 
Abbot  Seminary.  She  m.  June  26, 1884,  Eev.  George  U.  Bird,  a 
Congregational  clergyman  of  South  Chicago,  where  she  d.  March 
4, 1002.  An  appreciatiYe  obituary  of  a  deyoted  and  useful  woman 
is  found  in  the  *«  Congregationalist,"  March  15, 1902. 

7.  JoiiK  Hall,  son  of  Dea.  Richard  \  b.  Bradford,  Mass.,  March 
21, 1673.  m.  Dec.  24,  1706,  Mary  Kimball,  b.  July  24, 1680,  dau. 
of  Henry  and  Hannah  (Marsh)  Kimball,  and  a  sister  of  the  wife  of 
his  brother  Joseph.  Late  in  life  he  removed  from  Bradford  to 
Methuen,  Mass. 

8.  Henrt  Hall,  son  of  John^  and  grandson  of  Dea.  Eichard^,  b. 
Nov.  23,  1712.  m.  Nov.  7,  1734,  Joanna  Sargent,  dau.  of  Philip 
Sai^ent^  of  Amesbury,  Mass.    He  settled  in  Chester. 

9.  Hbnrt  Hall,  son  of  Henry  ^,  b.  Chester,  May  30,  1740.  m. 
Betsey  Bradley,  dau.  of  Isaac  Bradley,  and  removed  to  Humney.  He 
was  a  lieutenant  in  the  Revolution.     He  d.  1829. 

10.  John  Hall,  son  of  Henry*,  b.  Chester,  May  15,  1762.  m. 
June  5,  1783,  Euth  Prescott,  b.  March  12, 1761,  dau.  of  Jedediah 
Prescott.  She  d.  Bumney,  1815.  He  m.  second,  July  29,  1818, 
Ruth  Fletcher.    He  lived  in  Bumney  and  Hatley,  P.  Q. 

11.  Solomon  Hall,  son  of  John  ^  b.  May  23,  1792.  m.  1820, 
Jane  Willoughby.  He  lived  in  Bumney,  and  about  1830  removed 
to  Pennsylvania,  leaving  his  family. 

12.  Andrew  Jackson  Hall,  son  of  Solomon  ^\  b.  Rumney,  June 
14, 1828.  m.  Nov.  11, 1857,  Susan  Jane  Bailey,  b.  March  23, 1832, 
dau.  of  Friend  and  Susan  (Blanchard)  Bailey.  He  lived  in  Andover 
and  in  Rumney,  removing  to  Plymouth,  1863. 

i.    Ltman  Erskinr,  b.  Andover,  Jan.   16,  1860.     m.  Emily  Wiltse. 

He  is  a  Free  Baptist  minbter. 
ii.    Orrim  Scott,  b.  Rumney,  Oct.  80,  1861.     num.     d.  Rumney, 

March  28, 1898. 

816  HALL  —  H  ALLBNB1B0K. 


1.  Alphius  Hall,  b.  Thornton,  1794  m.  Nancy  Duigin.  He 
d  in  Sandwich,  Nov.  29, 1857.    She  d.  Meredith,  Feb.  10, 1864. 

SL  Eluot  Dubrbll  Hall,  son  of  Alpheus^  b.  Sandwich,  June 
19, 1832.  m.  Feb.  28,  1865,  Ann  Betaey  Bean,  b.  April  16,  1838, 
dan.  of  Luther  William  and  Sarah  (Stanton)  Bean,  of  Meredith. 
Fanner.  He  lived  in  Plymouth  with  two  brief  absences  from  1858 
to  1889.  He  d.  in  Holdemess,  Feb.  13,  1897.  She  res.  with  her 
dau.,  Mrs.  Nutting. 

i.  Eliza  Annib,  b.  Meredith,  Feb.  4, 1856.  m.  John  Chase  Gilpai- 
riok,  a  native  of  Maine.  Res.  Plymouth,  where  she  d.  Jao.  21, 
1872,  leaying  one  son :  (1)  6M>rge  Francis,  b.  Jan.  21, 1872.  in. 
Sept.  18^  1806,  Jennie  Anna  Morse,  dan.  of  Charles  and  Susan 
(Boynton)  Morse.  Res.  Wilton.  He  was  a  dealer  in  stoyes,  tin- 
ware, and  carpets.    Now  dealer  in  heating  apparatus,  Boston. 

ii.  Sarah  Emma  Janb,  b.  Sandwich,  March  29,  1868.  m.  Ansel  L. 
Nutting  (see). 

iii.  Nathan  Warrkn,  b.  Plymouth,  March  27,  1860.  m.  Emma 
Estella  Eastman.    Res.  Lynn,  Mass. 

iv.    Gborob  Elliot,  b.  April  17, 1862.    d.  Angnst  26, 1868. 
T.    Ella  Frances,  b.  June  26,  1864.    m.  John  Tucker,  who  d.  April 
4, 1896.    m.  second,  Elmer  Otis  Knowles,  of  Thornton. ) 

yi.  Frank  Harford,  b.  August  8,  1876.  m.  Feb.  16,  1893,  Martha 
Jane  Brown.  She  d.  Nov.  18, 1898.  m.  second,  March  28, 1900, 
Lillian  (Pebbles)  Howland  (see).  Res.  Plymouth.  Three 
children :  (1)  George  Leonard,  b.  Nov.  18,  1893.  d.  April  4, 
1894.  (2)  Harry  EUiot,  b.  Feb.  22,  1896.  (3)  Iryhig  Luther, 
b.  Not.  14, 1897.    d.  Nov.  24, 1897. 


1»  Nicholas  Hall,  b.  Haverhill,  Mass.,  1762.  Did  not  become  a 
resident  of  this  town,  but  ho  served  in  the  Revolution  on  the  quota 
of  Plymouth,  enlisting  in  July,  1779,  and  serving  in  Col.  Scammell's 
regiment,  and  in  the  late  reorganization  of  the  Continental  troops, 
until  1783.  He  was  a  drummer.  After  the  war  he  lived  probably 
in  Hill  a  few  years.  He  m.  March  29,  1784,  Mary  Sanborn,  b.  1767, 
dau.  of  Benjamin  Sanborn,  of  Salisbury.  He  removed  to  Chateaugay, 
Franklin  Co.,  N.  Y.,  where  he  d.  Sept  6, 1831. 


1.  David  Hbnby  Hallknbeok,  son  of  Charles  and  Mary  Jane 
Hallenbeck,  b.  Cobleskill,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  11,  1856.    Pursued  a  full 

HALLENBBCK  —  HAMLIN  —  HAKAFOBD  —  HAK800M.        817 

course  of  study  for  his  profession  in  South  Dakota  and  Michigan. 
He  has  been  in  active  practice  of  dentbtry  in  Plymouth  since  1886. 
He  ni.  Jan.  31,  1883,  Rena  Sutherland  Baldwin,  b.  Albany,  N.  Y., 
Jan.  31, 1858,  dau.  of  Bronson  B.  Baldwin. 

i.    LuLA  Baldwin,  b.  Sept  80, 1884. 
ii.    Chablks  Suthbrland,  b.  Dec  24, 1889. 


1.  Paul  Hamun,  son  of  Edward,  b.  in  the  Province  of  Quebec, 
1857.  m.  at  Lynn,  Mass.,  June  14,  1878,  Ada  LaMay  Qould,  b. 
Ghicopee,  Mass.,  June  3, 1867,  dau.  Charles  Emerson  and  Lucy  Ann 
(Clough)  Gould.  She  d.  Plymouth,  Jan.  27,  1900.  He  removed  to 
Plymouth,  1890.    He  is  an  actor  and  absent  much  of  the  time. 

i.  Harrt  Harold,  b.  Dec.  1, 1881.    d.  March  10, 1901. 

ii.  Paulink  LaMat,  b.  April  27, 1888.    d.  Sept.  7, 1904. 

iii.  Frank  Elliot,  b.  April  17,  1888.    d.  May  1, 1888. 

IT.  Albbrta  Luot,  b.  July  8, 1891. 

3.  Frank  Hamlin,  a  brother  of  PauU,  b.  1862.  Was  associated 
in  work  and  business  with  his  brother.  He  d.  Plymouth,  April  4, 


1.  Benjamin  Hanafobd,  son  of  Peter  Hanaford,  b.  New  Hampton. 
Res.  near  the  old  institute  until  past  fourscore  years,  when  he  jour- 
neyed to  Illinois.     He  d.  Woodstock,  111.,  aged  90  years. 

3.  Peter  Hanaford,  son  of  Benjamin^,  born  New  Hampton,  May 
6,  1803.  m.  Nancy  Smith,  b.  1805,  dau.  of  John  Smith.  He  d. 
Ashland,  April  9, 1881.     She  d.  1879. 

3.  Lucius  Smith  Hanaford,  son  of  Peter  ^  b.  New  Hampton, 
July  23,  1835.  ra.  June  30,  1862,  Abbie  Smith,  dau.  of  Robert  R 
and  Sarah  M.  (Keniston)  Smith,  of  Campton.  He  lived  from  child- 
hood in  Holderness,  now  Ashland,  removing  to  Plymouth  in  February, 
1883.  He  is  a  farmer  on  the  Mitchell  farm  near  the  river.  Re- 
moved to  Melrose,  Mass.,  1902,  returning  1903.    One  child,  adopted. 

i.    Frank  S.,  b.  Jan.  1, 1888. 


1.  Joshua  Hanscom,  son  of  Tobias,  b.  1809.  m.  Mary  Childs, 
who  d.  in  Moultouboro.    He  m.  second,  1833,  Salome  Janet  Tyrrell. 

818  HAN800M  —  HANSON  —  HABDT. 

He  removed  from  MoiUtonboro  to  Plymouth,  1832,  and  was  a  farmer 
in  this  town  over  twenty  years.    He  d.  in  Concord. 

i.    Martin,    ro.  MarilU  Wyatt    Res.  Gampton. 

iL  Samuel  Tyrbkll,  b.  Plymouth,  Feb.  13, 1837.  m.  Sabrina  How- 
land,  of  Franoonia.  fie  was  a  mill  hand  in  Littleton  a  few  years. 
Enlisted  in  8Ui  N.  H.  Infantry,  and  d.  May  20, 1863,  from  wouDds 
received  at  Port  Hudson,  La.  (1)  Mabel,  m.  George  Howlaod 
and  d.  soon  after.    (2)  Charles  Henry,    d.  aged  14  years. 

iii.    Melissa,  b.  August  16, 1840.    m.  Horace  Sanborn  (see) . 

iy.  Olitb  Anna,  b.  June  7, 1847.  m.  Not.  26,  1864,  Alouso  Steyens, 
of  Meredith. 

y.    Hbbbr  Livkrmork,  b.  1853.    m.  Harriet  Tyrrell.    Res.  Concord. 

yi.  Amy  Consublo,  b.  Dec.  28, 1854.  m.  Noy.  18, 1882,  Ralph  Arms, 
a  printer.    Res.  Franklin. 


1.  Nathan  Hanson,  son  of  John  and  Mahala  (Batchelder)  Hanson, 
b.  Chelsea,  Vt,  Oct  12,  1834.  m.  March  7,  1857,  Julia  Carpenter 
Merrill,  b.  Corinth,  Vt,  Oct  25,  1836,  dau.  of  Calvin  and  Hannah 
(Thurston)  Merrill.  He  lived  in  Haverhill  until  1886,  when  he  re- 
moved to  Plymouth.  He  was  janitor  at  the  Normal  School  six  years, 
and  recently  removed  to  the  Cook  farm,  near  Baker^s  Biver. 

L    Amelia  Hannah,  b.  March  8^  1858.    m.  Allen  £.  Hobbs  (see). 
iL    Etta  May,  b.  April  6, 1862. 


1.  Israel  Hardy,  son  of  David  and  Buth  (Bumham)  Hardy,  b. 
Groton,  June  14, 1809.  m.  1835,  Pamelia  French,  b.  Bumney,  August 
2,  1811,  dau.  of  Josiah  and  Judith  French.  He  was  a  carpenter, 
res.  in  Bumney,  where  he  d.  May  9,  1871.    She  d.  Nov.  13, 1874. 

SL  Baxter  P.  Hardy,  son  of  Israel  \  h.  Bumney,  Nov.  29,  1841. 
m.  March  7,  1872,  Martha  L.  Wyatt,  b.  Thornton,  August  1,  1848, 
dau.  of  Bev.  Thomas  and  Sarah  (Clark)  Wyatt  He  is  a  manufacturer 
of  wood  ware  in  Bumney. 

3.  Ernest  Baxter  Hardy,  son  of  Baxter  P.^  b.  Bumney,  Dec. 
29,  1876,  Plymouth  High  School,  1894 ;  Commercial  Course,  New 
Hampton,  1895.  He  came  to  Plymouth  1896,  and  is  now  employed 
by  Webster,  Bussell  A  Co.  He  m.  August  19, 1903,  Maude  £.  Bowe, 
b.  Jan.  12, 1877,  dau.  of  Charles  C.  Bowe,  of  Franklin.  She  is  a  grad. 
Franklin  High  School,  1895,  Stote  Normal  School,  1900. 
i.    Charlbs  Baxtbr,  b.  July  14, 1904. 

HABDY.  819 


1.  Abraham  Hardt,  son  of  Joseph  and  Lucy  (Jeffers)  Hardy,  b. 
Haverhill,  Feb.  1,  1827.  m.  Dec.  15,  1849,  Nancy  E.  Bailey,  b. 
Alexandria,  dan.  of  John  and  Ann  (Ladd)  Bailey.  She  d.  August  26, 
1864.  He  m.  second,  Nov.  6,  18G6,  Sarah  Dow  (Crockett)  Hobbs, 
widow  of  Carey  Hobbs  (see).  He  has  been  a  farmer  on  the  Loud  place 
in  Plymouth  since  1880. 

3.  Forrest  Abraham  Hardt,  son  of  Abraham  ^  and  Sarah  Hardy, 
b.  Dorcliester,  May  23, 1872.  m.  May  23, 1895,  Alice  May  Harvey, 
dau.  of  Charles  W.  Harvey  (see).  He  is  a  farmer,  res.  on  Baker's 
River  road. 

i.    Dblla  Francblla,  b.  April  11, 1897. 
ii.    IIrnrt  Raymond,  b.  Feb.  16, 1899. 
iii.    ,  b.  Sept.  28, 1902. 


1.  Anthony  Colbt  Hardy,  son  of  Daniel  and  Betsey  (Packard) 
Hardy,  b.  Hebron,  Oct.  13, 1828.  His  parents  res.  in  Hebron,  Leba- 
non, and  in  Hyde  Park,  Vt  He  graduated  at  Newbury,  Vt,  Seminary, 
and  was  a  successful  teacher  several  years,  and  was  principal  of  the 
Penacook  Academy.  He  was  a  clergyman  of  the  M.  K  Church,  super- 
intendent public  instruction,  1870-71,  and  came  to  Pljrmouth,  1871,  to 
aid  in  promoting  the  S.  N.  S.,  remaining  two  years.  During  the  cus- 
tom of  appointing  county  school  commissioners  he  was  commissioner 
for  Cheshire  and  later  for  Sullivan  Co.  He  withdrew  from  the 
Conference,  1894,  and  was  secretary  and  manager  of  the  Provident 
Mutual  Relief  Association,  res.  at  Concord.  He  was  commissioned 
chaplain  of  the  18th  N.  H.  Infantry,  April  24, 1866,  and  mustered 
out  July  29, 1866,  and  subsequently  was  chaplain  in  the  N.  H.  Na- 
tional Quard.  He  m.  August  28, 1848,  Eliza  Martin,  dau.  of  Menad 
Martin,  of  Ferrisburg,  Vt    He  d.  Sept,  16, 1902.    Nine  children. 

i.    Abbib  M.    m.  Henry  T.  Coombs. 

iL    Lucius  Mabtin,  b.  Lebanon.     8.  N.  S.  1872.     m.  1879,  Sarah 

Phillipfl.    He  18  a  clergyman  in  Fomfret,  Conn, 
iii.    LuNRTTK  B.,  b.  Lebanon,    d.  Lebanon,  1859. 
It.    Waltbr  Dayis,  b.  Lebanon,    m.  Jennie  Randall.    He  is  a  lawyer 
at   Concord,  living  in  Franklin,  and  since  1892,  in  Concord. 
County  solicitor,  1895  and  1896. 
T.    William  IIrnrt,  b.  Lebanon,    m.  I»ni8a  Burbank.    He  was  a 
railroad  employ^  and  d.  by  accident,  1891. 


tI.    Elizabbth  M.,  b.  Moultonboro.    m.  Arthur  F.  8hep*r<L    He  U 

warden  of  St  Andrew's  School,  Harrington,  R.  I. 
Til    Anthony  Colby,  b.  Croydon.     Is  a  clergyman  in  Worcester,  Mass. 
TiiL    Emma  £liza,  b.  Winchester,    m.  Cyrus  Eastman  Robinson,    ree. 
East  Concord, 
ix.    Cabl   L.   Llbwbllyn,  b.  Plymouth,     m.   Myrtie   Davis,     res. 


1.  Jonathan  H.  D.  Harran,  b.  Bridgewater,  Feb.  7, 1833.  m. 
June  22,  1859,  Adelaide  A.  Emerson,  b.  Gilmanton,  June  22, 1851, 
dau.  of  Moses  and  Eliza  K.  (Pike)  Emerson.  He  removed  to 
Plymouth,  1873.  d.  April  21, 1874.  She  m.  second,  Horace  Perkins, 
m.  third,  Caleb  M.  Ames,  of  Holderness.  Mrs.  Eliza  E.  (Pike)  Emer- 
son d.  in  this  town  July  26, 1884. 

L  Frank  £.,  b.  Not.  24,  1806.  m.  Angaai  B,  1881,  EtU  Blandie 
Walker,  dau.  of  Simeon  Walker  (see).  He  is  a  painter;  res. 
North  Main  Street 


1.  John  Harriman,  parentage  not  ascertained,  m.  Sarah  Heath  b. 
Plaistow.  He  lived  in  Hampstead  until  1793,  when  he  removed  to 
Bridgewater.  He  was  a  farmer  and  a  Free  Baptist  preacher,  a  man 
of  abUity  and  blameless  character.  He  was  a  selectman  of  Hampstead 
and  prominent  in  the  affairs  of  Bridgewater.  Eight  of  their  nine 
children  b.  in  Hampstead. 

i.  Samuel,  b.  Feb.  8, 1776.  m.  Feb.  18, 1798,  Chloe  CroM,  b.  Not.  8, 
1776,  dan.  of  Simeon  and  Abigail  (Corliss)  Cross;  settled  in 

2.  IL    John,  b.  Feb.  11, 177a 

8.    iii.    Danikl,  b.  March  25, 1780. 

iy.    William,  b.  Dec.  11, 1781.    m.  Abigail  Gordon;  settled  in  Clarks- 

T.    Mart,  b.  Feb.  19, 1784.    m.  David  Heath,  lived  in  Stewartstown. 
vi.    Elizabeth,  b.  Feb.  27,  1786.    m.  Jan.  29,  1807,  Simeon  Cross, 
b.  August  7,  1784,  son  of  Simeon  and  Abigail  (Corliss)  Cross. 
Res.  in    Stewartstown,  where   he  d.   Jan.    16,    1882.     Seven 
vii.    Sarah,  b.  July  6, 1788.    m.  Benjamin  Drew  (see). 
Till    MosBS,  b.  April  26, 1791.    m.  Betsey  Heath,  and  settled  in  Stewarts- 
town, where  he  d.  Sept.  80,  1832.    She  d.  April  1,  1877.    Six 
ix.    LucT.    m.  Daniel  Craig. 

I1ARR1MAN.  821 

3.  John  Harriman,  son  of  Elder  John/  b.  Hampstead,  Feb.  11, 
1778.  in.  March,  1802,  Betsey  Aiken,  b.  Dec.  25,  1785,  dau.  of 
James  and  Anna  (Craig)  Aiken.  He  was  a  prosperous  farmer  in 
Bridgewater,  until  1825,  when  he  removed  to  Plymouth.  He  was  a 
farmer  on  the  river  road  near  the  line  of  Rumney.  He  merited  and  re- 
ceived the  respect  of  his  townsmen.  He  was  a  captain  in  the  militia 
and  a  selectman  of  Plymouth,  1830  and  1831.  He  d.  Jan.  4,  1865. 
She  d.  March  29, 1872.    Thirteen  children. 

I.    Eliza,  b.  August  27,  1808.    m.  Jesse  Prescoit  (see), 
ii.    Mary,  b.  Mtiy  14, 1805.    m.  Seth  Doton  (see). 

4.  iii.    Aaron,  b.  July  10, 1807. 

iv.    Orpha,  b.  Deo.  22, 1808.    Was  a  tailoress,  a  meritorious  person. 

unin.    d.  in  Bridgewater,  Dec.  29,  1884. 
V.    Laura,  b.  Not.  27, 1810.    ra.  William  Webster  (see), 
ri.    MosRS,  b.  May  8, 1812.  Was  a  successful  manufacturer  of  boots  and 

shoes  at  East  HoUiston,  Mass.    He  m.  June  80,  1841,  Susan 

Newton,  b.  March  5, 1814.    Two  children.     (1)    Emeline  A.,  b. 

Jan.  6,  1848.    d.  Sept  10,  1848.    (2)  Sarah  Newton,  b.  Deo.  6, 

1848.     d.  Jan.  9, 1840. 

5.  vii.    Thbodorb,  b.  May  27, 1816. 

Tiii.    Sarah  Ann,  b.  Jan.  25, 1817.    unm.    d.  June  7, 1842. 

6.  ix.    Hiram,  b.  Deo.  25, 1819. 

X.    Grorob  Washington,  b.  Oct  17, 1821.   d.  Oct  26, 1846. 

7.  xi.    William,  b.  Dec.  1, 1828. 

zii.    Harriet,  b.  Sept.  20,  1826.    m.  Joseph  Theodore  Drake  (see) 
xiii.    Emily,  b.  April  12, 1880.    unm.    d.  June  80, 1864. 

3.  Daniel  Harriman,  son  of  Elder  John,  b.  March  26, 1780.  lived 
a  few  years  at  Rochester,  N.  Y.,  and  there  m.  Abigail  Stetson,  removing 
to  Plymouth,  1817.  He  was  a  farmer  and  a  carpenter  in  Plymonth 
until  1846,  when  he  removed  to  Warren,  where  his  son  James  had 
settled.  A  record  of  his  children  has  not  been  secured.  He  had  sons 
James,  Luther,  Leman,  John  Stetson,  and  one  dau. 

4.  Aaron  Harriman,  son  of  John,  b.  July  10, 1807,  studied  medi- 
cine with  Dr.  Doton,  of  New  Hampton,  and  was  in  successful  practice 
in  Ohio.    He  d.  June  22, 1850.    He  m.  Harriet  Millen,  who  d.  1881. 

5.  TiiBODORB  Harriman,  son  of  John,  b.  May  27, 1815.  m.  1837 
Mary  A.  Blodgett,  dau.  of  Joseph  Snow  Blodgett  (see).  He  ro. 
second,  Sept.  4,  1845,  Susan  Morse,  b.  Jan.  10,  1816,  of  HoUiston. 
He  was  in  Ohio  a  few  years  and  later  employed  by  his  brother  in 
HoUiston.    He  d.  Nov.  19, 1880. 

VOL.  II.  —  21 


i.    Dora  Harriet,  b.  August  22, 1846.    in.  Oct  19,  1868,  Edgar  N. 

ii.    Emma  Franoks,  b.  Deo.  18, 1848.    d.  Deo.  12,  1865. 
iii.    Arthur  LuoMf,  b.  Juue  3,  1862.    m.  Feb.  13, 1878,  Alice  Holmes. 
iv,    liosA  Ella,  b.  Juue  8,  1858.    d.  April  14,  1878. 

6.  Hiram  HARRiMAN,8on  of  John,  b.  Dec.  25, 1819.  Was  a  farmer 
ia  Plymouth  occupying  a  part  of  the  paternal  farm  until  1866,  when 
he  removed  to  Bristol  and  engaged  in  tanning  and  glove  manufacture. 
He  was  a  representative,  1869,  and  a  selectman,  1854, 1855, 1863,  and 
1864.  He  m.  April  1, 1847,  Abigail  S.  Preston,  h.  fiumney,  March 
6,  1821.    He  d.  Dec.  19, 1876.     She  d.  August  22, 1887. 

i.  William  Edward,  b.  July  1, 1848.  d.  Nov.  21, 1884. 
ii.  Alfred  Preston,  b.  Jan.  9, 1850.  m.  March  14, 1891,  Menetta  A. 
(Martin)  Norris,  b.  Andover,  1856,  dau.  of  Rufus  L.  aud  Mahala 
(Sanborn)  Martin  and  widow  of  William  Taylor  Norris,  of  Dau- 
bury.  Three  children:  (1)  William,  b.  Oct.  27,  1891.  (2)  John, 
twin,  b.  Oct.  27,  1891.     (3)  Fred  Rufus,  b.  Jan.  11,  1895. 

iii.  Moses  Franklin,  b.  Feb.  20,  1855.  m.  March  8,  1876,  Jjiura 
Matilda  Whittemore,  b.  April  2,  1855.  d.  April  10,  1893.  m. 
second,  Dec.  15,  1894,  Emily  L.  Colley,  b.  July  28,  1872.  Now 
res.  Littleton.  (1)  Elinor  Grace,  b.  Feb.  20, 1881.  m.  Deo.  25, 
1901,  Ellsworth  W.  Hawkins.  (2)  Louise  Prestou,  b.  Sept.  24, 
1884.  d.  Deo.  6,  1884.  (3)  Frederick  Whittemore.  b.  June  2, 
1888.     (4)  Uura  H.,  b.  March  24, 1893.    d.  July,  1893. 

iv.  John  Fremont,  b.  May  11, 1857.  in.  Sept  9, 1879,  Ellen  L.  Nelson, 
dau.  of  Robert  L.  Nelson,  of  Bath.  She  d.  Feb.  8,  1894.  m. 
second,  Dec.  16,  1896,  Clara  B.  Hibbard.  He  is  an  insurance 
agent.    Res.  Concord. 

7.  William  Harriman,  son  of  John,  b.  Dec  1, 1823.  ni.  Nov.  11, 
1855,  Caroline  S.  Penniinan,  dau.  of  Caleb  D.  Penniman  (see).  He 
was  a  farmer  and  owned  the  paternal  homestead.  He  d.  July  9, 

i.    Hattie  Graor,  b.  July  11,  1857.    m.   Doc.  23,  1879,  George  A. 

Clark,  son  of  Amos  Clark  (see).    He  d.  April  13,  1886.     She  m. 

second,  Sept.  17,   1889,  Rev.  Joseph  H.   Trow,  of  the  M.  E. 

ii.    Alma,  b.  March  10, 1859.    m.  Feb.  21, 1884,  Henry  H.  Whittemore 

iii.    Emily,  b.  Dec.  14,  1861.    m.  June  9, 1880,  Orren  B.  Davis  (see), 
iv.    George  D.,  b.  August  3,  1868.     m.  Sept.  9,    1891,  Fmily  Rena 

Merrill,  dau.  of  Martin  Merrill  (see).     Lived  in  Plymouth.     (1) 

Robert  Merrill,  b.  Nov.  11, 1897. 


▼.    Lizzie  M.,  b.  April  20, 1870.    State  Normal  School,  1890.    m.  A.  B. 
Woodbury,  of  Winchester,  dealer  in  musical  instruments. 


1.  Leonard  Harriman,  emigmnt  ancestor,  while  a  youth  came  to 
America,  and  was  iu  Rowley,  about  1639.  lu  1667  he  bought  of 
John  Todd  the  liouse  lot  in  Rowley,  originally  of  John  Spofford.  He 
d.  May  6, 1691.    His  wife  Margaret  d.  1676.    Five  children. 

3.  Jonathan  Harriman,  son  of  Leonard  ^  b.  Rowley,  Dec.  5, 
1657.  m.  Sarah  Palmer,  b.  Jan.  13,  1661/2,  dau.  of  Sei-gt  John  and 
Ruth  (Acey)  Palmer.  She  d.  June  30, 1688.  m.  second,  August  19, 
1691,  Margaret  (Elithorp)  Wood,  b.  Ipswich,  July  24,  1672,  dau.  of 
Nathaniel  and  Mary  (Hatt)  Elithorp,  and  widow  of  Samuel  Wood. 
He  d.  in  Rowley,  now  Georgetown,  Feb.  15,  1741,  Headstone.  He 
was  a  farmer  and  a  miller.     She  d.  Jan.  25,  1754. 

3.  John  Harriman,  son  of  Jonathan  ^  b.  June  13,  1703.  m. 
1726  (published  May  7),  Jane  Bailey,  b.  Bradford,  Feb.  4, 1706,  dau.  of 
Thomas  and  Eunice  (Walker)  Bailey.  He  d.  Rowley,  Jan.  25, 1753. 
She  m.  second,  June  18,  1761,  Israel  Hazen,  and  d.  May  8,  1803. 
John  and  Jane  Harriman  had  eleven  children. 

4.  Thomas  Harriman,  son  of  John  ',  b.  Rowley,  .Mass.,  Jan.  19, 
1744.  m.  Sept  28,  1766,  Martha  Pool.  He  lived  a  short  time  in 
Manchester,  Mass.,  removing  to  Hampstead,  1768,  and  to  Plymouth, 
1778.  He  was  a  worthy  townsman.  Selectman,  1791.  He  was 
taxed  until  1812.     He  probably  removed  to  Canada. 

i.    Martha,    b.   Manchester,    Mass.,    Deo.    8,    1767.     m.    Michael 

Dearborn  (see), 
ii.    Jane,  b.  Hampstead,  Jan.  28, 1770.    m.  Benjamin  Goold  (see), 
iii.    Miriam,  b.  Hampstead,  Oct.  18, 1771.    m.  Nehemiah  Snow  (see), 
iv.    John,  b.  Hampstead,  Feb.  2,  1774.     m.  March  20,  1799,  Hannah 
Green.    He  was  taxed  1795  and  1800.     He  probably  removed  to 
v.     Anna,  b.  Hampstead,  April  18,  1776.    m.  April  2,  1801,  Henry 
Stanton.     She  m.  second,  Dec.  18,  1806,  Benjamin  Sleeper,  b. 
Jan.  17,  1771,  son  of  David  and  Margaret  (Scribner)  Sleeper,  of 
New  Chester.     They  settled  iu  Compton,  P.  Q.,  where  he  d. 
April  7, 1838. 
Ti.     Thomas,  b.  Hampstead,  May  15,  1778. 

vii.     Hannah,  b.  Plymouth,  July  10, 1780.    m.  Nov.  22,  1801,  William 
May  hew,  son  of  Peter  May  hew  (see).    They  lived  a  few  years  in 
viii.    Bktiiia,  b.  Plymouth,  August  8, 1782.    m.  Henry  Bayley  (see). 


5.  ix.    Ebbnbzbe  Pool,  b.  Plymoaih,  May  9, 1784. 

X.  Susannah,  b.  PlymouUi,  August  16,  1786.  m.  August  80,  1807, 
David  Sleeper,  b.  Juue  16,  1785,  son  of  Col.  Peter  and  Mary 
(Sanborn)  Sleeper,  of  Bristol.  He  d.  Canaan,  Sept  12,  1863. 
She  d.  Bristol,  May  11,  1849.  Seven  children.  See  Musgrove's 
«  Bristol." 

6.  zi.    Waltbb,  b.  Plymouth,  August  80, 1788. 

zii.  Charlottb,  b.  Plymouth,  Nov.  12,  1702.  m.  Dec.  1, 1814,  Samuel 
Cummings.  m.  second,  Feb.  10, 1820,  Joseph  Pearson,  of  New- 
bury, Mass.,  who  d.  1840.    She  d.  in  Holdemess,  August  6, 1849. 

5.  Ebenezer  Pool  Harriman,  son  of  Thomas  S  b.  May  9,  1784. 
m.  1805  (intentions,  Oct  13),  Hannah  Heath,  dan.  of  James  Heath, 
of  Rumney.  He  lived  in  Bumney.  He  was  a  recruiting  officer  and 
served  in  the  War  of  1812.  His  wife  survived  him  and  was  a  pen- 
sioner.   Six  children. 

i.    Caleb,  b.  1806.    d.  unm. 

ii.  Alden,  b.  July  6,  1800.  m.  April  10,  1838,  Caroline  Mason.  He 
was  drowned  August  22,  1840.  Three  children:  (1)  Caroline 
Augusta,  b.  Feb.  4,  1834.  m.  July  3,  1861,  Hamilton  H.  Fifield. 
(2)  Henry  Bartlett,  b.  Feb.  8, 1837.  unm.  d.  Arizona,  July  4, 
1877.  (3)  Infant,  b.  Oct  6.  1840.  d.  1840. 
iii.    Akthdb  L.,  b.  1812.    m.  Mary  Gale  Clough.      Seven  children: 

(1)  Geoige  Blodgett,  a  physician  of  Boston,  Mass.,  b.  March  18, 
1887.    m.  Mary  £.  Stanley,    m.  second,  Martha  Belle  Means. 

(2)  Abbie  E.  m.  S.  C.  Baker.  (8)  Arthur  Washington,  b.  Feb. 
22,  1830.  (4)  Henry  Phelps.  (6)  Electa,  m.  B.  P.  Cobb.  (6) 
Mary.    (7)  Ann.    m.  Edward  P.  Warner. 

iv.    Electa  Chapman,  b.  April  13, 1814.    m.  Oct.  26, 1835,  Aaron  M. 

Gk>rdon,  of  Holdemess. 
T.    Walker,  b.  1817.    m.  Feb.  6, 1848,  Betsey  Heath, 
yi.    Augusta  A.,  b.  1817.    m.  1830,  George  Annis. 

6.  Walter  Habriman,  son  of  Thomas  ^  b.  Plymouth,  August  30, 
1788.  m.  1811,  Kate  Cummings,  b.  August  2,  1781,  dau.  of  Capt 
Jotham  Cummings  (see).  He  was  taxed  in  Plymouth  until  1825 
when  he  removed  to  Canada.  Six  children  b.  in  Plymouth.  His 
wifed.  1846. 

i.  Laura,  b.  Angnst  24, 1812. 

ii.  Thomas,  b.  May  28, 1814. 

iii.  Nanot  B.,  b.  July  8, 1816. 

iv.  Putnam  Spalding,  b.  Dec.  26, 1818. 

T.  Adna  p.,  b.  Oct  4,  1820. 

yi.  Martha,  b.  Dec  27, 1822. 

HABBI8.  826 


1.  Simon  Harris,  son  of  Job  Harris,  b.  1770.  lived  in  Bridge- 
water,  and  for  several  yeai-s  was  a  mail  carrier  from  Concord  to  Haver- 
hill He  m.  Sept.  17,  1790,  Susanna  Crawford,  dau.  of  Jonathan 
Crawford  (see).    He  d.  Jan.  13, 1821.    She  d.  July  19, 1850. 

3.  liUFUS  Harris,  son  of  Simon,  b.  August  3, 1806.  m.  Violet  L 
Sanborn,  b.  Rumney,  August  30, 1807,  dau.  of  Solomon  Sanborn.  He 
lived  in  Plymouth  from  1837  to  1843,  when  he  removed  to  Bristol, 
and  in  1850  removed  to  Ashland.  His  wife  d.  in  Bristol,  May  24, 
1848.  He  ni.  second,  Elvira  Webster.  He  d.  in  Ashland,  April  17, 

i.    Amanda  Mblvika,  b.  June  21, 1882.    m.  Luoios  S.  Gordon,  of  New 

Hampton,  where  she  d.  June  8, 1805. 
ii.    Frances  Maria,  b.  March  28,  1884.    m.  July  80, 1854,  Stephen  B. 
Dow,  who  lived  in  New  Hampton.    He  was  a  sea-faring  man.    He 
d.  March  17, 1871. 
ill.    William  Franklin,  b.  Sepi  28,  1886.    m.  July  19, 1870,  Electa 
Taylor  (Smith)  Emmons,  b.  New  Hampton,  Jan.  80, 1884,  dan.  of 
Jonathan  C.  and  Polly  (Taylor)  Smith  and  widow  of  Gnstavus 
Emmons,  of  Bristol.    He  served  in  6th  N.  H.  Infantry.    Res. 
It.    Martha  Currier,  b.  Plymouth,  July  27, 1889.    m.  1859,  Jamee  L. 

Cox  and  removed  to  Kansas. 
T.    Anorlina  Webster,  b.  Plymouth,  1842.    d.  1847. 
Ti.    Louisa  Jane,  b.  Bristol,  1844.    d.  1861. 

▼iL    Harriet  Lucy,  b.  June  28,  1847.    m.  Newton  B.  Plummer.    He 
was  a  captain  in  the  Civil  War.    Res.  Meredith. 


1.  Nathan  Harris,  b.  Bridgewater,  March  26, 1778.  m.  March  11, 
1807,  Tamesin  Dearborn,  dau.  of  Samuel  (see).  He  was  an  active 
merchant  in  Plymouth  from  1805  or  earlier  until  his  death.  He  built 
and  occupied  the  house  still  standing  on  the  northeast  comer  of 
Highland  and  I^angdon  Streets  and  his  store  was  on  the  opposite 
side  of  Highland  Street  He  was  a  selectman  four  years,  a  captain  of 
the  militia,  and  at  all  times  an  influential,  respected  citizen.  He  d. 
Feb.  15, 1832.    His  wife  d.  July  16, 1835. 

i.    Louisa,  b.  April  80, 1818.    m.  Samuel  D.  George  (see), 
ii.    Georgk  Brinlrt,  b.  Sept  18, 18ia    d.  Augost  14, 1819. 
iii.    Mart  Ann,  b.  Not.  22, 1820.    m.  Oct  6, 1840,  John  Andrews,  Jr.,  a 
machinist  of  Lowell,  Mass.    He  d.  Nov.  20, 1886.    She  d.  Oct 

826  H  ABRI8  —  HABT8H0BN  —  UABTWBLL. 

14, 1888.  Two  children :  (1)  George  Harris  Andrews,  b.  Feb.  3, 
1848.  m.  Sept  23,  1875,  Sarah  Jane  Dearborn,  dau.  of  Samuel 
(see).  (2)  Charles  Andrews,  b.  Feb.  8, 1854.  m.  May  8,  1874, 
Mary  Ada  Cheever,  b.  Oct  14, 1854,  dau.  of  Joel  Bradley  Cheever. 
Ees.  Lowell,  Mass.  Three  children,  two  died  young.  Edward 
Geoige,  b.  Not.  19, 1880. 

1.  WiLUAM  Harris,  as  reported  by  descendants,  lived  and  died  in 
Yermont  His  widow  d.  at  the  home  of  her  dau.  Lavinia  A.  Harris 
Bellows,  the  wife  of  William  E.  Bellows,  at  Climax,  Mich. 

2.  William  W.  Harris,  son  of  William  \  b.  1799.  m.  Eliza  G. 
Fuller.    He  was  a  wood  carver  and  d.  in  Milton,  Mass. 

S.  Gborge  Henry  Harris,  son  of  William  W.  ^  b.  Sept  25,  1825. 
Served  an  apprenticeship  at  painting  and  was  subsequently  employed 
in  Boston,  Mass.  He  removed  to  Plymouth,  1860,  living  in  feeble 
health  in  the  Ward-Emerson  house.  He  m.  Oct.,  1848,  Elizabeth  M. 
Kideout,  dau.  of  Walter  Hideout  (see).  He  d.  Nov.  12, 1901.  A  dau. 
Sarah  Elizabeth,  b.  Boston,  Mass.,  Jan.  26, 1852.    Bes.  Plymouth. 

4.  Georqb  Henry  Harris,  son  of  George  Henry  ',  b.  Boston,  Mass., 
Dec.  25, 1853.  m.  Nov.  14,  1877,  Nellie  D.  French,  dau.  of  Hiram 
Fifield  French  (see).  He  was  a  glove  cutter,  with  a  home  on  Langdon 
Street    He  d.  Feb.  1, 1899.    She  d.  1904. 

i.    Nbllie  May,  b.  Deo.  9, 1878. 

IL    CHAitLOTTK  Grace,  b.  May  26,  1884.    m.  Homer  Cudworth. 
ill.    Willis  French,  b.  March  20, 1892. 


1.  Ebenezer  Hartshorn  and  wife  Mary  res.  in  HoUis  a  few 
years  previous  to  the  settlement  of  Plymouth.  He  lived  in  the 
vicinity  of  One  Pine  Hill.  He  came  to  Plymouth  before  1769,  and  for 
several  years  he  was  chosen  to  office  and  esteemed  by  his  associates. 
He  became  poor  and  returned  to  HoUis  soon  after  the  close  of  the 
Bevolution  and  for  a  few  years  was  supported  by  tlie  town.  The 
selectmen  of  HoUis  in  1790  were  instructed  to  sell  his  land  in 
Plymouth  to  contribute  towards  his  support.  There  is  no  record  in 
Plymouth  of  his  family. 


1.  William  Hartwrll,  the  founder  of  the  family  in  New  England, 
settled  in  Concord,  Mass.,  about  1635.  (See  Hartwell  Genealogy; 
Brown's  "History  of  Bedford,  Mass.") 


3.  Samubl  Hartwkll,  son  of  William  ^,  b.  Concord,  Mass.,  March 
26,  1645.  ni.  Oct.  26,  1665,  Ruth  Wheeler,  dan.  of  George  and 
Katharine  Wheeler,  of  Concord,  Mass.  He  had  a  second  and  a  third 
wife,  but  the  first  wife  was  the  mother  of  William'.  Samuel  served 
in  King  Philip's  War.    Lived  and  died  in  Concord,  Mass. 

3.  William  Hartwell,  son  of  Samuel*,  b.  August  16,  1671. 
Was  active  in  the  foundation  of  Bedford,  Mass.,  and  one  of  the  original 
members  of  the  church  in  Bedford.  He  d.  Dec.  11, 1742.  Buth,  his 
wife,  d.  Feb.  17,  1752. 

4.  William  Hautwell,  son  of  William  •,  b.  Nov.  5, 1703.  Lived  in 
Bedford,  Mass.  He  d.  April  20, 1746.  His  wife  Deborah  d.  Dea  31, 

5.  Joseph  Hartwell,  son  of  William*,  b.  Nov.  3, 1730.  Lived  in 
Westmoreland,  Putney,  Vt,  and  late  in  life  removed  to  Lyndon,  Vt 
where  he  d.  1803.  He  ra.  Sarah .  It  is  probable  that  Hart- 
well Genealogy  is  in  error  in  calling  this  Joseph  a  son  of  William  •. 

6.  Timothy  Hartwell,  son  of  Joseph  •,  b.  July  23,  1763.  m. 
July  6,  1786,  Lydia  Cole,  and  lived  in  Putney  and  Springfield,  Vt 
d.  Newark,  Vt.,  May  27,  1846.    She  d.  August  18,  1842. 

7.  Philemon  Hartwell,  son  of  Timothy  •,  b.  Feb.  15, 1787,  m. 
June  28, 1812,  Sally  Ball,  b.  Guilford,  Conn.,  Dea  2,  1789.  d.  August 
7,  1845.  m.  second,  Melinda  (Hartwell)  Parker,  b.  May  17, 1791,  dau. 
of  Oliver  and  Hannah  (Kelley)  Hartwell  and  widow  of  Nathan 
Parker,  of  Lyndon,  Vt.  He  was  town  clerk  and  representative  of 
Newark,  Vt    He  d.  August  8, 1873. 

8.  Sumner  Hartwell,  son  of  Philemon  ^  b.  March  28, 1834.  ro. 
Sept.  4, 1858,  Lucy  H.  Fairbanks,  b.  August  22, 1837,  dau.  of  Warren 
and  Betsey  (Taft)  Fairbanks.  11th  Vt  Infantry ;  wounded  in  the  ser- 
vice April  2, 1865.  He  was  a  farmer  and  lumber-man  of  Newark,  and 
after  1871,  of  Burke,  Vt.  d.  Oct  29,  1889,  Of  their  four  children 
two  d.  young. 

9.  Warner  Wells  Hartwell,  son  of  Sumner  ',  b.  Newark,  Vt, 
Sept  12, 1869.  m.  August  22, 1894,  Sadie  Lydia  Gaskell,  b.  Nov.  11, 
1870,  dau.  of  Elbridge  Gerry  and  Sarah  (Marshall)  Gkiskell.  He  came 
to  Plymouth,  1891,  and  found  employment  in  the  store  of  Webster, 
Russell  &  Co.,  where  he  still  remains.    Treasurer  school  district,  1903. 

i.   Rroinald  W.,  b.  Jan.  26, 1002. 

10.  Warren  Willis  Hartwell,  son  of  Sumner  •,  b.  Newark,  Vt, 
Sept  12,  1869,  twin.    m.  August  22,  1894,  Hattie  Walter,  dau.  of 

828  U  ART  WBLL  —  H  ABY  BLL  —  HABYBY. 

Harleman  and  Mary  (Davis)  Walter.    Res.  Barton,  VL    Clerk  for 
Geo.  H.  Davis,  merchant 


1.  Jambs  Haryell,  of  a  family  prominent  in  the  early  annals  of 
Litchfield,  came  from  Litchfield  to  Plymouth,  1767.  He  was  an  in- 
t'cUigent  man  and  an  honored  citizen.  Selectman,  1774,  1775,  1776, 
and  he  was  appointed  coroner  for  Grafton  Co.,  Jan.  9,  1789,  and 
held  other  positions  of  trust  He  m.  May  10, 1770,  Mary  Snow,  dau. 
of  Joseph  Snow  (see).  He  m.  second,  Dec.  23, 1784,  Anna  Flagg. 
m.  third,  in  Bumney,  Nov.  26,  1794,  Mary  Morey,  of  Rumney.  He 
d.  Dec.  13, 1819.  In  the  settlement  of  his  estate  appear  the  names 
of  four  children.  It  is  to  be  regretted  that  a  more  complete  roister 
is  not  secured. 

i.    Mart  or  Pollt.    m.  1806,  James  Keyes  (see),    m.  second, 


ii.    Betsey,    m. Hough. 

iii.    Grrshom. 
iv.    Esther. 


1.  William  Collins  Hauvey,  b.  August  5,  1818,  was  the  son  of 
William  Milligan  (see).  His  name  was  changed  by  act  of  1839  from 
William  Milligan,  Jr.,  to  William  Collins  Harvey.  He  ni.  1838, 
Mary  A  Straw,  dau.  of  Dudley  Straw  (see).  She  d.  March  22,  1881. 
He  m.  second,  August  3,  1882,  Amanda  Tamar  (Harriman)  Harris, 
dau.  of  John  S.  Harriman  and  widow  of  Jason  K  Harris.  He  was  a 
farmer  and  lived  in  riymouth,  wliero  ho  d.  May  12, 1894.  She  ni. 
third,  March  21, 1900,  George  Cook  Taylor,  of  Campton. 

i.     Henry  Rbubl,  b.  April  13, 1841.    12th  N.  H.  Infantry,    d.  Nov. 
80,  1862,  at  Potomao  Creek,  Ya.,  and  buried  in  the  National 
Cemetery  at  Fredericksburg, 
ii.     Charles  Willis,  b.  1848.    d.  Deo.  12, 1848. 
iii.     Amy  Wheeler,  b.  Feb.  16,  1846.    ra.  Hiram  C.  Iliilbriok  (see). 

2.  iv.    Austin  George,  b.  August  22, 1849. 

T.  Charles  William,  b.  Jan.  29,  1855.  m.  Nov.  12,  1876,  Cora 
Matilda  Willey,  dau.  of  Elkins  Willey  (see).  He  m.  second,  Jan. 
17,  1902,  Ann  Elizabeth  (Chapman)  Corliss,  dau.  of  Lewis  Chap- 
roan  (see),  and  widow  of  Kimball  Corliss  (see).  Farmer  of 
Campton.  (1)  Alice  May,  b.  Dec.  10,  1877.  m.  Forrest  A. 
Hardy  (see).     (2)  Henry  Reuel,  b.  Feb.  27,  1880.    (8)  Frank 

H  ARYBY  —  H  ASBLTINB.  829 

Elkins,  b.  June  9, 1881.  (4)  B.  Webster,  b.  Feb.  6, 1884.  (5) 
Mary,  b.  Dec.  24,  1885.  (6)  Susan  Abigail,  b.  Deo.  28,  1888. 
(7)  Ruth  L.,  b.  Feb.  5,  1803.  (8)  Edwin  S.,  b.  April  28,  1895. 
(9)  Dora  Geneva,  b.  Feb.  8, 1899. 
Ti.  John  Marshall,  b.  Sept.  28,  1857.  m.  Rena  P.  Frohock.  m. 
second,  1892,  Hannah  £.  Hall.  He  is  shipping  clerk  for  a  cor- 
poration in  Lowell,  Mass.  (1)  Alberta  May,  b.  1879.  d.  Not. 
27,1886.    (2)ClaraB.,  b.  1881.    d.  May  12, 1887. 

3.  Austin  Georgb  Harvey,  son  of  William  Collins  Harvey  \  b. 
August  22, 1849.  m.  1867,  Jeannette  Clifford,  b.  Nov.  1, 1851,  dau. 
of  Absalom  and  Susan  (Boynton)  Clifford,  of  Warren.  She  d.  June 
23, 1885.  He  m.  second,  June  20, 1899,  Amanda  Nichols^  widow  of 
William  A.  Nichols.    Res.  in  Plymouth. 

i.     CiiARLKS  Austin,    m.  Laura  Connor. 

3.  Moses  Coluns  Harvey,  b.  Campion,  son  of  William  Milligan 

(see),  (name  changed  1839).     m.  Amanda ,    He  d.  March 

15, 1888.    She  m.  second,  August  8,  1893,  William  A  Nichols. 

i.    John  Franklin,  b.  Angost  26, 1847. 

ii.    JosBPHiNB  Pbabodt,  b.  August  4,  1860.    m.  1868,  Gastavus  R. 

Cilley  (see). 
liL    £llbn  Morrison,  b.  Jane  8, 1858. 
i7.     Ida  Burnram,  b.  March  28, 1856. 

y.    LuTHBR  Ttlbb,  b.  Nov.  15,  1869. 


1.  Egbert  Hasbltinb,  from  Biddeford,  county  of  Dovon,  England, 
was  one  of  the  early  settlers  of  Bowley,  Mass.,  living  in  the  part  of 
Rowley  since  incorporated  as  Bradford.  He  was  a  selectman,  1668. 
His  wife  was  Anna.  He  d.  August  27,  1674  Robert  was  a  brother 
of  John  Haseltine. 

3.  Abraham  Hasbltinb,  son  of  Robert  ^  b.  Rowley,  May  23, 
1648.  m.  Oct.  7,  1669,  Elizabeth  Longhomc,  b.  1649,  dau.  of  Richard 
and  Mary  (C'rosby)  Longhome.  He  lived  in  Biiulford,  Mass.  Town 
clerk,    d.  April  28,  1711. 

3.  RiciiAUD  Hasbltinb,  son  of  Abraham  ^,  b.  Bradford,  Mass.,  Nov. 
13, 1679.  m.  Jan.  14, 1702/3,  Elizabeth  Ghadwick.  He  was  one  of 
the  grantees  of  Chester.     Lived  in  Bradford. 

4.  Richard  Hasbltinb,  son  of  Richard',  b.  August  18, 1705.  m. 
Nov.  12,  1730,  Sarah  Barnes,  and  lived  in  Concord  after  1746. 


5.  James  Hasbltinb,  son  of  Richard  ^  b.  March  25,  1740/1. 
m.  Susannah  Eastman,  b.  Oct.  16, 1743,  dau.  of  Benjamin  and  Martha 
(Garter)  Eastman,  of  Salisbury,  Mass.,  and  Concord.  He  removed  to 
Plymouth,  1796,  and  lived  near  the  present  South  Main  Street,  where 
he  d.  August  10,  1824.  Farmer  and  Moore  Coll.,  Vol.  III.,  says  aged 
90.  She  d.  Feb.  28, 1828.  For  some  reason  his  will  was  not  pro- 
bated until  Sept  13, 1837.     Their  children  were  b.  in  Concord. 

i.  John,  b.  Jane  8,  1768.  m.  Hannah  Ayer  and  settled  in  Rumney. 
He  was  a  deaoon  and  a  prominent  man  of  the  town.  It  is  prob- 
able that  he  moved  direct  from  Conoord  to  Rumney.  His  dau. 
Nancy,  b.  May  1, 1792.    m.  April  30, 1812,  Matthew  Ramsay. 

ii.     AMOS,  b.  Feb.  6, 1765. 

6.  iii.    David,  b.  March  7, 1770. 
iv.    Ruth,  b.  July  28, 1772. 

▼.    Jauks,  b.  March  21,  1786. 

6.  David  Haseltine,  son  of  James*,  b.  Concord,  March  7,  1770. 
m.  Plymouth,  August  9,  1801,  Mary  Ward,  dau.  of  Enoch  (see). 
He  lived  on  the  homestead  in  Plymouth,  and  here  d.  June  7, 1837. 
She  d.  Nov.  27,  1848.  The  descendants  have  written  the  name 
Hazeltou.  By  an  interchange  of  s  and  z  and  of  tine  and  ton,  the 
name  appears  in  Dartmouth  catalogue  in  four  forms. 

i.    Ruth,  b.  Jan.  8,  1804.    d.  April,  1806. 

ii.    Mary  Ann,  b.  Sept.  28, 1807.    unm.    d.  Plymouth,  August  12, 1867. 
iii.    Euza  Ann,  b.  March  22.  1811.     m.  Sept.,  1836,  certificate  issued 
Sept  26, 1836,  Samuel  Shute,  of  Concord. 

7.  iv.     Charlks,  b.  Apnl  18,  1813. 

7.  Charles  Hazblton,  son  of  David  ^  b.  April  18,  1813.  m. 
Oct  11,  1843,  Hannah  Dearborn  Sai'gent,  b.  Hopkinton,  Dec.  10, 
1820,  dau.  of  Dea.  Moses  and  Hannah  (Dearborn)  Sargent  He 
lived  on  the  paternal  homestead  in  riyniouth.  He  d.  April  1, 1881. 
She  d.  Jan.  17, 1892. 

i.  Martha  Frangbs,  b.  Jan.  14,  1846.  unm.  Res.  Plymouth. 
State  Normal  School,  1871.    Student,  Mt  Holyoke. 

ii.    Charlks  Edward,  b.  Nov.  20, 1846.    d.  Nov.  6, 1848. 

iii.  Charles  MTilliau,  b.  Oot.  31,  1848.  m.  April  17,  1874,  Ella 
Wilder,  dau.  of  Daniel  Wilder,  of  New  Bedford.  He  is  a  ciril 
engineer  at  Turner's  Falls,  Mass.,  treasurer  of  the  Turner's  Falls 
Company,  representative  and  State  senator.  Four  children.  (1) 
Arthur  W.,  b.  May  2, 1876.  d.  April  12,  1887.  (2)  Ella  M.,  b. 
June  16,  1881.  (3)  Charles  Edward,  b.  Sept.  20,  1887.  (4) 
Helen,  b.  Sept.  8,  1894. 


iv.  Henry  Ward,  b.  July  11, 1851.  Attended  school  in  Plymouth  and 
New  Hampton.  He  was  a  clerk  in  the  railroad  offices  in  Ply- 
mouth several  years.  In  1888  he  removed  to  Council  Bluffs,  Iowa, 
and  is  paying-teller  in  a  Savings  Bank.  He  is  a  deacon  of  the 
Congregational  church.  He  m.  May  15,  1879,  Grace  Gertrude 
Robinson,  dau.  of  John  S.  and  Julia  M.  (Dearborn)  Robinson,  of 
Deerfield.    One  child :  (1)  Mary  Grace,  b.  Plymouth,  Jan.  5, 1882. 

▼.  Arthur  Sargrnt,  b.  Nov.  7,  1855.  S.  N.  S.  1872.  Census 
enumerator,  Plymouth,  1880.  Dart.  Coll.,  1881.  He  read  for 
hiH  profession  in  Plymouth,  Boston,  Mass.,  and  Now  York,  and 
has  l)ecn  a  successful  lawyer  at  Council  Bluffs,  Iowa,  since  1884. 
A  city  solicitor  six  years  and  State  senator.  He  m.  May  16, 
1888,  Emma  Higham.  Two  children :  (1)  Charles  Sargent,  b. 
Feb.  28, 1880.     (2)  Paul,  b.  August  16,  1890. 


1.  Wilson  Ward  Hazblton,  son  of  Daniel,  of  Hebron,  grandson 
of  Stephen,  of  Hollis  and  Hebron,  b.  Hebron,  March  27,  1829.  m.  Jan. 
21,  1858,  Josephine  Mahala  Hall,  b.  Groton,  March  21, 1837,  dau.  of 
Jonathan  Hall.  He  lived  in  Hebron  until  1872,  when  he  removed  to 
Concord.  He  was  taxed  in  Plymouth,  1875-1880.  He  was  killed  at 
a  pulp  mill  in  Bristol,  Oct.  16,  1889.  She  d.  Plymouth,  1902.  His 
dau.  Mary  Augusta  Hazelton,  b.  Hebron,  March  25, 1865.  d.  Plymouth, 
Dec  15, 1877. 

2.  Daniel  Wilson  Hazelton,  son  of  Wilson  Ward^,  b.  Hebron, 
August  1, 1868.  m.  May  1,  1895,  Susan  Frances  Downing,  dau.  of 
Nelson  Downing  (see).    Ees.  in  Plymouth ;  now  lives  Campton. 

i.    Charlottr  Josephine,  b.  Oct.  24, 1896. 
ii.     Gladys  Delilah,  b.  Sept.  28, 1808. 


1.  Samuel  Hazeltine,  from  Hollis,  lived  a  few  years  in  Cocker- 
mouth,  and  came  to  Plymouth,  1777.  He  was  a  soldier  in  Gapt  Wil- 
loughby's  company,  1777,  and  was  taxed  until  1792.  He  d.  before 
1802,  when  his  estate  was  probated.  In  probate  records  mention  is 
made  of  wife  Kebecca,  and  children  Patty,  Samuel,  Ebenezer,  Lydia, 
and  Stephen,  the  last  four  being  under  fourteen. 


1.  Andrew  Jackson  Hawkins,  b.  Conway,  1843.  m.  Feb.  8, 1865, 
Sarah  Kimball,  dau.  of  Job  Eaton  Kimball  (see).  He  was  a  laborer, 
and  lived  on  Ward  Hill,  in  Plymouth,  after  1866.    His  wife  d.  Dec. 

882  HAWKINS  —  HAZBN. 

16, 1881.  He  m.  second,  Margaret  Teresa  Meagher,  b.  Baston,  Oct 
28, 1846,  dau.  of  William  and  Ann  (Kelley)  Meagher.  He  d.  June 
22, 1889.    She  m.  second  Oilman  Marsh  (see). 

i.    WiLLiB  Fbangib,  b.  Oct.  10, 1866.    d.  Aagost  24, 1868. 
ii.    Gborob,  b.  Jao.  29, 1871.    d.  March,  1871. 


1.  Edward  Hazbn,  emigrant  ancestor  and  wife  Elizabeth,  settled 
in  Rowley,  Mass.,  where  his  wife  d.  1649.  He  ro.  second,  1650> 
Hannah  Grant,  dau.  of  Thomas  and  Jane  Grant.  He  was  a  man  of 
considerable  property  and  was  frequently  elected  to  office.  He  d. 
1683.  She  m.  second,  March  17,  1684,  George  Browne,  of  Haverhill, 
Mass.    She  d.  1716. 

3.  Thomas  Hazsk,  son  of  Edward  ^  and  Hannah  (Grant)  Hazen, 
b.  Bowley,  1667.  m.  Jan.  1, 1683/4,  Mary  Hewlett,  dau.  of  Thomas 
Hewlett  He  lived  in  and  was  town  officer  of  Boxford,  Mass.,  several 
years,  and  removed  to  Norwich,  Conn.,  where  he  d.  April  12, 1736. 
She  d.  Oct  24, 1727. 

a  Thomas  Hazen,  son  of  Thomas  ^  b.  Boxford,  Feb.  T,  1689/90. 
m.  Sept  30, 1714,  Sarah  Ayer,  who  d.  Sept  16, 1763.  He  ni.  second, 
Mrs.  Elizabeth  Bacon.     He  lived  in  Norwich,  Conn.    He  d.  1777. 

4.  Thomas  Hazbn,  son  of  Thomas  \  b.  Norwich,  Sept  30, 1719.  m. 
March  7, 1742,  Ann  Tenney.  He  removed  to  Woodbury,  Conn.,  and 
about  1771  to  Hartford,  Vt  For  money  advanced  and  for  good 
services  to  the  town  of  Hartford  he  was  granted  large  tracts  of  land. 
He  d.  August  19, 1782.    His  wife  d.  July  29, 1802, 

5.  Asa  Hazbn,  son  of  Thomas  ^  b.  Nov.  16, 1749,  came  to  Hart- 
ford, Vt,  about  1771.  He  m.  Dec.  7,  1780,  Susannah  Tracy,  b, 
July  2,  1758,  dau.  of  Thomas  and  Elizabeth  (Warner)  Tracy.  He 
lived  in  the  northeast  corner  of  the  town,  and  his  farm  was  adjacent 
to  Connecticut  River.  He  d.  March  12, 1819.  She  d.  Nov.  30, 1820. 
They  had  ten  children.  Among  his  descendants  are  an  unusual 
number  of  graduates  of  the  colleges  and  universities  and  nearly  all  of 
these  became  ministers. 

6.  Allen  Hazrn,  son  of  Asa^b.  Hartford,  August  6,  1795.  ro. 
Feb.  15, 1832,  Hannah  Putnam  Dana,  b.  March  6, 1804,  dau.  of  Israel 
Putnam  and  Sarah  (Smith)  Dana,  of  Pomfret,  Yt  He  was  a  student 
in  Dartmouth  College  two  years,  class  of  1817,  but  did  not  graduate 
on  account  of  weakness  of  his  eyes.    He  was  a  man  of  culture  and 

HAZBN  —  HEATH.  888 

integrity,  and  lived  on  paternal  farm  in  Hartford.  He  was  a  select- 
man five  years  and  represented  Hartford  in  the  legislature  three 

7.  Rbv.  Henry  Allen  Hazbn,  D.D,,  son  of  Allen  •,  b.  Hartford,  Vt, 
Dec.  27, 1832.  Dartmouth  College,  1854.  Andover  Theological  Sem- 
inary, 1857.  He  was  ordained  as  an  evangelist  at  St  Johnsbury,  Vt, 
Feb.  17,  1858.  Without  assuming  pastoral  charge  he  preached  in 
several  towns  in  Vermont  until  1862.  He  was  the  able  and  respected 
pastor  of  the  Congregational  Church  in  Plymouth  five  years,  being  in 
stalled  Jan,  21, 1863,  and  dismissed  July  15,  1868.  (See  Vol.  I.) 
He  m.  July  9, 1863,  Charlotte  Eloise  Green,  dau.  of  Dr.  George  Barrett 
Green,  of  Windsor,  Vt  She  d.  Feb.  8,  1881 ;  he  m,  second,  August 
31,  1889,  Martha  Bethia,  dau.  of  George  Warren  Heath,  of  Boston, 
Mass.    He  d.  August  4, 1900.    Three  children. 

i.    Mary,  b.  Nov.  23, 1864.    d.  Sept  80, 1865. 
ii.    Kmilt,  b.  Augast  5, 1806.    Smith  College,  1889. 
iii.    Charlottb,  b.  Nov.  6,  1868.    Graduate  Fosse  Gymnasium,  1894. 


1.  Bartholomew  Heath  and  John  Heath,  brothers,  settled  in 
Haverhill,  Mass.  John  d.  childless  and  willed  his  estate  to  his 
brother.  Bartholomew  m.  about  1640,  Hannah  Moyce,  dau.  of 
Joseph  and  Hannah  Moyce,  and  removed  from  Newbury  to  Haverhill 
about  1645,  where  he  d.  Jan.  16, 1681. 

2.  JosiAH  Heath,  the  fifth  of  the  eight  children  of  Bartholomew  i, 
b.  Haverhill,  Mass.,  Sept  4, 1651.  m,  July  19, 1671,  Mary  Davis,  b. 
Nov.  7, 1647,  dau.  of  John  and  Jane  (Peaslee)  Davis. 

3.  JosiAH  Heath,  b.  March  4, 1673/4  m.  April  5, 1694,  Hannah 
Starling.  He  lived  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  where  he  d.  April  21,  1721. 
Four  daughters  and  two  sons :  (1)  Starling,  b.  Feb.  16,  1699.  (2) 
Josiah,  b.  April  21,  1701. 

4.  Josiah  Heath,  son  of  Josiah  ^  b.  Haverhill,  April  21, 1701.  m. 
Oct  22,  1724,  Mary  Merrill.  He  lived  near  tlie  province  line,  be- 
tween Haverhill  and  Atkinson,  on  land  claimed  by  both  jurisdictions. 

5.  Josiah  Heath,  son  of  Josiah ^  b.  1726.  m.  Susan  Bennett; 
this  marriage  by  tradition,  a  record  is  not  found.  He  settled,  about 
1770,  in  the  part  of  New  Chester  which  subsequently  became  a  part 
of  Bridgewater.  He  was  one  of  the  petitioners  for  the  incori)oration 
of  Bridgewater. 

834  HBATH. 

6.  Starling  Hbatii,  son  of  Josiali  •,  b.  near  Haverhill,  Mass.,  1759  ; 
removed  with  his  parents  to  New  Chester.  In  the  Uevohition  he 
served  in  Capt  Everett's  company,  Col.  Bedel's  regiment  through  the 
year  1776,  and  enlisting  into  Capt.  Stone's  company,  Col.  Scammell's 
regiment,  in  1777,  he  remained  in  tlie  Continental  service  until  he 
was  honorably  discharged,  1783.  He  was  claimed  on  the  quota  of 
Atkinson  and  New  Chester.  After  a  hearing  in  the  premises  he  was 
credited  to  New  Chester.  He  m.  Dec.  30, 1783,  Elizabeth  Ladd,  dau. 
of  Jeremiah  and  Priscilla  (Sanborn)  I^dd,  of  Alexandria.  After  the 
war  he  lived  in  Bridgewater,  and  was  a  resident  of  Plymouth,  1801- 
1806.  Subsequently  be  lived  a  few  years  in  Compton,  P.  Q.,  and  in 
Danville  and  Cabot,  Vt,  where  bed.  Oct  28,  1828.  His  widow  d.  in 
Plymouth,  Sept  4, 1841. 

7.  i.     William  L.,  b.  May  10, 1789. 
ii.    Dorothy,  b.  1804. 

8.  ill    Sauukl  C,  b.  June  2, 1808. 

7.  William  L.  Heatu,  son  of  Starling •,  b.  Cabot,  Vt,  May  10, 1789. 
m.  April  9,  1840,  Lydia  (Mitchell)  Cmwford,  widow  of  William 
Crawford  (see).  He  lived  in  Plymouth  from  1839,  until  he  d.  Jan. 
21,  1848.    She  d.  July  30, 1860.    Two  children. 

0.      L    Cyrus  Warrkn,  b.  August  5, 1841. 

ii.    Silas  Wright,  b.  Deo.  2, 1843.    d.  Nov.  22,  1847. 

8.  Samubl  C.  Heath,  son  of  Starling  ^  b.  June  2,  1808,  was  a 
tanner,  and  early  engaged  in  the  production  of  the  Plymouth  glove 
leather  and  for  several  years  was  a  manufacturer  of  glue.  He  came 
to  Plymouth,  1836.  Subsequently  he  made  two  trips  to  California. 
He  m.  June  8,  1834,  Sally  Leavitt  Whipple,  b.  Sanbornton,  May  21, 
1814,  dau.  of  Robert  and  Catherine  (Tliompson)  Whipple.  She  d. 
July  9,  1845.  He  m.  second.  May,  1846,  Mary  Elizabeth  Pike,  b. 
Hebron,  Feb.  17, 1813,  dau.  of  Joseph  and  Mary  (Hoyt)  Pike  (see). 
He  removed  to  Holderness,  1852,  and  d.  Ashland,  Feb.  13, 1875.  She 
d.  Plymouth,  August  3,  1896.    Ten  children. 

L    Catuekinr,  b.  Nov.,  1884.    d.  June  13, 1836. 

ii.  Adklink  Augusta,  b.  May  19, 1836.  m.  August  19,  1855,  Aaron 
FergusoD,  locomotive  englDeer.  He  d.  Coucord,  July  27,  1880. 
She  m.  second,  March  24, 1884,  Caleb  M.  Ames,  son  of  William 
B.  Ames.  Two  children  by  first  marriage :  (1)  Charles,  b.  July 
24,  1857.  d.  Jan.  19, 1881.  (2)  Mabel,  m.  Anthony  Kocher,  who 
d.  Sept  13,  1895. 

HEATH.  886 

iii.     Lerot  Sundkrland,  b.  July  15,  1888.      let  N.  H.  Infantry; 

5th  N.  H.  Infantry;  re-enlisted  Jan.  1, 1864;  wounded  June  26, 

1864,  aliattering  a  bone  of  the  leg :  transferred  to  V.  R.  G.  April 

17,  1865,  and  discharged  July  29,  1865.     He  m.  Dec.  80,  1866, 

Abbie  J.  Craig.    Kes.  Ashland.     Four  children.     (1)  Addison  W. 

(2)  Fred.     (8)  Harry.     (4)  Oliver, 
iy.    Addison  Wiko,  b.  March  23, 1840.    m.  April,  1861,  Hannah  Smith. 

1st  N.  H.  Infantry  ;  5th  N.  H.  Infantry,  mustered  out  Oct.  29, 1864. 

He  was  principal  musician  in  Ist  Regiment;  was  wounded  by  a 

fragment  of  a  shell  at  Gettysburg.    He  d.  Oct.  23, 1805. 
y.    Alvin  HuRLKtoii,  b.  Dec  10,  1842.    He  was  adopted  by  Alvin  T. 

]3urleigh.     See  Burleigh  Register, 
vi.     Oscar  Pkrlkt,  b.  Jan.  12,  1845.     Enlisted  at  Fort  Snelling, 

Minn.,  June  22,  1861,  2d  Minn.  Infantry.     Enlisted  4th  U.  S. 

Artillery,  mustered  out  Dec.  22, 1865.    Now  res.  Ebenezer,  Ohio. 
Tii.    Frank  Pikk,  b.  May  12, 1847.    m.  June  2,  1870,  Rose  G.  Ford. 

Res.  Holderness. 
viii.    Ida  Francrlia,  b.  July  29,  1848.    d.  Sept.  7,  1854. 
iz.    Alma  Antoinrttk,  b.  Sept.  5, 1840.    Res.  Plymouth.    Removed  to 

Manchester,  1903. 
X.    Hbbkr  LivERMORR,  b.  August  15, 1851.    m.  July  4, 1874,  Correna 

M.  Nichols.    Res.  San  Francisco,  Gal. 

9.  Cyrus  Warren  Heath,  son  of  William  U,  b.  August  5, 1841. 
in.  1865,  Anna  M.  French,  b.  1845,  dau.  of  Jonathan  French  (see). 
She  d.  Dec  21, 1880. 

i.    Etta  Bkll,  b.  1867.    d.  Oct.  21,  1869. 
ii.     LiLLA  M.    d.  Dec.  0, 18—. 


1.  William  Heath,  emigrant  ancestor  of  a  second  family  of  Heath, 
which  has  been  represented  in  Plymouth,  came  from  England  with 
wife  Mary  on  the  frigate  ''  Lyon,"  arriving  Sept.  16, 1632.  He  settled 
in  Aoxbury,  Mass.,  and  was  a  member  of  the  assembly  of  deputies. 
He  d.  May  29,  1652 ;  his  widow,  Mary,  d.  Dec.  16, 1659.  Eev.  John 
Eliot  transcribed  in  Roxbury  church  records :  "  William  Heath  came 
to  this  land  in  the  year  1632  &  soone  after  joyned  to  the  church,  he 
brought  5  children,  Mary,  Isaac,  Mary,  Peleg,  Hannah." 

2.  Pbleo  Heath,  son  of  William*,  b.  England.  With  wife 
Susannah  lived  in  Boxbury.  He  was  married  previous  to  1663  ; 
freeman,  1652.  "  Peleg  Heath  who  had  a  dangerous  cutt  on  his  knee 
&  lay  under  y*  chirurgion's  hand  13  weeks."  d.  Nov.  18,  1671. 

3.  William  Heath,  son  of  Peleg*,  b.  Roxbury,  Mass.,  Jan.  30, 

886  HBATH. 

16^4;  baptized  March  6, 1664.     m.  Nov.  11»  1685,  Hannah  Weld, 
dau.  of  John  Weld,    He  d.  Nov.  3, 1738. 

4.  Samubl  Heath,  h.  Dec  27, 1701,  son  of  William  •,  was  a  farmer 
residing  many  years  in  Plaistow.  Late  in  life  he  lived  with  his  sons  in 
Bristol.    Of  his  five  or  more  children  three  are  named  in  this  register. 

5.  Samiul  Hbath,  son  of  SamueP,  b.  Sept.  7, 1754.  Removed  to 
Plymouth,  1777.  It  is  probable  he  was  a  soldier  in  the  Bevolution. 
There  were  two  or  three  soldiers  named  Samuel  Heath,  and  any 
specific  statement  must  be  made  with  caution.  He  m.  in  Plymouth, 
April  11, 1732,  Sarah  Webster,  dau.  of  Stephen  Webster  (see).  Two 
children  were  b.  in  Plymouth.  He  removed,  1785,  to  Bristol,  where 
he  d.  June  13,  1833.    His  widow  d.  July  7, 1839. 

i.    Sabah,  b.  Sept  8,  1788.    d.  in  Bristol,  unm. 
it    Samubl,  b.  March  22, 1785.    m.  Margaret  Fellows,  and  lived  on  the 
homestead  in  Bristol.    Seven  children.    He  d.  June  28,   1874. 
She  d.  Nov.  22,  1856. 

iii.  RoBBUT,  b.  Nov.  5, 1788.  m.  Hannah  Nelson,  b.  Feb.  21, 1792.  d. 
Jan.  6, 1841.  m.  second,  Mrs.  Dow..  lie  lived  iu  Bristol,  where 
he  d.  Oct  8,  1853.  Ten  children,  of  these  Stephen  Nelson  Heatli, 
b.  Feb.  14,  1816,  m.  1886,  Nancy  TapliD  Famum,  dan.  of 
Jacob  Farnum,  of  Salisbury.  He  was  a  farmer  in  Bristol,  where 
she  d.  July  16,  1864.  He  m.  second,  1871,  Mary  Spencer  Brown. 
He  d.  May  0,  1872.  Their  son,  Charles  Roland  Heath,  b. 
August  20,  1887.  m.  1861,  Hannah  Eliza  Spencer.  He  was  a 
student  for  the  ministry.  He  was  drowned  in  the  Peraigewasset 
River,  July  7,  1862.  She  d.  March  6,  1876.  Headstones  in 
Pleasant  Valley  Cemetery.  Their  dau.,  Cora  L.  Heath,  m. 
Francis  Ferrin  Blake  (see).  Lydia  Jane  Heath,  b.  July  28,  1845, 
dau.  of  Stephen  Nelson  and  Nancy  Taplin  Famum  Heath  (see 
above),  m.  Silas  M.  Spencer  (see).  Clara  Estelle  Heath,  b.  March 
8,  1848,  dau.  of  Stephen  Nelson  Heath  (above),  m.  1864,  Jeremiah 
G.  Atwood,  who  d.  1867.  She  m.  second,  Jan.  5,  1887,  John  H. 
Webster  (see). 

iv.  MosBS,  b.  Sept  19, 1791,  removed  to  Haverhill,  m.  March  18, 1819, 
Nancy  Norris,  b.  April  28, 1797,  dau.  of  Jacob  and  Ruth  (Blake) 
Norris.  He  d.  July  81,  1862. 
Y.  Elizabbth,  b.  March  5,  1795.  m.  Oct  12,  1818,  Oliver  Ballou,  b. 
March  6, 1789,  son  of  Oliver  Ballou,  of  Hill.  She  d.  Dec.  80, 
1818,  in  Alexandria.    Ten  children. 

vi.    Hannau,  b.  May  1,  1790.    m.  Samuel  R.  Worthen. 
vii.    Lucy,  b.  Nov.  3, 1799.    d.  August  19, 1828. 
viii.     Wbbstbb,  b.  Deo.  3, 1801.    d.  Feb.  18,  1880. 

ix.  Lkwis,  b.  August  15, 1808.  m.  May  15,  1832,  Sarah  W.  Edwards. 
He  d.  in  Andover,  April  15, 1858. 

HBATH.  387 

8.  Joshua  Heath,  son  of  Samuel*  and  brother  of  Samuel^  b. 
Sept  7, 1760.  Came  to  Plymouth,  1782,  and  five  years  later  removed 
to  Oroton.  He  m.  in  Plymouth,  Nov.  7, 1785,  Hannah  Webster,  dau. 
of  Stephen  Webster  (see).  He  d.  Jan.  31, 1832,  his  widow  d.  March 
1, 1842.    Fourteen  children. 

i.    Joshua,  b.  March  6,  1786.    tn.  Mary  Crosby.    He  d.  March  22, 
1828.    She  d.  Jan.  0,  1860.    Four  children. 

ii.    Stkphkn,  b.  Nov.  27,  1787. 

iii.     GiLMAN,  b.  Jan.  24, 1780.   m.  Betsey  Smith.    Four  children, 
iv.    Hannah,  b.  Dec.  8,  1790.    d.  Oct.  8,  1800. 

V.    Lucy,  b.  Jan.  2, 1792.    d.  Nov.  10, 1792. 

vi.    Luther,  b.  Jan.   10,  1795.    m.   Hannah  Walker.    He  lived  in 

Groton.  d.  Feb.  10, 1865.  Four  children, 
vii.  fisTSET,  b.  July  4, 1796.  m.  Isaac  Crosby,  b.  Hebron,  son  of  Capt 
Jezeniah  and  Elizabeth  (Gilson)  Crosby.  They  lived  in  Hebron. 
She  d.  Dec.  17,  1861.  Eight  children.  A  son,  Milo  Heath 
Crosby,  m.  Harriet  B.  Heath,  dau.  of  Ebenezer  Heath  (see), 
viii.  David  Webster,  b.  July  24,  1798.  m.  Deborah  Haseltine.  He  d. 
August  31, 1868.    Five  children. 

ix.    MiLo,  b.  July  8,  1800.    m.  Matilda  Baldwin.    He  d.  April  16, 

X.     Solomon,  b.  Feb.  15, 1802.    m.  Orinda  Hardy.    He  d.  August  22, 

xi.    Russell,  b.  July  15,  1805.    unm.    d.  March  7, 1860. 

xii.  WiLLARD,  b.  Sept  7, 1807.  m.  June  12,  1888,  Abigidl  Spalding,  b. 
Bridgewater,  Oct  2,  1812,  dau.  of  Putnam  and  Abigail  (Frost) 
Spalding.  She  d.  April  21, 1862.  He  m.  second,  Nov.  16,  1862, 
Adaline  C.  Hammond,  b.  July  6,  1889,  dan.  of  John  C.  and 
Nancy  (Ladd)  Hammond.  He  lived  in  Groton  and  in  Concord. 
He  d.  Dec.  7,  1884.  Two  children.  (1)  Willard  RusseU,  b.  in 
Concord,  Jan.  13,  1868.  m.  Feb.  7,  1894,  Gertrude  M.  Dearborn, 
b.  Weare,  March  5,  1870,  dau.  of  Dr.  Alfred  R.  and  Mary  (Moore) 
Dearborn.  He  was  a  merchant  in  Concord  and  now  a  salesman 
in  Fitchburg,  Mass.  (2)  Helen  Celia,  b.  Feb.  22, 1880.  Vassar 
College,  1902. 
xiii.    RoswKLL,  b.  July  7,  1809.    d.  Dec.  12,  1815. 

xiv.    George  W.,  b.  Jan.  22, 1811.    d.  Dec.  18, 1815. 

7.  Danirl  Hrath,  son  of  Samuel  S  and  brother  of  Samuel*  and  of 
Joshua  ^  b.  1762.  Was  a  soldier  in  the  Revolution,  enlisting  at  New 
Chester,  July  6, 1780,  and  was  in  the  Continental  service  five  months. 
He  also  served  in  the  War  of  1812.  He  lived  in  Haverhill,  New- 
bury, VK,  and  Groton.  He  d.  April  15, 1849.  He  m.  March  8, 1785, 
Joanna  Ingalls,  dau.  of  Jonathan  and  Martha  (Locke)  Ingalls,  by 
VOL.11.— 22 

888  HBATH  —  HIBBABD. 

whom  he  had  six  children.  He  m.  second,  1812,  Tryphena  (Ladd) 
Goodwin,  b.  June  3, 1774,  dau.  of  James  and  Hannah  (Locke)  Ladd, 
of  Haverhill,  and  widow  of  Moses  Goodwin,  of  Newbury,  Vt  She  d. 
in  Orford,  Dec.  5, 1861.    Three  children  by  second  marriage. 

i.    Dolly,  b.  1786.    m.  Isaao  Corliss  (see), 
ii.    Daniel. 
8.    iiL    Ebknbzbb,  b.  Not.  20, 1791. 
It.    Joshua. 

▼.    Joanna,    m.  William  Augustas  HaokeU. 

yi.    Almiba.    m.  William  Russell,  son  of  Thomas  K.  Russell.    He  was 
a  paper  manufaoinrer,  res.  in  Newbury,  Vt,  and  Franklin.    He 
d.  at  Bellows  Falls,  Yt,  Deo.  18»  1892.     Among  their  children 
wss  Hon.  William  A.  Russell,  a  well-known  paper  manufacturer, 
living  in  Lawrence,  Mass.    He  was  a  member  of  Congress  and  a 
director  of  several  railroad  corporations, 
yii.    Bbtsbt,  b.  Nov.,  1812.    m.  John  Lowd  (see), 
riii.    LuoBBTiA,  b.  1816.    m.  Moses  Mulliken.    She  d.  in  Orford,  June 
27, 1869. 
ix.    Matilda,  twin,  b.  1816.    m.  Feb.  4,  1841,  Edward  K.  Danforth,  of 
Newbury,  Vt.    She  d.  Feb.  28, 1895. 


1.  Hums  Bart  Hbath,  son  of  Montgomery  Heath,  b.  Peaoham, 
Vt,  August  16,  1859.  The  family  removed  to  Lisbon,  1868.  He 
graduated  Lisbon  High  School,  1877.  He  is  a  printer.  Removed 
from  Lisbon  to  Plymouth,  1887,  and  is  now  foreman  in  the  "  Becord  " 
office,  treasurer  of  Plymouth  Fire  District  six  years,  supervisor  and 
chairman  of  Fire  District  Commissioners.  He  m.  Dec  11,  1880,  Lucy 
Knight  Oaks,  dau.  of  Charles  and  Mary  (Knight)  Oaks,  of  Lisbon. 


1.  Ellsrt  Albbb  Hibbard,  son  of  Silas  and  Olive  (Albee)  Hib- 
bard,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Yt,  July  31, 1826.  d.  Laconia,  July  24, 1903. 
He  read  law  with  Nathan  B.  Fenton,  and  Charles  R  Morrison,  of 
Haverhill,  and  with  Henry  F.  French,  of  Exeter.  He  was  admitted 
in  July,  1849,  and  immediately  opened  an  office  in  this  town  where 
he  remained  until  January,  1853,  when  he  removed  to  Laconia.  (See 
Vol  I.)  He  m.  Dea  6,  1863,  Mary  Bell,  dau.  of  Jacob  and  Laura 
Sedlits  (Bartlett)  Bell,  of  Haverhill,  who  survives  him. 

L  Charlks  Bbll,  b.  Dec.  25,  1855.  Dartmouth  College,  1876.  A 
lawyer  of  Laoouia,  iu  firm  of  Beokford  Sc  Hibbard.  He  was  law 
reporter.    He  m.  Deo.  24, 1897,  Mary  Eastman  Gale. 


ii.    Jknnib  Olive,  b.  March  1, 1860.    m.  April  14,  1884,  Orman  True 

Longee,  of  I^aoonia. 
iii.    Walter  Silas,  b.  Oct  28,  1862.    d.  Feb.  27,  1870. 
iv.    Laura  Bartlbtt,  b.  May  25, 1865.    Res.  Laconia, 


1.  Andrew  Hiokok,  from  Connecticut,  settled  in  Dorchester,  1777. 
He  m.  1782,  Sarah  (Blodgett)  Blodgett,  dau.  of  James  Blodgett  (see), 
and  widow  of  Ebenezer  Blodgett  (see).  He  removed  to  Plymouth, 
1786,  and  remained  in  this  town  where  he  d.  July  18, 1831.  She  d. 
Jan.  24,  1838.  The  material  for  a  satisfactory  register  has  eluded 
inquiry.    It  is  presumable  there  were  children  not  named  below. 

i.  Errnrzer,  b.  1785.  m.  Nov.  5,  1806,  Deborah  Blodgett,  dan.  of 
James  Blodgett  (see).  They  lived  in  Groton.  Their  sod,  George 
W.,  b.  1825,  m.  June  27,  1847,  Mary  Jane  Blodgett,  dau.  of 
Asahel  Blodgett  (see).  He  d.  March  20,  1880.  She  res.  in 
ii.  Abnrr. 
iii.    Thaddeus. 


1.  Joseph  Hills,  son  of  George  Hills,  b.  in  the  parish  of  Great 
Burstead,  Billericay,  Essex,  England,  1602.  m.  1624,  Rose  Clark, 
and  came  to  America,  1638.  He  settled  in  Maiden,  Mass.  Select- 
man, 1644;  representative,  1646, 1647;  speaker  of  the  house,  1647. 
He  removed,  about  1665,  to  Newbury,  Mass.  His  wife  Rose  d. 
March  24,  1650.  He  m.  second,  June  24,  1651,  Hannah  (Smith) 
Mellows,  widow  of  Edward  Mellows.  She  d.  1655.  He  m.  third, 
Eleanor  Atkinson,  who  d.  1661  or  1662.  He  d,  in  Newbury,  Mass., 
Feb.  5, 1688. 

2.  Samuel  Hills,  son  of  Joseph  \  b.  1652.  m.  May  20,  1679, 
Abigail  Wlieeler,  b.  Feb.  2, 1655/6,  dau.  of  David  and  Sarah  (Wise) 
Wheeler.  He  was  a  sergeant  in  King  Philip's  War.  He  d.  August 
18.  17.12. 

3.  Henry  Hills,  son  of  SamueP,  b.  Newbury,  April  23,  1688. 
BL  1715,  Hannah  Bodwell,  b.  1696,  dau.  of  Henry  and  Bethia  (Emery) 
Bodwell,  of  Haverhill,  Mass.  His  second  wife  was  Abigail,  and  he 
m.  third,  Nov.  11,  1736,  Dorcas  Thurston.  He  removed  soon  after 
1720  to  Nottingham  West,  now  Hudson,  and  was  a  potent  factor  in 
public  affairs.    He  d.  August  20, 1757. 

4.  EzEKiEL  Hills,  son  of  Henry  ^  and  Hannah,  b.  April  11, 1718. 

840  HILLS  —  HOB  ART. 

Was  a  lieutenant  and  a  selectman  of  Nottingham  West    He  d.  May 
14, 1790.    His  wife,  Hannah,  d.  Sept  27, 1816. 

5.  Thomas  Hills,  son  of  Ezekiel  ^  b.  March  30,  1751,  lived  in 
Nottingham  West,  where  he  d.  May  21,  1833.  His  wife,  Kuth,  d. 
August  25, 1826.    Six  children. 

6.  ISAAO  Hills,  son  of  Thomas  ^  b.  Nottingham  West,  Oct.  15, 
1782.  A  record  of  his  marriage  to  his  first  wife,  Sarah,  has  not  been 
found*  He  removed  to  Plymouth,  1820.  His  wife  d.  June  13, 1838, 
He  m.  second,  Dea  23, 1838,  Sally  Penniman,  dau.  of  Natlrnn  Penni- 
man  (see).  She  d.  Sept  26, 1889.  He  d.  August  10, 1859.  There 
is  no  record  of  the  birth  of  his  children,  and  possibly  all  of  them  are 
not  named. 

i.  Mbhitablb.    m.  April  10, 1S88,  William  Greenough  (see), 

ii.  Clarinda  Jamb.    m.  Samuel  Jewefet  Kimball  (see), 

lit  Amm.    m.  Oct  10,  1888,  John  C.  Fifield,  and  lived  in  Plymouth 

'  untU  1840. 

It.  Waltkr,  b.  1816.    d.  May  20, 1840. 

T.  OuYBR  P.,  b.  1828.    d.  Dec.  16, 1845. 

yi.  Thomas. 


1.  Edmund  Hobart,  from  Hingham,  county  of  Norfolk,  England, 
arrived  at  Oharlestown,  1633.  With  him  or  soon  after  came  foar 
sons,  three  daughters,  and  several  grandchildren.  He  was  one  of  the 
early  settlers  of  a  new  Hingham  in  New  England.  His  first  wife  was 
Margaret  Dewey.  He  m.  second,  Oct  10, 1634,  Sarah  Lyford,  widow 
of  Bev.  John  Lyford.  Rev.  Peter  Hobart  records  the  death  of  his 
father  and  stepmother  ''March  8  1646  father  Hubbeard  dyed." 
"June  23  1649  mother  Hobart  dyed.** 

3.  Rev.  Pbtbr  Hobart,  b.  Hingham,  England,  baptized  Oct.  13, 
1604  He  was  educated  at  Magdalen  College,  A.B.,  1625,  A.M.,  1629. 
He  was  in  the  ministry  nine  years  at  Hingham,  England,  coming 
hither  as  stated  in  his  own  words :  "  I  with  my  wife  and  four  chil- 
dren came  safely  to  New  England  June  ye  8 :  1635  :  forever  praysed 
be  the  god  of  Heaven  my  god  and  king."  He  settled  in  Hingham 
among  his  fellow-townsmen  in  the  old  countiy  and  the  church  in 
order  of  date  was  the  twelfth  gathered  in  Massachusetts.  He  was 
their  faithful  minister  forty-four  years,  and  d.  Jan.  20,  1679.  Fifteen 
of  his  eighteen  children  survived  him.  The  name  and